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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's, video is all about the, best foundations, my ride-or-die, foundations. Plus drugstore. Dupes so, basically whatever you're looking for whether it's light, coverage full coverage glowy foundations, matte foundations. I have, you. Covered in this video so let's go ahead and get, right into it so the first foundation that I want to tell you guys about is this one from Make Up For Ever it's the matte, velvet skin, foundation this, is actually the newest, of the, bunch. Of foundations, that I'm gonna tell you guys about but, it is so, good. I'm telling you guys I have never received, so many compliments on my skin as when I'm wearing this foundation just, because it makes, your face look almost poreless. This is actually the one that I'm wearing today and I just love the coverage that has it's, a nice matte foundation, but it doesn't feel thick, and you, can actually build, it up and layer it if you want even more coverage, I would definitely say again. That it's already full coverage but if you just need that extra bit. More. Like. Smooth. Out skin looking if you're having a breakout or something this is a great matte foundation, to use I've already, recommended it to so many of my friends and family and everybody. Loves it just because it's, lightweight it's. Matte, but it's not drying. And, it has amazing. Coverage like I remember the first time I wore this I actually went to an event with my friend amber and amber. Literally. Looked at my face and she could not believe like. How smooth, my skin, looked she kept saying that it looked like facetune, like my face was face, tuned in real life and, I. Was just like it's the foundation so she literally went right after that with her sister and like went and bought this foundation, but it is a really, really bond foundation, on top of that it lasts, for a really long time like I've worn this all day long at times and it still stays. On your face whatever, and then. My drugstore dupe for this, foundation is the L'Oreal infallible Pro. Matte you, guys have heard me talk about this a bunch, of times over the past couple of years just, because it really is a good foundation as well it does have that same matte finish but it's not drying it has nice coverage, I will say that this one is has. Slightly, more coverage, but it definitely has the same finish, of, at matte-finish, that's, still comfortable, and soft on the skin so. I'm going to swatch this one right next to it and the shades that I have, I wanted, to mention the shade names just because if, you guys are around my same. Skin, tone you, can kind of like go, off of the same shades so in the Make Up For Ever foundation I wear Y 405. And then, the L'Oreal foundation I wear 108, caramel. Beige L'Oreal. One is slightly. Lighter but, they do have the same undertone, and I think that's really important, when you're looking for foundations, to look for the right undertone, so these both have a great undertone, for my skin for some reason my hands are so much lighter than like my shoulders even so it may look a little bit crazy. On, my hand, just because it's so light but, nice, undertones, they both have great finishes, they both wear for a really long time they actually both claim to wear for 24 hours so both of these claimed, to be 24 hour foundations, I personally, have not tried out, either. These foundations for the full 24 hours but I can say that they do last a really long time on the skin they look good at the end of the day and because they have that soft matte finish you don't get like oily, spots. In the t-zone or around, the nose or the cheeks or wherever you get oily I personally, do not get oily with. These foundations so if you're looking for a matte foundation that's comfortable to wear that, is long wearing go for one of these they're both amazing, next, up you guys know I've talked about this foundation a million. Times so it has to be in my like ride-or-die foundations. For this video this, is the NARS natural. Radiant long wear foundation, it is amazing. You guys like oh mazing. If you're looking for something that's gonna have that natural finish that's on the, radiant, side this. Is the one that, I will recommend, do, or die it is oh I. Just even thinking about it it just makes me so happy because it's such a good foundation the main things that I love about this is that it is medium, to full coverage definitely, buildable you can do two layers and it doesn't look cakey at all it has the, prettiest. Natural, finish so I wouldn't, really say that this is like a super, glowy foundation, it doesn't, make you look oily but it's also not super matte it just almost has like a, natural.

