Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23

Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "OT 23!" It is a very special episode because it is opposite week! Oh! What does that mean? That everything's backwards. It's opposite. Why would you do the intro? Oh, that's a good point. Somebody else do it. No way! I've been waiting 23 episodes for this! Go ahead.

Whoa! [THEME MUSIC] Tall guy, beard twins, purple hoser, Dude Perfect's in overtime. Tall guy, beard twins, purple hoser, now we're heading on to overtime. [LAUGHING] You did awesome. You killed it. That was so good. Are you sure? That was the best throw that we've had.

I knew I would! Unbelievable. I think he might have just taken your job. Well-- He might have. He might have.

Welcome to the fourth and final OT of December, and not to mention the final video of 2020. Wow! So I hope you guys had a great Christmas. If you happened to get some DP gift cards or just regular Visa gift cards and you're looking for some DP merch, you know-- Oh! Kicking it off with some not cool cool where the goal is to get a not cool-- Bchoo! --followed by Not Top 10, followed by-- buckle up-- Wheel Fortunate! [CHEERING] Yeah! And then we are headed downstairs, because we're not going to get crafty.

No, we're not? No. We are going to get the opposite of crafty. Un-crafty.

We are going to get very un-crafty-- Point for the W! --at the expense of our buddy Sparky. Oh, nice. Stay tuned. It's going to be great.

It's time for cool, not-- No! [RECORD SCRATCH] I'm so used to the other one. You're not the intro guy! It's time for-- [MUSIC PLAYING] Dude, you are absolutely slaying the intros right now. Thank you. Yeah. OK, it's time for not cool cool. Chad-- [RECORD SCRATCH] Oh, that's just purely laziness.

It's not backwards edition! It's opposite! There's a very important distinction. This is not Luke, Luke, Ton. But they're editing four OTs in one month for you guys. So let's give it up for the editors! Quick refresher before the voting begins-- we are going for not cool, so we want a super not cool, is the goal today. If you get greens, you're doing something wrong.

Got it. Who usually goes last? You? Huh? OK, I'll go. I have brought such a not-cool item today.

If I receive this as a gift I would be vexed. Oh. Wow. Sounds grinchy. The frog log. Sorry, what? Let me show you how this works.

How long do we have to wait for you to blow it up? Now, see that's part of the problem. I mean, we might be here all day. Pretend this is the edge of our pool right here in front of us. Here's the ramp. This is water. This is all water? This is water.

And now the frogs can supposedly be smart enough-- mind you, they're the ones that jumped in the pool in the first place. But they're going to find the bridge to Narnia to get out of the pool. Provides an escape for frogs, turtles-- You want mice to jump in-- Lizard, mice-- --your pool-- --chipmunk, squirrel-- --and be able to climb out and get in your house? Is that what you want? I don't think they can. Thank you.

Thank you, Gary. I'm going red. Not all frogs that end up in your pool are dumb. Some of them fall out of trees. I think the frog log is pure genius! Wow. Wow.

All right new development. If you have a large pool, it is recommended that you purchase 5-plus units! I could see that. Profiting off of frogs! I hope every penny goes back to amphibians of America.

That's insane! Five? I will say-- I mean, I'm just going to piggyback off what Coby said. Y'all may not know this about me, but I'm a frog advocate. Oh, you're animal lover.

[LAUGHING] No, I really am. Oh! And so, whoever made that, like myself, is a frog advocate. [DING] Who's next? As you all know, golf takes a long time to play.

Yeah. My wife, knowing that, attempted to replace my love of golf with golf at work. She sent me this gift-- tiny golf clubs with a tiny flag. I'm in.

Here's the downside to this gift. There's no golf ball included. Oh. That makes it very difficult to enjoy the sport. I went instant reaction to the red.

Hey, you can also sign checks with them, though. Oh, they're pens? Oh, dude, that's a sick pen! I'm a huge pen fan! Are you kidding me? Oh! You know didn't know that, did you? I love pens! Why would you put a golf ball in a box of pens, Coby? Oh! You're confused! That's amazing! Oh, that is the best pen I've ever seen! Give me your pen! It's a-- Wow. --putter pen! Can I keep this? I had no idea.

