Working With My Husband And The Business Of YouTube

Working With My Husband And The Business Of YouTube

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I'm a look at me I'm podcast. We're. Kind of like ancient when, it comes to the, the, age on, YouTube if you don't mind me asking what are your major, income. Sources what, you. Wanna pay me thirty, dollars, to show your probiotics. Okay. We. Are going, to. Do my, first podcast, yes. There's. The guest appearance it's not an appearance because you don't appear anywhere it's true you appear in the ears but. You're gonna be appearing at the studio, yes. Whose. Studio, sorry. Girls, oh I. See what you did there we're. Creating context yeah, we are going to. Be. Part of the story girls podcast. Which, is really. Cool they are I, can median. Youtuber. Do, oh did. I say right you oh you oh yeah, they're, super creative they do a lot of like DIY stuff and I'm gonna try to get, them to do a house huh, but. Like the kids things. I had like a whole vision I'm gonna I have a proposal, like I'm rhyming with a business plan. Did. You ever know ahead of time or you know I'm them by surprise exactly, that's my move do you think I'll have coffee for us yes, I think don't, you think you have a lot of coffee I do I drink so much coffee No. Okay, I need to post okay. Now. Gary goes like, they, invited him. Welcome. To your condo. View. Directories. Say. Sorry girls. Did. You imagine, oh, my. God I'm calling Brian, who's. A Brian oh. That's. So cute, why. Are they called the story girls anyway cuz they're sorry, they. Didn't open the door they better be sorry one don't meet this guy. Gary. My husband, he's question the party Oh. Take. Your cherry. Nice. To meet you nice to meet you, this is gorgeous, yeah. This. We added and, like some. Decorations. Little. YouTube. Is. Also is this also like a residential, building two people build these in lemon lemon where I used to live here when we first moved in here was like dog a good solution to like split the rent in the office. Yes. This, is. Sound. Really loud. Yeah. Yeah but try these yeah, your regular so.

You Should be good. Good. It's. Like not, a bad job right hands. Yeah. It's fine. Well, I can. Do it a lot of the offices I distract everybody. Hey. You. Sound great Mike, here oh that's okay they see me all the time Emma look at me I'm podcasting. We're. Gonna start with the first questions so it's gonna set like it's gonna feel like we're just jumping into it but I've already set it up. Alright, so they're gonna edit your audio later, so there's not gonna be like a show, right now so they've already done so they're gonna just like edit you mean later yeah. Okay. Cool it's Jill okay I promise that won't be weird, you. Can you hear then you're on our level. Alright. Hi hi. Malaria. I'm so happy to have you thank, you so much I'm so happy to be here I'm so excited to get to know you better and specifically. You in the YouTube, world because, I, just feel like us being up here in Toronto there's, not that many of us I know and I feel like we, are not, united. Enough, I know we're gonna unite, and we're also gonna learn more about us so I was wondering if you could give us a little brief overview, about, you. So. I, am. 28. Years old and I, have three children I am. A holistic nutritionist. Which is what basically brought, me into the, social media world okay, I decided, to start a blog which, was in 2016. Very late for a blog fun. Fact, yeah no one was reading at that point anymore so, I, thought that an xbox best thing I mean Instagram was already kind of going strong you already had it in serum or like Instagram the app was good like strong Instagram the app no I had nothing okay, I was like I had three photos with like really bad filters, you know and it's like the oh yeah, you know and around it the reefs have rounded corners yeah. Yeah. It was a lot of weird stuff was posting like recipes, here and there but, I didn't really made, it into, I would say a business, Instagram I was just like sharing my own things with people that followed, me like mostly friends and family then I was like okay what's the next kind. Of platform. That will, give. Me the stage to really show, Who I am and that scared the hell out of me yeah and that was YouTube, wait what your duties are huge so all of that happened, in span of like four or five months, oh really, I learned really fast I'm like okay holy, xxxx next if something doesn't work I move on yeah I don't just kind of sit and dwell on it for, too long so I, took action and I started YouTube and that was yeah I was still 2016, I really appreciate, that taking, action is not, a skill that everybody has okay, before we, jump, into a little bit more about you because I want to know everything that you're willing to share I want to go through a quick lightning, round if. You're cool with that yes okay do it so, can you describe yourself in one word aggressive. I. Need. To be more lightning with this okay, okay last, place you traveled Mexico. Oh oh, my god yes it was a family vacation favorite. App on your phone other than social, media, Netflix. First. CD you ever bought Britney. Spears baby one more time mm-hmm, Instagram. Or YouTube YouTube. If you had to choose a new career what would you choose journalism. What's, your favorite item in your closet my, furry pink. Jacket, of my husband hates. Words. To live by um. That'd. Be beautiful. Okay. That's the end of the lightning round I think I'd be good job so, after you started your YouTube channel mm-hmm, did you get popular, right away did you start getting viewers so I was doing a lot of recipes, and they were so cringy, and awkward today I'm gonna share with you this delicious, flower. Live zucchini chocolate, muffins yes, you've heard me zucchini there's, a vegetable in it and you're gonna love it let me show you how to make it and sometimes, I like to like go, back and watch them yeah it's a crunch and you're just like look how far I've come, yeah just like Villere you know what good for you so. I kept posting a few of those and no, one watched them there was maybe like 1015, views but for me that was huge because I'm like how did these people find me YouTube represented. Everything I was scared of I had to record. Myself I have to put myself out there and I, was very self-conscious. About my accent, by my grammar about my vocabulary, so, it was all these things that really scared, me that's kind of where I wanted to get so I didn't even think this is going to become anything but I was like you know what worse thing that can happen is, you'll, be at the same place you are right now which is zero.

