Women Helping other Women Selflessly | Best Friends Building an Instagram Business

Women Helping other Women Selflessly | Best Friends Building an Instagram Business

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Hello I'm so excited to see you back here at Spark  of Wisdom, a talk show for self transformation   seekers where every week I bring life coaches,  healers, authors, visionaries, thought leaders to   share their knowledge, passion and wisdom. Today's  interview is a very special one for me for a   few different reasons; one of them is that for the  first time I'm going to be interviewing two guests   instead of one and those two guests are actually  two amazing women that I consider my friends. We   connected through instagram, we are virtual friends, we never met in real life even though we plan to.   We started supporting each other, learning  and growing together. I am so excited to get  

them here in front of you so you can  get to know them better, you can see   how amazing they are you can see all the hard  work that they are putting on every single day   to build a community, to build their business, to  motivate and to empower women. I don't think I  could have found better guests to discuss today's  topic, women helping women selflessly. Yani and   Vika are two best friends that came together and  build an instagram business and in this interview   they will reveal all of the struggles, challenges,  their dreams, their mission, their passion and most   importantly they'll be sharing with us their tips  and tricks, the most common mistakes, everything   that you need to know if you are looking now to  start an instagram business, to grow an instagram   page or any type of business. If you're as curious  as I am and heard about those two girls having an   instagram business you probably wonder how can you  actually monetize instagram and is it profitable ?  Don't worry, I will be asking all of those  questions. Let's bring Yani and Vika ...  Hello and welcome to Spark of Wisdom! Hi  girls. Hi hi thank you so much for accepting  

my invitation. I'm so happy to have both of  you here. Thank you. Thank you for having us. How are you girls? Great, excited  for the interview. Exactly. I'm so happy to have both of you here but let's  let's hear a little bit more about you, just   to introduce yourself to everyone that doesn't  know you as well as I do so who wants to start?   Just say a few words about yourself. I would love  to start so my name is Yaniza but of course I can   make it shorter and easier for you everyone calls  me Yani I am 26 years old and I am all about   art design and creativity so I love any kind of  design from fashion to interior to content design   I just love being creative and just play around  with you know different ideas different colors   different designs and creations this is totally my  passion and my purpose and also I love motivation   I love motivating people inspiring people to  really believe in themselves. I love to talk   and give advices to people so so this is kind of  really my thing. Nice, what about you Vika? My name  

is Victoria but you can call me Vika because most  of my friends are calling me like that, short there.   I'm 31 years old right now I'm living in  Belgium but before I was living in Bulgaria   where I also met Yani and where we became  friends and eventually started our business.  My hobbies or my passions are traveling,  music one of my biggest passions music   and also meeting new people. I love people  generally I love meeting new people because I   love talking to people advising motivating them I  love to have deep conversations becauseIi want to   understand why people think like that um and yeah  exactly I'm just uh I'm super positive person and   I love to bring positivity in people's life.  That's cool! So let's just start. I want to ask you  

first of all how you guys met? You're best  friend, we know, that but how did you   met and how did you even come up with  the idea to start a business together?   We met um back then at our nine-to-five job we  worked at the same company in Bulgaria and yes   in Bulgaria back then Vika was living in Bulgaria  and we worked together and actually I think she    had some day days off when I started working at  this company and when she came back to work and   I got to know her immediately, from the first day  I met her somehow we vibed let's see the energies   that we had so when they came together it was  like truly an explosion of uh just positivity   and fun and all the good things that you can  imagine between friends so um we really came   close very quickly and um I remember that we went  to a vacation together one weekend we didn't   even know that each other so well but we just  decided you know we're going to vacation together   to the seaside and um i think from this weekend  on we really said oh my god best friends like   the same um mindset same vision about life  same values same energy and at the same times   we are we have very um common uh things between  each other but also we are very different and   in those differences we create perfect balance so  they can we so that we can actually work together   and that's how we notice that we can  actually create something together   because with the same mindset that we need to be  bosses and not employees we knew that we have to   do something and we decided to do it together  and the funny story about how this happened is   exactly at work when we had break and we sat so  on the couch to just relax and talk a little bit   and um we just we were silent for a minute like  nobody was talking no none of us two was saying   something and then actually i don't know who  said it i think we can but i also said it with   my eyes like what are we doing here why are we  doing this 9 to 5 thing what are we doing with   our lives how long will we do this and then all  these questions somehow provoked um our action to   just start to brainstorm what we really want to do  and then how to start it so yeah brainstorming was   exactly on this couch what so one of us finds  interesting what the other finds interesting   what we love doing what we are good at and  so we of course then decided to do something   motivational because we are bought um very  positive people and um people often come to us   when they need inspiration and motivation so  we decided that's our thing and we made the   instagram page. That's amazing and I don't think  this happens very often to just have a discussion   like you two had in a break right you were both at  work having a break having a discussion we should   do something but you actually did it lots of  people will just you know mention something yeah   okay it's a very different thing to talk  about something and then actually go and do it.   