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Three, two one and we, are live. With the jato report, coming. To you all the way from YouTube, so. Tonight. Definitely. Have some great things to talk about as we always do. As. We. Start out the stream for those of you that are tuning. In on the replay. Normally. We kind, of get everything, ready. In the first minute. Or two make sure that I'm. Able to monitor. The stream make sure we're not getting any lag allow. A few people to Don right away we've got XRP minute, popping. In right away and. We've got a visitor here so, getting, ready for bed and wanted. To pop in and say hello to all. Of those that are joining. In for the stream so, got, a couple people bounced, in here we've got Anneliese Jorge, who. Do we have right there. Who's, this right here. Right. Here read this. Yeah. What do you say. Awesome. Vincent Wilson's like. Those Vincent Wilson's every. Vincent Wilson is 20,000. XRP by the way. Out. That. Chip out. Alright. Now. We're ready to go. That, was um. Hmm. So all right let's let's, get this kicked off now I got, my phone buzzing over here and, see. That chip he's been listening he's been picking. Up on on, the, vernacular of, the. Chip isms chip. Isms vernacular. How. Do we say that so all right let's get this kicked off let's get some energy here, we, got some great things to talk about got, people bouncing, in as. Always. What. Do we got going on we got XRP, angel. Connie popped in here, Mets, nerves in hey Mets on what's going on. Obviously. We recognize. Bubba shapes, already, that popped in here, really. Interesting. Want, to hear a little bit about it I, understand. That. Metzner, and chip met up for lunch. Today. Somewhere. In the. Southeast, though. Maybe. You can let. Us let, us know you guys can share. Though. Hmm. Anyhow let me uh let's, see who balanced. Into the stream first night we got XRP, carolina and with, that. First. In the stream we're. Gonna carry on this tradition as, long, as we can first. In the stream get some free. Xr/e. Let's. Get this going out to XRP, carolina and then, you can do with what you please if you want to donate. It and keep it moving through the community, that's awesome. Really. Appreciate, everybody, for balancing. On there we go and we got some XRP going out to XRP carolina. Awesome. Let's. See how fast that is because that should be like instantaneous. How. The speed. At which we've. Got XRP traveling, around the globe though. Awesome. Here we go that's. Twice, in one day I think I'm gonna start mixing it up I'm gonna pick somewhere. A little bit further down on the list that that first spot is great but, I'm gonna keep you guys guessing, now that's. Gonna be awesome, we've. Got. Michelle. Lynn Michelle, Lynn Michelle. Michael. In inch. Bin. All right I, don't. Want to butcher your name sorry about that so. Let's. Let's start this off see Dany, Torres on as well all. Right let. Me get, to my notes. Let me get focused, here and so. Before, before, I get into what I wanted to talk about I do want to talk about banking. With no borders, because I think it's really important, that, we, dig, in and we've been talking about banks so I figured, we're, gonna talk about banks, let's keep this. Theme going, as long as we can on. The whole banking. Cycle. But, before, I get into that I, wanted. To look. At something, that popped up in the, news over the past couple days and. Actually. Jamie, Dimon, weighed in on student, loan debt and was saying what. A disservice, they've. Done for. Students. And yes. They have done a significant. Disservice to, students. Through. Through. The loans but, really. We're only seen, I don't get too deep, yeah. Might get cut, again he, keeps getting cut ziba it's so I don't know what's up with that but. You know when, we're talking about a, student, loan debt they're, only focused, on one component. Of it and that's the debt that the students, are carrying they. Seem to ignore all the other aspects. Of what's, going on with within the student debt cycle.

And So. You. Know I've talked, about this before but. It keeps popping up it's, been a top of mind it's, kind of been aggravating. And this. Doesn't, necessarily have a lot to do yet with digital assets, but, it does directly, impact, the economy anything. That impacts the economy. Impacts. The digital. Asset space and if we think, about you, know the last major recession. And really, global financial crisis. We, saw Bitcoin. In the digital asset space birthed, out of the, last economic, crisis, so I think this is really important, that, we focus in on what leads up to a, financial. Crisis, and I know DNI talks about you know all these different aspects. What's, up brain good. To see you on. Hey uh is. It uh I'm. Gonna try one more time is it Michael Lin Michelle, Lynn, Michael. Pin. Juve, maybe. Can. And we'll. Get a accurate. Pronunciation. It's. Easy if you just type in it uh. So. Who she could stay for class uh the. Political, class. Speaking. Out oh here we go Mike. Mike : Mike Mike, Mike :. In. You Michael, in pin you in. You, now. Everybody's, typing here. Alright. There we go everybody's. Transliterating. Perfect. All right the big question, of the day is who's down with OTC, and there we go. So. The clown debate is on, all. Right so you. Know so when, we when we dig into the. Into. You. Know I'm completely. Off-base when we dig into this, debt crisis, and we dig into the, 1.3. Trillion, dollars, in student, loan debt we. Have so. Many lies. Or, you. Know maybe just. Misinformation. Maybe, it's a purposeful. Reiteration. Of The Improv this misinformation, you know but the government, officials, those who are running for elected, office seem. To again they look. At student, debt and they're and they're appealing. To. Emotions. And so much of politics, and running for a political. Office has, to do with appealing, to people's. Ideologies. People's, you. Know political. You. Know mindset. But. And much of it has to do with. Churning. Up emotions, and, we're seeing that more and more that, there's a focus on emotions. And more and more focus on emotions, and less, and less focus, on everything else and when, we hone, in and we and we hear these guys talking about, a student, loan debt and the student loan debt. Crisis. Then. We. Have to look at the entire picture so, when they say that, there there's a student loan debt and we need to figure out a way to resolve it then, what, the hell you, know let's. Get to the bottom of it now, these. Elected.