School Yeah, but you, will learn, to be comfortable with yourself and just you know kind. Of see where, it takes you so that's, why I started YouTube it made me become, very, like crafty, and creative. And I, didn't know that was missing from my life, that's, great creative outlet so you asked, me if it became popular right away I started nutrition didn't really do much so. My husband I was like don't you know how to do like that make up stuff like. Modeling. For over ten years can't, you just do, something like that I'm like really, who's gonna watch it so I was like okay whatever I'll do beauty and that's, when I started, seeing, mmm. Action, I started, getting comments, and I started even getting requests, you know people were like oh I love what you're wearing women should do a fashion thing was like okay yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I can put a coat on and world. So. That's, kind of how it all started, it took me a while to start being consistent I didn't know the, importance, of being consistent, on YouTube yeah again I didn't know that it could become anything, I just started like a really cool hobby maybe six months into YouTube I was like okay I'm gonna start creating, videos posting, once a week I think when I got my first inquiry, for sponsorship. Oh yeah, that's when I was like what. You, wanna pay me thirty dollars, to show your probiotics. Okay. And. I remember I went to Gary I was like her husband, my husband I was like hey listen someone's, paying me thirty dollars to show a box of probiotics. That I'm already, using how, did this company know to contact me and he's like okay, cool this is so cute good for you and then I, had my first hit video okay, yeah there's always like something, that was the turning point yeah what was it and that was how. To look good in every picture malaria, hero, model so how do i what, do I do how do I pose how, do make me look skinny, coming. Straight from the model, yeah. Exactly so it, was just, simple, things like hacks, that I've learned throughout my career again, I took something that I saw so many people kept asking in the comments, and I made, a video about it and that's, when it just went. And what, year was that I, think it was. 2017. How long after that did you hire your first person because you have a whole team now Emma was the first person we hired and, Emma's. Been, with us for a year a year and a half I wanted to go really hard into YouTube now because I understood, that there's a lot of potential here to grow to build a business it didn't only feel my creative, outlet, it also fed. My entrepreneurial. Yeah yeah and I wanted to create more content, I came, to my husband and he's like why, are you spending most of your time on editing. Exactly, I, shoot, for 30, minutes and then I edit for five hours at that point my husband, said. You're generating income from, this yeah, let's reinvest. In the, company that's when we decided to incorporate the business and hire someone, that will, you know be doing, their own craft like their own expertise, and you can actually hone, on the what you, can do which is content because you no one else can create the content but you at first I was kind of being. Like no, this, is a one-man show and I'm gonna do it on my stuff, and he's like okay business 101 this, will not go anywhere if you insist. On doing everything yourself some, of my favorite, word's live by our work smarter, not harder, exactly, and that's what delegating, is yeah, I think, that a lot of people do a one-man, show or, woman show they might have like an editor or a videographer but, you have like full-time staff like salary, right what we're trying to create is basically, an in-house, MCN.

Slash, Management. Today there's a lot of youtubers a lot of social media people that are managed, by these, huge companies that's, something that I was a part of as well when I just started it felt like they don't really, know. Ya, much I've noticed that so many of them were cold call or send us emails everyone, represents, Lilly Singh, everybody. Everybody. Represent, Logan Paul yeah I was like hi I. Don't get I don't get it I was in a modeling industry for over a decade and as a model you are relying. On your, agencies, to bring work for you you can go out there and get work for yourself yeah so you sit there and wait and you, know sometimes they call sometimes they don't and I just really, hated, that aspect of my job and I always thought you know what one day I'm gonna, be in a position where I, don't need to, sit and wait like I'm gonna go, out there and get myself for our listeners an MCN, is a, multi-channel. Network from the u2 perspective it just kind of sucks it's like this, big network that's trying to like scoop, up all these youtubers, and take a portion of their income since, you do have this team you have like yes that management bird type person but if they're in-house exactly. So the reason why we have six people is that we do our accounting, in-house we, do our business inbound. And outbound in-house, we have the editors, yeah and we have a production manager so that's, that's, the team if you don't mind me asking what are your major, income. Sources like, brand deals. Adsense. So my, business, is fully, funded. By my. Business so I mean we're generating, income we. Are reinvesting. It back into, the. Business and we're growing obviously, gary is your partner in, life mm-hmm. And also. Kind of in the business like is he more. Of like an advisor is he like, fully running, this company with, you so we, are partners, 50/50, I knew that I had Gary beside me who to, me is a business, genius yeah and why, won't I go, to him and you, know and get him involved I would say that he is running the infrastructure. I'm definitely. Part, of it all but I've also noticed when, I was very very involved, in the beginning in like the smallest things, it really sucked the creativity, out of me yeah I understand, and I really, couldn't create it's still taking, me time to let, go I'm involved, in a lot of like the, high-level. Decisions. And, trying. To stay away from all, this like little. Minut details, exactly. Just like clogged down your brain exactly, I also have a family I have children so, the, amount of time I have.

