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[Music] well good morning from istanbul airport for the last time on this trip because it's time to go home let's [Music] go of course being the home of turkish airlines we are flying on the turkish airlines today and um in their business class would you just look at this the dedicated business class area for turkish airlines here at istanbul airport for checking very cool isn't it very swish let's head inside see if we can check in [Music] hello checking in for birmingham please business class yes yes all right thank you [Music] hey check in for birmingham please i don't have to go to that place first or to the security court where is your destination uh birmingham did you pass from the commit check uh no not yet firstly for the united kingdom foreign check the document check yeah okay all right thank you very much i'll go and go back around that way thank you [Music] hello good morning um i need to come here i'm going to the uk okay birmingham it is yes yeah going home yes yeah it's been a long trip oh no wait where's time for you sorry you mean home in home here in turkey yeah uh yeah it's been an early morning for you yeah what time did you start just an hour ago and i will exit at 7 00 pm a long day rather than me hope you get lots of breaks thank you very much thank you very much hope you have an easy day thank you bye-bye hello hello i guess i get to choose yeah i bet you thank you birmingham please yeah i need to take this off sorry thank you do you know a business lunch uh yes i've not been to this i've been to the iga isn't yeah just this one i'm collecting these now thank you have a great day thank you very much bye-bye all right all relatively straightforward they're all checked in ready to go back home let's go [Music] [Music] all right the turkish lounge here hey istanbul airport is the strangest lounge i've ever been to what happened to the one attitude that was amazing this one's not great and there's all these little areas it's like a little shopping mall with little cafes and things and you can sort of go around and choose your food but there's no indication of what is where and everyone's just sort of standing around and there's people just cooking food and like not serving it or anything it's it's a little bit weird a little bit strange it's just taking me like 20 minutes to go and get some a few bits of meat and some rice but never mind i'll be cooking nicking next door to um carl juniors or something so but never mind lesson left for next time but yeah it's an interesting lounge they've got so many little areas and they've tried to make it look like there's a fantasy but then equally there's like nowhere to sit and no idea where you go for your food so it's just a bit confusing really um well i don't know what was wrong with the old layout of the lounge they had over at um before they moved it over it was all sort of very easy to sort of work your way around this one's just just crazy by comparison but never mind let's stop moaning so i'm gonna have some food nice and bitter meat and rice for me for breakfast [Music] i finally found somewhere to sit there's not actually in the little canteen area down there um yeah it's not the greatest lounge i have to say um it's taking me easy to find somewhere and even then i've had to clear all my pots up before i come and sat down so um not brilliant i'm not brilliant because i'm actually it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't halfway down the terminal i'd actually be tempted to not sit in the iga lounge because it's a lovely lounge that is um i'm just getting the priority pass um if it weren't for the fact that that's like the other end of the terminal and the gate's just here in a bit then i might actually be tempted to head over there because it it's definitely the better of the two lounges here at um istanbul i have to say so sorry turkish you're supposed to have your flagship lounger and it's a bit crap really never mind um yeah i've got a couple of hours till we fly anyway so i'm just trying to sit and chill get stuff charged up a little bit on the batteries and stuff before we get on the plane and head over to birmingham as i finally managed to find myself a little coffee chair albeit tucked away right around the back there was a sword chair going but look at the view literally a great view out over the airport here is someone it's just shocking really they've spent obviously spent a lot of money on this lounge on getting it to look fancy and it's just totally impractical and you can see how cramped it is down here shoved away in a corridor at the back of the lounge but hey one thing i do really love about istanbul airport is the variety of airlines you get here for the aviation geek it's an amazing place only match i think by dubai terminal one perhaps um so many exotic airlines i mean we've got mirage airlines just pulled up out there airbus a310 from iran very cool um bada airlines from sudan they come in here as well i saw them last time i was here just like so many random rare airlines that you want to see anywhere else in the world here at istanbul all together in one place it's really cool and if you get a nice view like this it's um not too shabby really [Music] all right then time to head to the gate oh let's get out of here let's go home you certainly got a good workout walking to get it yeah i'll just stick with daily step downs as well walking down there literally right at the end of one of the piers but that there is the turkish airlines plane 8321 in the air is going to take you back home back to lost birmingham at least and then like a bit of a ride from there but um yeah nearly there now last plane of the trip please show your only boarding card welcome nice light lady welcome sir nice after a couple of weeks traveling around africa and the cis it was now time to get on board the turkish airlines airbus a321 neo that would take me home to birmingham [Music] all right then welcome on board the turkish airlines a321 neo in business class look at this isn't this cool so much space massive tv and everything can't wait to go through the seat later very modern race swish um first time on a new year with turkish actually so this is going to be fun i'm looking forward to it a lot next stop [Music] after a short round delay due to airspace congestion it was time to push back and get on our way [Music] so [Music] so [Music] our route today then took us west out of istanbul to cross europe flying over bulgaria serbia croatia slovenia switzerland and france before making our approach into birmingham in the uk flight time today 3 hours and 49 minutes cruising at 34 36 000 feet all right then so airborne from istanbul finally after about a 25 minute hold on the ground there because there's too many airplanes over europe at the moment so obviously some sort of spot restrictions there going on but we're airborne now and um hopefully we'll be on time still the record it's only gonna be about three hours ten minute flight over to brum so not too bad at all climbing out over the black sea at the moment chilling out in a nice comfy seat on the turkish a321 neo [Music] all right then it's time to have a look around in flight entertainment system in the segment that i like to call what's on tv let's have a look all right so straight away here there's loads of stuff here let's just set the brightness a little bit so we can see that there we go all right so