Best Intraday Strategy रोज़ 5000rs कमाओ इस Strategy से | Best Intraday Trading Indicator

Best Intraday Strategy रोज़ 5000rs कमाओ इस Strategy से | Best Intraday Trading Indicator

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Hello everyone how are you all and your news? First of all, thank you from my heart we have started the new fundamentals series, and you are liking it very much. So I will also have a request if you like it so much, then definitely share the video. Now there is an addon plan in the same, we will try to come up with a technical analysis video in the week. So in the same series, today we are bringing you the Super Trend Indicator, how did you like the effort? You people must be knowing a lot about this super trend, those who are beginners do not have to take tension, we will tell from the very beginning.

But there can be many experts who will say that we know, so there is no need to worry, if you know then we will give some extra effort, some extra power, some extra secret. Which we will show here on the live chat as well, after seeing this you will get a real opener. That if we trade with rules and regulations considering it as a super trend, then I can easily earn Rs 5,000 a day. But the question is to follow the rules and regulations, if you break the rules and regulations, you will lose 5000 rupees if you follow the rules and regulations. If you can make it easier, are you ready? But before that one more question was coming to you nowadays sir you have stopped giving free levels to those stock names on YouTube.

So you are wrong, we are putting it in Telegram, and the proof is visible on the screen in front of you. Because it is my own commitment to give you better! better! better! And not only this, the stock market mega event is happening in Lucknow on 11th December, once a year and for the first time in the entire UP. Where I am going to teach you, India's biggest creators are going to teach you whether it is trading, option, investment, financial learning, or everything. This is completely free, no cost, google form is in the description and the pin is in the comment. And remember, book your seat in Lucknow, you will not get such a great chance to meet me with so many people.

And I will hope that you will also be excited, I am very excited Because this is the first time I am in a car where I will be able to meet you guys and another level of feel-good factor will be added. So let's start with the super turned indicator first and keep everything simple and won't go into the history Trend following indicator is trend follow means if an up trend is going then a good signal will be given, if the down trend is going then it is giving a good signal Gives a buy signal in an uptrend and a sell signal in a downtrend But when the market turns sideways, simple even clear will sink your money. Very SImple, Clear Till here! So in the trending market, it's a lethal medicine. So in this trending market, now it must have started in your mind that the sideways are not recognized, both the trends are not recognized. The same as I said, if I add the secret, then the problem will go away. Now let me tell you that if you love moving averages, love MACD then I can guarantee you this is the thing above them The even sweeter thing you do in the stock market be it cash or future do it anywhere with no problem trading in nifty, banknifty, forex no problem work everywhere With this, you can do intraday trade, and swing trade, with no problem, but it also tells support and also tells resistance.

If you already have a trade, it also tells you the trailing stop loss for that trade. Now there is such a simple quality inside it, now 2 parameters are used in it, which are seen inbuilt, of 10 and 3. But as I said earlier that if we trade here only by looking at the super trend, then there will be loss every day, if ever it is made then it is a different matter, the rest of the money is not to be made. But it is very important for us to add other signals Now the question is how do we do it, I will show it by doing it, I will tell you first.

First, we open the chart, then select the timeframe of 5 minutes and 15 minutes on it, then select the super trend on it. And see the setting on that whether there is a setting of 10 and 3 or not, if the setting of 10 and 3 is inbuilt then there is no problem. Then you can follow the signal like I am showing here Right now the chart of Reliance is open in front of you and this minute is done, now after doing 15 minutes it has gone to the indicator. what we selected on the indicator supertrend now you have a super trend on screen now in super trend as I said 10 and 3 Here I am highlighting, it is clearly visible that 10 and 3 have inbuilt features, which means we do not have to do any tampering, very comfortably so far so clear no problem now comes How to Identify Buy and Sell Signals with Super Trend So now in this simple chart in front of you and tell what you are seeing that the market was red here I also highlight the arrow so that it will be easier for you and the price ie the closing of the candle is below this red, then what happened, the downtrend has started.

