XQC Reacts to Tfue *SUING* FaZe Clan - BANKS RESPONSE!

XQC Reacts to Tfue *SUING* FaZe Clan - BANKS RESPONSE!

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Go again now one more time I, want. You guys to understand, something very important, to phase and banks, have every, right to be super emotional what you guys are about to see right now Sunday April 1st I. Don't know good although, did. It. Did. It. Did. Is it. Possible, that there's. Like rivalry, pretend like but, they like ninja, teef you and I ninja like siding with with with, phase cuz. Like against if you is that like a possibility. Phase. And today, is my 14th, birthday shopping. April. 1st this is the day like, this, is like this is when T foo sign got signed with phase look at these graphs. Who. Cares. Did. If, they it's Lily there's something wrong right. And. Or. Like it it like like a shitty contract, whatever yes, do gives a fuck what, he gain from being with them, that. Does that is the whole in the court of law gives a fuck about this. This. Is cringe. What. Is this cringe in yo are, you getting it, what. Is this fucked this. Is this like the fucking like happy. Girl what, meme that they see on 9gag, like. Um. When. Your heart is broken but you keep going forward because you're a strong, girl like. What the fuck, are, you. Kidding me dude. Is. It nuts. Like. Hashtag, just girly things. There's. Well I can. Chap. Mudfoot no guys guys guys guys thanks. All for, coming out I'm gonna watch the student okay I might some in the middle but, the shoe sort of over who's gonna watches it and just talk did stays I'm watching it like, this is not part of the real stream again I'm too bored you can share with this. They. Told something all the puzzles it's, always you know. Thanks. About this all works going out and I was hanging, out being here I purchase. A lot model. As. Always as you know being on reddit and being in chat I. Recorded. It almost. Immediately. After a the issue was my public and no clue, this was coming, I was. Blindsided ok dude. Did. This, vision sugar me didn't did. Who cares. This. Isn't scripted I, didn't. Prepare the holy shit. What. A god boys. Love. You excuse me thanks. Don't. Even know where to begin with this dude I really, don't I'm, just kind of spitting. On. Twitter to kiemce tell me you got to get on drama right now I did that and still you got the whole phase team blown me a bunch of people hit me up but I wanted to just get my raw side, to, this story I didn't want to be strategic about this I didn't want to be careful about this, I honestly, at this point I really don't give up and it's about time you guys know in detail the truth about not. Only Turner and phase clans relationship, but mine. And Turner's relationship, first of all I just want to say I don't agree with what him and his team have done I think it's complete and utter most. Of it is a complete, lie exaggerated. And its tactical, which you know I used to did it did it did. Why. Is he doing jump, cuts every, word, would. Look at this this. Is how you're not your. Public sentence this. Is the best way you do not, do. Public Senate's did look at shit. Can't, want a little bit to that first, so, I just, want to say I don't agree with, what him. And his team what, if they come, clean, or. Most. Of it is a complete. Lie. Jump. Cut just, got, John. Scott you know jump cut tactics. And legal, strategy. And friends. For. A holy. Shit. That. Is ridiculous. Before, egos before, if you used before all that honestly, I thought were friends. Chief who I called you my family, and I got no heads-up I got absolutely no warning of this this is something that could have easily been handled offline and if this was just about making even more money than you do now and we could, have gotten, to that point too dude like I don't understand, it doesn't make any sense to me I'm sure I'm gonna have a shit ton of hate on this video I mean you're massive, I feel like I've created a monster in some way but if that's the price oh god, did victim, and Yuri are you serious on I didn't I have to pay then so be have to tell the truth and I have to get my side of the story out there I'm not gonna sit around and let people fucking gossip, and competitors, to my brand come out and talk shit like you guys are fucking snakes you know who you are I'm honestly just disgusted, in the whole situation I'm, pretty emotional, right now half of it is definitely, just pure raw anger but the other half of it like I'm truly, fucking, like crushed, right now so I'm gonna split this video into two parts first they're gonna be the facts and the claims against, my, brand and the second one is going to be the emotion, in just the personal, connection, I have with this kid and how this just makes me this is you have a very unique position, in all this I've done a lot more than most of you guys probably know and, clearly more than T Foods giving week oh my, jump.

Cuts Are fucking crazy dude I have never seen that before I probably. Know and clearly, one to credit, for is three or his team did I feel like it needs to be torn then I need to get it off my fucking chest or I'm gonna explode. I keep. All my earnings yeah. Half. The money I win it's fucking. Charity, money but. All. Like they're regular. One of the sin what is this potato zoom anyway yeah. All right so yeah let's get into the facts so the fact of the matter is you have earned a grand, total of get ready for drumroll, please - ah sixty, thousand dollars from t food that's how much money we have earned off of his whole entire career his twitch his YouTube, which are two of the biggest on the platform, twitch being the actual biggest. Twitch streamer in the world he earns a hell of a lot of money a lot more money than you guys probably know his code is another major stream of revenues prized earnings, another stream of revenue this kid is banking, making, more, money than you guys and I'm not gonna put that out there that's, his own personal, stuff but I can tell you well I would say that in that's. Sixty thousand dollars of his total amount of money that he's made is probably closer to like 0.1%, and, mind you that's sixty thousand dollars because where it came from his important at sixty thousand dollars came from two brand deals that we brought Turner that we took 20% of so that is an eighty percent split, to Turner and then the rest the 20 goes to face Klein we have collected, zero percent of his prize winnings we have collected zero on YouTube, we have collected zero on twitch his subs his Adam nothing, literally, nothing so, I know that's basically, the biggest issue and I don't know how else to say it other than the fact that it's just a boldface flat-out, lie and it was design, and word as you make, people hate us and to put pressure on us to let Turner leave his contract, that he knowingly sad that he has gained so, much from that he refuses, to negotiate on, it's literally. Heart-wrenching. Like I can feel my fucking I don't even know man I don't even know how to say this shit I'm so torn because I love the dog did okay. Let. Me guess looking, there's a small, like did. I'm not like in Lou Bonita didn't give me this is my take on like most, this shit refuses, to negotiate if, you can make it if you're gonna make an emotional like, a hard, take it's, like not easy because it you have two different properly but in literally. If. You jump cut in the middle of your sequence might. As well just not put it in it at all might, as well just cut, it off entirely, because. Showing. Like like, a showing. That side of you you write, showing, us like it's like like Volda really whatever it has to be all of it not not, a portion, of it like what otherwise like what like is that he was acting, but he wasn't he wasn't good enough to act the rest of it so he doesn't in middle only puts like one way did well like that's, garbage, you never Det no. Man I don't even know how to say this shit I'm so torn because I love you dog like I really do and I know you're watching this video and I know Jack your brother is watching this video and your dad's probably watching this video he's probably the one in the room who sings about this but I know you guys love me too I know you do you know this is my fucking, life home this brand is my life it's my soul I work every, day for it I've sacrificed so, much for so much to this day for it we'll get it all that in a second but let's continue on with the facts and the claims so the number to claim was it was something along the lines of Turner was forced, or like encouraged.

