The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 | Unfinished Business

The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 | Unfinished Business

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MATT: Hello, everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role, where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons. ALL: (garbled) We play Dungeons & Dragons! LIAM: We do? MATT: Yeah. We have a cool little special reunion of our second campaign characters, The Mighty Nein. TRAVIS: Oh boy.

MATT: Excited for that. But yeah, we do have some announcements to get to before we jump into this. Beginning with that, we do have our sponsor for tonight. D&D Beyond. Sam. TRAVIS: ♪ D&D Beyond ♪ SAM: It's a classic sponsor for a classic show.

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(laughter) TRAVIS: Uh oh. SAM: My used cat hairballs. A hot water bottle from the backseat of Ashley's car.

(laughter) ASHLEY: Or 10. SAM: 20 feet of rope. My baby teeth, all 400 of them. Liam's musk, Marisha's seeds and stems. 19 feet of rope. TRAVIS: Seeds and stems.

SAM: Pockets. Purple Stuff, Sunny D, an extra one foot of rope. A ghost that looks like Taliesin, a ghost that doesn't look like Taliesin. A clock thing.

MARISHA: Wait, wait. SAM: A box. MARISHA: Sam, are you-- SAM: A rope. MARISHA: Have you just started naming things that you see around the set? SAM: Yes, I have. No! I'm naming stuff that you can buy from D&D Beyond, like oars, an old ship wheel, Marisha's body double. If you can buy yourself stuff, you can gift stuff for your friends. MARISHA: I'm supposed to read this disclaimer.

"Literally none of those, past the first two, are real. "And Sam's an idiot." SAM: Who wrote the disclaimer? MARISHA: D&D Beyond. SAM: Oh! MARISHA: Including the idiot part. SAM: Okay. Well, handle your whole holiday list in a single click. Don't miss D&D Beyond Cyber Monday Sale.

D&D Beyond is the best place to play. Cyber Monday is the best time to buy. (laughter) Then there's a big link, Then there's a big link, Matt, back to you. LAURA: H-T-T-P-S, colon slash slash.

SAM: Matt, back to you. I'm reading this for the first time. Hashtag, which Marisha is it? I guess we're implying that you're not real. MARISHA: I don't get it.

(laughter) MARISHA: Reminder! To tune in at 7:00pm Pacific. TRAVIS: Roll copy, roll copy. SAM: I like it. I like it. MARISHA: On December 1st, on Twitch, YouTube, or in participating Cinemark theaters.

SAM: Cinemark? That's my favorite movie theater. MARISHA: Yes, that's the same Cinemark. For part two. ASHLEY: Part deux. MARISHA: Part deux of the Mighty Nein Reunited, which is the second part of this thing that you're watching right now. SAM: Wow. MATT: Indeed. Sam, you have those announcements-- SAM: I have something else? Apparently. MATT: Yes, you do.

Keep talking, Sam! Go! SAM: A lot of cold reading tonight. Tonight, guys, you're going to be here. Hey, everybody. (laughter) SAM: I feel like Laura Bailey. Hey! I've got some things to say! (laughter) SAM: Tonight, you'll be hearing tracks from our recently-released-- I love you. LAURA: I like that everybody

laughed that hard at it. SAM: Tonight. (laughter) MATT: It was a really good impression. SAM: Tonight you're going to be hearing tracks from our recently-released full-length soundtrack album called "Welcome to Wildemount." The album contains 20 immersive tracks inspired by the continent of Wildemount, and the adventures of the Mighty Nein.

The music was composed by members of the Hexany Audio roster, Omar Fidel, and our friend Colm McGuinness. The album features *stunning** cover art by Kent Davis. "Welcome to Wildemount" is out on all major digital music platforms under Critical Role. Go buy or stream it now. That's it.

MATT: Awesome. SAM: (shouts) Do I have more to do? Jesus! LAURA: I don't know. SAM: I feel like I've been talking for an hour. MATT: There should be another script over there.

No. I'm excited. On top of all the music that's on there, there's also the Lucien boss battle music at the end of Campaign 2 that Colm McGuinness collaborated with me and made incredible-- Ahh, I'm so excited the world gets to actually listen to that more. SAM: Do you not like music? TRAVIS: Not a single sound. MATT: Anyway. MARISHA: (laughs)

(laughter) SAM: Is it really just me? I'm doing all the announcements. MATT: Yes, yes. Well, you're so good at it. (laughter) MATT: So. I'm going to be breaking format here a little bit tonight. As opposed to jumping into our intro, we're going to jump into a little prologue here in a minute. But before we do that, I want to say.

First off, thank you for coming to this. The Mighty Nein mean a lot to us, and we've missed them very much these past-- God, a year and a half almost. Getting a little later in that point. It's been a while since we've touched on these characters.

And it's nice. ALL: ♪ It's been a while ♪ MATT: It's nice to settle into this space again. So thank you for coming along for this silliness. But to that point. It has been six months since the fall of Cognouza, and the destruction of Lucien. The Mighty Nein, returning back to Wildemount and Exandria proper, have dealt with the immediate ramifications of the decision that they've made, the arrest of Trent Ikithon, the reality that the arrest of Trent Ikithon, the reality that they've come to a point of closure across many stories.

And now have their lives to continue on from this point. After some tearful goodbyes to friends and allies, until you meet them again, to deciding what the next journey was before you. The group that you know as the Mighty Nein fractured a bit to pursue personal journeys, to discover who they are outside of the struggles that brought them together.

But never losing the binds that originally brought them as a team, and since made them a family. Now, in this time that has passed, not too much has changed in Exandria at large. The struggles, the dangers that you undertook and succeeded at, only really known by a select few. In some circles you are highly regarded and lauded, though they are themselves semi-secretive circles.

For now, your paths have somewhat scattered. And here, six months later, let's go ahead and begin in Nicodranas with you, Veth Brenatto. SAM: Again? (laughter) SAM: I just talked. (experimental Veth sounds) MATT: There you go. Dial it in, dial it in. ASHLEY and SAM: (like Veth) Ahh! Aah.

TRAVIS: Tuning fork. MATT: Yes. Here we come down in the midday of a sunny Nicodranian afternoon. The sun is high in the sky, which is piercing blue, but a small few tufts of white clouds in the distance. A warm breeze blows in from the ocean.