To, Think, about being. Creative, or think about myself or go into my own little world very. Like, small small, percentage. Of my week keeping, inspired and stuff that's why you, know all these new channels do so well is because they are a breath, of fresh air they're like new, talent, I guess you could call them and they, have a fresh perspective it's, hard when there is so many like young faces. And when you do something for so long and this is like your career, yeah, it's hard sometimes to like keep, everything, fresh and enjoy your own content, yeah it's hard the platform, just has so. Many younger. People on, it I mean we're kind of like ancient, when, it comes to. The. Age on, YouTube we. Are yes but, I think that, we cater to a different audience I love, seeing young, people, creating. And, you know how seeing their visions it's super cool I don't, feel like it's, a competition yeah. Because I truly believe that my audience, it's different you know I don't cater to 13 year, olds who are going to high school need, their school. Outfit, exactly. That's not our audience, Yeah right like you guys have a specific, audience I have a specific audience I think that there's room for everybody, and the more the merrier I think that so many people are learning so much about each other about, the world about different hobbies about different things through YouTube literally every person I meet I'm like start a YouTube channel start, a YouTube channel because I truly believe that everyone, has something to say it actually like makes me more, optimistic. Yeah, some, like. Most channels sound like. Stumble. On this channel but it makes, me optimistic because, YouTube, is a great place to just like kind of revive yourself survive, escape, a little you learn yeah learn a new hobby learn how to do some makeup or a DIY exactly. How. Is it working, with. Your husband, do you work together like all the time because that could be a lot working with the same person, all the time and seeing them all the time at home at work it's, a lot I actually do, love spending time with him that's, good. It's. Nice to know that your, partner, in business, is someone, that wants the best for you and you know have the best intentions, when he gives me feedback on when we talk about business like I know that it comes from the right place I don't have to be like what's the motive here yeah so it's, actually, amazing. Like I feel super, super lucky. Yeah could be in this position it's, also nice to have somebody that really understands. What you're going through and, just, what you're dealing with on the day-to-day I mean obviously there's downsides, to, maybe, being around each other all the time although it seems to be working out for you just fine no, listen we sometimes we do get on each other's nerves yeah that happens, when you're married in general yeah it's not right it's nothing different, right you know it's just being honest, and communicating. I think, it brings us closer, as well because we both really, passionate, about entrepreneurship. About, business, and to have something in, common with your partner where you both are so obsessed with it and you talk, to each other about it and it's mutual, that's pretty. Amazing yeah, so okay so something else you have in common are three. Little offspring, that you have yes, those little guys those, little guys I know, you've mentioned before, how like. You consider yourself a mom obviously, but, you you explained it better how did you explain it about not. Being like, just, a mom and not losing your own identity you live under this light.

Where This is how you're supposed to do things and everything else is you, know yeah, important, you're a mom you should still like only care about your kids I'm not just a mom that, will sometimes you know have, a chance to run outside, of the mom hole. And do something for herself, you know I've, realized, that and not for my lifestyle, for my happiness for the happiness of my family I, have to be happy with myself first, and make myself happy and not put that expectation. On my, husband, or on my children once I started looking at that this way where am Valyria. I'm, a mother I'm a wife I, you know I do all these things it just made. Me more, authentic. And just made me to connect with myself more, like I love, Who, I am now because not trying to. Fit. Anything, like, this is this, is it yeah. Ah the. Hate could just be so, much, with with, children, yes. How do you deal. With that I just. Remind. Myself to, be kind and compassionate, because. You, know for me if someone. Decided. To go online create, a profile, write, all these mean things they're. Going, through something yeah something. Really sad happening, in their lives okay so I'm curious yes. As a Toronto, lady like, myself love, our city yes why, haven't you moved to LA do you want to move to LA have you thought about moving to LA we, talked about it a few times but. I honestly. Love, Canada so much and I love Toronto and, I, just know that this is where I want, to raise my children. Yeah yes. You. Have you there I'm like yeah that's. That's. The answer I mean I don't want to sound if there's gonna be an opportunity in the future that makes sense yeah you, know for our business, then. Yes I'm not opposed to live, somewhere, for, a couple of years but I know that I'm gonna end up, in Canada. Yeah so okay I have a business proposition all, right bring, it up am, I in the car I was like listen I'm gonna come and meet the sorry girls, and I, would propose for. Them to be part of my new home thing. Going on cuz we're like having this whole series planned planned out oh my gosh yeah and we have like the kids room and, I've never done a kid sir my dudes are like really serious they know exactly what they want okay, so I, think you guys can sit, down you, know each of them and be like what do you want what's your personality like what would you like to feel when you go into your room and they'll tell you all about it and then you guys can you. Know oh my, god Surprise them with the. Makeup. Makeover. Oh my god that's so fun well we're, on board room, makeovers they're just smile it's my favorite I could live the rest of my life just doing that oh my god that's like my nightmare, I couldn't imagine designing, a place from scratch like having to pick tiles. Like you're. Going, through and I was like eight months pregnant, no and I'm just standing there and they're showing me 50, shades of white I'm sweating, I'm like I don't know what to do and all I keep hearing is, like valaria, this is gonna be the tile for the rest of your life this is what you're gonna be looking at staring, at forever make, the right short I'm just like all. Right. Thank you so much I love, you having you on I hope that everybody at home enjoyed listening all, right thank you so much and we, will talk, to you guys next week thank, you. Get. In there Gary. So. Many things to remember it I don't. Usually I just like don't. Usually go I just like I'll, just not. Thank, You valaria for, coming guys. You. Know it's still gonna be bright but will, be sunny right cute, maybe um maybe, you guys should follow valaria, for yeah, like all things lifestyle fashion. Nutrition. Carotene. Vibe, and here they ELLs. Thank. You so much, for a little makeover. Challenge, also. We're doing, probably. A stylus like you see what I'm doing here yeah you're I'm committing, at home okay. We're. Gonna miss their winter. Content, if all the youtubers, is to LA it's, true actually and I don't know very many, people, in the winter and I'm just know where you get it so bitter there like it's cold and they're like bringing that butter yeah maybe if, it's dinner or lunch box or office. Yeah. Thank. You so much guys thank you.