To Do stunts, and as a result, he was injured like homie what Turner, we all know you're a fucking sicko jump off of shit you've been doing that far, far, far before you that's reasonable, and the first thing you did when you came to LA the very first thing you did was you brought us all up to the reservoir, and you jumped off of the Hollywood reservoir if anyone, was pressuring anybody, into doing that it was you pressuring Tommy his brother gwit into doing a damn if you don't jump you got to jump with one of us all right out, of all the claims like I don't have all the claims this one is like a cue legitimate, has, you. Tried ground, or least your absolute, hardest to get me to do like you threw money at me to do it what, and again I know it's strategy, and it's something put out there to just make us look worse and worse and worse and Hammer us all this is legal strategy. 101 you don't let people know what the storms coming I'm those people that he didn't let know it was coming and you just fucking sucker, punch it fucked. And did, from behind you catch them off guard. Audio. Man this is what's real and this is my response to this version what was the third thing Turner was also. Pressured, into drinking underage homie, that is so fucking, bullshit, you know and everybody who was at those parties knows it he went to a party at your current girlfriend's, house before, you were 21 will her know what happened, deleted. It because your dad and your people freaked out because somebody shot a BB gun through their fucking cheek no, yo. Yo yo yo what the fuck, ain't. Showing none of that shit did. It, Steve will do chug to handle of alcohol and you were trashed in the video and you were 20 years old at the time. Was. That at my house yeah I probably he's not drinking it is he. And. All, of alcohol and you were trashed in the video and you were 20 years old joking, that my house yeah I pressure you want to do and that homie what are you joking. Me I just throw something out there real quick, being. Pressured, into drinking when you're not 21 I mean literally everyone, and their mother I don't, know their mother I mean it's. Like a thing you go to college you drink when you're 18 19 I don't, encourage or, think, that anyone should drink underage but, like also like if you guys are not the fucking workplace, like, this is what people don't resent it like, did, it this. Isn't your your like part of your friends like yeah what I did it but technically, did it technically. On paper did it whatever believe it or not whatever. Whatever. It was that I like of whatever like fucking. House. The rat that's, the workplace, did it that's like business, did. If they're, like an underage, fucking employee like defeated and shrieking. That's sort of the responsibility, did I stir, I, feel, like he's not a goody two-shoes so to. Me that I feel like that might I don't even know it how large am I wrong on their own. It's. Like, from. Turner or, in the actual lawsuit that's, just weird all of these claims are absolute. Bullshit it's simply just not true oh those, are the facts let's move on. First. Day donating, making, our. Nation. But. Keep your content of my guy. I. Want to know they bought a house yeah I did it thanks he's a prick he's been outplayed, and is clearly jealous, fuck him okay. Castresana. Bays. And banks, have every, right to be super emotional what you guys are about to see right now Sunday April 1st. Alright. So this next part is gonna be the longest part it's gonna be the most emotional, part for me and this is where all my fucking emotions, for this are coming from and hopefully it just paints the idea of wise banks man what the fuck why are you acting like you made tea food let me just break this down for you guys and just hear me out and just try to feel, what I feel right now cuz its annihilated. I feel uh nigh elated I feel so, crushed, it's not even fun I've never been done this dirty by a homie in my life. I owe me that I help the homie that I changed their whole. Entire, life, let me elaborate, so I met T foo Turner April.

I Think keemstar said it what yeah it's very hard to I'm. Trying to be in the middle but it's very hard to get on inside it's very it's very difficult as, like a viewer did to get on his side of things because, of how like in town like how big ego he is he's. Not like letting go of it I think it's very annoying I don't have numbers in front of me I don't have a script nothing this is raw from my heart, and soul I met Teague back in April a little bit over a year ago now when I met him I got into a random game with him noticed very quickly that he was incredibly, good at the video game that we were playing which was fortnight watched his twitch after that session to see if that was just a fluke. You know like good game he had it, wasn't i noticed and was very surprised, in the fact that he had about a hundred subs i think i tweeted out his stream during that time and guys a year ago i was in my prime I was maxed, out I was doing great it's getting five six seven million views of video you know what I'm saying I tweeted out his stream got him up to whatever blasted history obviously expressed wow Paul, jennett kid I liked the kid a lot we get along like me and him we get along on a personal level we laugh together we cracked. Jokes we know things about each other that nobody, else knows very personal, very very, personal and I would never want the world to know about and he would never want the world to know about that's a connection that we have a true of almost BBC, I would never go to war. Never seen but. You've helped me through a lot and are continuing. To do so. I'm. Gonna pause a little bit let me just before that. He's. On watch no coffee then things are saying I'm an Aboriginal we have a troop almost family, I positive and I would never turn her if you're worried about that part of it I would never in my life put that out there I would never in my life rag you or I'm spitting, just straight my relationship, with you on a clearly, that's all it is of business, level well he's cornered so of course it wouldn't matter around a hundred viewers, and I, would watch his stream and I would study how he played and, I would watch ninja and myth who are the two definitive. One in twos at the time on Twitch they were the biggest by far they. Were looked at as two of the best players on all these Power Rankings all these channels we're making ninja was number one into his number one myth was number team with was number two and to be honest with you no offense to my boys a ninja and myth but I just. Thought T foo is better I thought he was a better player and to be honest me personally, I enjoyed, watching his stream or I put two and two together and I said well if this kids better and I can enjoy watching him I've consumed, so much gaming content at this point I could throw up if I can sit there and watch his stream at night before I go to bed and actually truly enjoy it and a lot, of other people probably could too so quickly in my head I tried to figure out ways to bring him into the team and luckily.

For Me I say luckily for me cuz I was stout, seventy-two hours had left our pro team left cloak space, lie in jail mock he left and everyone's freaking out cloak was bummed out everyone's stressed out and I was cept I was happy because that's where I saw my in with this kid that's where I decided, to, try to work him into the whole phase system, I hit up cloak and now upon for these text messages because this was the one piece that I wanted to show you guys I don't have them this is from a year ago I have a new phone cloak, might still have a but cloak or T foo would never dispute, this this is just the facts this is true but I contacted. Club and I told him listen cloak through the captain of the team I would never normally, suggest, for, you to play with someone or for you to team with somebody or the captain I trust your judgment, I trust your call I want you to have the roster that you want but with that being said please play, with my homey T foo who's really fuckin good just scrim, with him give him a chance and clothes response, to that was something along the lines I know who he is we're not interested Turner, knows, how to get kills but he's not good at building we have this person this person this person this person in mind we don't want to play with T foo again I pushed him yo just play with him just please scrim, with him just give me that much that's all I asked and, he did the rest is simply is why and in the interview, he said that he, said close, it was dog shit he's. Always said it and then in dinner interview he said it cloaked it he was trash and. It was dog she's her guard but she's like that right. Well. I'm just saying is it um. I'm finally like playing the middle here but basically, at. The, beginning he was like Oh teaches like massive, TV. Is this today I'm scary, uses him when he's a monster, his little crush me dude so it's in his best interest like a video and sort of like huh you. Know me, like wanted you Simon Ikki but any keep saying like like. I made him and, all these like sort of negative things so it was like kind of like uh other and they was. Like I'm like oh my god like this is insane crushed it they one scream after scream and, they were stoked, everyone was like fuck this is really where teeth who started to really make his name and people knew who he was mind you listen people knew who Turner was there's clips of him and ninja going at it in h1z1, up or is it MLG whatever, the fuck I'm sorry guys I'm fuckin flustered, man like have this kid's name tattooed, on my fucking leg like imagine, how I feel. Right now I regress, let me continue on the timeline so what came after that is we flew T foo out out here will along with the rest engines are fine I didn't, have proper setups I went with Turner, cloak jail ma and space lion I went to Best Buy with them and with my own money not with the faze clan card, not with anything like that out of my own personal, bank account I paid for all their stuff I think I spent like $4,000. Okay I'm like mice keyboards whatever. The fuck monitors, and stuff so they could play at the offices, and so we could have a proper weekend, with, these guys obviously, T foo was locked in verbally, with us at there's four to three full rigs holy shit was that did fucking, fucking, Intel, Pentium III, with, a fucking two, gtx, 540. Point we had his contract right are you kidding his contract that weekend he knowingly willingly, was, excited. Ecstatic. To sign this contract in their joint faze clan so he did and that contract, that same contract, is the contract that he is under to, this day he's a three-year term i don't know exactly what all this. I'd, like to be eSports, Andy holy. Shit. A three-year. Deal Jesus. Nobody, ever gets that did that that's. Bad news. Quickly. They. Can get people like what big or small like small streamers because, what I give them tours like big guns like that and like sort of like laka men working. On negotiating, with almost, the entire that is crazy track we have collected again zero, dollars on and I've told him personally you're never gonna collect on your prize money I want to make this stuff right I want you to be happy here I appreciate you being on the team cetera but after.