You can hear the waves crashing from pretty much anywhere in the city, at the rate in which the surf is quite invitational to those who enjoy swimming, surfing, or being battered against the rocks if they're in the wrong place along the coast. But here, in the city, it is lively. It's filled with color, and laughter, and people running through the streets, taking on their business, looking forward to when the evening takes hold, the lights and colors change, and more merriment and revelry takes the city of Nicodranas. However, for now in this afternoon you, Veth. Where are you right now? What are you doing? SAM: Oh boy. Veth is making-- making plans to to receive the first ever crop of new campers at their new the first ever crop of new campers at their new camp that they've just been setting up for the past six months.

It's a camp for talented young adventurers, young arcane practitioners, majors in training, fighters, rogues. We will receive these talented youngsters, and train them into fighters or defenders for their own villages, wherever they might come from. The camp is called the Wildemount Wildlings. (chants) Wild Out. (laughter) SAM: We have t-shirts that are made with "Wild Out" on it. The different cabins that they might be staying in.

There's the Happy Fun Cabin. There's a cabin called the Shakäste Cabin. There's A5 Cabin.

There's the Balleater Cabin. Yeza recommended against that one. (laughter) SAM: We're going to receive a few, a few students, campers, from around the world.

Some are sailing in. Some are coming by carriage, or by horse, or by foot. There's folks from the Xhorhasian wild, a young male wizard named Soldes. There's someone coming from Zephrah, Naphalene of the Air Ashari.

There's a young dragonborn rogue named Pidge who's coming all the way from Draconia. Luc is a little young to participate, officially, but definitely, definitely does all of the activities but definitely, definitely does all of the activities that everyone else does as well. MATT: Interesting. What is the average age of these arriving campers? SAM: 13, 14, 15. MATT: Okay.

SAM: Even a couple that are older, 16, 17. There's a few phenoms that are slightly younger than that. But Luc is a little bit too young.

These are kids who can stay overnight by themselves without being scared for Mommy and Daddy. MATT: Understood, understood. Okay. SAM: Also, the program is very rigorous. There's an obstacle course, and there's-- There's also fun activities. We do beach camp activities, surfing.

(laughter) SAM: Yeah, I don't do that. But Yeza teaches them alchemy. We have guest lecturers sometimes.

We're trying to get Caleb to come down to teach a wizarding workshop. Yasha has said that she has a lot of time on her hands. She was going to come down and run them through some strength training, and some fighting techniques.

Dagen was maybe going to, if I can get Dagen to come down and teach survival skills. There's all sorts of things. But this is the first crop of kids. So we don't know what's going to work or not.

I'm a little nervous. LAURA: Did you ask Jester to help? SAM: I haven't... LAURA: You should ask Jester. SAM: I don't know how to reach Jester.

I don't know where she is. (laughter) SAM: There's a mess hall. Oh, everyone who starts at the camp, they get their own little custom Wildemount Wildlings-- (chants) Wild Out! They get their own flask, which they can keep water in. You know, because it gets hot out. They get their own flask. TALIESIN: A canteen, I think, is what-- SAM: It's called a flask. (laughter)

SAM: The last thing I'll say about this camp. I'm so excited about, I'm sorry. MATT: I can tell. SAM: Going on and on about it. It's free. It's free.

You don't have to pay for it, because we have a wealthy benefactor named The Gentleman. He and I have this lovely arrangement, wherein he takes his blood money-- (laughter) SAM: -- and launders it-- TRAVIS: Oh no! SAM: -- by having a legitimate charity that he donates it to. TRAVIS: Boy... SAM: Whatever I don't use, I send back to him. TRAVIS: There it is. SAM: It's clean, you know. It's a clean arrangement.

The kids get something. He gets something. Everyone gets something from it. TRAVIS: Oh jeez. TALIESIN: You're the one who camps. (laughter) MATT: Well.

Indeed, this is quite an endeavor that you've developed, it seems. Effectively waiting for the first crop to arrive, by sunset, if not later this evening. You're uncertain to the specific arrival time. But you do know that some preparation is required. A part of that, of course, is groceries, perhaps for a necessary meal to greet this new crop.

Make them feel at home. Make them feel welcome. So you are walking down the streets of Nicodranas, towards the southern sector of the Opal Archways, with Luc in tow, carrying two large canvas shopping bags. He drags on the ground behind you. Likely going to tear a hole in one of them by the time you arrive. But you don't want to bother him too much with it.

He's basking in the afternoon sun. You watch folks continue to streak by, bustle about their business. Couple of people you recognize, giving a nod or a wave as you go.

Luc rubs his nose and looks up to you, as you pass down the stone street going, "So Mom? Mom? Mom?" SAM: Yes, Luc. Yes? MATT: "Mom? "Are there going to be-- "How many friends are coming?" SAM: I think 13 or 14 are coming in. You don't get assigned a cabin. You can go to any cabin you want, and you can be in any class that you want.

You can learn magic. We've already taught you some, but we'll teach you more. MATT: "Okay, okay. That means

"I can go into any of them any time?" SAM: Well, I mean, if someone's changing, or if it's someone that wants privacy, you should knock first. You shouldn't be doing your scampering thing where you-- MATT: "What if I'm practicing not being heard?" SAM: At the camp, there will be times when we practice and times when we're just a camp. We're just having fun. We're swimming-- Well, not me.

But other people are swimming, or doing archery. But fun archery, not deadly archery. That sort of stuff. MATT: "Okay."

SAM: So just know when it's the appropriate time to sneak, and an appropriate time not to. We've been working on this. MATT: "Right. And I learn through action. "Okay." SAM: Yes, you do.

You'll figure it out. You'll make some mistakes. That's what kids are supposed to do. It's fine. MATT: "Make lots of mistakes." SAM: Yeah, exactly. MATT: He's walking down, clutching the bag, swinging them side by side.

As you're traveling down, you look to your left, and passing by your husband's recently-opened shop here in Nicodranas, The Brenatto's Better Self, his reinvention of his alchemy business here in the town of Nicodranas. Hasn't seen a whole lot of business yet, but you're-- He's very eager and excited that word will catch on. But as you walk through the street, you see him putting up a new sign, (hammering) nailing it to the front, that says, "Grand Opening!" He's put up the sign three times. But it's been there for the better part of a month. He finishes nailing it, wiping off the sweat of his forehead, and sees you walking by. SAM: Looks good, honey! MATT: "Oh hey, thank you.

"Yeah, just excited to bring in some more folks. "It's really hot today." SAM: Yeah, it's this-- You would think that there's a sea breeze. They say there's a sea breeze, but there really isn't.

MATT: "I mean, well, there is. "It's just right now it's "being blocked by all the buildings. "I didn't think about that "when we bought this real estate for the business. "It's kind of not getting the ocean."

