Worth It: Season 6 Marathon

Worth It: Season 6 Marathon

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We're back for part two of our worth of Taiwan series, today, we're. Doing su Taiwan's. Dial, it's amazing cuz it's so hot, in Taiwan and yet they love their soup here eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner so, many great dishes to try but before we get there, Stephen where are we we are here at the jeans i chow hiyo pave salt, fields alright Inka, you. Can guide you historically. One of the earliest salt producing, areas of Taiwan ocean, water comes in the Sun evaporates it, you're left with salt speaking, of salty liquids. Sweat. No, oh we're. Doing soup today I'm worth it we're gonna be trying three Taiwanese, soup set three drastically, different price points to find out which one is most worth it at its price it's so windy the typhoon just passed so we're having a little bit north of the city of Tainan to, where, income we're going to die you to have some fish soup at lien Tony Newton being. Is my last name and, cloning is smart, so we're just going to like the smart version of me. Splice. That would be an extra special treat. Taiwan. Is very hot yes soup, is a very hot food why did I wanna see will love soup so much solitude, hey I'm Duncan sorry, times up - no she does work on conservation which I heard about forgot, silver mine it's iddo sitting, here that's all set up so Edison, I might not shouldn't act gentleman, at her such it suggested, to violent, than me not somewhat archetype, your, legacy way doesn't. Equal, a daily, occurrences. Okay one finish I was called out maybe, while eating, what, kind of fish is in this year a month yeah see on the podium. Menu hey, yo, en. Hacer i wanna tan show you knock waviness a Tom, Povich in koreguaje Dona sagessa, so da da la Tasha, Wanda, Tomer Devorah on, - yo se young - co-current, you say to, somebody, chosen, al-dawa some target. Audience, is jo Kwon woman. EPN. Joseph travail. Woman does sit hi Tobias hi Santa. Gong, Hong jinho, fatigue. A tofu tell I won't fire me -, you know I'm not you turn your, rhetoric, over you. But no, shadow at all your time why is the fish fried, and then headed afterwards, sorry, it's all cheap I wanna get a I'm dying, she says may open channel me or similar don't cool kpop swing you know yet to the center are you know time you hold on straight punch answer Champa. Fondle tie out again no way home huh guys cheap would happen to it I noticed that customers, can come back with their bowls and get more broth soma guineans I see you got rotten hope you are not Don, transit sadena John yang terjadi Joe starts it cheapens, Allah chooses tomato. Local culture. Oh Montana, it's a llama taco, joint, I'm Amy I put your tongue Tyler a jacket, you sure. Yes. Yes. What's, the plate for. Oh. Is. This your beer yes come, up here. Steven. Look. At that logo fish. Soup, beer, I'm blown, away Cheers, in, Mandarin, is Gombe. Is. That right I'm BAE. Okay. That was very unexpected. Wow. Again Wow. I'm thousand. Times very. Refreshing, it is give me one word. Wow. So. This is the marquee, piece right here should I bite into this. Hmm. This is like a dish that dares you to want something else you want vegetables boom, we got it you want tofu forget, about it want pork we got it right here you want fish boom.

Fry It we could do it yeah when she was listening ingredients, it was just like the NBA all-star game and here we of the, tofu, next. Up garbage. Y'all. Ready for this ha ha now your chairman Jiang traders. As a sheet over 200. Kilometer, being the pds aqua you don't go and watch it all right turkey, rice, I love, how this soup, with all this stuff they were like not you still need some turkey rice that's right it was one thing we learned here in Taiwan you cannot leave a restaurant hungry, they will assault you with food in the most lovingly way possible. Mmm. It's just jerking, meat and fat on. A bowl of rice it's, great if you weren't an adventurous, eater this would seem like a scary bowl of food hmm, but it all just kind of blends into this big soft, hug I don't know it tastes nice Luke, it's a kind taste, that's exactly how you say it in manner in them really good eat right good taste. Yeah. How soon means good, eat good taste yeah what spread the kindness. Once. I finish this meal it will be so long until I get to eat this again and, that makes me sad I know this whole trip is actually just it's, the worst. Yeah. That. Super was, incredible. In the rainbow, of soup, to stew this, was somewhere, in the middle and like the stoop, stupid. Yeah. So before we get to our next soup decided, to get some treats at the garden night market Tainan is my favorite. Treats at night, market, it is a peanut. Roll with ice cream and cilantro, what cilantro. In a dessert I guess it makes sense we put mint in desserts and that's just Oh either. Green leaf think of that cheers Cheers. Wow. I like, dessert cilantro, so, our next soup is actually going to be hotpot how bout that archaeologists. Have found pots, from, 2,000. Years ago that may have been used to make an early iteration. Of hotpot these were found in the unhu'. Province, of China Wow, old, hot pot dude hop-hop for me everybody. Thanksgiving, in the Lim family we, always, always always, eat hotpot it, would make sense that soup was one of the oldest things humans, ate yeah just water. Doesn't. Stuff in there and eat it tomorrow, hot pot you. Know where are we going we, are going to my you notice also I'll go out to eat some beef soup as I'm talking about beef. Soup. Get that hot pot throw, some beef in there throw some soup in there throw some veggies in there whatever you want what I eat excuse. Me. So, tuna peanut. Why. Do you love hotpot so much. Based. On the casino lot I still. 17:01. Sample, have $2 questions, in with attention of annuity government, I wanna go, till essentially. An alternative. Uncommon and I sound like a yo-yo right up your discernment a while cause I want a song :, how often do you get the deliveries, wait time my pen same a time we so she has its own taxes outside though sweet, how do we all know stand here no way back no. Today, I do okay I see. We. Saw that it arrived by taxi, is it always come by taxi away, well, my mates at the entrance I watched it didn't so poor I am i busy awful weather that's, so cool the meat takes a cab -, everything. Ok. No Carl Parcells, handyman, it'll, support all theater now just, be a theater man Nolan Ferree my team funnyman, she's, gonna make a very first few times so I persuade, to Justin, go Amanda touch. Y'all there's also vegetables. In the dish already for the innovator suicide, sit when a key wait that's, all sides of the cow eats hot then await our peih-gee. Home and i count on the way down yes i joke come on me for, someone who's never had hop up before how, do you eat it touch it will not harm a nice one design shop takeshi.