That So what I'm gonna put up on the screen right now is a couple of graphs some at some receipts right off T, Fu's growth when, he joined face after, you joined face it was all, uphill, from there he skyrocketed. And everything that happened after that was perfect, and some things we helped with some things we didn't some things were all him some things were all me and listen I don't want to give you guys the wrong impression on, what I'm trying to say right now Turner is an incredible, player he's a multi-platform, Pro he's the greatest gamer on the planet I can confidently say that with or without face class that's how I really feel his personality's, gonna. Stellar, all around he is what you want to be if you're in this game you, want to be Turner and I'm taking no credit away from that he's done so much for me for my brand that is not what's in question here I'm not trying, to at all say this is one-sided he's gotten all the credit in the world for them he makes so, much money it's not even funny he has over 10 million subscribers, on YouTube he's the biggest twist streamer in the world he's won and he gets cheered on and he has a massive super, dope fan base I fucking love his fans and I love him I really do but that's not what's that question, he gets all that credit he has all that credit he's been given all that credit you know who has gotten none of the credit zero and who's never asked, for any of the credit you mean this goes so much further. I. Don't want to misrepresent myself, so they fly home, around this time King, stars doing the Friday for a night stuff the fortnight Friday's performance, and stuff, keemstar, posted, those and the only reason that he want that people, got into those is, because he was in phase keemstar to let him in because he was a part of faze clan deluxe so he actually would not have even made it this, is not like what's at stake here but it's cooler before night Fridays unless. He was a part of I'm sure nothing out there that was the biggest thing, for for at night for the week this pulled in way more views than everything else it sparked, a lot of careers it highlighted a lot of people and T foo and cloak Siva duo duo, that I handcrafted. Rushed it they won almost every single one of them and that, more, than anything in t food early career the the Friday for need stuff and if you were around and you're an OG motherfucker, and you watched from the beginning you know that's probably how a lot of his og fans found him was the Friday 4 nights done again he earned you want he want but doesn't giving someone that opportunity, Cal for anything isn't it deserving, of at least a little heads up that you're about to try to destroy, my fucking brain something and crafted, our heart and soul into something life. Relies on my, family's, life relies on forty some odd kids that you called friends, rely on like what, don't I deserve a little bit more than that and if I don't tell me like if I don't tell, me maybe I don't maybe I'm Way out of line saying the shit but it doesn't feel like I'm out of line I feel horrible right now and I don't feel horrible. Because of something I did I feel horrible because I feel wronged honestly. I want you guys to feel, me on this like really feel me on this cuz it's it's tough man but gets tough I'm struggling, with this right now it's bothering, me to my fuckin course to my fucking quarter, men. Everything, dude every all the scandals, you've been a part of with, the getting banned on to I was there for all of it I helped you figure all of it out by your side homie, by your side everything down to your thumbnails and titles there's, a long long, long list of a, DM chat between me his thumbnail guy his editor and T foo and in the early stages of T foo his thumbnails were trashed he didn't know how to title YouTube video to save his fucking life my saddle, ok ok ok every. Single one now he knows what he's doing I, can. Fuckin, and that's great but even what's a good example fuck, off the top my head the ninja thumbing the classic, world famous ninja thumbnail, where T Fu's knocking out a ninja I created.

That Thumbnail and I could prove I sat, on fuckin snapchat, with my finger to draw and show how I thought, this shit should look I came with the idea of the concept I knew it would be ok ok we get it do. We kind of did fuckin, versus T for things getting old I said, are you out of your fucking mind we're putting in his name in the title it's no question the videos gotten so many views and it's been a meme and ninja copied it and he used it again you, wanna know how much money I made on that video 0 no absolutely, nothing you want how much money face clay I made on the video nothing you want to know what I have gained from Teague because I this, is another thing I collect zero dollars from faze clan I collect no salary so that we can pay for these houses that's a fun fact that none of you guys fucking know about my company, faze pays for both of our houses I collect, $0. Because of it and why because, I love these houses because so many people's lives have changed since, the note boys have gotten here they've been working, their balls off they've been going up this changed Rice's life Alyssa's life everybody in the face houses life and that's what I love more than anything I love to really take somebody, because I was a kid who played video games who was lost I didn't know what I wanted to do this logo faze clan this, shit saved my fucking life and changed my whole world I know what it meant to me and I want to apply that to as many people as possible people, who deserve it and Tifa you did deserve but I did not deserve this I did not deserve this not even a fucking a little bit I taught you everything I knew I was there for you you confided, in me I didn't. Faze logo dude then the whole the whole phase rent deserves, the PR manager deserves. Something, that you hired and that knows what they're doing dude to handle this one a shit and not this time a brother, doesn't know about you know what like I noticed, that's what it deserves when you left the house because of carina because of you and Corinne is whatever falling, out when you guys originally first met each other you left LA because of that and you blamed it on us you made me feel like shit for it that's the real reason why you left LA and that's what I noticed like that's not cool like I, don't deserve that what the fuck and Here I am today blowing you up homie is this real homie where you at yo you got five minutes to talk dude I changed.

Your Life you can never ever ever, dispute. That and I know you won't you know it Turner I know that this was not aimed in me this whole lawsuit thing this whole blow I know this wasn't named to me but this is me I am faze clan and that's, another thing I didn't even touch on I'm throwing myself in front of the fire like I'm throwing myself on top of the fire and I know I'm, the last person that you meant to hurt by this but you hurt me more than fucking anybody else ever has, ever, in. This whole internet thing faze clan has changed, so many people's lives and you just spin on it and stomped on it took everything. You could from it you sucked it clean, of everything. You could get out of it whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Leonor nothing a screen has changed so, many people's lives and you just spit on it and stomped on who took everything, you could from it you sucked it clean, of everything. You could get out of it then you fucking threw, in the trash and how she. Pushed, a brand like super. Super far and, he, and, he pushed the fucking. She. Pushed a brand in a realm that wasn't but, that was a little bit untapped for phase which is like twitch and like it. May not not twitch overall but I'd like it's all for anything like he did so well for them I don't know why why. It's not like a like a two-way street everything, why, is it only only tea people gain from it not them also. No. I'm not dick I'm not pic sucking what is about you guys. I'll. Never forgive you for this homie never. And I know I, know, I know this is gonna be one of those times where like I'm gonna get shit for this like I can only imagine this, video is gonna have, fucking hundreds, of thousands, of dislikes, I'm gonna get unsub, I don't give a fuck at this point I don't care people need to hear what I have to say about this and this is raw this is real this is how I feel all, the way down to your fucking vlogs who edits tifa's vlogs again oh that's right it's the same motherfucker, that's editing this video t want the best in the game and the most handsome, nah but jokes aside. Job. Cuts himself, the. Jump cuts King that. That he's crowned, best. Jump, cut King and the game did it. Does not give it in this guy did genius. He. Had good intentions Retief, you really wanted his box to do well he really wanted to help teach, you expand, his brand so he just you know convinced, me to edit for him and I'm really happy I get to work with both of them. Okay. And you do really well what. Your videos they work really. Well edited we all, love, them and you're. Doing a really great job in much. Love dude who, told you to vlog Turner who told you you needed to start doing that because a fortnight, were to ever die off you need to carry on you need to continue to be this massive success, that you are who encouraged, you to vlog Turner oh yeah that's right that, was me too who went with you to Best Buy when you got your first ever camera your g7x, who was with you who was the only person with you oh that's right that was me too and I'm again not, trying to take anything away from her right no you loved it I know you love it I know you love that everyone sees you as the best for the god you're the go you are homie I will bow to you I will fucking sit on the knee for you that. Sounded weird and it's crazy this is you probably laughed at that it's. Crazy man I'm interested, to see how you'll respond to this and I doubt you'll respond publicly when, I say respond I mean to me like I really. Understand, what you just did and I know your team of lawyers and your dad and stuff I know they, convinced you this was a good idea but I promise, you it wasn't maybe it is maybe it is for your career or what you have in mind for a career and if you destroy, part of face gun in the process and you knock us down a couple pegs if that's what your goal was maybe you will succeed, in that maybe you won't regret it from that standpoint but as a human being I think you will because I think you and I both know you've never met a person who went, out of their way for you like I did and this is before the money this is before the fame this is before the success is before your Klout your fucking bullshit, clout all this bullshit, fucking Internet it's just it's so disgusting, man I reached out to you I fucking extended, my hand to, you when you were on no one when you were a nobody and I believed in you and I put everything I had into you and all I can say is.