SAM: Well, let's see. I think once the customers start coming in and out we'll be able to buy some fans or something, I don't know. MATT: "Maybe something like that. "We'll figure it out, but anyway." SAM: Do you have any new mixtures that you're peddling, or any new things that we can offer to the people? MATT: "I've been thinking about it. I've been--

"The holistic, non-medical treatments "seem to have been going well. "The various oils, scents. "I'm not much of a-- "You know I lost my sense of smell for the most part, "when I was a kid from that one accident "when I jammed the thing in my nose. "But, you know-- "Well, with Luc and working on some elements.

"Mrs. Vinia next door, "I've been getting her input on a few of these oils. "If ever you have an opportunity "to come by and try out some of these new--" SAM: I'd love to try whatever you have, yeah.

MATT: "Oh great. Come on, yeah. Come on in. "Luc! Luc! Luc." SAM: Where do you go? Where'd he go? MATT: You look behind and he's currently in the process of sneaking behind one of the carts across the street, which seems to be carrying a number of heavy tunics laid over. So he's watching, and he's like bags still blossoming out, way too noticeable, like two little airbags. But he's like.

He's looking down, hears his name and peeks out. (grunts) Darts off and joins. SAM: You would've-- That was a good sneak. That was high quality stealthing. MATT: "Maybe I won't do it with bags." SAM: Yeah, that's a good lesson learned.

MATT: He darts inside. Yeza sighs for a second and smiles. "Well, do you like grapefruits?" SAM: For the purpose of this, yes, I do. Yes. MATT: "Okay. "I got a whole plethora of new grapefruit-based oil scents "that I think I'll go ahead and--" SAM: It's just for like...

MATT: "To open your nasal passages and for general--" SAM: It's not for a specific condition or anything? MATT: "No, no, no. "The medical treatments are more chemical in nature. "This is just where I'm trying "to branch out from, so." SAM: Oh, got it. MATT: "Come on in. We'll try to pass on this." SAM: Let me smell.

MATT: So as the family drifts into Brenatto's Better Self, we're going to pull away from Nicodranas, and instead, head over towards Zadash in the middle of the Dwendalian Empire. Here, we come in over the triangular city. Its walls tall.

Its people busying themselves in their own unique ways throughout the afternoon as the sun slowly gets further and further in the sky. Here, we now glance in the exterior beautifully kept walls of the Library of the Cobalt Soul here in Zadash. Within, we see the numerous keepers of the library. Trained monks and scholars and archivists and protecting guards and warriors. Below there still, the protected traverse ring where all of the various teleportation circles are linked to the other libraries and locations networked through the Cobalt Souls network.

Here, one of the Cobalt Soul archivist guardians sits reading through a book as one of the central rings, just still and quiet, flares. And out comes barreling a busied, intense-looking Beauregard Lionett. Beauregard, if you could describe your exit Beauregard, if you could describe your exit from the circle and where you're off to. MARISHA: With a deep intent to be off the clock as quickly as possible and at home and on the couch with my woman and her home cooked meal, and I'm fucking done. Fucking done.

(laughter) TRAVIS: She's grace. She's glamor. (laugher) LIAM: When are you going to start role playing? (laughter) TRAVIS: I'm fucking done. MARISHA: Need a fucking cocktail.

MATT: As you're charging out, the library guardian sitting there stands up and notices your arrival and quickly tries to hail you. MARISHA: Off the clock. MATT: "Beauregard--" MARISHA: I'm off the clock. MATT: "Okay."

MARISHA: Work-life boundaries. We've talked about this. MATT: "Of course, of course." Sits back down and continues to read, not even making eye contact. MARISHA: I'll be in tomorrow, 8:00am. MATT: (laughs) MATT: Charging up the stairs to the center of the library floor, you can see it's a calm and quiet interior at this time of the day.

Generally, it's busy more in the center of the day or late evening. For the midafternoon period, most folks are in their own transitional work points in the day. The quiet doesn't faze you as you push through, though you see a number of the other monks and archivists turn their heads to take note of your brisk exit from the premises.

As you head out from the streets, you arc over towards the Innerstead Sprawl to your home. If you wouldn't mind describing what your home looks like. MARISHA: Oh.

I imagine we would have to do this together. ASHLEY: Yeah. MARISHA: I imagine it's like, you know, it's nothing super elaborate. ASHLEY: Nothing wild. MARISHA: Super cozy. ASHLEY: Very cozy. We have a garden that I've been working on with Caduceus so we could plant and have a little piece of land just for ourselves. MARISHA: Yeah, absolutely.

ASHLEY: Quaint. MARISHA: We got nice little ivy growing up the front, or at least trying to get it to grow. ASHLEY: A small fireplace with our cushy couch and a furry rug. MARISHA: Yeah. I took a spare room and I turned it into my office. ASHLEY: Yes, you have to have an office. MARISHA: I have to have my own office.

ASHLEY: Yes. MARISHA: It's a bit of a mess. ASHLEY: I also have a side. I have my own cave also. It has some workout gear, but mostly, you know-- TRAVIS: It's a closet. ASHLEY: -- painting and different cooking things. I've been learning a lot from our neighbor, Martina Steward, who's a very good cook. (laughter) She's taught me so much.

She's taught me so much. TRAVIS: Good old Martina. MARISHA: Good old Miss Steward. ASHLEY: Good old Miss Steward. TRAVIS: M.S.

ASHLEY: I am-- (laughs) When you come home, I'm outside with my little basket, and I'm collecting edible flowers to put in the basket. MARISHA: Oh. Oh, like nasturtiums, with those little-- ASHLEY: Yes. MARISHA: Yeah.

Baby. ASHLEY: Baby! MARISHA: Come here. ASHLEY: Baby. MARISHA: I miss you. ASHLEY and MARISHA: (smooching) ASHLEY: Okay. I went a little crazy for dinner tonight.

MARISHA: What did you do? ASHLEY: We're going to have a wedge salad. MARISHA: Mm. ASHLEY: With tomatoes from our garden. MARISHA: Okay. ASHLEY: Heirloom, of course. MARISHA: Fuck, those are in season. I forgot. ASHLEY: Yeah, they're in season,

which is why they're so juicy and delicious. MARISHA: (groans) Fuck yes. ASHLEY: Eat them like an apple. MATT: "I would maybe recommend them with a soft saute and salt." As you turn around and see the halfling graying blonde hair of Martina Steward-- (laughter) MATT: -- who is out in front of her yard now in a billowing blouse with her own basket, leaning forward. ASHLEY: Hello, Martina. MARISHA: Martina. Earlier today-- MATT: "Beauregard, nice to see you."