These Uh those, that are running for elected office speaking. Out that they need to charge off the. 1.3. Trillion, dollars, in student, loan debt now think about what that impact, would be to the economy, but, think about why, is it that the students, have racked up, 1.3. Trillion dollars, in student loan debt to, begin with now. The one thing that the bank's know and. And and colleges. Know specifically. Universities. Know is that. Student. Loans are government. They're. Pushing. Loans to, those who, can't, afford the loan they. Know. Specifically. That students, coming out of the, universities. Won't. Be able to get a job you know paying enough to, pay off the loans now that the problem here isn't, so much that, the students are getting the loans the problem, is that the universities, understand. That, the government, is going to keep pushing the banks to, keep funding these. Loans and as a direct. Result the universities, and colleges keep, increasing. Tuition BAM, there you go look at that Dany. Torres college, is fleecing, the students with high tuition and that is. Exactly. You, know what's been you know what's been you know happening, you know it specifically, has to do with high. Tuition cost now the thing is the universities, keep increasing. Tuition costs, and they know that, the banks are gonna keep funding the high tuition and the, higher the, universities, go the more money the the funding, goes and then the government, backs it and it's, the only loan that can't be discharged. In a bankruptcy you. Know so all, of them are kind of acting, you know together, to. Create this, this, kind of a bad scenario now. What, is crazy. About the concept, of erasing. 1.3. Trillion dollars, in debt is that it's also a form of transferring. Wealth over, to these universities. Because the universities have. Gotten paid the. Students, got, their education, the. Banks, are. Somehow. Going, to be funded. Potentially. Because. At the end of the day where's that money how is it going to be discharged, not gonna they're not forcing, the banks to discharge, the debt the, government's essentially, saying we're, gonna pay the 1.3.

Trillion Dollars in debt that means the taxpayers, are gonna pick up a burden, of 1.3. Trillion dollars, in debt meaning, that taxpayers, are now going to be directly, responsible to. Continuously. Funding, the exceedingly. High tuition rates, and allowing, universities, to go on rampant, spending, binges, that, are going to be on the backs of the, taxpayers so, the whole thing is way upside-down zero. Transparency. And that's why it circles, back into digital assets, into the blockchain because. There's zero accountability, by. The universities. And so, the fact that they keep bringing this up and they don't focus in on the actual true cause you know creates a lot of problems if they focus on the true cause of the, debt and focused, in on the fact that universities keep. Increasing, their, tuition, rates as. A result of, again. The government forcing, or pushing, banks. To loan and backing. Those loans and making those loans such, that you they can't be discharged, so they basically stick. With you there's so much more to the picture but yet the, politicians. Will prey, on the emotions, of these younger. People. Just coming out of college of course you come out of college with a hundred thousand dollars in debt who are you gonna you're gonna say yeah, you know you want to discharge my debt, I don't want a hundred thousand dollars in college loans of course discharge. It now who are you gonna vote for so basically, they've, now entered, into a level of buying. Votes, so, it's not so much that we support. Access. To tuition. What, they do have at this point is that they are you, know are their, pain. College. Students, or pain recent, graduates. To vote for them which borders, at this point on an illegal. Overreach. Of a, politician, to make promises to directly, to individuals. To say vote for me because if you do that, I'm going to make sure that you get paid X which, is the which. Is the resolution. Of, your. Your debt to whatever. Banking, institution. As a result. Of going to college so, you, know there's there's a huge problem and it's amazing, that the, OU mainstream, media isn't focusing. In on that but mainstream media, also. Doesn't like to walk. Down the path of actual. Fact they, prefer, to talk in opinion, instead, of fact and they prefer to pray on individual. Emotion so that it just been really you know her me for a while and. I just I just had to really emphasize this, because, it's you know it's definitely problematic. So Zi bits I appreciate. That you. Need your own talk show on the mainstream huh. That, would be that would be awesome if I could get. A couple hundred or, thousand people following us in here. Maybe, I can make a case for it on, the, mainstream, you, know bring some of the ideas. Out there to the, world. So, all right let. Me go let's say we got Siri popped in here Carl, Lewis. Glad. To see you up in here to. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe thumbs. Up, if. You can let's see Stuart H the high tuition costs are directly rated related, to the fact that the loans are underwritten by the feds and non, dischargeable exactly. That's a hundred, percent that's, exactly, the problem we, have a lot of smart people that come into into. This chat and you, know and so you, know I'm sure you.

Know When I when I you, know talk about stuff like this I'm just preaching to the choir but sometimes, you just gotta vent and sometimes you got a you, know vent you know amongst people that are gonna feed some and clarify. Your thought, process, and and, feed in some additional, facts you, know would be would, be really important, John Stephens welcome. Private sector would, never underwrite. Those loans that's, right if, it wasn't fed back to the, you know the private sector wouldn't do that you know so the federal government is, purposely. Transferring. Wealth over to universities, unfortunately. Universities. Have become the, bastion. Of. Communism. And socialist, thought process, and you have individuals. That are teaching, at the university, level that, hold these so so-called. PhDs. Which are just you know letters, that come after their name and they've been they prance, around calling, themselves dr. so-and-so I don't mean to offend any one of you if you, have a PhD and you're a professor, at a university, but. For the most part very. Few. University. Professors, actually have any real. Practical. Knowledge. In. The, real world in the private sector not to demean teaching because I think teaching is pretty amazing, but. When you spend your time and you prance around to be the expert, in your subject and you're gonna carry the this. Doctor. In front of your name and the PhD behind, it you know what what does that really mean if you have zero, real-world, experience, in your field if you're, if. You're teaching political, science, and you've never been actively involved in any, shape or form in politics, if you're teaching economics, and you've never worked for a business, that, doesn't say much for for. Your knowledge and you're basically just regurgitating. What you've read in books and and, that's just a shame you know it just doesn't make any sense, so, Bubba, shapes graduating. College with debt and a new credit card exactly, and they get you in trouble you, know the credit cards that they just give you and you get free credit cards definitely. Definitely. Can, get you in trouble. Hey. If you get a chance can you give your opinion on the exchanges, going down z bits you know what I wanted to bring that up because I saw a coin base went down do, you guys remember back. 2017-2018. Right, in that that, height wasn't, a coin base that crashed coinbase. Went, down for a period of time also on that, was I they're, relatively. New then and they. Said oh we didn't expect this many people, registering. And they and they kind of got shut down. Bubba. Shibez today, i focused, on kidnapping vincent, wilson's half brother only half as good but same great blood like 10k. NK. A half, visit, vincent wilson so half vincent Wilson is also, pretty good as a full Vincent Wilson. Let's, see here what do we got here rain Bernie nutjob Sanders, will pay for everything free, free free free everything until we run out of other people's money hell yeah that's exactly right and people, eventually learn. Hopefully. Hopefully, I don't know I don't, know if people learn when. We moon Carolina hit me up if you're interested in Southgate that's a you. Guys talk about that, let's read something here let's go. Down, keep. Going down there. We go it seems like my phone is moving. At a must much faster, clip than this is here let's. See it's official, bit true was hacked for, over nine.

