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Three. Two one and, we, are live. Let's. See if we have a better night tonight than we did last night and see if the. Powers that be want. To keep us streaming, so once. Again we're going incognito. Enjoy. Enjoyed. Last yesterday. Although there were those, minor, complications. As. We start off every, time I want to make sure that we get everything prepped. Here make. Sure we can see who's. Coming into the chat to, join us I'm, gonna pull this up on on. The mobile so I can see you guys as you pop in so got Anneliese Gorge popping, in already let. Me bring that volume down we got sifu on with us and we got a special guest that will, remain unnamed. Doesn't. What doesn't want to, say. Too much, you. Know we've got we've got some great things that we want to talk about tonight some great topics. And. Definitely, looking forward to everybody, popping, in and. You. Know as we started, the. Trend we'll wait for, a few more people to come. In the stream before we really. Kick this off but. Let's say. What's up to a few few additional, people coming in we got XRP angel connie michael. Metz know what's going on and. We got Jobe Adaro. Go. All the way from. Montreal. It's. Uh it's. Pretty far away actually. I've been to Montreal it's pretty it's an amazing place if, you guys have been over to Montreal, before but it's really really. Nice really, nice is uh you go to the. Cathedral. Of Notre Dame over there there's, actually a sushi, bar that's not too far from there and they do really good sushi, are sake, bombs. Let's. See if our guest, is with us can't dope he's with us or not. With. Us mr.. Guest. Is. Here. With, you referred. To as Max Headroom. All. Right let's see who else we got coming on here we've got all. Right, so anyhow. We've got we've got a decent crowd piling. In. Let's. See what we got going here you, guys want to give a thumbs up on the way in that'd, be helpful.

You Guys want. To tweet it out that'd be great - today. We are going to talk. A little bit about. Government. Regulation. We're, going to talk a little bit about what's. Going on with the banking, space and I think we need to dig in a little bit further. As. To, you. Know why there's a you. Know high probability. That the. Banks are actually running a little bit scared from from. The new Facebook. Announcement, getting into the digital currency space, you. Know so we want to dig into that and actually. That was a topic of our of. Our special, guest tonight you know there was a topic, that he wanted to discuss. So, we'll. Get into that a little bit here we're. Also going to look. Into. Some. Of the recent news, announcements. That came out we. See definitely, a lot of recognition. In the space some. Things going on with some of the bigger corporations. We. Definitely, see some trend towards. Approval. Into. A by the CFTC. Looking. At a way, to actually. Settle, futures. In. Bitcoin, and then also. Seeing. ETF. Backed Bitcoin. And, t-bills starting to be. Discussed, within the, SEC, so a lot, of great things to talk about tonight. Let. Me just let. Me check on on the number, of people popping, into this stream so I promise. That we'll probably you know why I can't promise anything, no idea what xfinity is gonna do to us tonight hopefully. We'll definitely. Make. Sure we're. Solid. So, Bubba. Snipes our brothers Bubba shapes what's. Going on there's rain there's. Rain. All. Right so let's, see who is the first one that popped into the stream tonight, we've. Got. See. If I can scroll back up through the chat, and. It's not scrolling, there we go. All. Right let's see Anneliese George first went on so, you know what that means what we're gonna do tonight, first, one on in the stream, get. Some free, XRP, let's. Get on to the XRP tip ah let's dial it in and let's. Look up analyze George and let's see what we've got let's. See here. Then. A tip we're, gonna pick it out and. Let's. See you think I'd be able to read there.

We Go, and. Look, at that and we've, got. There. We go XRP. On its way always. Love everybody's. Participation, in the stream I think it's awesome. Always, appreciate you guys coming on and spending the evening with. Us definitely. Definitely. Enjoyable, and, definitely. Appreciated. So all right let's let's, get right into, tonight's. Discussion. And, then we will open up, the floor for, questions. Comments. And all that other good stuff so. Let's. See to, our incognito. Guest you know where do you want to start tonight. Well. I think, we ought to start with, the. Reason, I'm incognito number. One from, incognito, because normally. You. Would have a different program. On right now however. I. Have, been banned from live-streaming, thanks. To a little, video that I did with a guy named brain. Here, and I. Just yeah. It was him, and I thought he and I talking for six, minutes, and so I'm incognito man, I can't, violate, any more rules well. Booted off the internet next, so. True. Story. True. Story, the. True story. I'll. Bear witness. All. Right so yeah. And and I, think we should talk about I think there's some really cool stuff going on in regarding. For example. The. Banks are running kind of scared I know we're gonna jump into that but that's a story that I'm excited about that I wanted. To, chat. About only because they're. Freaked out right now and you can see that ripple had its best week ever and I, mean I think the combination. Of the MoneyGram, story. Popping, right before we had the. You. Know the lira coin introduction. In the white paper and it's, been a crazy week and the banks, are freaked. Out. Jeff. Are you there yep, okay. Calling you yeah okay so while you're talking, is. It a is a little bit hotter well I've gotta learn about normal Michael that's why I'm gonna, yeah, I wasn't sure if we were getting, a. Resistance. Here on the. Audio. No. I'll. Be able more incognito, or was that a little, bit better I was, just adding a little bit gain and I think we should be solid. All, right so. So. Let's see let's. Go let's. Go into. Some. Of, the. I, want to really, want to dig, a little bit into, mainstream. Adoption and. You. Know in my opinion you know there's different there's different ways. To see mainstream, adoption one. Of those ways would be directly. Through. Government. Clarity. Obviously. Another mechanism. Is when you see corporate adoption. Into. The space when. You start seeing corporate, adoption, and blockchain, corporate. Adoption, not just utilizing. Blockchain, technology. But using blockchain, technology, that, also connected, directly to digital, asset, you. Know so obviously there's some groups. Out there that have an especially if you look at what's going on in. You. Know or what had gone on in India, you. Know a lot of the big statements, over there were you, know we like we. Like cryptocurrency, or, we like blockchain, technology, but, we don't like cryptocurrency, you. Know so I you, know it seems like you. Know with mainstream, adoption there's. Definitely, a little bit of struggle, that's, still going on at the government level in, different parts of the world they're still you, know some struggle, at. The banking, level around, the world and. Here in the United States and we discussed that a little bit last night before. We were so rudely. Disconnected. By by. Xfinity, so. Wanted. To see what kind of comments you you had about that and and see, what we you know what we've got on there. That's, that's, to you. How meter. Yeah. Sorry but that was just getting carpeted chat I wanted, to let, everybody know that tomorrow. I was, funny, I will upload a video tomorrow but. I wanted to, I'm. Going to be gonna. Be getting together with Michael Metzner, it's not really the first person from the community that I've actually met but I want to shout out mr. Mets then we're gonna be getting together over, at Mizner. Park. And. Having a little bit of lunch which would be awesome and, so.

