Yard clean up for the ages! PART TWO!!!

Yard clean up for the ages! PART TWO!!!

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Hello this is Sean with Blade Mate Lawn Care, and today I’m gonna finish that job which I started last week. You may recognise this yard So the background to this one… I have a Patreon account and the patrons actually help me go out in my community and help out people whose yards get a little bit overgrown etc. I can come in and tidy them up for them. So then they don’t have to pay me anything. Sometimes they do, if they choose. The person who lives here, she actually gave me a little bit of money and I was very grateful for that. If you watch part one of this video you’ll actually see what I put some of that money towards. However I turned up this morning,

took one look at the backyard and I thought no. Not today. I’ve just been in the car for an hour to pick up this. I’ve used one of these on a previous video. If you’ve seen the video that I’ve used it on, you will recall that it can eat just about anything that’s put in front of it. So when we go and have a look at the backyard, you’ll see exactly what I mean, and why I decided to hire this for the day. Well that’s disappointing. It doesn’t seem to wanna do the job. I’m not sure what the problem is.

That’s kind of all it’s managed here, and then it gets to about here and just pushes it over. So I’m not gonna persist with it. What I am gonna do, is do what I was gonna do originally before I had a look at this grass this morning and go through it with one of my two strokes. I kinda got no choice now. Everyone’s always like ‘you need to get a brush hog in that sort of grass,

mate.’ Well you saw, I tried, I failed, and now I’m gonna do it my way. A couple of videos ago I dug out a mystery object, which the majority of people guessed it when I said ‘does anyone have any what this is?’ For those who are still in the dark, I’ll give you a hint. That’s the same thing. Look where it’s attached. There ya go. If you can’t work it out from there, I can’t do much for you. Yeah, a little bit disappointing. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow. What my plan is… I’ll probably just bring my Rover ya know? And just catch it all. It’ll take me about

seven hundred thousand million bloody catcher loads and maybe a few tip runs, because I’ll run out of bags and space on my ute. But we’ll get it done, we’ll get it done. This is progress. It looks ugly, but this is progress. Alrighty, I’ll see ya tomorrow. Now that I can see the edges, I’m gonna go around and use the whipper snipper and tidy it up a bit. And then I’m gonna go back over everything again and just pick up that debris. That’s a lot of green waste. I’m pretty lucky! She pointed this out to me yesterday afternoon before I left and said I could just put it all there. Because you could imagine how many more hours it would have added to

the job were I to load it all up in bags and do tip runs. I did have plans to do out here behind the pool there, however it looks like this gate’s been secured with this rope. So I’ll take a hint. That’s a pretty clear indication of ‘stay out’ so unfortunately I’ll be leaving that bit.

Here’s the front yard that I did last week, and look! Already having signs of recovery. A little bit of green sprouting up. A little bit of grass here. A little bit of green. That’s nice. Those big weeds that were kinda scattered everywhere with the farmer’s friends,

whatever your name is for those, the burrs; they don’t appear to be making a resurgence. Not that I can see. This yard was sprayed with Round-up ‘glyphosate’ and that effectively killed everything. So that’s why it’s important to cut it right back and get the sun on the roots. Just to kinda restart that system. Get that photosynthesis happening again, and as you can see like within a week this dead grass, and it was dead. It was killed

by chemicals and overgrowth, it’s coming back to life, which is great. So I’m gonna give this another mow today just to continue that promotion of growth. And I’m also gonna give out there front here a quick mow, just to tidy it up. So you will be seeing more of this yard if I can convince the client to let me come and mow it regularly for her. That is to say that I don’t want her to pay me because she has been putting money in my hand, and that wasn’t why I knocked on her door. I didn’t do this

to get money off her, but like I said in my previous video, who am I to say no to someone who wants to help someone else? So if my previous few videos are anything to go by, I should generate enough revenue to be able to maintain this yard for the foreseeable future, so that’s great.

2021-05-31 11:36

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