Point Three trillion, x RP and two point five a da. Interesting. And. One, of the reasons why I didn't, go and open, up and put anything on to be. True if that's the case. The. Exchange, issue is, suspicious. It, definitely does seem a little officious. Especial. Suspicious. Definitely. Some issues a, Stuart, age up until a couple of decades ago you could discharge a student, loan like any other loan in Chapter, seven for cause, yep. And so now forget, about it you know they've definitely flipped things upside down Tina, Hall what's going on glad to see you on. Richter. All right here we go let's scroll, down here Arlo's. You keep going down. You're. Going to be very popular. Which way am I going down. Down what keep going down what path. All right let me get some water over here let's see what we got. Let's. See. You're. Just going to join, and get some B chain stay, away from it. Keep everything, on the ledger, let's. See remember, avoid. WB. WB, what's up man Chinese, bamboo is in the house remember. Avoid, bite, BTC. Seriously, they robbed me there, are so many bite BTC, victims, that, they've that. They have their own telegram, channel Wow. That's pretty serious, though. Let's, see let's, go down yeah, it's horrible when the exchanges, go down especially, in, an emotional, period of time and I was watching I kept getting the notifications. I didn't, check, lately. Let me take a quick look here hang on let's, pull this up pull. It up on the phone let's see what's going on in, the crypto, space on coin, Marquis cap I know everybody, loves coin market cap but. It's just easily accessible, I saw, I saw a Bitcoin, what was it I liked 13-6. Earlier it, was thirteen six and then I get a notification oh, we're, down it's down like 20%. Then, it was down or. A 12%, was down to like 11,000. Then all of a sudden it was up 5%, and it was up to, 12,000. And it was all over the map eleven, six ninety six is where it sits right now up six percent for the day XRP, hit, a high, today of like 48, that. Was pretty good that was pretty solid aetherium. I remember, the other day we were talking about 305 its at 332, litecoin. Hit it's it it's high of what, was it like 142. 143, now it's back down to 129, so. There was definitely, definitely. Fluctuation. Fluctuation. And the markets natural, everything. Is going in this uptrend but, people are gonna want to recap our going. To want to capture, profits. And as, more and more people are capturing profits, obviously, we're gonna see some. Movement in the space so, um. Let's, see what we got here alright let's, move on a bit true a newer exchange, the same thing happened to buy an answer Leon that's, yeah been people still don't trust finance that's a good point you, know I was always nervous when I first started using buy Nance way back and. And I you know you know as a Chinese, exchange, I was really worried about, putting anything over, there you, know so and I remember they, you know had some issues, with one of the wallets, and then I couldn't access my asset, and they shut it down I'm like oh I just got screwed right away and and then they were legit, though. Let's see and, Bubba. Snipes. Shapes. Says, 100% of lost funds will be returned to users. And. That's awesome, if, they do that then, they're standing, behind their, policy, I think, one of the things they said is that they're providing insurance, so as exchanges. Are providing, insurance and backing up the digital assets, that. Are kept on them and they stand by their word you know they they don't get hacked, for such a huge amount that you, know they go under you know but the thing is I think that you know will speak volumes, for. The character, of the people running that company so. New. York City Mayor is on TV right now in that, dem debate, oh what, a wreck what it who, cares that's. Why it's not on I'm not watching it I'm, competing, with with, primetime what, do we got going on here let's see how, many people can we pull over for the DEM debate we got 43. 43, that aren't watching the DEM debate, so. I think. That's that's important. Anyhow. Let's, move on. Uh let's, move on let's move on. Yeah. Do screenshots, of your accounts, that's a good point every, time great great, advice, make. Sure you keep a screenshot and, that. Definitely proves you know date and time of what, you had at that moment you, know that's definitely a good idea so. Let's. See.

Let's. Move on so I want. To focus a little bit on banking, I'm sure you guys will have some comment. And feedback. Um. It, just got really dry in here all of a sudden alright at least we're getting a good stream no lag and everything else that's, awesome. So. Focusing. On banking, and banking without borders is so, critical. So crucial. I started, going down this this mindset, and I thought it was important, to talk about it, kind of bring it to light again. I think I'm preaching to the choir but. Anyhow. So, you, know fridge for, generations. Really. You know we've all had. Relatively. Decent access. Jeff, Jeff has more viewers than CNN damn, right I do I think. There's a total of 1, on CNN, and that's. Probably the guy. That's monitoring, their their. Their, newscast. Huh. Nobody. Wants to watch that debate forget about it forget about it no, fun and. There's just what are there like I think there's like a hundred of them running now. The. For four generations you. Know again having access to banking. We're, talking about brick and mortar mortar banking, has, obviously, you, know benefited. Society. It's really helped build society it's, really helped do a lot, you, know probably for all of us here, but with every good thing you know then you, know that their, time obviously comes to an end so, what's. Up XRP bags rector. Trump keeps making fun of them on Twitter now that I should have a I should have a direct Twitter feed going on over here I need, to see if I can add one of those through OBS I'd be awesome and you just start pulling in some of those some, of those tweets, um. So. With. Everything that's going on in the baking space though that's, ha I can't. Keep I keep going back over here because these comments, are great you don't want to watch them. I, know. I don't I don't want to watch if it was a solo rather. Let. Alone a whole, mess, of them up there. So, you. Know so through, through, internal. And nepna switch, I guess you guys are seeing in the debate, the. Potential, for money laundering which. You. Might see up there on in the debate fraud. Corruption. Banks. Have obviously, you, know with, through all of that you know banks have obviously, helped. Individuals they've, held businesses. They've, done so much within, society, and really. We change, if you look at you know moving from a fee you don't have to go that far to look at societies. In existence, now more in the developing, world that, don't have access to banking, what has banking, actually done to help you. Know push in and promote. Innovation. Promote. Business, building, promote. You know individual, homeownership, car. Ownership you. Know or whatever it might be so momma, lacy good to see want Eric Wallace what's, up, good. To see you here all the, way from the brad crime show that's, awesome. Uh what, is this sir. Captain sticks, sir. Captain's, what. Wait sir. Have. Two sticks sir captain sticks sir, captain's, sir, captain sticks. And. Why's, everybody have such difficult. Names to read, make. It simple so. CAK. What's up how does tether print money I don't, understand how that works, and, they do all sorts of great stuff over, there as they back it buy all, sorts of things that aren't necessarily, US. Dollar so. Anyhow. You know focused on you know on the banks. What's, up extremely, potent, good, to see you one, so.

