Your Evolving Business: From “Just a Blog” to Media Brand with Marie Denee | #MVCON19 Austin

Your Evolving Business: From “Just a Blog” to Media Brand with Marie Denee | #MVCON19 Austin

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I just. Today. I'm going to talk about. Evolving. Your business from a just. A bog to, a media platform, now, I'm, curious, raise. Of hands how many guys are accidental. Entrepreneurs. Like accidentally. Fell into vlogging, accidentally. Yeah. Yes. So, there's no blueprints, there hasn't been a blueprint. How. You guys can have the same. Have. In growing my dream because, some of this is kind of you have to be out you have to have audacity. But so, Who am I to think this bit right so I should've just given a little bit of an intro, and, I want to just give a little bit more background as, I was sharing I have 12 years in retail likes me I keep a, few space. I. Wanted, to be a boutique owner that. Was my whole goal I wanted, to open up a boutique I wanted, to help women. That. Was my goal but, you know I went and got my MBA and marketing, I was. Like this is what I'm gonna do and in 2008. That's. When this whole web log. Thing started, right cuz it wasn't called blogging first wide it was a web, log. Right. This. Is what I should do to tell the story and opening. Up for for me to tell, the story it's to open up my boutique. Hey. I can do this. From. There I kind. Of just jumped, in and things, have evolved, and then for me I have. Taken, a lot of leaps of faith for. Me so I produced, the TCF style Expo, which, is a five-year eve 5 year series, I have, my PC. Which. This is our second we just finished up our second so I bring like readers with us and we go on a cruise, for six days. Their, whole it was great. And then I've had brunch series, I've. Had TCF, turns X anniversary. Parties, like you know I get my readers offline. And we actually, interact, with each other. Right. I. Want. A couple of awards and. Doing. This it's been kind of interesting, because I had no idea that. I could be right here right. So. A. Little. Bit about like. Right. So I have, this crazy vision, that, the, curvy fashionista, will. Be sitting next to there's, no report who. What where and, bustle. Do. You guys know these sites, right. So I'm like okay, I'm doing this but the only difference, is that, would. Be from a plus perspective. Right. There's no, other, mainstream. Site that's actually. Specifically. Addressing, this need so. I'm like well maybe that's me. Maybe. Right. Why, not right. And so as opposed to asking and how many times do you guys ask yourself, why and then like talk, yourself backwards, as why you cannot, do something, how. Many guys do that I mean I know I'm not a there, we go so instead, of asking yourself why and a lot of what I'm gonna be addressing. Today is gonna be kind of more of the why, not, because. Literally we're in a space where. You, can have. And, create. What you want, there's. No ceiling here, we, have this freedom and flexibility, to make our own okay. So, the crazy vision, I have, to see you guys opportunity. Or 2008. I started. On Christmas day of. All. Days I started, the Kirby fashionista. That. Was my first post I've since deleted it because it was like horrible I.