Yeah That's that's kind of cool it's really the first person I think I met from the community, and funny thing is Jeff and I live 40 minutes away talk, all the time we still have not hooked. Up in personal though I feel like that's imminent in the future but. Yeah. Sorry so I was reading some of the comments rain was wondering what happened why, they're coming they're slowly coming they're slowly coming out to us brother. So. Yeah they're yeah, rain, they might be I doubt it but. Anyway. Hey I just wanted to if I could Jeff, if I could just read this a little bit of this a couple things from this article right here this. Banking, article here. Yeah. So I'm out of American, Banker interestingly enough, this was sent to me by. Somebody. This kind of outside of crypto but on the corners of it something I probably wouldn't have come across but. The I just read the headline so you can understand exactly what they're saying here it says Bank. Thing this, is from American, Banker remember it's a banking trade magazine, the existential. Threat of Facebook's, digital, currency, Facebook. Recently launched, Libre, promises. A lot a new construct, made of variously, of a virtual, currency a, payment. System a digital wallet a remittance, service a new financial intermediation division. And a, whole lot of rhetoric. About. The liberation, of roughly 2.6. Billion people, from, the thralls of traditional, banking Oh. Jeff. Somebody's, a little bit freaked freaked, out not even the opening paragraph, all. Of a sudden there they are really. Coming hard at that one it's, really in your face I mean. Yeah. They don't even get out the first and then the second paragraph goes on to say in the white paper behind the announcement, Facebook, provided, details, on the things that knows well for example much. Thought is given a software, in hopes that someone will figure out how to build capacity on, what, the fine print describes, of this financial prototype. But for Libra to, be a robust, product with the capacity, to both cross-sell, Facebook, services and handle. The thousands of transactions. A second, its. Ambitious, flaunt, anticipates. Unbelievable. Facebook, or more likely global. And US policymakers, need. To quickly determine, whether, a Libra, is more than an astute, way to bypass. Growing. US, antitrust. Privacy. And content, regulation, challenges. So, you can see Jeff right out of the gate, they're just planting, all kinds, of they're. Talking about Facebook's, rhetoric, meanwhile they're just coming. This with tons, of fun right oh that's interesting you, know that yesterday. We had a conversation. Specifically. You, know about this and we, were discussing how over, the past 10, years really, since 2008. Through February. More. You, know plus or minus 2018. Banks. Have. Paid. Out in fines, around, two hundred and forty three billion dollars. And. In some regard, or. Anti. AML. Non-compliance. Other. Laundering, issues and, and a whole host of you, know mortgage, fraud so. And, it seems, to be continuous. It wasn't something you know that even started, in 2008. Because, it's obviously, tracked back you know much much much. Before, then you know but there's definitely a, nice record of it it's funny though that they would come out and they're so concerned about Facebook.

Right Now you, know threatening, and the statements, that they're making are. Basically, everything, they've been found guilty of. Yeah. In, in I know how you talked in your last stream I also talked about the last two - about the bank's you. Know we took a look at some of the fines but you know interestingly enough. Walmart. You know one of the largest corporations in the u.s. I mean there's certainly pretty. Giant, as far as a brick and mortars concern, graph. Was met by a, wink, Walmart's, find 282. Million in a global, bribery, scandal, and basically what this had to do it was, Walmart's. Corporate office in Brazil, one. Contract, the contact known as a sorceress for, the ability obtain government permits, quickly well how they did this was they bribed government, officials and guess what here's, a big here's, a big clue to the rest of the world if you want to get something done and it's outside, the US and it's outside regulations. Big, surprise you got a bribe you got to grease some palms in order to get some stuff done but, what happened, for all that I mean how much business, did they get out of that versus, a 282. Million dollar fine and. You. Know China to money was funneled to local, landlord for government relationship, consulting, services, and in, Mexico, cars and computers were donated, to governments, in communities, where Walmart was planning to build new stores it's, nothing new I mean this goes on on but I mean you realize that cryptocurrencies. Takes so much flak you, know who are they are they are you are you money, laundering, will it be used for human trafficking, will it be used for notorious. Alts, alternate. You. Know realities, well yeah that might be but meanwhile, a bank goes and does some crazy stuff that you, would go to jail for for your rescue or life they'd throw away the key and they'd laugh and, meanwhile. We've got corporations. Getting slaps on the wrist we've got banks, getting slaps on the wrist but, but crypto is the big scare right so I just wanted to throw that in that it's even happening in corporations, yeah. That's that's. Exactly you know I mean it goes on in. A reality, I just, want to throw a big shout out. Bubba. Shapes I just sent over 10. X RP so, really, appreciate, that tip. That's. Awesome, I'm also received. From. Gaming. Gaming. Crypto, xrp, throughout. Throughout, some so, I really, really, appreciate that, though that's, great, D read what's with the sunglasses hat. And hoodies tonight. Is incognito. Night if you guys didn't know so, we're. Going completely, incognito. So. That'll, be a little, little change as well when you see the thumbnail, thumbnail. Of the video incognito. Incognito. Yeah and. If. You scroll up Siri, you'll see exactly why but um I won't be live-streaming, for a while because I'm unable to livestream. So I'm just here, as a guest. Likely. Enough to be invited on here but yeah the livestream my short live streaming career is officially over for the for the shorts firm as it, would be and raining, you're partially, responsible no, I'm just kidding brother you're not responsible at all, black. Blame doesn't. That. Milli. Vanilli tune haha, blame, it on the rain yeah. Blame it on the rain that's. Right let's blame it on the rain that's, what I'll blame it on by. The way rains just hit, over a a sweet. Little tip, buddy thank you no you know what it's and nothing, against ranks I love these streams but but. If, you took the most - boring topic sauce. Talking, about, nonsense, for six minutes no music, no nothing. Copyright. Violation, so there you go people but anyway let's not let's, keep it up so Jeff why don't you take the next bit of this part I think I left off there as yours I think this article is really nice Annie. Let's. See what are you in it in a very bad crowd but. You know what if you go to the sketch as. You pull up this sketch and it's a very eerie similarity. Hmm. You. Don't say. Even. A boggart. That's. Out of control today, it's. This, is all good all the room yeah we need to talk bro. No. I'll be in bed after the show man I gotta rest up for my out for, my session, tomorrow with uh with. Michael, metz in there man we're gonna be throwing down over, and maybe yeah me ha, back to but we're gonna be back like in the old days I am martini, lunch nice.