Honda Our jin-tae, color tends to year with on potential, yeah feel good, like johnny be in tiahuanaco powder. Come. On puta. Phi, equal, to. 13, while they were very nervous since I don't want to know how's it wander happy Shawn and, I had a talk on wanna, watch a blow ha ha. Honey, hello uncle, hello make while other hop out oh yeah you also have this pork, rice it's free for all the customers. Locations. It be da house don't think that that's one color I think antioxidant. No high pay pay 1 loads are fun JP if. I could. Share. We, be in a lot of beef on this show but, this is some of the prettiest, beam I've ever seen the color is ridiculous. Whole brood lon. This is one of the coolest things it's like t snow globe and it's got the net you know hey. Cheers. Hmm. Let's start with this one let's do it the total cat cheers Steven. One. Two. Wow. Going. In one. Mmm. Oh no this. Smell is incredible, Cheers, oh. That's. Nice bean we're just getting to eat a really nice steak, yeah with soup and, you get to eat it the second, it's done cooking, mmm, I'm gonna try the same piece of meat this time but now dip it shabu. Oh. That. Rocks again there yeah, all right absolutely. One. Two. Whoa. Three, like. You're baptizing. The meat. The. Dip is awesome okay. That's. Doing it right there's two great ways to enjoy beat you, either cook it very briefly, or you cook it a really long time this is the best of both worlds two quick cook beef and also the, super long cook because, the soup is eight ten to twelve our feet, in beef bone soup but enough about beef pork, break what break. Mm-hmm. At first this did not make sense but it's because the beef is so precious it, breaks, up the flow of so I don't just crush, my plate of beef all in one bite like I want to well and also this, bowl, of rice is bringing, me more comfort, than my, body pillow what, I've had the same one for, over ten years it's, hard to sleep without it. Wow, no I wash it that. Explains a lot about here it's like a teddy bear we all have that like item yeah but now mine is in my parents attic because I stopped sleeping with it after the age of eight why would you give up something that's so comfortable. All. Right we're gonna have the broth now we've finally reached the soup part of the meal. Whoo. The. Smell though Cheers, ooh. That, is nice, it's, not, so. Beefy, actually. It's, got like Rudy flavor. Yeah apples, or something this is the best way to close out this meal yeah, it's, nice a gentle, landing, it's like when you have a delicious, sauce, you, want a piece of bread to mop, it up top so. Us here, you just drink the sauce. Hot. Pot, that hot pot was so good okay, so we've come to Taichung for our final, soup. But before we have that we're gonna have some cold, drinks, that's right we're, going to 10-run one of my favorite places in the States so I love to be having it here in Taiwan where it's actually from so we've got Luang tea and a, black tea boba, confession, time I'm not the biggest fan of boba, that's. Fine I just eating while drinking I don't isn't that what soup is soup, is drinking, while eating it's completely, different don't get it twisted Cheers. Mmm. That's what I like, unsweetened, nice. Iced tea that's, all I want instead of another soup fact we're actually gonna have a boba fact all the facts boba, tea was, invented, in the 1980s. In Taichung Oh some, genius out here putting boba, and milky together their controversies. Around who actually invented, boba milk tea, there's multiple, reports of different people so interesting. We're now on our way to goo, ba me where we're going to see chef Chen to try her beef noodle, soup the, iconic, dish of Taiwan we've had it a few times off-camera, so far just for our crew meals and such and it's usually a very inexpensive, dish, five or six US dollars equivalent, but today's is going to be a little bit more deluxe, it's, gonna cost, around 30 US dollars which is a lot for, beef noodle soup but it's gonna be really good. Ruba, me is beef noodles, in Taiwanese. Island why do you think Taiwan loves their beef noodle soup so much it's fast and also its luxury, you have a big bowl of noodle, soup, and meat I never really, see restaurants. Can do all three good I want to do things the best so when I do noodles, I want to find out the best formula. Hui test with different flours. For almost six, months I would say we want the noodles to be authentic, in the middle but also the outside, can absorb, a little bit the suit we use the Japanese Wagyu beef, shank and also, we have a condiment, of smoked bone marrow and on top of a we have some shabu shabu of, the beef shank to give two different textures of the meat what is your background in cooking like where, did you come from I, learned, in Paris I travelled to stay, sell a little bit and then I come back I started my French restaurant ten years ago very fine, dining it was my dream restaurant buddies integer is very weird I think Taiwan people they like something casual I want to do something smaller, and now I have the bar of noodle shop I was just, trying to do something I like it.

Looks Like very refined, but I didn't do it on purpose I just trying to make it good and then it becomes this way. Look. At this that's. Not soup we have tofu, skin hooked in some of the beef stock this is the radish, with lemon, and, olive oil, zucchini, confit. And goose fat some kind of green bean and beef mushroom. Deliciousness, I know that a lot of delicious stuff in front of us I cannot wait, for the soup right now but, I will be patient. Roll. Along hold, on the soup. That. Is damn good. Greenie. Mean oh. I. Did not think that was gonna taste like that. It's. A smoky, porky green bean tofu, skin that, looks super juicy, and you know Cheers. That's. The best one no this is the best no no no no I'm done zucchini, confit, in goose fat. Every. Time I eat something green I expect it to taste like a crisp, vegetable, then, it tastes like a fatty animal, this is awesome, Wow finally. The beef Oh. Ready. To eat some beef in the soup right now oh. Thank. You know this thing I. Can't. Believe this I can't. Believe this yeah I can't believe this this is a $30 bold soup broth Cheers. Okay. I didn't think a beef tastes, can be refreshing, yeah problem, yeah let's do the choice, cut. Meat on top. Wow. Very. Flavorful beep, okay geez. I literally. Just ate a pastrami sandwich in, one bite, yeah and the juices of the soup just bursting. Out inca, have some come, come come. Those are great noodles, springy. Chewy. Look. At that beef. Wow. Holy, crap, I didn't think it was gonna be that soft what yeah. It's. Like softer, than taffy. It's, softer, than it's. Somewhere. Be. Kidding, me okay let's add the bone marrow this is like buttering, already, buttered bread. Wow. Including. All the steaks we be in this beef best, beef taste I've ever tasted the best part I get to eat noodles the whole time it's, like usually a steak yours eating steak pretty fun but, okay, noodles, the whole time. Yeah. I've had a lot of beef roasted before and it's never bad it's, always satisfying, and, comforting, but this. One is like what was born in Akron Ohio autumn. To chosen wanna use a magazine when I was 14 I don't be a great basketball player is LeBron. James oh god damn it every time goo, ba me one, of the best soup, dishes I've ever had one, of the best noodle dishes I've ever had one of the best beef dishes I've ever had Algy we did there before we get to our worth it winners Andrew what was your favorite thing that was not a soup in this episode the craft. Beer, at, smart fish oh I never thought I'd see a beer, with a fish soup logo, was your favorite non-supe. Thick beef taxi. There's not even a escort, thief, in the taxi, beef, out the taxi, okay, Steven which soup was, most worth it to you I thought, smart, fish soup was an event winner when we ate there I know the beef hop ha was gonna be my winner when we ate there but, goo ba me is my, worth of winner today so, beefy.

