Wondering If Clickfunnels Is Worth It? Watch My Clickfunnels Review

Wondering If Clickfunnels Is Worth It? Watch My Clickfunnels Review

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Hey, hey what's, going on Aaron Chen here if you're watching this video right now you're, probably online doing some research on clickfunnels okay so you. Know what clickfunnels is you. Probably understand that it's a very powerful funnel, building software but you're wondering to yourself if you, know it's worth the investment and, whether you want to get it so what I'm gonna do over the next few minutes is I'm actually gonna review click funnels I'm, gonna talk about why it's important, and some of the things that you can use it for and then at the end if you want you. Can make the decision on whether you want to get it or not okay so my name is Aaron Chen if you've never watched one of my videos before I've. Been online for, nine, years okay, building. Businesses, mainly, through the internet. Took. A long time to figure this stuff out but over the last year year and a half really you, know had some huge strides in my business I made hundreds of sales last year I use mainly click funnels to, generate. A lot of my sales and I want to show you why this. System actually is is one of the best software's. Out there to actually build, your entire business, on ok so again, after, after. This review it's completely up to you on whether you want to get it or not you make your own choices ok this is this is your business this is your life but I just kind of want to lay it out for you now I talked about click funnels a lot in a lot of my videos and if you want to check out any of my videos you can just you know go to my channel by, looking through the bottom but I thought, today I do a proper, review I'd, go in and show you exactly how this works but if you don't really understand, why you know people keep talking about it I'm. Gonna lay it out for you right now ok now here, is why you need something, like click funnels okay if you're selling, any product. Online. Okay. You, must have a funnel. Building software it doesn't matter what it is okay it could be, leadpages. It could be insta pages, it could be megaphone, it could be optimized, press or it could be click funnels they're all very very similar but I'll explain to you why I prefer click funnels but let me kind of lay this out for you right now it doesn't matter what you're selling online okay, but, it generally looks like this okay any sort, of business that you're doing online whether it's MLM, network marketing affiliate. Marketing you know selling digital products whatever it is it, kind of works like this first of all it starts with traffic and then, usually you would lead them to some sort of capture page right a capture page is basically linked, to an autoresponder, you're. Generally asking, for some sort of email address so you can follow up with them and then, after that you. Usually lead them to something that I call your hub okay, now, your hub could consist, of anything it could be your blog, it. Could be your a website, that you own it could be what I call a value series okay this is very very, important, if you don't know what a value series is you can go to my channel you can check it out I talked about it a lot all right this, is one of the easiest ways to convert, cold. Customers, into sales okay, but essentially you, lead them to your hub which, is where that's, your space that's why you brand yourself it's way you create. An you know authority credibility, very, very important, okay and then after that you, would leave them - generally, speaking your, product okay, now your product could. Be you know it could be a Clickbank, offer, it, could. Be. It. Could be your own product, okay. It could be an MLM, it could be an affiliate program it, doesn't matter what it is okay this is basically where you, ask for the sale all, right now the other things that that you might want to sort of lead them to you, know as you're generating, traffic and as you're sending people emails, is is, you might want to send them to a webinar okay, now webinars, are very very important. You. Know to to, continue, to build Authority to build credibility to, get people to know your story you must do webinars okay, something, else that you, can also send people to is you can send them to static. You. Can send, the static, sales, pages. Okay. So for example as you're doing broadcast, emails maybe, you're trying to you know add some sort of value and then you want to get, someone to check out a product then you might build what. I call static sales pages okay now let. Me show you where, you, might use something like click funnels okay in your and this is this isn't your entire sales. Funnel right now your this is your entire business so, what you're looking at right now is potentially.

