YouTube For Business - Why Have A YouTube Channel If You're A Business Owner #shorts

YouTube For Business  - Why Have A YouTube Channel If You're A Business Owner #shorts

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so good evening we're going to talk today about  youtube for business youtube for business what   do i mean by uh youtube for business what i mean  by youtube for business is for people who have   businesses or want to set up businesses and use  youtube as part of their marketing mix as part   of their way to grow their business as opposed to  people who want to start a business which is all   about making money directly from youtube i will  be doing one of those presentations sometime soon   but this is for people who are already in business  uh thinking of getting into business also for   people who are sort of helping professionals  consultants coaches uh people who are um   freelancers if you like sole traders you don't  have to have a a big business with an office i   mean who has an office nowadays but before we go  into why i think that you should do youtube and   why now is a very good time to be doing youtube um  let's flip it and look at some of the reasons that   people have given why they're not doing youtube  those of you who follow me on social media may   have seen a post that i did a while ago and i  asked people to say why they weren't doing uh   youtube or what didn't have a youtube presence and  these are some of the things that that came up um   some of them made it in without all of  them in some form made it into a video   that i did on the subject and if you go to tinycc  why not youtube then you'll um you'll see a video   that i made which had i think it was 25 excuses  or 25 reasons that people don't do youtube and i   think it captures the essence of of all of these  um incidentally and perhaps somewhat ironically   that video was uh done in less than an hour and i  don't show my face or even speak on it so some of   the objections about having a a face for radio  um and not wanting to appear on video and not   wanting to to use your own voice we're all  covered off in the act of making that video so   i'd encourage you to check it out if you haven't  done already i think also there's another reason   why perhaps people don't do youtube which is not  explicitly stated in this or in the video and it   could just be that we don't feel that we're part  of the youtube um crowd the youtube generation   there seems to be this idea that in order to make  it big on youtube you need to be like one of these   fine specimens here who are apparently some of the  biggest youtubers now i i live on youtube pretty   much and have done for many years and honestly  i think i can name possibly one i think that's   a guy called shane who got himself in trouble  by doing something he shouldn't but i don't   know any of the other people um yet they're  supposed to be famous so i don't think you   need to be well i know you don't need to be  a huge youtube star and you don't need to be   um i've got to be very careful so you don't need  to be off the wall you can be a normal person   and here are two very normal middle-aged people  that's what you get if you put normal middle-aged   couple into the clip art thing that i've got  anyway we're probably probably more like these   than these not making a value judgment  i'm just saying that you don't have to   be wacky and down with the kids and gangster  to make it big on youtube you can be like this   right so that's the the the underlying  reason perhaps why people don't do it um   let's have a look at some youtube facts and  figures i'm not going to do the thing where   you read the slide because i was told when i did  a presentation course that you shouldn't do that   so i'm assuming that everybody can read read it  at your leisure but i am going to point out a   few things which to be honest surprised me when i  started to do the research um let's just point out   a couple of things here about half in fact just  over half of the views on youtube come from people   who are aged between the age of 35 and so  there's hope for us yet great thing about   the people age between 35 and 65 is they generally  have money don't we which is fantastic which means   that we can relieve them of that um through having  our business so it is actually worth targeting you   know the the perception is that um most people on  youtube are are very young i don't hate them um   but therefore very skinned not the case it's good  sometimes to have some gray hairs or green hairs   it looks like on my green screen doesn't it  um here's another surprising one uh nearly 51   of b2b business to business decision makers  use youtube to research purposes now that   did surprise me but you know i used to be  um the the owner of a couple of reasonably   sized companies and i would often use youtube  to look for things like software reviews and   research various bits and bobs bits of equipment  that we bought from the office so you know it's   true i guess um so there is an opportunity if  you run a business to sell to other businesses   although don't forget as we were always taught  businesses don't sell or buy from businesses they   buy and sell from people within those businesses  and those people it would appear watch youtube um   not sure how relevant this is nine