Just, So much thought put into it my worth at winner goes to. Smart fish Oh fish soup was, crazy truly. One of the most unique dishes I've ever eaten okay Annie. Boobah. Me. What. Adam. Who's your worth a winner what. Yeah. I've never been so this is a win today that's, it for worth it Taiwan soup we have one more episode in, this mini series coming up next Stephen. What is it chicken. We're. In Taiwan. We're back with a three-part, miniseries joining, us on all of our episodes our friend translator, fellow BuzzFeed producer, in Kelantan. We're. Seeing some great modes of transportation, some fun games some, tricks, some treats, and some delights you know you know we're in Taiwan, the beautiful 101, tower and because, it's steaming which is perfect for the first food that we're doing in our trip dumplings, a food. That's often cooked with steam great transition, today I'm worth it we're going to be trying three dumplings, at three drastically, different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at its price I am so excited to get dumplings, excited. Feel like we've been talking about this episode, since season 1 what are my goal of this trip is to brush up on my Mandarin because I have the manners cuz I'm a four-year-old. My, goal is to get it to a five-year-old, bite in this trip that's a very good goal Thank You dumpling number one we're going to see miss Liu in her restaurant dad. Taking about Leo Josh raging ball how's that oh good we're, gonna get some. $0.50. Pan-fried. Dumplings we, had it we're ahead of price so low I'm worth it no we haven't, that is a drastic price point. You've. Been making dumplings for 30 years I'm just curious what you think makes a perfect dumpling house it's a Kia vehicle, maybe, it is cute, under, cites it's harder to sing, funny, young-soon, what types of buns do you serve here women to be in the top high doses, Joe types a team foul foul D type say Jim fell in, love to camp out and which one is your favorite well thank you Frank Joe taught whistlin. Quixote. It's young fishing. That's a deal huh. Timbo. Detect only assume a consistent. Income per home okay. Send us the standard. Way pick up in June not me and pure if you don't publish so we've heard that the dough of your buns is very delicious what, makes it so special oh man no can't I see your mouth shall find me yo chink would ya I'm kinder kid, 9 sit I'm a fast yup so it woman me I'm cute and cute hat out your Yahoo not now me and fast I'll quick we can wait, waste time how many should we have make, it ain't you can to stunk up good.

You. Know you're actually in Taiwan Oh, dumplings. In motor scooters, ham it's a beautiful noise so. Not only are we having dumplings, but we're also having, soy. Milk so we noticed you're actually making your own soy milk here can tell us about how you guys make that I'm totally out, chain can one Sun Chien Qing power, package I thought. Someone went to, I'm more Cheers. Oh. Jeez. I. Didn't know that's what soy milk supposed to taste like kind, of like a peanut butter drink, I guess, how nutty it tastes to me ok how's the soy milk. Yes. I really like this I know this is really good it's like the first time I, had full. Fat, no yeah, yeah Adam. Try some soy milk. Yeah. Let's, get to the bun let's get to the buns pork, cabbage. Chive. Look, at the bottom crust, it's like a little high I'm crispy. The dough is so good what was the term for a chewy. Qu. That an actual term yeah this is so QQ, i, don't know how to describe the weight of it but it's pleasantly, plump pleasantly. Plump, okay the pork butt. Oh, wow. That's my favorite Adam you want to thank, you. You. Know my problem with burgers. Hahaha. You're playing a game of like Jenga, Tetris, as you're biting into it with, a bun you're not losing anything. Lastly, the cabbage I love the shape of this one it looks like a clam, this is $0.50 we just ate three dollars of food by the way. Okay. This one might actually go my favorite damn it, I, don't live in Taiwan, 50. Cents I don't even have to be hungry it's just it would be foolish not to the pleasure you get out of doing really, good, Joe, yeah, oh my gosh, QQ to, you, I think you need to open this in America I can give you my dress just open up shop next to me because I need to eat this on my way to work please. My, English your house. Okay. John okay, Johnny English whoa oh hi right so Tommy Montoya the bowing, that, was. A dumpling, was, actually about but Belle's a dumpling you accused my new, favorite, food terminology. It's a quite, warm here in Taiwan so I think before we nee have our next dumpling, we need a refreshing, treat we're in Taiwan, what kind of treat should we have. We're. Going to show, uh ice the Chinese name is just, salivation. It's. All her things, you. Should being soon. This. Looks, awesome this is one of your favorite desserts right. Generally. So, two, types of shaved ice here at classic mango, chunks on top of milk shaved ice and then chocolate shaved, ice with whiskey, it's really good but it tastes really different, one. Full, mango, oh wow. This texture is very surprised. Oh l'm. Angle, ain't. Got good in here and try this a mango. It's like Garden, of Eden mango, right here. You're. So sweet of. Course, that tastes good you drink whiskey with ice now in chocolate, chocolate, works we're getting a food that's cooked with steam and now we're eating ice so. We're just exploring all the other. States, of matter yeah make em excuse. Me all. Right cameras back. Dumpling. Fact it's, not a dumb boy thing huh it's, related to dumplings, though. Probably. What in fact because, most, foods, humans. Eat are soft the body and brain have learned to like the novelty of an opposing texture, like crunch even, after all that effort to, make a perfectly, hue dough mm-hmm, it's still worth it to add the crunch on the bottom back to the perfect food man all right we're, off to our next dumpling, spot we're gonna go see mr. Chen a steamed dumpling restaurant you got what's name of it Nihal, to names and job when. Do. You how, do. You rulings, in jail but then jeong-hwan, you're. Learning how. Many, dumplings do you think your restaurant, makes per day woman, you can target a survival. Salon, Subban. Along Sucher, and I just sit back one, day 5,000, a day and they're all made by hand Hey on one side took beans toilet, don't you don't super-soul call me Danube, and the Chi Chi PU the Kogan 250 on San Jose a mint. Wonderful, cheerio and go to change how Ron took a pee the cute, picture. What, makes a really great dumpling, yeah well I'd chance to catch another one me too sorry, Pete's a sativa no straighten, me out Joseph nation. The PD New York pseudo, Qaeda, sham with your, tongue to go, to our chats, on the, Peter, Keuka, not just a signal when customers come here are they only eating dumplings or, they ordering other things as well oh my goodness it's adventure what do you hate Cal Tech shell, Texas be baby you ain't shelter paid. It's a, sitcom government doing.

So. We should order a few more things as well sure. You. And you many times home a boy like me. Young conducted, Tommy. John cold wait that's right. We've. Built that our meal with some extra stuff here yeah let's dumpling, it up they make 5,000. Of these a literal, army of dumplings on one day feels like I'm fighting an army of dumplings, with my mallet boom did. That's. Incredible, Wow, dumplings I've had in the past, once it's steamed it becomes, loose, around, the filling yeah but these are tight, and dense and still juicy, inside so, juicy. Let's do a side dish break, I vote entry egg tobu madness, yeah destroy yo she's done good told you come down there, wake up don't, go touch -, no, special. Don't, question. Okay. You. Know. Wow. Wow. That's, not what I was gonna do oh. Yeah. You know what I realized yeah egg, nature. Is dumpling, hahaha. Wow. Cheers. Two hundred years. Hmm. Oh yeah hold that up hold, that up yeah that's this is an egg and you can see through it it's very jelly. Alright. So here we have the vegetable, dumpling. Watching. Them make these dumplings was like magic, they close their hands and when they open it there's a dumpling, it's really like someone's doing a card trick in front of your eyes fun fact this, is actually Incas. Grandmother's. Suggestion. A whaling. Yeah my grandma was the one who recommended this, place to me good recommendation. It's so good to think. About the amount of work that's put into these dumplings and how cheap it is that is the, ultimate magic, trick. That. Pork dumpling, like a Korean. Spa like, a dry-cleaned. Shirt, steamed, to, perfection. Our next stumbling is also going to be steamed we're having the soup dumpling the shell own ball that's. Right but before we do that we're, going to have another, time. We needs dessert treat, Sunil's, pineapple. Cake it's one of my oh my god it's, one of my favorite places. Yeah. So. Every time you come here even if you don't buy anything they, will give this to you like a pineapple cake with long tea that's confidence, that's like we know how good it is because, you're definitely gonna get it yes and you will yes yeah.

