QSuite Review on Qatar Airways A350-1000 - Business Traveller

QSuite Review on Qatar Airways A350-1000 - Business Traveller

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Well. Here we are we're at Hamad, International, Airport. And today, we're going to be trying out business class, cue, suite style with, Qatar Airways. Thank. You thanks so much. Well, here we are on board kisara, ways new cue suite this, is exciting for a number of reasons firstly. It's. On an a350. 1000. Which is the extended version of the a350, 900, it's, a brand, new aircraft it's. Absolutely wonderful its new generation, it's. One of the reasons it's so quiet on, board and. It's a pleasure to be on board. The. Qatar Airways is getting deliveries of - nine hundreds and - 1000s. There wasn't much to choose between them but certainly the, ones that have this new products onboard the key suite are, definitely worth searching out if you're lucky enough to fly and business-class. The. Tough problem that Qatar, Airways has, and, it's a great problem to have is it's already got a fantastic business. Class is, the one that we've, previously reviewed, on the bee 787. And the, a350. 900. What they're doing now is putting this, new cue suite on board there been a few teething problems, we're doing so as there are with all new business plus C's is something that other airlines are having the same problem with United, and Polaris for instance which is that the name for their business class but. The rollout is continuing, and we're lucky enough today to be on the new uq suite so, what's different about q suite well the first thing is you have forward and backward facing seats, kind, of like British, Airways club world is a very, very different to begin with you have a one to one configuration. Across the aircraft, so it's very spacious. You also have, the ability to have, either a window seat if you have the choice but, also these, Center seats which have dividers, between, them, but. They also have, the ability for that divided, to go down and, send. Two doors to slide open so that you have four seats, so like a family of four or four, business colleagues can have a meeting together I think, the the ability for the seats to have. The central divided own is a great thing I wonder, how many people will actually, do this for I mean I've put them down now so, that you can see what it's like. So, this is how they, unlock. The door. So. That's now. It's. Got a special device I. Imagine. When they do the new version, of this door this. Will be a lot easier. And these are the doors being opened. You, obviously, have to have the permission of the other passengers, to do this. So. These are obviously locked in position so, has to be unlocked. Then. Those central dividers go back and. Then. If. You're very lucky, you, have four seats like this. Okay, so here, it is with the central. Divided, out there's, this control, here you see that little thing that I'm gonna press that, hopefully. You'll still be able to watch how quickly. So. If, your partner. Displeases. You. That's, what you go for, as, you see the, side. Seats, lifts, up and you've got storage underneath where, the bottle of water and the headphones live and can also put some other things in there you, can see there's plenty, of, power that. Triangular, thing just. To the right is for headphones then you've got USB and. The power socket and, the next to that the. Touchscreen. Handset. Which can be pushed out. This. Is what those backward seats look like when. They've, got the divider halfway. Down it goes a lot higher than that so if you didn't know the person it wouldn't be a disaster, and, those, seats are E and, F. Whereas. These ones are D. And G the forward-facing ones and you can see there they've. Got that the console table in the middle.

A. Very. Different receipts, cuz obviously those forward-facing, ones have got that pop, ups they're. Sort of pop up and pop down, armrest. With, storage, underneath and that console, table while, these. Ones that go into the. Double bed the console table is. By the side there. So. That the seats are close together and you can do that double bed effect. I'm. Just videoing. The. Seats going down fully flat so. When the central divider is down then you put that kind of leather thing in between the two and as you can see it creates a double. Bed when. You're choosing the. Right seat bear in mind that if you actually want, to have it as a double bed, which. Is not. Made up here but at least you can see what the bed would be like if you put bedding, on it you do need rear-facing. Center. Seats the. Forward-facing ones, officer, have this table in between excuse the mess because it's got all my stuff on it so. Those are the forward-facing ones and you can't make those into a double bed I mean clearly you can have a chat to. Your neighbor so if you were maybe with a work colleague those. Forward-facing ones will be good because you can put the divider down and have a chat and then put the divider up when you want to sleep or have some privacy, but. These backward, facing seats, are. The ones you'd want if you wanted to make them into a double, bed. I've got a sinking feeling. And it's a lot of room for EM Lex. Let. Me guess a bit cramped at the end. Well. It's very, long there's. Plenty of room particularly, if. You put down the armrest. Here which. Creates more room for your shoulders. Yeah. And there's plenty of room for your feet as well so I, think. I'll be having a afternoon, sleep. So. You can see here I've put down the central, reservation between. These two seats which are for D and for G they're forward-facing ones I just, go around this side, you. Can see how the. Configuration fits, together so. You've got four D and for G they're forward-facing, and then. Got, two backward facing ones and Row, three the. Irony is that there, are actually quite a few groups on board, with. Either, young children, or teenagers and yet they've chosen window. Seats assuming. That those are the best seats and, so as a result they're all in the individual, seats along the side when. Actually. That's. Kind of what these middle seats were, designed, for family, groups. Maybe. They know or maybe it's their choice so the, cabin starts, in Row, one with these two Center seats one E and one F and. Then it's quite the complicated. Layout simply, because you've got both forward and backward facing. So, you, have pairs of seats in the middle you. Have one F one E and 1 F here which, is at the front of the cabin there's a backward, facing. Seats, and then if we move forward you can see here you've. Got another pair of seats but these, are 2 D and 2. G, so. If. You do the it's. Not arithmetic but to do with the letters you'll see that to actually get four together you'd probably have to take advice or look at a seat map, because. The letters don't correspond, directly. To, facing, one another the reason for that is because they're slightly staggered and as you can see the. Feet of one. Passenger, let's. Take the example here of 1 e. Then. Go and, I hope this isn't making you ill swinging, the camera around go, under the table there and because of that he, then becomes D. In. 2d but you. Have these pairs forward. And backward facing right, the way down the middle and, obviously that's very convenient, if you want to put.