percent of  us businesses have a youtube present only nine   percent i don't know what that is for the uk my  guess is it's probably smaller than nine percent   um a lot of stuff outside of the  of the usa um youtube is growing um   a couple of years ago when cinemas were open i  remember that there were actually adverts in the   cinema for youtube and there's kind of some irony  there irony there that maybe they're competing   but you know there's also been adverts on  the size of signs of buses pushing youtube   so it's growing and the pandemic such as it is  has helped that growth um number of channels   earning more than six figures per year is going up  that's i'm assuming six figures from advertising   now as business owners we're not going to rely on  advertising that's what most people talk about but   actually that's only one and one very small way  of making money on youtube but i will show you   later on it's possible to make very serious money  in fact six figures a year is um conservative   six figures a month would not be unreasonable or  unattainable um here now it is incredibly easy for   even newbies small channels channels that are just  being started right now within the last few weeks   a few months to rank against really um to rank in  very competitive niches against the big channels   and that's due to a new development in um in  youtube's platform which i'll come on to later on   but it really is an amazing time right now i don't  know how long it will last i'm a youtube partner   but i don't have inside information but my guess  is where there is money and opportunity people   are suddenly going to start jumping on it so that  now is a good time to start thinking about youtube   um well you know all of those facts and figures  so what you know i always do this when i'm   copywriting actually ask yourself a question and  then answer it so so what so what about all those   facts and figures what does it mean to us well  as business owners um we want to get maximum   exposure at minimum cost don't we i know when i  started my translation company a few years ago   well a few years ago more than a decade ago  now before i had any of the grey or green hairs   we used to advertise a lot on google and at that  time it was relatively cheap but now it's very   expensive to to advertise online i guess facebook  advertising was cheap uh when that started that's   now got expensive etc etc but as i'll show you  later on it's still um possible to get traffic   very cheaply on um youtube where you should be  paying through the nose to get it on on google   targeted lead generation we want leads coming  into our business but we want the right kind of   leads now youtube is great for finding the people  that are genuinely interested in what you um well   you're talking about what you're selling its whole  algorithm is designed specifically to do that   as we will see free market research um once you've  got a youtube presence then in your analytics your   viewers will unconsciously tell you what they  want from you through the search terms that   they're using and various other metrics but also  in the comments believe me um people on youtube   will tell you what they want and whether you  respond with a market offering to bring it to them   is up to you but why go and pay a market research  company tens of thousands of pounds to tell you   what in their opinion your market wants when  your market will tell you directly and for free   you have a growing sales force selling while you  sleep i like to think of each video that's made   as a potential sales person that will be talking  to your prospects and warming them up 24 7. and   the the great thing about youtube is it does start  to get a life of its own and things start to grow   people use this word exponentially particularly  in business everyone's talking about exponential   not not many people i suspect are using it  properly in the mathematical exponential curve   but on youtube that does tend to kick in  in fact you can see this little graph here   it's not quite exponential yet but that's not  a graphic that i made up that is actually the   traffic and the views from a channel that i  set up in december of last year and i'll share   more information on that later on so what  this means is that the videos that you've   produced which are kind of like um potted you or  encapsulated you or your business are developing   no like and trust within your potential client  base before you even have first contact with them   while you sleep internationally it's quite  amazing um and youtube's going to pay you for   this unbelievable that um youtube actually pays to  market your pays you to market your own business   this will result in increased authority  in your niche in your business area   you will no longer be a something let's use  accountant as a as a example you no longer be   an accountant you will be the accountant the  accountant that people know on youtube you you'll   have perhaps minor celebrity station status within  your niche and what happens when you get celebrity   status or you become an authority it takes you out  of the commodity market and allows you to premium   price because everybody wants to talk to the  person that they've seen on youtube a bit like   getting on a stage i guess that as soon as  you're on the stage you're three foot