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Amazing Video as always:) when is the London Vlog coming? ❤️

I really like your videos when they are this honest and open and vulnerable! I'm 28 like you and look for your perspective on things, just like I look to School of Life but like a real life example with all the quirks that real life has :D

I’ve been following you since you were 100k and you’re almost 1M. It’s amazing I’m so happy for you Valeria

nelly simplynou Yeah, and she absolutely deserved this

Beyza H. In under like 2 years right???

I'm a new subbie I found you from Mimi Ikonn. But you're so cool and fun . Sending positive energy and prayers xx

So nice of you to take time to comment!

You are so inspiring. I'm so happy that so many people can benefit from your words

I love the sorry girls, and the hole thing put me in a good mood :) I just love your vlogs ❤️ keep on doing that please until forever!

You have a happy and funny family!

You're almost at 1 million subscribers!!!! Congratulations on an amazing year of success, so inspired to have seen you grow these past couple of years :) Speaking as someone who was raised in LA and lived here for nearly 30 years, I'd recommend not to. Everyone says they want to come to LA to become a big star YouTuber. What I've seen is an explosion of very similar videos of big YTers all living in the same city and their content blending together (I also don't want to raise my children here either). You have something so unique there in Canada with beautiful seasons and a different way of life. Use that to your advantage and turn Toronto into the next big hotspot for Youtubers!

Really needed this, just been through tough days. You have no idea like, how many people you inspire and motivate. ❤

My every day inspiration,

I loved it so much

Really enjoyed this. Thank you again for the inspiration and I totally agree that everyone has something to share and with three kids and all your other experiences at your age, that's not ancient. I've not gone as far as you in life or on youtube, but in age I'm further than you, so if anything, I'm ancient but I still believe I have something to share too =) Go girl!


As I said a few times now - you are an inspiration!

love you gorgeous!

Emma moves a lot the camera with the sorry girls I felt dizzy lol

+Nicole Brennan Exactly. Those pop up pictures themselves are so annoying, too.

JANETH GONZALEZ INFANTE ughhh and don’t even get me started with the incessant noise effects. Every time a picture pops up “bloop” “bloop” WHY!? So annoying


I have no words. Discovering your channel has been a wonderful thing. Not only you (and Gary!) have inspired me to create my own business, but you've also inspired me in many other aspects of life and to have a clear vision of what I truly want. You're fantastic and you look like a great person. Sending a big hug from Spain.

Love that space the Sorry Girls share, how beautiful!

Thank god I found you❤️ you are so inspiring

I have "ZERO" views as well

My Life is My Style here I am coming

YOU ARE NOT ANCIENT!!!! If it makes you feel better I'm confessing that during grade 8 when I was in fact 13 years old(I'M ALMOST 16 NOW) and everyone was watching Jake Paul I was watching your channel. I would be the wierd kid who shows up at school with my watter bottle filled with a smoothie "HEY OMG GUYS LOOK I MADE VALERIA'S SMOOTHIE RECIPE". In addition, my 14-year-old sister loves your fashion sense and literally dresses like a mini you, she is the only one in her school who shows up in mom jeans and an artsy sweater every day (I MEAN IT -EVERYDAY-) LOVE YA VALERIA!!!!!!

Three nannies, a full office staff and a billionaire husband ... yes, she must be run off her feet.

+Sue Silva Now I noticed she changed the title of this video.

And she said, she doesn't spent that much time with Max, because he won't remember it anyways - while she shoves the camera into her other kids faces in intimate situations, when they're snuggling or emotional, even though they're asking her to stop filming...

+acechadwick Yes it was truly *Ouch* moment. She is getting too dramatic and narcissistic. It's hard to enjoy her video these days..

+meelerahu *Top comment* Same here. I've been watching her videos from day 1. Now she turned into a shallow money-triggered narcissistic spoilt girl who is pretending to be a celebrity or something.

Sunny she does thank her team and mentions her nannies in every other video. I feel she’s pretty transparent on that end and never pretended she’s done it all alone. Sue,please try running a YouTube channel and see how that goes? I tried to be kind with you and I’ll try again. You’re draining yourself with the “critical thinking”. Do you benefit from it in any way? Do you feel better about yourself? Do you feel you aren’t alone in this world for your “critical thinking” opinions? If yes-good for you but I doubt it. Please,love yourself a little more!