Let's. Remember this yeah the liquid lunch you don't used to call him we were at IBM the IBM days like hey you want to go for a liquid lunch it was like noon and then, it was on a Friday and then it was two then it was three and so I go back to the office is four already and you know it, was one of type of deals right that we used to do so I was like kind. Of the way that it works, but yeah it was funny because I had to listen to the video three times in his boring as helll but anyway sorry rain it's not you it's me it's not you brother it's me so. Getting back to this Americans anchors thing I got to tell you so. It's. Just insane, like you know honest, it's like inside baseball but libros. Coin of the digital realm is founded. On what's usually described as a basket, of currencies but what's the basket, libros, said to be a stable coin making it better than Bitcoin because, as Facebook. Promises. Its, medium, of exchange for example new currency won't gyrate, wildly, like the other virtual currencies, this, works well in virtual currency, trading venues but. Is it a medium exchange, on its own right I mean this article, is crazy, the person that wrote it is out of the mind with this and there this, is very telling what's happening with banks right now they're a little bit freaked out because guess, what who's. On Facebook, Jeff, how many people aren't Facebook 1.3. Billion 1.4. Billion 6, billion, active. People, on Facebook, I believe, they they, say that daily, they, have around 1 point whatever. A billion people active. Daily and two. Point six actual basically. You, know that that's it that's a huge number I think, you know I mean it's it's just it's over third of the world. Unreal. Yeah. Third of the popular world's population, you think a were. One. Big bad guys that's. A lot of people say no good. No. Let's say that's a lot of people and well, the funny thing about it is is like all you have to do is log on to Facebook, and you. Can go ahead and send you no money from, YouTube from you know let's say Hollywood. California to, Dubai I mean literally in you know just, the, same way you don't also you know it's not a problem sending it you know within it come within a country you know we've gotten zal we've got all these other payment rails but the. Issue is is that now they, don't need banks, anymore and they say low fees I mean that's a great thing to float in a white paper we. Have low fees they're low Jeff we, don't know what they are if. It was $100 and it, was less than $100 it would be low or lower, so nobody knows what that but, that white paper was interesting, in the way that it just walked shook everybody, to its core because now if. You don't think Google's getting involved, if you don't think apples currently. Getting involved if you don't think Amazon who registered, they. Registered, those domains, years. Ago eh freaking out remember is like a light coin, like. Amazon, like coin calm, or stuff like that so people got all freaked out about it if, you don't think they're very moving, into the space because, it's not necessarily, Facebook. I think it's the its threat, that people like you know sites, like Facebook, because now, you have Instagram, the, next one's gonna be snapchat, you'll have a snap coin snap. Any snap on the coin everyone's gonna have a coin you love coins coming out of your ears thank you so they're. Fighting you know they're fighting. Over this space and, it, and it's not new so you. Think about it go back a couple years in facebook made. An attempt to get into the payment space and failed you, know Google, has fought.

For The payment space and and. You know I I don't know how how successful, it is you. Know Apple. Pay fought, for the space I'm. Not sure how, successful it, is you, know what what's interesting though is that you. Know unless unless they're paying out, incentives. You know points and whatnot on, your use of Google. And and and Apple, pay if, you have a connected, credit card that that pays out you, know points, or gives points, for every dollar spent you, don't get those points if you use one. Of those pay services, and let, if you're using a credit card directly you get them but when, you read, the Terms and Conditions most. Of them won't release those points, so especially, with Amex you know if you have your Amex connected, and most, people are gonna use Amex, in an you know business environment, you, know for multiple, reasons because, they're you, know they're definitely getting, you. Know they're definitely getting some points we. Have whether it's flight miles or something they can use towards you, know purchases. Or whatever, you, know so I think that's that's a drawback but I wonder what the adoption is because, you're right I think, this announcement, from Facebook, well. We'll see what it really means but they're, focused on a payment space not you, know can we use Apple. Pay when we go to Whole Foods you, know they're talking about pain, space you, know how do we you know move money and, you, know kind of one up you, know the banks, and maybe even one up a money gram to. Sending money back home you, are sending money between each other you, know I think it's, interesting and it's gonna want to observe for sure you, know because it's gonna you know it, really you, know well you, know out do, what the banking, the banks can do when, it comes to exchange and, you know speed a transfer and all of that now, whether it's a good solution or not you know time will tell when it finally launches, but. It but it's still definitely bringing a ton of focus, and attention and, the, banks and traditional, banks in brick' you know the brick-and-mortar guys, are, definitely running scared. Yeah. Without a doubt you know funny enough I was I just happen to be in Whole Foods, you, know Whole Foods is an, acquisition, I think about two years ago it's a healthy, market I believe that started and it started out of Austin Texas they've, been around for a number of years and I really like going there and the funny joke is that the.