higher   than everybody else everybody assumes that you're  smarter than them chances are you probably are but   the perception there means that the balance of  power changes and people come to you rather than   you have to go to them um it's quite amazing as  well but the size of the stage i mean i remember   when i used to do public speaking um badly i used  to get invited to speak at places and like a big   gig would be 400 people for me on many of the  youtube channels i've got i'll get that in an hour   if not in a minute frankly on some of the channels  so suddenly you've got a global stage that you can   sell to 24 7 and get paid for doing it whilst  you're asleep or in the pub when the pubs open   um it also makes having a good youtube presence  um makes it easy to refer people so you know   if let's use the accountant again if i'd like  to refer the accountant that i use and the   accountant has got a really good youtube channel  with lots of um content on there then i can send   a link so go and check out fred the accountant  and um people can go and see and straight away   they can spend time with fred before they get on  the phone and bother fred um and they'll only get   on the phone if fred and them are a good match so  you won't spend a lot of time or fred won't spend   a lot of time talking to people who are never  going to turn into into legitimate business leads   okay so that's if you're an established business  and you have an office um see what i did that   if you're a new startup you're a newbie or a  startup so you haven't got an office you've just   got a laptop then here's some advantages of going  down the youtube route there is zero startup costs   you don't need to buy anything you don't need to  subscribe to anything you don't need to configure   software or host anything you don't need a website  um you don't need to build an email list to get   a following i would strongly suggest that you  do but you don't need to that can come later   and youtube will help you build a list  which you can put in the description of the   videos that you know you have a list and to join  it and all that kind of good stuff you don't need   any technical skills all of this stuff that i see  from website even even the build your own website   things i won't mention them by name but you know  the sort of self-builder things you still need   some technical skill you know designing a website  isn't easy and it's not much fun to be honest and   get a bit boring don't need to have a website you  don't need any technical skills to make a video   and you have all of the equipment that you need  in order to make a video and buy that buy the   equipment i should have turned my phone off  shouldn't i but by my by the equipment i mean   if you're watching this now then you either  have a computer or you have a phone or both   and you can make really good videos particularly  the kind of videos that i'm going to be talking   about later on on a phone in fact i've had  very very good results with phones in some   instances better results done on a phone outside  walking around a park than when i used to own   um you know a professional studio with all  the green screen stuff and the lighting and   the editing and everything else keep  it raw keep it real people love it   okay so existing businesses and startups let's  have a look though before we um before we go too   much further how big youtube channels make money  and then contrast it with what we're going to do   as uh as business owners i want to do this really  just to knock off the various things and then show   you where we're going to focus because people  have a misconception as to how to use youtube   to make money often the one that everyone talks  about is adsense or advertising revenue adsense is   the when people advertise on your youtube channel  and youtube very generously i think gives you 55   of the advertising revenue from the  advertisers who place adverts on   your video that's amazing if you think about it  youtube is giving you access to a global audience   for free putting your stuff in front of people all  over the world for free it's giving you unlimited   hosting of your videos on what's almost  a bulletproof platform and so i've been   in the youtube space for i don't know  since it was pretty much since it was um   invented in 2005 i think it was and i i've only  ever known of one youtube outage and that lasted   a few minutes um and i did a video about it  actually cashed in on it but um it's bulletproof   pretty much and then they give you 55 of the  money over half of the money they give you it's   crazy they're paying you whilst doing you a favor  the only downside of that really is that you need   to have an awful lot of views to make significant  money now depending on the niche that you're in um   that determines how much the advertisers will  will pay i reckon very roughly you're talking   about between 200 and maybe top end a thousand  maybe a little bit more dollars per million views   so you need to have a lot of views to make a  lot of money in the adsense world and it's a   lot easier to make money in some niches  than in others just to give you an idea   um of how this this works the the channel here  little baby bum nursery rhymes were set up by   my friend um who was actually working with  me in one of the companies