Dark Truth of MLM | MLM ek Dhoka ? | Business Case Study

Dark Truth of MLM | MLM ek Dhoka ? | Business Case Study

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25 April 2015, An employee named Mr. P Ramanjan Yelu of a company named Agrigold Company try to hang themselves in the presence of their friends and relatives! Because they invested money in that company on his saying! And now they want their money back! July 2019, a 32 years old software professional hangs himself in PG. Investigation takes place and it is known that in the greed of earning more money in less time, he had invested 20 lakh rupees by taking a loan in QNet company! And earning nothing, he gave his life! And my friend Aman wasted his 1.5 years in MLM. I am telling, I wasted my time in network marketing.

Got motivation for a few days! But my mind fu*ked up! That I've wasted my 1.5 year! That was in network marketing! According to a report of Federal Trade Commission, 99% people of the people who invest money in network marketing, they lose their money! Which means hardly 1% people earn anything! But on the other hand, if you go to casinos, you have winning chances between 2%-10%. And once you invested the money, then a process begins! Life changes forever because the money has already been spent! Maybe you had lied at home for that money! The money you probably used to pay for your college fees, the money you borrowed from friends! Perhaps whatever you had saved so far, you invested it all out of greed at the behest of someone. Remember that day, when you got a message from your friend! Someone who has not talked to you for so many years, suddenly remembers you! Asks what are you doing in life? What are your goals? What do you want to become? You think he is asking for my good! He wants me to be successful! How caring he is! How good he is! You tell! You tell everything! He listens carefully and after which they tell you something very amazing! If you have a dream, then I have a team! [Join us] [Will run Mirzapur together] He is angel! I wanted such person in life! And you start to listen to them! And in most of the cases, you start to trust them! First, I used to take pocket money from father! Now, I am giving pocket money to them! I am financially independent! You can also become! How long will you keep taking money from home? How long will you live such a middle class life? Think big! Have to do big in life! Didn't you read rich dad poor dad? Didn't you read ESBI cash-flow quadrant? Eliminate I from 'NAUKARI'. What remains? 'NAUKAR' Want to be servant in life? Don't you have big goals? Don't you want to drive BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar? Ishan! Your friend Pappu who used to fix punctures... -Yes sir! Let's go to show him the plan! Ran out of oil again! Won't become a millionaire like this? I want to retire by 22.

Sir, you are already 24. Shut up! I am your boss! Push! Let's brainwash him! On April 2022, ED attaches assets worth 757 crore rs. of world's biggest MLM company Amway. According to news agency PTI, ED told that Amway was running a pyramid scheme on the name of direct selling.

In Dec 2021, central government has banned all the companies which promote pyramid and money circulation schemes. I know what you are thinking! Pyramid schemes are scams! But there are products involved in MLM. So that's not money circulation! And the people who are victims are the people who are stuck in pyramid schemes! People get success in MLM.

Many people have got! It's not your fault! Because you must have heard form MLM leaders, that 'this is not a get rich scheme'. Here, if you work hard for 3-5 years, then you can also earn a lot of money! So, hearing this, you also think that he is different. He has something new! This company is different! This is not like those pyramid schemes, where I'll become successful, and you join the company! In today's date there is hardly anyone who doesn't know about MLM. You, I and everyone knows! But the question is, despite having all the knowledge, why do a lot of people get stuck in it? From a college going student to a housewife, MLM has reached everywhere and this is very very dangerous! What does these MLM people do with you, you get into their talk even when you don't want to! Why do you get trapped in a world, where your life can be ruined forever? All friends leave, and family members start taunting! Social and financial life gets ruined badly! Despite all this, why do so many people stick with the company for so many years? [...students in our police station about the QNet, MLM company]