Through. The banks what do we get we get small business loans we, get. Capital. Allocation. You, get you. Have a liquidity provider, a. Facilitator. A business, transaction. You have corporate, transaction. You have retail, transactions. On the individual, side you know whereas we're just saying you, have mortgages. Auto finance. School. Finance. You've. Got house house, renovation. Loans you, have your credit cards, you have a say a safe storage, for your savings. You, have accounts, to manage your money these. Are all the things that banking, has provided, to a developed, society, developing. Societies, obviously are struggling to. Catch up to get all of this so, people. Think Trump's gonna announce XRP soon that. Will be interesting. If he does I'm. Not sure if that that. Will happen but but. Man that'll, be kind of crazy if he does so. With. All the positives, and, all, the internal negatives, of. Banking. You know one of one of the things that that. We've, definitely seen, in the banking, world is that, it always seems to slant, in the, direction of. Benefiting. The banks Bank profit, over. The bank e profit, interest. Rates to borrow are obviously, exceedingly. Higher, than. The interest rates that are paid to, the bank II that is storing, other money. And so, you, know there's, always that you know when you go into a bank it, seems, as though they. They think, that you, need to really be. You. Need to worship them and you, need to be grateful and thankful, that they've allowed you into their bank you know although they try, to make it some. Form of a customer, experience for. The most part you, know that customer, experience doesn't, always exist in those brick-and-mortar, environments. You know but that that's really the the point is is that in. That, brick-and-mortar, banking, environment it's, not necessarily. Accessible, to, everyone, all over the world obviously. You know we've talked on this, stream and we've talked in other streams, about the, unbanked, whether they're unbanked, in the United States are whether, they're unbanked in other parts of the world now. What. Is critical. About all of that is that, with, a brick-and-mortar bank. It's, extremely, difficult to, bank without borders because. You, know as we understand, the necessity and, the need for. Ripple. And for, cross-border. Payment, solutions, for. A, MoneyGram. For. This. Potential. Face. Book Libre coin you know why is it that everybody's, fighting over. This p2p, space why is everybody, fighting over, the b2b space when. It comes to large cross-border. Payment, bank-to-bank, corporation. Of corporation, it's because, it's a critical space that, has been, relatively. Working. Within this in, an analog way. When everything else has been going, digital. And so, so. We really need to emphasize then. That, with, all of the things, that are transacting. You know how is it then that we're, going to help. All of those around the world that are unbanked, and there's a, significant. Percentage in the United States or remain unbanked there's, a significant. You, know millions of people globally. That are unbanked, and what, we want to be able to do is bring. All of these individuals. Into. The. Banking environment so. I'm. Bald you can't think of his name but, he is a moderate. Um, no. Clue, can't. Think of it I have no idea. Um so, you, know so what we want to really then you, know be able to accomplish, is. A, couple, things you know one, you, know with all of the negatives, that we've established in, the banking space we, talked a little bit about that yesterday we, talked about that the, day prior, there's, obviously you, know a lot of fraud, that's been committed, we know that banks have paid, over two hundred and forty three, billion dollars, in fines over the past ten years, that's.

A Huge, amount of money and yet they continue to walk down this path of, committing. Fraudulent. Act and. Paying these large fines but. Now within. This blockchain. Crypto. Technology, it's, really allowing, the. Assimilation. Of, of. One, feature that the banks are running. Away from and, that's transparency. But, even with that you, know with the knowledge that banks, are running. Scared at this point you, know and we talked about this yesterday with chip you know why is it that yo Libre coin you, know coming to the forefront why, is it that the bank's all of, a sudden jump to why is it the central banks were so, terrified. You. Know with what was going on or, what the potential, of, the, Libre coin what does it actually mean to them. It actually means, the. Fragmentation. Of the old ways of banking, it means the, fragmentation. Of the brick-and-mortar banking. You know we have a new. Way of Bank and we saw what Amazon, did to brick-and-mortar, retail. And we're. Going to see and that's what they're terrified, of you. Know what Facebook. Represents. Not necessarily, what Facebook may, do on its own but, what Facebook, represents. Is really. The, end of, brick-and-mortar. Banking. And the fact is that brick-and-mortar, banking, is a thing of the past the fact is that more, more more and more people are. Not finding the need to walk in to our brick-and-mortar. Location. And so. You. You know so you, know so what. Does that mean, you know for the. Individual, what does that mean for the business that really means that, things, are moving you, know in a direction, that you, know they need to be digitized, you know it means, that we're moving in a direction, that. These brick and mortars you know aren't. Again they're not necessary. For. The. Existence, of you, know financial, transaction. However. You, know with all of that. Ellen. Degeneres had some great points, last night yeah, it was really good to have ellen degeneres, on the show, so. You. Know so, you. Know so you know, with. With all of this and and I and I keep going back to thinking you, know when you, know in the in the, beginning. Stages of of Bitcoin. There, was a heavy, focus, on oh well, with dick coin and, now with the cryptocurrency, that's. Gonna be the end of. Banks. You know we're not gonna need banks anymore because we, have digital assets, so forget, about the banks because you, know we just have digital. Assets and we have Bitcoin but. The reality, is is that, you still need a third party solution, now, we, talked about this recently and I and I keep wanting to go back and emphasize it because. Without, this. Banking. Concept, now the, banks, and and I've talked about the blurred line I believe there's a blurred line that's happening at a faster, and faster pace and the, and the brick-and-mortar banks, understand, it and the reason why we.

