ZERO - Start with NOTHING and make $100/day to Quit Your 9-5 Job

ZERO - Start with NOTHING and make $100/day to Quit Your 9-5 Job

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How many times have you heard somebody tell you that starting a business is just too risky and it takes a lot of upfront money. Maybe you've also heard somebody say that the average startup cost for starting a business is around $3,000 and Hey, that's just intimidating. Maybe you've thought in the past, like I did that. Starting a business does take well over $3,000 to get started. So you didn't even follow through with the idea. Well,

the good news for you today in this video is that I'm going to teach you how you could realistically get started with zero, with nothing and make a hundred dollars a day online with an online business. Now, the bad news is you will be limited to using free business models that don't cost any upfront money. And what that means is not all business models are possible to start like this, cuz some business models, no matter what do require upfront capital. Now, the good news for you though, is that these business models are some of the best in the world and they have such great potential to give you a high income and high impact and to make a lot of money. And by the way, this is how I got started back a few years ago.

And so as I alluded to with the bad news and limited business models, you most likely will need a digital based business model that you can, you know, do this and actually make this work. So you will need an internet. It based business to start off for free with nothing. If you don't have any capital to start up right now.

And the reason that I use the marker of $100 a day is because typically if you're generating $100 a day with this new business that you're doing, people definitely feel comfortable in leaving their nine to five when they hit this point. So that is why at least I can speak for myself back when I was trying to make this my full-time gig and replace my full-time income. $100 a day was a, was a value that I could definitely leave my nine to five job and be confident in supporting myself with my online business. So if you're excited to dive in into today's time, go ahead and comment below digital biz and let's get started. All right. So let's dive in and let's talk about evergreen based business models.

Now this one is very, very special because now in this world of the creator economy, where you can get paid to make content to speak on what you love to speak about, to share your knowledge to expertise. This is a very special time that we live in because in the past decade alone, due to content creation there, this has allowed so many more people to become millionaires and to start a business that they love and to create time freedom from themselves. It's really a beautiful thing. The power of creating content could not be underestimated because when you create it once the impact potential that that one piece of content has, can be compounded over time. Whereas in the olden days before the internet, before all of these social media platforms, in order to speak about something in order to share a piece of knowledge in order to get a point across in order to really have that leverage and to reach a lot of people at once, wasn't all that possible, unless you were a keynote speaker and a huge auditorium and had, you know, hundreds of people in there, 500 people, but even that was just a one time event and it wasn't as possible back then as it is now to really spread your message and to share your knowledge. And so according to a recent study, by signal fire, the content creation economy is booming and officially the fastest growing small business in the entire world is content creation.

There's about 50 million, 5 0 50 and content creators around the world that are saying that they're making money from creating content. This is huge because this is something that we've never seen before in our society. And so really step one of dipping into the creator economy and be becoming a content creator full-time is picking which route or which platform you really wanna out to dominate first. So this could be Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest. It could be any one of these platforms. However, obviously I'm speaking to you today on the YouTube platform. And that is my expertise is teaching people how to become YouTube entrepreneurs and not just create YouTube videos for fun to turn it into a business because a lot of people think that, especially with YouTube, that you need a huge audience, that you need millions of followers that you need. You know,

all these views and subscribers to make a proper living, which you don't. I've seen it from myself. When I first got started and have seen it with several of my students that you don't need a big audience at all. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have been able to make a decent living with less than a thousand subscribers, which is shocking to the general public. So with that being said, going back to that study done by signal fire with the 50 million content creators around the world, 12 million of those are YouTubers.

Okay. So 12 million or the 50 million are YouTubers 1 million of those 12 million YouTubers claim that they are making a full-time living. As a matter of fact, they're creating six figure revenue from their channels. So 1 million of those creators are creating six figures with their YouTube.

And so since I really dominate with YouTube the most in my online business and within all my social media platforms, this is my biggest following that I have. I'm gonna speak a little bit more about YouTube and say that the top three, like of those 1 million YouTubers, really, we call them YouTube entrepreneurs because they are not just YouTubers there for entertainment, creating content. They have leveraged the YouTube platform to create an online business or, you know, a business with their platforms. So the top three monetization strategies of these YouTubers with their channels is number one, selling online courses to advertising. So this could be Google ad and also sponsored videos.