before i sold it   he set this up and this is nursery rhymes now he  sold it or they sold it was him and his wife i   shouldn't say he was a joint effort between him  and his wife lovely people um they sold it back   in i think it's 2018. now i i don't know how  much they sold it for it was a lot of money   and you can see why because based upon the  estimates from something called social blade   it's reckoning that now bear in mind they've sold  it so they have nothing to do with this anymore   but social blade is saying at the low end they're  getting about 130 000 a month at the top end say   two million dollars a month um i happen to know  because i'm in it uh to an extent that the kids   channel stuff um the advertising revenues are not  great because of a change that was made uh in 2000   and i think it being a 2020 i believe it was which  reduced the advertising money in the kids channels   but let's take it halfway let's say that it's a  million a month a million dollars a month from   advertising through making videos you can live on  that can't you so that's adsense and that's what   everyone talks about when we talk about making  money on youtube we'll see in them in a bit that   you don't need to worry about that just quickly  patreon this is kind of like a digital platform   where people can donate to you digital begging  some people call it sponsorship as you start   to get bigger people will come to you and make  you offers to sponsor their products you don't   need to go out and pitch remember as your youtube  channel grows the balance of power turns towards   you in your favor so no longer are you going out  knocking on doors people will be coming to you   your biggest problem is going to be a fat intro  merchandise you can make your sweatshirts you can   sell your stuff you can sell all sorts  of things off of youtube in fact youtube   has got better at this in the last few years um  it now integrates a lot with the merchandising   stuff into the platform directly um you can sell  someone else's products this is better known as   referral or affiliate marketing so you know at  the low end you could sell other people's ebooks   you could recommend other people's products  a lot of people do stuff where they recommend   the camera that they're using on um amazon is  is endless basically if you've got uh traffic   then you can sell things whether they be  your products or someone else's products   and make your own digital products sell your own  paintings sell your own whatever you want to do   you've got traffic you've got the power to  persuade them to buy whatever you want because   you're looking directly into their  eyes on the video and that's powerful   the end of day if you want to you could sell the  channel and say my friends sold their channel i   also heard over christmas i've yet to speak to  him to verify this but one of my other friends   over in the states sold his channel for multiple  tens of millions of dollars and if you just sold   something for multiple tens of millions of  dollars would you talk to me no we'll see but   he probably will because he's a nice guy he lives  in vegas so uh who knows what he's doing in vegas   what was it what happens in vegas stays in vegas  something like that isn't it probably good given   that he lives there okay so how can businesses  like us make money well um if we're not going to   go down the route of doing the huge youtuber  model then here's what we can get out of it   as i've mentioned before targeted lead generation  youtube's algorithm once you've trained it   will put your stuff in front of or your content  in front of people who are likely to want to buy   your stuff and whether that stuff is products  whether it's services there will be an audience   out there interested in what you have to bring  to the market you don't need an email list but   what a great way of building your email list so  i have a channel um which produces nursery rhymes   and i give away a free pdf coloring book um  in return for their their email address now   you know you can give away anything but you can  give away a lead magnet you can give away a free   um consultation what whatever you want build build  your email list you can also directly get hired   so if you're a consultant if you're a coach if  you're a public speaker people will hire you   because they will have seen you and you will  become an authority and a celebrity remember   what i said you're no longer a speaker you are the  speaker and therefore you're out of the commodity   market and therefore you premium price the example  i always give is eric clapton plays his guitar   all right captain he's famous do you think that  eric clapton goes knocking on pub doors saying   i'll play for free if you give me a gig no  he sits there and i'm guessing his agent   takes bookings for gigs at the royal albert hall  say and he puts his own price on it now that's an   extreme example but you will find that people will  come to you and you can no longer be about price   which is nice isn't it which is nice okay  some intangible benefits um it's not all about   just the money right there and then as you grow on  youtube you will also grow in terms of your skills   in terms of your um some personality  you'll be able to inspire people   you'll be able to reach people that you wouldn't  otherwise have