I'm. Sorry I'm. Sorry that this didn't work out I don't even know if this is something I should upload I really know all its gonna do is horrible things for me I need people to know from my perspective how this shit went down I need them to know there's a few of you guys out there a few you four nine guys out there Dakota's ass Dakota is what I used to say about t food he was another one who helped you very very early on because he saw what, I saw on you never paid that forward you ever fuckin cash that check you ever return the favor on that no. Now it's all about girls, who met you after the fact and people who met you after the fact and lawyers who you fucking pay you've never paid me a dime in your fucking life and I've done more for you than any of these people ever haven't, ever could that's, all I have to say I still love you dog and I wish this wasn't real anyway to my fans to all of phases, fans to everyone who's tweeting, a positive, thing who's hitting me up in my DMS from other or from, the four-night community, who are texting me saying I'm sorry I know how bad you must feel right now because they know people know you guys might not know but they know I love you so much and it's not--it times like this when when, shit hits the fan you see who the fucking snakes aren't you see who the real genuine people are if there's. Any silver lining in this it's that so for that I appreciate it everything, happens in life happens, for a reason not, to get all cliche, and fucking corny on you guys but that's just what I have to tell myself right now to keep myself from fucking, wanting to just curl up and die. Yeah. That's about it this time you say it's been your boy banks phase. Up phase the fuck up forever, for the rest of my fucking life phase the fuck up and peace. The fuck out okay. Fuck, didn't I mean, did it this. Was all like. Yeah. I'm not gonna be like a like a big pig at the end I just I feel, like you just get like we're being yourself over and over again like how like how he's sort of how he's torn how is whatever. Did. It okay. Even though I talk shit sort of about him like like a bunch of times, during. The fights. The. Video the, way I actually thought that I did like yeah. Get it I get, it but, I'm, keeping. My baby like pushing, some. Of his whatever. He's flinging like, you. Know the whole the. Whole like hurt and stunts he's pushing, it a little bit right. But. Like I. Don't. Like this this, whole tone that, he's taking like this like I made you and, it's, kind of hard to get on his side when like, yeah what do you light on Twitter about, like not knowing stuff when he did and there's like proof and shit it's, it gonna. Hard to get. Something real like he. Went immuno on, like an interview and so, like almost like talk sh about teachers like guys I don't. Know, he. Doesn't come out humble, at all like. He. Did he didn't make him yeah but it's not it even. Though somebody makes somebody and. It's not something you flex on somebody ever it. Is just you just fucking don't do that just how it is if you, help somebody if, you are if you are a key, factor in somebody's.

Like Making. Or child, you just don't do that it's. It's trash, it looks trashy, it, makes you look like make, it look like like you're trying to get, your guts out of somebody doing, well and makes you look like a like. Like, you're envious or it's. Just not a good thing dude. And. He's. Not just saying. The facts, because some of these facts, I made. You don't, really mean that much to the whole video don't really don't, really give that much to, the value. Of the video it just just like a like a weird flex literally, reflex I know. Why you would do that. Like. I do. Feel, like some. Of her friends that have her now like, playerwise. And a watcher or like as sure as I did, I did. Help them and some of that some some like maybe, they did me wrong whatever but how do I bring that up like it's just like. I never, like pushed up on someone I was like yo did you do this to me today oh yeah, I made, you I made. You you, wouldn't be there without me, bitch that's garbage did it did. It did. It would would would, Dante be where he's at without me or us probably. Not that would it would uh like. Like mocks. Or craggy or or so trended probably, not but I wouldn't be I wouldn't be in my smile either well not all of us it's like a like a collective thing is like yeah, I, don't know like and, I would never press some that, up on somebody that's garbage, I know. Why people do that. No. I'm not doing right now because, I'm saying these things the exact same thing I'm. Throwing. The ball back at myself saying, that I wouldn't be there without them either. We. Went there together but. That. Make sense. No, I I'm. Not saving I'd loser that on, my first week. Chat. Made you yep true. Yeah. I mean I don't, like to take what we'll, see we'll see how it goes. Obviously. Some of the claims that you do have is doing, it all the way far-fetched but. Some might be like super legitimate, I. Feel. Like these videos are way too much on on like emotion, whatever and these, jump cuts are giving. Me cancer. I. Did. It. It is I cannot I cannot tell us how bad it is it to jump cut that much. Yeah. Blizzard. Made me, overwatch. Made me denial. Did denial. Guys guys. They've. Made me did think, about it guys I had to be able to denial, Thank, You denial thank you so much man thanks. For fucking stylizing, me did hey. Hey, oh actually, all, my knees are thank, you so oh. No. Did it city I, don't know it's these, things are like unreasonable, then. But. Really. Those made me if, anything dude like she feels made me cap. So. I guess, we'll see how goes. How. Could forget the now. Yeah. Okay. I'm. Not I'm not being biased and I'll, have any size another because I don't know I don't know how legitimate, the, core claims, are from T few and some, of them like the outlandish, ones I don't know how how. Much will hold up in court or whatever. I. Just. Know that a. Three-year. Contract is, trash. Did. People sign only a year. And if. Things. Go really bad like okay, like two years but. Most time it's a year three. Is crazy. Like. I. Know. Is. It, the. Thing in eSports overall dude like get more of a more. Of how it is more. Of how it was not, now it is now but, how it was is like let's. Say these players. They're doing really good, right these, players might. Never get signed him I never get money so, these people like are drying hard for their skill set and don't they'll never like, temple.

Is On it right and if you if you say hey dude like here's, like a hundred bucks a month or whatever or like a dude works, a month or whatever they. Can easy like. Maybe. I'll make them sign a very long contract, we're, very low sort, of invested. Into them right, because, for. Them's like an investment and the person we're signing it like, don't, they don't know how far. We'll go or, or, how big, will become their, sign it because they sort of sort, of have to and, these people that are they're giving, the contract they know that so. It's it's, kind of sucks but nowadays that's not like that anymore how much nowadays. It's like um orgs. Are mostly, mostly. Sort. Of generating. Sort of fair, not. All of them but most. Most. Of them it's. Business I get it that's why I'm saying sometimes, I don't know how would you make the core claims are from the TQ stings I don't have a little bit outlandish. Like. I like like the stunt thing that's just like it's like I like adding on more pressure. But. I don't know either also, if if, you asked, for fucking like. Really. Negotiations, and stuff cuz, you can ask like you know like you can ask like nicely like dude like hey. Dude is this like not very good for me and this would doesn't relie mode it, does it even, though you sent a contract it doesn't have to be that much that negative, there's any sense sometimes. It's like hey. Man I like the. Country I have curly. Dozen. Fast-food. Establishment. Again excuse eat damp. Doesn't. Mode for me to do well like, this these rewards, are, like, yeah, I'll say, sign whatever like, I'll do I'll play I'll play my open like cards right but. These. Clauses and the way the contract set up but doesn't, motivate me they get to jump on a bed and go hard and do better and so. I think it'd be better for, both of us if we, read it rid of the fucking clauses, and the contract and most, of the time people, say yes and they sort, of you know really. Go shit because. It's, in the best of both parties that. That. The person gets more and wants to drive, our drive, more and then the other person gets more overall because of the extra effort you know he's paying more right so. I don't know how much they like when, they renegotiated. So. They can you can't really talk about it now you, know did. You in chat. Nice. Not. Smart. Guy. Did. You make it to the ground so hard huh I mean I. Got. You didn't I, like. Facebook. Check. Banks tweet. Awesome. We're. At. SCIM. But, on video. Well. That's cancer. That's. The fuck away WC. Any. CC. W. Season chat. That's. My call rich at, so. Rich n that I didn't beam to chasten fucking Twitter that before he did fucking out then, there's. Also 25 opposite, I think buses are at fault you, just fall for not communicating with banks she was at the contract well we don't know any of that shit so that's why I'm not talking about it I did I wanted I don't wanna speak out of my ass dude I'm just saying like you. Know. Maybe. They communicate like you know read redoing. The closet or like redoing the contract or whatever but. I think, at some point phase, like claims that oh you'd, like you know we, we. Could have rid undercut whatever well, he. Says that now but if, you were gonna redo the contract you what you would have done it, so. It's like. Yeah. Out. Out, of all your visitors it's the lease is that the corner, is sexy, thanks man yeah yeah that's sweet dude. Okay. Well stereos dude. III. Don't have any horses in this fucking race I just. Don't like when. People will sort of look, and claiming. Claiming success of others should I get credit.