Sheen, To, it you know what I'm trying to say it is beautiful. On the skin plus this particular shade is the shade barcelona is my like. It's. Such a good match for me so, I love it for that and, on top of that it is really long wearing this, one I actually have. Accidentally. Tested, for like almost 24, hours because I wore. It all day one day I fell asleep woke. Up the next morning overslept. Had, to get on a flight and it still lasted. Throughout, the next day because I went straight to the office and had like a meeting and it, was still on and nobody, could tell that it was from yesterday like the day before which, was kind, of insane but I really, do think that this has amazing. Wearing, time medium, to full coverage very. Buildable, and it just has such a beautiful, natural. Finish. If you are looking for a drugstore, alternative. Then, I would recommend the Physicians, Formula healthy. Foundation, this one is nice. Because it has a similar consistency, it, has a similar thickness again, it's, very medium, to full coverage the, only thing that I would say is slightly. Off, on, the Physicians Formula foundation, is the, wear time I do definitely think that the NARS one has, a little bit of a longer wear time I mean I slept, in it woke up the next day went to a meeting and it was still on my face so this one definitely has a longer, wear time but if you. Are. Just wearing it on an everyday, basis, I definitely think that this is comparable. And, the, most comparable. Finish, the undertone, of the NARS foundation works, a little bit better for. My skin tone but I will say that they're pretty, similar. They're lightweight they're, buildable medium, to full coverage have. That nice natural finish to them so, I think that that is the best comparison. That I could make if I were looking for a dupe for this but you guys know I. Love. Live. Breathe and dive in this so I don't know if I could like ever, stop, using it honestly, and if you can, if you can like save. Up money and splurge. On this one I really recommend it because it is amazing. Like incredible. Being on to, a BB, cream I did want to throw in a BB cream in here just because, sometimes. You know you don't want the, full coverage full glam sort of look so, I would recommend. These two guys this is an exact, dupe so I'm really really excited but let me start with with well, let me start with the high end version so this is the Erb Orion Korean skincare therapy, CC cream again, something that I've talked about for. Months. And months and months I. Did, really try to keep the actual, products, that I'm talking about two things that I really do use that I love that I consider my ride-or-die favorites. That I could not live without and this definitely, is one of them so I've shown this before but this CC cream is white. When you apply it and then, as you let it in or as I blend it in it actually starts, to like melt, into my skin, tone and, this. Is something that I always found super unique and I just love the finish of it because it's a super, natural, finish, it just blends right into your. Skin and it, gives you that light coverage that you want from a CC cream on days when like you're not wearing as, much makeup when you're not wearing full makeup but. I found the, perfect. Drugstore. Dupe so, this is the L'Oreal magic, skin, beautifier. BB, cream in the shade media and again, it does the exact same thing where. It, comes, out white and as you blend it in it, actually, changes, color to, melt. Into the. Skin, the only big difference that I see is that the arborio and CC cream does have SPF 25 whereas, the L'Oreal BB cream does not have any SPF so if you were looking for something with SPF, then the CC, cream from herb aurion might, be a better option but, other than that they are very. Very similar in the way that they look on the skin in the way that they blend out D, L'Oreal is a little bit lighter of a formula I definitely feel like herb or Ian is slightly, thicker this one actually it comes in more shades than this one this they have four shades of this and only. Two shades of this one so if if. You're looking for a better match maybe that can, blend into your skin tone better then, check out some of the other shades they have as well but I really, do feel like both, of these really perfect, the skin they provide light coverage, they, provide breathable.

Coverage That you don't have to wear a bunch of other makeup with and they just make your, natural skin look. Even, smooth. Brightened. I love, it I love both of these and I'm really really excited that I was able to find a dupe okay the Too Faced Born, This Way main things that I like about this particular foundation is that it does have that same sort of soft, matte finish it's a little bit more on the natural side and this, one does not stay. Super, matte all day it. Starts to look just, like skin I would say it, almost like forms, to your skin as you wear it throughout the day and it's, definitely one that I gravitate. Towards when I know I'm going to be taking photos because it looks amazing in photos it has medium to full coverage it, is buildable, and it lasts, for a reasonably. Good amount, of time and they. Just came out with a bunch of new shades this is just a great. Basic. Foundation. That. Will work for so, many. People, and that's the beauty of this is that it does work for so many people it works for so many occasions and it looks amazing in photos but I found. You guys a dupe so this is the covergirl trublend, matte made, both, of these are Comfort matte formulas, they both have a similar finish, in that they are on the, matte side but. They're not super dry on top of that both, of these are oil-free so if you do have, super, oily skin, and you don't like, to put more oils on top of your skin both, of these or either of these would be a great option for you and I find that these shades are pretty, similar, as, far as the undertones, go they're both oil-free, they, have a natural soft. Matte finish, and. It's. A great base foundation especially now that actually, both of these come in a ton, of shades, and for, this drugstore foundation this is probably one of the best drugstore. Foundation. Shade ranges, that I've ever seen they. Came out with I'm, not sure the exact number, but I think close to forty shades so there's, a ton of shades of this foundation there's now 35, shades of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation so, because, both, of these have an amazing, shade range I think that's really awesome because you can find your perfect match or close to your perfect match in, one, of these depending, on which one you go with but again they both have a great shade range which i think is awesome and that was just a coincidence actually that, didn't really um I, guess, play a role in why I thought that these were dupes you know I thought that they were dupes more so because of the formula but I just think that it's an extra benefit, that now.