[Depend upon the investigation, we've arrested about 58 persons and some more arrest will be done] [Also freezed 2.7 crores] [Also we have got some people from Yeluru, Delhi and other places also] [So we are investing in detail in this case] As I said, they told the process and started doing business like that! So, we started approaching people that we're doing business, like they did! That we are doing business, you also join, it has good returns! Whereas we didn't know anything about returns! So we've to earn profit to get the money back we've invested! So for that, we also started introducing people! I am fu*ked up! Caught in this trap! Have caught in this trap! And also the team managers! They are not saying anything! We all have big dreams! Some want to buy a big car, some want to buy a big house. Some want to go on a vacation! Not sure about MLM, but if you are good at managing money, then this is definitely possible! And for this, you need a smart investment plan! And there is a plan similar like this through which, you can regularly invest in your desired mutual funds, through small and regular investments! And there is an amazing platform to invest in SIPs. There are variety of mutual funds available on Groww. From high risk high return funds to low risk funds! The Sign up process is very easy on Groww and it is paperless! And it takes hardly 5 minutes to do it! After signing up and going in explore mutual funds section, you can select your favorite mutual funds where, you'll get all the details about that mutual funds, like its past records, return history, and especially, who's the manager of that fund? After knowing details and going to monthly SIP option, while selecting your monthly installment date, click on 'invest now'. After which it is very simple! You can select any available payment option, like UPI, bank transfer, NEFT! And you are good to go! And not just that, by using step up feature in Groww, you can change your installment amount, depending upon time of high returns! Select the amount you want to top up and the time period you want to do it, and your top up is done! So what are you waiting for? So, if you want to invest your money at good place, then you can definitely try out Groww! I've put the link of Groww in description and comment box! [Investment and securities are subject to market risk] [Read all the documents carefully before investing] Gone are the days when you would get a call from your friend, that I've joined a company and things are going wonderful! Inviting to seminars in the name of business opportunity, and sometimes taking 50 or ₹100 in the name of pass! Refusing to tell you about business over the phone, and inviting you to a coffee shop to show your senior's through plan! It's all so old! In-fact network marketing, MLM marketing, business opportunity all these words have become so infamous that people have stopped using their names.

Now, things have changed! Everything has changed! You open the Instagram, you scroll and see one of your old friend, maybe sitting with a laptop and working, or holding a glass of wine in a decent hotel, or in front of an expensive car! Hello everyone, in last 5 years I've made more than 3 crore rupees! I've made more than 3 crore rupees online just by using social media! And have taught many people in my team! If you are 18+ and want to work online, and earn money while sitting at home. In whose account you are watching this reel go quickly, link is in bio, fill the form! We'll teach you, how you can earn money online! Can't believe! He used to sit with us, used to eat with us! Suddenly, so much money so much success! How? What is he doing for this massive success? And then you see the profile! Cars, money, lifestyle, you see everything! Feeling bad! Feeling very bad for yourself! Our age is same but we both are at different status! He has achieved a lot! I also want to do this! I also want to be independent! I don't want to take pocket money! I want live at my own terms! I can do anything whenever I want! I can buy clothes with my own money! I can travel with my own money! Phone, Macbook, cars... I want everything! And that too, very quickly! You talk to him! He doesn't tell you, what he does! He asks you to fill the Google form! You fill the form and get a link of webinar! If you want to attend, then book seats now! Because seats are very limited! And the game begins! From here begins a journey that is very dangerous. Because now on the path you are going to walk, something is going to happen to you, which you will not be able to forget in your whole life. Which will take your relationships, hard earned money and people's trust from you! So, are you ready? Hold your hearts because your journey is about to begin! One of your friend who used to study with you, used to play with you, now he doesn't talk to you anymore! You say anything, he doesn't pay attention! Whenever you talk, you talk different positive and motivational things. Read books... self development... positive thinking... stay away from negativity!