reached and unlike me right now   particularly with the kind of videos i'm going  to be talking about shortly you'll learn to get   to the point quickly and youtube will tell you  in its analytics where you're not doing that   the the algorithm and the analytics  or lady algorithms we sometimes call   her he's pretty savage she doesn't pull her  punches she'll tell you where you're going   wrong and she'll also help you get things  right something which i'm also keen on as um   particularly for coaches and helping professionals  is you know you need to make money you know let's   face it we've all got bills and depending on  where you live in the world it can be expensive   but wouldn't it be nice to be able  to help some people to some extent   who can't afford you just yet without having  to charge you without having to charge them um   i won't get personal but you know i i went through  a very painful divorce and i got a lot of help   from a lot of people on youtube by watching their  content and i've subsequently bought products and   things from them but um wouldn't it be great to  help someone and then not have to pay you because   the advertisers are paying so that you can serve  people who probably can't afford you maybe they   haven't got the money because you know they live  in a part of the world that um the money isn't as   strong as it is where you live anyway i won't  labor that but it allows you to give back and   serve and get paid for it rather than having to  always do pro bono work which is the alternative okay so to talk about the no like and  trust relationship and the reason why   i'm i'm probably a little bit different to  many of the youtube coaches out there in that i   i'd see subscribers as secondary now it's true if  you want to monetize your channel through adsense   and get make all of those millions then you are  going to need to get a thousand subscribers and   you're going to need to get 4 000 hours of watch  time within the last 365 days that is in order   for you to get the advertising revenue but  as i've said unless you're getting millions   and millions of views which is perfectly  possible but it's going to take some time   you're not really going to be making an awful  lot of money directly from youtube's advertising   but that doesn't mean that you're not going to  be seen by people in your target audience even if   you have no subscribers to be honest there's this  huge myth on youtube that people will subscribe   and watch your videos simply not true simply not  true on many of my channels over 90 and sometimes   over 95 of the people that watch my videos are  not subscribed and you will find exactly the   same thing it's not about the subscribers it's  about the people that find your video because   they're looking for it or the people that youtube  algorithm puts in puts your videos in front of so   this lady um one of my clients over in the states  really lovely lady she takes action she does   the the work she's got 149 subscribers um yet when  uh this message popped up it was the middle of   uh january she was already getting bookings for  her coaching sessions that's with 149 subscribers   so you don't need a massive presence okay  so the best time to have done youtube may   have been a few years ago because obviously the  channel has has grown and you know the um there   is more competition uh on youtube but the reason  that i say may is because it's only very recently   that a new type of video called youtube  shorts which i'm going to be talking about   shortly have been brought out so if you'd have  done it many years ago or a few years ago then   you wouldn't have had the same opportunity  that you will have now with youtube shorts   youtube shorts is is just incredible um i'm not  hyping this up because i'm going to show you   some some tangible examples but it's given small  people maybe people who haven't even started a   channel yet the chance to get in front of people  and compete with people that have been doing this   since day one and are absolutely huge  it's a gift it's an absolute gift to us   so the best time to start um is now it isn't  too late and you'll never be ready now when when   will you be ready to do this you won't because  you're going to need a better camera aren't you   you're always going to need to be more confident  aren't you you're always going to need to practice   more aren't you well i hope i'm proving right  now that you don't have to be perfect you just   need to press record and do it and as i  say the wonderful thing about youtube is   it will give you feedback on what you're doing  right it'll give you feedback on what you're doing   wrong and help you correct it it's a long-term  project it's not a get-rich-quick scheme um but   then i don't know any which are legitimately get  rich quick schemes where you get rich you might   get lucky you might invest in the right thing at  the right time but that's not the youtube way of   doing things youtube is a long-term game but  you can get quick results as i will show you right next next slide youtube shorts now some of  you may have heard me talk about youtube shorts   some people may already know about them i'm  assuming that many don't and more importantly   many who who do are probably not doing them  and i want to show you some results that we're   getting with youtube shorts