They Both have a ton of shades okay next up are my heavy duty foundations, so these are both high-end. Foundations, that I want to mention I do have a drugstore dupe for them but, I did want to mention them together because like I said these are like the heaviest, heaviest. Heaviest, Duty that, I have, that I use. Because. They're full coverage they wear for a super, long time this, Urban Decay one is actually waterproof, so if you don't know what this is it's the Urban Decay all nighter waterproof. Long-wear liquid foundation, amazing. Foundation especially. Like, for the summer times when you're gonna be out all day in the Sun or, at the water at, the beach at the pool anywhere. Near water this is an amazing, foundation because it is waterproof but on top of that it, is like an armor for your skin like nothing, is getting past it if, I know I'm gonna be sweating a lot this is the foundation that I choose just because it does have that super, and, I want to say thick because I feel like thick has like a negative connotation, but. It has a. Really. Full. Coverage. That's, how I'm gonna wear it full, coverage foundation, full, full full full full coverage, and. It just like, I'm. Telling you guys when. I know that I'm gonna be like, out all day this is the foundation that I choose because, it just, lasts. So well it's, a thicker cream, formula, and, it, has a great undertone, then the other one I kind of debated if I should mention both, of these but, I did really want to tell you guys all about like, my ride-or-die foundations, that I can't live without so I did decide to mention. Both, of them anyways, even though I would put these in the same category, as like my full coverage, matte. Armor. Foundations, so, the, other. One that I want to mention is the Lancome tani doll ultra, wear foundation, this one wears up to 24 hours I wear the shade 410, bisque W, and again. It's just like an armor for your face so you can see this one is a little bit lighter, than, my, urban decay one but this, one oxidizes. This one does have sunscreen, in it so again it's a great one to wear when you're gonna be in the Sun but, you have to keep in mind that it is gonna oxidize and, change, color slightly. So. I I don't wear this one actually with when I know that I'm gonna be doing flash photography because. It, has sunscreen. In it so it does give it a little bit of flash back but, for those times I have this one so that's, why I want to mention both of these even though I would, categorize, them as similar, foundations. I do think that they have different purposes and there, are different occasions where, I decide to wear one, or the other both of them have great wear time both of them have great, coverage, super, full coverage if you ever have a breakout one.