Long. Pineapple. Cakes are really good buttery and flaky on, the outside and, then you get that really fresh pineapple. Sweetness, and tartness iconic. Iconic, New. York and cheese cakes Taiwan. And pineapple, cake yeah. Smell. It. Mm-hmm, okay I shave I got, it yeah I've never had pineapple gamified. Like this she's pop the rest well you might want to save to enjoy it while you listen to this, dumpling. Fact. What. Is fact in Mandarin oh did. You say dumpling, fact Johnson the day's young doesn't, end you do language butter oh ho. Java the Dennis young, jazzy. Does Jaden's song. Now. The the. In. 2013, and 2014, chef, turned writer Christopher, st. cabbage, created a soup dumpling index, measuring the thickness of, the dough the soup volume and the total weight of each individual. A long bow at 52, different restaurants. This data was then calculated, with the formula, filling, plus soup divided, by thickness of skin times a hundred to assign a score representing, the quality of structural engineering. Jealous, now look quadratic. Formula was already hard enough alright next up we're, going to a. Superstar. Soup. Dumpling, spot Dean type mom we're gonna meet the boss man, mr. young it originated, here in Taiwan they right, now at this very moment have 164, locations worldwide that's. At this moment as wild, by tomorrow then it may be 180 they. Don't know when, goat eats their truffle. Soup. Dumpling. Trouble. Have you had it before not, trouble, I'm not Bujji. It's. Gonna walk away from the common. In. Heaven's the war footing the eto bunion, from, leader to the Johann now ego, journey and tightened, in heaven shall city was it always soup, dumplings they shall humble servant, eight women in, versus a woman by Pyrenean, you a civil, jolbon proto relevant, in war put on the guide on how do you get the soup inside, the dumpling yeah nothing. To. Be the people, she thought in the councilman so when it steamed, it, becomes, liquid even the. Generals. Back that is about to begin, such a day when, the joyful, songs or, true life banker, and the others all Jewish into I was a part of the changing, what's important, about that pleading. Process, in Lord Zuko walk and type to your hands so the type thought can jaqen a year puts it to my house how do you maintain such, high quality around, the world in sahaja yog Hall the patch have come, home movie or chapada of Anton Chigurh mega soo-jung machine that susume Jung soo-jung. Has to feed sound to me all day long from, Sudan and go your head somehow doesn't totally false. Hope, so a mega mondo face on you machine the party. In guide totally, come to Vera - ah ok click on clear how the fool can, make me cook. Tahu APA. That's, locally. Brewed and it has a really, strong flavor of fruits, Oh the logo is great it's a tiger, cheers Stephen kiss. Hmm. Good. Almost slider, Suzanne. For the pork chow on Belle the most important, part is the soup inside it's sort of like the sole of the Shaolin Bell so we lift it up from the top we place it at the back. Egg, down to they're very satisfied a, little hole inside so, let the froth come out, and. Then please take. A sip been away from me or just eat alone, okay great, I'm following instructions, Stephen mmm. Yes. And. We can add a little bit of ginger with, the sauce on top and then you can enjoy fish. A lot together all right no wait we have a drink here yeah I'm not, good at how did you poke that so well. Help. Oh. Yeah. Yeah that's, really good it's almost lost, like the bottom fabric. Rob. Has like a sweetness, to it it's so good do people ever eat it in one bite yes. They do but. Please be careful because it's really hot okay somebody's. Gonna apply too close to the Sun though so I feel like I want to feel it burst in my mouth. Mmm. There's. Hot. We. Mentioned it so much in this video but I really have to bring it back to the QQ, even, though the dough is so thin it still, is very satisfying. How do you attain, that, kind of texture in like, a film, sheet, Adam, can, you try this please. Yeah. It's, really good this, is all truffle, and pork shall, humble why, do a, truffle, soup dumpling II that is handy no yo yo hey so mu sued house for that when you do change keys or in gyeom my resolution. About tiles, so more than dirt and and younghui, okay Hogwarts, on. Cleanse. My palate. Before. We get into the evening I do have to point out the pleating, on each dumpling, they're beautiful. Oh yes. Oh. What. Bougie. Chairs are. These. Are, awesome. Okay last season we ate soup, the head truffle, in and we learned that has to be activated, by heat and fat right, the truffle in a soup dumpling, totally.

Makes Sense it really says something about, this dough that even though it's still thin you, still get that QQ, it's impossibly. Thin a common, complaint about our show is that we always just put truffle on stuff to make it more expensive and we see you comments section we, see you but these are about three US dollars, for dumpling which is expensive but for the taste of truffle, how nice this is I'd say that's worth it. Show. Title watch doing. Truffle. Right yeah, they're not doing it wrong. Adam. You want to see if they're doing it right. So. We're here at raha night market because Inka suggested, that we come and eat their stinky. Tofu the smell around the stall is quite stinky but once it's fried it is much more subdued Cheers Steven Cheers. Oh so. Juicy. Boy, crap, speaking of soup dumpling, there's. A soup tofu, if i thinkI tofu okay so before we get to our worth it winners what was your favorite thing in this episode, that was not a dumpling, my favorite thing was the fire, hydrant, soy milk at. The Leo josue Asian foul place the visuals, of that are just astounding my favorite thing was, getting. Dressed like a scientist, at Din Tai Fung central, kitchen we went through this airlock, that blew all the dust and hair off of us and we got to see some really cool behind-the-scenes, stuff, so Stephen which dumpling, was the most worth it to you at its given price my worth it winner today goes to the, pan-fried. Dumplings, at, Leo Joshua, Jin Bao the value, was, incredible. There the dumplings, were amazing, the cabbage, bun at that location was, very nearly my worth it winner but I have to give it to the steamed pork dumplings, at location, two like my fantasy, of a dumpling, is that dumpling, ANCA who's your with a winner I. Don't. Know it's. So hard I, want to say too because it's my grandma's favorite but I think it's honestly one Danny. Adam. Says his winners Din Tai Fung next. Week, sue. That's right, soup again so soon you say trust, us Taiwan. May, be the perfect place have soup yes so. Excited, there's so many soups with so many soups it's gonna be great, so. Many soups. Wertha, Taiwan is back worth, it, chicken. Another, chicken yeah I know it's a rooster which, is a chickens chicken, no it's a pigeon, we're at Tynan's garden night market we've just picked up our chicken treats tomorrow, the journey begins going to three cities, for three acts of chicken ending in a chicken finale like you've never seen before. My bitch. Let. Go. Mmm. Playing a pancake, today I'm worth it we're gonna be trying three chicken dishes at three drastically. Different price points to find out which one is most worth it at its price so we're, eating chicken, but our first chicken is actually a soup I know we just finished a soup video but that's just how many soups there are here you can't escape the soup we're, off to see the Chen, family at, walking, su or we're gonna be trying their sesame, oil chicken, what is that in Mandarin Inca my. Og mild, my. Oh jeez. My, og. Okay. I'm excited to eat some chicken let's. Do it. Tell. Us about how this business got started, a woman I pass is in my cell car honking, I thought sister - woman, to turn very equal, my or T no mayo hand o YT like that shoes anyways the pn doesn't shoot shoes I'm guys Amir wait Nagi she's and thumbs in food years away Mackenzie, was getting associate me with him in with the young to hand or how to get out karma, calendar, mama.