Similarly, when it became green in the super trend at the bottom and the price went above it, then what happened, the buying trend started, which means the market went up. Then it came red on the top, the market is below it, then the downside has started, then in this way it is a very simple thing. Let me say in my native language so that all the beginners will never have any problem that when the red line is brought up and the candle closes down, then the super trend is telling you that it is a selling signal. And when the green line comes down, the price closes above this line, then Supertrend says that the market is on the buy side. Cleared till now? In this way, you can understand what is happening where I am standing in a live market. And there in that live market, you can see how the market is inside the red line and moving down from there So in this way I have done my plot as well, I also understood the red line and green line, how is the identification, and I also cleared the arrow mark.

What is most important here is to keep in mind that nothing is 100% This is the biggest misconception in our mind when we think that something works 100% way No, there are many false signals also, which we have to hit the stop loss, so I say this way Let's say we did 10 trades and in 10 trades, if we made a profit in 7 trades and lost in 3 trades, it doesn't matter, you will get profit in the final balance sheet as a result. But the condition is the same condition is that when a stop loss of 3 is getting hit then the stop loss should be small and the target should be big What if the stop loss is hit and we are holding the position doing Hariom Hariom? Profit small loss big capital will go away with only 3 trades now there is an addon in this which I will tell later but I am adding it now In the breakout, when there is a breakout in the chart, neither the super trend class works, the class is fun, then But now we have come to that point, we will bring it up later, we have given a little excitement level of breakout. But now comes how to combine, how to take the result So to get the result here we do the stochastic RSI which I will show here So we went back to the indicator and here you have the Stockholistic RSI in front of you I selected and here you have the Stockholistic RSI in front of you As soon as it comes, it takes away all your sorrows and pains. Filters all your trades and does a complete job of filtering all your false signals as well. How is that I'll tell you

Again in Stochastic RSI very simply understand that when Stochastic RSI is above 80 then what is it giving you sell signal And when stochastic RSI is below 20 then it is giving a buy signal so now watch carefully Neither did we go after Stochastic RSI nor did we go after Supertrend where did we get both, even when clapping hands both hands are needed Right worship is also done, even when saluting someone, both hands are needed, these are the rituals. At the same time, both Supertrend and Stochastic RSI have been combined, and now I would like to show exactly how the trade filter is happening. And if you think, I would like to change the approach of trading and then after that, we will take a step towards a more advanced level. But at the time of moving towards this advance, if we give you such an addon, see that this is a candle. Where the green candle was formed from below, the super trend also gave the signal, but while giving that signal, you should note that the stochastic RSI also came here.

I know when the stochastic RSI came then what happened to you, this trade is confirmed we can buy And in this way, if you do multiple decisions then you have 2534 which went up to 2554 while the market went on. Now here is a good thing which is a big learning where people think that if the stochastic RSI is above 80 then it is a sell But if we trade only by looking at the stochastic RSI then the stop loss would have been hit, here it happened that the market started running up. This thing is very important that we see only one thing and take it for granted, no Here you got another learning that you should never trade by looking at a single thing. Here you got the confirmation, both the super trend and the stochastic RSI together said that no, it becomes a buy, the market got bullish. Now it will be in your mind that sir, it looks good, it is very good, now I will tell one more thing later. Now see how your false trades are saved, if red came here, then what would have happened if you would have sold here only after seeing the super trend, money drowned.

Why, because the stochastic RSI is on the 20, if you enjoyed it, hit the like button. There is a filter in front of you that when the trade didn't take place, how the false signal was avoided, the whole story is in front of you. Let me tell you one more thing that the story is not just like this, see the green came from here, you were also seeing buys, but your stochastic RSI said that it is not near 20. What is the result, was the market able to stay up, no And when it stopped here then it gave a good sell from here and then declined, this is called real trading, complete live Slowly we are moving ahead, it is in front of you that one day we are getting trade and one day we are not getting it. And when it is not available then it is clearly known why not to take the trade, I always say that we should know why we are taking and why not Because when we know what we are doing then our money becomes very good Now coming back, so here if we come to the green level, then the market came here, it gave a buy signal, but did the stochastic RSI give a buy signal? So answer is No, stochastic RSI has not given a buy signal, There is no problem, you yourself see that we have seen 4 trades so far.