Of These will, be your best friend this is kind of I don't know this this may sound weird but I'm a hugger okay so I give like really like tight hugs you. Know when you hug for me and like your, makeup, may, get on, their. Shirt. Am. I the only person that this happens to I must, not be the only person but my makeup always, gets, on people's shirts when I hug them, but. With. These. Less. Makeup gets on them only the powder but like the liquid doesn't rub off so there transfer resistant so that's a good sign, and then the drugstore. Equivalent, that I would say that's most, similar, to these foundations, is the, maybelline superstay full. Coverage foundation, again this is a 24, hour foundation all of these claim to be 24 hours actually so again, like, I said 24, hour wear time super. Nice full coverage but you're getting it at a drugstore price, I must wash all of them right next to each other so that you guys could see the difference, this one is the Urban. Decay all nighter in, the shade 7 then, we have the Lancome. Foundation, in the shade for 10w. Bisque and finally, the, super. Stay full, coverage foundation, from Maybelline in 310 Sun, beige so these, are the 3 shades that are the, closest, to my skin tone in these foundations. They don't have the exact same undertone, actually but I feel like you could still make this, work or, at least I make it work with, you know concealer, bronzer, everything, like that but the, thing that you want to look at is actually the formula so the formula of these are all super, similar they all have amazing wear time they all claim to be 24 hours actually, and, in. General. They just have, that full coverage of fact that just makes your skin look like a doll's skin almost when you know you're gonna be wearing your makeup all day long, these are the three foundations, that I would suggest wearing. The Maybelline one is kind of like the best of both worlds to me because obviously, you're, saving. Money but on top of that it does not have flash back to it it does last a long time it's, full coverage it will, again make your skin look SuperDuper, smooth and flawless looking, but you're, not spending the big bucks on it so if you don't want to then, you don't have to to, get that same effect but again I, love. All three of these well I love finding I love being able to find dupes for you guys so that you guys can really see. These products. All lined up see, my favorite, ride-or-die, products, but also hopefully. Find some like good, affordable options as well I have two more foundations, to talk about honestly. I wouldn't really say that these are dupes. For each other but, I didn't, want to tell you guys about both of them because they're just right or diet products for me and right or dry foundation so like I can't not. Mention them in this video you know what I mean and the first is the mac, cosmetics Studio, Fix fluid SPF, 15, this, has been a ride-or-die foundation, for me for years. Now it's something that I always go back to it looks amazing in photos, it wears really, nicely throughout the day it has medium to full buildable coverage, and it's. Just everything, to me everything, I kind of teeter-totter. Depending, on how tan I am between NC 35 and NC 40 those are like the two shades that I typically. Use this one is NC 35 because I'm a little more on my pale side right now but it's just an overall amazing. Foundation, this definitely has like a bit, of a cream finish, to it it works for almost every skin type whether you have oily skin dry, skin normal. Skin this, foundation. Will, probably, work for you and has amazing. Coverage, like it looks like skin it's breathable, it's wearable, but it still gives you that flawless look, and like I said this has just been a ride-or-die foundation, for me for ever. For, so long and no matter how many new releases, there are no matter how many new foundations, come out I always, feel like this is one that, has my back you know like that I can always turn back to and use, and.

And Feel. Confident, in my skin that day so love. This and of course we have to talk about Maybelline, fit me foundation there's. No dude, for this because obviously it's already drugstore but it is just. Amazing. Like you did you really think that I was gonna go this entire video without, mentioning this foundation, this, has been a ride-or-die for me for, again, years, so I have to mention it, again. Similar, to the Mac I just feel like no matter what, new. Foundations, come out I can always go back to this one and know. That like I'm. Gonna feel good about my skin when I wear it I've. Talked about this so many times but, I'll, do. A little recap for you those of you who haven't watched my videos before who haven't you, know see me using this this actually has the perfect undertone, for my skin tone you can see it's olivey. And it still has that almost. Like brown, undertone, so it looks nice with a tan this is in the shade 2 to 8 soft hand it's the only shade that I use it honestly. Can, work, when I have a tan going but it can also work like for me right now when I'm more pale this. Foundation, shade is probably, the, best. Foundation shade I have ever tried out of any high-end. Or drugstore, foundation, this is probably the best match that I've ever used just because of that undertone, so as a beautiful, beautiful undertone, to it and on, top of that it just looks, so. Good on the skin it's. Called the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless I personally, wouldn't say that it's like super matte but. It has that nice, natural finish to it again. Deftly. Bores out the pores just, makes everything look smooth and nice and beautiful and this, is another foundation that whenever I wear it people really, compliment, my skin and ask me what I'm wearing and like almost. Everybody is shocked when I say it's Maybelline just because it, looks, so. Smooth. And flawless on the skin that people think that you're like. Spending, you. Know tons and tons and tons of money on it but, really it's just available at your local drugstore and again this one definitely does work for multiple skin types I recommend, it to friends and family who have dry. Skin I personally am oily skin it works for me it lasts all day long it has a super, nice finish, to it natural.