MARISHA: Hi. You were listening? ASHLEY: Earlier today-- MATT: "I was in my house yard "and you walked by, yes." MARISHA: Yeah. ASHLEY: We churned some blue cheese together today.

I think that's what you can do with blue cheese. MARISHA: You churned blue cheese? TRAVIS: Is that what you do with blue cheese? ASHLEY: Actually, I don't know if that's how it works. LIAM: It's a one-step process. ASHLEY: Well, it's a weird kind of a way to present it and make it. MARISHA: Okay. Okay. MATT: "She's still learning."

TRAVIS: It accelerates the blue cheese process. ASHLEY: Still working on it. But going to sprinkle that on top with a little bit of a nice peppery scorpion tail. MARISHA: Oh my god. ASHLEY: Yeah, I know.

Your favorite. What we're going to have for dinner, this is a little bit of a wild card. Don't tell Jester, but it's going to be a weasel tongue intestine stroganoff style.

MARISHA: Interesting, okay. ASHLEY: Yeah. Give it a go. It's heating up, so when you go inside, you're going to smell it. And of course, the best year of Lionett wine. MARISHA: Fuck, I love you.

ASHLEY: I love you so much. MARISHA: You're so hot. ASHLEY: You're so hot. MATT: "That sounds like an incredible meal. "A wonderful dinner." MARISHA: Martina, you're still here. (laughter) MATT: "Just picking things from my garden "for my own solitary dinner for myself." ASHLEY: Martina, we are going to work on this.

We've talked about this. You need to get out there. You know, for women of your age, there's many, so many people out there for you. MATT: "Oh, I do fine, darling." ASHLEY: If we found each other--

MATT: "Don't be giving me any sort of lip "for my ability to pull." MARISHA: Yeah, you're quite a catch, Martina. ASHLEY: Quite a catch. I mean-- MARISHA: You deserve-- You know, I'm pretty sure the Reserve is actually, you know, the Library, I think they're starting up a new book club night Thursday nights. ASHLEY: There it is, book club.

MATT: "I didn't know that." ASHLEY: Yeah. MARISHA: Yeah, you know, it's a little way they're trying to do more community initiatives to try and help. MATT: "Well, I'd love to talk more about that sometime.

"Maybe over dinner." MARISHA: Yeah, yeah. MATT: "Okay." MARISHA: You should just tell them-- Not tonight.

Not tonight. ASHLEY: Not tonight, we have-- MATT: "No, no, no. I wouldn't possibly intrude. "Of course, that would be rude of me." MARISHA: No, yeah.

MATT: "But we'll work on the cheese another time." ASHLEY: We'll work on the churning for sure. MATT: "Yeah, it's not churning. Good night." ASHLEY: That's butter. MARISHA: Night.

ASHLEY: I think I made it-- MARISHA: Yeah, I think it is butter. ASHLEY and MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: She heads into her chambers. ASHLEY: Okay, come, come, come. MARISHA: Okay. I just kept going and I just plop, and I kind of face plant.

ASHLEY: How was your day, honey? MARISHA: It was fine. It was fine. ASHLEY: What's wrong? I feel like-- Put your feet up.

Come, come, come. MARISHA: Okay. Oh my god. Oh, thank you. Oh god, these fucking boots that they're making us wear now.

ASHLEY: Yeah, these are intense. MARISHA: (groans in relief) ASHLEY: I actually kind of like them. Can I try them on, actually? MARISHA: Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. ASHLEY: They're very cute. MARISHA: They might be a little small for you.

ASHLEY: Yeah, they're a little small. MARISHA: I can also just swipe you a pair and they'll never notice. ASHLEY: I mean... MARISHA: No, it's fine.

It's just, you know, I keep going back and forth to Rexxentrum and trying to track the Assembly, but they're all so skittish right now after everything, so they're not doing anything. It's so fucking boring. ASHLEY: Yeah, they're a little quiet. Which I don't know if that's a good thing, but it also kind of makes me more nervous. MARISHA: I mean, they're always-- They're clearly still up to stuff. So I was just trying to figure out how to get in, and I keep trying to convince Caleb to go in and take this teaching job, that way we can have an inside man, but he's like, (Caleb) "Oh, I just, you know, "want to dip my feet in."

ASHLEY: Why? He needs to just do it. He needs to do it. He needs to do it.

MARISHA: Then Yudala Fon is like, (Yudala) "Oh, "patience and time reveal all truths." Blah. ASHLEY: Blah. MARISHA: I don't know. If I have to file one more report

or do one more security watch, I'm just going to go insane. ASHLEY: I'm sorry, baby. MARISHA: It's okay. How about you?

How's your day been? ASHLEY: I totally had a really good day. It was really... I had a relaxing day. I mean, since hanging up my sword, I really have enjoyed home life, you know? MARISHA: You're so good at it. ASHLEY: I feel like I'm pretty good at it, too. Thank you. I mean, for not really having one, this is nice.

MARISHA: I don't know how I got so lucky. ASHLEY: I don't either. MARISHA: Oh shit, but remind me again when your trip to the Wildemount Wildlings camp is. ASHLEY: Oh, yes. MARISHA: It's coming up, right? ASHLEY: Yeah, it's coming up again because I was helping build the Happy Fun Cabin.

MARISHA: Oh, that's right. ASHLEY: So I think that's the one that I'm going to mainly be working with those kids. MARISHA: The Happy Fun Cabin. ASHLEY: But I've been preparing a class of certain type of self defense, and I was thinking of maybe also maybe teaching a cooking class on the side. MARISHA: Oh, I love that.

ASHLEY: But just a little something, you know, something foraging from wherever you're from. MARISHA: Foraging is a good idea. ASHLEY: Yeah. MARISHA: I like that.

ASHLEY: I think it's a nice skill to have and all the bugs that you can actually eat for protein. So, I'm excited. MARISHA: You should teach them your grasshopper frittata. ASHLEY: Yes, oh my god, because that one's pretty easy, too, for kids. MARISHA: Yes. ASHLEY: Classic, classic.

I love you. MARISHA: That's a good one. I love you. ASHLEY: Well, would you like to eat? Or do you want to just sit by the fire and have some wine first? MARISHA: Yeah. ASHLEY: Okay. MARISHA: Let's do that. ASHLEY: Here you go, baby.