Mean. How many guys over there clean we'd be talking him in the media vine grid we were deleting, old post. We're, like what was I thinking I, didn't even. You. Know no links the images are broken, right, so. In, 2008. I like. I said wanted to open a boutique grab, the way to working, in retail I was either gonna have a boutique or be, somebody I tell executive, that's, what I was going to do. 2009. Right. 5:30. Scary. Right then. I have to look cuz I was like I'm, not about to embrace that, Friday. The 13th, was actually, the number 13 means change, and, changed. For some people is scary so, I was like okay I'm gonna take the other way I'm gonna take this is like it's, changes, power we're gonna make this work so anyways, so with, this I'm saving, I was. Like okay well, you know I told my girlfriend do you have to have like a great circle, of friends right to help push you and challenge you so I told them it, was like a girl I lost, my job on Friday by, Wednesday, the following, week I had printed. Out business cards. I. Was. Official y'all right, had, my business cards, there we go girl I had, my business cards, and then I had a, luncheon. One of my friends got a plate sponsored, for me and I went to somebody's, fancy, luncheon in San, Francisco, and from, there I hadn't looked back so, then I started thinking. This. Could actually be something what. Am i doing I have no idea, right, and so, especially I'm in the plus space I think Gaby, fresh had just started right before me but she was more of the personal style blogger I wanted, to be a resource, I knew, I wanted to be like look, for something you knew you can come to me like, that's what I would I, didn't know how I can make it something right so. My. Mom's like girl you need to move mom I can't help you no more. Because. You know at that point you, only had one absence. Even. Whenever was, that very first if you were on Adsense it took you like 2 or 3 years to get out 100. Operate. So. My mom told me come home I kicked, and screamed but I made it home and then, coming home the funniest, thing happened how. Many you guys were early adopters of Twitter. 2009. Ish right hey, woo so. With that I got. A someone. Added me and they were in a they had an egg write, their profile picture was an egg and back in those things. You. Still have two people with eggs okay. Today. You don't. Spam. Block. Right, there. Let play we, got this opportunity for, you I'm. Like, well. Here email me so. They emailed, me they were like oh well we need you to sign an NDA. Well. We must review prior to launch campaign, for the santa cruz. What. You're talking about. I. Received. A, car. Paid. Off no. Bail. In. Six months I made more than six months in that campaign, then, I had the whole year, working, in retail I was, like I'm sorry what just happened. My. Mom was over here like girl and now you could pay me back. I'm. Like okay mom here you go, but. That's. Me. That this was 2010. 2011, I was on to something. I made, sure that.

Check This. Car which I still have I'm. A ride her until the wheels come off y'all ain't got no bill. Right. So. For, me it, was important, to like understand. Like okay there's something but I still know because monetizing, was like what. Is monetizing, sponsored posts at that time and then. It's. Like they, didn't think twice right it was a whole different. Way. Fast. Forward. To, about. Five. Years ago and, I. Moved. To Georgia and. Then one of the friend where we didn't know what was gonna happen I'm. A military brat so we picked that moving is nothing so. I moved to Georgia and started. The expo. This. Was like and, I wanted, to kind of create like a, small. Situation where, there, were all these retailers, that were offline. Fingers. Performers. All this stuff happening, but it was all four-plex like people. Two. Years ago. I in. My, question. Like building, my neighborhood, bad. Bad. Girl bosses. To. Me I. Am. You. Know. You. Weren't and. This, is happen. At. All and, then. My mind went I. Am. A tech oh. So, I can't, oh so, so, who. Would wear in the zone report and bustle, and refinery29. Their, tech companies, to their. Digital, platform. Girl. This. Whole time I've been wandering, aimlessly trying, to figure out what is my next level how do I get to my next level so my crazy vision. I'm. Going I'm gonna have the audacity, to. Go to, sit up and and sit on the same level, but. Plus. Perspective. That. Is my crazy vision, and I've, been working for that. There. We go right. So this all sounds, pretty right, so, how are you going to do this it's about shifting mindset. From, employee. To. Employer. Your. And. Your. Team. Not. Spend money to, make money, unfortunately. And. Then, understanding. Like what. Dollars, really look like in order to help you grow what, these four, topics I wouldn't talk about we're, gonna I want to help you feel like you can have the same type of audacity, because, the end of the day there is room for all of us right. So. You're. Under their, umbrella right. You're. Under their umbrella they're, protecting, you you don't have to worry about paychecks, you, don't have to worry about benefits. You, don't have to worry this it's. There's. Somebody there to clean it up right. If there is if, there is a damage. If there's something damaged, there's someone there to fix it as. Entrepreneurs. As bloggers, that we have these businesses, we are creating, our own, umbrellas. But. Here's the thing. 