And in 2 out of these 4 trades we made money, in 2 trades there was that false signal where we were saved and our money would be safe. To be safe money is also to be profitable, now let's go ahead and see what else is happening Now look here this is red signal, in this red signal stochastic RSI is not giving sell signal But when the combination of both stochastic RSI and super trend is found here, then the result is in front of you that how to make money by selling. This is a super Masterstroke, Look here a green super trend came back but stochastic RSI said that don't buy it you'll get stuck, and here is a fall. Look here, both stochastic RSI and super trend got together from back and both together said that there will be fall and here is super fall. This is a complete live example is in front of you, today I am shooting video on 22nd November And I am shooting video in live market on 22 Nov 11:16, Here how is Reliance story in live market, tried to show story of complete trade So that you can understand that there is no history story, there is no need to tell any history because this is how money is made. In this 15 minutes or 5 minutes you can use anything, this is a complete method.

Now we come to the breakout in which you will enjoy more, but before that I would like you to try it and tell us on Instagram. Due to which we have promised to give every week, then we will get motivation in that, that you are working hard. Now let's move on to breakout but before that a big announcement if you are a serious trader in real and want to make a career in stock market Troubled by your loss, so if you want to eliminate your loss and make money, want to live a good life So Stock Market Master Class is starting from 25th November, where we are going to teach from Basic to Advanced We are going to learn by holding hands, what is the meaning of learning by holding hands, so friend you are a beginner For the sake of knowledge, I told you the combination of super trend and stochastic RSI, I will explain on live proof Now understand that when you have practiced something in your live trade, when you have understood something, then you may have doubts.

So when we teach you the world of price action, multi confirmations in our class on 25th November we will give you a mentor If the mentor removes your doubt, then your confidence will build, no, I got it right and the mentor also said it right, so now I am a master, I can trade. Now if you are a job person or a business man, then I am explaining here, it is possible that you may not understand anything. This is just a strategy, when I give you complete scenario, you may forget something, then you get it without commitment revision session. How to do stock selection in so many stocks, then you get that screener After that, trade in cash, futures, options wherever you want, be it Nifty, Bank Nifty, Forex, there will be no problem. We teach you everything and we are not just with the class, we will be with you even after the class is over Because this is 100 days game, 10 days class and 90 days brotherly support so that you can become a real trader The real trader in you is out, because everyone needs support to become a master Everyone makes it normal, what does a normal person do in life, he can't do anything special. But when you get the support of a real teacher, then it is very good, so call 9708094321 and talk to the team And apart from what I told, there are many other things that we give to you, which means a nominal fee for the class which is worth lakhs.

From which you really learn, really earn and stop the loss, because every trader's fund is limited lakh, 2 lakh, 75 thousand If that money sinks, then he is out of the market, because he is after the tips. 90% traders are losing because of tips, till when you will make your loss for tips And it is not me who says it, that is NSE data, so stop the loss and start the profit. Now we come to the last masterstroke where I said that breakout trading makes a lot of money, so let's see. To understand this breakout trading first of all you need to have knowledge of support and resistance Where you are a master of price action, then you will be able to take full advantage of it.

To enjoy this, let me show you a live example so that you can understand For example, I have opened a 1 hour chart in front of you, in this chart you can see that this is a top from where the decline took place. Back in the market again another top, this is the same level which I shared with you of 2640. This is one such good Reliance stock of 2640 which is real make and break, look closely, made a high of 2640 and then fell Means now 2640-2642 is not left and there is a selling here, with whom it is a super trend, multiple confirmations of stochastic RSI. Now this command from 2640 to 2536 means 100 points, so you cannot do this trade without support resistance price action, you'll take here 100-100 Points.

So this is an advanced world where you can do swing trading very well, swing trading means holding the position for 3-5 days Because we also give free trade in Telegram, we get big target but you people are not able to hold because you do not understand. You hold on to losses but immediately cut profits because you don't know what to do Stop all these things first enjoy super trend strategy earn money from it, tell us on Instagram. And if you want to make your career in the stock market like a serious trader in reality and are worried about the loss So join the class on 25 November, we are giving you cookie free trade in Telegram, which we say earn free and join the class with challenge So don't miss this chance, see you in class on 25th November, thank you so much and must share this video

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