MARISHA: Cheers. ASHLEY: Cheers. MARISHA: Clink. ASHLEY: I'm going to go finish cooking. MARISHA: Okay. MATT: (laughs) Settling in for the night in your abode after a long day of frustrating busy work and bookkeeping, we now draw our attention away from Zadash, and instead, far off across the Menagerie Coast, the Swavain Island, somewhere amongst the waters, there is a ship. The Balleater itself has been at sea for some time. If Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley, who are aboard of this, describe where you are currently amongst the ocean, Captain, I imagine, and what your current business is.

TRAVIS: Well, I think we've established a trade route where we monitor the waters in between the Menagerie Coast and Darktow. We're also starting to try and put to sea, if you will, a venture called Stone's Throw Shipping. ASHLEY: Woo! TRAVIS: Stone's Throw. We're work-shopping it. MATT: No, I like it. It's good. TRAVIS: Every time I say it though, Jester kind of winces and smiles with her teeth.

LAURA: No, it's good. It's really good. TRAVIS: Like that. That face. You know, we're trying to make a name for ourself, but after buying a very small, a little piece of property in Nicodranas because we didn't want to live under-- LAURA: I think it would've been fine if we would've stayed at the Lavish Chateau. TRAVIS: It was weird. LAURA: But I understand that you feel a little bit strange about. TRAVIS: We're exploring each other, and it's a weird place to have that happen. LAURA: Right. Right.

I really like our place, though. It is very little, but we've painted it up. Every time we come into port-- TRAVIS: It's a lot of color. LAURA: -- we're fixing it up.

It's really nice. TRAVIS: Maybe too much color. LAURA: Then there's a little side section where I have my own art studio, you know? Which is really fun. TRAVIS: Yes. The studio is the house. LAURA: Well. TRAVIS: Yeah. LAURA: The couch is on the one side, and then the other side, it's the art studio is the specific-- TRAVIS: My haven: the couch.

We don't spend much time there, but the sea really called to both of us, and we've taken it in stride. So Stone's Throw Shipping, every time we save a ship or thwart some pirate activity, we have really nice cards. Really nice cards. LAURA: Yes, I've made a whole bunch of them, actually. MATT: Fantastic. TRAVIS: We just make sure that that name is out there and proliferating, but also-- LAURA: Stone's Throw! TRAVIS: Your shipping is just a Stone's Throw away.

We're working on it. But Kingsley has also been a tremendous help and is learning the ropes. TALIESIN: It's a bit of a problem, if you think about it, that your shipping company is always a Stone's Throw away.

That means that it hasn't gotten very far, isn't it? TRAVIS: Look, we didn't go that deep with it. LAURA: He didn't go that deep with it. TRAVIS: Unless you have incredible strength, there are also ballista, and that is a very far-- It's okay.

We weren't sold on anything. We only printed how many of the cards? LAURA: Well, I didn't print them. I made them all by hand. TALIESIN: Handmade. So. TRAVIS: Shit.

LAURA: There's five of them so far. (laughter) TALIESIN: I mean, to be fair, I think it's all you need at this point because if you're shipping something, then you're not going to be meeting a lot of people. TRAVIS: I think it's catchy. I think it's catchy.

LAURA: Yeah. We'll make it work. TALIESIN: Like a thrown stone. TRAVIS: Yeah. So we monitor those waters and do what we can. LAURA: Yeah, we look at the water a lot. TALIESIN: Branding is not your strong suit. TRAVIS: No.

MATT: Well here, in the middle of this hot midafternoon out amongst the Lucidian Ocean, you come in on the somewhat rocky, but not too intense waters beneath the Balleater. Here, the captain overlooks the bow, surveying the path you are traveling. Keeping senses on the not-too-worrying clouds on the horizon. You are greeted briefly on the deck by your navigator, the familiar darkened shell and hunched form of Orly Skiffback as he saunters up on the deck towards you. MATT: "Captain.

"Whereabout you thinking we'd be looking "to avoid "this untoward weather?" TRAVIS: Yes, good question, faithful Orly. I have to get my maps out, one minute. You know, I think-- TALIESIN: I'm pretty sure they're a stone's throw away. (laughter) TRAVIS: Can I cast Augury? (laughter) SAM: Is that a spell you have? TRAVIS: It's new, baby! (laughter) TRAVIS: It's called Fjord's 2nd-level spell.

MATT: All right. Yes, you may. TRAVIS: I take out a little pouch that's full of sea shells that Jester and I have gathered off the shore and shake them. LAURA: They're so beautiful. TRAVIS: I kneel down on the deck, dump all the sea shells out. MATT: "M-m-mean no disrespect there, Captain. "This is highly unusual for the--" TRAVIS: Oh, yes.

MATT: "-- betterment of ship and ship-m-m-mates, "but you are the captain." TRAVIS: Well, the Wildmother, she speaks to me so abundantly clear. I just wanted to make sure that I'm making it a reciprocal conversation. MATT: Okay. So the course of action

that you are attempting to focus on for this is? TRAVIS: Is what is the most prime direction for the least amount of kraken fuckery and storm shit. MATT: All right. Do you pick a direction? TRAVIS: Yes, I would like to-- Is west a good direction in this moment? MATT: All right. As you cast the shells across the floor, the results west seem more of a weal and woe reading.

TRAVIS: Uh-huh. (laughter) LAURA: Oh, are we playing jacks? I come over and throw some jacks down in amongst the shells. TRAVIS: I don't know how this spell works.

I feel like I need to divine something. Can you help? LAURA: Sure. I pick up all the shells and jacks and throw them back down on the deck. We should go north, is what it says. TRAVIS: Wildmother, you work in mysterious ways.

North it is. LAURA: Can we go north, Orly? MATT: "I've been north a few times in my day, "so I think that is very doable, "M-m-miss Jester." MATT: He goes ahead and saunters off. TRAVIS: Orly, don't tell anyone about the shells. MATT: Thumb goes up.

TALIESIN: You basically threw stones. I can see where this is coming from. TRAVIS: It's shells, all right, it's pulverized. LAURA: Maybe if you're going to do that spell, you can do it in your captain's quarters so no one sees you do it so that they think you're more confident. TRAVIS: Right. LAURA: We don't want a mutiny. TRAVIS: Yeah, of course.

LAURA: Kingsley keeps eyeing you. TRAVIS: That's what the Star Razor is here for. (whooshes, stabs, vibrates) MATT: Orly stops and turns.

"(sighs heavily)" Continues walking. TRAVIS: You look around, there's a dozen impacts where the Star Razor's been shoved. Just to make the same sort of point.