Currency. Oh mrs. Shelton sir, how, do yo yo yen the will ya, the Chungcheong sold out Jen and what. We. Are doing here Tycho's unit don't any my UT Duncan now who here to know that so my would you type - Mike so this is a family business. What do each of you do Baba has determines, how do you, have your TV my mind is in full detail, with I was it would throw, faster, them kids has anyone. Seen Amanda Pancho. Do you find it easy working, together Chi, Cena, pencil, yeah, hello it out yeah you know each aaron has, a job without to induce, attention, to detail, that's. Me oil chicken is that dish a classic Taiwanese dish coyote, title, 10 mega. Mama, say, mucho Karachi are Yeltsin. Y'all. Stand, because our, Hajj already, cool town, how do tourists. What. Are those herbs adding to this dish or council jargon, so we all touch a tree franchises, Kikuchi, al Qaeda, y'all sent in truth to Pournami y'all, just, opinions. In uncourteous or the call way. This. Looks incredible. We've got a couple, additional, and. Couch Ramon here the, Thai basil sauce, the. Spicy. Fermented bean, paste and, sticky. Rice alright let's taste the broth sesame. Oil, chicken. Hmm. Delightful, nuttiness of this SME, oil yeah super. Nutty's my super, not this hearty, feel to it oh yeah, this is hardiest. How's. That ah, so, incredibly, juicy and tender. I'm. Gonna smell the thyme basil oh that's our specialty here. Wow. Smells. Like pesto, yeah. That is awesome, that, is like a salad dressing to dip your soup into Adam, you gotta try the chicken, in, the Thai basil. What. Right from right oh yes. Chicken. Even. The. Thing I keep getting. Blown, away by in, Taiwan, I go to a meal expecting. One thing and then there's always all, this bonus stuff, then, this blows, my expectations. Out of the water yeah I mean even when they first started this restaurant, this was a bonus dish right, that's crazy thing. So, there's a lot of herbs added to this soup tastes, like an elixir it just washes away all the pain on your body a key, back, I got a soup for that tired eyes who. For that my foot hurts, throw some poop on there oh the same sue it's very convenient Adam you want to get some of the soup I'm, pretending like Athens over here even though he's over there right, so.

Our. Next chicken, location, is in Taipei the, first we're gonna take a countryside, detour. Yes that's right we're going to a scallion, farm in Yi LAN and we're gonna be making our old scallion. Pancakes, not just cooking them when we pick them ourselves, Scalia, yeah yeah it's a chicken episode, it's a soup episode and now it's a pancake episode. What. You see in front of you here is a scallion. Pancake, but rewind, three hours what, did we do we're in this unique Valley where, you get different, temperature, winds at different times of day which. Create a nice perfect, humidity. For growing scallions, so today we've picked a bunch of scallions clean them up chop them cried a little bit and then learned how to make scallion, pancakes and here, we have it the spoils, of our toils. Mmm. Okay. This, is one of the best things I've eaten so far you, know what time it is now time for a Taiwan, food fads the concept of shouta meaning. Little eats is popular, in Taiwan, basically, meaning snacking, throughout the day often. On street food between, meals yeah, in Taiwan, if, you only eat three meals in one day you're just doing it wrong we're, actually on our way to a snack shop next, pinko, where we going to. - shouts idiot we're, gonna see Reebok and Julia, and try their fried chicken. What. Makes a perfect fried chicken to you guys even, one minute at sea yeah, yes angiogenesis. To trick oh god no. Yo-yo. Nelson, Suzie, don't run then the yoga. So, what makes your taiwanese, fried chicken, unique same vowel sounds really you know it's. Yeah I know my name is Emile solder now. Machine from Yahoo I understand you know by young we were not your men to do audio tone Sanders ODI so we can't you see Tommy, Sheridan mm. Who's laughing, the next Roman challenger which I'm quite shocked it's our boss and tom says oh hell told you that yo my peepees who, actually go, has constructor. Tao, Zi, Luo GaN casual, which are shocked I was ok me and telling, 10 top-down solution. Conduct in relevance to me I know you're getting so hot you're not seen some cabbages it was an alternate what do you recommend that we drink with fried, chicken Shibuya, how about you yo can the autoloader I know Shivaji. About, the kuan-yin assert or nine seconds yeah whenever you wear total itds the audience our faces so, another capacitor, you Bob so you were just about gone so it's, our idea to see, by other tied down.

What. This, is not what I was expecting you ready Steve I'm ready, this. Is called dining, al fresco. So, we've ordered the recommended. Sparkling, wine apparently. You, only order by the bottle, here I like that let's go at my speed Cheers. How, awesome is this this is some Riviera, we, got to eat this while it's hot let's go whoa. Oh, brain. Grant the garlic, the onion this, basil. The. Meat inside is so soft it was very pleasing, very, pleasing like brûléed marshmallows, seriously, oh man. While, I thought could be with a limb for dumplings. It's. Almost like chicken, nugget s you, know it's crazy about this we've eaten fried, chicken, in Minneapolis. Where, the restaurant, thought you know it's actually the best drink to have with fried chicken, sparkling. Wine and here we are in Taiwan, in, this, restaurant I said, the same idea, I see if there's a restaurant on either side of the world that is doing the same thing it must be great, do, you know how I didn't why I just dual motor make you jump oh my god this is Eagle though I know, Joe I don't get it how do you think I'd do to lid i watch I'm going sounds it'll work out I'm scared to eat this because I'm scared of how much I like it pork knuckle, and radish cake Wow. Oh. Man. They're gonna push me almost cool radish, take is a platinum, bitch I've eaten this like every, time I go out you know they've been running the car suddenly they're all steamed right it's still hot but it doesn't have that like break through the crunch technically. That this has you, can maybe liken, it to a, potato, pancake. That's so yeah that's crazy, how should we eat. Then work my goal ahead. By, ham just like, an apple mm-hmm, okay, that, looks like a doughnut oh, here's. Does mine does Cheers. Oh. Oh my, god this is like a pork, doughnut. Wow. So this is actually cartilage, but it feels like that with how loosey-goosey. It, is the, gelatin, oh the. Jelly, of this pork doughnut right and to wash it down, sparkling. While, thank goodness for this how awesome is this. Thank. You this is really good yeah. It's. It she's you. We. Are at the Regent Hotel where, they serve a boba. Prasant. Yes you heard me right, boba croissant. You. Got the matcha tiramisu. In the milk tea they're 21 my gut is going to our watch up but I'm, going against my gut and go for the tiramisu I actually knew that you're gonna pick that one because, it has gold flake on it all. Right I'll go milk tea very satisfying. To pick up cheers Cheers. Are you gonna bite into it yeah open it up I'm gonna bite into it. This. Is just all of the textures, it's nice it's like satisfying. The squishing I think there's a word for that QQ.