School system sucks! It never teach us how to make money! Become a job provider, not a job seeker! I am making a stream of passive income? What will happen with the job of 50k-60k? Think big! Think of crores! You have a poor mindset! It's all about mindset! How long will you take money from parents? Look at me! I'm doing everything on my own! Remember something? Have heard from a friend who has recently joined an MLM company! It's not his fault! Because he is brain washed! You see, when you consume self help content, it gives you a sense of accomplishment! A feeling of achievement without even achieving anything! Self-help culture inside MLM companies is not for your development, it is prevalent because they know a fact that it is very addictive! It's more dangerous than drugs! Have read Rich Dad Poor Dad! Now I want assets not liabilities! Have to work on passive income not active income. After consuming self help content, you start feeling uplifted! You think that you know it all! And all people around you are behind you! Your thinking is way ahead of your group! But the reality is, self help content in designed in such a way, that the more you consume it, the more it'll keep isolating you! And this is what MLM leaders need! The more you stay isolated, the more you'll stay away from reality! And the more you stay away from reality, the more you will keep doing MLM. So ultimately all of this is done to keep you hooked in the system! That's the reason, no matter how much you explain to an MLM guy, he won't understand! In this process you'll loose a lot of people! You'll lose friends, parents, and relatives will start running away from you! No one will like you! The only people you are left with are MLM people. Those, who are doing MLM with you! Listen carefully to any MLM leader, if you've read books, you'll realize their talkings are stolen from those self help books! These things are not told to take you forward in life but because you can become ignorant towards the reality! And you don't accept the truth despite knowing truth! The intoxication of self help and motivation is such that without doing anything you get the feeling of Ambani. And once you get this feeling, you consider everyone dumb except you! But wait a minute, We've been told that money circulates in ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes, because they don't involve any sale or purchase of goods! But all these companies have products! Then it is legal! So, what's wrong in it? Now look at this very very carefully! Wrong math! If you look very closely, this is how pyramid schemes structure looks like! There is a person on the top, and he recruits some people in company! And asks them to recruit more people! They recruit more people and it goes on! So ultimately it forms like a pyramid! On the other hand, if you look at MLM companies, the same thing happens there also! There is a person on the top and then he recruits more people, and those distributors recruit more distributors! So if you see, both structure form like a pyramid! But the catch is, there is no product involved in pyramid schemes! So basically, those who get recruited, give money to company! On the other hand, in MLM companies the person who get recruited and enters the system, he has a compulsion to buy a product or service from the company! But the most interesting part of this model is poor maths, which is told to those people, who are recruited and brought into the system! Because if you see technically, in this model, after 15th layer, if a person is recruiting just two people, after 15th layer, you'll exceed world's population! So, it is super simple! Even if a product is involved, still this model is a scam! You'll find MLM guys saying this, 'MLM companies are not fraud, but the fraud companies that run pyramid schemes, they use MLM model and that is the reason, people hate network marketing! But in reality, it is just the opposite! MLM companies use the model of pyramid schemes! Pyramid schemes don't use model of MLM! And there are two reasons for it! No. 1 - Profitability! To use this model, you don't need to hire employees! You don't need to hire employees! No need to pay salary unnecessarily! Just say motivational things, and the company gets the money! So comparatively, it takes huge money to get product ready and advertise it! Neither have a good product, nor money to advertise! But it is necessary to do business! So in this case, there is only option left which is network marketing! Second reason, zero responsibility! See, when you hire people, it is a full fledged responsibility! You have to pay those people! You have to take care of those people! Moreover, if something messes up, it ruins the value of company! MLM companies know a fact that no one will use their product, and those who are involved in company, they won't be able to sell the product by saying truth! So, they will have to lie and in this case, if they hire those people, it becomes a huge liability on company, if they lie! See, it is super simple! If an employee of a company sell the product by lying, in that case both parties, employee and the company both are liable if the customer faces any kind of problem, or if he face any loss! On the other hand, when an MLM company doesn't hire anyone, so in that case, when a distributor who isn't the employee, sells the product that distributor is liable to compensate that customer, if the customer faces any kind of problem! There is no role of company in it! So, it is super simple! MLM companies know this fact, one can't sell our products by telling truth! And if he sells by telling the truth, so in that case we have employed that person, then we will also be liable if the customer has a problem.