2019-05-22 18:40

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XQCs take on Faze Tofu suing FaZe clan and Faze Banks.

+Maaz chaudhary he is a little brain dead since he loses brain cells from watching XQC

Wrong: XQCs take on 'Faze' suing FaZe clan and Faze Banks. Correct: XQCs take on 'Tfue' suing FaZe clan and Faze Banks. Just sayinn'.

xQc's IQ is ACTUALLY 0.

sad to see xqc so ignorant

XQC is so fucking disgusting it's not even funny. He is so in love with Tfue, his brain can't handle that Tfue is in the wrong

XQC doesn't understand that Banks is doing the Jump Cuts because he watched James Charles Video and he just didn't want to do the same shit as boring vid Its a joke don't tame it personally

The biggest thing legally is probably that Highsky is 11 years old and signed to their contract. And that's the one thing he left out in the video, and it doesn't really matter that they haven't claimed the clause of the 80% and even 20% in his contract, it's still in the contract and just the fact that they could claim it at any point is what makes it interesting in the lawsuit because clearly all Tfue wants is to get out of the contract and they're clearly not letting him go without a fight and because of that they might lose their entire organization.

xQc is missing the whole point of the video his reaction was complete biased and all he did in his reaction was critic how Banks editor edits his video

xQc played fortnite with Tfue and now his dick riding him what a fucking leaches

How are you going to bash on him because of jump cuts. He looks like he's on the verge of tears. If he hadn't jump cut then the video would've most likely have been over an hour long. This pissed me off. 18 minutes in and i can't watch anymore.

Bro I fuckin love Turner but the way banks made that speech it really does seem like Turners just trying to do them dirty... he needs to reply to this situation already.

Damn, I like XQC but this is waaay too one sided, the jumpcuts are made to trim it down so there is no blank space. Its normal for interviews and raw talking videos so its not boring lmao

right, banks looks like he's on the verge of tears, he needs time in between sentences to compose himself.

This comment section is full of kids calling other kids little kids.

Xqc you are cringe you fucking ugly stick freak

Banks his ego is big lel

It's funny that it's usually the people with no achievements and nothing to be proud of that say things like this, to make themselves feel above others with nothing to show for it, ironically the most egotistical thing, classic case of projection.

Intended i mean tfue was being egotistic when he blew up cus of banks

did tfue give you a script to read or youre just a master at dick sucking. faze fucking made tfue he was nothing before them

my take was this whole thing was over a bitch

xQc is actually fucking retarded, it's not even funny anymore

My man is good about good editing. I’m not tryna sit there and see banks pause in between every sentence on an already 20 minute video. XQC is so dumb lmao

yes but no but mostly yes but PVC

These are the vod yoinkers xQc was talking about xqcM

Ninja went from Fortnite streamer to twitch podcast

?????????????????? xqc went from overwatch to variety to fortnite to overwatch

If you side with FaZe your probley in middle school and brag about your fortnite wins

It's funny seeing all these kids project. ''probley'' >doesn't see the rational side >pretends tfue/xqc would have an older or more mature fanbase when Faze is a much older organization >literally proves to be projecting, pretending to be rational and mature, while proving not to be. This kid literally proved that he's part of the side that's likely in middle school and bragging about fortnite, and that it makes more sense to side with Faze over this, as contractual things are clearly not child's play.

yeah you are probably in junior since you don't know much about spelling and grammar

Banks is crying

Xqc is one sided but it's the right side faze is cancer

I’m pretty sure those jump cuts are because that’s the way his editor teewap edits, like that’s usually his style to keep people’s attention.

Bryan123q facts that’s how his vids are edited

look at all these xqcucks using twitch emotes on youtube like degenerates. qc is so fucking biased bcs tfue played with him it's bs

So fucking biased

xqc you dont have to defend tfue just bcz u played with him. btw i am huge tfue's fan and i know that he fucked shit up and thats why i am not on his side...

It doesn’t even matter that he did good on twitch, they didn’t get shit from it

'I'm trying to play the middle here' sure you are


Don’t get mad at banks get mad at the editor

Jump Cut Joey LULW

Normies in these comments are fucking stupid. Banks is turning a legal situation into drama, something he has done in the past (Barley House). Even worse, he using emotions to win over peoples public opinion in order to try to stop Tfue from following through with the lawsuit. It's sad and pathetic and should've been handled way differently than it was. Banks felt personally attacked because he knows FaZe is fucked on this one if the lawsuit goes to court. Everyone saying XQC is being one sided or biased is honestly just stupid and falling right into the trap Banks is trying to create. Banks is a good guy, but his way of handling things is extremely ignorant and all this video says is, "I made you, you cannot do this to me after everything I did for you." because he knows Tfue will win this one.

I feel like xqc is the kid that got spoiled growing up and always got told he was right by his parents. Lol dude is ignorant

+catm also what makes you assume i was trying to fix my grammer because i made an edit? I said something completely different you fuckstick hence why i editing. Fuck off. Dont comment on my comment faggot

+catm hahaha like i said stfu. You wouldnt say shit to my face. I watched your vids. You sound like a skinny lil pleb boy. Il break your jaw! 100%

+Crypto Cruise And tried so desperately to capitalize correctly with the "Lol" but still looks like some normie shit.

​+Crypto Cruise And still couldn't capitalize the beginning of your sentence and put a period where there should of been a comma.

+Crypto Cruise Lmao says the one who edited the comment and still couldn't capitalize "Xqc" right .

+catm stfu idiot. Try to be a grammer nazi. And cant even get it right. Lol *you're

+catm you're

I feel like your the type of kid to edit your comment because your grammar OH WAIT...

super 1 sided right from the beginning he didn’t even give banks a chance or try and hear him out. smh. get off tfues dick

damn you're really talking about jump cuts yet faze banks doesn't even edit his videos dumbass

That flag of yours up there does not belong there you are not a real Canadian. Canadians are supposed to be nice the Americans have brain washed you

hating on banks WeirdChamp

Everyone hating on pVc was probably a 12 year old faze fan boy back then.

This sounds funny because this just means the alternative is being a tfue or xqc fanboy, now, likely younger and more immature than the people that were 12 ''back then''. This really isn't a diss since it just means the people hating on DVD are older and matured now, whereas the group that's younger and blindly spamming ''true'' in chat to whatever xqc says now, are similar to the 12 year olds from back then, now being blind xqc or tfue fans. It's more the unbiased ones that are openminded that take it all in, having been there during the faze days, the progression with gaming and streaming, now xqc, etc, since clearly xqc did not have a good take on any of these things.

farming jump cuts WeirdChamp

yo no one gives a shit. in the end banks said that tfue sucks stuff clean so im on tfues side gachiHYPER

XQC just cause you play with someone doesn’t me you instantly back them.