Ready, For a Taiwan. Food pack Steve it's our food fact Taiwan, food backed. Up. Until the 1960s, the most common Taiwanese breakfast, was rice or congee, buns emerged, as a popular Taiwanese food, in the 1960s. When US trade introduced, wheat into the Taiwanese diet shouldn't, that fat go in the dumpling so the hell we did well is more about breakfast, I just wanted an excuse to talk about congee, because it's, just a nice savory, thing, to have for breakfast, this is a very. Good croissant yo, I. Got. A cake oh my. This, public persona is part of a of a festival, bubbling, hands region and Incas got the crown. Jewel of the festival, and now it's, time to take a little train ride QQ. Bernier. My Bobo wrap yeah. How do you like your Bobo, yeah, you get like a Cobra, yeah. My name is Yoda and. I like yoga. Not. Deb never. This is a trained, water bottle that they sell on the train. Ticket. So. Once we get done with this guy we'll be in Taichung, and we'll be eating at our final, chicken locations. Elmo. Burgers. Chicken. What. Kind of cuisine is, the food here Sansui gone long time attention, your team called at Hawaiian teaching in chinga su chiang, kohung hi, thanks, mo Chou monitors so, truly astonishing. Port. On the console China, Nepal cha-cha hotcha of. Jaime the rapper super tight suit each. Union Station campus I will tie the invite. Agenda, Brazil tell us about this dish the burgers chicken, nozzoli. Gender channel chatter - aha the. Wholehearted, open candidature, party now that's the occupation, delicious. Bigamy each. In the computo, as, a younger need to buy, tea, from Tesco hidden yen not, just associated shower there, uhm. Senators, the whole town to surface on the earth Joe, dings. Aisha the, horrid you cannot memeing with chapati, what, happened to the beggar. What. I got get a tie things I hope so Nigel, was a very way was an, elusive. Why bake the chicken in clay it, has it to Monza. Young. Boys and men went to John went out and were like use and it's your language. Awesome, that's such a yummy density. Young generally, involved I own car window you're charged with arson Jiwan sir Taisha, chancel. Bank wake transitoria. Shanku, ah no. Country to Francis repulsion. Tolerances. Oh now she passionately, tattoos, anemia, - pouch here she comes oh how. Do we get the chicken, out from, the clay Tampa. Tony, the data table of Campinas o virgin pimple, the other one is a hole the hole for your chin so in your mirror your conscience in she granted retreats, it to, your leader each other and Charles and charge a child, at all just sort of little feet oncology, me which one of us gets to do it how do the hammering you do hammer time what you just automatically, assume that you get to hammer. Oh yeah you, can both do it okay I can't do hammers, yeah okay, great. Goals oh. Thank. You. Cheers. To our final, meal, in Taiwan, oh no. Since. This is our last meal in Taiwan. We're blowing it out do, it I saw a little sneak peek of what's coming upstairs, is it gonna blow you away so. This is winter, melon, whoa, Wow. Wow. What. Look. At it coming out pouring on the fish's head these look too real, look. At the scales on these guys honestly. Every, time I've seen a koi fish, I thought they look like a tasty fish Cheers, Steven fish kiss. It's. A good dumpling, Oh. Super. Good this, looks like in hook, when Robin Williams is imagining, the food have you seen this movie that's, all like vibrant, colors, do yourself a favor go, watch hook you'll have a delightful time you'll, be reminded of this moment I'm going, pink. For my hair. We. Wanted to have just shot all three episodes, here. Hmm, much, like the origin myth first.

We're, Eating like an, emperor and then we're. Taking a journey to discover the chicken food, is all about storytelling well, I am taste, but. Also fry telling Oh. What. Yes. The, what. Let's. Go up there hammer time okay all right Stephen I'm, nervous, I am. Scared too one two, three. Wow. Nice, looks. Like chocolate. Smells. Like dirt. We, just hatched our chicken dinner, it is very Dino egg like. Chicken. Cheers chicken Cheers, oh. That's. Good what, that, is so soft some people save chickens are boring me I would say those people haven't, had it deep-fried. They complain stuffed, with pork and aromatics. There's pork in the chicken yeah, Tinashe is just adding like a sauce I think as I can Oster soft slurry Oh. That. Tastes, like my. Mom's fried rice whoa, mmm, that's weird mom. You. Know what this chicken is - time capsule, uh-huh, for flavor buried. Under dirt much like a regular time capsule, but it's also a, dish. With let me dynasty is there a letter written in there like dear, diary. Good. Yeah. Very. Soft at its core this dish is just a plate, of really nice chicken so simple so perfect, we're gonna take it back into artistry. Lambs now if that's okay with you let's do it what is going on yeah. Right now yeah dude. Looks. Like a scene from Nightmare, Before Christmas this, is too beautiful not to share I think we should get everybody, in here and we all take a bite who wants a swan who wants a pumpkin, cheers. Everybody, yes. What. Oh. My. God what's a right Amin why, well. Why. Not. Why why, not. Worth. It beggars. Chicken you know they say beggars can't be choosers but, beggars. Can't be choosey, there was quite an experience Steven, before we get to our worth it winners what. Was your favorite thing that, wasn't, one of the highlight foods in it's worth an episode the pork, knuckle. At chuja, South Sudan Oh. Knuckle, it was so good I contemplated. Eating my own knuckles, was your favorite thing honestly, the hard ass rain, while we were filming location. - we had a typhoon, barely, grazed us but we still got some awesome hard, rain which I love which, chicken, was the most worth it to you my worth it winner walking, to sesame, oil chicken oh did that chicken had been in the soup episode it, would have won that episode - Wow, comforting. Exciting. Inexpensive, is, wonderful, who's your worth a winner okay walking Sioux totally, new experience, yeah yinshuang low if you could eat with your eyes that place would have won but because that, pork knuckle was so, effing. Good my were that winner must, go to sue, Josh out again and go for the winner to. Dance. Again with, Reebok, and Julia, Annie. Adam. Who's your worth a winner oh. The. Fried chicken very, good choice all, right it's, a wrap on worth of Taiwan very special thank you to the Taiwan, Tourism, Bureau and helped us out tremendously with. This trip could have been here without them let's get out of here, bye. Welcome. Back welcome, back Steven, doing another three Episode bursts before the New Year rolls in you, might be wondering why we're not driving. Say hi Devon Devon's, up front driving because we're picking up our special co-star today he's an avid fan of the show from River Forest Illinois his name is Jackson and his visit is made possible by make-a-wish. What's. Up, nice, to meet you, hi. Guys there. You go yes all right. Adam. Say hi. Welcome. To the car Jackson the worth out of mommy all right, whoa whoa whoa I'm the punkin master, on this show yet, Thank, You Jackson for joining us on our double.