Know That the brick-and-mortar banks, understand, it is because. JPMorgan. Rolled, out the, JPM, coin an. Internal. Digital. Asset on blockchain with. Blockchain, you, know technology, that, they want to utilize. Internally. To, speed up transaction. Processes. And so, there, are promises that they're gonna roll this out before the end of 2019, now, that, becomes very very important. You know because that means banks, understand, it but now from, a banking. You. Know focus, is that too little too late you know because it, kind, of is you know and we've talked about this before but it's it's it's almost their way a of remaining, relevant, now one of the things that intimidates, the banks as we. Gain this transparency. As they, become less and less relevant as they, try, to stay, relevant, is. That they're losing this slush fund we're. Seeing that like, with MoneyGram, I think is a perfect example. That. When, it you know with this new open, a, flat. Cost, of. Transaction. Out of Canada which, is basically, ten Canadian. Dollars up to five hundred so if you're paying ten, ten dollars, for a five hundred dollar transaction. You're paying two percent now when you look at it up to a thousand, dollars your transaction. Cost goes, to fifteen dollars or one and a half percent which, is amazing, there's very little out there in. Terms of in. Terms of a payment. Structure. Like this or a money transfer a solution. That's only charging, one and a half or two percent, you know but the thing is as, you get rid of more, and more these large, monstrosity. Big, and more brick-and-mortar. Structures. You know it doesn't mean that we don't need a concierge. Style. Solution. And in fact you, know I firmly believe, that these, large banking, entities, they, don't need you, know all of these people they just need a few representatives. Maybe, in a strip mall. If you look at, Capital. One you, know they're opening up coffee shops, that, are also banking, shops you, know there's there's one downtown here, I haven't been in it yet but I walk by it you know but it's but it's interesting you.

Know It means that they're trying to reach out and they're, trying to stay relevant they realize that, what is it that Millennials, like they think they like coffee you, know so they're they're opening up coffee shops come and hang out in our bank and you'll see how awesome we are because, we know how to barista. We know how to serve up some cappuccino. And espresso and, that's why you want to that's, why you want to bank here you. Know so you, know they're there's so much there they're begging customers. To come back you, know as soon as you see banks. That are offering you four. Hundred dollars to open a checking account or savings account, in their bank and you know they're struggling they, know that's their carrot to, bring you in because, they want your money in their bank they, want to go out and and utilize. That capital. To then go out and loan at the higher interest rates when they're probably paying you one percent, on your money and they want to get there three four percent on the money you, know so, you. Know so it's crazy, so they sucker people, in not not to say it's a bad thing yeah you open a checking account you get four hundred bucks you know it's not not necessarily a bad thing you know by all means as long as it's uh they're, not charging you on the back end and forcing, you into you. Know a long duration but. Now with, a lot of the FinTech companies, and. These FinTech, banks i think. They've really again. You, know put, you. Put these brick-and-mortar, banks, on notice you know there's just way too much going on now, with all of that being said. Individuals. Need. The. Banking, space and that's why I was just saying you, know I've said before you know that there's been a blurring, of the lines because. At, the end of the day regardless. Of what happens, you, know individuals. And businesses, still, need the support, and services. Of the bank you know they still need, small. Business loans we still need more, business loans capital. Allocation, we still need the liquidity, providers, we need a facilitator. A business, transaction whether. It's corporate or retail individuals. Need mortgages, and auto loans and school. Financing. And money. For house renovation. Projects, and we, still want to use credit cards and we still want to be able to store our money somewhere now the, exchange is whether you're storing it as US dollar or you're. Still storing it as digital asset, that's, the blurring of the line now, if we can feel safe like you, were saying. Bitch. Rue was hacked but. They're backing it up if you, feel safe that you can put money into coinbase. And you can put money into up, hold let's say I want to hold euro and still to study US dollars, what business really, is it of anyone's, if I want to keep my money in euro and I want to put it on to uphold and I'm, gonna buy euro instead, I feel, like holding euro, I don't feel like holding you. Know big coin I'm. Gonna take a risk you know if that's all my money I'm putting in Bitcoin the, hub because it's up and down I want. To put in XRP it's relatively, stable, within. A few percent but, I don't know if I want to you, know go, up and down you know the 3% is my daily you. Know my daily money that I'm spending plus you, have to think about the, tax and the tax implication. Every, time you want to use your digital asset, you're gonna get charging. Extra an extra, tax on that and so. You, know so there's obviously there's a lot to think about there but, the, point being is that, if I'm going to you, know be able to bank with an uphold and then, I'm able to take out a loan with.