2009. They. Didn't have any websites, that, broke down which best plugins, to use how. Many guys have created, the white screen of death by playing around on your site, right. You, don't add it somebody's, wrong thing and your site turned white I. Mean. I mean with Google University it taught me how, to do things right. When, your umbrella. Breaks. Not. Only, as a blogger as an entrepreneur, not only, do you have to figure, out what, it is that needs to be fixed you have to figure out what. Tools you need to fix it you, have to figure out what tools you need to fix it you have to figure out where. To go find those tools to get it fixed. Sometimes. You can praise someone to do it for you. On. Your own so in this space you have to realize like yes, you, may have these grand dream about, mind. That this is yours, and you, have that responsibility, for. The good once it's all pretty and big right. But. Even when it's when it was raining outside and you. Have to protect yourself or hide yourself, underneath like. You need to make sure that everything, top secure, so, when you're digging about wait, for, your this, umbrella, is, what. Is for me like. The best analogy, because it gives me a visual. Also. The. Cool part about it is your. Other can be pain yours. Can be teal. And. There's. Enough room for all of us you. Know and I have to stress that because often times people kind of get into this weird competition, that, there can only be one this. Goes into the scarcity, mindset. You, start thinking, like that. You. Will ultimately, limit. Yourself, in your own ability, to grow, you. Will because. You're constantly looking at what they're doing, constantly. Looking at what they're doing and you're, not paying attention to your own you're. Not even real umbrella. Fell down right. Because. They're, so. Pretty, how. She's not hers and top polka dotted and pretty she got up gravy she got a stand right. But. If you pay attention and, you realize you know what I can, build a stand I need it I need it solidify, my foundation, so I could go on a vacation I. Mean. What's that right. I mean. Vacation, for most of us is like there's, enough hotel room. I'm. Just saying that's, like that our.

Getaway. Where. We purposely don't bring our laptop, somewhere, or. Turn our phone on silent, that's. Vacation, that's, real so. You have to get resourceful, business right you, can't there's now there's, no reason why you can't find the resources, you need especially, in this day and age I mean, a science for Google we. Have we're here in media mind girl like oh if you're moving, slow all, you have to do is email them they'd let girl try this, am. I right I mean. I'm that I've emailed them about the most randomest, of things especially. When I'm like something a right but. Now we have that resource so, there's. The. Best resource is something. About. Your. Audience. We, tell you I have. Realized. That I have such an engaged, and, champion. Type of audience, in my I, have a Facebook community and, I. Have now hired folks, from my community, to, work. With me on my bland. Following. You for, yachts I had one woman who, is now a photographer. Who. Is going to be doing lingerie. Photography. And. Showing, you know different ways in that but she had been following me for almost seven. Years. Randomly. Emailed, me was, like I am a seeing, this. Is the service that I provide I, talk about good large photography. Like. Do you need me to help you what can I do I. Was. Like girl. You. Want to contribute he. Wrote so she wrote truly, amazing and. Then. From there, she. Brought. Her family, came. Back and even though he was like girl I'm ready like to do some shooting these, are the relationships, with brands that I want to reach out to let's. Get some. Another. Reader of mine, just. Out process, from the military, she, worked on the weather side so real admin, techie operational. Gold. Mine. Talk. About organization. She. Was. Like Marie let's go she. Done cleaned, up and they spread sheets, of. All the people. Come. On she's. Like oh we can filter too. The. Resources. Are right, in here sometimes, we think oh my god I need to find a VA I need, a VA. That's. Like every other person. But. You. Could ask your groups, you, can ask your audience, your, community. I've. Got someone in my group she's like Marie I'm, a copy, editor I have been a fan and I want to do that, well. Let's test it let's see what you could get I mean. You will find that you have these resources all, around, you and sometimes, we think we have go a certain route it's. Gonna be it's. Gonna be. Like. Dog has to say you can easily ask hey I'm. Looking, for some. Especially. If. You've. Got a Facebook, group if you don't make, one you'll. Be surprised at how like excited, they are to just talk to you okay. But, in that group you start doing little questions. They. Are like I'm here, girl, there. That person who's like I'm here to help that's your Dedekind your dirty. Facebook. What does now that superfan. And. Conversation. Starter though, that was on your leads right there they're, already, dedicated you. Slide into the deep. How. You doing tell. Me about yourself, and I. Don't how you you. Know create, these resource, with. All of that this. Is one of the questions that was asked to me who. Do you dream big with. Like. Not just like oh girl I want to you, know hit so many page views know. Who. Do. You dream big, with, could. Be your partner but, do you have like a. Mentor. Or a group, of folks, who. You who challenges. You to think bigger. Than what you think, if. Someone told me that I, could be making I'm not, five, hundred thousand a year. Like. Pushing. Me. We're. All going to because. We're pushing and we can have these real direct, conversations.