Which these companies don't want! Why? Because product is useless! I know what you are thinking! Not all people are like this! Some of the MLM companies are genuinely good! Their products are genuinely good! And MLM leaders also say the same, join those companies which have good products! Right point! BUt at what cost? At what cost? People show their income in MLM marketing! Millions of rupees! This is mine! And can be yours too! BUt to do this, what you'll have to do? You see, unlike other careers, the cost you'll have to pay to earn a little in MLM, that would be very high! And the biggest question, is it all worth it? Business owner, Business consultant, Digital Network Marketer, Passive income, Financial freedom, you will get to hear many such things from MLM guys! Why? Why these people keep repeating same things? Why you are shown expensive gadgets, designer watches, cars and parties filled with girls? Why? I'm sure, parents of many of you would be making a lot of money from MLM. But they don't do these things! Why do these people feel the need to pretend? Raising Insecurities! Cars, iPhone, laptop, exotic vacations, all these things attract poor or middle class person because, maybe he has a dream to afford all these things! The more they see glamor, the more they'll feel insecure! Will feel bad about themselves! You'll find fault with your home, car, clothes, financial position! Don't want to live in this small house! Don't want to ride this old car! Don't want to wear these old clothes! What dad, you don't know how to be rich! Passive income, Online earning, Business from social media, Rich mindset, Financial freedom, you don't know about all these things! I also want big home, big car, expensive clothes and exotic vacation! Now it's time to do things on my own! Will earn passive income, this is the time to achieve the dreams. And you are hooked! Now, I've to join the company! But wait a minute! Joining fee is 30k! Where will the money come from? Chill, don't worry! You'll be told that this is a zero investment business! The money you are investing, you'll get the products for the same! The products which you can use or in fact, you can sell easily to anyone! So technically you don't need any money! Okay! But from where can I get this ₹30000? I'm just 18! Where there is a will, there is a way! And if you can't manage 30k rs. how would you earn millions? Figure out a way! Right! Gotta figure out a way! Have sold old play station, phone, and borrowed money from all your friends! Now my journey of millions will start! I'll earn so much that you won't be able to stop! Not much, only a few days away, that car, that much money, because I have taken the starter kit, and your brother's business has started! You join and start attending webinars, and stay motivated all the time. You are asked to post on social media. But don't post about product or company, rather, show them your life style! Show pictures with cars, Show pictures while working on laptop, Show pictures while chilling in hotel.

Do everything to make people feel that you are living the life which they used to dream! Doesn't matter, you have money or not! Doesn't matter, you get income or not! Just fake it out! If the car is yours then it is good, otherwise take it for a leader! And if that too is not possible, then take a neighbor's car! You just have to take a pic! Can't afford to pay college canteen but want to show rich lifestyle! Have to post motivational quotes, success quotes, otherwise how would a person get trapped? It is super simple, fake it till you make it. But you know what there is one more thing that MLM people do! In most of the cases, those who do MLM, will show you their cheques! That I earn this amount every month! And because they get those cheques and bank transfers from company, you tend to believe them! [Hello everyone, Krishna Arora this side] [Today is 24 April, when I am making this video] [It's 9:15 o'clock] [This is my phone] [Let me open the Axis bank mobile app in front of you] [You can see...] [Umm...]

[Let me show you all the transactions] [If I talk about first transaction] [You can see the transaction of 4.16 lakhs rupees on 3 April] [Forever living products] [It was a compensatory amount which we got for tour cancellation] [On 12th April, I got 60.3 lakhs rupees after TDS, forever living products] [You can see, NEFT] [And last one, on 15th April, I got 9.4 lakhs rupees after TDS[ [which was my monthly income] [So this is proof] [Have trust and start quickly] [Thank you very much, all the best] I know what you are thinking! That they earn a lot! What a good lifestyle they have! Why would we not do MLM? What specialty do they have? If they can make a lot of money, then why not us? If these people can buy a car at a young age then why can't we? But what if I tell you that this is not their real income! They are showing you what all these people want to show! Because what is true is very terrible! SO to understand this thing, first you have to understand how these MLM companies give money? Every company has a different payout plan! So, to give you an overview MLM companies make people their distributor, and their job is to sell their products! When these distributors make more people distributors, company's products get sold and when it happens, MLM companies pay some commission to these distributors.

Now the catch over here is, these distributors will have to make a minimum purchase, if they wan their commission cheque! Moreover, these distributors get the products are discounted price when someone becomes distributors! As that person achieves level, this discount goes on increasing! Now as you can see on the screen, FLP, Forever Living Product which is an MLM company, this is its marketing plan! In which it is clearly written that, as you achieve the levels, the product discount will increase! Now see, how this system of fake income works! Now see how this works! You see someone online who has a good lifestyle, eating well, have iPhone, Macbook, Cars, and showing big cheques. Seeing this you also say, I'll also join this person! You decided to join with that person! Let's name this person, K! You join with K, so K has become your upline! And you've become a new joiner! You are not getting money! You ask K that you are you making so much money? K says, 'Don't worry, I'll make you manager'. What will have to do then? They will ask you to arrange some money! You will need 5-10 lakh rupees, take a loan or ask from someone! Arrange this money anyhow! Then what will happen? Nothing, I'll make you manager direct! It need 16-17 lakh rupees, we'll split this money! After that one volume will be completed! After completing that volume, you'll become manager! After completing that, the amount of goods bought will be sent at 50% discount through your upline i.e. K.