Your, Entire online business, okay now, you would definitely need it for your capture pages. Okay. You, would also definitely need, it for your hub so whether, it's a blog a website your. Value series you know this is all built out by, final, building software's, okay the, other thing that you will need it for is as well, your webinars, and your static sales pages okay. So if you look at this right now I, would. Say that. 70, per-- 70%. Of. Your, entire. Business. Requires. Something, like clickfunnels to be built, okay so whether it's a capture page your, website, your value series your webinars, your static sales pages you need to, have something that can build your. Pages, out okay, which is why something. Like clickfunnels is so so important, all right but it doesn't really matter I mean you don't have to use click funnels now I'm reviewing, click funnels because I think it's one of the best but if you wanted to you could use leadpages you could use megaphone, you could use optimized. Press whatever you want I just think that click funnels is one of the best because. Design. Wise it's very very powerful okay so it, looks the prettiest it actually, builds the prettiest, looking websites, online. That's, that's just my personal opinion okay and if, your, pages don't look nice your. Conversions. Are really really going to suffer so something that you want to consider okay, it's also the easiest to use it's the most robust, it's the most solid the team behind it is one of the best okay I've used them all by the way okay, so I'm not just you. Know kind. Of promoting, this to you because I'm, actually a user but, I've. Used them all guys I've, used megaphone, I've used leadpages. I've used insta pages I've used optimized. Press some. Of them are good okay but a lot of them are very very clunky, they've, got a lot of issues you know and it's just not that smooth, I would say that click funnels it's just one of the best okay so if you can afford it I, would invest in it it's like it's like the Ferrari of, of. Click you know all final building software's okay so let me go into the in my back office and I'm just gonna show you exactly why it's so easy to use so I'm gonna pull out a let. Me see. Oh. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna you just use this blank squeeze page funnel and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to use okay and why you. Could consider why, you should consider getting click funnels so this. Is the back office and it's really really simple you know obviously they they they, show you how to do this kind of stuff right but I'm just gonna edit this capture, page and I'm, gonna show you how simple it is to actually, edit the capture page and if you're someone who is you know a little bit of a technophobe, if, you're not very very good with computers, and stuff like this this is perfect because it's, so easy to use, it's. So easy to edit a capture page and you can do it in like a few minutes okay it's not gonna take you hours or anything like that now, if you, wanted it to look really. Really pretty and you wanted to edit it yeah it's gonna take you a little bit longer but. In order to change stuff it's really simple okay so, this capture page has a pre, headline it's got the title and then it's got the little, you know subtitle, here it's got your name your email address and it's gonna button right so I'm just gonna show you how simple it is to change the title and kind of this stuff right now I'm literally gonna delete this and, you can see this is like it works, like word you know in Microsoft Word it's really really simple so let's. Just say you're, in you. Know you're trying to build a traffic software right and. You wanna you want to teach someone how to generate, traffic online again, I don't know what niche market you're in but this is just an example so, maybe.

It Might be something like, learn. How, to generate. 30. Plus. Leads, a. Day. Using. Facebook. Okay. Something simple like that okay where, should we send this free report you, know it's got the name and email address and maybe you want to change this button and you want, to change the. Well, okay there we go I'm gonna change the button right there the woods oh sorry. Let's. Not do that I'm, just gonna change the the words on the button here okay, so, I'm, gonna put you grab your. Free, facebook. Leads, report. Now. Okay. Maybe, we'll change the color I just want to show you how simple it is so you've got the blue color here I'm gonna click on it maybe we're gonna make it green because green is a great color and and that's it so simple, right, and it looks so nice and you know you can change your brand here if you wanted to so, you know it could be your brand. Your. Name. I'm. Just gonna put our inch in okay Aaron. Chan, incorporated. Whatever. It is okay so, very. Very simple okay and you. Know get this free report raw last I'm gonna I'm gonna leave that there and maybe I want to change the background of this you know this backgrounds quite nice but I just want to show you how simple it is now here you can change the SEO, meta data if you even know what that is right you can add tracking codes you can do a lot of stuff you can control pretty much everything, here okay I can change the font I can change the background color so just as an example I'm gonna I'm gonna show you how to change the background color here and I'm, you're just gonna make this I'm, gonna make it white, okay. Instead of gray and. You. Know it's really, really really simple I'm gonna maybe change the the background, color of this one here. Yeah. Background color I'm, gonna make it a. I'm. Gonna make it a like ooh, that's a bit too dark let's make it a light. Grey okay. There you go I'm, gonna save this and then, let's preview it just to see what it kind of looks like okay so I'm gonna hit preview and this, literally, is the page that I just created okay, so really.