we've got movies good selection of movies let's take a look 568 movies good lord quite a few modern ones there as well what we got and canto the king's man oh i wanted to watch that i want to watch that it's a new kingsman movie in it um yeah load 568 movies you're not going to run out there aren't you believe me tv program is what we got on here 1297 and of course we've got big bang theory and young sheldon so brilliant we've got two foot there both of the usual in flight entertainment that's simon wilson no it's not looks a bit like him they don't anyway um what else do we got i see music kids audio books games more what's on more fly good feel good podcast and listen to the quran we can do a survey and some feedback oh i can tell them how crap their lounge is um and what else we got here my flight so look at the flight map there we go we're not on a nearby apparently we're on an a321 200 but never mind um view the map well it is a 200 isn't it just 200 n i think but anyway oh wow look oh is this view i like this view let's have a look wow all sorts of different angles here that we can look through and there's always scooting across europe very very impressed actually very nice in flight entertainment system on um turkish airlines i have to say this is an a321 neo and there's like nearly 2 000 things to watch on there that's fantastic we're not going to run out of stuff to watch on this flight are we very good turkish very impressed all right then time to start on meet dinner and um starters turned up we've got like fishy stuff let's give it a go i mean it's prawns garbage all right it's quite nice actually i wonder how fresh it is just imagine i'm out on a boat this morning catching it bringing it straight to the airport to get on a plane most well-traveled fish in the history of that all right main course is here and i've gone for the chicken satay with rice other options were lamb and ravioli circle the chicken that's quite nice and juicy actually very good see what they're doing all right on the old food side turkish are very good [Music] charles to another trip completed and safely finished [Music] so i do have to say as much as the a321 neo is absolutely wonderful playing to fly on in business class i did kind of pay well over the odds i think for this flight um the fact is i had to book it like two three days out because air albania was my original airline and they cancelled my flight with just a few days remaining so i was left with no choice but to find a direct flight home from istanbul and um yeah three days out 900 and something quid it cost me for this flight in business class so um yeah it was a lot of money and i know i could have phone economy but that even economy was like 800 so for an extra 100 quid i actually get to sit up here in a really nice spacious seat so um yeah it's um quite pricey for the flight it is for a three and a half hour flight 900 or something quite up i kind of resented paying that much i hate paying that much money for flight knowing i'm getting ripped off but um it was the only option i had really um even waiting a few days the price is all the same at the minute we're in that peak of summer here in europe so prices on these flights are just absolutely insane but that said yeah the a321 neo it's not a bad aircraft to ride on um i maybe would have preferred it if i could have got a ride on like the a350 or something which is operating the heathrow route at the minute um or even an a330 might have been quite nice that does those routes as well but um those flights are all really full as well so really struggle to get a seat on any of them and this flight gets me into birmingham which is like an hour from home so um here we are on the a321 near when i'll be honest not a bad ride for a three-hour flight pretty decent indeed i'm not sure if i'd want to do like an overnight stretch on it or anything like that um we're just a reclining seat but i thought i was paying for business class i probably want to pay for a business class that had like a flatbed or something instead but for a few hours flight like this perfectly acceptable for me and certainly beats the euro business that you get on airlines like bae as well anyway wherever friends now about to cross the english channel and almost back in england thank you to this week's video sponsor surf shark who always comes to the rescue whenever i want to watch some british tv when i'm traveling surf shark is a vpn provider and what that means quite simply is that you can use their software to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world and make it look like you're just at home which has some really good benefits for instance i could be sitting here by a sunny pool in vietnam and watching some top gear on my phone it lets me watch eastenders here in the middle of the australian outback oh yeah i'll have a castle main forex please mate cheers surf shark even lets me catch up with only falls and horses while i'm here in new york now surf shark offering you a massive 83 discount plus three months free when you use my promo code noel philips at the link on the screen now what are you waiting for even baby shark approves [Music] so here we are then black and blighty just over kent at the minute a great view of the thames estuary down there that's pretty cool isn't it and then like the um dockyards and everything there running up the thames up towards london kent on the right suffolk on the left and essex beautiful we're nearly home [Music] and soon after that it was time to start our descent across the midlands into birmingham we got some stunning views across the midlands as we made our approach before a landing into birmingham that was anything but a smooth end to the trip [Music] [Music] jesus my flight today cost me a whopping 903 pounds working out it's a crazy 56 pence per mile the usual rate on a quiet day to fly from istanbul to the uk and business class is around 400 quid so this really shows how expensive flights can be last minute and that's before you include the cost of a chiropractor after you've landed i'm not going to lie in over 800 flights that is probably one of the hairiest landings i've ever had and then we were coming in incredibly fast and we then we bounced really high um not surprising if you look at the fact that we had a massive tailwind on the final approach they're not quite sure when we're coming on runway um one five very interesting tail wind all the way down and the obvious effects of that meaning that we got two landings for the price of one but hey breathe breathe normally breathe we're home almost birmingham not long now [Music] it's so busy it's working out it's doing good and we're enjoying it while it lasts yes i think it's messy [Music] as always a massive thank you to my patrons for helping to make these videos possible you can join them at the link on the screen now for access to my whatsapp group and much much more alright and welcome back to birmingham home at last yay after a really cool flight with turkish on the a321 neo really nice little plane they enjoyed that ride a lot very nice indeed the landing was a bit hairy don't hope to do that again anytime soon but never mind um i hope you've enjoyed this video let me know what time you thought to turkish down in the comments below but in the meantime as always thanks so much for watching take care and offer me chippy tea see you on the next one bye for now

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