Carts There you know trolleys, whatever you call them they're a little bit smaller than normal places and it. Kind of got the coming. Up the moniker, instead. Of, what. Did they call Jeff these two call it a. Whole. Foods they, called it whole paycheck, right cuz yeah, whole paycheck, because that's yeah they call it whole paycheck and the funny thing was you could fill one of these tiny carts, and every, time I've gone in there it's a governor box I think I'm one of these one of these hundred, bucks well you let me you know so it's almost impossible to, get out of there with your shirts the line so I happened to be passing by you, know me my dry sarcastic, humor I'm going, through one of the checkouts, you, know and and then, the guy in front because the, person, in front of me they go like um hey. Do. You have your code you know so what you do is you scan your Amazon, Prime code and the. Guy goes I don't know if it's gonna do anything but he puts, it under there and he bought something for like $50, you know and they go didn't get anything off I'm like no I said. No but they did I said but they they did just scan you so now Amazon, Prime knows which store. Watch em is you know what store you shop at what you buy and now they can effectively target you with ads and things, that you like when it's next time you log on Amazon with your Amazon Prime so, in, a way we give away the privacy, because you, and then I scan mine freely, I'm like hey man go ahead I'm squid and scam me and you're, never standing like six six fifty you. Know six blocks and I'm like well you know if you did that every time and you went there you know 20. Times a year you pay for your Amazon Prime membership and then you are, loved you know gladly, given, away your ability to. What. Are you Enterprise the issues there but you know that's what that's the price you pay you know I got six bucks off and no that was that worth six dollars to them to know my every move I think. So I want, them to track everything I do I want. I want them to know that they do already but I want them to know everything I buy I want them to know everything I say you, know and apparently they do you're right between, all, of them now if they could all get together did. You imagine the. Power that, they would hold you, know you, get you get Facebook, because, they know your daily movement, when you're communicating they, know everybody you know then, you've got Amazon, tracking, every purchase you make every. Food that you eat and then, you've got Google, that listens in on everything you. Put those things together and they they've got the ultimate control it's amazing, they've all got little pieces of the puzzle yes, oh forget about privacy, you know Miyagi's right what what privacy, you know what's privacy, you know we kind of gave that up and it's, it's hilarious, though I'm really wondering you. Know what Amazon, is is, there you know in tension, with. With. All that data that they're collecting every, time you scan you're you're you. Are code you, know to get those few bucks saved, you, know and then it's uh you. Know back back to Amazon shopping again you know it's funny too I was, in I was in in, Whole Foods. Yesterday. I was, in there today I, sucked. In there to get sushi for lunch now, I was in there yesterday picking, up some items and it. Was amazing, to see how many Amazon, Prime. Choppers. There are out, and about now they're actually pushing the carts and they have their Amazon Prime coolers, and they're loading up all these different coolers, and it was it's kind of cool to see you. Know but that's so many people aren't actually coming out of the house they're just using Amazon, to shop you, know pretty soon you. Know Amazon just gonna start delivering stuff to you, you're. Not even gonna have to shop they're just gonna say hey you're out of this you need it well. Well. It's so funny because you know you, know when you probably order something they've got the delivery, service now it's called Prime now something, to let that effect and you, know you kind of like it when you they they, put together they basically pack up bags, which are you know they're made out of paper and they staple. Them at the top so, as you're, going in this store you. See some of the one, of the help you know they they roll in a giant cart and they open up whatever their car is you know like you know like a 1971. Olds, Cutlass Supreme. They, put it in the back of it you know you're, imagining, that some you know Amazon Prime, when those gray Mercedes vans, is gonna pull up with, a kind courteous driver meanwhile some kids drive it up you.

Know Doing figure eights and you're in your driveway. Delivering. Some of this stuff to you going hey here's your stuff you know it's just a hot car why delivered, all these other packages but. You know that's kind of the world we live in its yeah you know what's weird I don't know if you notice is Jeff but you know now that I'm ordering stuff on Amazon. Prime. It's. Weird so I got it says it'll be there in two days then it comes to the next day and I'm like this is starting a creepy, van you. Know. They. Have one day delivered I think it might be - based on the proximity. Of, the location. You know wherever the warehouse is that are delivering - but I like one day man I mean I'm all excited about two days like and the. Funny thing is two days is long enough where I'd forget what I order and like. Someone brings because I would get stuff to over my office and someone like never really brings it and dumps it on my office of trouble packages I'm like what. What is this stuff and I'm like there you don't know what it is I'm like I don't remember like oh I remember. I did this oh yeah I mean I was only a day or two days ago but yeah there's, the big announcement, though is that they want to they, they want to start delivering to, the trunk of your car they. Want to deliver to your refrigerator that with that that's. Where I draw the line I mean you want it you want to know what old when, I'm ordering, that's one thing you, want it you want to deliver it to the trunk of my car forget, that I mean that's insane. Well. They what they what they do is that they had to use a Alexa. Right so that it'll open your door your get your granting, them access they're gonna come in and put your sorry. Man I mean what's an actually gonna tuck me in bed and read me a bedtime story, you, know the little prince you gonna like you know the, little mouse that roared I mean is getting silly knobby like are you gonna follow me in the bathroom and I'm gonna have to tip you on the way out I mean this is getting insane. Man. No that's awesome Carl Lewis is cracking me up with these with with Triton with, these uh one-liners. Seen. It where they'll leave it inside your door if, you have the amazon lock for your door yeah. See ya, no that. Don't work for me you know make sure my dog's sitting at that door to make sure they don't walk, in the door Amazon, Lock bloody. Lock on my door. Listen. I don't even want through I mean I'm trying to find a video system right now where, I mean think about it they're all owned by the big big, tech companies, right the, only ones you can get are from China and meanwhile, they're that Hawaii stuff. That's getting banned, so I mean like you can't even you're, now gonna like get some kind of a kit and like put together your own string, together your own camera, system because. The surveillance I mean there was there was a I, think, it was I don't know if was Amazon, was, maybe Alexa, it was or Google what someone good what's the Google one called hey Google or Google me or hey. Google yeah, so apparently it, was subpoenaed in and out in a, hey. Google. Alexa. Yeah. Alexa, yeah. Hey Google so, it, was apparently, in. A sort, of a murder thing and they were using the recordings. Because it records you all the time it's a servers, and then if the ciphers is it later you, know you don't have to say hey Google before. It chimes in so it's kind of a it's, kind of a weird oddity, with all this stuff man but hey. But I'm just I'm again I'm just, a guy looks like we're wrong, you. Got a little bit of light there but anyway. So. We got a little light there ya know. It's. Hilarious, ovett bro said oh. Shoot, where to go no no. Thawne, taking, know, where to go said it's a felony to steal packages off people's porches now. Wasn't. It always a felony I guess it wasn't Molony maybe was a misdemeanor theft, no just, by the amount it, was just like too bad what, is it it what, is it literally for a thousand dollars. Yeah. A little bit of lag but it's better now says that yeah I don't know what that means but bubble chef says Amazon's, new eat chastity. Belt is cool though I can. Use my mobile to free her up for, bathroom. Breaks during a day alright well that's a little bit inappropriate but, okay I mean what everything, goes tonight, that's, fun that's some funny stuff, Bob's yeah seafoods.