Now what does K does? K goes to under-cutter and says, There are so many products, buy from me at 50% discount, I got these products cheap because, K is already your upline, and he has got these products at discounted rate! Now nothing would happen! Under cutter will take these products from you, and will list these products at very low price. There is a reason, a bottle worth 1600 rupees is listed for 600 rupees. So, it is super simple! Under-cutter will take products at 50% discount, after which, you've got 50% money back. That means you invested 16 lakh rupees and got 8 lakh rupees back! Now you and K will split these 8 lakh rupees! So technically, if you had invested 8 lakh rupees at starting, you got 4 lakh rupees back through under cutting. After which, your achievement and your small cheque, by using the both, your social media game will start! Now see, it is very simple! As you became manager, your upline i.e. K's level up!

Now, it'll go on social media, your upline i.e. K will make 8-10 people manger, after which it will be his big achievement and will get a cheque. The cheque that will come to him, he has put half of that in undercutting! Probably more than half his money went to undercutting! But due to this achievement, new victims keep coming to him. Moreover, he will ask you to do the same thing! Because now you've become the manager! You've got achievement, and seeing your achievement and cheque, new people will be attracted into this system, who have no idea how you achieved that cheque! After which, your uplines will get you cars on EMI, will get you iPhones, Macbooks, expensive clothes and hotel stays. They'll put all these liabilities on you! Now the catch over here is, Because so many liabilities will be put on you, then after reaching the manager level, when you have understood that this system is completely corrupt, you will not be able to leave it. Did you see? Nothing happened! Both of them show you the achievement which they didn't earn, and got after investing some money and doing undercutting, and by generating small cheques, they show you that how much they are earning! The reality is, if someone has 15 lakh rupees cheque then his real income is not more than 1-1.5 lakhs.

And that is the fact! The hardcore reality is, the income shown by the people doing MLM, this is not their real income at all! And if you still have a doubt, the person who is showing cheques to you, ask his Income statement i.e. ITR! If you just ask them that how much tax did you pay this year, he won't be able to tell the right tax amount in respect to his income. Because it is not his real income! See, bank statement is like a cash flow statement of a company. It just shows, how much money came and how much money went out! But ITR shows you the real picture! Because income tax applies on the real income! I know what you are thinking! Famous people have cars worth 1 crore, have decent house and everything perfect! They pay a lot of tax! True! But do you know, they earn more than 80% of the money from training seminars! Most of the trainers have built a decent following by saying motivational things! As a result of which, they are now called so called motivational speakers, or corporate trainers. Giant companies like Maruti, HDFC bank, Mahindra, ICICI bank, all of them have an yearly training budget, in which they get their employees motivated by inviting motivational speaker! And to invite them to these events, there is no one better than MLM guys! Because, their whole business runs on motivation! A leader who has a big following, and have corporate training experience, they easily charge 5-7 lakh rupees for one training.

And collectively, when there are many trainings in a month, a handsome amount gets generated! And this is where the actual money comes from! Moreover there are many events like residential training programs, leadership training programs in every MLM company! And who organizes these events? MLM leaders! And all of these are paid! So, let's take a simple scenario! Suppose, every person is charged 3k rupees for every training program! And 200 people attend that training! So, this amount total to 6 lakh rupees! In which if you deduct total expenses like hotel and all, still these leaders take minimum 4-4.5 lakh rupees to their home! They hardly get a good income from their actual network! And there are barely 4-5 people out of lakhs, who are earning a good income from MLM. And rest of the people are in the hope, Every day they leave the house wearing a coat thinking that maybe one day they too will get money. But the truth is 99% of the people who do MLM, lose their money! And the interesting part is, by the time most people realize this, it is too late. But why? And if this is happening, then why is our government not doing anything for this! The answer to this question is loopholes. See, as per law, pyramid and money circulation schemes are illegal! But Ministry of Consumer Affairs have issued some guidelines for direct selling industry! And all MLM people tell everyone using these guidelines, that as per guidelines, 'if there is no product involved then it is pyramid scheme or money circulation scheme'.