+acechadwick that's what materialism does y'all. I love Valeria but that's her fatal flaw. All these couple videos talking about will & jada smith and making all this money together....we all know that creating is good, but when youre always hungry you never feel fed even if your plate is full. Wish Valeria could see beyond but look who she married..a businessman

I always remember the comment she made on Max's birth video when she said 'He is the latest accessory to Valeria Inc. and I was like 'Ouch'.... I find that now that people spend so much time trying to get content, that they don't actually live the content. They're just making content, not having an actual life. I much preferred her earlier videos. I thought she was very sweet. Now I see the steel. And is Gary working for her now? But hey ho...this is life now. It has to be seen to be lived, or is it really a life?

Sue Silva. ....i just want to say to u, that u sound, Idk, deep down may be envious. I used to have a job that made me about 5x more than anyone in my inner circle in half the amount of time. People would say that its not truly "work" and I was taking the easy way out ...and my response smarter not harder. . valerias job is still may be more enjoyable than some jobs and pay more..but if u could have a fun job making money wouldn't u choose to? Here's the thing..u y are u dissing her for it? Its like ur jealous her life is easy in comparison to u...u can marry rich..u can start a business that allows u to work less and make more. ..y be mad that she's doing the things u decided not to do to make for an easier life?

Billionaire is too generous but you're right

+meelerahu I'm sorry, but to call what she does 'work' is quite a stretch.

I like Valeria a lot and I enjoy her family vlogs, but to be honest, I had mixed feelings about a thing she said in another video, regarding how she doesn't spend a lot of time with Max because of work and sometimes she feels guilty but she reminds herself that she's doing what she cans and I was thinking that she's a youtuber with 2 nannies and a full staff for her not so huge company, there is time when you make time, moms usually feel guilty for not spending time with kids because they are busy providing for them, and to be fair Valeria has a well privileged life, if most of the day she's at work it's because of passion, not necessity. I'm not saying that she should be a stay at home mom, cause that's obviously not the life she wants, but it's off saying you're feeling guilty not spending time with your kids when you can afford spending all the time in the world with them, Max was in his first weeks or days when she got back to work. It reminds me of a TV presentor(pretty rich too) from my country that said she also feels guilty for that cause she's at work and her kids at school, then language classes, then sport classes, and they only spend a couple of hours together...oh most be heartbreaking "not having enough time"..not to sound mean and judgemental, my instinct is to compare with the least fortunate moms

+Sunny finally a critical thinker.

Does she mention the probably almost thirty ppl she employs when she's talks about "doing it all"?

+Stephanie Mayer Lol!

You sound bitter Sue! I am sure you have amazing qualities. Just concentrate on them!

Sue Silva, yes she’s still probably more successful than you, deal with it

why is she so gorgeous and inspirational❤️

Make a video about friendship

Im 15 from Malaysia. I started watching your channel when I was 13. U helped young people like me to know how to think what to think and be. Thank u xoxox ❤❤❤❤

You are an inspiration Valeria!!! ❤❤

The short clip in Gary's office was so funny... omg!!

I need a Gary in my life. You're a truly inspiration Valeria

Love you

1,000th view

Privileged white girl got married into money with a rich white husband talking about life

+Sue Silva and Although she keeps telling that she is a holistic nutritionist, she is not a good cook! Anyone can make smoothie today. lol Another Canadian youtuber, Holistic Habits, does way better in the nutrition field.

+nana chan i've done a lot of successful things on my own without a sugar daddy on my side

Haitam Kataka she's growing and on her way to build an empire. what've YOU done successfully?

+Sue Silva ummm when did she sell any makeup, other than brand deals. Also most of her clothes are super affordable. She can spend her money in her own way and if that offends you why you still keeping up with her??? Obsessed much

+Melissa Torres back at ya, baby. And by the say, what 'she has accomplished' is selling makeup and clothes to young women who can't afford it.

Sue Silva I’ve noticed you have been commenting on several threads on this post. You sound very bitter and just plain nasty. Like Valeria said in her video, you must be going through something horrible in your life. I pray you overcome this hurdle and become less ugly. Is she blessed and fortunate for all she has? Yes, of course. But does she and Gary work extremely hard for what they have and are building? ABSOLUTELY! Just because she didn’t come from the very bottom it should not diminish what she has accomplished. I shouldn’t have wasted my time in negativity but none the less have a great life my dear

+Vivid Petite yeah, she prances around in astronomically expensive clothes and makeup. So exhausting ...

Okay. Enough is enough! She is a mother of three,running a super successful business like do you really think this only happens because you’ve got a rich husband and you’re white? Grow out of your own insecurities and bullshit because I am honestly sick of hearing the same old broken record! Work hard and concentrate on your qualities,be smart and let’s see how that goes.

Also why editing you're comment? She can talk about whatever she want just like you're doing it here!

That's so untrue...please stop commenting if you have no idea what you're talking about.

Whattt!!!! She works her butt off, do you ever watched her videos?

Who hurt you?

Love this vid as always :) ur really down to earth and inspiring! I have a question: can I be a model even if I’m 5’2? Love you :)

what a crossover

Does she have origins ?