F4TL EcLiPz i mean I’m not gonna watch the video, but with what cloak said there’s more support for tfue personally in my opinion. And even if you don’t know what’s going on, it’s still good to Support ur friend

Clay The Trap it’s better to not pick sides idk who told you to pick sides... Then when you hear both statements you choose a side

F4TL EcLiPz well I think you also have to understand, xqc has horrible experiences with overwatch league, and while yes a lot of that does fall on him for the way he acted, he also was most certainly mistreated. So it’s kinda like not only a friend, but a relatable moment in a sense. Plus, there’s actually really no way who’s telling the truth, so better to back up who you enjoy

rich people fighting over money

Holy shit could he be any more 1 sided

You’re holding onto that one thing about him saying “he made him” for dear life.. I thought I liked you as a person after watching you with Tfue. It was very fun to watch your other videos after. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll watch you again

Why does it matter if he said that

great i dislike xqc now

He has a hard time being open-minded and unbiased, especially when it doesn't directly involve himself, but rather loosely through people he knows or talked to before, etc. The worst part is that he lacks the objectivity, to the point that when he's biased or not objective, he further pretends and fools himself/others that he's still being objective/biased, which is worse than knowingly being that and discrediting yourself from any argument or discussion, instead blindly making himself and others believe he has a take based on merit, then swaying himself and a large audience wrong. I like him, but I just had to skip the entire stream and then extra parts about these topics as it has no value at all and the ones listening are either ones being impressionable enough to be swayed wrong by xqc too, or the ones just realizing and going against it, then disregarding due to the lack of merit.

Intended no. Watched banks since mw2 days, such a nice, down to earth guy and there goes xqc saying dude every every second word chatting shit. Like the whole vod is triggering

Lmao u a ninja fanboi?


This guy is shit as fuck at fortnite, give up and kys

Never thought I'd see the day XQC dick riding the biggest streamer.. Rip

Faze is still a thing? what is this 2013?

Do you live under a fucking rock

I thought FaZe was a trickshot 2010 COD Montage Channel

javik loser yeah didn’t you see that he pays for the two Faze houses? Look em up on YouTube

Just because xqc played with tfue doesn’t mean he has to be on his side don’t get me wrong I love xqc

Theyre bestfriends so

I think he was doing a lot of jump cuts cause he didn't have a script and he was just talking from the heart

xqc is my favorite streamer but he was dick riding tfue here

Biased Andy, This was a shit move from tfue. Banks was his friend, banks helped a man out and Turner didnt even warn him that he was gonna sue the company. Tfue is a nice guy. Kap

i love xqc but holy fk his reaction was retarded... fuck everyone in faze fuck tfue fuck banks and all that weird normie shit but... xqc raging over jumpcuts lmao... we all know he would be the first to say "im not watching this shit" when the response wouldve been like 2hours long without jumpcuts

XQC was biased from the start. I could say so much shit to back banks up but fuck it’s not like he’s gonna see this

even if they dont colect they still can, legally

+Mik3y the way I see it, classic case of big team taking advantage of talent. the same as some big football teams takes advantage of talent in europe. its sport, Esport

yeap that just amazing imagine if they took something how would tfue react

Xqc’s reaction pissed me off here mans was super biased just cuz tfue played with him

+Autumn Leaves completely agree, the true spam was just honestly sad to watch as people just followed anything that entered their ears as if they were braindead bots

The worst part is that he acts like he understands, while not even being able to see his own bias and why he says or does things. If he didn't know Tfue, his entire opinion would've been different and the fact that he doesn't even understand that discredits anything he says about these topics not related to himself. It's a shame since I like him and he has other merit, but clearly people need to think for themselves and not blindly follow people like Xqc because they like them, there were people spamming ''true'' in chat during the stream, solely following him and his opinion, being put on the wrong path and ultimately that's detrimental for xqc and anyone that follows when the topics start to matter more.

He is a dog of tfue

+i have editing software yes but i dont hate him he doesnt know what he is talking about

+catm Or he's actually fucking pepega? xQc isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier

Nah he probably was biased because he doesn't know banks.

Fuck XQC lmfao. Kid has no education "Who cares? Who gives a fuck about what he gained from them" Kid is absolutely ignorant

xQc and chat are actually retarded.

my last brain cell just got lost here jesus xqc really is retarded lmao

Imagine actually being on Tfues side on this

OG Sauce he hasnt said anything because he has nothing to say he’s a dumbass

You don’t even know tfues side of the story he hasn’t even said anything yet

damn xqc was actually so one sided from the start.

Manfish forreal banks seemed like I was totally in the right tbh

Great reaction

So much jump cuts i thought it was a parody video does anyone feel the same 2? Banks:ThIs RaW thIs ReAl jump_cuts*

Another kid blindly following what xqc said.

The video was Long and without the cuts no One would watch it all

ur childish. Look at ur name, just a little ignorant 12 year old.

Victim Andy LULW

victim vinny

Someone in chat Said Victim Victor.... WeirdChamp

Yoink! good reactions xqCentral :)

tfue cock rider

xqc = queer


That reaction tho

the juice

Good shit, better than WW2.

Heads Up: XQCs onesidedness, ignorance and pepega behavior might be triggering. He gets serious towards the end.

The "deud" spam is more annoying than the jumpcuts OMEGALUL

Can we just admire xqc’s face at 28:20 lulw

The only thing that makes the video seem rushed rather than VERY PLANNED, was how they spelled “immediately” wrong- those dopes.

Why’s xqc suddenly dickriding tfue? This shit makes me kinda disappointed, I’ve been watching xqc for like almost 2 years now and I’ve never seen him be this annoying and ignorant

Lol this dude has taken ninja and symfuhny and been like, yeah cool ill be both

I’ve never been so disappointed in xqc ever and he’s pretty damn retarded

Wait for turners side of the story before y’all start hating. Can’t really take a side because u don’t know the full story so fuck off. Let tfue and faze alone. When the truth comes out and it’s revealed u can hate all u want on whoever it is, but it’s too soon to take side

im unsubbing to xqc this was ridiculous

0:30 yes yes

Wow spent about 4000$ on tfue and mad 56k out of it

He said "we putting ninjas name in the titel" why we when it is tfues youtube account?

English please thanks

what is the outro music?

Fucking victim Andy smh

Everyone in the comments section wants an unbiased opinion from xqc but are biased themselfs lmao

Tbf I like how he call BS in the beginning on the whole issue of who made tfue famous- if a contract is oppressive it is oppressive doesn’t matter what faze did for him

I hate Ninja, Tfue and Banks all fucking weird cunts I only watch for XQC but honestly XQC complaining about the most stupid shit in this video, like the cuts, why’s he getting so mad ffs just cuz he’s played with Tfue...

people watching this expecting to get an unbiased opinion from xQc

XQC is defending the wrong side of the lawsuit he fucked up

He knows he's saying facts so he complains about cuts in a 20 minute video. Lmao what?

I like how XQC likes to call people normies and edgy and yet he hopped onto the normie bandwagon against faze and is gonna get shit on when he finds out tfue is full of shit. Watch the full video before forming your opinion geez.

He’s fucking dumb if he thinks he has a ego Jesus what a cock rider

Xqc dick rides tfue, chat dick rides Xqc

I love xqc lmao he's the goat

XQC: i wanna be the most neutral person right now. *is the most biased person to comment on this topic lmfaooo*

11º:06 Pepega but true

He's cornered he wouldnt shut up xqc all tfues claims are flawed


is xqc dumb or never had friends

If you disliked the video cause you don’t agree with XQC’s opinion you’re retarded... this is a re-upload channel

FaZe > Tfue

He’s up in tfue’s ass bc he wants to play with him again and get some more clout lmfao

Xqc is talking about cringe yet reacts and enjoys dank meme videos...