Down That central. Divider. Because. There I'm in three backward. Facing but you can see they're three F. And. Then you've also got a. Central. Those central, parts. Slider parts that you can make it into a nice for that you've probably seen on the publicity material, then, there's also the window seats now. The window seats are great but, again just like actually on ba now, on ba they're all backward facing on the windows but. Here. You've got forward and backward facing for the same reason for their staggering so you have one, a here. But. Then going. Down the same side you'll, have to be. If. I had a choice I'd probably choose. The. A one, simply, because you'll by the window, and you've got a bit more privacy I mean there's a sliding door but there's a bit more privacy between, you and the aisle so. Goes 1 a 2, B 3, a. So. It's worthwhile looking at a seat plan if you do get the, choice. Turns. Out over to the flight is and also depends, if you're in business class in the first place but, as you can see there's a fair amount of privacy but anyone, walking by even with the the door shut, can look over. So. It's not you know like a first-class, experience, but. It. Has. A first-class layout. Certainly. In terms of these. Pairs I should. Also mention that in. This cabin there are nine rows along, the sides and the ten rows of pairs and, then there's a second, smaller cabin at the back and that has. Basically. A quarter in the middle so four seats and then four seats at the sides as well so there's eight seats there in a 2 rows of one to, one. This. Is the main cabin just looking backwards, while in flight, we're. Lucky today because the flight isn't to faultless, is a QR 0:01, back to London, and it's a, lunchtime, flight so you end up flying all day for for that reason it's not hugely popular, but, you. See here let me just go up so you can see more of what Kevin's. Like. I have, checked there's no one directly behind me and then if we go out into the corridor. So, you know it's the kind of thing that you'd expect in, first class but obviously that's, the whole thing is about certainly. When you speak to mr., al-bakr ACMA al-bakr who's the chief executive, the chief of Qatar Airways when. He you ask him about first-class they. Only have first class on the a318, so, when you have a longer plane like this one the a 350, - 1000, that would have been an opportunity to put the first class on board in fact there's, only business and economy you say to him why and he got first because it's really good on them the. A318, he says our business masters like first because. If you ask him why he hasn't got premium economy you'll say because our economy, is like premium economy from, one point of view that's what you'd expect from. An. Airline CEO, but you do have to say well. There is no other business must like this one, it's. It's. Very spacious but, he actually. Has done the sums and with this forward of backward-facing he's, actually losing. No, room over, the existing business. Faster the house on the B 787. And the VA. 350, that's 900, with the old old seat on I say all but two or three years so it does make sense from, a real, estate point of view how it fits on the aircraft the. The experience of being on it is absolutely, wonderful I have to say the service as you'd expect is fantastic, it's, good on the 787 and, the other aircraft as well but. You know warm welcome if, you've got any tier status with one world that's recognised and you know mentioned. When they they, greet you and they've, already taken the orders we've only been flying for half. An hour they've already taken the food orders and the drink orders so, there's no hanging around even though it's a day flight I, think, often on day flights, there's. That feeling, of oh we can take our time because. You know people, want to want. To have the whole experience, but. It was immediately explained you can have dine on demand which is great because obviously, you can duck when you want to do but if you want to dine when. They're doing the main service then, that's fine too that's, what I've got for so that I can show you it so.