Yes true but that's also what actually uh  Yani also said, it's because of the mindset   right because both our mindsets were doers yeah  how challenging was for you to start a business   well um honestly the first thoughts that  we had when we decided to start a business   it was not challenging at all like the thought  of it was not challenging because clearly we knew   what we wanted to do what we wanted to achieve um  so nothing was challenging because we knew we won   our goal was visible so when we decided to  create our instagram account and we started   to post the first times this is where the  challenges started and one of the biggest   challenges that we had in the beginning actually  uh was being blocked every week we just would have notifications of um of instagram saying  sorry we have to block your account because   some reasons... but we didn't know what type  of reason so we did most probably something   that was not allowed by instagram but we didn't  know what would be wrong because we were using   so many strategies that we were reading on  the internet or um teaching ourselves by um   let's say buying some courses so we were actually  applying all these strategies but we didn't know   if they were correct or wrong but most probably  as we understood these strategies that we used   in the beginning they were wrong strategies but  that's how you learn. Right, by trial and error,   that's the best way to learn.   How long after that discussion that  

you two had on the couch, how long till  you actually created the page and posed? I think it was during the week that we had the  conversation and I remember that I did it    in the weekend I just created the account  um in the weekend and I posted a few quotes   and then on Monday I just show her the  page and she said I love it and we started   just in a few days very quick yeah very quickly  yes wow oh i remember that part i really remember   that monday and again because you know we will  talk a lot about this couch because everything   happened on that couch i mean this couch is green  couch remember it was green there where everything   happened honestly there were our ideas born this  is where we really did everything and this is also   where yeah Yani came on Monday morning on that  couch and I was sitting there waiting for her   to go uh to work and then she's like hey dave  i'm like hey he's like look what i have and   she's showing me that phone and there it is that  instagram account that she had created in that   weekend and she had already posted some posts  and oh i remember that feeling it was amazing   I'm like oh my god yes we are starting i mean this  was really amazing yeah it is the same page that   you're having today. Right, yes by the way I had  two or three accounts but not only blocked but deleted   by instagram. So probably because you started  earlier it was still the time when instagram   will block you for like i don't know what was it  24 hours or seven days depending on what you did   and i was saying like you guys clueless not  knowing what to do i was what i was doing i   was just following too many people and liking  too many posts and i will always get blocked   so i had to start three times or four times  having a an instagram account if not not good   well that's that's the thing i mean that's the  things i think that um as we and you and a lot   of people are going through because there are  so many restrictions by instagram um that you   just don't know what you have done wrong and why  you got restricted or why you got exactly your   counter deleted yeah but um so i guess a lot of  people are going and will go through this because   um either they're not well educated about what is  uh allowed and what is not allowed by instagram   right as you said um liking too many posts could  block you which we didn't know back in the days   because we were thinking hey we will like a lot  of posts so we can get a lot of likes back but we   will talk about this later so i can mention also  this is i mean this is something that is very   often happening um because you know the thing is  also that um back in the days our first goal once   we created that account was having followers oh we  need to have followers we need to have followers   as much as possible but followers sorry casing  followers exactly json followers but at the end   and i mean later on we really understood it's  not about just having a bunch of followers   this is not the whole point of having an instagram  account or having your business set up of course i   mean the long-term goal is to have a lot of true  fans and not a lot of just followers yeah quality   followers exactly exactly so uh yes using uh  wrong strategies using different strategies   eventually um what we realize is that we really  want to invest in training and coaching in reading   to really invest in ourselves to become better and  to deliver a better service and better business   to the world so yes definitely by investing in  ourselves by investing in uh learning training   coaching this is what got us actually day by  day better and better and we're not getting   locked anymore. By the way, I have a question why  an instagram business? why not something else?