You've seen it before. LAURA: I drop the shells into your pouch. You've got this, Fjord, okay? TRAVIS: Thank you.

LAURA: Have confidence in yourself. TRAVIS: I do! LAURA: You're a good captain. TRAVIS: So many directions that you could take a ship, literally-- LAURA: It's literally anywhere you want to go.

TALIESIN: Just keep it from going down, and you should be fine. LAURA: You could just tell Orly, next time he goes, "Where do you want to go?" Just say, "Keep going in the same direction." TALIESIN: Such command. LAURA: Just keep going.

TRAVIS: What if we're facing towards the storm? LAURA: Say, "Go around it!" TRAVIS: Into the storm? LAURA: No, say go around it. TRAVIS: Oh, around it. LAURA: Then he'll go around it. He's the navigator. TRAVIS: Okay. LAURA: You know, you could just say, "You choose.

"You're the navigator, that's what I hired you for." TRAVIS: Oh, right, like I know best and he has to prove his knowledge-- LAURA: Exactly, exactly! TRAVIS: -- as navigator to me. LAURA: It probably won't work now, because now he knows-- TRAVIS: Then I-- with the sword. LAURA: Yeah. TRAVIS: Okay. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: While this is happening, Kingsley, you do notice, as Orly makes his way towards his-- SAM: ♪ Makin' my way ♪ MATT: -- usual place up on the upper deck of the ship, one of the newer crew members that you picked up along the way, Nyla Ko, the powder monkey on the ship, walks up towards Orly.

They talk for a moment, and then starts walking over towards you. You see the excitable female orc with her sea air tossed mane of dark brown hair, the light gray to slight olive skin tint to it color, a vibrant smile, and a very intense left eye that's always a little wider than the right comes hopping towards you with a leather bodice over her open sea sleeves and rushes over. "Hey, so, Kingsley." TALIESIN: Yes, Nyla?

MATT: "I was just told that we're going north." TALIESIN: That, apparently, is what the jacks on the ground are saying. MATT: "Is it because we're going to go get in trouble "with different other ships and pirates "and monsters and stuff because--" TALIESIN: Oh, I hope so.

MATT: "-- I'm itching to shoot something real bad." TALIESIN: I'm really in the mood for something. MATT: "It's been weeks. Been real bored." TALIESIN: I need a little bit of cash. I want to add a few things to the coat.

It's doing well. I'm feeling a little underdressed. You've got to dress for the job you want, after all. MATT: "Is this too much?" Tears their sleeves off and throws them on the ground. "Is this better?" TALIESIN: You're so intimidating! MATT: "Good, good." TALIESIN: Chills! MATT: "I have a lot of time below deck.

"I'm cutting the fuses shorter and shorter every time." TALIESIN: I know, and I do appreciate that you let me down there just to observe you doing masterful work. I'm trying to get to the point where I can do anything up here, you know. I'm learning so much.

MATT: "Good, well, you see anything, let me know." TALIESIN: You'll be the first to know after me. MATT: "Great." TALIESIN: Then the captain. MATT: "Captain! Jester."

LAURA: Looking good, Nyla. Myla. Which one is it? I always forget. MATT: "Nyla." LAURA: Nyla, I knew it! MATT: Runs below deck. TALIESIN: The management on this ship.

LAURA: Do you need those sleeves, or can I keep them? MATT: "You can keep them." Had to stop and think about it for a minute. TALIESIN: The power of branding. Jester understands. MATT: The sails shift, pick up the wind, and the boat begins to slowly rotate in a northward direction here across the seas of the Lucidian. Now, we pull away from the ship and the ocean, instead back to the massive capital city of the Dwendalian Empire, known as Rexxentrum. Here, we get closer to the continuously sprawling skyscape of numerous towers and buildings, archways, and multi-layered neighborhoods upon others.

The topography of this town is this intense, central cityscape where people can easily get lost, whether they choose to or not. But here, towards the center, not too far from Ungebroch Castle, there is the Soltryce Academy grounds where the finest of academic learning within the empire partakes in the student body that comes to learn from it here. In the late afternoon, we come to the second floor of one of the various academy halls.

Heading through a series of glass windows, we come into a classroom where a smattering of just over a dozen students sit behind desks as they all look up to the front of the room, where one small, gnomish character, looks like he's in his later middle age, this grumpy-looking male gnome, this way too dark comb over that is expressed way over his obviously balding head that curls past his ear to have almost an oddly emo look. TRAVIS: (like Chetney) There should be whiskers. MATT: Sits on a stool with a heavy robe over a pair of suspenders and pants that ride up a little bit too high, well creased, well pressed. Here, he's just rapping his fingers on a desk as he glances in the direction the students are, where at the front we see, in the process of finishing a lecture, the guest teacher, Caleb Widogast. TRAVIS: Ooh, shit! LIAM: On the tail end of a guest lecture, because I don't have tenure here or anything. Astrid has been trying to coax me, Beauregard as well, to take a position, but I'm not quite ready for that.

I've only been home for a few months, but here I am, speaking to these students, and I'm on the tail end. Caleb looks around the room and resorts to his notes, pausing. With that, I think we can all see the importance of a strong grasp of the alchemical base as you climb the higher rungs of the transmutative ladder.

But if I could leave you with one challenge as we break for today, it would be to set aside the what and the how for some time and to consider the why. Now, as each of you leaves the academy and you go on to poke and prod at the edges of reality, ask yourselves what the knowledge and power you've gained here is for. Transmutation is a powerful tool for change. How will you use it to alter the world around you, and to what end? And ask yourself, how will it change you? When I studied at this school myself, that question was never on any exam. Maybe it should have been. Also, make time in your studies for history or you will be doomed to repeat it.

History is littered with sharp-minded individuals like yourselves who bit off more than they can chew, and it somehow always comes back to bite them in the butt. But that is all for today. *Bis später.** MATT: "Please, students, give a warm round of applause "and thank you for our guest speaker, "a previous alumni student of the academy, "Mr. Caleb Widogast.

"Thank you so much for coming." SAM: Sign my spell book! MATT: "Class dismissed." The students begin-- LIAM: All right, Gunther, just quickly. MATT: -- gathering their things, their books, and picking up their satchels, and the bustle of them all discussing things completely unrelated to the class. SAM: Do you have office hours later?