Whether. It's a mastermind. Whether. It happens to be a casual, group I've. Enjoyed, a group there, so. Now I'm like over here like fancy. Businesspeople, not, even in this space there. But. They're also teaching me some. Ever you know more business, kind of focused. Thought processes. So. For you you, need ask who, do you dream dick with who can you dream big with because trust me you can't drink with everybody, it's. Not everybody knows how to dream it and then, there's also that crabs in a barrel right because some people just ain't there yet that's, okay but. You need to have your folks whom you dream big with so when it comes to mind set shifting it's, important, that you guys see and I'm kind of a look. At how you're approaching these things because, sometimes the only thing that has been in a way is yourself, and, you. Have to get out of your own way especially. As you take. Over the world you, have to. All. Right so, one, of the things that I did, so. I'm Virgo and. With. Capricorn. Mood. So means I'm hella ambitious, and a control freak. So. You. Know and I also can laser focus, on something and kind of get completely you know distracted, like I'll being a cop and they've like Marie come over here but. I like. To create strategies I like to write them down not only do I like to write them down but, I have this big post-it, notes at home like, the big ones that stick. Onto the walls, those. Are great I have. Like a whole wall that has like all of my. So. Like I see it every day right but, when, you think about content, you know we always hear confident pinging and consistency, is clean right we hear those things all the time but, content. And social media strategy, is more than just writing, down your content, and plan. It out content. Strategy, how many posts, are you writing today. How. Many, posts what topics, are you writing, about but, then we have the social element right, how, are we getting it out to our audience this. Is important, people, our histogram are. These my audience, the folks on Instagram, are a little bit more racier. But. You get, your audience and where they are so. You know you may also realize, that I'm Pinterest, you, know like they, love a specific. Type of layout. For, me like, I have them by category, like what are you looking for why calf boots plus-size. Bridal like. The things that people come to my site are the things I make my board so. That I can then just kind of cross promote in that collection what. Is your strategy. No. Idea how this work. That's. Something, that I outsource, I haven't. Yeah, I know, my limits we, do have a video I just don't do it I, can't. Take something on but you also have to know your own limits right, so. One. Of your content social media strategy you meet. You. Need to write it down, you. Have to because. Then it allows for you to look at it it's. Kind of plan. Right. How we're going to engage your, audience how, you're gonna engage the person who who, is being you you're gonna grow. Your, pageviews grow. Your audience, right which, leads me to editorial. Calendars, now. The. Longest, time the only, editorial, calendar that makes me. It's. Like Glamour's. Because. He's and they'd have like a whole like their website like like. A pain. For. Me and, why is that important. Well, it's. Important, because your readers switch, four things based upon the time of the year great, but, how many times you guys get those emails from Pinterest it's time to start pinning these. Things it's. Time to start doing this because these people are looking for something this, is the same reason why it's important to have an editorial calendar, so. For me I you have to have like a strategy, and a game plan in place and, I think sometimes that's where we struggle. Is, creating, this structure. Like. You can grow I even, grow. But. You're gonna hit a ceiling and, that's. Where I was and I, realized it was my. Next level, up the change and. This, is where I change, the most this, content, strategy, how.