Laugh And he thinks that's a good one and at least George legs and she's laughing as well or about the ringed or about that but the. Ring doorbell can connect in with the police and then, they can monitor all the ring doorbells in the neighborhood you. Have to share your data, but. Then they can go on if they're tracking somebody they. Can then go from ring doorbell to ring doorbell, throughout the neighborhood. That's. Nice yeah, and. Some of the cameras they got some underground is that the one where they have that underground site where you can like tap into stuff I like, it when Pete you know I like watching those videos where somebody's like walking up with them holding a bag for maybe Whole Foods and, you, know they slip and fall those are fun when you watch them, you know you, know and I hate to say it but it's fun watching people do silly things right because you know it just reminds us of being human but, anytime you watch somebody fall and I you. Know they like they slippery fall and I saw one last week there was that amazing like little. Boom and then I've heard themselves really down you know what they, got I'll fill out the dogs Dean comment here and, this Z bits and you know it's interesting because I went back and watched one of my one. Of my streams, oh you, noticed there were some spots. Where, the audio dropped out and, and. I and I contribute. That to lag if, there's lag on the system, a little bit of lag that'll, get definitely, caused a drop out you, know if you're losing the packets, so, it might come through on the live stream but it might not be recorded. Due to the drop out in the packet but. Here, it says EBIT said have, you guys seen some of dni streams, where, there's no audio but when you first watch it you could hear everything, you. Know definitely, he, definitely have, their eyes on us you. Know and, some of it could be AI driven. You know maybe they're you, know automatically, pulling stuff out you, know and then there's you, know people that, can manually, you. Know submit, a come, as well to Google you, know apparently. From. What we're discovering whether. There's there's justification, yeah you. Know you get dinged which, kind of reminds me of how back in the day you, know I had to fight PayPal. For. For, about six months to collect, money they yanked out of our account in, a dispute, with someone, that bought something from us that, claimed it was stolen and. It was a you know it's something that you know there was a lot more you know involved, in it but, you know PayPal, didn't care they, just yanked the money away from us you know and so now, we're seeing a similar, kind of attitude. Where. You, know Google is immediately, gonna, take one. Side over another without. Further investigation. When you can investigate, it immediately you, don't have to wait the technology's, there you. Know but yet they're still gonna take you, know someone's, you know complaint. Which, is just absurd you. Know and so so you wonder what what's really happening. Well. I mean you know back in the day when, a. Company. I was you know our company was spending four hundred thousand dollars in advertising we never could get a human on the phone like it was all robots over there you, know it was like we will talk to you can you talk to your official, account. And my official account handlers on vacation, for three weeks we. Will get you in touch with somebody and it's like you know we've heard this for ages they're the smartest people that's, cool and I'm down with that but, they'd come in they would come in they do like these that come into town once. A month it. Would be this it would be like lost, inside, of what's that Bill Murray booth Groundhog, Day it was a Groundhog Day the same thing every day here's, what we'd like to do and then they would say well we'll bring it back we'll analyze it well you realize that there's six months of saying the same thing and not, getting any back was like alright this is starting to get old let's not have the meetings and work but we're gonna be in the town no we don't want to have the meetings anymore, why don't you want to have the meetings anymore because.

We've Been saying the same thing for six months you know I'm providing, it any data you're not giving us what I want well, can we meet about it we met about it for six months so this is kind of the weird stuff that you go through I want, to address this comment so Jeff Rome says yeah, I was on my phone. For. Products, and then went on my PC, and then, the products I was surfing for on my phone or now as everywhere within the PC browser does coil solve some of this so. Basically, you're the, reason that's happening is because if you're on your phone you. Know and I personally, never login for if, your depends what browser you're using right so if you use a brave it's more privacy driven, there's, some other ones like that, are out there that are more privacy, driven, ones but, anytime you log in you know if you're using like a work computer or, like you have a laptop and you have a phone when, you're logged in okay, they're. Viewing your history. Always. View an incognito or, with voice so if you really want to be undetected. I'll give you a good example of you talking about products, right so they're hitting you up with products it's, weird if you're on the same IP address, because somebody. In your office could be browsing something, on a similar, type of an IP and, I, don't know maybe they're looking for you, know surveillance, devices and all sudden you start seeing them popping, up on your like this what what is this coming from you, know it's kind of a weird sort of a thing that you're. Being targeted with, something. Out of nowhere it's the it's. The weirdest thing you know it's like you. Know and I'm, not going to get into it but some women are looking for some crazy stuff out there in my office apparently, but you know they start looking at that your ads and stuff but. I bought the flight recently. Well you definitely, comment, therapies, I. Don't. Have what do you say. Ellen. DeGeneres, I mean it's because I'm white is that it's not the problem are we white Ellen. DeGeneres, holy cow man that's, it you're no longer ride the badass you're Roy, the, buffoon I'm. Just kidding Roy I'm. Just, kidding right the boy the buffoons, you. Internet the my whole train of thought there anyway, bottom, line is is if you listen, great if you're searching for. I'll. Take Justin Beaver meadow by. Generous. I mean that's the generate comment right there man forget about it I mean, nothing's anything wrong with it what's the ones who keep on swimming keep on swimming I'm gonna have to watch that in the movie a million times, that. Was torture pure. Luke. Cage oh the cage works too man I don't care I'll take any of them but the DeGeneres comment you're you're banned now or our TV you are. Didn't. They the arrow always warns hood up I'm like you can see his face how this how's that hood obscuring, his face I never understood, you.

