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simple rule of modern eating its name get  this Heart Attack Grill this is ringing   alarm Bells this morning over pork safety  a new study shows me William branghams growing up I would ask my parents to take me  and my brother to our favorite fast food chain   for breakfast or lunch or dinner sometimes even  for midnight snacks I would ask for some mac and   cheese cheesy nuggets Burgers all the good stuff  just thinking about it made my body crave for it .  and at a young age our mindset condition  that these award makes life worthwhile   these are the good stuff they eat good food but  As I Grew Older I started wondering where is   my comfort food coming from what's it made out  of I often used to think is this cheese really   healthy is the milk really from a cow from  a far away land what did they feed the cow   was it grass-fed or they were well taken care of. by  consuming this am I taking good care of myself  ? if for once in your life you've wondered about  food and all that comes along with it then before   taking a bite of the juicy tender Burger I suppose  you should ask yourself first wait what's in it I've always tried to live a healthy life and keep  a healthy lifestyle in a world where diseases   never seem to stop evolving and is slowly taking  over a try to prevent acquiring these as best as   I can because hey I'm planning on sticking  around for a really long time. I try to eat  

a healthy balanced diet as much as I can and I  try to follow recipes that are healthy. I try to   exercise as often as I can and focus on becoming  the healthiest possible version of myself knowing   the ever evolving diseases that keep appearing  every so often though I started researching   a lot on the first thing I should focus on if I  wanted to be healthy and you guessed it - it's food .  one of the major problems in the United States is  the ever-growing population of people living with   diabetes. diabetes is a chronic health condition  that greatly affects the way your body turns the  

food you eat into energy. it happens when your body  can't take up sugar or glucose into its cells to   be used as a fuel. the thing about diabetes is  that it can be genetic but one of the biggest   misconception about it is that people often think  that once one of the family member has it you're   automatically going to have it as well. other is  that it is caused by consuming too much sugar and   sweets. well that's not always the case, lifestyle  factors play a big role in acquiring diabetes  

it is generally how you live your day-to-day  life. diabetes is caused by having a diet that   produces tiny particles of fat that causes insulin  resistance the sugar that your body supposedly   needs is blocked from getting into the cells so if  it gets blocked how will your body produce energy   all the things you just consumed will eventually  just turn into saturated fat and I'm telling   you, you do not want that stored in your body.  two-thirds of adults are overweight and are   obese keep getting fatter in spite of government  efforts ranging from calorie posting to new school   lunch programs we ask nightlines John donvin to  sift through all the reporting we've done on the   problem over the past year to try to find the  real villain you know it is a radical approach   but if he can't get it soon his body will be will  not be strong enough to even have that done but   what we learn is that if you are obese as a child  meaning that you're carrying extra weight you are   more likely to be obese as an adult. most of us  consume processed food especially processed meat   especially in the American culture it goes like Bacon to go with eggs in the morning chicken nuggets from a drive-through   in the afternoon fries and beef for dinner and all  that but did you know that processed meat or your   favorite Deli are carcinogenic. carcinogenic foods  are foods that can cause cancer according to World   Health Organization please say that one serving  of your favorite Deli can increase your risk of   getting colorectal cancer by almost 18 percent and  according to most studies your food intake also   plays a big role in producing or preventing cancer  cells you may think why are they still selling   all this knowing it's going to eventually put our  health at risk well I too have a lot of questions   but one of the biggest ones is what am I supposed  to eat now if all my favorite foods are unhealthy   just switching to a chicken-based diet help people  love to eat a good fried chicken in fact almost   everybody's favorite food is a good old crispy  fried chicken with a thick gravy sauce on the side   after hearing all this you might be thinking  chicken would be a healthier substitute to   consuming Beef Pork and processed meat but  after a lot of researching I found out that   well that's not entirely the case you see  chicken is the leading source of sodium   in America now it's containing high amount of  sodium are often associated with an increased   risk of developing high blood pressure which  can eventually cause stroke and heart diseases   other potentially dangerous stuff in your DELI are  heterocyclic amines which are carcinogens that can   form in all kinds of meat and by far the biggest  source is chicken. when you consume meat your body  

immediately reacts to it and since a part of that  reaction to your heart so you can imagine how our   hearts will react if you keep giving it to the  wrong type of food as I did my research I found   out that a lot of diseases are actually caused  by the food we eat in fact before this I was not   even aware of the fact that dementia can be caused  by developing an unhealthy diet. when our hearts   get clogged up dementia cells in our brains get  clogged up too. the chain reaction from one part   of our body being clogged up to another leads  to a much bigger health problem in the future.  