Matte I would say great, undertone, and oh just works, like it's, just such a go to foundation, that you know will never let you down I honestly really just wanted to do a video on like my ride-or-die foundations. But then I thought that it would be super helpful to, give you guys some drugstore. Options, that. Could help you achieve the, same finish and the same sort of look but. For a more affordable price so hopefully this does help you guys out and hopefully. You find your ride-or-die foundation, I'll see you guys in my next video bye. Ya. 3, 1.

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Gabriela Sauceda ikrrr btw I've a YouTube channel please drop by it'd mean the world to me!

You are not alone with the hugs so embarrassing

i love mixing the maybelline fit me and L’oreal Infallible Pro to give a perfect finish !! try it out

great video- i was just looking for a video to help me choose - right on time

Omg, you and I have have the exact same foundation shades! I went to sephora to try the colors you suggested and they are spot on.

Lol my makeup always ends up on other people. It's so funny. I thought I was the only one

girll, try using the hourglass vanish stick foundation underneath the nars one

Ariesya Roslan i have combo skin

Jenni Tasianta hi! May i know your skin type

i really thought you weren’t going to mention fit me & i was like GIRL WHAT ?

I been waiting for an updated dupes foundation video for a while now and omg I’m sooooo happy you made it!!!! I love you and I love your hair!

Its such a great video!!!

I been trying so hard to love that Too Faced foundation but it just wont work for look gross in the end, emphasis on my lines and i have combo to oily sad

If you were getting married tomorrow though which one of these would you choose to wear ? Needs to last alllll day and night but have the nicest finish and look the best in photos!!! Getting married next year and need the best of the best lol xx

Nars radiant is so NOT long wearing. This is the only video I’ve ever seen where a guru says it lasts long. So if you guys are wanting long wearing, don’t go for the Nars! It’s pretty upon application tho!

We want a same video for concealers,powders and setting sprays

I used to watch your videos then I stopped for a while. So this is the first one in a long time and I noticed how you are so much mature and professional on your videos.

Covergirl one looks like skin

I love how you did the comparison and showed how they applied!! This was really useful! Love your eye look by the way

MVP for listing your shade!!! ❤️

I gotchu

thank you Rox for this video! I really needed some foundation dupes xx

Love these kinds videos

The Physician's Formula Cc cream is a dupe for the IT cosmetics Cc cream. The original one. Shitty shade range though.



This is helpful!! Love it! We have similar skin tone!!!

I got a ❤️ omg thanks

Thank you! I worked hard on this one

Need to try that!

The Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii palette!

Roxette Arisa thanks you!! I looked it up and it’s gorgeous. What are your thoughts on profusion cosmetics palettes? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one.

The NYX Warm Neutrals Palette is great

You look orange

LOVE LOVE this video! So helpful!!

Tutorial on your eye look please :)

This should be a new series!!! High end to drugstore for every makeup step!!! (primers, highlighters, lipsticks, lipglosses, bronzers, etc)!!❤️

Hey Roxette.... thanks for taking the time to demonstrate not only ur fave high end, but informing us of comparable drug store brands

ugh your makeup is flawless girl! love it

Im going to go pick up the make up for ever one❤❤

I really enjoyed this video. Great dupes for the highend foundations. Would you concider doing another video showing your ride or die concealers? It's always a challenge to find not only a good foundation, but one that isn't too expensive. I recently started wearing makeup. I mostly wear some shade of brown lipstick. I always have trouble choosing the right foundation shade. My skin is oily/dry. Hoping to find a sweat proof foundation, if it even exists. I've tried one of your drugstore faves the Maybeline FitMe shade rich tan. Also, the Maybeline SuperStay foundation sticks in shades beige natural and porcelain. On the higher end I've tried Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Soft Blur shade 7 SPF 15, Laura Mercier primer/foundation combo. I have pics on IG/Twitter using all of these foundations. ♥

I need help!! Okay I want to wear a lightweight foundation to class, but my face sweats a pretty good amount. So, by the time I get to my class my face is wet(haha). Do you have any recommendations?!? I feel the urban one might be to much coverage even though it is water proof. All help is appreciated!!!

pls do a makeup tutorial on this makeup youre wearing youre sooo prettttyyyyy love ya

You’re so beautiful and love your looks and content, but I feel like you try too much to be like Desi and it’s a little much.. like everything she likes, you like, all her weirdness she portrays, you attempt, and it’s interesting. I get looking up to someone you admire, but I think you should still try to be you and not her. That’s all!