Well why in instagram business  um well obviously because   at that time this was the number one social media  platform so going back to that green color story   um we were always i mean whenever we were having  grades lunches and the weather was bad we were not   going outside so we were staying inside being  out buying coffee buying lunch sitting there   talking and meanwhile we would always catch our  catchers swiping on instagram this was before   by the way that we uh uh had the idea to start a  business so we were swiping on instagram and then   you would see yanny swiping um checking uh pages  on instagram um for let's say interior design   fashion you would catch me it's going for some  things people music because i love music so you   would and would share um this passion with each  other right i'll look at this all look at that   so once we decided to create our business and  start our business we knew that this will be   the platform that we will use because if we  can get our passion throughout the pages that   people deliver on instagram and this is how they  are making us happy this is what we want to do for   people too so this was the thought instagram  word it will be because the biggest platform   yeah yeah and also another reason is that um  back then we didn't we were kind of afraid as   most probably many people to invest we wanted  to start a business um that could be online so   we don't have to invest that much in it and  that was back then the best option for us   because it was also something that we use on  daily basis so it was again type of a comfort zone   you know when people are they when they're of  course motivated to start something but then   also fear is there and they say okay i need to  take it slow i will do it but still i want to   take it slow and uh of course  be on the safe side rather than   risk so how can someone start a business  on instagram what should be the first steps definitely for any type of business not  only for instagram also physical business   not only virtual business this person needs  to define their strengths passion and purpose   this is really the main thing what you love  doing what you're good at that will also be your   business and um it will become your main income  at some point because when you do something with   passion when you are happy doing something and  making it to your business and your main income   then it it will really get successful there is no  other option success is the only option when you   know that this is your thing and when you love  doing it so this is the first thing really think   about what you enjoy doing and most of the time  people don't even recognize that it's something so   simple and that it's something that you're used to  doing but you never thought it can be a business   right it can be a hobby it  can be anything that you do   in the weekend in your free time this can be your  business just you just need um to be clear on that   what is that thing and then the next step to do  a plan and to know how to take the first steps   of course um i'll just add that um you  need to educate yourself you may think   that because this is a hobby and you already  know everything about it because you practice it   but once you start you will see that you need to  educate yourself and invest in yourself invest   also in knowledge so you can um continue building  because you may have the basics but if you want   to grow if you want to succeed and make money  out of this then you need to educate yourself   right yeah i agree okay girls you know that  everyone that's watching right now has a question   in mind what does it take to be successful on  instagram well honestly i think if you would uh   google this question right now you would have  ten thousands of tips how to be successful on   instagram and i think um for everyone it  could be different but from our experience   first of all the most important thing is to be  genuine i mean this is also when we started our   business we said to each other let's be ourselves  let's do not um let's say show what maybe people   love to see or want to see but just be ourselves  be genuine so also for the other people whenever   let's say you engage on on other accounts  and other posts just be genuine be yourself   give your honest true opinion people will love  you for that honestly people will appreciate   because you're genuine so don't pretend to be  someone else because you think that people will   love you or like you because you're pretending to  be someone else pretending to be whoever they want   to see let's see but honestly believe me on long  term people will appreciate you for who you are   and will love just you because you're  genuine well being genuine is one of our um   uh advices uh another advice that i would give is  being consistent i think consistency is actually   i don't know if i can say that yani  you can maybe just add it to it   most important you can say it this is  what brought us to where we are right now the consistency actually consistency um together  with patients because going back to what we said   being blocked every week um having in mind  that um you know i remember that moment   we were six months later after we started our  business and we only had three thousand dollars   around three thousand dollars it was six months  later and i remember us having a conversation that   why why are we doing this actually i mean it  doesn't bring up anything right i mean you're not   