We Got, our content, out of. Via. We. Love it and we hate it right. It's, very time-consuming, but. It has its benefits, when. You know who loves you love, you when, they don't you, hate them. But. SEO like understanding. You know whether we, use Yoast. Pro. Premium. But. We also for, the longest time have been making sure that our images. Were named not. One. Two three dot jpg. Listen. Our. People still use that okay. Like. Changing. The names of the images. It's. Ella. Cui, velvet. Suit. That's. The name of my image, right, so, you, know those things we had started using in terms of a best. Practices, and. Our outs alt descriptions. And our. Alt. Tags are all just in our meta descriptions, like all of those were had been filled out yeah. My name is Chavez I'm a ten year old brand. Out. Of old. Stale. Content. So. For the past two, years I've. Four. Hundred blog posts, that, haven't. Been SEO, optimized, I had. Over 4,500. I. Went. Over went through 24. 300. I have. 300 left to go, deleted. About 700. Send, content 301. Redirect. To. Make sure like I have a real bad thin content it was horrible and then all Paula. Wharton, embeds. Girl. Girl. You. Know when, Paula Ford died, and. All those embeds, how. Many you guys remember Paula for how. Many y'all had caller for embed it into your site am, I the only one oh hey. Boo so, you understand. So you understand. When. Paula Ford died and, because, it had embeds I had, empty white boxes, in about like 45, and. And. And you know before it would give you all this text, description, it was all pretty have. Empty, posts, was, just an empty white, line around, our little grey lines. Horrible. How, to clean all that up so. Like the past like. No. I since. January, we. Just. Sign them we, have really been focusing, on our SEO going back and cleaning up all our oak old content, because, I, can't. Go to someone who's like yo you need to mess with us because, I'm trying to be the new you know. Me. Or whatever when, my whole backyard. So. I got it I gotta clean my house I got it and not just stuffing, you know how sometimes when people comment you know, I, had to clean. You. Know you. Know so I thought to really go in and I'm right now in a space where I'm gained, into, my site cleaning. Things up, y'all. Gonna see me with the engineer. People today, because. I'm about to learn about all this like optimization. For your art piece CPM rpm, all, that fun stuff because. I want to make sure that my content is the best is is, presented. The best way to give, me the best return right. SEO. Doing. An audit and getting, all these reports, run. In a report. Million-year. Is on my site. Amelia. And. I all content. Like I said had like four thousand posts been, around for ten years so some, of that was just like one, broken link was on every, page so. I was like five thousand. Right. So. It's like cool thing I've got it down to eight thousand. That's. A lot dude from a milk thousand. Right. Fixing. All my mixed content posts, old random. Embeds. You. Know Google Company next month to like block stuff, you. Know I'm, staying. On top of happening. And what's going on the things that I can't do I'll. Outsource, to, like. If it's over my head or I just. City. Outsource. It and again. Like I said you'd be surprised how many folks in your, come in your communities.

Your, Own fan, these. Resources, so. Videos. I'm, trying. To forget about, trying. To figure out my best strategy, because I'm learning like long ones don't really work so. We. Gotta figure out how you're gonna do this so sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Some. Of the main. Tools, some. Of those mean. Someone. Somebody. Doing it for you the, Animoto, like I'm totally gonna try, to pretend, to take advantage, of that. Going. To get you there now here's the funny part sometimes. We're so focused on, on. In, goal that we don't see the big picture right, I had. A whole Expo, like, a whole to date Expo, and team, of eleven people this, whole production. Happening. Like, 50 something volunteers. Models. All of that did. You think I had the same thing for every fashionista. I, think. Freedom