I love you ! You are the best

Ciao gioia notrasa tutto bene ok

What happened to your pregnancy transformation

This was a great video Valeria and Sorry Girls! I appreciate the all the information and how you opened up V! Thank you :-)

A pity you move around too much and it makes me dizzy ! Interesting vidéo

I love how Gary is so business focused "come to our office for lunch or dinner" YOU GO GARY!! So inspiring to see that he is so incredibly supportive

Emma's face at the end of the video

+Dan yeah that's true. I started being undatisfied with her content since she started promothing pantene. She's a nutritionist and she always talks about non toxic products and she promotes pantene. I mean yeah okay she wants to do her job but I wish I could see some content in all the advertising

+Vassiliki Schina Her channel is too commercial, that's why you probably see the content you are not satisfied with. Her earnings through youtube are based on Ads/affiliate links/sponsored videos etc.. When she shows you a product and links them in the description those are affiliate links. !!! (explenation) All the links of products in the description of her videos are affiliate links. Meaning she gets paid for every product purchased after having clicked on the link. You might click the link and buy a different product on the same website in a couple weeks, even then she still gets paid. Not even putting a disclosure of the affiliate links and explaining it is very deceiving to viewers. It's also isn't even legal according the FTC. Also unsubscribed because her channel became too commercial.

Yes I find that too

Victoria exactly

I love her and all. But I don’t get how hard of a work everything is since she does hire a lot of people to help her with different aspects in her life.

+Li that made me laugh :D

+Rasa I listened to her podcast he also works for the company. I don't want to discuss, those are only facts, and you wrote a too long comment waist of time to go trough that and respond.

Rasa my comment expresses my opinion only. I can’t control what people think. Whatever people commented, they are expressing THEIR own opinion. Don’t mix things up

+tresj Asj. but lets admit your comment brought a negativity here.

Rasa Hmm interesting opinion. And no it didn’t offend me since I didn’t write a negative comment anyways

+tresj Asj. Because would you actually tell her in front of her face in real time what you comment ? I do not need answer to it , it just to think about it for you. Because I comment and say what I think what I would tell person in real life. And reason why? Because that makes world nicer. And this is my moto for internet comments. And I will admit I use to comment 'shit' before, but one day I thought, why I am doing it? and is it worth it? And then I thought would I really say that in real world and would I be that person. And I do not mean what your comment is awful. I do not know you as well. And I probably could said in nicer words. I am sorry if offend it you. However most negative comments is from unknown people. The weird thing is that people who comment without name and photo good or bad has less impact than people with full name.

Rasa I agree on some points you mentioned. But why would a profile picture impact the perception of someone’s comment or opinion?

+Li Owning company does not mean being a boss of company. Mostly means share holders.He works with other clients as I I remember from other videos. I cannot be guarantee as I have stopped watching Valeria regularly of her content (its started to be not related to me anymore), just watching time to time. Maybe it has changed. My question is have you ever owned company? And I do not mean that if you do not you have not right to have opinion. But I want to say Valeria even said in her video, to be full time mom is harder than to do what she is doing. As disclaimer I do not have kids, I am only 27 years old, but even now to run and do your own business is hard for me, I cannot imagine to come back home and having 3 kids running and shouting and wanted to play with you. On top of that she 95 percent patient and happy in videos, (and yes some of people will say its for videos), but to have camera non stop and film non stop its not an easy mission esspecially that mostly that weekly footage is around 12 hours footage basically full day of the day obviously without sleep. Now some people will say 'oh but she has staff' .. but if you see some videos done at home , she do some of them by herself. Some people think it easy, but I tried once to do illustrations video, and it is time consuming, for 10 min video sometimes it takes 2-3 hour to do it. In the end of the day without seeing person what he does 7 days a week, is unfair to make conclusions. The first comment makes just negativity and why would you need that. It is weird that most people who comment negative has no picture, or no proper name. There will be always people who work harder, and trust me there are alot of more who does less than Valeria.

Her business is based on her lifestyle, it's personal branding, obviously she can't do everything herself. Just like other artists, singers, etc, have lots of people working for them, so that they can show their best side and give a better performance. Also, she's the one that has the ideas for content.

+Rasa If I remembered correctly.. Her husband has 50% of the company and does the ''hard'/difficult' things, after all he is a big business man/boss. So not sure who is delegating the staff/work, she was not really clear about that. I understand why people are criticizing her. To be fair, if she didn't have her multi millionaire and successful husband, she probably wouldn't have come this far.

Alina Mihaela she has full time nanny for the kids and people who are cleaning and doing every single little thing

+hello is it me youre looking for She seems to be a real *business* woman unlike Valeria. Thank you for your recommendation. Valeria also keeps telling that she's a holistic nutritionist but she CAN'T cook. ANYONE can make smoothie today. I find nothing to learn from her.

+Dan alright, have a good day

+MegaPerson2011 No. Dan is right. It's waste of your time.

+MegaPerson2011 Typical to say something like that. I follow people that I think are inspiring, Valeria doesn't fit in that picture anymore for me at least. ✌️

​+Dan it's your loss ✌️

+MegaPerson2011 Sorry I am not here for a discussion. I unfollowed her.

+Dan well, this is her job, how is she supposed to make money if the videos aren't sponsored?

+Lala Fontaine Yes, lots of big Youtubers are commercialized. I think twice now, before I follow YouTubers. But there is still hope like Jay Shetty, a major inspiration on all things in life. and I can name a few YouTubers more.

+Dan I agree. It's too commercial. Obviously her top priority is *money* . She even said, ''Max is the latest ACCESSORY to Valeria Inc.''

Mee too @musicalbunny, her channel is too commercial now. Ads/affiliate links/sponsored videos and the list goes on... Btw Emma shot the Russian wedding video, she made a mistake on that one. She has employees since summer 2017 not 2018.