growing i mean most probably people just don't  like what we do right so maybe we should just um   start thinking about some other topic or some  other type of business it's not working right   but whenever yani had this thought or whenever  i had this thoughts it was very funny but it   was whenever she had this thought i would  always say to her no we're not stopping   or whenever i would have these thoughts she would  be like are you crazy no we are not stopping so   you see being consistent um with with the let's  say with posting every day um just be consistent   in whatever you do in your business and have  patience honestly on long term this will make you   successful just don't give up too early because  we could have given up after six months but look   Actually after the seventh month it just like  really it really it just exactly it just blew   up and it just went and you see i mean we could  have given uup but we didn't because we were just   patient and and consistent in whatever we did did  You guys post every day? So are you posting now   every day still? Yes. So from the moment you started  this page you was posting every single day? Every   single day and actually in the beginning um we  were posting six times a day, it was six times yeah but now we just stopped and we're posting once a  day um but i mean this is important because i mean   posting every day is just for your posting for  your uh for the people that love you right for for   the audience that you have for the followers that  you have because they're following you because   they love the content that you share right yeah  so they are waiting every day to see something   else something more so give it to them you have  to show up exactly okay but you girls have a   is a theme page right um is there a difference  between growing a same page and a personal account   yes definitely a theme page is um easier to  grow let's say because the content on a team   page is more shareable and is more relatable on  a personal page let's say if you are some blogger   or whatever you just post your pictures you can  also post quotes but this type of page is somehow   more difficult to grow because when you post  yourself people get the feeling that they   have to get to know you first and they then  they start actually getting interested in um   also your personal life and uh getting to um just  follow your content and be interested and with   the pin with the team page you can just um start  posting quotes let's say or content with some tips   and people immediately start relating to it  or just start following uh for the tips or for   whatever you're doing it's very easy to attract  the audience on the team page so i would say   that's the main difference and it's in my opinion  team page which is easier to grow definitely okay   so it's easier to grow and i understand the  reasons why are the same strategies that apply   I wouldn't say that so for a personal  account the best strategy is um   to really let people into your personal life so  if you want people to trust you and to like you   you have to be open to let them into your  daily life into your um you know habits   into your interests into your family even you  need to be very open and to share all these uh   things with your audience because this is why they  are following you they like you because they saw   let's say a fashion blogger they love the way you  dress so every day you have to post yourself with   a outfit something like it's just an example or a  makeup artist you have to show on your makeup so   you show yourself your your life every day where  you went shopping what you did today that's what   gets people excited and what they like and  the team page is really being consistent as   we said and patient because it's easier to grow  but still you need patient and knowledge on this   so what you girls think that are the most common  mistakes that people do when they want to grow   an instagram account regardless that is steam  or personal account um people are not patient   enough so they want to do um right grow very quick  have a lot of followers very quick have a lot of   engagement so what they do for engagement studying  follow or unfollow right what they're doing   they're following a lot of accounts they're having  some accounts following them back and then after   that they will unfollow because this accounts  are not following you because they want to   follow you i mean yes you will have uh for maybe a  week or two maybe less um this amount of followers   but then you will see that will drop because  they're not following you because they like   your page or they won't really generally follow  your page another thing even worse even worse buying followers buying comments buying likes this  is really happening a lot and actually i guess   maybe also you aura but i guess we had this and  we're still having these uh messages on instagram   we are daily receiving this um advertisements  in our dms uh saying um buy a likes and by   comments sorry my comments so you're paying  an amount of money let's say i don't know   maybe you're paying 20 and then you  receive 100 comments on a few posts   but it really doesn't make any sense i mean yes  you will have engagement but these are really not   they're not even genuine i think now profiles like  robots so it doesn't make any sense to do that   Another thing also and this is actually  something that is really in your control   is not being consistent again if you