Know People, are is the dumbest thing ever and it's like. Yeah. It's well you know what Clark Kent wasn't that big of a L holy. Cow I just went totally back there yeah so. Now I'm a little, yeah. I'm back now what. I did was it turned off my screen so I'm trying to get a little more Ellen DeGeneres for you right now. It's, trying to turn it up a bit. Holy. Yeah. I. Think what I have to do is just turn up on stream since I'm not allowed the live streaming or sorts of people pop family I didn't see them pop in I got, all the people in the back. To what's good and what's. Up. 24. People on the stream, 24. Good people I. Think. My new gigs gonna be popping in on people's live streams and different outfits, you know like this maybe one day I'll be a pirate, you know where like an eyepatch on there you, know another another time might dress up like a cartoon, character I, don't know Fred, Flintstone or something who, knows I can wear a Mickey Mouse ear like it be anything but you know that might be my new gig since I'm not since I'm no longer a livestreamer. I'm just that just a dude. And. There's other people you and there's other people out there yeah. There's other people out there they go on they put three videos up, and they already have they've. Already got like you know four thousand, subs so you know man I apparently wasn't it was it wasn't. Doing it right look. At seafood throwing, out the big old five right there big, finster behind. Throughout, the big Fenster, I appreciate, that seafood, that's awesome, please, don't please. By. The way sue for I wanted to say that I will, talk about this later but anyway I got your email dude it was pretty cool so I'm gonna chat. About you later but don't think I ignored, you man I just I just, had my whole like my, hopes and dreams -. What, streamer anymore he doesn't know you, know I just got my soul crushed by the Google, mess and I was like it what it wasn't one of the ones where I criticized them in my privacy segment, it was just like rain, going, rain here. Xrp. Ring, and, I was like, animals. And here's me going looking at the controls going I think I can I might be able to figure self I don't know it's my first live stream. Man forever, why nobody, knows anyway, the, angle, is a bear and pretend to give prophetic, statements, about, the future of XRP. Listen. Man that, sounds that love then. Listen. There might be a there might be a role for that I mean you. Think it's a joke Colin I actually like the comment I think it's serious I think if I can get a full bear way. To go back, on this show and we'll do a whole you. Know. It's never happened no one's actually had the bear in a costume, right actually. I do have enough you think it's funny but I'm actually pretty much there about live-streaming a bear you know I mean we could do that that that might be a fun segment you have me on I'm a bear you. Know we asking you so what what do you think about the future of XRP and you'll be all like fired up and dancing.

Around Yeah. And I'll have you, know I have like a funny dance you know I'll do like a funny dance and I'm like maybe. I'll have me to a cigar like I'll puff. On the cigar you, know I. Mean. It's possible for this stream got silent track so what happens yeah if you have a real serious drinking, you, bring me on and, it's completely, gone to the toilet what happened then I don't know, Nick. Black says that the BG once you three stuff is getting a little long in the tooth. Someone. Dressed up in a bear costume, yeah a brand, new and everyone will want to do it. Has. Anyone seen a dinosaur can I do a t-rex you know what like little arms right, here. I. Do that I mean is that possible I mean it could be be, awesome all, sorts of awesome ideas it's all possible. It's. All possible, what's. That bro go about registers might be a big big, moves coming what, are we talking about Google's, the real dream killer that's. Jumping around here and, then I try to scroll there we go XRP under 4000, SATs for the first time in two years. And there it goes again it keeps bouncing. Down trying to stay on the one no. Yeah. I listen Jeff I'm not saying anything about Ellen DeGeneres, I was talking more about the comparison, I mean she's and they're saying like hey you know she's funny I like her I don't dislike her mad at me it's ya know she. Had that dude from the 70s show on there and he basically gave away 40, billion XRP, and, that was like the first real remember. That was that he's like here's 40 billion XRP for Africa. And it was like a good segment, because it. Was the first time you think about it the mainstream, people are watching Ellen like you know sitting. Around their, college you know maybe with the vacuum running in the background I don't know they're watching their day show and all senator like XRP, what day is that you know they don't know what it is so, I thought that was pretty cool don't get me down I'm not getting down I was just like making a comment about Roy the badass yeah, you, know and he where does Roy he disappeared, from the stream though came in 0s to Grenadier and now, I can't find it. What. Can you say who had, this serious question, trying. To remember, Ashton. Pushed. Her Ashton, Kutcher stir pitch there Ashlee, pitch there yeah four. Million dollars Ellen owns four, million of XRP because. You probably never gave any away. Okay. Duchess watch her you good I thought maybe he a question. Now you signed off at the back phone cuz I can actually scroll my phone a little bit quicker not, that I can read my phone.

Like. And strolling about on ste, Emily's is go and please hit that button and subscribe, in the notification, bill and you'll get notified a switch I mean she said that like reference to that. Other OBS, platform, so, we can start getting some notification. When people subscribe and. Leave, tips and stuff like that I'll be able. To do that so here's, the question it came from Nick black and maybe. Maybe. We can figure this out. When, do we see any M, G volume hit the ledger. Just, when you said that we went into a lag let me read that again oh. We. Just lied for a little bit. Incognito, what, happened, we went offline. Yeah. Man you gonna be it says incognito, I don't know I don't see you are, we live guys I don't know we're offline I. Think. We're going down just as crypto. Sifu, gave. Another two, dollars teller, we go we came back that thing do we came back no. We're. Trying to make our way back though - what else weird that, he's. Trying to Buddhist again there. We go be. Careful. What's the same in. Market. Cap up 15, billion XRP stable, why that's, the question of the night right there Krypton, seafood right there Sifu. We're, back we're, live. Yeah. Wouldn't it was funny because it's flash the incognito, screen. I'm like what, is going on tonight today spin up is our day the whole day's been bizarre that's. The next step I'm gonna be banned from Instagram. Oh. That's. Awesome, remember. That, you're. Bad who is it was the name of that group ass. Yeah. Pants and all, that was called the new was, way back in the day man the kids from Jamaica. I don't, know it's what he can google it and put it in there incognito. Got an order this Cognito now well it. Only. Partially incognito. Yeah, it's, like when Superman put the glasses on right you're like it's you can still see that it's Clark. Kent likely, you're like oh he's Clark Kent what's his this guy's it's a pair of glasses are, they dark and hide his eyes now there's the pair of goofy glasses okay, you. Know and I always thought it was like so cool like one time I watched one of the episodes you remember Steve Reeve was the original, he. Was the original Superman it. Was kind of cool because he, was Clark Kent and somebody shot him and they and it bounced off him he was like and, they're, like oh my god could. You be and he reaches in his pocket he, had a coin as and it reached his park and he bent the corner and he pulled it out it showed a bent coin it, was like and, I was like that was like the coolest that. Was like one of the badass moves I saw and I was like a little kid at the time and I said you know what if, I was Superman that would be like the smooth move right there I was like dude you just got let and that was like in the 1950s, they did stuff like that just, ultra cool like you know he bends the coin and said well no I was lucky I had eight I mean why you'd have a giant, black and blue market but no actually, hit the nickel in his neck. Black says, wake. Up job. Chip. Talk maybe you guys can't hear chip, everyone's. Like why you just sitting there just staring at the screen for, the heck of it it's. Always wearing the glasses he catch some it's. A quick, sleep, in between no. When. Will the, XRP ledger finally, see some money. Grand volume, or si B and Sen friend oh I finally, understood, the question I wasn't I was trying to figure out what M G was and I've been trying to scroll back us beyond so. Nick black appreciate. That let's see his. Theory, X R P is being artificially. Suppressed, pending. The release of press announcements.