And number three is affiliate marketing. So we'll touch a little bit more on affiliate marketing in a second. And it's interesting because even though these three monetization strategies do dominate and are the highest form of income for these YouTubers, there's so many other ways there's like at least 10 other different ways that YouTube entrepreneurs or biz YouTubers as I like to call it are able to monetize, which is very interesting because you just have to kind of pick one way to monetize your, the, your YouTube channel really grow that dominate with one and then create and move on to the next stream of income. So that's, what's so special about this platform is that it not only offers, you know, a way to make content, to have your videos go viral, to have an impact for years. And what I mean by that is since it is search engine optimize is base.

So SEO base. My video that I made three years ago is still getting looked up is still getting viewed when people go to the YouTube search engine and want to look for profitable side hustles and passive income. So the that's why I mentioned is like the impact your videos on YouTube specifically can have over time is huge because it's the compound effect of views and people, the effort that you put in in a day, or, you know, a few hours to create this video really is can last the lifetime, which is really special. And so to learn more about creating and leveraging the YouTube platform to build a profitable business, go ahead and download for really, as of you who are interested my subscribers to sales blueprint up here, which talks about the six exact steps that you need to create a profitable online business, leveraging the platform you are watching right now.

And so the upfront costs of creating content really on any platform, all of them are free, whether you're choosing YouTube, Instagram TikTok is absolutely free. So most of us, 99% of us watching this video have a smartphone that we can leverage to create the content for free. I mean, this is how Mr. Beast started Mr. Beast. If you don't know who he is, I mean, he's one of the most popular and famous YouTubers of all times has millions and millions of subscribers. He started with phone. I started with my phone. I started with the built-in webcam on my laptop. That is the way it should, you know, create channel or any type of content should be created. I mean, really, it just takes nowadays I have this tripod, I mean this whole apparatus, I mean, there's tripods on Amazon.

You can get for 14 bucks this piece right here, which would help your phone be both vertical and horizontal. Cause it rotates. This piece right here is, I mean, I think it's $7 on Amazon. So this gorilla pod is a little bit more expensive cuz it's very durable. So it's 40 bucks, but there's plenty of tripods <laugh> for 14 bucks. So this is something that may be helpful when creating the content, but really you just need this thing right here to get started and content creation is free, absolutely free to it started. All right.

So let's dive into the next thing that has tons of potential for you to make a hundred dollars a day, to start from nothing and to leave your nine to five. And that is one of my favorites, affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing, if you're unfamiliar, it's where you are, the middle man or woman, and you are connecting a buyer to, to a company. So you are making the connection for a sales. So let's say you really love target. And target has a referral program. You can become one of their referers or affiliates and you can refer a, your favorite clothing or your favorite coffee pot or whatever.

And if you say, Hey, so and so a friend or family member or somebody on social media, if you say, Hey, check out, you know, you said, you're interested in a coffee pot, check this one out. If they use your link to buy that coffee pot, you get a certain commission from that sale because you referred the the product which target would not have otherwise have done. So you are helping this company bring in more income. So that is truly something special.

And affiliate marketing was actually like the first way I was able to make a proper dollar online. It was really cool. So this, so when I started creating my YouTube channel affiliate marketing was the first way that I monetized it because, you know, you're not able to monetize with Google a right away in order to qualify for the YouTube partnership program. You need a thousand subscribers in 4,000 watch hours within a 12 month period. So you know, I, I started promoting all kinds of products like digital products, courses services and business tools. And I was starting to make affiliate commissions from all of them. And this was the way I was able to generate my first $33 and 50 cent sale. It was really, really cool. And I thought, man, this is,

this is the way to go like YouTube. The traffic on here is amazing, cuz it's able to bring me these, you know, sales on autopilot, cuz they're my content is EV or green. As I mentioned, you, your impact from creating one video compounds over time, it doesn't ever go down, you don't ever get less views.

You just always get more views. And so I just wanted to mention so many people always ask me, well, Marisa, like how do you get started? Well, you get started with what you're using right now. There's some type of product or tool or service that you're using right now where you can refer somebody. So anything you can think of, write down a list of 10 things that you're currently using. It could be, you know, a piece of equipment. It could be a monthly subscription that you're doing.