An Uphold partner, if I'm able to get interest on my money if. I'm able to put my, digital assets, on that exchange and they're gonna pay me six or seven percent heck, if they pay me three percent, on my digital asset, that's sitting doing nothing right, now you know that's awesome you, know give me three percent I think that's great this is kind of a starting process of what they're doing if, I want a credit card I don't need Chase. Brick-and-mortar. With. You know thousands, of employees to have that credit card when, you can get more transparency, you. Know through online transaction. And minimize. The the number of personnel, but the point with, all of this is that, you still need the painting, structure, in some way shape or form, and you. Know since its uplifted, this part of society we, also need to then bring, banking. To, those, countries, we see what Zimbabwe, is going through right now a Zimbabwean, do. You. Know reestablish. Their. Currency, which failed, them before which, brought in all sorts, of foreign currencies, to prop up their economy and people, were trading in other foreign currencies because they were stable, but. They couldn't utilize, their. Own, you. Know so you, know there's just a you know a ton of you, know a ton of things. That are going, on you know plus. I'm. Gonna go to this in a minute yeah because I think this is interesting when it comes to, paying people to. Get paid for for, employment you. Know through up through the blockchain I think is important but let's say D&I what's up man glad, to have you on sorry you couldn't make it on your stream I had, a conference, call that I had to be on at. 8 o'clock and, it, for, about an hour and a half so, let's. See the governor of the state of Washington is. Bragging. That he, gave free college tuition to illegal, aliens what. A jackass. What. An absolute, jackass, now, it's, one thing you, know that, you, want to give free tuition you know what if people want to vote for that that's, awesome you want to give free tuition to, people in the United States that, are citizens, of the United States and and, they live here and they're here legally you. Know go, for it that's your prerogative if, you're going to then you know give college tuition, to people that are here illegally that's. A whole different situation. And, it's it's really a sham, that, you know that they're that they're promoting the fact that they're giving medical. Handout, driver's. License, and all, these other things to, illegal. People. That are illegally, here in the, country, when, we have people that are you, know homeless, or living in homeless shelters that definitely, need the support, yet, where are the politicians, then you, know in these inner-city, communities, that, are that are you, know a disaster. Zone they, don't go to those communities, and say you know what we want to come in here and give you guys free college. Tuition to everybody, here they, they give their they have their quotas, and all, this nicety, that. They get through you know but it's just it's just stupidity. Absolute. Stupidity what, they're trying to do again, they're, feeding emotion. Instead, of rational, thought you, know it's it's just it's actually it's kind of it's kind of disgusting, you, know if you think about it it's extremely insulting, to. Anybody you know that has any you know thought because. It. Just, you know again they're just preying on people's emotions and none of its real it's all fake you. Know I just, drives. Me crazy XRP, minute all right banks, that are screwed, I love that this is awesome I love, that huh. Banks, that are screwed, there's. Two types of banks banks that are screwed and banks, that, don't know they're screwed that's, from goldman sachs how true, is that and soon.

We're Gonna see, we're. Gonna see the banks they're, going to be bought out by the likes of coinbase, and uphold. By Nance you know the, thing is finance is coming to the u.s. you know by Nance opens up here in the u.s. man, look. What look what they've done billions. Of dollars these guys are generating, they're generating, more money than. Banks would would you know can generate, in such, a short period of time we're, talking about businesses. That have been around for what a year or two years it's insane. So. Let's. See here bubba shibez Brad, said I'm going, back up through the stream guys so Brad, said we're not partnering. With Swift, we're taking, over Swift, just let that sink in folks banks, are at, our beck and call I, agree. They see what's, happening, these banks, man, they're they're flailing, right now they think if they ganged up on on on. Zuckerman. And we'll see ya drive back we'll, see July, 16th, what that really all means you, know it's it's just it's. Gonna be interesting when they pull them in front of in front of the Senate committee it's. Gonna be interesting. Let's. See Carl, Wagner or, what's up man. Ripple. Is now setting, up MoneyGram to move money cross-border, for banks that's, right I think I think there's a lot going on over there I think they're testing you, know they buy they buy a large, chunk of, stock. And controlling, interest, at. Least a voting, as strong voting, interest in MoneyGram, and, they. Had they have plans they have a lot of plans bait, oh the beaver is eating is ah ha ha bait, oh what, a clown I, heard. The guys what what does he is, his, heritage his Irish, and his any realized. That if he called, himself for a burrito and, took, on the name bado he. Would sound more Spanish, to appeal to the. Latin voters what. How. Insulting, you. Know that the I mean it's it's unbelievable what, these guys think the, the craziness. That they come up with is they run em it's just so stupid, you know they want to be part of the culture so, they they want to take, someone else's like Pocahontas, over there you know stealing, other people's, cultural, identity, and making, it their own and then they still you know they don't, they don't think it's wrong that. It's just unreal it's just unbelievable, how they how, they get away with this nonsense, and then, people are still gonna want to vote for them and support them regardless. Of the fact that their absolute. Frauds, um. The government uh we saw that, did. I just say all that out loud I didn't really mean to dni. We. Talked about the Facebook Libre, the politicians. Will, hate it Zog, but.

Behind The seeds Intel folks will. Push it through they love Facebook, and will, love Libre even more interesting. Very, interesting hey, you know what a clown ha ha yeah, I did say that didn't I did I say that I didn't, mean to say that. Let's. See alright. Um, going. Down this chat here Facebook. Introducing. Their white paper cause the, banks, to hit the panic button, chip XRP minute that's awesome and AOC. Has become a southerner. How do you like that born, and raised in New York City but speaks with a southern drawl I I don't I don't get it I don't know I don't. Know how they do that huh, public. Chefs inner voice yeah inner voice yeah. Let, me let me uh let, me just sit here and think I'll. Keep I'll keep all my thoughts in my head. All. Right so. Let. Me go back to where I was where, I was going here and this goes to think. About one, extra, component. Putting. The bank's on the. On. On. The, blockchain, allowing. Digital, assets, that become more, integrated, with. Our day to day existence. And. I was thinking about this what, does it mean for paychecks, so could. You imagine you, know if you're able to get paid you, know for work on a day-to-day basis. Instead, of waiting every two weeks yeah, you know it's just money. Flows in money flows out it's not obviously. Reality. In every scenario. Obviously. There's, a lot of transaction. That goes into business but. If but, if money is there, you, know if money is accessible. Money's being generated. The. The company, you, know typically, needs to leverage the incoming money for. A peer time and then, they have an expectation of, payroll so, that's. Not always going to be in the best interest, of everybody involved. However. I was, thinking about you, know day labor or you. Know labor in general you. Know you're going and you're you give a day's, hard work and. You. Know it's not involved, in in a sales you're not there's no buying and selling product, you're let's say you're in construction, and. You're part-time, or whatever, that might be you. Know do you have to wait you, know two weeks to get paid or can, you be paid immediately for, hours worked is, there a, strategy. There we know we talked about how you, know digital asset can be used in in in, the content, creator. Environment. Someone, that puts music, up you, know there's, there's so many ways through micropayment, and, and just globally. I think, what's gonna happen and. This is goes beyond, you, know the borders, of the banks you know outside of the banking, walls what. Can happen from. A payment, perspective, and I believe also that's kind, of what the Oh Facebook, is kind of knocking on that on that door, a little bit xlm. Is an action knocking on that door a little bit XRP, is knocking. On that door a little bit with, things like coil on XRP, tip off that we all know obviously, so. There's. So much, potential. In what's, happening, you know so so.