what actually intrigues me is that most of  the health related sites I could find online   promotes diets that are meat based recipes for  different dishes that mainly revolve around meat   can be found on their pages and are suggested  to their followers. why is that? I know you're   as confused as I was. in this day and age many  of us have grown to be much more sensitive to   the things we say and act, one of them is being  a lot more sensitive towards someone's weight.   while it does wonders to a person's Mental Health,  doctors and health experts would like to point   out that being too comfortable with living an  unhealthy lifestyle can greatly affect one's   physical health and it can be dangerous in the  long run the absence of exercise and not having   a balanced diet will eventually take a toll on  you and could cause some serious problems if   not taken care of. people often think that when  someone is considered fat it is because they eat   too much sweets or sugars or carbohydrates but that's  not exactly true. while consuming too much sweets  

is not exactly good for you, having a little too  much of everything else can be twice as dangerous.   we have this thinking that sugar is bad for the  body when it is not so much. what's bad for us is   the accumulated fat left in our system that we  can't get rid of due to our unhealthy Lifestyle   the same goes for carbohydrates, we actually  do need this trust me they won't make you   fat unless you're consuming way too many carbs  from junk food. one of the biggest Revelations   I found while I was doing this research is that  there are certain food we eat on the daily that   is as unhealthy as smoking 5 cigarettes a day. can  you imagine: meaning to say if I went on living my  

life thinking what I am doing is harmless I don't  even want to know what would happen. studies showed   that one serving of Deli can increase your chances  of developing Diabetes by 51 percent and over 17   million people die from cardiovascular diseases  every single year. studies show that 1 serving   of Deli can increase your chances of developing  Diabetes by 51% and over 17 million people die from   cardiovascular diseases every single year. one of  these suggestions from ACS or the American Cancer   Society is to switch to a chicken-based diet  but according to a study conducted by Harvard   University(Eating less meat may lower overall cancer risk July 1, 2022 By Matthew Solan, Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health) : a chicken-based diet can help increase  the development of having cancer by almost four times I don't know about you but four times the  chances is a big red flag I guess I'm not the only   one questioning why a meat-based diet is being  suggested by all these health organizations right ? so if chicken isn't as safe as I thought  it was would fish be a better alternative ?  the fish we buy through groceries and marketplaces  are all from Fisheries around the country that   help manage the industry. Fisheries have their  own specific way of sustaining their business a   how they grow their fish though it is seen as  less toxic it doesn't necessarily mean it's   healthy like chickens live in a den, cows in  a barn, fish also live in an environment. where   they are given antibiotics to help them grow into  how their producers want them to. the thing about fish  

is that they carry Mercury, Mercury is a naturally  occurring element that is found in air water and   food it is highly toxic substance that through  by accumulation can lead to a mercury poisoning   if exposed to too much mercury it can pretty much  destroy a natural ecosystem & in humans as well. this   is due to the ability of mercury to damage the  central nervous system. the tuna that everyone   loves so much and loves to eat fresh from sushi  bars and restaurant may also be carrying in some   estrogenic and cancer-promoting properties in  them toxins can simply be brought back to the   fact that they are being raised by human beings  through antibiotics and other medicinal stuff   the most notorious toxins being dioxins. dioxins  are man-made chemicals that can cause a lot of   health problems. these are formed and are mainly  byproducts of industrial practices and to make  

things worse men have no way of getting rid of  these dioxins but women on the other hand they   have two ways: women can get rid of these dioxins  through 1)breastfeeding and through 2)placenta: when a   woman gets pregnant there is a fair chance that  everything the woman consumes automatically can   be transmitted to the baby inside her womb so if  the woman doesn't think too much of the things she   is eating while carrying the baby it might greatly  affect the infant's healthy condition in the long   run. you have to keep in mind that being exposed to  all these chemicals might not generate immediate   results say for example I eat a slab of TUNA  today my body won't start acting up after taking   that last bite. in some cases mercury poisoning  happens almost instantly but in most cases it   takes a little while to show up. almost as if the  body is trying to help get rid of all the toxic   things you're feeding. it may not be today that  you start to notice the shift in your body but  

trust me on this, it will eventually. see the thing  that plays a big role in contributing to all this   effect is the industry where we get our food from:  most of the pigs and cows and chickens we consume   come from farms and barns where most of them are  not well taken care of, say for example a cow gets   sick of some sort the disease might spread to  all other cows even before the sick cow gets   treated that can cause a huge problem and not only  that it's not only the animals that suffer from   all this. even the people who live within that  area suffer all these problems if you live in an   environment where chemicals are used quite often  it can of course bring in a lot of health problems   that is because you are being exposed to toxins  that aren't meant for human beings being exposed   to those can help develop health problems  like asthma skin diseases and worse cancer .  often times these people know what goes on behind the  food industry. I've read somewhere that the mad   cow disease is apparently a real thing yet the U.S  government did very little to nothing regarding  

its spread. residents who live close to these Farms  know how a H1N1 was formed or how the bird flow   started yet no one pays attention to what they  have to say because of course who would have the   courage to stand up against these big corporations  when you were just a small town folk yourself.   I had a really tough time trying to piece together  all the information I have gathered upon touching   this subject but the more I look deeper the more  I found out about how things really are in the   food industry how little to nothing we know of  how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mostly   how little access we have to information that  greatly affects us our bodies and our lives   so if beef and pork aren't good for you chicken  isn't too and the fish is kind of tricky so what   do we eat now? I tried to look for recipes that  people can try and that doesn't rely heavily   on meat or if you could completely cut it out  there are tons of recipes available to try on   the internet most of them contain cheese milk  eggs all that good stuff but like anything else   I just wanted to know is dairy safe? I've always  loved me a good fluffy omelette in the morning   I used to add a bit of milk to make it extra  fluffy. eggs are just a standard you know, I mean  