Cheeseburger Episode today thank you for having me you flew all the way out from Illinois. Yeah, the Midwest, I like you already should we do the today, on worth it you don't do that today I'm worth it we're having three double cheeseburgers at. Three Justin see different, price points see which one is worth it the most worth it. Come on a VIN, price point so that's at least six patties are you prepared I'm hungry, good so the first place we're going to is called burgers, never-say-die we're, gonna see Sean this is a smash burger joint, I love super smash the game ultimate. You. Play a little mint yes. Who's. Your main. Donkey. Kong okay, okay I'm an S main you're bringing all the co-host attributes, that Stephen wants. In me but I don't possess hey, you, watch the NBA yes, yeah. That's. What I'm talking about. So, your menu starts, with the regular and the regular has two patties yes why is that I'd like double cheeseburgers, that's what I grew up eating it also works because it's smash bounty and tell us what a smash burger is it's cooked on a flattop at, very high heat and you just smash it down there so it Sears to the griddle and the whole process probably takes a minute or less what makes a really good burger it's so subjective like, personally, for me I like burgers cooked on the griddle, what is the griddle add you get flavor that's been there at the seasoning from the food items other than burgers what drew you to making burgers specifically. My wife and I we were always really into burgers and got into the food scene in Bell Lane bringing together all the burgers we ate I thought oh I want to try making this burger myself I started in my backyard with, no intention, of opening restaurant, for a couple weeks of just begging people to come and try the burger friends, co-workers whoever. Then some people approached me asking, me if I wanted to open a restaurant and, I throw my whole life I usually just jump in and I thought let's give this a shot and see what happens we have a sign right here that says always, ordered, - why, it's, an ode to the backyard you know people would order one and they would regret it and then there would be a long line or we had sold out so he's - still doable, I recommend - for you yeah what about you do you do - are you - I've eaten like six in one day oh my. Goodness, I mean we're gonna do six probably, over the course of this day for us so why, not start with - here. We go. All. Right Jackson take it away Wharf it double cheaper or take one that's, perfect that's better than I usually do take two. That. Burgers never-say-die I also have soft-serve, ice cream, insider, pro tip you get your soft-serve in a cup order a soda on the side and then mix it for your own float, where the correct proportions, for a float does anybody know whole bottle it's a feel Jackson's, got classic, root beer float this is Stevens I got chocolate, and, a blueberry, root beer okay. When I'm on the hood cheers cheers, Cheers. How. Do you eat this who, thought it Oh floats, for some soda on some ice cream it's like some the parents aren't home. Cheers. That's. Right just, like what Donald they like me to who knows yeah so these fries are fried, in beef tallow apparently, this is what McDonald's, tasted like way back in the day before they switch to a vegetable oil staying, true to their motto we've got two, burgers for each of us except for you Jackson because this is your first time on one of these rodeos I don't want to do that to here whoa.

It. Looks the way a fast-food, burger, looks in a commercial, but this is how it is in real life smells. Great. Bun smell, you, know did you think you'd have to wait this long before you actually get to take a bite can. I point one more physical attribute of this burger, before we bite into it sorry Jackson look at the way it it's like a lattice, yeah yeah yeah crispy very crispy, but you can almost see through the meat like a spider's, web, Cheers. Mmm. Crunchy. - it's really, going G yeah it's the essence, of burger nothing extra, there's not like strange sauces, or condiments, oh man. This might be the best burger I've ever oh man, like truly, what do you pee with that yes. Whoa everyone. Next. Burger here we go you'd, definitely be satisfied, by, one of these but you're gonna want to I do agree order, two Oh what, am i doing with my life now I'm only slightly, lactose, intolerant, so low, levels of cheese that's fine are you like as intolerant at all no you're a lucky person oh we had ice cream - what am i doing. Jackson. What do you think about the part of the show where Adam, heats thanks for the lunch bites. Twice. What. A cheeseburger, that was insane. Oh. Twins. Who's Sympatico, so, before, our next, double, cheeseburger, we're actually gonna get another double cheeseburger. We're going to this French restaurant, in West Hollywood called, Tess I saw an Instagram that, for national burger day they, made we're gonna call it a special desert burger we reached out in the pastry, chef Sally so kindly agreed to remake, it but double this time this. Might be the most visually, appealing burger, of the day. Close. Your eyes okay, man, this is gonna blow you away three two one reveal oh. It's. Very realistic, dude is. That a strawberry, yes, yes to macarons, chocolate, ganache mango. Passionfruit cheese, strawberry. Slices shiso. Leaf in a raspberry jelly for, the ketchup Wow if. You did not tell me that was dessert I would not have guessed it cheers Cheers. How to eat, this. Hmm. Actually. Really good mutes chocolate, and fruit what's not to like it's sweet and bitter at the same time that's the NA tasting. Notes coming off a Jack Sammons this isn't your first time is there are we, tired today you can have that do, you know what time it is now yes oh. That. Time that's right double, cheeseburger fact, double cheeseburger fact. One. Minute. Bob's. Big boy is credited with selling the first double cheeseburger, in 1937. The chains original, name was Bob's pantry. But after the double cheeseburger dubbed, the big boy was invented, the restaurant changed its name to boast, its famous burger the double cheeseburger became, so famous they changed their restaurant name. Whoa. We'd. Probably be called Adams silent, fight no Adam's big fight Adam's big buddy yes, we're next double cheeseburger, we're on our way to see Fredrick and Max at Burger, Ward's in Highland, Park similar, to this double cheeseburger, this next, double, cheeseburger, made, without meat I've, never had a veggie cheese burger before curve, ball for the episode I'm scared, and excited scary, and exciting is a good place to be with food. Tell. Us what kind of restaurant burger wars is the way I think of it's kind of a bizarro, version of, a traditional fast-food. Restaurant you used to go frozen garden, burger Portobello, this is a opposite, where everything, is vegan vegetarian, except, the beef burger do you think you're more popular with, traditional, beef cheeseburgers or. The vegetarian. And vegan crap honestly it's like 5050. Yeah. We look at it every week how did you guys develop, the recipe, for this patty, everything, kind of has its role the, barley, for chewiness and hash shoes give it a nice crunch we're roasting, all the eggplant, slicing, up the other vegetables those, get sauteed, with, all the spices on the flattop cooking, barley in a rice cooker with, kombu, and miso, roasting. Nuts garbanzo. Beans cashews. And then it all goes into one, batch and just mixed up once it's cold it settles and then we're balling it like a traditional burger we roll it in panko, then we patty it out so the panko when it's cooking gives it a kind of crispy, edge helps, keep the patty from burning on the grill - all of the work comes at the beginning so we can push it out really fast on average I mean our tickets are like five to ten minutes it's like neo fast food yeah.