'But, we have an amazing product'. So, we are legit! Yes! Those quality products which don't have quality registration license. See, first of all, it is written nowhere that, if there is a product, then it is a pyramid scheme.

Moreover, let me tell you what is the difference between law and guidelines? Guideline means a basic suggestion made by experts for body of experts! Whereas, law is a rule that governs human behaviour, enforceable through legal system! So just because of guidelines, MLM doesn't become legal! Because, guidelines aren't a law! But for a moment, let's suppose for a moment that all MLM leaders are legit. According to guidelines, those companies are following guidelines! But what if I tell you that this is also a lie. Can't believe? Look at this! Clause 1(11A) of direct selling says this.

Direct seller shouldn't get commission for salary for recruiting any person. So, MLM companies don't give money on recruiting people. Commission will be given only after purchase of a product! So, it is very simple! Just by adding an over priced product in between, loopholes of guidelines are being taken advantage of! Clause 1(11C) of guidelines, when someone will join MLM company, he will not be charged any kind of registration fee or money! There is no fee to join the company! But your ID will be activated only when you purchase a fixed amount of products.

But for once, let's ignore all this! Because, technically these companies are following the guidelines! AAH! No! Absolutely not! Clause 5(6A) of direct selling guidelines say that. a direct seller shouldn't use misleading or trade unfair practice. Clause 5(6B) says Shouldn't use misleading or unfair recruiting practices! Clause 5(6C) says Shouldn't give unverified facts! Clause 5(6D) says MLM benefits shouldn't be portrayed in false manner! And clause 5(6F) says shouldn't force or encourage down-line to purchase products! But the things which are forbidden in the guidelines an MLM leader does all those things! Off course! Or else how would business run? This is India and unfortunately, there would hardly be anyone who has read these government guidelines carefully! And all MLM leaders takes advantage of it! That say anything in the name of guidelines! Public is fool! No one is going to read guidelines! Right? I know what you are thinking! That there is nothing like this! Who said that MLM is a get rich quick scheme! Big leaders say that that this isn't a get rich quick scheme! You need to invest three to five years! [I have a simple philosophy, you have to give 3-5 years in this business, and if you can't pay this price, it's better to not enter this industry] But, have you ever wondered why these people say this? So that this is not a fraud? No! The reality is that MLM is a dead body business! 95% of the people who join MLM, they leave it. And what's the reason behind it? Simple, money doesn't come! Because the system is designed in such a way, that unless or until you make fool thousands of people, you won't make money! And not everyone can do it! So, people leave! Now see the game! As the people start leaving MLM, the person who is sitting on the top, his cheque starts to drop! And moreover, before this, those who are sitting in the middle, their cheque starts to go downwards! After it, the one who is sitting at the top, he asks down liners to stop the people who are leaving! Do something to keep them in the system! So that your cheques keep coming! Unless your cheques will keep coming, then his cheque will generated automatically! As people start leaving network, so do the cheques for middle and top level leaders, which demotivates the middle level leaders! The more people leave the network, the more the cheques of middle level leaders decline! So, to keep them in the system, it is very important to keep bottom level people in the network! And this is the reason, you are given this statement of 3-5 years so that you keep on working and the top leaders keep making money! But you get nothing! That they give examples of Sandeep Maheswari and Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Saying that what these great people say about MLM. Both both of them don't make money from MLM. So, have you ever wondered, why these people support MLM? I'll tell you! Sandeep Maheswari started his career with Singapore based MLM company, Japan Life. But mind you, the good life he is living today is not because of MLM, but because of his business ImageBazaar.

On the other hand, Dr. Vivek Bindra is a motivational speaker, and he knows for a fact, that MLM people are hungry for motivation! And by supporting this industry, I'll get the audience which is doing MLM. See, just because someone has more followers, that doesn't mean he is always right! Second thing, you have to visit Instagram account of Tarang Arora. And see how many global trips does Forever gives! There is a lot of difference in between looking rich and being rich! And in today's life, it is very easy to faken a life on Instagram! Simon Leviv, real name Simon Hayut, an Israeli guy who scammed girls for millions of dollars by showing privet jets, exotic vacations and cars on Instagram. It is very important for us to understand that Instagram isn't real! iPone, Macbook, Watches, Cars all these things come on EMI also. You will see MLM leaders abusing education system! That our schools don't teach how to earn money, don't give us financial educations, we don't know the difference between assets and liabilities.