are  consistent things will really change in a long   term and actually very on a short term like being  consistent um in posting in creating your content   in engaging with your uh um audience this  consistency um is actually something that will   bring you up so actually the mistake would be not  being consistent because we have a lot of clients   where we are working with and there's and whenever  we are checking their accounts we just see   they post it uh on monday and then they will post  on sunday but what happened in this other six days   right like where were you you know so if you  really i mean being consistent is really really   important yeah but maybe consistency doesn't mean  maybe as a page that works but i don't think every   personal account should post every day or five  times a day but please be consistent if you   post to monday wednesday and friday make sure that  every week you keep that consistency right exactly   exactly exactly so it's not about uh honestly like  um about every day or twice a day as you said if   it's monday wednesday friday keep the whole time  doing that so this is actually but i would say   definitely um for the people that want to start  a page in the beginning really try to post every   day because this will give you a head start it  will be definitely more effective are you saying   this has to do with instagram algorithm or is more  for people over you know your potential audience   also the algorithm it also has to do with that  because once it sees that you are consistent and   by consistent I mean you post every day it's more  likely that your posts can reach the explore page   very soon because it's getting um exposed  to more people as you post every day   and that's how it works does it have to be at the  same hour as well or that count it's good that you   notice when your audience is most active even if  you don't have um a lot of followers yet i think   with hundreds or 200 followers you can already  see when they are most active when they post   yeah do you want to to add something else about  mistakes other mistakes or that's it there are   a lot but uh those are the most in common i  mean uh that are really happening very often   we also come across pages where you open that page  and then you see um you don't actually know what   this page is about because today it's business  tomorrow it's fashion and then it's makeup and   then it's um a quote and then so you just don't  know what this page is about right so what we   would also advise is that you actually choose  your niche and post and and create content exactly   for that niche don't mingle with these things  because otherwise it will be really not clear   to the audience to the to the explorer page  to the people that don't know your page   whenever they will open your pic and we just  don't know what this page is about is it now about   makeup is it about fashion is it quotes is it what  is it so this would also be another advice that um   to really stay in your niche so be consistent  with your topic too with your niche   excellent i get it and i like what you said about  i like that you started the the common mistakes   with the follow for follow because you try to  look now in google and search for how to grow your   instagram page most of the searches of the first  pages on the first pages you'll find this big   powerful follow because it's the only way how as  we start you know you can have get some eyeballs   on your page you girls don't agree with that  that's not uh that's not a good strategy no   focus on the audience that you have  exactly that's what you need to do even   if it's 50 followers it doesn't matter they  followed you because they're interested and   if you post content that they will follow and  be really um interested in they will definitely   recommend they will show your page to their  friends and this is how you will genuinely and   organically grow is it possible that even though  you're consistent and you have a small audience   is it possible that you want to grow to have tens  hundreds of thousands followers honestly i think   with the right mindset and with the right  strategies you can grow any type of account   i mean really combining these right strategies  and being patients don't forget let's let's add   always patience right i think mindsets  the knowledge so the right strategies   um and patience will honestly my honest genuine  i mean opinion i think yes every page can grow   to 10 000, 20 000 and even higher yeah i'm asking  because I know and I work with clients that   you know being new coaches they're trying to  to increase their following on instagram and   they're doing the right thing they're just not  getting any traction so yeah probably patience   will be there number one be patient and being  genuine with your audience and with other pages   you need to engage with other pages this is also  a thing that helps a lot just be genuine when   you see a post that you like a content that you  like uh tips that are useful just leave a comment   that you read everything you also read the caption  you love it and you are grateful for the tips they   helped you they helped your friends this is how  you will also make the owner of this page happy   and the followers of this it may be a big  page that you're commenting on they will see   your comment they will check out your page  and this is how it goes but this takes time   it's not that you can do um 10 comments today  and tomorrow you have 