to push you over  the line and get you to actually press record   but just briefly what are youtube shorts  youtube shorts are youtube's answer to tick tock   if i don't know whether you've used tic toc  or not i went on it a couple of times it's   it's very silly in my opinion um it's aimed at  the younger generation much younger generation   and although you can make money on it and i have  seen businesses doing well on it it's not the   kind of business which i think that you and i  are probably in but it's it's hurting youtube   at the bottom end of the market but remember the  bottom end of the market typically don't have much   money because it's the people you know towards the  the mid 30s and over that um that are mainly on   youtube and certainly in the business space it's  youtube but it's but shorts are youtube's response   to um tick tock what they are really is  just short videos less than 60 seconds   slightly different format to to the way that  youtube has uh requested creators create since   it began in 2005 and and here's the opportunity  since 2005 until shorts came along very recently   they were saying make your videos in landscape  format format and make them long make them 10   minutes or more in some cases several hours  now what they're saying is do them in portrait   and keep them to 60 seconds or less and actually  a lot less good results are happening with shorts   which are well i've got one thousands of views  i think it was 14 seconds long but certainly   less than a minute so they've diametrically  changed what they're asking people to do   very recently what does that mean what it  means is that there is hardly any inventory   hardly any videos in youtube's um memory bank  of of available videos that um meet the criteria   as being a short and are therefore eligible to be  shown on the short shelf which is a special place   that youtube shows them so they have a lack  of stock so what we need to do if we want to   capitalize is make stock in other words let's make  some short videos and we'll find it extremely easy   to go up against very competitive people if we  give youtube what they want remember what we say   all this is find out what they want and give it  to them that's that's what you do in a marketplace   well in this instance the person buying if you  like is the youtube platform so let's find out   what the youtube platform wants and then give it  to it and what youtube platform wants right now is   short videos shorts make it really really easy to  subscribe the whole thing as we'll see in a moment   is set up to help you get subscribers you don't  need subscribers but i know you want subscribers   so you're going to get subscribers um there's a  bit of vanity in there i guess if you know it's a   bit of social proof but honestly as i've said many  times the value of subscribers is overvalued but   it's but shorts are cat nip to the algorithm and  i'm going to show you um what i mean by that um   i look for catnip i think they may be stinging  nettles it doesn't look like catnip to me but   anyway that cat doesn't look very happy but  the algorithm absolutely loves youtube shorts   as i will demonstrate so quickly  here is what the youtube youtube   short shelf looks like on a mobile device whether  it's iphone or android if you go onto your youtube   account you'll see that videos here in the short  format pop up and it's very tiny here but this one   here this lady get married it's got 3.2 million  views this one here i'm not sure what's happening  

14 million views those are big numbers and you  can also see when people click on it or tap on it   then you get a nice big red subscribe button  and the subscribe rates on shorts is through   the roof it really is far far higher percentage  of people subscribe when they watch it short   than they do when they watch a regular video let's  have a look these are people that um i work with   in real life i'm going to show you what shorts  is doing for them this is duncan duncan brody   hi duncan not sure if you're on the call but  uh thank you very much for your help today   putting this presentation together duncan's got  by his own admission a relatively small channel   he's got about 32 000 views all together on the  channel uh just over a couple hundred subscribers   since we started working together by the way  that's gone up 150 percent uh i didn't know that   duncan told me and uh therefore please don't think  i'm bragging i'm uh just telling you on behalf of   duncan his channel is growing and the reason this  channel is growing is because he's creating videos   creating videos regularly and he's now  starting to do some of these shorts videos   let's have a look at what's happening  with his shorts videos this morning   he did a short um at 7am released at 7am um i  was sitting was laying in bed checking my phone   but um just nearly half past eight and up pops  the duncan's shorts now they've been out there   for what just over an hour just uh sorry just  under an hour and a half seven o'clock it was 8 27   as you can see on my phone duncan's video popped  up in the short shelf fantastic great to see   you duncan and what's even better is on this  particular youtube account i'm not subscribed   to duncan's channel i'm subscribed to his channel  on other accounts but on this particular account   i'm not but the