It Feels like fast food it looks like it on the exterior but in the kitchen we're cooking all day now that you've explained, all this it feels like a burger joint is the hardest, thing to do for, vegetarians. Like why I didn't, want to tackle a burger, joint you, know there's the nostalgia. You know it's the experience, of a diner a fast-food, restaurant having. Fries, and, eating a burger it was also to create something that we didn't think really, existed, here you know when we grew up there was a lot of times we felt left out so we wanted to make sure that everyone, felt they had a good option here. So. To round out our experience. We also got the tofu, nuggets, and french, fries lord, of the fries style, lord, of the fries it's, a good pun if you read love of the Flies yet. Oh. God. Can't take you anywhere, cheers Cheers. Oh, is. It good, oh, my, goodness for the first time in my life I have somebody who's also a messy eater look at that she's crying it's got the cheese crust cheers Cheers. Brother, bombs. Hmm, good. Wow, doesn't taste like punch at all tastes like we leave it's hot cheesy, juicy. Meaty. And. Yet there's no mean so when you think man I can really go for a burger right now does. This satisfy, that. Feeling, 100%. You. Don't finish that thanks dude I'm trying to put a little hot sauce on there oh yeah. You asked me. You. Know what that's really good a nice little kick it really brightens the flavor of the burger oh it, has a good kick to it it's, good it is like I'm like in a different universe right now vegetarian. Food in this, universe, is the norm just gonna feel like we're in the twilight zone side, just. Like transported, back in time into an alternate, reality where everybody's, a vegetarian, and you know what pretty, good yeah what fozzy said. Wow, that's, a good bite. Lifeline. Like, not. Just mind-blowing, life. Blowing life my. Gosh guys I'm on Patti number 10. County. That's how many Betty's in bed before we go to our last burger it's time for one more burger. Fact double, cheeseburger, fact. Would. You like to read the FAQ today sure the price of the Big Mac when it debuted a scene right was 49, cents 49. Cents, so you're telling me I could go to love McDonald's with two quarters and come back with a Big Mac and a penny yeah, in the 60s, when it debuted oh sorry. 66. Right we're on our way to Petit, Pois where we're gonna see Chef Ludo and his, double cheeseburger called the, Big Mac and what, is on this big mech well, it's a French restaurant so. Sauce. Petite. Wha it's a classic. French restaurant, the design and the food is, very French and so you have this burger, how does that fit into that classic, menu in France we eat a lot to stay cachet you know the party, so I decided to just do a burger like what American, like you know I look, a lot burger to what makes a really good burger burger need to be crispy, and juicy when, I to a steak or any meat that's what I want I want, the meat to be crispy, it's called the Big Mac styled, after the Big, Mac of course of course yeah cuz make in France mean, guys, of to partner John and V and well. As we make French. Food is what about the sauce so it was very poor tone for me to have my burger, in the plate swimming, in the sauce like, we neither state so I decided, to do a classic, French sauce called, borderless, beef stock with a lot of shallot and had wine sauce we take like eight hour to do then after we have aged cheddar, cheese, how do you know if I were going to put a sheet of cheese or American. Cheese because I love American cheese really, love, what America, we don't I can reckon trees guys come on some people don't when I think about French, cuisine I think fine dining or I think like kind of fufu, yeah, I mean. This, burger is now all coming to mind right my job as a chef it's also to cook, what people want and it's going to mix you know American. Food with French, cuisine I recommend, with the burger with the. Knife very French food.

Is. Fork a knife in French we eat our burger with a knife okay guys sorry yeah. We do, there. It is, it's really unlike any burger I've ever seen before, look at how I plated it's in a pool of sauce yeah it looks like a lily pad any, keep on we, do the honors okay, everybody, there's gonna watch you cut this in half we're. Losing traction. $29, cheeseburger, you're just hacking through double, stabbed through the whole thing to secure, your bite what. Regret. Saying that I would be okay sharing, the burger, I'm good cheers, Cheers. I'm gonna mop up some sauce. It's. Magical. Yeah yeah boy Wow, oh man, that sauce that's all I read of all the patty is so, crispy, is juicy, and crispy at the same time okay, if I were to go back to Burger Lord's that wasn't everything I want in a burger what is vegetarian, this is everything I didn't know I wanted exactly I don't think I've had a sauce like this before that, is so rich. And yet, tantalizing. Yes the sourness, just makes. You crave more yes it does, Jason's, like keep talking, while I eat the rest. Is. This what you thought an expensive, burger would look like on worth it no I thought it'd look fancier, most expensive, burger is like your episode, with Keith there was a lot of ingredients like foie gras and lobster, uh-huh, this one just has beef, and cheese enough sauce it's. So simple you, don't need anything else. How, is it I, can. See why you'd use a fork and knife. So. How do you feel, food :, the dumb and as the time you know what time it is double, cheese with a dance time go. Double. Cheeseburger. Hey, no. Before. We get to our worth of winners what was your favorite thing today that wasn't a double cheeseburger but, dessert at tes oh yeah, it's. Good you just felt my answer my. Favorite thing today that wasn't a double cheeseburger was, our coasts our Jackson, oh and. The fact that I didn't have to eat alone with Stephen. I think we'll start with you today Stephen which double cheeseburger, was most worth it to you at, its given price. Burgers. Never-say-die the, texture, of the patty was, what I try to accomplish. When I add chips to my burgers, crunchy, crispy. Juicy, bone, were Lynas back you put potato chips on your cheeseburgers, yeah. Great double cheeseburger I gotta say my, worth that winner just. Barely, go, through, the burger Lords oh the. Vegetarian. Double cheeseburger, that, redefined. What a double cheeseburger could, be next up we, got Andrew, I. Love. All of these places burgers. Never-say-die probably. The best straightforward, cheeseburger I've ever had burger Lords I think that's where I'd go if I wanted to hang, out with people am I gonna say my. Worth a winner is Petit Pois I think. I am when, I think, about it I start salivating I think it's the Bordelaise, sauce do, you see that coming no, I'm. Gonna choose another fad diet look, obviously. They were all great burgers, before, I see my work at wonder how. Did you not pick the last time you're the high priest of food. It's. A very fancy boy you know a hot dog you picked them high-priced, one steak high-priced. Wow. And. You actually go back and tally the ones I think the high-priced one though like not, that off sushi, and burger okay, Jackson's. Knowledge of the show is coming back to haunt us I love, you too. Bro, all right Jackson okay no more beating around the bush, who is your worth it winter so the veggie burger it was experience, for me I'm gonna start ordering bacon burger so burger loins is my worth it went it what. Are. You kidding this was. A good fake out Adam, whose you're worth a winner. Annie. Who's you're worth a winner all. Right we got a good mix here but all we know for sure is, that Andrew, lost today I do not lose this has been quite the journey thank you for having me no thank you for flying all the way out here it. Was worth it, what. Show. Name watch out this. Worthy winner decision is gonna haunt me forever so you wanna change it I take, it back it's. Back. For another episode of, worth it we're not just noodling around here, but we are covering, noodles, noodles. We've, done many types, of noodles in the past pasta. Spaghetti, ramen. Today, we're focusing on non. Italian, noodles in, Los. Angeles today I'm worth it will you be trying three delicious, noodle, dishes at three drastically, different price points to find out which noodle,

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