100 followers from it you   need to be genuine and really do it from heart  and it will just flow at some point what are the   ways you can monetize an instagram business wow  instagram is full of opportunities there is no   count of this how you can monetize your instagram  business of course it depends on your niche   on what you enjoy doing um but some of the things  you could do and that are really profitable   uh definitely we would say uh  selling services like coaching   and also doing promotions or the so-called  shout outs also selling products it doesn't   matter if they're virtual product products  like ebooks or classes or non-virtual like   some i don't know makeup cosmetics it doesn't  matter you can sell it on instagram and have a   lot of sales even without having any other social  media also you can do affiliate marketing it if   you're not into starting your own business you can  do affiliate marketing it's also very successful   and also i think that we love is that  you can create content for other pages   this is also a great way because in that way you  are practicing your own skills into designing and   creativity and at the same time you're doing  it for a client and you're getting paid for it   but what are the services that you guys offer for  your audience well we actually offer few services   um also what Yani actually said we also were  thinking how can we monetize what how can we   offer and give services to other people how can  we make things better and help um our audience   so what we do first of all we do account  reviews right because um a lot of people um   they're contacting us and they're asking can you  help us also to grow our account can you check   our account what are we doing wrong how  can we improve our accounts what we do   we do account reviews it's um we're  booking a call a zoom call with them   uh it's one hour call we are checking the account  we're giving all the advices um to our client   so they can improve their account this is one of  our services obviously we also do promotions uh so   we do shout outs on stories we do promotions  on uh on our feeds or with the clothes um   it's very important actually to mention because  uh we know that a lot of pages what they do wants   a promotion they're paying for the promotion uh to  put their post uh on their feed but it's only also   for 24 hours or for a limited time so for us uh  they can choose if they want it can be a lifetime   it can just stay on our team so it's up to them  uh they can choose it if they want us to keep   the promotion forever this promotion will always  stay there on our feet so this is uh what we do   also our uh specialist and professional um jani  the content creator no um so we are also creating   content um for the people also uh designing um  the content for them and also we have packages   either it's for a week for a month so we have  different packages either it's only one so they   can just see how it works how it looks and if they  want more then we have other effects packages for   content creations and last but not least also  we had a few months ago our first free ebook   this was actually free everyone could download it  easily and read the ebook that we wrote ourselves   and the second ebook that we launched was actually  last week on 8th march on international women's   day this is when we launched our second ebook and  this ebook the name of the ebook is test bundle   so there actually we just combined everything that  you need to be successful in your business so this   is the services that we provide for now but there  are coming much more so we're also working on it   that's great so probably lots of people wonder  if this type of business is profitable can you   tell us yes definitely we could say that it's  profitable it's 100 percent possible that you   make money out of instagram but you need to  be patient again here it is very good patiency   and consistency this is so really what you need  because even if you have a great content if you   have following you need to know that your audience  has to trust you first in order to become your   clients so whenever you start whenever you  have an idea of having a product or a service   really make sure that you're providing value  to that audience it's not just about selling   something to get money out of it it's  really about providing value about being   useful and about helping people grow let's say if  you do something with instagram or helping them   with whenever whatever they need to help with  with whatever they struggle you need to solve   their problems this is what really can make  you successful and make your account profitable   so don't forget to really post high  quality content if you're going to do it   make some effort um spend more time on it really  make sure that what you post each of your posts   is high quality is providing value and is  going to be interesting for the audience and   useful this is really key and i know you girls  are both so passionate in building this page and   their main option is to help other  women to empower them to motivate them   okay i'm talking about this what are  the new problems with your business loving to talk about the future things okay  uh well um as you know because i mean we focus   right now to really empower women and um to  work on their mindset this is actually what   our new future goal is actually to uh invest more  in ourselves and our um way of um learning things   reading more things