It's It's interesting and, you know tap. Line yes, I say pay the labor you. Know so it's interesting you bring somebody in I'm. Just like. If. You're paying somebody, now. You get a lot of times you bring someone in for the day you pay them cash you, know and and, and off they go you, know in a digital asset environment. You can automate that process you, check in you check out block, and clock out, boom. As soon as you clock out your hours you, get paid it's, immediately. Transferred, over to clock, in the, clock starts, you, clock out and and, the thing is you'd have to have more of a tracking mechanism if you kind of have those we're, talking about yesterday. The liquid, lunches, and you have the revolving, the. Revolving, doors sometimes, they had those in, the in the plants, and in, the automotive industry, and. It was still going on people, come in you. Go out the turnstile, and off they go and they, found you know multiple, instances. Of people hanging out at the bar you know down the street don't, forget about what goes on in the automotive. Plants, and all that other you, know crazy stuff but, there's just so many things that people haven't really thought of but, the most important, aspect of it though and in my opinion is you. Know really. Thinking, about those. That are living you, know day to day those. That take a paycheck and they, need a cash advance or, they're, not banked, and so, in order to cash, that check instead. Of going to the bank that issued, the check or. The the, bank. That the employee. Uses. It. To get to get a to. Cash the check they, end up going to the, cash. Checking, stores and they end up paying a significant. Amount of money for that in order to get cash but, they're doing that mainly, because they're living what, does that just hand-to-mouth, they're. They're basically, spending, every last dollar that they made that. In that moment you know but what's what's critical. At that point also is to help facilitate the. Growth and so what we're talking about in the beginning the, importance, of the bank what it what does it actually, mean when someone's, participating. In the banking economy, you. Know exactly, Rock. Robert's payday loans are vampires, and they're preying on people because, they understand, many. Times there, aren't banks that are available in, those communities, whether, it's in bad areas of the US or in developing. Countries. Banks. Aren't there so if banks aren't in the community, they're not nearby then. It's going to be much, less likely for those individuals, to actually bank. And if, they're not going to bank but the thing is guess, what those, payday loan stores seem, to be there the, banks might not be but the payday loan, stores are and their cash and checks, and in. Many cases that, kid the party stores or, the convenience, stores are cashing, checks, you. Know so, so. It's it's kind of a you, know it's kind of a warped thought process, because, we, want to be able to help these individuals grow. Up in society, and become, more, productive in, society we, want to find a mechanism by, which, they're. Glowed they're joining, the, the economy. At large and even if they're living hand-to-mouth. Giving. Them an opportunity, then to, be able to bank and. What, we're seeing in the digital asset space obviously is that potential. You know so if there's ever a scenario. Where. You know individuals, are able to be paid from, a digital perspective which. They, can be and. They can, have an account that doesn't cost them anything and.

That Account is backed up in blockchain. And everything, you have more of an automated process you, have a transparent. Process and, it allows them to take what. They have in that in their new in. Their digital account and they can then pay their, landlord, for rent they can then pay whatever. They owe on the car they don't have to do it in cash and in many scenarios people, were doing things in cash mainly. Because that's how they live you know and you, can't advance within, the. Mainstream. Society if. You're living like that it just makes, it extremely difficult unless, you're making tons, and tons and tons of money and you can just go and buy and, you don't care what you're doing but. The thing is people want to advance and they want to grow up and. You, know in the end they need that they need that opportunity and that's one of the things that I believe that. It's funny people, think you know get, my thought process, also but. You know that Trump talks about leveling, the playing field that rock Roberts, just mentioned, you know not having to pay 25 percent to cash a check that's robbery, you, know to pay 25, percent to cash your check if you make you, know $300, and you got to pay out twenty five percent of that and then they're okay with that that's insane, you know but you, make you three hundred five hundred a, hundred, you, know a thousand, whatever it is why you paying they, you. Know the check cashing store money, to. Do, that it absolutely. Insane you know it just doesn't make. Any sense you know it's just insane, so. You. Know we need, to you know have that solution, and that's the solution and that's why so many of these entities, are running, scared now when they see a Facebook, coming. Out with the Libra because they, see it happening in the periphery, they. Understood, the banks and these payday loan stores, understood. That mainstream.

Hasn't. Had full, visibility, to, the space yet and that's, what Facebook, Libra represents. It's that it's, that presence, it's the it's the face now of the, digital asset space because, everybody, knows Facebook, and at Facebook's, in it and facebook, offers Libra, and Facebook. Can. You. Know and if Facebook is, able, to bring Libra. To 2.6. Billion people around the world banks. Are terrified, and that's. What it's all about because, that's mainstream. That's, not just, you, know all of us sitting here and talking about it from an investment, perspective that's. Actual, mainstream full. Utility, that's, going to help make, some changes again, whether it's Facebook, or whether, the, full solutions, that we understand, with, ripple. Ripple. Networking, through. MoneyGram. Or maybe, xlm. Or many, of the other potential, solutions, that are out there you know I think there's there's, some opportunity, here so. I think that's it look at that I think I got through everything I wanted to say and I actually skipped. Ahead I'm going down here and don't, my thoughts that I put. Some bullet points on that was pretty good, and, what an awesome video. I'm. Very, I'm very pleased very pleased, no, let. Me let me go to the go, to the chat here. Trump's, level the playing field that's, it it applies, globally. Internationally. As. It, does also, apply, on, a. More. Microcosm. Scale so, it's, very very interesting leveling. The playing field between. Company. Between countries, and leveling. The playing field. For those. That. Need to be banked, and need to join, there. Are our current economic society. So. Let me see your Bubba shives I saw this I want to read this I'm going, down to the corner and hotlink, a cardboard, sign that reads will, leave for, crypto, let's, see who wants to clean up their neighborhood that's. Funny, we'll leave for crypto I like that, imagine. You know you. Can give crypto, to people give them a few XRP, as you, as you see them out there on the off the freeway, off-ramps. All, right all sorts of crazy statements, going on over there I'm tapped line see if I have a person, come, to my home and mow.