Ace what’s wrong with that dumb ass

Ninja didn't even say anything and xqc said "I disagree" bro why does xqc hate ninja lol, he's just envious

He disagreed about Faze being rightly upset, I don’t agree but I don’t think it’s because he’s bias against Ninja necessarily

I Don’t know Or Care I get what ur saying but most people disagree with tfue and xqc and faze is winning the public opinion right now

I Don’t know Or Care ninja said like one word in the beginning and xqc was like I disagree lol I think xqc is just biased cause he clout farmed him for a couple days in fortnite

Ace xQcs not envious of Ninja, he just has strong opinions. He actually has no issue with Ninja he disagrees with Ninja’s implication about Faze

Why is this such a drama just let tfue go if faze are not getting money from tfue then they shoudn't mind to let him go right?

Can't wait for u to do a apologi video I diot

u are so on tfue side when you don't know anything LMFAO

yesss chat lets suck xqc's dick some more

utube comment section is dumb af if u think banks win after the video

Okay xqc is just dick riding tfue so bad Its actually crazy

People forget banks could be easily manipulating us so we feel bad and it doesnt explode in his face as much and he has a place to fall back on if FaZe clan is to be shut down from this He stated he had no idea about the lawsuit but the letter sent to Faze Clan about the lawsuit started back in September of last year Faze clan hasn't taken any money yet and hasn't allowed Tfue sponsors for the last year as he has grown he has earned nothing from sponsors since FaZe wouldnt allow it they have only took 60k but they could be holding back and can take the money whenever they want plus the things Tfue owes the company for things they couldve bought for him Banks has been known to lie and manipulate a situation for his benefit Incident was when he sued a club since a staff member "assaulted him" and he stated he has no violent bone in his body that night but yet footage from the club showed him swinging at people so he lied and the whole business got shut down because so many people from social media hated on them with death threats for the employees bad yelp reviews and so on And he did a smart thing by using his own pocket money to let them play games for a weekend at an office cause he can use it as a tax write off basically a donation and he doesnt have to pay as much for his taxes just things to think about but maybe im wrong trying not to be one sided on this

Holy shit XQC fanboy

Banks is an actual genuine dude, I mean who wouldn't get pissed and emotional at that? You literally give this guy the title of being the best then he returns the favour with a lawsuit. xQc is so biased is infuriating to watch

Biggie G k ill listen to a guy with a twitch emote as his pic and probably never goes outside other than to put out the trash. Imagine watching twitch 24/7 and having 1 friend yikes.

God, please get rid of stupid normies from this planet or take away my eyes so I wouldn't be able to see r words like you.

Lost respect for xqc after this ignorence

Holy shit this kid is retarded just stick to gordon ramsay video and daily internet... "Its faze responsability if he was drinking" ???????? Wtf

xqc is known to be a bit of a potato so im not too surprised by his reaction here

31:06 does XQC not realise this could basically shut down FaZe? It's not just fortnite they have tons of dudes under FaZe their csgo team, everything. I think it's fair for Banks to mention what FaZe has does for Tfue. 32:10 DUDE, they aren't suing you! Had no idea how dumb XQC was.

I really dont see the big deal with the jump cuts, maybe if it was a apology vid, but many of the clips were relevant for context.

Fuck XQC

The chat is so cringe smh

Dragonblade most of them just follow XQC and do and say exactly what he says it’s annoying as fuck

I love it lmfao

xqc is autistic

I cant fucking stand xqc honestly hes a fucking joke

Its funny how if you don't feel bad for someone you're biased. Both parties made bad choices but banks' stance on the matter just made him seem like he had a giant ego, I don't blame xqc for not being able to be in the middle on this.

+Trovoul lol yh exactly

+Biggie G And most of time they'll either follow everything the streamer says or just do the exact opposite.

+Trovoul it's not that , most of twitch chat from streamers like this gargoyle pepega or greek,nymn,forsen are pretty edgy and faze clan videos are extremely forced/normie humour.

+BeefSupreme But I definitely agree, there were some points where he wasn't even listening.

+BeefSupreme not sure what you'd expect out of twitch chat, especially with tfue as twitch's biggest streamer lol

+Trovoul both tfue and banks did wrong, but xqc was just a tad too biased, especially his chat like jesus i feel like im watching a completely different streamer and there chat.

+Aspect Look, I'm not interested in arguing, I was just trying to point out how people said xqc was being biased, while contradicting themselves in the same sentence and being biased themselves.

+Trovoul he had never asked for any of the credit up until now, because they were considered friends up until now. When Tfue pulled this shit, banks felt betrayed that the person he made had backstabbed him. If hes being egotistical, he has every right to be

+Aspect It really did though, even if its true that his views went up after joining faze it doesn't give someone the right to rub it back in your face, he did it as a friend, not as chore.

no it didnt wtf

+900Parkwaydrive i dont believe he is unless xqc has gone over this in another clip, im not rooting for banks because he made tfue, im rooting for banks because if its happening theres so many other ways it could have been handled especially with their relationship for one, and two, xqc clearly doesnt know whats going on fully, if he did he would look at both sides instead of just suckin tfue every time he pauses the video

+NB youre just as ignorant

+NB sad to see that youre a fortnite kid, kid

+Wian Kruger lmao thats what im sayin, morons still following xqc to the grave ABOUT EDITING, i can tell who the children are that reply to me

+900Parkwaydrive Wait, are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?

+Ciaran Kelly He did, nobody's looking at the legal argument, which is what xqc is doing. Banks' video is distracting everyone from the real situation and making it "tfue backstabbed me" "i made this kid." Everyone wants him to be unbiased but everyone is too stupid to wait for the facts to come out, and are swayed by banks' video which is irrelevant to the court case.

+Wian Kruger He did not debunk a single major claim; if you think he did then I am sorry but you are just stupid.

NB k kid

+sl dp imagine disregarding a whole statement based on an edit style . disregarding all the lies that banks debunked in a video answering all questions asked. L

sad that ur braincells dont excist...

Tfue 100 faze 0

hes not...cutting every 10 seconds is not a raw video or statement. His points are actually valid even tho hes a dumbass.

Exactly, I don't know why people can't understand this. Banks constantly mentioning the 60k is irrelevant and doesn't prove anything, but just detracts attention from the actual claims of the lawsuit.


shut up kid

+Autumn Leaves its 22:00 pm where i am rn im so bored please post more triggered fanboy poo poo like this in the future makes me smile :)

???? Are you fuckin high dude

They made it all up. They knew the only way people would belive is if they actually sued and they did. No one is going to jail in the end just pay small fine. While making million of view.

+Autumn Leaves

'subscribed to brandon rogers and nickmercs' hmmm

Autumn Leaves you’re subscribed to ASMR videos. We’ll leave it at that.

Autumn Leaves was I supposed to read that?

+Autumn Leaves NICE ESSAY WeirdChamp

ouuu someone is salty cuz they didn’t have the same opinion

+Intended im sorry im a hardcore xqc fan but you just gotta admit when someones wrong and in this video xqc was wayyy too one-sided

+Biggie G yea I dont care about them but it's hard to not know who they are

+Xyinza yea i agree but whenever i stumble upon faze videos nowadays their either clickbait or cringy humour . That's mostly my opinion .i have nothing against them in the gaming aspect.

+Biggie G faze has been around for years bro if you play video games in general you probably know who they are let's be real lmao

+Xyinza not everyone is a soy boy hypebeast. Because you actually have to be one to stand videos faze clan make beside gaming ones.

+CfThird well then that's even more reason to call him out

XQC is soo funny

Lol imagine actually thinking xQcs opinion matters

he’s pissed because they actually edit there vid instead of sitting for a twelve hour livestream with saying little world

tfue is not bigger than faze tfue helped but faze been blown and tfue did a fraction

Chat is sucking off xqc

I. D.o.n.t know how y’all defend faze after the contract was released and showed how terrible it was and tht they took advantage of him.