and I'm like. Girl. You. Have a whole production team over here. It. Like it, didn't occur to me and then. I'm thinking like this is my babies. Trust. Her. Stress, is, not. Something to play with and, I, was hitting that point I was hitting walls I started. Doing with anxiety, and pressing up my things gotta give real. Quick so. I learned, I started, reading trying pretend to read books articles, around leadership. Management, had. A try right, I'm trying you know, for me my best thing is I realized, that my team that I do have I just on boarded a managing editor on Monday. Like. Me. I realize, that these, are people who are right here in my group in. My community, you know we'll take all these like leaps of faith buddy. Up but what about ourselves, you. Know like how much I cling to bet on yourself so, your. Tools, will. Change and cost a little more, sometimes. People always are like sometimes, I see in groups everyone's like I need the free version, I want, the free version, girl. Nah. Free. Version can get you only so far but, those extra, fancy tools you're. Gonna have to invest a little bit now, that doesn't mean going and buying every pro person everything cuz not everything is always worth it. Refuse. Ask. Your, community, ask your fellow bloggers, ask, your you know ask around. To. Really get to like the real like what are you using girl what. Is working for you. Like. Scheduling. Content. I schedule. Coast. Schedule is my jam because I've created templates. Right I have. These templates, and I have my content schedule out for sharing for, 50. Days. So. One piece of content has a long share, of up to 50, days. Pinterest. Is in there. Twitter. LinkedIn. Page. Let me show you fancy, but she's there some people like it I get some clips. But. You. Know I use. All. First of all just all right there and WordPress is right there in the blog post it's right here, cuz. I mean if I have to click out of WordPress to go like I'm probably not gonna use it, so. For me it's co schedule. Optimizer. Some people like Alejandro, I don't know he's if he's here but. I think it's all hundred accesses names like. And he's in the media, vine group he talks about like optimizing. SEO, you. Know they, talk about site. Structure and all of these things for speed but, you're gonna have to invest a little bit in order for, your, site to be done optimizing. Your content. To be fixed, or you can be like me take a whole year to get through like 8,000 pieces. Right. So, you got to kind of think about these things and it's important, that you do because. Again we're. Trying to be I'm, trying to be up, there with the big boys you know, and so as I and I've been working to get dinner my. Platform, like. We want to play around you know you hate getting, that email my girl your link is broken. Because. And that's exactly how I read the emails with. All the attitude. You, know you've got a spelling, mistake. Well. Actually price point is the right word. I'm. Just saying you know you hate that, and. So when, it comes to these fools. Alright, let's. Talk about dollars, do you guys know your optimize, revenue streams, it's, important, that you look at the, various, ways that you're actually bringing in fun right. You have to break it down so for me I, have. My display, ads my, sponsored, content, my. Affiliate, revenue postings. And speaking. Consultant. Eventually. Shop TCF, and then. Events, events. For me are a lot of fun obviously, as I told you I'd we do all these different types of events I like, connecting, with people offline, for. You you, want to look at what your mix will be. Displayed. Ads ad networks, display, average or direct advertising, bouncer. Posts, services. Affiliate. Marketing membership. Sites and directories, physical. Products, speaking. Gigs consulting, and events so. Taking. All the strategy, that we just talked about all, of that resources. That we've just addressed. And. You want to feel like I want a crazy goal of 300,000. Well. We. Need to pay back on 12, you get 25,000. A month, then. You start breaking it down it starts feeling a little bit more and more, it's beautiful.