It could be a physical product, clothing, write it down and think of like five things that you wanna just grab your affiliate links for today and you can start referring it to people. That's literally how you get started. Okay. And I just wanted to mention some of my favorite affiliate tools or not tools, but affiliate products that I stick with and promote all the, a time that have brought me good revenue over the past couple of years, I'll give you some examples. And so two examples of my favorite affiliate products that I promote are a tool called tube buddy. And another tool called Kartra. So tube buddy is an SEO, YouTube keyword research tool and tube buddy. It's basically a Chrome extension that has all types of features that allows you to do keyword research for your YouTube videos just seamlessly.

And it helps you optimize the, the optimize, the optimization, but it helps you easily save time in the optimization of YouTube videos. So it helps you finding good titles secondary keywords. It helps you with descriptions.

It helps you with the list of best practices that you're doing. And so I use this in my own business and with my own YouTube channels. So tube buddy has a really great affiliate program and their attention and their care for their affiliates is really great. So that's why, you know, for as long as I, you know, can say, I will be a tube buddy affiliate, I really love promoting for them.

Just because I use the tool and that's a big hint is why I say start with what you have is because if you believe in the product, then you are going to make more commissions. The naturally you're gonna just convert higher and higher with these links that you're sending out and promoting on your social medias or wherever you want to promote. And the second one is Kartra so Kartra is my online business tool of choice.

So if you've heard of ClickFunnels, if you've heard of any email marketing platforms, if you've heard of any sales funnel, builder, anything at all, Kartra is all of those things. So it's sales funnels, it's email marketing, it's membership hosting. So you can host a course there and it has my entire business on a platform.

So it's like when people, other business owners, when you guys, my viewers and subscribers ask me like, what is my go-to it's, it's a, no-brainer like, I'm going to give out my affiliate link for Kartra and this is and say like, Hey, this is the number one thing in my toolbox that I use for for my business it's what's me supports my business and makes the whole thing go from a day to day basis. So it has like all of my leads, my list of emails the courses that I have, the sales funnels, the pages, everything it's all tucked in and hosted on that membership. And so there's a third example. I won't say I can't because of,

of a non-disclosure agreement. I can't say who it is. But this tool has allowed me to it really compounds over time, the commissions, and it's a tool that I started promoting last Octa, let's see about four months ago and it's been amazing, like to, to see the compounded commissions and how much I've made from just this one tool of promoting. And it's really fun. Like once you pick a product that you, you believe in the company, you believe in how they're helping people and you really like the tool, it's really fun. And so the main way that I am able to attract more people and more affiliate commissions is by giving, giving massive value in my YouTube videos. Cuz I talk about something, I explain something and I say, Hey, if you wanna learn more, this is what I use and, and recommend. And I have to give that disclosure that yeah, these links in the description are affiliate links and I would get some, some, you know, commission kickback, no additional cost to you, but I do have to be upfront about that.

So that's what I would say about getting started with affiliate marketing. It's free. It's absolutely great. And you can get started today. And so the next cool online business where you don't need any capital upfront to get started is print on demand. So this is actually so,

okay. Let me back up. E-Commerce starting a branded e-commerce store doing any type of form of drop shipping is going to be expensive. So I just wanna clarify that. And that's where you sell physical products that are not in the form of print on demand with print on demand is where you are. You create logos designs, different artwork, whatever it is.

And you choose an online platform that is free to get started, no credit card required, and you can take these logos and designs that you've made and have them be printed on the item. So maybe it's a cup, maybe it's a hoodie, t-shirt shower, curtain, pillow shoes, whatever it is. And there's so many different websites out there like like cafe press and like spread shirt and red bubble, which you can create a print on demand store for absolutely free. So for example, red bubble, there's no credit card required.

You can just start with a free tool like create a logo, or maybe you have an artwork designer already. And you can create this store on one of these websites and start selling right away. The cool thing about a website like red bubble is it's a huge online store. They have it's on average, on yearly average there's $400 million sales on that store from people selling their print on demand products.