youtube algorithm knows that i  like the kind of content that duncan is producing   therefore it's put duncan very small creator in a  very small from a very small channel in front of   me way ahead of some of the bigger channels i mean  again i don't want to denigrate you know the size   of duncan's channel but by his own admission it's  tiny there are channels out there with millions of   subscribers and probably billions of views which  have been around for years and years yeah it's   duncan that appears on my short shelf because he's  producing shorts and they're not there's a lesson   in there somewhere folks and here to get a little  bit geeky for a moment is the analytics from uh   duncan's youtube channel it's not that particular  video it's another one that you did about opening   the job interview as it said the the opening  job interview questions shorts this was one   that he did a few days ago and the reason that  we're using this one is it typically takes   a few days for the shorts to to get onto the  short shelf but look what happens when they do   you had a total of 536 views that's the total  number of views on the video but here is a graph   that shows where those views have come  from so nothing pretty much for the first   day the second day towards the end of the second  day though he hit the short shelf the algorithm   put his video on the short shelf and all of  these views in blue came from being on the short   shelf and this um pink arrow that i've put here  i call it the shorts boost that's the difference   between what his videos have got because he made a  short video and what typically his video would get   had it not been in the short format the lesson  here is folks make shorts start making shorts   even if it's a brand new channel start making sure  she will get traction as i will prove in a moment   but let's see how we can use videos again  the shorts ones are a great example because   they're easy to use they're easy to create  and you'll get attraction quickly let's   see how from a lead gem perspective getting  leads via youtube compares to buying them on   google pay-per-click now so say when i had  my translation business we used to spend   several thousand dollars a month on expensive  keywords in the translation sector now i happen   to know that in the financial insurance sector  there are the adverts are really expensive   um i i looked in the google keyword tool  this afternoon and for keywords in the key   man insurance space which is just one that  i picked at random um to get a good set of   clicks you'd be paying around 38 pounds per click  that's 38 pounds for someone to click on a google   ad imagine how expensive that gets quite quickly  what if we could get people who were interested   in key man insurance to engage with us for less  than 38 pounds what if we could do it for free   what if we could do it without even  showing our face or using our voice   and what if we could do it forever  without having to pay google every time   lucky i think so um back in january i set up a  channel just for fun really just to see whether or   not i could rank and whether i could get interest  in this one of the most competitive and expensive   um sectors the insurance sector and i called it  even though i know nothing about key man insurance   and to be politically correct i called it key  person insurance but the channel name because   that those are the key words that people are  searching for is key man insurance expert   key man insurance expert and i did uh i made is it  12 no 13 videos all together this was the middle   of january and i just left them there and i've  done nothing with them there's no promotion no   nothing so as i was putting this presentation  together this afternoon i thought well   i remember one of the keywords that i was  targeting was how much is key man insurance   i'm just going to copy that into the clipboard and  then i'm going to get up a google incognito window   and we're going to go to youtube and just see  whether or not any of those videos are ranking always use incognito by the way because  otherwise if you do it from a logged in   channel it will remember what you've seen  in the past and all this kind of stuff   so this is just raw youtube i don't want to sign  in uh i agree google can steal all my information   and i'm just going to search for key how much  is key man insurance now this could be anything   in your sector obviously let's have a look oh  my gosh it looks like i fixed it doesn't it   but the very first listing here how much  is key man insurance that's my video   if i go down there's another one of my  videos how much can insurance do i need i'm guessing i'm in danger of showing off oh  there we go look at this this is a playlist   um playlist means if anyone clicks on this  they don't just get to see one video your   company can have various work they get to  see all of these videos are presented to   them which are the ones that i made i'll  play one just for a moment one at random   um just so you can see the format of the video um  they they take minutes to produce in most cases   key person insurance will be treated as a business  expense and is therefore tax deductible the two   most common questions regarding key man insurance  tax treatment as you can see um i'm not in it   my um my voice isn't in it i'm nowhere