No problem! If so then ask those so called MLM leaders, that you have the financial education! If so then why are you spending on liabilities like iPhones, Macbooks or cars! And when you'll ask this, this is what they will answer. 90% leaders will tell you, 'I have so much money that I am fulfilling my dreams. I've purchased everything! Now I am fulfilling my wants. And rest 10% honest leaders will tell you, for me, all these things are assets because, seeing all these expensive things, more people will fall in trap! I've to show people that I am rich! Because unfortunately, people have the perception people who keep iPhones and cars are rich! And this is what MLM people take advantage of! MLM people differentiate MLM from ponzi schemes, that this is a product based system! But if you observe things very very carefully, then it is actually is a ponzi scheme.

By putting the product in it, it has been saved from being banned by the governor! So, what is the solution? What can we all do? Now listen to this very very carefully! No. 1 - Develop a habit of staying away from the glamor, no matter how sexy it looks! Seeing someone's car, iPhone, clothes and lifestyle, don't think that he is rich! We live in a society, where people care more about people's view for them than their money in pocket! Because the hardcore reality is, whatever MLM guy is showing you just because you feel inferior, you can feel bad about you, and you join with him! They say, we will make you successful! We'll get you top income, we'll make you rich! But just ask yourself, that why is someone so good, that leaving all things, he wants me to make rich! I guarantee you! The more you keep yourself detached from these materialistic things, the less people will be able to fool you! Secondly, understand the time value equation! Time is such a thing which you can't get back even if you want to. You do MLM, invest a lot of time. But nothing happens! Money doesn't come! Because it won't come! System is designed like this! It may happen that the money you've wasted in doing MLM, they may not matter that much for you! But the time you've invested, you can't get it back even if you want to. There are many people who have spoiled their whole college life by joining MLM. No friend circle! No focus on studies! No social life! And after all, what did you get? Nothing! And believe me, the college kids you join after seeing on Instagram you'll know when you'll join and work with them! MLM is a show business! And I am speaking this from personal experience! The more beautiful this industry looks from outside, the more terrible it is from inside! I know many of you people will write this in comment section! 'You must have failed yourself in MLM, that's why you are abusing this industry'.

'People make a lot of money in MLM'. So let me tell you an interesting thing to them. I have so much shyness! I feel shy when I lie to people on face! And selling them such a thing, that, I know, will ruin their life! I'm not that brazen! Despite knowing that a person lose time, money and respect after joining MLM. By telling him unnecessarily motivational things, and by showing him fake lifestyle, and bring inside forcefully! The college dropout kids you join MLM after seeing their Range Rover, try to understand their life deeply! They have dropped off the college, have shown fake income to their family, and have told so many lies! Never went to college, don't have any skill! Leave business, if they do any job, no one will pay even 30k rupees! When their situation is like this, they have no other option left then to fool you! By making you fool, and by making money through some kids, they don't have any other option except paying for EMIs. And I guarantee you, after 2-3 years you won't see these so called youngest millionaires in MLM. And last and most importantly, it's my request to all those people, who are currently doing MLM, or maybe stuck in MLM, who are not getting any money! Please, if you are not getting money, you've come to know that it is very bad, it is ruining your life, then the money you have invested, don't ruin other's life to get your money back! If you have known the reality, leave it! Leave the system and don't let more people fall prey to this! Because maybe you've lost the money, you can only do so much that you do not let someone else's money go! Maybe you've lost time and money, but don't waste someone else's time and money by being greedy! Because you the reality very well! And yes, if you're searching a smart investment plan to manage money, then you can go with SIP.

And to do SIP, Groww is very amazing platform! I've put the link of Groww in description and comment box! Don't forget to check out! [Investment and securities are subject to market risk] [Read all the documents carefully before investing] If you've learnt anything valuable from this video, then don't forget to like and subscribe this channel! So that you don't miss such powerful videos! And please it's my request to all of you, share this video as much as possible. So that their time and money can be saved from being wasted!

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