Really Simple, really nice right now I mean you can make this look even nicer if, you want I mean you can have you know whatever, background you can have a picture of a Ferrari you can have a picture, of a mansion, you can have a picture of you know the beach whatever you want whatever works for your niche market you know you can have a picture of you know someone you know doing, you, know actually in the gym whatever, you want but, look this can actually be you, know tied to any autoresponder, you want whether it's a get response or, Aweber. Or whatever and it's really really simple. Now, I didn't I didn't censor this of course but, I could go back and Center it and make it look really nice I could even change these little logos. Here okay but just for the interest of time I'm not gonna do that okay I just wanted to show you how simple it is to do something, like this that looks very very pretty okay so. If you don't have you, know a funnel building software like this you you might want to consider doing it because without this you, can't build a business okay and I'm gonna show you something that that's that's really really cool. With. Clickfunnels and. And. And it's actually the best way to learn how to build you know funnels, out now, click. Funnels basically, it allows you if I come here to funnels and I go to build funnel right so, let me click on that it. Actually allows you to have a look at all the different types of funnels, that you can build okay and if you're not building. A funnel right now for your business then you're seriously, leaving a lot of money on the table because building. Your funnel, is like, the foundation of your business right it's like your storefront so, take, an example of a restaurant, right if you wanted to you know start you, know a pizza restaurant or whatever okay if you, don't build your restaurant, you know if, you don't have your door if you don't have your sign if you don't actually have the building, itself then, you're not gonna have a place where you can get customers, to come in and sit down and serve them the pizza right so, building. A business online is exactly the same thing if you don't have a funnel, like, I showed you earlier okay. If you don't have a capture page if you don't have your, hub your website your value series you, basically don't have anywhere for your customers to come and see your stuff okay and so, you. Need something like click funnels to build that for you okay does that make sense right, so. Remember. When you're building an offline business is, exactly the same as building an online business if you don't have this thing right here which. Is so important, for your business you're never gonna make any money okay now the cool thing about click. Funnels is you, can build it can teach you how to build a lot of different types of funnels right so there's, a cancellation, funnel, there's a home page funnel there's the sales letter funnel right use, a traditional sales, letter to sell your products or services, you can build a product launch funnel, build, anticipation, for your new product with our product launch funnels right survey, funnel. Find out who your visit our first then, send them into the right funnel right application, funnel have people apply to work, for you through, an application funnel. Right. Hero. Funnel let people know who you are and connect with you I mean there's so, much good stuff right this is an important one bridge funnel yeah generate. A lead then bridge the gap before you send them to the next funnel now I'm just gonna click in here because a lot of you if you're selling, some sort of opportunity right. Whether it's an affiliate program or you, know an. MLM, or a business, opportunity you want to build bridge funnels right and this is such an important bridge funnel and this is really really cool because. There. Are three basically free. Funnels. That you can use and you can use them all day right or if we want to get super advanced you can actually pay for paid, funnels which, are a lot nicer but you don't actually need these by the way okay this is if you just want to get really. Really professional, but, you don't need you don't even need it right you can just use the the, the free funnels and look. I don't know if you can see this on the page but they're very very good already they're very nice the you, know they're very branded. You, don't even need to do, the paid ones but I just want to show you that it's very very straightforward okay so, I'm just gonna kind of get out of here and.

You, Can see that you know you know there's, so many things okay two-step tripwire funnel, storefront. Final summit, funnel. Invisible. Funnel the webinar, funnel you know are you doing webinars right so, if you want to do all if you want to learn to do all this stuff click. Funnels is is a very very powerful platform, to teach you how to build funnels, to brand. Yourself to, build credibility and all that stuff okay and it's it's super, super awesome, that's what I would say okay and, you. Know the other you know if you're asking yourself do, I need a sales funnel, well. You need to ask yourself, you know if. You were building a pizza joint do, you need a restaurant, it's, it's the same it's like asking that right. Absolutely. You you need to have a restaurant right otherwise you're not gonna be able to sell your pizzas well, when, it comes to online business, right do, you need a website yeah absolutely you, need a website because if you're not sending you. Know people to a place where they can see your stuff then, base basically, you don't have anything online, right now I'm, gonna kind of pull this up and you know really, knock, this home for you if you're kind of sitting on on the sidelines right it, it's, kind of like this okay I'm people I don't know why you, know people kind of have this misconception whenever. They're trying to build an online business but, it's kind of like this right, so. If you're, you know gonna go you. Know into war for example right, I like to use this example would you use a sword. Or. Would you use a machine, gun. Right. I would, want to use a machine gun because if you, brought a sword into a gunfight you're not gonna do very well right well clickfunnels. Is your, machine gun okay, it's a super, advanced, tool that, will get you the results that you want and in this example you, want to win the war right you want to win the fight so, you bring a machine gun to a fight you're probably gonna win okay it's also like. Let. Me see which one a Volkswagen. Versus. A or. Let me say no like a Pinto. Versus. A Ferrari. Okay. They're. Both cars right. But the Ferrari is, gonna get you to your destination a lot quicker isn't, it and a lot more comfort, because it's, just you know the best of the best right. So. I mean are you gonna choose a Pinto or are, you gonna choose a Ferrari I'd rather choose the Ferrari right are you gonna choose a Shaq, right. To build your foundation on, or are you gonna are you gonna build a skyscraper. Right. So, again, it's the same thing right it's basically a building, but, if you're gonna be building a business you want to build a skyscraper right you want to build a super, solid foundation. Where, you, know it you know the roots go very very deep okay, it's all build with you, know cement, high-quality, cement, you know with pillars, with. Rocks with sand you know you build that foundation and you build your huge skyscraper, because that's essentially what you want right you want to you want a huge business that's gonna last for the next 30, 40 50 years right instead, of a, wooden shack that you, know with a tin zinc roof, okay that, might be blown away if there, is a, storm, or a hurricane right, that's just gonna be blown away, wanna shack I want a skyscraper.

Okay So again you know I'm trying to use this analogy to, explain to you guys that if you're sitting on the sidelines, and you're thinking well you. Know you, know clickfunnels is a little bit expensive right it's like I think it's $97. A month and you're thinking to yourself well that's pretty expensive Aaron, I don't know if I want to spend ninety seven bucks well again. It's about perspective. Right, you. Know is ninety seven dollars expensive, compared to what you, know I mean if you're talking about if it's compared, to like all those cheap online software's, that cost like you know 20 bucks or 19 bucks I mean yeah, you know it's a little bit more expensive but you know think about it this way if you were gonna start a restaurant okay if you were gonna start a restaurant. Which. Is a real business by the way what are the things that you would need to start a restaurant right you would you would need you would need to do construction on the, place right, you would need to pay rent. You. Would need to buy all the you, know equipment, right. All the kitchen equipment you, would need to buy you, know the tables the chairs you, didn't need to do all the menus, you need to buy all the uniforms, right you need to buy all the food which, is you. Know what you have to replenish every single month you're gonna have to hire all the people you're, gonna have to train them you're gonna have to pay the salaries, I mean guys there's, so many different things you have to pay insurance right but, with an online business you know, it's it's it's okay I didn't think about how much this is gonna cost you, right, this, is gonna cost you a lot, of money if you were to start a traditional, business and it's not just a restaurant guys it could be any brick-and-mortar, business. It's very very expensive right but when it comes to an online business for. Some reason. People think that it's gonna cost you nothing well I mean the truth is is that if you want to build an online business and you're serious, you, must have basic tools right, so what are some of those basic tools a, basic tool is an autoresponder. Right. You. A basic, tool is a, website or a funnel, builder okay and. The final builder is basically click funnels that's, what we're talking about right now okay what. Else do you need you need tracking right, you need leads you need traffic you. Need traffic. Maybe. You would need oh you need a webinar machine, okay. And, you need order responder boo yep. That's pretty much it okay, now, how. Much is this all gonna cost you it's gonna cost you a little bit of money but not that much you know it's gonna cost you a couple of hundred bucks right maybe, 200 300 bucks yeah and so. When, you look at this and you put things in perspective I mean look at this this. Versus. This this. Is really, really little money okay, now if you're not even willing to spend 97 bucks on you. Know something like clickfunnels which is going to be the foundation, of your business. Then I would, say to you that you have absolutely no, business being, in business okay. I mean if this is actually, if you're, even considering, you. Know why. You should, be you know building clickfunnels in the first place then that's. A huge problem okay, so I would you know I wouldn't, even go there you know do, you need to get something like the finals absolutely, let me ask you a question do you want to make money online, or in your internet marketing business if. The answer is yes then you absolutely must have something like clickfunnels okay so I hope, you enjoyed this review I think I'm running out of space right now so if. You wanted to check out clickfunnels then you can go to the resources below okay but listen if I hope you enjoyed this video today let me know in the comments below give me a thumbs up if you got some some you know value from this video today okay, and, also, if. You wanted to get access to me and, some more of my training, I want to teach you how to do that so you can very easily get access to me by clicking the link right below this video and I hope you enjoyed this video today subscribe to my channel if. You're not already subscribed and I hope to to, see you very very soon in another one of my videos okay I hope you have a good day take care and listen, I hope, you enjoyed this, training today speak. To you soon.

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thank u aaron what do you think about builderall it almost cheap

Looks ok, never tried it. Templates look a bit complex but as long as you're out there using a funnel builder ;)

Fantastic video!

Good job


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Great work on the video!

Just use "power lead sysytem"! it's really easy, and it works FAST! http://www.MyListGiant.com/727096

If I adquire Click Funnels tool, do I still need to invest in autoresponder and Click Magic?

Definitely, they are completely different tools.

I go learn ClickFunnels! You awesome! Aaron! Thank you so much!

No worries! Enjoy it! ;)

One of the best clickfunnels pitches I've seen. I still think its unnecessary. I make money without clickfunnels BUT for a newbie you'll actually SAVE a lot of money with clickfunnels versus all the money you'll waste making mistakes like I did when I first stated.

Most people won't know how to code so it's good.

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