My Yard I should be able to pay him now with XRP rbtc exactly. And that, they should definitely be able to do that and there shouldn't that shouldn't be a taxable, event for us and that's what, Todd. Todd. Ted Budd and, Warren. Davidson, and many, of the others you know are trying to work on to. Make sure that that wouldn't be a taxable event if we want to pay our long guy my, long guy came today and I. Didn't know what time he was gonna come and he, likes to pick up his check so, I had the check ready I didn't, know he was coming today he didn't let us know and all, of a sudden he shows up late and I was gone so I didn't get his check but how nice would it be shoots, me a text message obviously, I go to any. Other of the online, methodologies. Of payment, you know but it'd be awesome hey I got to pay you let me shoot you an X R P tip bot and I'm, gonna pay you the, 30 bucks today for mowing the lawn that'd be pretty sweet and then. Boom and then it's you, know it's easy you know it's trackable, and it's not taxable. Though. All right let's uh I see, you guys have got some great comments I feel like I'm watching the debate over here just, reading your comments, so I keep getting uh, I. Keep. Getting sidetracked. Reading. The reading the comments. I mean, what did Jeff Rome say that's so shady. Slim. Shady, what. Are your thoughts on the widespread, outage, today when. Bitcoin started, dumping ie. Coinbase, in other exchanges, shady unacceptable. Sorry, got here late yes someone brought that up early, on but. I did see that I was reading the article um. Where. Did I put I thought I pulled it up maybe not um, here. It is I did, pull it up um so, this, was and. I thought it was kind of crazy too because I saw and I kept, getting messages from coinbase and, everything. Was kind of like, bouncing. All over the place. Price-wise, within, short periods of time and. So, in. This article let's. See, when was this published at, 9:20. UTC. The heck is UTC. Timewise. I don't know where that would put put me I don't know what the time difference is between, me and UTC. But. Anyhow. So this. Is the price Bitcoin, dropped 1.8, K in 15 minutes and then, it came right back it, was like this this rubber, band it was it was really weird you, know so it, looked like it was the the platform was inaccessible, on both mobile and desktop. Let, me see according to trading. App Robin Hood also, had issues so. If Robin, Hood had issues. Coinbase. Had, issues. Bitch. Sure was hacked. According. To data bit, mix nearly. 250. Million dollars in volume traded. Hands in a 5 minute period, surrounding. The initial drop with, 690. Million in Bala volume, trading across 15. Minutes. Due. To the. Cuz. All sorts of crazy stuff then they just kind of wrap it up nothing really interesting there I don't, know I mean that's it, was just kind of crazy but again if you, relate back to what happened we're saying in the beginning, 1718. Timeframe, and they. Were blaming, it on too many people, jumping. In at the same time you. Know I I don't know if that's uh if. That's what's going on here so I, really. Don't I don't know if that's the the situation. XRP. Minute I might have a special. Guest on tomorrow night. That. Will. Have to what to see what, to see if we have another special guest on tomorrow night maybe. We can do something, more on we'll. Figure it out the, chip. And the chip and, model our, there. We go. Huh, be. Like Chippendale. And chip. You pay with zel I was spawning a rush no with that alright um hang, on so, jumping, all over the place. Great, room great chat appreciate. That uh. Michael, in. Stuart. H that's, why the Republicans, better. Support discharging, student loans in bankruptcy, yes. Because it's one issue it's. That one issue is a huge problem as so many people are saddled, with student debt, I would, like to see yeah, I think that you're right that's definitely a big issue Stuart, and I definitely like to see them. Talking about the transfer, of wealth to universities, and the skyrocketing. Cost of. Tuition. As, they. Discuss. The, skyrocketing. Cost of health, care that, incidentally. Both. Of them have government, involvement. Student. Loans backed by the Fed and, and. Insurance. That. Is now also, backed by. The, government or at, least in, part or, and and it's backed by insurance, companies is obviously so much more to it but you.

Know The fact that you have a. Ridiculous. Cost. Of. Health, care and. Instead, of being in a cash payment. It, that, these are two, environments. That. Go. Beyond, yep. Really beyond comprehension, number. One who. Goes to your, basically, you, know buying something you go see a doctor you're. Buying a service. Who, goes to do something, and doesn't ask how much it's gonna cost I got to go to the doctor my insurance gonna cover it what's your copay I don't know what my copay is I don't, know you, know so you're gonna go down here and pay all this stuff how much did you put into your insurance I don't know you, know I mean obviously if people have an idea how much they pay monthly but that's another issue you, know is that you have no idea how much that health care costs and people. Are getting saddled, and debt over. Health care costs, and people, are getting saddled, in debt over tuition. Cause there's, only you, know two instigators. You. Know one is the. Insurance, that drove, up the price of medical. Care because of government involvement in some, part big. Corporate. Involvement, in the insurance industry and we, saw a big transfer, of wealth from. From. The government over to insurance, companies, and we see the same thing with the with, with the university. And college tuition and yet the government is blaming it on everybody else but, they know what they're doing they're moving 1.3. Trillion dollars, to these universities. And. That again are just preaching and promoting, misinformation, so. That's. It that's it I've gone over my hour I'm surprised, you guys didn't say your, hours up get the heck off haha. So. Anyhow, I got to wrap it up I don't know why I keep losing my voice but, I am, out of here really. Hang. On. There. We go appreciate, everybody coming on glad, everybody, was here it's awesome. You'll love seeing you guys in the stream. Definitely. Helps you. Know keep keep, things. Moving forward everybody. Gets to contribute, everybody, gets to learn look. Forward to seeing you guys apparently, we'll be streaming again tomorrow. Night Thursday. At. 10:00, p.m., Friday. Night with. Rain, at 10:00 p.m. so. Look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow night hopefully, we'll have our special, guest on and then. Max. Headroom will, be with us tomorrow night and we'll. Have some great things to talk about see. You guys at that time 10. O'clock tomorrow, night and then make sure you check out all burn rain Friday, at, 10 o'clock and I'll be on Saturday, at 8 a.m. until then I'm. Out.

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I wonder what percentage students go in debt but don’t get a degree?

That's a great question.

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nobody will take your advice, people think good things are not easy to come they forgot about the grace of God

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Great show boss

BTC's last hurrah ... the Banksters are going to then KILL IT ...

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