Women ARE Better Then Men | Pay To Play & The Business Of Family

Women ARE Better Then Men | Pay To Play & The Business Of Family

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What. On YouTube, oh. Man. What, a day. Kind. Of love it what's up Shelly sterling. You. Gotta live it gotta love it gotta love it out and about getting, business, done. In. Between meetings. Nothing. Much just working how am i I'm good I'm, good I'm lying I'm making it. Wrapping. Up family. Business, I have. That funeral to go to tomorrow and. I. Don't know how many of you guys call it the live stream last night where. I did part two of what, high-value. Men want, and why they don't want your kind and, I. Gave, a. Lot. Of women. A really, hard truth to understand. That. A reason, a high-value, men don't, want, women, of a certain kind is because you, want guarantees, and. Here's. The thing and I said it people, who want guarantees, want, guarantees. For one, primary, reason it's. Not for security you, want a guarantee because somewhere. Deep inside you know. Your. Brother you're gonna flip out, probably go left and not, keep up your hands and bargain, so, you want your cake and eat one and eat it too, that's. Why most people want guarantees. And. Honestly a lot of women and honestly, if you're over the wall you. Even, had a kid, there's. So many reasons why no, one deserves a guarantee, but I gotta give you. Know. Women. Credit. For. One thing. Women. Are better than. Me and even when we have the high value man conversation. And we as men talk about it everything, we want to achieve do such, and so forth. You had eighteen people watching, two likes come on hit the like button hit the dislike button. You, know. Women. Men. Can learn something from women. Women. Are better at, the. Business of unity, women. Are better than at the business of unity this is where women kick men's but, women. Support, other women, I, look. At my aunt that just passed and. When. Look. At it go just. Check this out check the next time you go to a funeral for me, versus. A woman. See. How much outpouring. Of love respect. Well. Wishes, come out with a woman passes. Women. Will show each other solidarity. And I know people are gonna come here to talk about we're here they're socially programs, like and so forth yeah that's bull okay fine, but. Women. Got. Each other's backs before. I did this lock straight and I went and checked something that I watch from time to time and this is no knocking, her but. It's a shame the. Cynthia, Jean. Has. More, patrons. Then. Almost. All the, black men in this sector of YouTube. She. Has almost, 800. Patrons, and that's down, she. Used to have eight hundred and thirty some-odd, now she has 785. Just. 785. Patrons. We. Got one dude that has 380. The. Other guys have a couple other guys have a hundred or so a. Hundred. People. Even. If, you, don't like, somebody. I, can. At least look at every platform and, say that, platform, is delivering, value, for men, on some damn. Level. And. It is pathetic the. Way, what's up dark man Jeff. When. They go. Hard Amy and we still got to schedule your time by the way if, you haven't scheduled, your time this month as a patron, I'm. Going to allow it to Rolo over, so you won't miss it. For. Those who don't know, certain level of patronage, you ever get a one-on-one counsel. With me every month as an added bonus but. You know, guys. I really I don't want to I. Want. A hard truth to be accepted. Men. And general black men in particular what. Is our problem. We. Know that. We are at the bottom rung of everything. We. Know that we have to compete with all other men. Why. Don't we support, each other I mean, really. Thanks. Man I know, why. Don't we support, each other. When. We were having. These back and forth on do. Black men have the money who don't have the money I. Just. Don't understand why people. Who. Come to these channels who, watch it in the hundreds. Thousands. Of views won't. Be. A $5, patron, of somebody's, channel. Why. We have. Such a, negative. View, of, paying. To play and. I. Really, want to say that it it, comes down to a lot of self hate for black men, the. Reason black men won't support other black men is cause you don't like me you don't like black men.

You. Can't support, me you. Can't support, Angermann, you can't support, O'Shea. You can't support, Minister. Jeff you can't support a l'orange a carrier you can't support you just did what you won't allow, yourself to do it here's. The thing an. Image, decides the psychology, of images, is hardcore, and said that's why I love what I do because there's numbers, to back it up. Human. Nature, is. Such that, when somebody gives you something let's, say I came by and I gave you a glass of water I handed, you a pencil or I gave you a book the, first time I give, you something you'll say thank you even if you didn't want it, second time you'll be like oh that was nice by the third time you. Start feeling a. Sense. Of I need to do something, for that person, pickup, artists, use it. I'm. Certified, in neuro linguistic programming, people. Use this worldwide, because we have a reciprocity. Mechanism. In human beings when somebody gives us something, especially. If it's valuable, we. Have a biological need, to. Have to give that back to them I said. This last night on a live stream and it was profound black men we, override. Our natural. Human. Programming. To. Not support each other you. Know. That. If. It. Was any other group of men, dropping. Content, like when you see men on YouTube dropping, content, you, would be a patron you will be super tell you you find, a way to support. I, don't. Buy this argument, that everybody's, broke. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit and I am NOT one that's gonna sit back and say hey brothers I understand you broke psyche and so forth because that's not true. We. Only broke when it comes to black men. We. Don't have a standard week we are so used to pathology. We have so pathologize, towards each other we refuse, to give to one another, we. Don't want to pay to play, we. Don't want to pay to play. You. Know. The. Reality is. Men. Black, men we, are down here. Hispanics. Have taken over our, spot. That we had in the 60s what's. It going to take what, is it going to take.