Video on this eye look pleeeeaaasssee

the amount of effort you put into every single video is so commendable. like she literally tried on every single foundation just to show you how it applies... like are you kidding? amazing.

Hey guys!! PLEASE GO WATCH MY FIRST VIDEO!! It's an easy makeup tutorial! :)

How are you not at 1 million yet? Youre videos are so helpful and entertaining

Yesssssssss! You are beautiful ❤️

what shade are you in the cover girl and the born this way ?

um girrrllll what is on your eyeballs? looks so amazing and I must have it!!!!

loved this video. soo many options. I'm getting a lot of these❤

I’ve been wanting to try the loreal paris pro matte but i have so much trouble finding my shade they look the same! I’m shade 120 in maybelline matte and poreless (i have a yellowish/neutral undertone)

Girl your amazing love this video!!!

I like the black background. Looks proffessional

Roxette which one do you recommend more makeup forever or Nars foundation

Can u do a vid like this but for bronzer and highlight!

Wow!! I’ve been following you since you had 100K followers and you’re almost to 1 mil!! Just wanna say I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see you grown some more! You’ve gone a long way and worked hard and deserve it ☺️

absolutely love the maybelline 24 hour super stay!!!! (You said there's no flash bach, but ..idk maybe my skin.. but theres defs flashback on my pics n all so...) BUT STILL AMAZING FOUNDATION

That Make Up Forever foundation that was mentioned in the beginning does NOT last on oily disappointing.

This video is heaven sent. Im a broke college girl. You and I have a similar skin tone!!! You are the best rox! Please do one for every makeup category pleaaaase Also please do top picks of nude drugstore lipsticks for girls like me with medium skin shade :) P.s. you made me buy the maybelline fit me and the l'oreal pro matte before and you have never let me down.

You have the same shade with me. May i know your shade for loreal bb ?

Love all the different options Yoy gave us especially by adding the dupes!

Recreate the makeup you are using in this video

Which eyeshadows did you use in this video? I love the colors!

Can you do this for other categories? Primers, setting powders, etc.

Girl we are literally the same color in everything

For the Nars i always said the Physicians Formula is 100% the dupe and for born this way i was hoping you say flower beauty foundation i dont know if you have compare the two!! But its great dupe

Love this video

Do you have a tutorial on this eye look ?

So glad I found your channel! You’re gorgeous ❤️

I love the eyeshadow can u do this same eyeshadow video in future it looks stunning on u

Love the makeup look you are wearing. Please do a makeup tutorial on this smokey eye!

Dear Roxette I have Nars radiant longwear foundation and after 4 hours, of wearing this foundation is smashed on my face (I have dehydrated skin type, but right now it's pretty normal), So, it did not wear the best for me (I tried different moisturizers and primers, - nothing worked) I have used lots of foundations and the best for long lasting, full coverage and skin like finish was Armani power power fabric foundation. I don't know, maybe it's because of the skin. anyways, I suppose it's individual? ....

Hey roxx I lot one of your faves was the ysl 24 hour foundation, do you still like that one??

Thank you for this comparison video I just started doing my makeup and this helped a lot

So gorg! This video is so helpful. I’m trying to introduce myself to the foundation / cc cream world. Thank you!

I need this video with concealers

How long does the fit me Foundation last?

How can u be so pretty and hot at the same time!!!

Yoooo that L'Oreal one had been around for ages haha I wore it in highschool which was like ... 8 years ago

My favorite foundation is Marc Jacobs genius gel but they discontinued it. My newest favorite is maybelline super stay

Can you please do a makeup tutorial on this look!!!

girl this is THE ULTIMATE video. one of my favs of yours for sure. thank you for being so thorough and giving drugstore options. love you


drug store primers that are dupes especially for hourglass primer PRETTY PLEASE!!