I just don't think XQC realizes who faze banks is and what faze clan is. Like idk if he is just ignorant to it or just trolling. And for anyone else who doesnt know who banks is hes one of the damn owners of Faze. IDC who you are if you don't think Faze jump started his career hard then you are insane.

1:24 I spit out my food lmao

13:40 And Jesus Christ chat is so Pepega it hurts. How is Banks saying he was poppin last year a flex? In other words he literally said he fell off and isn't as popular as he was then.

Damn. I usually can count on Felix to give a good perspective on these types of issues, but the fact that he has really sat and looked into this whole thing and is still siding with TFue... Just wow. And he also put 90% of his attention towards the video's cuts rather than the points put forward.

xQc stfu about fucking jumpcuts Wtf is wrong with you what is your problem with that

xqc funny as fuck, banks fake as fuck

Trying to turn a lawsuit into utube drama

It already turned to drama when Tfue made it public. Banks is doing this because people like HDTV's chat thinks he's in the wrong.

Xqcs chat is disgusting fr some dumb fucks

and tfue gained millions off em

English PLEASE!!! thank you retard!

Of all the nitpicking shit to go for

Edit this for me please. I can't read it.

+Unmarkd At the time I had no idea about league lol. I was also like 7 so I spelled it really weird. Thanks!

Did you just name your self after a League character? Nice work :)

Scoobs. - he is friends with tfue and he is criticizing about practically everything about banks video

How is he biased

You get a dislike

+RJJ Trolling Don't say that cause you know chat doesn't enjoy those videos

BlueTeam Leader your the idiot this isn’t even XQC’s official channel fucking idiot kys that’s why your name is a Fortnite skin fucking loser

+Richard Nguyen They follow XQC until he's either having fun or some real real stupid shit comes on

XQC doesn't understand that Banks is doing the Jump Cuts because he watched James Charles Video and he just didn't want to do the same shit as boring vid Its a joke don't take it personally

I know it's a joke but maybe its true XqcT

+Ciaran Kelly Not saying this to sound dumb but if you think really, really, hard who would withdraw funds from their best friends account? Certainly if he already did it, then the battle would be over no problem, Tfue wins. But the contract is like that for everyone and so far no one has had a problem.

+Sidhudeep good point?? but who made Tfue? oh yea Banks and Faze

First off banks lied saying he was blind sided and the contract has come out sooooo lol

BeefSupreme you’re a idot kid

+Joshua Buckton Yeah, he commented that on another post. I don't know why the fuck he did it here LULW

+MarkQub That's just Variety at that point but alright LULW

+catm lul you get drip feed by mommy and daddie dont lie.

+Unmarkd his point was a joking comment stfu lol

+Crypto Cruise No you wouldn't lol I live on the streets just letting you know

+catm You're bringing up the fact that you're irrelevant to the situation.

+catm If you're only going to complain about his grammar, and not his point, you're not bringing up something valuable, friend.

+NB you must care if you keep responding moron, we are all in 2019 you should probably stay in school

+Shin nobody cares lmao

+Shin u live in 2008 lmao Kid

+Zexlor ゼクスラー im 18 years Old tbh;) kid

+Wian Kruger yall werent commenting this when the shit got leaked tho lmao

+s6xan no you fucking retard tfue made tfue, thats why hes the biggest thing to ever touch faze's name. if faze could make anybody as big as tfue is they wouldve done it but it hasnt happened because it CANT, tfue was already coming up from beating ninja in 1v1s on h1 and fortnite when ninja had the most viewers

You probably subscribed to Ninja and use poggers

Autumn Leaves keep up with the fresh content

+Scaring not really made a lot less then he could have

10:32 Is Felix genuinely retarded? Like does he have a real mental illness I just don't know about? Is he really this dumb to assume TFue didn't drink at this party?

I love xqc and all but on this topic he is just completely oblivious. Its not a weird flex to say that faze made Tfue, without being a normie asshat he was litterary a nobody pulling a couple of hundred viewers. If you when you have nothing, accept a contract and then when you got everything you shit on the org who gave you EVERYTHING your a fucking snake. It was all good and fun when he was a fucking broke loser and got everything that came with faze, now that he is big, got his own brand and money the people who brought him up aint shit. Tfue is that one kid who wants but never wants to give, complete asshole. I thought Ninja was cringe and fake etc, but god Ninja is actually a wholesome guy compared to Tfue.

Xqc that maybe true with the cuts and all but even when this video is like a bad show ,faze have a contract faze has the name faze can say what they take on money from players sooo he signed it tfue signed that contract sure faze takes more % then a org like m10 from germany bcs faze has power ppl will see u over night .U r a good player and a great entertainer u need no org ,but tfue only play good i know ppl on twitch like stompy he is dominating on wc but he get not even close to tfues views so when stompy would join faze and not e11 like he did he would be blow up soooooo hard right now sooo i know u like tfue he is a homie for u but the truth is without faze tfue is nothing bcs ppl will get entertainment and ggs or they will look up on someone that is in abig org and be a superstar and ggs only ggs will not work.

+BeefSupreme at the end of the day it doesn't matter what xqc or we think cause they're having major miscommunication issues and its 100% going to end up in court if they don't resolve this privately and that would just be stressful for both parties.

+Ciaran Kelly if you think the major claim is that he was drinking underage you are the stupid one.. The major problem was the contract and the money. They clearly haven't cashed in at TFue's expense but because the contract states they can technically TFue snaked them and sued them for a bad contract they gave to a streamer averaging 100 viewers. This whole video is about the fact that they never used tfue for his money or took his money after tfue said they are taking 80%. "Im SoRrY BuT yOu ArE StUpId"

William Eriksson Tfue 100 faze 10,000,000 everyone is defending faze, fuck tfue lol

Wian Kruger ur not cool for typing a L at the end of ur comment. Xqc point is valid still, saying it’s a full truth video and then editing ur reaction every 10 second is not a good sign. It’s pretty basic knowledge honestly.

+s6xan faze really wanted him because they saw how much money they could leech off of him that's why Tfue Made Tfue.

s6xan uhm they didn’t make anything, he made his own name with his skill. He would’ve easily made a name for himself by himself. The joining of faze sped up his growth for sure. But guess what he’s not going to sit around in a contract that actually is exploiting kids. He was excited to sign and was ignorant, stop dick riding faze and see that the contract they signed tfue too was literal a set up for them to take his earnings. The gamer should the money they win, and get from their form of entertainment. Fortnite blew up and tfue would’ve blown up with it. Faze deserves hate for the contract how could you even look at a contract like that and give that to a kid.

its because xqc is a streamer. every time he was something to say or an emotion to express there are no jumpcuts on streaming everything is 100% natural so when someone says theyre making a genuine unscripted unfiltered video its odd to him because thats not how he's used to genuine content being.

He only said they never collected anything lol i'm 100% sure that there is something in the contract that could fuck tfue over yk

catm holy shit you’re cringe you’re the type of person to hate on other people for not speaking or typing English right what a faggot

@Maaz chaudhary he is a little brain dead since he loses brain cells from watching XQC

@Scaring not really made a lot less then he could have

@Unmarkd At the time I had no idea about league lol. I was also like 7 so I spelled it really weird. Thanks!

@RJJ Trolling Don't say that cause you know chat doesn't enjoy those videos

@Richard Nguyen They follow XQC until he's either having fun or some real real stupid shit comes on

@BeefSupreme at the end of the day it doesn't matter what xqc or we think cause they're having major miscommunication issues and its 100% going to end up in court if they don't resolve this privately and that would just be stressful for both parties.

@Trovoul lol yh exactly

@Biggie G And most of time they'll either follow everything the streamer says or just do the exact opposite.

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