You know what? Babe, thank you so much. What a fantastic gift. I personally would like to say that you did great.

Wow! Thank you so much, honey. It's a super cool on not cool edition. Unbelievable. All right.

I'd love to go next, because I've got the dumbest product of all time-- instant underpants. I'm not seeing the not cool factor, because all you do is add water and they appear. And that's another point to why they're not great. They're going to be soggy all day. This becomes undies. I don't believe it.

If it does, I'm going green all day. OK. Here we go.

We're going to place the underpants in the bottom. Just add water. I'm going to go red. I would love to actually try them on.

Ty, give these go, brother. [RADIO SCRATCHING] Ugh. Talk to me. Oh! As much as I wanted to give these things a green-- Green, dude! --I ripped them trying to put them on. Oh! When I try and hike them up-- Oh, they're ripping.

Look how not durable they are. I've seen enough. I've seen enough. It's a bad product. That's a very bad product.

It's terrible. I mean, it's horrible. I agree. Oh! If they came with an instant drying machine-- Yeah, I agree. --and it was back to back, then it would be useful.

I'm going to use the red. Red, wow, super not cool. Yeah! Woo! That is exciting. All right.

Cory? Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing cool about this next item. Nothing. Dehydrated water. All you do is add water, and here you have water. This costs $19.99. Oh, man-- Plus-- --I am out.

--shipping and handling. It's a can! If you fall for this, you're a crazy person. It's a can. Have you tried to add anything to it? Do y'all want me to go add some water to it? I think you should. I think I will.

How does dehydrated water taste? Let me taste it. It's tasteless. That is the best dehydrated water I've ever had. Insane! No, no, no, no, no. No.

Yeah Now, it's just water. Absolutely incredible. That's a green. I get that it feels scammish-- Sure.

--but I can't-- there's something about that water tasting better out of a dehydrated water can-- [DING] It's dumb. So dumb. It's very dumb.

So dumb. So dumb that I think it's actually kind of cool. Yeah! [DING] Welcome to the team! Welcome to the team! You guys brought some really weird items.

I think mine tops the list. I'll be right back. I present to you the fish walker. [LAUGHING] That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen! It is. Just like the frog log, goldfish walker-- [BUZZER] I don't see how that water would stay in that tank on a curb, going over the street-- I agree. --going over the cracks.

I agree. Think about the water you're wasting. By the time you get home, that tank's going to be at an inch high, and little Freddie in there, he's going to be struggling just to stay alive. I agree. You risked his life to let him see the street. Shame on me! And I think that's silly.

[BUZZER] Yeah! Shame on me! I can't believe I would do that. This fish, who would normally be cooped up in your bedroom-- Yes. --now has the opportunity to see the world.

Yes! I absolutely love the fish walker. Yes! I totally agree! Absolutely genius! Wow. I'm ashamed of a lot of you. And I'm proud of a few of you. Yeah, I agree.

Not top 10 is going to be amazing. Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen let's head to not.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to what was once known as Top 10, this week Bottom 10. Wow. Or Worst Top 10. I'm going to be honest, it wasn't too hard to find 10 of our worst videos, because there are a few of them, some of which you guys might think to yourself, I'm not sure if I've ever seen that video.

That's because we hid them. They're that embarrassing. But today, we are putting it out there on the line for you guys to see.

Back online! Back online. Number 10. This one might surprise you. Let's take a look at the 500-foot moving goal shot. Oh! Oh! (ON VIDEO) Kids, don't try this at home.

This is the reunion tower shot. [MUSIC PLAYING] Huge throw. Wow, that's a long toss. It's huge.

No way this goes in, right? Oh, wait, they're moving the goal around at the bottom. OK, it went in! Yeah! Wow, I'm a little confused. You guys made the shot. We moved the goal? We couldn't make it! This was never supposed to be the moving goal shot. I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed every time I see it.

And now, you guys will be, too. Number nine. [Woo] Hated to put this one on the list, but I felt that it had to be done. Editor addition coming in at number nine-- Wow. --which pains me, because one of my all time favorite clips-- No! (ON VIDEO) I got to rip it out.