And hence there's millions of users on there that go to red bubble and say, you know, baby gift or game of Thrones or whatever, you know, political slogans or logos or phrases that are up there. And they make sales and red bubble does all the hard work. And because of that, I do have to disclaim that with, let's say you're selling a shirt on red bubble for 20 bucks. Red bubble does take a lot of the profit and you don't make a whole lot from each sale, however it's free. So the more free it is or the freer it is, or however, you know, if it's free, you're gonna make less for sure in commissions because red bubble is providing the traffic, they're providing the product, they're providing the fulfillment shipping and handling and all that stuff. Whereas you are just creating the store and you know, getting the logo and everything.

So let's say maybe be your profit from a red bubble sale of a t-shirt or $20 is like two to three bucks. I'm just guessing. I don't know for sure exactly. I haven't read their terms and conditions, but it's definitely a great place to start.

So the next thing that we are talking about to start up for free and to make a good living online and a relatively short amount of time is online courses or online products. So these are your online digital products in the form of a course. Maybe it's an ebook or a membership model where you get to get paid for your knowledge. So there's so many different platforms out there where you can get started. I can't think of that platform. Okay. I found it <laugh>.

So the website's called podium and pod is basically a platform where you can get started for free and it has everything you need to do to host a course, a webinar download community. And it's really cool because you can get started with selling your knowledge, selling your work. If you go to that website, you can see, you know, the different features that it has and know's video is not sponsored by podium.

It's just a platform I came across not too long ago where, cuz I was looking actually at a course to purchase that was hosted on podium. I'm like, Hmm what's pod. So I was checking it out. And so you can get started like with a platform like that and upload video modules go through their terms and conditions, look through their resources and say like, Hey, you know what? I can create my first digital course on there. And so,

so many people get kind of confused or not confused, but they get kind of discouraged cuz they're like, well I don't know enough or I don't, I'm not qualified enough. You or you're not a coach. You're not a, you don't have a certification and it's not the point here. The point is to leverage what you already know, your life experiences, your life accomplishments. And it's going to be a combination of that with what you're excited about with what you're passionate about, things that everyday people ask you advice on. So if I, for example am a woman who has become a lot of fertility issues and let's say, you know, finally was able to have a child after many attempts.

And now I'm a fertility coach. Like I've done so much research into this one specific area I've lived it. I understand and can relate to other women who are having issues with fertility and having children that I can, you know, create a course on my fertility journey and resources that I've come across along the way. And so the great thing about this is it's for you to get started.

It could be pass or it can be for sure passive income after the upfront work of creating the course. And it's cool because these courses are a way to scale. They're a way that you can have really high impact and high income where, you know, income, meaning you can scale this, this course as you, you know, grow it as you sell it, as you get more reviews, as it becomes more popular as you and improve it and add things to it and impact, you know, you're helping people's lives. I mean you're helping real people create real results and become happier.

And it's really, really special. And that's why I really love online courses. That's why I have an online membership, which is both a curriculum and a community. And by that way, I'm able to expand and duplicate myself an unlimited time amount over. And I'm able to share my, my knowledge with people in that way,

by creating this online digital product. And so that is for sure a great place to start when it comes to creating an online income and getting your feet wet. And so going back to content creation, it's kind of like when you have a product like an online course when you have things that you're promoting, like affiliate marketing, when you go back to content creation, it goes hand in hand because you're creating the content to build an audience and generate traffic and you have these things to sell, to promote and they're yours. Well, the affiliate products, technically aren't yours, but things like eBooks, digital downloads, memberships courses are yours.

And that's a great way to monetize and become full time and be able to leave your nine to five job or create great side hustle, income, and create another form of income and all the while you're not, you know, breaking the bank and you're not spending everything you have in your wallet. Definitely though, it's going to be an upfront effort of a lot of time. This is not gonna be free time wise, but capital you won't need a lot of it or any of it upfront, but definitely this is going to take some investment.

But if you are passionate about it, if it is citing to you, then the journey that you're on to create, this is going to be really, really fun. So thanks so much for hanging in with me to this part of the video. It means so much. And again, if you haven't already grabbed that blueprint, subscribers to sales blueprint, I'll leave it in the first link in the description. And if you love this video, let's keep the fun going. And I invite you to watch this video coming up next, all about how much a channel with 200,000 plus subscribers realistically can make. So that video's coming up right here.

See you on that next video. Hello everybody. And welcome to the land of YouTube monetization. <Laugh> yes, that's right today we are going over how much money I made in, in 20.

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