because we really want  to change women's mindsets empower them shift   especially the mindset because you know we you can  talk to people and you can uh change the mindset   maybe just for a while but shifting a mindset is  a total other picture right so this is what um   one of our uh near future goals is is really to  educate ourselves much more and much deeper to   not only empower uh the women what they're doing  right now with the folks that we are posting daily   but we want to go a step further so and we  are working on that um right now so it will be   there very soon and uh another thing is is  that we really want to reveal on what i said   right now build a big female community a huge  female community really where everything is   possible for every woman and no opportunity  is less like honestly for everyone because   Yani, you, me we are all women and it doesn't  matter where we come from how old we are   what our interests are we are all the same and  we have been through a lot of things yeah i have   been through a lot of things you have been for  a lot of things me and every woman out there   but still we just because we are all the same we  want to make sure that all the women out there   are really um motivated by us and empowered  by us even though they're going through a hard   time that they still can reach their goals and  dreams that's awesome i love this all right now   what is the wildest dream that you have towards  your business i can start here because um when   you ask the question i immediately imagined my  wildest dream um being invited into the Oprah show   really sitting next to oprah and you  know like you're asking me questions now   i dream of her asking me questions and being  in front of this huge audience of hers where   we can really motivate a lot of women and show  them that nothing is impossible every woman has   huge potential in in herself she just needs to  unlock it and then she can take over the world   nice if you want, i can put the picture with  Oprah on my camera. Yes, visualization you know Cool I'm so excited with what  you two are doing is so amazing   the fact that you are best friends, you're  not even living in the same country right now   but you're still working towards this business you  manage to start something you work hard towards it   you stayed consistent you didn't give up it  doesn't matter how hard it was and right now   you ... i can say that you are a role model  for other women that are trying, are starting a   new business especially now with the pandemic  and everything that's happening in the world   more people are turning more towards the virtual  world and yeah they are looking at people like you   two to give them some inspiration and it's amazing  that you are actually they're doing this showing   up every day for your audience. Is amazing , I am following you so i know what you're doing there   is amazing it's great! Yani, very nice  design! Thank you! I'm looking at your stories and   your posts and i know you're doing it so i'm  sorry Vika, I can't give you credit for that. No it's  

fine, whenever you give credit to Yani i'm  also taking it for me so no worries at all.   I really love the relation like people have  because I think you don't only inspire women   on taking action in business and believing in  themselves but also in look having finding a   friendship and starting something together  women helping other women that's amazing i   also would love to thank Vika because she is  the person behind the messages the replies   from the clients and she really puts so much  effort into making each client special the   communication that we have with the clients it's  already fully on her and i love how our connection   is going with our audience and it's because of her  so thank you thank you department is the customer   service and yours is creation and design yes  balance balance yes everyone now everyone in your   audience now found out this secret because i don't  know if you shared it before on your page yes   Okay girls so now I will have to ask you  to leave us with a last spark of wisdom ...  Who wants to share or maybe both of you want  to share a last spark of wisdom with   everyone watching? Our motto  let's say it yes...We rise by lifting others!  We rise by  lifting! So beautiful! Yes. Nice, thank you  

so much girls, it was so much fun having both  of you here, I'm so happy that I actually had   an interview with someone that first language  is not the English, we're all three Europeans   and we're struggling a little bit with English  but we're doing a great job, pat on the back for us..   so hopefully lots of people will know  now what to do when they want to start   an instagram business or page whatever it is  and they will find all of your information in   the description in the comment section below our  instagram handle is femme_infopreneurs Femme is a french word for women, but you  will also write it down right below so they can   click on it and find us there. Yes it's right  now on the screen everyone can see but I just   wanted you to say it again. Great and also  of course via email for some requests or   questions regarding our services on feminfopre@gmail.com Thank you so much and maybe  

i will see you again in another interview. Thank  you for having us Aura, thanks for having us   it was really fun. Thank you and thank you guys,  I will see you in the next video, bye bye... bye  

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