I want to let you know that I am very very very very grateful for the dupes you put on here, I tried the CC cream and I did not like the way it looked on my face I tried the L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream and I absolutely LOVE it!! the CC cream is a little bit thicker and it goes a long way compared to the BB cream very watery but it works great on my skin once again thank you for your advise I love it!!

Sadly I tried the “born this way” foundation just because of the hype most beauty influencers gave to it and personally it was SO oily. In fours I could start seeing my face shiny around the nose and forehead. I also putted a bit in a piece of paper and you could all the extra oil coming off around it.

The only downfall on Maybeline stay matte is the worst flash back ever!! :( Wish they would change that

Your makeup in this video is amazing! What foundation are you wearing?

Also, I love this eye look!!

You are such a breath of fresh air with all of the stupid drama going on!

What shade do you use in L'Oréal bb cream.......?

WOW i love your videos! Sooooo I'm new to the fam

try nyx cant stop wont stop

Ever since u recommended Maybelline matte & poreless foundation thats all I use.I love the product but I feel like a ton of product just wastes.I want a pump.I have normal to dry skin I'd say.Only place that's a little dry is around my nose.What would u recommend?Also it would be something I wear everyday.Not to light of coverage. I'm debating between superstay 24 hr or Milani 2 in 1 concealer? Drugstore to I'm a mommy on a budget

What the sizzle.all this time I thought I was subscribed... was I Not?? Huh? You're always in my feed. Lol don't know what happened there. You're a gem and you have always been consistent and so informative and fun. This video was great thank you!!

Aww yayyyyy❤️

Thanks sis❤️

This is a wonderful video! Thank you so much! I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Fenty foundation it’s comparable to the NYX can’t stop won’t stop.

Seriously the best foundation video I've ever watched. Thank you!!!

This was a fantastic video!!

hey arisa ! overall it has been a very helpful video ! but I am really confused regarding one matter ! your shade in the loreal infallible Matt foundation was 108 caramel beige where your fit me shade is 228 ! I am probably 108 and the 310 shade in the fit me is lighter on me ! its really confusing

Yessssss I love this video. So helpful


Hope it was helpful!!❤️

Rockstars like this comment if you want @roxette to do this eye makeup look she has on.. give us this tutorial please

subscribe❤️ Love you Roxette Arisa

How about introducing products that are made with organic ingredients or less chemicals that work well?

I love the physicians formula foundation you mentioned and have been eyeing the nars one that you said it was a dupe for. Would you say it would be a decent foundation for bridal makeup? I would absolutely wear the physician formula one but it doesn't last long. Would you recommend the nars one for that then?

Thank you very much Roxette; this is a great and helpful video ♥♥♥

I love the matte made covergirl!!

Any way you can do a video on helping beginners pick the right color for your skin tone/undertone I never seem to get the right color

Loved this one

What would you call the color of your hair? I've been wanting a hair makeover lately (my hair is black and REALLY long) and I love with your hair color.

Roxette Arisa do you have a tutorial of this eye look? I Love it and would love to try it!

What is on her eyes someone tell me!!

I’ve always wanted to try each foundation you’ve made and now i know what’s worth my $, love you beautiful

I love the backdrop

Can you say dupe for Nars sheer glow and Laura Mercifier Silk foundation pleas..

Good effort sis...beautiful teeth.How you maintain this white colour??

How do you find your match for drugstore

how r ur teeth so white???

What foundation brush do you use ??

It’s so cool that me and u are the same like exact same skin tone cause every foundation u try I go to Sephora or to the drugstore and try it out and it’s my exact shade like the Nars in shade Barcelona ❤️❤️ love u

Thank you for this! I'm the same skin tone/undertone as you and it's sooooo helpful to have a beauty blogger with the same skin and type !

Hi there. Can you plz tell if Maybelline & Loreal foundations get oxidize?