But it's way too dangerous. There's no other way. This is a great moment. (ON VIDEO) This is our work on the line. I will not go down like this. Don't do it, Tim.

Save the office, Tim. [CRYING] [LAUGHING] (ON VIDEO) Five. He already turned it off. Four.

Why are you counting down? There's so many holes. (ON VIDEO) Three. I can't hear that. (ON VIDEO) Two. By the way, I know this is a really climactic moment. I need to pause here.

Quick PSA, this is Will. Yeah. Derek. Derek, come on over here.

This is Derek. Hey, Derek! This is not Will! They're different people! It's true. We are. OK? Don't come up to him and say, hey, Will, how's it going? It's Derek! And we also added Shon. Come on, Shon.

Get over here! You know, guys, I got to say, editors come and go. Dudes are here to stay. So for now, you need to know these people. Chad, Tim, Derek, and Shon. We'll let you know if something changes.

But that's where we're at. Thank you, guys. Let's get back in the moment.

OK, OK, OK. [BUZZING] [SHOUTING] (ON VIDEO) One. [MUSIC PLAYING] Pound it! Noggin. See ya. [EXPLOSION] [CLAPPING] Dude, that's a great video! That's great! I will say it pains me to put that up there, but it needed to be done, because we need to be on an even playing ground. Nobody is above the team, even the editors.

Well, you know what we're going to do? We're going to let the people decide. Yes! Do you want Editor Edition 3? Comment below. Comment below. Moving on. [HORN BLOWING] Red Cards in Rio? (ON VIDEO) Put those pants on! What could have been a good video turned into us clothing men in Rio de Janeiro. Those guys are comfortable! I thought this was not going to be controversial.

You thought that was controversial? That's a good video. I'm with Cory on this. You drew lines. You were giving them red cards for a reason.

That's a funny video! Good video, could have been better. Number 7. This is one that I know we will all agree on, the worst intro to a Dude Perfect video in the history of the world. (ON VIDEO) I cannot believe-- Oh, yeah. (ON VIDEO) --we have this whole place to ourselves.

So sweet! Dude, they have a goal already set up! Who is that? This is Ryan Tannehill Edition. Wow. He's currently a Titan. (ON VIDEO) What are you doing here? Just working on some late-night trick shots. Mind if we join? Come on! Woo-hoo! Ryan, that was not your fault. We told him to say that. We're embarrassed, and we wish it never would have happened.

Yeah. Put it on the board. Number 6, and another example of the person in the video not at fault. Is it a woman that has white hair? It could be. Yeah, I think it might be.

Dude Perfect. Remember this logo. (ON VIDEO) I'm Barbara Bush.

And we're Dude Perfect. And this is the George Bush Library Edition. Not a stadium, not an arena-- a library video.

You're going to put a first lady on the top 10 worst videos? Barbara was the best part of that video. Agree. Agree. The celebrity talent, A-plus. The trick shots-- B-minus. --C-plus.

Really? And that is why it has landed at number six. Before we get to the top five, I think we should take a look at perhaps three videos that didn't quite make the top 10. I'll snag a few as we watch this. (ON VIDEO) What I'm thinking on that-- Oh, wow.

[LAUGHING] --is I'm going to stand on that second ledge page from the top, and I'm going to shoot it across. Oh, that's Coby, if you couldn't tell. By the way, his voice changed. I don't know when or how. (ON VIDEO) You know you see like stunt motorcycle drivers jumping? Yeah.

We're doing it with the basketball. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That's my goal. Let's go.

You got the [INAUDIBLE]? Hang on to those. But it's not-- That's quality stuff! Hey, hey, go back. I just want to-- yeah, pause it! Pause it! For you guys to be my friend during this stage, I'm truly, truly humbled. Look at your sideburns! Oh my gosh! I am truly honored and humbled that you guys would even want to be within 50 feet of me.

That's past the lobe! If I ever attempt to go with the Abe Lincoln beard again with the no 'stache, please just stop me. Yeah, wow. That's-- wow. Oh, what am I wearing, a small? (ON VIDEO) Atlanta, Georgia for the Final Four. We found this Ferris wheel. Guys, guys, another reminder-- Tyler, that is not top 10.

That's not an honorable mention. Put it on the board. Put it on the board, Ty. Ty, look at us! Ty-- Right now! --look at us! It looks like-- What the heck are we doing? Hey! I've got two baller bands! Why did we choose to film up at this angle? We were over two bills-- well over! You don't film up in a two-biller! Who do you think's filming? Me! Oh, gosh.

Oh, gosh! Oh. Ow. Oh, in the teeth. Oh. Slappies.

Why were we doing happy slappies? [MUSIC PLAYING] Crazy cheesy crust pizza? Oh my-- did you eat Tyler? There's not enough ways for me to say I'm sorry. And if you're still with us, I vow to not let this happen again. And we are only going up.

Those are the honorable mentions. Number 5, we were at such a low point that we thought that it was a good idea creatively in this video to milk a deer. This was your idea. Trick Squirts, by the way, was the title of this video.

Take a look and watch what happens here. I don't-- hey, can't wait. Oh, whoa! What was that move? Wait? We loaded that? Why did you think-- Hey, hey! --a trouser grab was necessary? There's nothing I could say to make that better for you to forget that image. And I got to live with it. Number 4. A lot of people actually don't know this, but Dude Perfect was almost never a thing.

[GASP] Because there was a day that we almost all died. (ON VIDEO) What's up, guys? Welcome to bromo, guy things in slo-mo. That beard! [MUSIC PLAYING] [BOOM] Let's explode some flour, they said. Yeah, we didn't realize it was flammable! Here we are, our naive little selves trying to capitalize on the slo-mo trends sweeping the globe.

Luckily, an angel in the form of the phantom camera operator says to us, hey, don't you guys maybe want to stand a little bit further back? Because I'm pretty sure flour's flammable. We think the explosion might be contained somewhere right in this region. In a nice cloud of powdery flour. That we could almost just run through as it happens. I definitely thought we could-- Unfortunately-- No! Boom! Vaporize! Let's give a two-second clap to that guy.

Deserved more, honestly, but yeah. Yeah. We'll go with two. I do think he deserved more.

Number three on the board, what was once thought to be the most prestigious, greatest honor Dude Perfect had ever been granted turned out to be the worst nightmare-- Oh, I know where this is headed. --for Cory and Cody when they were invited on a zero-G gravity flight. Let's take a look, Trick Shots in Space. (ON VIDEO) Ugh. Cory, is that you? Oh. Hey, he's having a blast! He's having so much fun! Oh no! Oh no! Oh, gosh he's getting-- [LAUGHING] You know they hire this guy to be like, hey, you seem to be there to console-- he's rubbing your back! He's patting your back.

I needed it. Yeah, I emptied the tank 10 times. And where did the tank go? Oh, it floated. And that's why it's number three. That's fine.

Wow. I'm good with that. Number 2. There's just some things that you cannot integrate naturally into a video. It just doesn't work.

It doesn't play-- Trick Shots and Cats. (ON VIDEO) We're getting to film with some of our best friends. Let me introduce you to them. We have Twinkles, Pedro, Squirrel-- This video is fantastic! (ON VIDEO) --Peter, Pablo, Jefferson, Mallory, Tig-stripe, Fredricka. You should probably explain to the people what's happening.

Oh. So we thought, oh, well we'll just combine two of the most popular things on the internet-- Yeah, that's true. --cat videos, trick shots. Turns out that's not a recipe for success. Alison's going to be mad.

That's her favorite video. I don't know. Let's move on. The number one worst Dude Perfect video in the history of the world.

It wouldn't be right unless it started-- You have to make the right call here. --with a Coby Cotton intro. Yes! So proud of you! (ON VIDEO) This is the all new Rapid Rewards seat shot.

Every seat, every flight, every day. [LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Let's just earn and burn. Let's just churn and burn.

Oh, let's hit a replay. Yeah, one replay. How about another? Two replays? Another! Oh! We can't get enough ! Guys-- Oh, no! It went through the plane! Guys, wait, wait. Oh, Garret misses the layup. Do you dunk this? I remember that. Oh! Oh! What the heck? It's so good! The worst Dude Perfect video of all time.

Nothing against Southwest Airlines. Just so everyone's clear, all of these eventually led to this. I don't believe that. I'd like to think that maybe this would have come a lot sooner-- Yeah.

--without all these. You're correct. Maybe against our better judgment, we have provided you a link to each of these videos in the description. Our only request-- watch it alone, and don't tell anybody. There's no better way to end 2020. There's just no better way.

Comment below and let us know your favorite worst DP moment in history. Do we all agree? Can we all agree, some type of-- thank you. We finally agree! Thank you. That's it for Not Top 10. It's time to go back to the desk. Oh.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Do you realize what we've just done? We agreed on a top 10! And I'm proud of all of us. And I think I've sealed my spot as host of top 10, maybe for eternity. I disagree.

That hasn't been decided. This is typically the point in the episode where we would be down in the dumps. We'd be sad, but not today. It is time to head to Wheel Fortunate! [MUSIC PLAYING] Got our hat. Ooh, it's a gold one. It's gold.

Oh! We've also got names on the finest-- (SINGING) Aah! --paper. For the first time ever, you want to be the man that gets the honor, the privilege to step on the set of that game show. Typically, we'd really draw this out. We'd be like Cory, please pick, because he's going to pick himself. We don't want Cory to pick himself, because we want it to be one of us.

Well-- And that is why, simply, I'm going to reach in this hat-- [GASP] --mix them up, and pick a name. That's it? This is it. And it's a good thing. You want your name-- And we are not eliminating anyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time on Wheel Fortunate-- I deserve this. I'm just saying-- Our contestant is-- Who is it? Me! [SHOUTING] Yes! Yes! How does that happen? Thank you! Thank-- hey-- yes! Yeah! three, two, one-- Woo! Jerry's in town! We love you, Jerry! That's what I'm talking about! And I'll tell you what I'm talking about! Oh, Jerry, boy, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha! [BOING, BOING, BOING] Check this out, folks. Daggum Silvy RV. Got 7,200 for it.

Ha, yeah. And dust that hush puppy into a sticky finger toy company. Guess what? The IPOed for $4 and 1/2 billion, baby.

Jerry is the man! Woo! I'm not kidding, gang. I'm rolling in the golden ticklers. Look at that, baby.

I'll tell you what, I had no idea these suckers-- [BOING, BOING, BOING] --were so daggum fun. I am feeling groovy! I'm feeling great! Who do we appreciate, guys? It's time for the greatest game show to ever hit the land. And I'm not talking about Wheel Unfortunate, because today not only am I fortunate, but Mr. Tyler Tony is fortunate. Come on down brother! Grab the sticky hand, and get in here! [BOING] Whoa, it's your lucky-- Hey, hey! --day, brother! [SMACK, SMACK] I'm actually excited to be here! Yeah, all right! Yeah, dude! You got any sisters or good looking cousins around? [GOOFY LAUGHING] [RECORD SCRATCHING] Nope. Cool.

Let's check out the board and see what's available. We got a hot air balloon at sunset. We got a private concert with an artist. We got our camera for the editors. [RADIO SCRATCHING] What? How did that get on there? Private jet to a private dinner. Oh, that's real nice! Haha! All right, Tynado, the honeys and the moneys are watching.

Spin that wheel! [BEEPING] Oh! What in tarnation? [DING] Winny. A-winny, a-spinny. All right. Come on, Ty! I gotta hit the slopes, brother! All right, TT! He got a personal bronze statue! I would gotten gold personally, but hey, that's going to be sweet for you, brother! Yes! I'll take it! Good luck, brother.

Thank you. Hey, you're out of here. OK. This is my show now, boy! See you on the next time I'm here! Woo! [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CAMERA SHUTTER] It's a big day.

It's time to unveil the statue. I wanted to do it alone first. I think the statue deserves that kind of respect. And then, we'll let the guys come in one at a time and pay their dues. Woo! You can just feel the energy coming off it.

I said I wasn't going to cry. I'm going to try not to. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the eternalized member of DP, Ty forever solidified in bronze! Ah-ha-ha! Ah-ha-ha! It's gorgeous! Oh! Oh, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Oh! Oh, the beard detail! [METALLIC KNOCKING] Oh, it's beautiful. My crooked nose is actually even captured. How's it look? [CHEERING] Good.

I have an idea. I think my time here is done. I'm going to request that each guy come individually, pay their respects to the statue. It can get emotional up here. This is a heavy environment, and I want them free to express themselves emotionally as they see fit. Wow.

What in tarnation? Not going to lie, it's pretty good. I mean, they even got the height right. Look at that, little 5'2". Please compliment me? Is this serious? He's not serious. You do have like 55 battle wins, so maybe you deserve it. If you wanted us to compliment you, it just makes me feel like maybe our relationship has been too shallow up to this point, and you just wanted a little bit of depth.

It's got the slant nose, though. That's good. Surely, this isn't going to stay here forever, right in the middle of our court. Immediately, what comes to mind for me is just your friendship over the years. You've spun the wheel one time-- one time, and then you get this.

[Wheeze] I guess it's going to stay here. I just want you to know that I've appreciated our friendship. It started in Aggieland I kind of want to knock it over.

I'm not going to lie but-- He'd be really upset. And it would ruin the court. We've come a long way, and it's something I treasure. I want you to know that. Hey, how long do you want me to stand in front of you and give you praises? A good 15 to 20, I'd-- Oh, yeah, 20 seconds. Wow, I've surpassed that.

You look like Moses with a backwards cap. Thank you. Yeah. I'm going to go now.

You're a disgrace. Well, this felt like a waste of everybody's time. Should be me. Should be me with no eyebrows.

I'm in a good mood. I don't care what you do. I've got my own statue! It's cool.

It's amazing. It's cool. Oh, boy.

Hey, you know what, though? It's time to not get crafty. Oh, good point. Oh, watch. I couldn't figure out how to word that.

Not get crafty? To get de-crafty . This is my chance. You do the intro, Cor. Send it to them.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to-- [WHOOSH] [KNOCKING] [SAW BUZZING] Sparky out back of the office with the dudes. And it's time to get un-crafty. And I'm not sure why my mouth is being punished for my poor judging in the past, but you reap what you sow. Worst burger will be crowned get un-crafty champion. It's a blind taste test, so I'm going to bow out and let the dudes get to work. Thank you, Spark! [INTERPOSING VOICES] All right, see ya! [MUSIC PLAYING] This is opposite get crafty-- it's get un-crafty.

I feel like if there's ever a chance for team Cory to pull off a victory in get crafty, it's today. I'm making my special sweet and spicy burger. Today, I am presenting to Sparky the char burger. It's a pretty simple concept.

I am going to burn the heck out of every single ingredient. A spicy inferno, a face-melting seafood burger. We have every spice mixed with every sauce. If it's sand texture or liquid, it's going on the burger. I pride myself on knowing Sparky the best. And I do know that the kid hates vegetables.

We're going veggie supreme. Oh! Oh, what's that smell? I'm sorry, dude. I really am. So, yeah, I'm going to let this thing cook pretty much from now till we're done. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sweet is going to be a mixture of candies.

Spicy ghost pepper sauce-- Yeah, yeah. --jalapeno-- this should honestly be pretty terrible. My current goal is to make every single one of these items when they're finished look exactly the same. Roasted garlic aioli, a whole gloop of it.

Going in with some chunk light. Cocktail sauce. Oysters out of the shell. Horseradish. Some sardines. Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's bad. Oh! Oh! Is that the clam juice? As you guys remember, I have a good buddy named Ty, and he introduced the grill gun a few episodes ago. (ON VIDEO) To the grill gun! [BOOM] Oh! It's going. Oh, yeah! Yeah! Look at the color change! That's what we're going for, boys! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, he's going to freak out.

Oh! Guys, this is Sparky's last day. Cayenne pepper. Oh! Oh! [MUSIC PLAYING] [SIZZLING] This is what I'm about to put the burger into. Look at this.

I cannot handle how gross-- Take a bite this size. --that is. Future Sparky, I'm so sorry. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, yeah. Putting the last finishing touches on my dish. Let's head to the judging table.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Sparky! OK. Buddy. Howdy, boys. Howdy. In search of the worst burger here-- taste, smell, all senses in play. They don't look good.

I hope they taste better than they look. OK, let's cut into the first one. Pretty sure this was concocted in a porta potty.

Oh! Oh! Oh, gosh. He's going to throw up. I dipped it back into the sauce.

Oh my gosh. His face! Talk to me. Let him process. Oddly tastes a lot like one of the gingerbread houses. Oh, OK. Is there minty in there? Obviously, we're grading the worst burger.

This one, not too shabby. Really? Raunchy but not ridiculous. Onto the next one. What in the world? Are these human bones? What is this? Is this edible, guys? All right, we're going to cut this down the top. Whoever did this knew that I was not a big fan of my veggies.

What are you thinking? I can't, man. Oh, gosh! Are you convulsing right now? That's horrible. [LAUGHING] That's downright horrible. OK. How would you describe it? Bone-shivering.

It literally-- I got tingles down my spine. That's not coming off my tongue for multiple weeks. OK. This is my cup of tea.

I'm going to eat this one like a man, like an American man-- a red-blooded American who's excited about a burg. No turning back. I see some Hershey on top.

Interesting selection there. [MUSIC PLAYING] He already-- he went for a dub. That's something I would order. [LAUGHING] The man's a modern-day hero! Chocolate sauce on top really sets that burger off. It's a good burg. I was kind of anti-seafood.

I'll be honest. This is next level. I don't if I've ever had an 8-pounder sitting right in front of me. That's a big old burg. [MUSIC PLAYING] Overcooked.

[LAUGHING] A good burger. It lacks pizzazz. He never-- Overall, not the worst burger I've ever tasted. OK, this one scares me. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SPICE SHAKING] Oh, this isn't pepper.

[LAUGHING] You sick individual. OK. A prehistoric burger would be a good way to describe it.

This is from the ancient times. Oh! [LAUGHING] [CRUNCH] It's over. That's horrible. [LAUGHING] I don't have words for this burger.

Man. Give it up for Sparky. Yeah, hey, wow! Don't call me picky. Let's grade these bad boys. So we're going to rank these things best to worst, worst being best, of course.

Of course. My fave burger, no doubt, here. Whoever created this, thank you, Garrett. Was that Sour Patch Kids? Yeah, Sour Patch Kids.

That's what it was. OK, makes sense now. Honestly, this is the first time getting last I'm OK with. Wow.

OK, new Garrett. Save that for me. Later. Yeah. Thank you.

OK, second best burg, the sloppy Joe. No-- He didn't mind it. I didn't mind it. --way! Every sauce on the rack, every spice on the rack all together.

Surprisingly good. Unbelievable. Cor in regular get crafty, sub par-- get un-crafty, really good. Find the medium, man. But thank you.

At number three, the fish big boy. It wasn't horrible. You're insane. No, I'm not. You're a crazy man.

Look at the other two I have to look at. Not horrible. I thought you over-charred it, but not bad enough to win. Then there were two-- the final two. Congratulations.

What is there not to not like about both these burgers? Horrendous. These are easy top two. This burger's got to go. Congratulations, the winner-- Yes! --of the worst burger. Let's go! Hard work. First get crafty win-- well, get un-crafty win.

Hey, guys. Technically, you can't really claim it, but yeah. Oh, man.

Horrible burger. Congratulations, sir. Thank you, man. Appreciate that a lot. Yeah.

It was an honor. Oh, I can't believe this guy ate all that. Back to the desk. What's crazy is the real loser is not even at this desk. Poor Spark.

Oh! Proud of you. Proud of you! But you know what? On a positive note, 2020 is essentially over. Yes! Oh! (SINGING) Hallelujah! Let's talk about some of the good things that 2021 has in store, because I think we need to start getting excited for it! Bucket list is back! Yeah! Stereotypes-- Boo! --is back! Yeah! Trick shots, battles, overtime, let's go! Woo! Hey! We're going back on tour! Yeah! 2021, more shows, more cities.

If you want to buy tickets, right here! We're coming-- Come get them! You want to see the last video? Click over here. Make sure you subscribe to DP so you don't miss out. Signing off for 2020, where the mics are fake, and it's time for 2021! Let's go! See ya!

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