Just To show we're. Listening to the feedback that we get on videos. On a previous, review, which was Singapore Airlines first class which you can also find on the YouTube channel. We. Did kind of omit to show much of the food so, there's a real food focus on this one on, a day flight like there's something the food and drink doesn't play a big part in the business class experience, as. You'd expect they've done a great, job for. This day fight as, an ala carte and dine on demand menu. The, soup of the day which we told his white onion and then you've got two appetizers. Two choices signature. Arabic. Meze which, is who missed tabbouleh baba ghanoush served, with arabic, bread which is what I've gone for and then poached prawns on vegetable, linguine, with seared lime and scallions. Which. I didn't go for the mains, are chicken, mac Liuba herb, crusted, loin of lamb or vegetable, gel Frazee number four the vegetable, jalfrezi because after. Only spending 24 hours in doha I've eaten an awful lot of meat and, there's a selection of artisan breads you get choice of olive, oil or butter. With. That and then the desserts are banoffee, pudding. Fresh, berries with almond syrup or gourmet ice, cream, selection. The wine list it's. The same wine actually as on the root out from Gatwick, and we're flying back to Heathrow, but it's it's a great, list. Because. It's, actually Ramadan. At the moment they're not bringing out the wines other than in a particular glass which is obviously. Fine, and culturally, sensitive but their shampoos just to show you here as opposed to the bottles you've got Pommery it's, the standard, champagne you've got dropping a brute rose a. The burgundy, is now be. Show we, free say and a Sauvignon Blanc new, world villamaria. The. Discovery, which is what they call like the one I guess that you discover though and I tried a chef tried it on the way I'm the way back and I don't really like it discovered, but anyway it says Chenin Blanc from South Africa Cape Town and, I've just come back from Cape Town I love their wines normally, a Bordeaux. So wrong to the Reds Chateau lynch mousse ass ground, crew classic who yak 2012. Shiraz. Kilimanjaro, nuts new world clare valley australia. And the discovery, is a Primitivo. 2012, from Italy I tried. I'm actually terra, del, greco, then. You've also got a dessert wine which. Is áliveá. Pedro. Human, haze salera, 1927. And. Then a Port Graham cruise Porto, 1992. And then you got spirits and cocktails and you know some great brands in there so, for. Occupying the time if you haven't got work to do. There's. Plenty you could just eat and drink the whole seven hours old if it's a further trip which the a350, 1000, obviously will go on you could just eat and drink write your way through the trip completely, what's. Also great for this dining. Experience. Is that you've got so much room so, I was working just before, the, food came along I could put my laptop to, one side which is where it is just there I've got this side thing, for all my you know books and computer. Mobile. Phone and notebook and then I've also got this giant table, which is very thermal, I mean I was just working on it before comes, out on a slider here and then folds out and then they they put the stuff on it but it's you know you've got a real sense of space, even with this shut. You don't need to have to worry, about being claustrophobic, because you've got this you. Know big area and then what you can't see on the camera but you've actually got space underneath, so if you want to stretch your legs now got, plenty of room to do that as well. Right. Thank you. To. Try some drinks yeah. Thank. You. Arabic. Missing. Our, big bread. No Arabic, Brett. Fantastic. Candle effect. But, ER. Plate, four olive oil and. Proper salt and pepper. Can't. Beat it and. If you've seen this before but it's I've. Only ever seen, it on them fellow, one world carrier. British Airways it's a kind of three-in-one, bread I think it's done by one. Of the caterers, so. You've got three different types of bread but, it's. All in one lump or what. Do you call it length. I'm not really sure what the points is why you can just have three different ones but there's a neat little touch and then, you. Have olive, oil, more, butter to go with it. I, like. This little touch look looks. Like there is actually a candle, on the. Table. Cool. Nice. Little glass will get choice of that sparkling water or still. And. This is the vegetable jalfrezi. This, is the in-flight entertainment system. Just gone through two movies, you, see Hollywood Arabic.

Bollywood Coming soon doing, Hollywood and, then you can just scroll through and. See all of the. Different. Films. It's, just all they were doing. Well we got let's. Have a look at general. Entertainment. TV. Choice. We're. About, an. Hour away from landing, in Heathrow. It's been a very comfortable flights had. A decent, sleep and then I've just woken up a steak. Sandwich and. Cup. Of tea being a fantastic. Going. Back to which of the best seats it's really difficult one the. Window seats you can be both. Forward, and backward facing. If. You're forward-facing, you're quite close to the aisle but. Then you've got the door so don't think that's a deal-breaker so for an individual traveler I think those are probably best, for. Two people, if, you're with just a work colleague or something forward-facing will be good if you're with a partner like a wife I think, backward facing in the ones because those are the ones that the, only seats that. Go into those double beds because, of the staggered nature of the seating so you want a a backward, facing, center. Sees those would be E and death the. Ones I'm in here which are forward-facing Rd, and, then on this side it is G there's quite complicated with the different sets of seating but I think when you have, a look at the video you can work it out so. With forward and backward facing close to the aisle not close to the aisle and whether, you can put, the seats together as a double, bed there's certainly a true, choice you, just want to make sure that when you book you, make that choice so that you don't end up in the wrong, seat. The. Other thing that you, can do is if, there are if, you're in a4 or as they call it a quad you can request for these sent, forward. And aft of doors to be open so, that you can maintain, eye, contact with, your children or your loved one during. Takeoff and landing which is a really, useful thing and, I think unique. While, we're coming to the end of the flight now I hope you found this one useful, any. Comments please leave them on the YouTube channel, and we'll see you again for the next flight Oh many. Thanks. You. You.

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Extremely nice video, just a quick comment, you have compared Qatar Business Class to BA Business Class, honestly BA J class cannot be mentioned in the same sentence to the liking of 99% of ALL airlines.... They are so bad !! Thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you

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Very nice review this time. But there is a bug I don't expect from a pro like you: you have been flown in an A350-1000 but not 8350-1000 as mentioned a couple of times in the subtitles

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The Q suite is the best business product in the sky. On Qatar, the Q suite offers a first class service on a business class product. BA need to significantly up their game as the the club world product and service is poor! The only issue with the Q suite having extensively flown the LHR-DOH-PVG route is the limited storage for your clothes. Other than that, worth flying the Q suite.

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