For. Us. To start realizing it you don't have to like me. But. If the first time somebody says become a patron of the channel and the first thing that comes up in your mind is angle make you rich I shouldn't, have to pay I shouldn't, do this I should do that you need, you need counseling, and, command and said it before the black people need therapy and we two black. People need therapy but. Black men, more. Than any other group need, therapy. Because the, black male image. Has. Been so destroyed, you. Can't even help people, who are helping, you. Not. Because you don't think they're doing good work, not. Because you, don't think it's valuable, because, you. Feel, that. They're, not they're, not clear at abou they're not worthy and, it's, not because you don't come to this channel or any other channel and say they're brothers drop an image it's stuff that's been hardwired. And programmed it does we're gonna detox, um this stuff because. When, I just left this business meaning I sat back and watch hundreds, of thousands, of dollars go back between this negotiation. These. Two sides don't. Like one another but, they they hammered out a almost. Million dollar deal to where they're all going to benefit, their, families, are gonna benefit, their legacy, is gonna benefit, you know who would have two people negotiating. And. There was women at the table. Guys. We can learn a lot from you, you want we can talk about black. Women and women, in general black, women know what they don't do but I tell you what thing black, women stick together. We. Can learn something from them they stick together the, sisterhood, code is strong. On. Profit I thought series, last money ads do good, wise women, why. You cosign, with this you know slut, culture, or why don't you call out these other women because hey there's, a sisterhood code. It's. Sisters, before everybody, else. Sisters. Before everybody, else and instead, of hating on black women that is, something we need to sit back and say you know what. Or. Women. In general black women in particular so saying we. Need to sit back and say that's, a goal to aspire to every. Black man on, YouTube every black man that comes every man and heute on you to black men in particular that. Come to these YouTube, channels, should feel if you aren't a patron. Of somebody's. Channel you, feel guilty. And. The. Fact that you don't feel guilty, says, something that's something broken in you the. Fact that not one the fact that Cynthia. G has, an, ignoble, dis - Cynthia G you know what I'm saying even if she sought us I think she'd agree the, fact that she, has almost 800. Patrons, and, the. One man in YouTube that has. Close to her, don't, even have half that number. That. Is the black community, and yet, and that's a stark reminder thats, a stark reality, 785. 307. 100, something black, me and have that choice you, got a choice don't take from Cynthia, don't. Go and say i'ma pull my support, from that black woman, I'm gonna pull my support, from that woman I'm gonna give it to a man no what you do is you support her and you, support, men we need to pick something pick somebody and, get up up to a thousand, patrons, I, don't.

Care I would love it to be me but, my content, isn't that way my content, is not for everybody but, somebody. Should have eight, hundred nine hundred patrons. We. Have to start putting our men in black men we. Got to start putting our, men the. Ones who are doing it for us in in, that position. Visually. Visually. Fuck. You the fuck out let's um I mean, are you my dogs and, so forth kind words are cool kind. Words are cool for teenagers, not. Grown they're men growing. In I'm, done, if you if, you're a college student I'll give you a pass. But. If you are out of school, I. Don't. Want to hear too broke no more broke, is a broke, is a might brokers, are just another excuse. Broke. Is another excuse, we have to start paying, to play because. Here's. Where we're at you, got a lot of men and contributing. And bringing knowledge. You. Don't want these men to go anywhere else you. Got to help you've. Got to help them stay worth doing what they're doing and. Ron will starts his patreon, patreon. Don't, pull your support, from to go over there fine, $500. When, if. BDS starts, yeah yes, find it find. It I said. It find it if you're coming to take somebody's, content. Find. It and get. Rid of this word. Charity. I. It. Amazes, me that. Today. Black. Men we can still do, something for another black man and think, we're, doing. That's the favor. Then. It's a charity, case now you own you too big and such and so forth, anybody. Begging. And. No, one has to. No. One wants to service, you just just. Be real just, like we talked about no one who black women at the lowest, part of the totem pole sexual, Marketplace value black men at the lowest rung of societies no one is beating they're beating. Down the path to service black, men the. Black the people who do it should. Be given two badge of honor and courage those, people should be held those people should be lifted up we. Look at them is trying to come and take advantage of something so when, you finally do decide. To do something, you. Offer your support could, all his conditions. And. It let and as soon as somebody says something that you don't like. You're, taking, so. Here's the challenge. Get. Over your feelings. Get. Over what, you think start, the healing in yourself recognize, what women are doing and do better than women when we start doing better than women we can start demanding more of them but, I gotta admit it is hard for when, you sit in front of a group of women who, are working. Building, such and so forth supporting, somebody like Cynthia G to the tune of 785.

Patrons, They. Got the receipts, you. Want you, want women. To respect, us you. Want the sister to follow you you want to, be the head of the community you're, gonna have to put your money where your mouth is you're gonna have to pay to play that, means you're gonna have to support everybody who's supporting, you and that, don't and it's not conditional, support it don't matter if you like what I say I don't like what I say if. 80% of what I'm saying is beneficial, to you. