Women Rocking Business FB Live Jan 10 2018

Women Rocking Business FB Live Jan 10 2018

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Hello. Hello, hello. Happy. Wealthy, women's Wednesday. With, you we're, doing, it. Welcome. To, wealthy, Women's, Wednesdays. I. Am. Needing, to, turn. This off. Alright, goddesses. We are here, celebrating, our. Times. You, guys watch The Oprah speech oh my, god it is our time, can. You feel it it's, the time for women it's, the time for women to break free. Financially. It's. It's. The time for women to unleash, ourselves. You and me and us together. Congratulations. And thank you I wanted, to make a big hit getting on the camera, this morning because, you. All showed, up so. Powerfully. Over, the last, week. Video. After. Video of. The. Unleashed. Expression. Authenticity. Genuine. Connection. With the camera, love. Grace. Radiance. And commitment. To serve, the. People who are being called to work with you so. I am here to tell you that, great. Wealth, awaits, you. And. Not just financial, wealth but, wealth of impact, wealth. Of love, wealth. Of. Friendship. Wealth, of that, feeling, of contribution. Inside yourself, really. Truly my. Team and I you guys were, like blown. Away. Blown. Away, by. How many, literally. Hundreds. Of videos, came, in over, the last six, and a half days I mean we. We couldn't believe it I had. To hire extra staff to go through your videos, with. Me. But I watched, and. Watched you guys just with tears of my eyes and wind, goosebumps. Really. Truly, feeling so touched and, your, courage, to. Put yourself out there in this community, and to choose women, rocking, business sisterhood. As a place. Where. You can really show up as your full self because. It wasn't, just those that made videos it. Was those who took, the time to acknowledge and, heal and, bring, the compliments. And the witnessing. To each other's videos can, you guys feel it I mean, we're living at a time, where. Live. Events, have never been a better solution. To both get people connected, and. To. Use live events, and that that. Magic. That creates three-dimensionally. In a room full of people and you've, all been to, a live event a workshop, women's, gathering, a sisterhood gathering, you know you've all been to one of those events where, you just feel like I wish my life could feel like this all the time right or, maybe here's somebody that has a little bit of trepidation in, events, like that but. What we, accomplished. Over the last six and a half days was. Bringing, that magic. Bringing, that. You. Know that, witnessing. That, thing, that really, creates, true connection in, a live room we. Brought that here, on the, Facebook, in such. A powerful way I mean some of you guys had 10, comments, on your videos 20. Comments on your videos, 30. Comments, on your videos of your sisters, being like you go girl let's, do this thing in 2018. Don't, hold back anymore you've got what it takes I see, your radiance, I see, your eloquence. I see, the stake that you're putting in the ground for, the people that you're here to serve and, I.

Want To really emphasize that. You, can go out and do this with your communities, and it's, so awesome to, be a part you. Know I'm a part of several communities. Online. On, Facebook where somebody else is in charge great, so that I can just go there and play and, see, what's happening, and I, highly recommend that you stay connected here, if you're if you're watching me on my Facebook fan page click. Over into the women rocking business sisterhood, and let us know that you're here on the comment thread below. Let. Us know that you're here and let us know what. It has touched you about, this tribe, in the, last week. What's. Made a difference for you. What. Is it about the way that people showed, up acknowledging. Each other and seeing. Each other and making these videos, with, so. Much commitment many of you dozens, if you said this is my first video, I've ever made. Like. I just, feel so touched, sorry. I just. Been emotional, today I'm not you know you know how sometimes you're just emotional, and you're not totally sure why um, I. Just. Feel so touched that, you feel. The safe space, here. And, I'm. I'm, committed. To, continue, to create those safe spaces for, you, and. To, enlist. Your support in that because, it's not just me anymore it's not even just my team this, is you I mean women rocking business sisterhood, this is kind, of an unprecedent. And I was telling my colleagues that we had videos being posted and, 20. Or 30 or 40 comments, happening and my colleagues are like oh my god what's happening over there how did you do that I just, want to say like there's. Unprecedented. Participation. And love, like very, real love, and connection happening, in the women rocking business sisterhood, that I know can. Support all of us to go out in 2018. And have this be our. Year. To make a much, bigger difference. So. That. Is, why for the next ten days and, yes I'm about to announce the winners um that is why for the next 10 days we. Are once, again. Unleashing. Our events. That change lives free, training, course I've. Added about 30%, brand, new content, to, this free, virtual training, course some of you may have actually seen pieces of this course or for, some of you it's gonna be brand new but, I am going to challenge you. Based. On what I've seen over, the last week. To. Show up and play fully and be, willing to, consider. Interacting. With every, piece of content that we put out over the next 10 days because. You're, about ready to see. Incredible. Free gifts, my masterclass, is rolling out on Saturday, there's. Two more videos coming, that are professional, videos that we've worked on continuing. To edit over the last few months and I'm gonna be live every, couple days here, with you helping. You really consider, how are, you going to be more visible this year. What. Is the next step, do, you have a workshop, on the calendar do you have a talk that you can give in your community, who. Can you get in front of in the, next few months to make the first quarter, of 2018. To really set you up for. The. Best this is a breakout, year for many of us this is the, breakout, year this, is the year we heal our, relationship, with money this. Is the year we. Embrace our, gift. That, we're meant to give this. Is the year that we look out in the world that we see all, the, excuse. My language. Up that's, going on out there and we. Say, were. The solution, we're, going to get ourselves supported. We're, going to use this tribe we're gonna use our, friends. Our colleagues our resources, you, know get your little bootie to my live event in March we've got it we've got a handful, of tickets left for a women rockin business live in Santa Cruz California March. 6, through the eighth this, is the year that we get ourselves, supported. That, we literally, create, the springboard. Together, so. That we can go out and change. The lives that we're here to change. So. Over, the next ten days that's, what, this is about this. Is about us continuing. To play to interact with the content that you're getting if you haven't taken workshop leader quiz be, sure to take it the link is in the comment, section for this video, figure. Out what kind of workshop, leader you are, keep. Making videos and. Keep. Asking questions. Alright because I'm gonna have a chance over the next week and a half to, coach some of you live and answer your questions and, help you really look at what.

Is Your plan to get in front of more people in the next 30 days so. That you can get in front of your potential clients, and start, to really make a difference in your clients lives and make, a difference in your bank accounts, because, I know that when we can get you making better, money we can we can get you making like solid, income with your business we. Can take you to a whole new level of impact that's what it's really about we, need the money so that we can create that impact, to create the change and create, the freedom based lifestyles, that, you and I are all desiring, so that we can go out and continue to nourish ourselves. Really. Nourish, ourselves so. That we can be the leaders that, we've been waiting for I know it's hard to take me seriously, in these glasses. I'm just, so shiny. So. Goddess's. When, it comes to, the video contest. You, are all winners. Every. Single. One of you that made a video is a. Absolute. Winner of this contest do, you feel that because. The video that you made is like a springboard, for. You to take the next step in your own visibility, your. Own willingness, to get on camera to get on facebook live to. Post. A little to our speaking engagement, in your library. Or in a nearby book store and I know for some of you that terrifies. You and others, if you are like yeah I've been doing it already let's go but. My stake, in the ground for you is that every single one of you actually use your visibility, in the next 90 days to. Create a huge, income. And impact. Breakthrough. So. Please. If you made a video pat, yourself on the back hug yourself tell, yourself right now wow. There's, a lot of people out there that, would, never be willing to get on Facebook in front of a bunch of strangers and make a and, we're, actually weaving. A sisterhood, right. Now as a result, of your videos and how beautiful, is that and. So the next step is for, you to start connecting. In with your women racking business sisters put. A post, in the women rocking business page that says who wants to help on the Skype with me this week who wants to get to know each other let's, start leaving, the sisterhood, even tighter by, actually, creating real connections, within. This tribe. Your. Assignments. For, every single one of you that made a video is to, go back through, the comments. Ok, this is a very important, step so write this down make, time to do this today if you can go, back through the comments, and read. The comments and. Know. Make a note, of which. Acknowledgement. Was, the hardest, for you to accept, about yourself. I. Did. A contest like this four, years ago when my business was just starting to take off and. Somebody. Put, the word up I'm, gonna get, emotional again, what. Is this about women, of the emotional. Somebody. Put a comment in that in, that thread. That said that I was impressive. You. Guys I was such a geek in high school, I was such a nerd in college, like you, know, I wasn't used to somebody telling me that I was impressive. And. I remember, taking, that in and writing that word on a post-it. Note and putting. It on my bathroom mirror and asking. Myself what, would my life be like if I actually believed, this, was true about me, so. That's my challenge to you take. The word that was most difficult, for, you to believe about yourself whether it was that somebody told you you were radiant, or, that you came across with, clear passion or, confident. Take. That word and write it on a post-it take a picture of it for bonus, points and put it in the women rocking business sisterhood, page and put. It on your bathroom, mirror or somewhere, in your house where you're gonna see regularly, and see. If you can really start to, integrate. That word within yourself, now. If you haven't made a video yet there's still time I'm gonna be giving out a couple more prizes next, week to, those of you that continue, to make videos so please. The, video contest, by no means has to be over if you didn't get a chance to make a video you're watching me going wow that that's an opportunity I'd. Still like to do that please let's, keep it going for one more week keep. It knowledge another, and, keep. Taking. Those acknowledged shipments, that you receive both here and in life the, acknowledgments, that people give you that for you are hard to, believe about yourselves, and let's, keep working on that what, write this down what would be possible for me if I, were to fully embrace that, this is true about me, okay. So, I'm about to announce. The three winners of the video contest, and I have to tell you this was the hardest decision, to make in the whole world like my, team and I were last night texting, with, each other being like oh my god how are we even gonna decide.

Those. Of you that are the winners are tagged in the comment section of this video and. If you're a winner and if you're here you guys please join, me as a. Participant. As a panelist. Here. Over. On my zoom. Meeting so that I can say hi to you, if. You are. Drumroll. Please I'm, gonna say the names of the winners, if. You. Are Lisa, Dion, Arielle. Zimmerman, or Erica, hoes, please. Join. As an, attendee, join as a participant, and I will unmute you in a moment and just. Celebrate. You oh I think Erica's, here hi, Erica. Let's, see if I could get you on here. Congratulations. On, winning. The. Visibility, colors. Is. So much I'm. So. Grateful, so grateful and, so humbled and honored Oh sweetheart. What an amazing video you made so you guys here's the deal this, is an amazing, opportunity to learn from. The women who, won, the contest and you guys can learn from, the video that was posted but. I want to give each. Winner. Some really specific feedback and I invite, you guys to, copy. Their name and you guys there's a search bar and the women rocking business sisterhood, page and you can type in Erica. Cozy, how do you say, last name Erica hazy. Hazy. I'm h. OE, s, ee okay so type, her name into, the search bar and, immediately. After this training go watch her video don't watch it yet because I'm about to give you some great training but. Go watch her video and you're gonna learn so, much to, make your own videos. Even. More strong okay. So, I. Want. To find the video feedback. That, I wrote down for you Erica oh here it is here it is um. Sweetheart. How like how did it feel making the video. Really. Good I just um, I was, in my bedroom on my bed and I, just shared. My heart like it wasn't so many times I am such a perfectionist and, it. Allowed me to show up as me which is very easy for me to do in front of people yeah, but that's one thing I want to work on in front of the camera yeah exactly. So, I want to really talk about the fact that Erica was really vulnerable she. Shared about being a mom and she shared something that a lot of moms would never say on camera okay, and go watch your video if you haven't already because she did a really powerful. Job, of being vulnerable but, like not. Letting her pain take. Away from, her connection, with her, audience okay so. She shared that, she, actually had resistance, to becoming a mom that. It. Felt like a part, of your life really, changed and maybe even got taken away when you became a mom and so many moms feel that way and Erica. Instead of letting that defeat. You it, was, like you took that experience and, you learned how to be a mom in your own way and I'm. Sure that it's not always perfect but it's like your greatest wound has become your greatest gift moms. Need. You right. What a beautiful, stand you are taking for moms and so. I'm. Just curious for you what, has it taken you to turn that. Challenging. Moment in your life into, something that you've said oh my god I'm probably not the only one that feels this way I could. Keep transforming. Myself and then bring my gift, to others. It, was at it's been actually, probably. Like, a six-year journey I, was, I had two children my, children are, eight six and three and I. Became, an entrepreneur when, I had my two and, it. Was that limiting belief that I couldn't be a good business, owner and a mom at the same time and from, when wanting no kids to wanting three I almost stopped at two because, I didn't believe in myself and. When. I decided. To have we. Decided to have another child and there's an event that I couldn't go to and, I, elect my. My. Fear run me and that's when I really hit my rock bottom and it was through his pregnancy, that I came out going, that. Event. Doesn't define me I get to choose who I become, and it's, my choice, so it, was cultivating. My joy and, doing that every single day and I, love how you say that your life is a ph.d program for. What you're meant to teach in the world and I started, in network, marketing and I feel like my calling is so, much bigger to share with women. And moms oh I'm. So touched, let's. Just give. Erica. Some love on the thread you guys just, let. Her know how, brave she is for using her life as a PhD program for. Helping moms and Erica, would would it be okay if I bring Ari all on so you can meet her as well yes. Absolutely, Arielle. Join, us. Yeah. It's. You. I'm. Doing, really good how are you doing. Yeah. That was so unexpected I'm, like you know it's, over two minutes and I'm like I feel like I already won anyway.

And Okay, and Erica don't go anywhere you definitely, stay with us. So. You guys I want to tell you why Arielle's. Video really touched me and why I had goose bumps while I was watching one. Of the things was that Arielle, this is your first video that you made is that right, yeah. Yeah. How, old are used to be hurt I'm. 27. And like can you guys imagine I, mean many of us here are in our late 30s or, 40s or, 50s there's, a bunch of women here in their 60s, there's, women and women rocking business sisterhood in their 70s, and like, you guys get the elders prize like huge, kudos to those of you in your 70s, and 60s that are here willing. To start a business in the second half of your life and I also want to acknowledge our, are, used like I want to acknowledge the, the. Women that are up-and-coming I mean imagine if we had started when we were 27 years old like, I'm so, proud of you are al and and, it's so impressive, that you were able to show up with so much purity. And rawness. And, humility. And you. Know for those of you that haven't watched Arielle's video please copy, her name and put it in the search bar so that you can really get that. There's. A transmission. That happens, when. We watch a, video, that is made in a particular way and I think we can all learn from this, you. Know Arielle is a farmer, and she's, a health coach so, you know there's a lot of people that love farming, and love being outside that, would say I'm. Just gonna spend my life being outside, I'm gonna try to figure out how to do that I'm not gonna get online and make a video on the, computer right and you're like yeah you know you have this courage to bridge both worlds I. Also. Love, that you're a health coach but you're not just saying hey I can, help you with your wellness you. Focused. Down you. Said I. Understand, I'm here to help people with anxiety and, depression and low energy, you. Know with this, particular. Problems, that you might be walking through and here's, how I'm going to support you and I, want to really emphasize, that. We can all learn from this both, Arielle, and. Erica. And also Lisa who I don't think is here but definitely go watch her. If you are here just press. Star. 9. On your keypad and raise your hands, so that I know you're here Lisa but. The thing about these 3 videos you guys is that these women were not just, talking, about, generic. Things. That they stand for they. Were talking, to, us there's, a difference, in the way these winners spoke. Into, the camera. Then. Then, some of the other videos that I've seen out there and all of your videos were amazing, there's like none, of you are allowed to beat up on yourselves but, a few, tips here that Arielle, and Erica. Really used is they didn't. Introduce themselves right away they. They, started, out their videos with, an energy, Lisa did this really well to, definitely, watch Lisa's video, she. Started out. By. Asking us to eliminate three, words from her vocabulary, in 2018. And she just like started, with that inquiry like would you be willing to eliminate these three words don't. Not, and no think, of what these words are doing video right and she just like was immediately. Engaged with us and. I want to share with you guys that that's the number, one tip to making a hot video like this thing that I did right at the beginning of our video today like, that. Was intentional. Because I know that, when, I can like wake.

You Up at, the first thirty seconds of a video and let you know like I'm talking to you, this. Isn't about me this is about you okay that's the number, one secret, to making hot, videos, in fact we've done split testing with, videos where, I start, out doing something crazy or I start out asking a question like this versus. I just start out kind of talking and teaching generically, and the, ones with strong, engagement. In the, first one to two minutes well oftentimes have. Up to an eighty percent higher. Retention. Rate for people who watch all the way through, okay, so let's just learn from that it's. About engaging the audience and. It's, about talking to you like. I'm here, to put a stake in the ground for you having, that you're ever not. We not. The people, out there but, you, I'm talking, to you can you guys feel the difference. You. Guys are awesome, what's your way. And then I'm gonna explain, your prize because you guys get free admission into, the events that change, lives training program this. Month which is a two thousand, dollar training, program I'm gonna include live Q&A calls, it, includes a free ticket to our three-day live event it, includes, everything. That you need to know about how to tell a story on, stage that, captivates, your audience, it, basically gives my whole formula for, you. Know in women rocking business we've been able to create million-dollar, events, I mean my I have my entire company. Like. My I have hundreds of clients I, have a dozen, women that work for me they're amazing, like the reason I have my entire company is because of my events we, do events every year where we make a million, dollars in revenue you guys I used to make twenty thousand, dollars a year as a school teacher like. I never in a million years thought that this lifestyle, would be possible, and I'm so humble, like I bow down to. The, live events, that we're able to create and, bring women together because. Not. Only are, we able to create the revenue for my company and help a bunch of women around the world but, we do fundraisers, at our events, we raise money for, women in the rain forest and women. In third-world countries and, I want, to get that formula, as it as many hands, as possible so, that you guys have the. Strategies, for really putting a talk together that's. Designed, to, attract, your exact, ideal, clients, who are ready to take the next step with you and invest in themselves through your services, so that's. Your prize we're. Gonna get you all set up with, admission, the course starts in a couple of weeks for, those of you that are interested, in taking a look at that course again please, plug in to the free content that's gonna be dripped out over the next ten days whether, you ever study, with us or not in one of our training courses I'm committed, to getting you as far as I can in the next ten days Anne Arielle. And Erica what's your biggest takeaway from playing and, winning and learning, through this process with us. Who. Goes first. Go. First sir okay. I would, say for me it was not, over analyzing, and not second-guessing, that was my first take which normally doesn't happen and just. Sharing. My truth. Congratulations. Thank. You what a beautiful example. Of feminine. Strength you, are Erika. What. About you Arielle. For. Me it was just like this, big, sense. Of like, freedom. That, I just, could not get, to for. The longest, time like fear round in my life forever. Like. Ever and, just made, me so tired but this was just like all right I'm gonna put the intention to the divine, that, you. Know I'm gonna say be. Authentic, be me and be. Clear about my truth, and I it just came, out I was like this. Is great. We. Go together ready 1 2 3 boom. And. Then choir, I. Just. Want to thank you both because, I get, I have to be honest I get a lot out of leading. My live events, like I get to be with women 3 dimensionally, and it's like so good for some part of my heart that like spends, a lot of time it's for the computer and I've, had a little bit of a story of like, I can only go so far with a video and, I feel like connecting. With the two of you today and connecting, with the hundreds, of you that made videos and every single woman here who's commenting on the page and saying hi below and really wanting to be a part of this tribe like you. Guys are really showing me what's. Possible virtually, so I just want to thank you it's. Really inspired you all. Right, women, Rock long, lives women rocking business I. Have. A few more things to teach you guys by. And. I. Going. To talk a little bit about the workshop leader quiz because if you haven't taken it or if you have taken it and you haven't totally been interacting, with the information, as much as you know you may want to you just want to say a few things about the workshop leadership, types and then, what you can expect, today, when, we send out the buttons.

Eats Checklist. That's coming out today and then on Friday we're, gonna be getting you guys a recipe, to start profiting from and monetizing, live, events, as a way to grow. Your business, and. Use. Your visibility to make great money this year so there were three workshop, leader types, I know many of you are wondering how many types there are there's actually three and. Really what I'm looking at when I put, the quiz together and. I talked to a bunch of my, colleagues, that have been meeting live events, a thousand, two thousand people you know for far longer than I have is what we've noticed is there's this spectrum. Where on one end we have people that are really comfortable being, teachers these. Are the stage rocking, visionaries. These, are people that aren't really afraid to pick up the microphone, to. Pop, up the PowerPoint, and teach you, know for an hour an, hour and a half like you're ready to impart knowledge these. Are the stage rocking visionaries, you're not really afraid of the spotlight like you're pretty psyched about the spotlight which is good we need you and. If your genius your, genius is, being. A teacher so, we've got to get you out there teaching and keep teaching and help you feel really great about that and, then, on the other excited, a spectrum, we, have people that would really much rather facilitate. These are the revolutionary. Facilitators, like you, would rather gather, people, and as soon as you can get, them into groups talking with each other get them having breakthroughs with each other create, partner exercises, right, like that's just where you shine like you really you, have a gift at creating, community. And. You've we've, got to get you out there continuing, to create community, okay so that's at the other end of the spectrum and then, in the middle are, these, this. This leadership style that's learning around being a transformational, catalyst, where, you can actually go back and forth you can do both things and you, have a genius in alternating. Alternating. Back. And forth between the, experiential learning and. The. Rocking. The stage teaching, experience. You're learning over here rocking, the stage teaching over here, so. Wherever you fell on that spectrum my, challenge. To you is to really start looking at how do you design like. A two-hour talk that, can be a way that potential, clients start to get to know you okay, so over the next ten days I'm going to be really, sharing, how do you put. Together a talk, that's. Like a couple hours you can do it in your living. Room you can do it in a bookstore you can do it. You. Know in, a, in a wellness clinic in a community, center you can do it in your friend's living room many of you have heard this story that I started, out with. Twelve women in my living room in Santa Cruz California on, our purple couches, and that's how my million-dollar training company started, so. Over. The next 10 days we're gonna be challenging, you to start thinking about like okay if I had a two-hour talk that I was giving on a Thursday.

Night Or a Sunday afternoon. You know what would I say what would I bring into that talk. How. Would I use my leadership style, to. Do some partner exercises, or show some PowerPoint, slides and rock the stage and give some great value and then, let people know that there's more where that came from because. In every business we have to have a potential, client funnel, we have to have a way that clients gets funneled in to us and, having. A free two-hour workshop that you do in your community, I'm gonna be making a case on Friday that. It's really in some ways the most effective, most efficient, quickest, potential, client, funnel that you could put into place did. You know that anything, that you do live converts. Up, to 40 times faster, and, 40. Times more successfully, than anything that you do online so. As much as I want you getting online absolutely for, sure keep getting online and making your videos what. I know is that. People. Are only going to pay so much attention to, you on the internet versus. If you get in front of a small, group of live people you're, gonna start popping clients. Out of that and, then you're gonna take that success in that confidence back, on the internet and you'll do even better on the internet as well okay, does that make sense so join us Friday, to be back on at 9 a.m. Pacific 12, p.m. Eastern for. Another training but, for now I just want to encourage, you if you haven't taken the quiz already please take the quiz again. Keep letting us know what's the biggest thing that you're getting out of being in this tribe being, in The Sisterhood I want, to congratulate, Abigail. And Erica. I'm sorry Erica, and. Arielle. And Lisa and, I had a note here, that there, were a couple of videos that really touched me and Abigail's, was one of them Abigail. Clapper, and Tammy's. Troops video really touched me as well and all. Your videos touched me but Abigail's, and Tammy's there was just a confidence, that really poured through you and a, way that you really described, what you're passionate about and who you're helping that. Really landed, so, you guys tons, of learning, take. The names and the chat thread, you, know take Erika's, name. Take. Arielle's name take Lisa's name and go watch their videos right now and make, a note, about how, they talked to, us as the, viewer of the. Video and then on your next video and you're welcome to do another one this week for the challenge, your, challenge, is to make another video and, actually.

Talk To us rather. Than talking in generics, talk, to me as if I am, your potential, client right, to start really speaking, to you because. I know that you can, have this kind of a transformation, this year and I know that, you all. Can. Have 2018. Be the breakout year in your business so thank you for being with me thank. You for getting me the, healing that I received, from just being with all of your videos I'm so deeply, touched and, I will see you on Friday and. Go take the workshop mater quiz if you haven't already bye. You guys love, you all so much you're, amazing, keep rocking it.

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I love you Sage. You are really transforming my life. And the lives of more women (and therefore people) than you can imagine. How sweet it is to be loved by you!!! Can't wait to give you a big big LOVE hug when I attend your live event in Santa Cruz! Mwahhh!!! Xoxoxo!

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