who doesn't like eggs? and besides the Breakfast  Platter You'll Always Find a glass of fresh milk   it's just that perfect combination to start your  day but after a bit of research I found out that I   shouldn't be a little too happy consuming all this  eggs are not particularly the healthiest option   there is. the YOLK of an egg has the most saturated  fat and cholesterol you can ever have in food   that's like eating greasy old macmuffin and no  I don't think cow's milk is any good too. first   of all why would we drink something that is made  for Cows? cow's milk or anything produced with   cow's milk are the most allergic type of food out  there. have you considered why a lot of people are   actually lactose intolerant ? maybe it's because  the milk they produce isn't made for human beings   maybe that's why our bodies react differently when  being fed with cow's milk according to research   milk does not help your bones get stronger. our minds  have been manipulated by all the commercials   we've seen growing up from mindless hours spent  in front of the television. as I go through all  

this I keep wondering how much more is there left  to discover is there anything left for me to eat   "come in with the milk come in with the milk come  in with the milk come in with the milk come in   with the milk" of course as a cheese lover I just  had to see for myself the effects cheese has on   the human body. cheese makes everything better  right? corn dogs and pizzas and pastas and all   that, it has all the good stuff flavor wise yes  but health-wise well you might want to think   about that. cheese is all together a mix of Animal  product it's highly processed and has too much   salt and cheese also carries chasomorphins now  casomorphins is a casein derived morphine-like   compound that hits the spots in our brains the  way heroin does, that's the reason why it's so   addicting it's literally like a drug and consuming  This doesn't only hurt your tummy but can also   cause skin problems like eczema and we like so  you might be thinking if all these are bad for me   could cause me my life then why are health  organizations suggesting me to consume all   this? after mindless also scrolling through  their pages I did some research and then it   all came together: they were all sponsored  by Major meat and poultry companies in the   industry, their studies get funded by them  of course they will help the companies grow   maybe it's all just business maybe they're both  there to support each other but what makes me   wonder is why the government hasn't done anything  to stop this mess and slowly started to make sense -  big companies like McDonald's, the national Dairy  Council, American milk, Institute Kellogg's craft   the Hershey Company, American egg board, Dairy  Management Inc, General Mills, Pfizer, Lily, Sanofi ,  Astrazeneca, BAYER, Takeda, Amgen and a whole lot  more helpful on these institutions so of course   they're trying to promote them it's all business  life is a cycle: you buy food from big companies >  you eat it> you develop a health> problem you go  to your doctor to get help> they help you> you   pay them> the hospital will then pay taxes >and  the cycle continues. it's never ending it makes  

absolutely no sense and at the same time makes  absolutely sense it's crazy genius if you ask me.   I searched for other ways to live a healthier  Lifestyle and set the best diet for me out there.   all the pages on the internet have different views  on what a healthy diet is doctors say there is no   healthy diet all there is is a balanced meal not  too much not too little but then again doctors are   not the right person to take your nutrition advice  from so is there a way to not consume anything   toxic at all. Health Specialists and nutrition  experts such as switching to a plant-based diet   I know it may sound Bland and you might be rolling  your eyes right now but it makes sense we as   humans we're trying to think we need animal meat  or dairy to get all the nutrients and vitamins   our bodies need but don't these animals get all  the nutrients they need from Plants themselves.   most animals are herbivores and are just designed  to eat plants they've been doing so for ages and   have been surviving on their own if that's the  case aren't we going to find all the good stuff   in Plants as well does that mean we really do  not need to consume animal products to survive   well you might want to think about that. before  you dismiss the idea of switching to a plant-based  

diet maybe you can try some recipes and  dishes first if you're willing to live   a healthy lifestyle and live disease free. this  is where you can choose to eat smarter, healthier   and could eventually make yourself stronge.r  there are a lot of artists and athletes that   have made the switch and their stories are very  inspiring. most of them feel a lot more stronger   many of them say it's their way of tanking  their bodies for not falling apart and for   pushing forward it's a great way to pay back and  the body that carries you every day now isn't it   and also wouldn't it feel so much better to know  you aren't harming both animals the environment   and human beings when you are presented with a nice  meal. I don't know about you but to me that sounds  

quite Grand: knowing you're helping the world  become a safer place for all and being an advocate   of change is something to be proud of. if you're  thinking of switching hats off to you my friend   well this video wasn't made to make fun of health  organizations and doctors and companies but   it is for everyone to have a wider knowledge of  the things we put inside our body if you pass   this information on and share this video with your  friend it can maybe help save a life in the future  & if you're not very keen on the idea then maybe  we can just agree to disagree. in a time where   information is readily available through the  help of Technology it's best if we practice to   question some things we have always been curious  about, we are designed the think, we are designed   to be smarter with our choices so next time you  take a bite of your favorite comfort food may   it be Taco, a Subway sandwich or whatnot maybe you  might want to take a second & ask - wait, what's in it? :)

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