TRAVIS: Professor Jones? LAURA: The eyes. MARISHA: I love you. LIAM: *Ich liebe dich.** MATT: As the students do leave, there is one young, 16-year-old looking half-elf girl, bookish, spectacles, and her hair, this strawberry poof of blonde red hair. She nervously walks up to you, books clutched in her hand. "Mr. Caleb Widogast." LIAM: Yeah, your name was Root, wasn't it? MATT: "Yes, Root Frenilda.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your lecture. "It was very nice to have you back in here. "It's always very nice to have you here in class. "We learn a lot." LIAM: It's becoming a bit of a habit, isn't it? MATT: "Please.

"Anyway, hope you come back." She nervously shuffles out of the room, a blush on her face, and leaves the chambers. LIAM: Well, I'll walk over to the gnomish gentleman. MATT: His smiling demeanor as the students leave immediately shuts to a tense, dark, tired expression. "A fine seminar, "Mr. Widogast. "Hopefully, the students have grappled onto any of it."

LIAM: Well, I would like to think that the student body here would learn thinking skills and the ability to think for themselves. MATT: "Of course." LIAM: Not just memorize by rote. MATT: "Indeed, that is the purpose of "academies of higher learning, "and while many of them show variations in aptitude, "I must say, "it is at least notable the attention that is paid "when you do come into the class, though I find "the presentation a bit dramatic and theatrical, "at times, for my tastes. "To each their own, I suppose, "and so is the arrogance of youth."

LIAM: *Ja.** Well, I don't want to impose any longer. I will retreat to my private practice.

MATT: "Please do, and we'll reach out as soon as we find "a portion of our coming curriculum "would use some of your unique insight." LIAM: Good day. MATT: "Good day." He brushes his hand on the door, it's going to open up. LIAM: What an *arschloch.** MATT: It closes behind you, and you stand for a moment, alone in the long, familiar hallways of the academy. LIAM: Still feels beyond surreal to be here, and Beauregard has been pushing me to take up permanently.

Maybe I will, but not quite ready yet. Anyway, she'll want her report for the day. We share a Sending Stone now to share information back and forth between the cities, so I'm going to head back to my own small cottage, which is very much in the style of the home that Bren was raised in. There's two small planter boxes out front full of green beans, and a room at the back where he teaches a handful of students who were not accepted where he teaches a handful of students who were not accepted at the academy who still show great promise, and occasionally Veth brings Luc by for a starter class or two.

Not that she is incapable of teaching the boy herself. She is very capable, but it is fun to teach. MATT: Fair enough. Upon walking through the halls, exiting the academy, eventually finding your way to your own comfortable, familiar, personal space. What is it you'd like to do with the rest of your evening? SAM: Masturbate. LIAM: (sighs) Yeah, I probably will masturbate.

That'll probably be what I do. Can we just role play masturbating? MATT: Please don't. Please don't. TRAVIS: With the mood lighting? TRAVIS: Bottle of wine. Warm it up. Warm it up. SAM: Just to confirm,

Caleb still looks and smells like shit, right? LIAM: Yeah. He's-- SAM: Just covered in-- LIAM: -- a branded cologne. (laughter) TRAVIS: Next to his green beans, it says, "I love dung." TALIESIN: It's basically roll a d6, but really it's roll a d4. Let's be, yeah.

TRAVIS: "Masturbate." TALIESIN: God. LIAM: I think that he will put up the tower inside his home, the home is really more of a front, and he'll spend time in the study, and wonder if he'll get a visit from his Kryn friend this week.

MATT: All right. From there, we remove ourselves from the capital of Rexxentrum and return back to the sea- faring vessel, the Balleater, which is heading northward as the sun begins to set, the sky growing orange and purple in anticipation for the coming night, but the wind is picking up a bit, and Orly eventually shuffles back over to where you're keeping an eye on things, whether it be above or below deck. Are you above or below deck? TRAVIS: Above deck. MATT: "Captain. Other direction." TRAVIS: Sorry, what was that? MATT: "Other direction."

TRAVIS: Other? Other direction? MATT: Grabs your shoulders and spins you around. TRAVIS: Oh. MATT: And you can see the direction which the wind is coming from. MARISHA: The NPCs are hazing you! MATT: A dark storm is looming on the horizon. A breadth of dark clouds are beginning to spread out, and as you take it in for second, you've noticed in the distance, but hoped that the northward travel would not be much of an issue, but you realize now the northward direction is heading directly towards it. TRAVIS: Remember what Jester said. Orly, which direction do you think we should go, as the navigator for the boat? SAM: Boat? MARISHA: Ship. TRAVIS: Ship, ship.

ASHLEY: The dinghy! TRAVIS: The vessel. LIAM: The water car. (laughter) TALIESIN: Oh boy. MATT: A low grumble settles within the throat of Orly, along with a heavy sigh, before his bright eye gleams in your direction, like the most stern of turtle Popeyes you've ever experienced. "Well, if I were to be honest, "westward would've been more safe." TRAVIS: See, I knew I should've trusted my instinct, Orly.

Your confidence means the world to me. If you agree, I think a turn westerly would be-- MATT: "I'll do my best. "I will say, the storm is coming rather quick. "We may have to batten down the hatches, "try and keep things nice and safe."

TRAVIS: I'll find Jester and Kingston. Kingsley! LAURA: Jesus. (laughter) MATT: There's another deep sigh from Orly.

TRAVIS: Do you want any of this rum, Orly? It's really good. Here, have a little. MATT: "No, no, thank you, Cap'n." TRAVIS: Sure. Okay. MATT: He grabs it from you.

"But I'm happy to go and put it back where it belongs." TRAVIS: Okay, I'll make sure the crew is alerted. MATT: All right, so, the crew begins to scatter about here on the deck of the ship. The sails begin to be prepared for the coming of some heavier winds. The darker storm, you can see the rain on the horizon blurring the light and space beyond it, but with that, the waning day of light brings you a very dark coming evening in the midst of this storm.

TRAVIS: With Orly leaving, any time something moves this quickly, he's been at sea enough that he tries to discern whether it's just a natural, moving storm, or if there's anything that pings a more foreboding sense for Fjord. MATT: Make a nature check. TRAVIS: Nope, I don't have advantage.

What the hell is that about? MATT: (laughs) TRAVIS: Yeah, yeah. Eight. MATT: Okay. ASHLEY: (laughs) MATT: (laughs) Is your survival any higher? (laughter) I only say because as a captain, either of those skills would be helpful in this circumstance. TRAVIS: Survival is much lower.