Great video. Please tell me where u got that top from

Hey I use fenty 460 can I get a dupe for that in the drugstore

Love this series, had to come back and watch again I was looking for new foundation Recomendations/ drug store .. nars is my HG though.. what eyeshadow are you wearing in this video

And i thought i already have all the foundation i need!

omg can you come do my makeup. LOOOVVVEEEE you!!!

for the nars foundation,is it suitable for oily skin?

Im so happy you made this video we have the same skin tone, it makes it easier for me to know what foundation to buy

Those are all bomb except for the magic BB cream... that bb cream is suuuuch trash!! So oily. Transfers like crazy. Don’t waste your money!

Roxy, what do you mean by undertone?

Anyone know a foundation that is there favorite and they can recommend it to me, not to expensive but is good for my dryish skin? Superstay or fit me? No flash back and it looks pretty.

Do a video on primers please!!!

When you said “great undertone” it kinda sounds like you said a “grey undertone” lol i was like wait wtf lmao

Thank you! Just the type of video was looking for. Now I don't have to waste a lot of money guessing!

if u had to pick between Maybelline superstay 24 hr and loreal infallible pro matte, which one would you choose for a whole day wear?

What shades do you use in the Loreal BB cream?

Can you share which brush you used here?

That Nars foundation is my #1 i love,love, loveeee that stuff!!!!!

So good

Does anyone have dupe, for lamcome's teint idole 24 hour foundation?

Wow, thank you so much!

I wish she said the prices :(

Hey Roxette What shade are you in Estee Lauder Double Wear?

I love this video! Great format! Lots of valuable information

omg you’re videos are so helpful

all of your videos are very helpful! which is your foundation shade in the physicians formula foundation?

Wish you did side by side and then photo comparison while you talked. The side by side was too quick

Yup!! I always go back to my MAC studio fix!! NC40 and NC42

What shade do you use in the L’Oréal BB Cream?

wow that was commercial :))))

Lacey Wise hi! which one is your fav tho? and transfer proof

girl, i think u have a new subscriber :* mwah

Ur such a great helper!!

I really loved this content. The UD really wasn't in my scope of foundations but the others were.

I hate that mufe matte foundation it looks terrible on ne

I've bought this foundation a few days ago and it's the best!! it has high ratings and reviews that's why I decided to give it a try.

This video is so helpful, thank you! ❤️

Do a Christmas look

Absolutely love the details in this video! Thank youuuuu!

Very helpful videooo❤❤

Misha BB cream works much better than L’Oréal one . Also pretty affordable



I found this video at the right time

Your makeup is stunning plz do a tutorial on this look


WOW!! This video just blew me away.

Pretty girl Can’t wait to try these !

High end foundations are so overrated

Thanks this helped alot on the look for new foundation and this helped me decided where to start looking and some that i already had in mind yiu mention it so it made me wana buy more now also i loved how you had the demosntration videos

If you had to pick JUST ONE foundation from all u mentioned....which would it be???

This video was done perfectly!

Subbed. ☺️ The professionalism exhibited in this video was phenomenal. I’m so impressed that it’s ridiculous. I’m legit saddened I’ve JUST found this channel.

This is my favorite video when I'm looking for new foundation, THANKS ROXX. i LOVE ALL OF YOUR TUTORIALS AND REVIEWS

I love your hair color!! Can you talk about how you achieve the color at the salon or if you do it yourself. I'm thinking going lighter for this coming summer and you have similar skin tone as me and that hair color looks so good.

We have the same shade in the nars foundation and I really love it!

Your dupes just happen to have similar bottles/packaging. What a coincidence.

New subscriber. I really enjoy the way you explain everything, thank you. Greetings from Costa Rica

I love this video! So helpful!

What do u think is “THE BEST ONE” for oily scin on a budget please reply❤️ I really am trying to get the right makeup

I love the Makeup Forever foundation, but the Nars Radiant foundation is a no go for me... I'm very oily, and I feel like a greasy mess wearing it.

+RoxetteArisa Hello

What’s your shade in Estée Lauder double wear?

Love ur hair cut ...

Omg girl I use the same shade on the fit me foundation!! And yesss its the best match for my skin ! I always go back to it !

Loooveeeee this video it was super helpful because I wanted to try new drugstore foundation

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