Now. For. You. Okay. Cut. This down you know bring it back. Same. Thing applies because. You divide this by 12 and, then you divided, by 4, you understand, your weekly goals. This. Right here this practice, for me has, helped me, realize and. Actualize. Where. And how I can get you ready to go. So. For me here, I use. My aDNA boxwood post affiliate, marketing and events. And. Here. Breaking, it down. All. Right so I assign, percentages, to each one, you. Know I know kind, of you all have like an ideal, goal of how, much company, with rings, right so, for. Me most of the, 40% of my content, or my revenue is gonna come from. Sponsored. Content. Affiliate. Marketing, that's direct affiliate, sales. Commission. You. Have event and then you have display, acts now. I hope my goal though is after I leave from here I, display. Eyes kind of starts like getting higher percentage. Because I'm trying to figure out how can get myself like that guy who posted in the group I'm, trying to get there right, I'm. Trying to wait. Right. You, want to make sure that everything, equals a hundred right. They, need, times. Your monthly. Your. Monthly, revenue, by, each percent. This. Gives you targets, for, each month. But. You know however you want to break this down this, gives you a break it's, easy to, see your integral. And. Know where you need to go by breaking it down like this because then you, have a target, you have a tangible. Smart. Goal. But. You know how, you need, to move in order, these, goals happen right these. This is part of the how, I had to change my mindset you. Have to be proud because we need it I'm. Just gonna apply to these random, affiliate. Our blog. Networks. And maybe. I get chosen, maybe. I know. I needed to be proactive and I need to go get this money I got bills to pay okay. Not even my bills now I got people's bills to pay right. So. In one. Thing with this it's one thing to have a plan but it's a total, other to execute, so. It's you can have all the fun goals in the world if you don't have a plan a strategy a, way to get, its. Why. Right. So you will, meet a team. You. Won't have to I used. To say fire myself. But, someone corrected, me they're like girl you ain't firing, yourself promoting. Yourself I was, a Oh, promoting. Myself, holding. Myself out of. Image. Making promoting. Myself I'm, gonna start promoting myself. Because. I need people to healthy act not I'm not I thought I was but I'm not superwoman. I'm not we. Think we are and then, we end up stressed, with. No life and, your friends are like why you always mad. Right. So. For me right now I have four departments, of, four, pillar bizdev. Content. Marketing. Advanced. For. Me I have found out what works best for me and as, I've written. Out all of the tasks. That need to be done, I now have organized, them by department. So. That I can now bring in someone these. Are your responsibilities. Right here these. Are all your responsibilities. Right here I have. Uploaded. So. I can go beyond tea sometimes, so. I could just lay out with my dog if. I can breathe how. About just I can enjoy okay yeah great. You, don't even give ourselves that at times right like. I got it right I kind of write Instagram. I got a remember. To. Like do a story I'm like oh I should probably story. And. Then we didn't know if that's the right way of saying it. But. With. All of this what you need to rinse. Evaluate. Because, everyone says rinse and repeat but. That, point of evaluating, you, need to know what's going to work what. Has worked, and you have to dock every. Part, of this process, because then you won't know that if you find yourself repeating, the same errors, and then, like, didn't. We do this already how much. You. Know I. Mean. You might. Don't. We do it like this - Wow. So. You want to make sure that you're growing positive. And the best way to do that is to actually make sure you document what, works and what, does it I'm a daughter of a military mom and she. Always comes to my Expos and after, my Expo she's like all right lessons learned I. Need. You to run down everything, that worked and what didn't work okay.

Mom Don't, breeze I know yeah. I've. Learned to start doing that because while everything's fresh you. Can actually recall. See, right. So, not only will you document. This but it allows for you to do monthly and quarterly chickens, with yourself, and repeat. And. With. All of that being said, as. You kind of go through this and as you're kind of getting taking. All of what you're, gonna learn this this week here. You, know don't. Forget, to think big and then, water there think, bigger than that take it a step further and ask, yourself why not, because. Here we have the ability, to literally. Clean and build our. Wildest, dreams because. I can tell you right now none of us probably not gonna be sitting here at this table doing what we do now five. 10 years ago right, we. Didn't even think it was possible I'm, sorry I didn't get paid to do one, right. So. With all of that being said. It's. Like. It. Starts, with you and. It's. You know. Bowls, or goals turn into plans and your plans turn into actions, and it, may be anything. Away from what I've shared with you I really, really want, you to know that you, can, make you can't have that audacity, you can't goal yourself to be that next X you. Can make that happen and. Why. Not. Because. You're thinking a lot of times I think very likely. I'm. Afraid, you. Know I don't think that you know Who am I to think girl. You. Guys are here to learn to absorb to take it in to take it home to, apply, to. Make more money to retire you someone, was I. Retire. My mom. Loved. To retire my mom my. Mom. Wouldn't. It be amazing but. To be able to have this freedom like we have this ability to do that media vine is one of those tools that is helping us make that happen so thank. You so much media vine for having me thank you guys for. You.

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