MATT: Okay. No, we're going to go with an eight. We're going to go with an eight. LAURA: Could I help you at all, Captain? TALIESIN: Could I help you with that rum, Captain? MATT: So now, the storm, you've seen storms move quickly, especially with some of the higher jet stream winds that push through. If certain storm fronts hit,

some of these various pathways of jet streams that run through the Menagerie Coast, they can move rapidly and this looks to be one of those. So at the very least, if it's battened down well, everyone takes care, and nothing goes too bad, at this speed, it'll blow over pretty quickly, which is the benefit of its travel. But the rest of you hear the word, begin getting things prepared for the coming darkened storm. Eventually, the rain hits the surface of your ship. It's cold. But you get a colder sensation, Fjord.

Less a new layer of chill, more like a present warm that begins to fade revealing the ice that's always been beneath. The winds grow louder as the rain begins to pick up heavier and heavier. The crew begins to panic a bit. The sails are completely bound and situated for the coming storm. Anchor is placed best it can. These are not the deepest waters, but whatever can be done to try and prevent any major storm flows from taking the ship under.

You've been through some terrible storms in your time. This doesn't look like it's any worse than some of the worst you've been through, but that sense still eats away inside. Usually in such spaces, you feel the Wildmother's eyes upon you and a sense of guidance and direction, but here it's absence. What are you two doing? TALIESIN: I've just woken up from all this.

I don't know where you were. LAURA: You're sleeping through this? TALIESIN: Well, it's just-- Well, everyone got called up. I'm on rigging right now because we've got to pull the sails down, put everything together.

LAURA: I'm standing next to the captain because I'm the first mate, in case he didn't know that and everyone else didn't know that. Kingsley, I'm the first mate. TALIESIN: I'm well aware. I'm working. LAURA: I will ask our captain: Hey, Fjord. TRAVIS: Yes, first mate. LAURA: Do you want me to try to use Control Water and try to part these waves to make it easier us for us to get through the storm? TRAVIS: We certainly could. Also--

LAURA: Or is it not a big deal? I don't know. TRAVIS: Mm, I mean, it's best just to push through unless it gets really dangerous. I mean, Control Water is excellent if we start to take on, yes. LAURA: It starts coming, okay.

TRAVIS: But also I think the morale of the men would be good so anything you can do to keep it, you know, positive, encouraging. TALIESIN: I'm going to swing over, run up the stairs. You know, you could actually just say something to the crew right now. They could use a bit of a morale boost.

Everyone is freaking out pretty hard right now. TRAVIS: That's fair. Do you want to maybe put something up while we're doing it. LAURA: Yeah, yeah. I'll use Thaumaturgy. (explosions popping) Fireworks. TRAVIS: Yep. Ah yes, rough seas.

We've seen this before. We shall see its like again. LAURA: Behind him there's a light-up neon "Applause." TRAVIS: Man your positions. You know your duties. We'll see this through.

SAM: Do you have office hours later? TRAVIS: No. (laughter) TALIESIN: All right, everybody. Get to your work. You're too pretty to die today. Go, go, go! MATT: Everyone scatters a bit as the rain comes in harder and harder in sheets. After the next 20 or so minutes, the true force of the storm really begins to batter the side of the ship like sheets of ice-cold needles smattering across your skin as everyone begins to double tie down the ropes. Briny waves begin to break and crash off the sides of the ship, running down as it begins to rock side to side.

TRAVIS: Oh boy. MATT: The chop, the surf begins to roll heavier and higher, breaking, crashing against the wood. You hear it creak and shift. An endless quaking of rolling danger underneath the flashes of jagged lightning helping to momentarily light up the void-like abyss around you. (lightning and thunder) LAURA: Should I use Control Water now? MATT: The crew is shouting over the chaos, protecting the sails to the best of their ability.

Are you using a spell at this point? What are you doing? LAURA: Is it crashing over the sides of the boat yet? The ship? MATT: I mean, it's beginning to. I mean, the waves are getting heavier and heavier, louder, and the rolling of the ship is beginning to slam down in between the valleys, and other bits of crashing surf begin to crest over and splash against the top of the deck. The crew holds on, elements of the not battened down barrels and loose crates shift off and collide and gather on the opposite side along the railing. LAURA: I'll run around and start trying to tie the barrels to the side so that they don't keep doing that. MATT: Okay. All right.

(lightning crashing) Another flash hits. At this moment, one heavy wave is now looming and swelling up. Captain. TRAVIS: I think if we see that, I would tell Jester to-- I thought I had Control Water. LAURA: Okay, I go for it. TRAVIS: Yeah. LAURA: I think you do have it, too, but-- MATT: You have it as an ability you were granted by your patron a long time ago. TRAVIS: It's not in my spell list. LAURA: I'm going to go for it.

Control Water on the giant wave as it comes towards us. I'm going to try to split it in half so that it goes around the ship. MATT: Okay. TRAVIS: I will join her in that. MATT: Okay. LAURA: If you have it. TRAVIS: I don't know why it's not showing up. MATT: So which element of the spell are you using? Part Water? LAURA: Part Water.

MATT: Okay. So between the two of you utilizing your abilities, you focus and you watch as the large, rolling heavy swell of wave water that careens toward your ship suddenly divides in half and crashes down just past the bow and the stern. (waves pounding) The ship rights itself for a second, it seems to spin of its own volition from the streaming of the intense waves around you.

(lightning crashing) Another flash of light hits. I would like those of you who are on deck to roll perception with disadvantage-- SAM: Ooh, here we go. MATT: -- based on the heavy rainfall around you. SAM: Here we go. LAURA: Oh, whoa, whoa. SAM: First Jester roll. TALIESIN: I have advantage on perception

so is it just a straight roll? MATT: Just a straight roll. LAURA: Oh, a natural 20, but it's disadvantage. SAM: Terrible. LAURA: No! LAURA: Perception? TALIESIN: (groans) That's terrible. 17. LAURA: What's five plus eight? SAM: What's five plus eight? MATT: 17's not too bad. ASHLEY: Wait, what? LAURA: 13. TRAVIS: 14.

LIAM: They all die. MATT: 14. SAM: Oh cool, there's water droplets going on. MARISHA: Spray, yeah. SAM: So cool. MATT: The two of you currently are focused on the shouts of the current crew rushing around, holding on, screaming from below deck, trying to gauge what's happening, what's coming, how best to prepare for the next dangers that erupt. Kingsley, as you glance over, another flash of light off in the distance backlit against another rising wave and you see something in the wave for a split second as it crashes over and diminishes. You see what you think looked to be shoulders and a head, but they're humanoid and far larger than a person should be before the waves swell up again and it's gone.

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