near as  good looking as him so i'll let him get on with it   but this is just produced using software um have i  misspelled tiktok perry i'm sorry um this is just   produced using software and the key thing is get  a bunch of them up there and as you can see we've   just got um number one listings i mean it couldn't  have worked out any better could i didn't know i   was going to do that to be honest um but if we if  we really were offering keyman insurance in the   description we could put a link to our website  couldn't we or we could put a link to a free   download or whatever else you do i know nothing  about the sector but rather than buying clicks on   google we can get free clicks when people are  searching youtube and a lot more people search   youtube for stuff than you would think rather than  google and once your channel becomes established   which this one isn't because it hasn't been  around long and it hasn't had very much content   when people search in google itself as opposed  to youtube these videos will start to come up   so you've effectively got a way of dominating  your niche for free and for almost no work to   be honest once you get the hang of producing these  you just need to churn them out how hard can it be   how hard can it be uh deborah do you get do you  get better traction by being in it personally   i don't know debra because i i don't appear in  them personally i've never tried um probably but   then you can't sell it can you and i always look  to don't want my face on stuff because then i   can't sell it but you probably would particularly  if you're a good presenter and particularly   if you're as interesting as you are deborah i'm  just not but have a go a b tester do a few review   in it a few of that i mean on one of the channels  which i'll show you later um i've got really good   growth uh just using um a synthesized lady's  voice and i don't think looking at the numbers i   could get much better by using a a real voice but  we'll look at that later on anyway so there you go   free traffic or at least  three free um exposure and   just to prove it isn't a fluke  we're getting towards the end now   this is a channel that i set up on the  23rd of december um 60-second love advice   and i'm not saying that i'm qualified to give  love advice but i haven't been through a divorce   i can certainly tell you what not to do  but all of these videos are um shorts   there's been no promotion they're just organic   they're produced in a similar way to the one  that i just showed you with the keyman insurance   using a lady's voice rather than a man's  voice with an american accent because   looking at the analytics the main market for this  is from the states um they're written in a more in   a lighter tone because again from the analytics  i can see that the target market is typically um   females of the age sort of 18 up to mid 30s so  i've tated the offering to what the market wants   and i'm being rewarded by growth it's only 114  subscribers but this will continue to grow this   will continue to grow as long as i keep producing  content and there's no reason why not to it takes   me um i i reckon somewhere between half an hour at  the quickest and an hour at the longest every day   and at least half of that maybe more than half of  that is producing the thumbnail because thumbnails   are really important i don't get boring about  that but that's it it does work so ask yourself   um is youtube for you ask  yourself can i produce some videos   can i produce some short videos let's face it  by definition the videos don't have to be long   they should really be less than 60 seconds i would  argue if you can aim for between 30 and 45 seconds   you've hit the sweet spot the only thing you  need is a phone you've already got a phone or   if you've not got a phone if you're watching this  you've got a laptop you've got everything you need   apart from perhaps the desire to do it and  the understanding of the reason why it would   be a good idea i hope i've at least answered  the latter it's very good reasons to do it   have you got the desire to do it have you got  the guts have you got the confidence to do it   well only you know that but i would suggest  having having a go that's it um if you don't   already know me we're not already connected  then let's connect what do they normally say   i'm available for weddings um bar mitzvahs  funerals whatever this whatever they're saying is   if you need some help this is not a pitch you  reach out to me and we'll talk um but if you   don't need any help then just get on with it just  do it because in a few years time when you're   looking back you'll be kicking yourself thinking  if only in 2021 i'd have started a youtube channel   i would be sitting on a pile of incoming  leads and possibly advertising money and   you'll be in a different place but you need  to start sooner rather than later because   it's not false scarcity on my part i can see  that there are already more people doing shorts   in fact i think on the original slide it was three  and a half billion shorts views are happening   every day my shorts have only been around i think  it's a year we started beta testing a year imagine   in five years time how crowded that's going to  be it's time to to make a land grab and own it

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