If I remembered correctly.. Her husband has 50% of the company and does the ''hard'/difficult' things/work, after all he is a big business man/boss. Those are facts. I understand why people are criticizing her. To be fair, if she didn't have her multi-millionaire and successful husband, she probably wouldn't have come this far.

@Sue Silva I couldnt agree more with you. She always talks about hard work and content but I seriously can't see the ''content''. I don't care how many people she hires or how much money her husband has the only thing that bothered me as a former viewer is that she always talks but I can't see much of her work. Anyway, I unsubscribed so problem solved.

+meelerahu Same here. I've been watching her videos from day 1. Now she turned into a shallow money-triggered spoilt girl who is pretending to be a celebrity or something.

I was hoping for a Regular Sunday Vlog, its kinda pointless to see this vlog which is meant to be listened in a regular podcast. i think the quality of the video at first was pretty poorly since emma was moving nonstop. And also i feel like a lot of takes i have already seen in the past video. I was hoping to see something from the meeting in London or something since that was like two weeks ago. I love this channel but lately i haven't been feeling it, & i thought it was just me but reading through the comments i think a lot of us agree, and not in the position of being a hater but from believing that you can do soooo much better Valeria, with your creativity and your team's creativity, and also that all of us love how original you are and how loving your are doing things in your own style not trying just to keep up or just creating content just because.I believe in quality over quantity and i think we as your viewers will agree on that

Actually this is not a content, if we wanted to listen the podcast we could do this , dont need a video of it

+Stephanie Mayer No you read my comment incorrectly, I didn't mean that. She doesn't disclose and explain that they are affiliate links. That in a way is deceiving and also not legal (don't want to elaborate further).

Dan You are not harmed in any way shape or form by using her affiliate links. The price of the product for you isn’t higher just because she gets a small commission on its sale. Also I think is only fair for her to get a small commission if she introduced a product you choose to buy because of her recommendation. Peace and love! X

+Jaime Wojo Well people liked my comment in two threads so they must agree.. But it's still true, where would she be if she hadn't had him. :-D

+Li There's that shining example of women's empowerment, right there

I didn't get the impression that Valeria was unduly complaining. Juggling everything is tough, and yes, she has help, but she is still overseeing everything-- management is hard... I don't understand the criticism? Like anyone else who has a marriage, career, children, and yes, help, it is still hard!

Dan so why are you still commenting then, if you are not here for a discussion?

dont like it anymore

I found you also by the "how to look good on every picture" and I'm here since then! :) I remember watching your video, then started browsing your channel and said, omg, this is a cool girl, lets just follow her. And now it's been more than 1,5 or 2 years now and you still keep my interest. :D

Omgggg if you did a collab with Mr. Kate. She is amazing at interior design. Love you so much Valeria!!! ❤️❤️

Lol, why are people calling Sue bitter, jelous or envious? Criticizing someone is not hate. And it doesn't show someone's enviousness, bitterness, etc. It's just an opinion. And just because it's not all admiration ("OMG! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE MY ROLE MODEL!") it doesn't make it less valid. I respect Valeria, but yes, she has a lot of help. A lot more that regular moms of 3 kids for examle have. And yes, Gary plays a big role for her developement as a YouTuber. And yes, she has a staff, doing it all instead of her (editing, marketing, etc.). And yes, she lives a pretty good life being rich and all that stuff. That's nothing to be ashamed of, that's nothing bad. But let's face it - these are the facts. She has it more easy than most people. Edit: And I disagree with some of her actions in general. Like going back to work just 2 weeks after Max being born. As a psychology student I can say that being with your baby in the first YEAR is very important. I would've understand if she got back to work after 6 months, but 2 weeks... Can't accept that. And sometimes she films Ben and Jake just for the sake of the content when they ask her not to film them. That's just too much... Edit 2: Also I read in some other comment that she's talking about being guilty not spending enough time with Max meanwhile she's working all thought she doesn't have to work (from a financial poin of view). I would also add that she does 3 types of work out. Not that working and training is bad, but it's all a matter of priority.

Love it Valeria! You should 100% use the cup. It changed my life. Started using it 2 years ago, I was 18 and I don't regret it at all. Recommend!

Coming in here a tad late, but I do save up the videos so I can bulk watch them.  This would have to be the highest number of negative comments I've ever seen.  As a professional consultant there are ways to provide a useful response and those that are just plain critical that add no value whatsoever.  Those that are provided in a non-judgemental way are more likely to be listened to, instead of going straight for the knife.  Yes, I agree that the noise pop ups are unnecessary (perhaps that's targeted for a younger audience?), yes I agree the camera work was a bit choppy (a stand would fix that), yes, this is not the typical weekly vlog everyone enjoys (myself included) and I agree that a link to the podcast would have been better rather than a glimpse of the podcast that we could have listened to instead.   On to the more serious topics that people seem to love jumping on the bandwagon instead of taking a step back - and I've said this before.  Every YouTube channel is going to grow and change - that's what happens. As life changes, people mature, directions change - so does the channel.  Those that don't change either end up going nowhere or remaining stagnant losing tons of people.  I don't know how much people are happy about someone else hurting another person for kicks....Fact: Gary is a successful business man.  Why wouldn't someone new to the business world use that information?  Personally, I'd pay to hear Gary talk.  I'd love for him to do his own podcast and I think it would be extremely successful.  There are a lot of people on this platform who are in the business world themselves and not at school - or others at Uni doing a business degree, etc.  Fact: Valeria has 3 kids and 2 nannies.  Never has she hidden that; she has been completely open and honest.  A lot of big wig YT people hide that stuff and when they suddenly reveal they have an editor, a manager, a stylist - the world falls down and the person is made out to be hack.  Fact: Valeria is not just growing a YT channel but things on the side.  Personally, I think that's bloody smart.  Look at all the large YT channels who have branched out into other areas - Gabbi Hannah, Tati, even the Ace Family (with their non-existent app) - using YT as a platform to bounce off and create different business is brilliant.  Fact: Valeria has a team of people.  She has been incredibly honest about that from the start.  I know myself being in the IT world and managing projects worth, well a shit ton of money (in the high millions), know that the only way to succeed is to surround myself with engineers, vendors, software engineers, Service Management gurus - because there is absolutely no way I can do it on my own. Regardless of the fact Valeria has a team of people, she also has the deciding vote on whether that idea or that collaboration is good for her business or not.  Fact: Valeria has been more honest and more open to her audience than many, many YTubers, which in turn opens up to people's negativity.  Fact: A lot of YT channels delete negative comments. The fact there are so many negative comments down below which is resulting in a tidal wave of like minded people saying the same things over and over, goes to show they are open to people having a say and an opinion. Well done! What happened to going: well done and supporting each other?  If she won't get it from those jumping on the bandwagon, she will get it from me: well done Valeria, your team and Gary.  I look forward to your next ventures and can't wait to see where this ride takes you.  Love from Australia.

Valeria, You are so authentic and funny, you are doing such an amazing job and you are super inspiring to me :)

The only thing I couldn't stand about this video is the shakey cam. I felt like I was in the Blair Witch Project. It might be worth the investment for future videos like this if you used a handheld camera stabilizer. But I liked seeing behind the scenes of the podcast, since I don't normally listen to shows.

It's called delegating; it's part of being a successful boss.

+Danny alright, have a good day

​+Danny it's your loss ✌️

+Danny well, this is her job, how is she supposed to make money if the videos aren't sponsored?

Why are you so mean, guys.. rather live your own life than wait for the next video to watch! I cant help myself, but all those comments about worse content - what does that suppose to mean? People should spend less time by advising other people/influencers/youtubers how to create their content, live their lives or how often should they post! I just imagine those who "suffer" from "worse" content and ask myself - dont you have a better thing to do?

isnt this video much more inspirational than just some random sunday vlog? let the love in!

First you brought album Baby one more time TASTE A CLASSIC

Stop complaining and telling her shit and how you liked her content before first: she is a mom and needs time for her family and can’t be on YouTube all day. Second: ahe doesn’t care if you unsubscribe

+Sevcikova Magdalena true

Why is everyone hating on her?? I don't understand

thank you so much+Han Aeth

Omgg shadeeeee

Alina Mihaela do you really think that it’s so difficult to make 3 videos a week about her life with 2 nannies and stuff of employees who help her with her videos ?

+Rosie exactly. People can get so jealous and insecure when they see someone having a successful life

Such a passive agressive comment. Why do you feel the need to be so rude? Can't believe people treat each other like this. She's a person with feelings. I'm sure you wouldn't like having someone being rude towards you particularly when it's done cowardly behind a screen

@Sevcikova Magdalena true

@Dan yeah that's true. I started being undatisfied with her content since she started promothing pantene. She's a nutritionist and she always talks about non toxic products and she promotes pantene. I mean yeah okay she wants to do her job but I wish I could see some content in all the advertising

@Alina Mihaela look i'm not here to argue with anyone, I say what I see.. I used to watch every single video and this week I know she uploaded one more time but sorry I can't see the ''content''. A video where she shows clothes and how to survive with 5-6 items of clothing? This is not content. This is not hard work. I just got sick of her talking about business and makes us vote for videos that just won't be made. Sorry again that's my personal point of view, if you want to argue and defend her just don't.

@Rosie exactly. People can get so jealous and insecure when they see someone having a successful life

@Danny alright, have a good day

​@Danny it's your loss ✌️

@Danny well, this is her job, how is she supposed to make money if the videos aren't sponsored?

thank you so much@Han Aeth

@acechadwick that's what materialism does y'all. I love Valeria but that's her fatal flaw. All these couple videos talking about will & jada smith and making all this money together....we all know that creating is good, but when youre always hungry you never feel fed even if your plate is full. Wish Valeria could see beyond but look who she married..a businessman

@meelerahu I'm sorry, but to call what she does 'work' is quite a stretch.

@Sunny finally a critical thinker.

@Stephanie Mayer Lol!

@Maria G Yes I am :) girl, do not worry about leakage. It won't happen if you have put your cup well from the beginning. You'd know if it will leak as you will feel that the cup is wrongly put. You can always put liners in addition to your cup until you get used to it and but it well :).

@BLANCHARD Olivia I really wanna use it but im I paranoid about leaking ... you're talking about the menstrual cup right? Lol, awks if not

60,000 people disagree

oh my god valeria, i finally can answer the "who's your role model?" question! It's you !!

@Danny yeah that's true. I started being undatisfied with her content since she started promothing pantene. She's a nutritionist and she always talks about non toxic products and she promotes pantene. I mean yeah okay she wants to do her job but I wish I could see some content in all the advertising

I always appreciate your vlog Valeria.

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