Of X, rapid, clients, based on NDA's, and such I think you, know I think you know there's been you know quite a bit of OTC. You. Know trade, you know and and. That in. In it you. Know for sure is, is holding back there arethe the the overall price you, know price increases. And it's keeping a little bit of stability imagine. If, all of this movement was happening right now on. The exchanges. You, know the price points would be all you know just be going crazy so, I believe you know especially as there. Since. The hungover episode. That's. Funny but I you know I believe that you. Know there's definitely something. To be said for you know your statements, there Nick NDA's. All, of that that, the point is also with MoneyGram MoneyGram has been in test one of the things that i was trying to get out yesterday, before i was rudely interrupted by, Xfinity, is. That. We. Definitely. Saw a plan, in place with. MoneyGram, so if, we go back to that stream I know is cut up into three parts my, last part was first so it's all confusing, and, it was hard to track in I should have gone on and edited and deleted, the last part just had part one part two but. What, we saw in May, was. An announcement, by MoneyGram. That they're moving into Canada you. Know and so I thought I thought you know that definitely you, know had a lot of significance, because. They. Moved into Canada, open, a market in Canada, because Canada is definitely a growing market um then. What, did we see happen in June then in June we, see ripples big, investment, into MoneyGram now ripple. Obviously, already knew that. MoneyGram, was moving into Canada you, know they they must have been in the note when you put fifty million dollars down on a company. You know that there's gonna be some movements. You know what their plans are gonna be at that point because that that's you, still, own a ten. Percent share in that company. Based on the stock so. You, know they own a significant. Amount of stock in that company you. Know what their moves are gonna be because. Directly. After what was the announcement this week that. They established. A flat exchange. From. Canada, to anywhere else in the world setting. It at 10.10. Canadian dollars you, know so if AJ. Jack's. Is on the line if, you want to send us any money from Canada, you know you're only gonna have to pay 10, Canadian up to five hundred dollars though, yesterday, I pulled. Up the MoneyGram site and I, actually tracked, an. Exchange, if we were to send five, hundred dollars it was ten dollars flat if used then a hundred dollars it was ten dollars flat though, at five hundred dollars that's two percent there's, nothing, else out there right now no. Other money, transfer, service that only charges two percent, now, I said you know what let me let me see if we decided, to double that what have we sent a thousand, dollars though, at a thousand, dollars the cost was fifteen dollars so, it went down to one and a half percent so it's. Amazing, so to me what, that is saying is that in, May MoneyGram. Moves to Canada in June, ripple, acquired a significant, part you. Know a significant. Percentage of stock. And and holding, within MoneyGram, and they're also able to dictate the. Direction that, MoneyGram is going in terms of the utility of ex rapid, then all of a sudden we see a. Flat. Dollar, amount, which obviously, in order to do that you, know has to be based off of I, would think you, know it, only stands, the reason I could be a hundred percent wrong, with this but, it just seems that that. It is that MoneyGram is utilizing, the ex rapid, solution. Between Canada and everywhere else in the world as. A test case what do you think on that one ship and, see what you guys out there think as well. Yeah. And I I mean I don't think you I don't think you're necessarily wrong I think. There's a lot of unknowns I mean I think there's a lot more questions and we have answers for because, you. Know if you think about, what's. The real you know I mean I know David Schwartz has talked about it before and, you. Know Brad Garlin house is addressed as well it's like you know in order for there to be real, liquidity. If you're gonna start spending millions of dollars you, know if in fact let's say Swift does go ahead and go to UM and they're, talking about signing something with r3, and using the the court of settler which basically runs off of. XRP, you know when you think about that scenario yeah. There's, a lot of questions because yeah they're not they're never gonna go to ripple directly right they're never gonna set up there was never gonna do that there's, a reason Godfried, the CEO, of swift is leaving, I don't think it was my choice I think it was like here's the door and they shuttle, him off and he, he writes that white paper or whatever the hell that was that.

Bio. That he writes on the way out was just silly, in, other words saving, face saying you know we're going all blockchain and everything's gonna be great you know to. Me it's it's a little bit too a little too little too late but. They know that they've been had and Facebook. Was the you know interestingly enough, Facebook. Was just like you, know when someone codes and they took those paddles, on them and they go and they go what's. There they yell and there boom eight they clear, this. Is what Facebook, just did to the banking industry clear boom, and they just blew it up and and. I and you know initially, with that white paper came out well I think we're gonna question, it's, turned out to be phenomenal because it it, really accelerated. A lot right accelerated. Ripple they've been trying to sign deals and contracts, meanwhile, everyone starts calling up they're busy I'd director, sales and like hey let's move on this we got to move forward and and. It really kind of took, the industry by storm so, when I look at look. It's all going, there I mean the news is fantastic. I think it's just going to be one day where it where it sort of pops I don't think we're gonna see it's. Not gonna be a massive, thing but in order for it to really be successful there, has to be. Some. Not only volume but there, has to be some stability and there has to be a large price right you have to have a. You. Have to have some where is it gonna work at 50 cents I mean I don't, see it working at 50 cents I see it you, know for 40, 50 100 200 dollars for it to be able to to. Be really. Let's. Say usable, but I mean it for it to work well right I mean 50, cents and then it blows up to $3 not necessarily, a great thing it, will rise pretty fast and I think it's gonna really smoke past the, last all-time, high but you know there's a lot of questions, I don't know I mean I look at India's - Jeff you signed tons women your career oh my god I've signed enough of them I've read lined enough of them I've looked at them and you know when you go through them and I'm sure Madson or if he's still here he's probably the king of red lines you, know a word here and a word that there but you know they're pretty severe they can they, can't get you in a lot of hot water but the idea is that and this, has been publicly announced, that then I can I know this came up in the question but, Garlin house even it even said that they're going. To announce when their partner is comfortable with announcing, so they're NDA may say they're going to protect it for two years no, public, disclosure you can say we're doing testing, although, you know it's funny because you, know you've had Western Union testing for four years and they're still wondering oh we, don't know yeah we're not so what our systems better and, okay. Swift nice well done well played right so I don't, know I think there's more questions than, answers at this point there's a lot of things we just don't know we can summarize and, speculate, all we want but, there's just too many things that we are not privy to and, we're, just seeing it really we're seeing it from a very high level we don't know what's going on I mean I don't know what your thoughts are on that jet but I don't. Think we know now I think there's just a lot hidden from our youth that I. Just want to say what's up to xrp, boo boo for logging. In Buddhism. To see one it's. Awesome to see a lot of you guys on you know he's taking the time to come on the stream wanted, to give a shout out to rain. For some. XRP give a shout out to. There. We go I can read an out Creed. 428. Force, MX RP through. The x RP tip bot it's. An awesome way to move x RP rapidly. Through. Twitter it's. A great great thing great, invention, so, but. Yeah you know what I think you know there's been so much going on behind the scenes that, we're, definitely not privy to you. Know every everybody wants to come out and and. You know and try to guess you, know and try to figure it out we. Can do as much figuring, out and try to read between the lines sometimes, it's pretty obvious, though you, know you see certain things like you, know to me this this whole Canada thing you. Know with dropping a flat fee when everybody, else in the industry is charging. Anywhere from seven to twenty, percent for, a. Similar type of transaction. You, know and then all of a sudden Canada, is specifically. You, know dropping, and it's a new it's a new open, as well. You know why would they drop it to a flat $10, you know how, do they get away with 2% or one, and a half percent I don't know I think I want to say the average amount of money that, people send, is gonna be you, know probably somewhere between 350.

To 500 dollars. When. They're sending money out you know I don't know if they're gonna send a hundred, dollars at a time they might wait and accumulate, a couple, hundred dollars before, they send it it would be interesting to look you. Know and look that up and see what that average, is you, know but imagine if you go to Western, Union or one of the others and you're paying $30. To. Send $100 and you're keeping, 71st. Is going to MoneyGram. You're, paying 10% you, know and your pain you, know and you're keeping 90 dollars that's awesome, but if you accumulate, a little bit your, percentage, drop significantly you. Know so to me, you know that you, know it could be a marketing, thing to maybe they're not even on X rabid I mean that's possible, but you know to your point you. Know 100. Percent there's so many things that are happening and, growth, in this space that will never be privy, to even, after it happens we'll never be privy, to how it happened or when it happened. Yeah. And Jeff Rome says well Japan, and other Asian markets, supposedly. Going online with, XRP, slash. Art 3 in July so. Yeah. That's a good observation I, mean I you, know it, somebody put out a tweet the other day where they labeled, all the things that we didn't have yet right so X rapid when we had the last run up the last bull run the, last all-time high 3 what, are the 40 something, I don't remember but but we, didn't have you, know we didn't even have X rapid, remember, we're not even a year into its launch I mean it's it's it's that new, and you. Know a lot of the other partnerships, that came along you know the backs the, fidelity's of the world still, haven't launched and I think, that when we when we start looking back I mean a lot of it was speculation, and speculation, can move the market that's what happened if you remember what actually, created. That run-up it was the coin base was going to there was some rumor going around the coin base was gonna go ahead and they were gonna add you. Know X RP and then when they finally did it was like it wasn't even like a ripple and it was like it was like a dud it was almost like it hurt the marketplace, it was like but, at the time you know back then yeah, we had good news coming out it, was a little bit more measure now, it's you can't keep up with it and you know and that's one other things I love about YouTube, is you know I can listen to stuff in the background, I can totally listen, and. I'm listening at streams all day long because I don't know if they have time to read but I can sometimes listen, and there's, amazing what what the community is pulling out I mean finding all kinds of articles from people locating, it either. On Twitter Twitter's, become such a valuable tool to us and all, the people in this chat you know they're bringing up stuff this, is what makes this community amazing. You know there's a lot of people come in the stream they come in the chat right here and they're just contributing, stuff hey did you see this what about this you, know. This. Is why I love this community so much it's just it makes every day pretty exciting, a little bit better than the next and you know.

We Look at like monetary, policy. We look down what's going on the Fed Jerome Paul you, know the Fed not wanting to make cuts and then you see Trump out there going ahead and attacking the Fed getting, in some geopolitical. Information. Here but even you see that, he's going after them you can see the change is already underway we're moving to a new monetary system, we. Cannot, we. Cannot in. No country it doesn't matter if you're your boo boo in the UK right now now, I'm your Anneliese in Australia. We cannot continue, on you. Know globally. Without, having, some sovereign. Jury we can't have we have to be in control of, ourselves, and, what we're doing otherwise it just doesn't make sense would. You agree with that yeah. I mean. That definitely makes it I'm done okay streams, over we're done that's it right. Streams. Over you agree we're done yeah that's it good night so, good night all right it's 4:00 a.m. what homework what I look XRP yeah. Whatever, it. Is we're talking too loudly and, she. Had to you know come out and join the stream, no. I. Heard. Another lighting so I realized I thought I'd plugged my photo in but apparently I did not I got the old buzzer like, hey man you or you're you're losing control here there we go out of control all, control. Control. Yeah. No good, stuff boys total report yeah it gets though good good, stuff yeah no this is this is awesome you know I think there's there's definitely so, much you, know so much that we have to look into it's, funny I was just getting ready to look. Up and vet bro yeah beat me to it BTC, on by Nance is already. A 12,000. Coin. Market cap was just under 12,000. It's. Amazing, you know we're starting to see yo. The rise you know little by little by little things are starting to build, up again in this space the. One thing that I I believe that, gives us confidence you. Know over you know even with XRP and especially you know one of the things that, we're, seeing I think across the board right now in this space and granted. You, know you kick in a little bit of FOMO you collect kicking some mainstream you, know but the steady growth is, is, import, you know we don't want big spike growth if, we see that rapid, you, know you.

Know, Parabolic. Rise again you know like we did in, 2017. To 2018. And that short period of time you, know it's destined, to fall off the cliff you. Know I mean it just it just seems that way because as high as it's gonna go up you, know there's gonna be fun on the back on the back end of it thought there's fun on the back end they're, gonna pull it pull it right back down and the, faster. You climb and the higher you climb at that rate the further you're gonna fall off the other end of the edge of the cliff you know it seems you, know it's been proven in stocks you know over and over again I don't know that this space would be any different, you know that's controlled. A lit

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What is or where can you find xrapid volume. I hear no one is using it still.

I don't believe there is a way to check. Supposedly there are some groups using xRapid - but not sure how to confirm that.

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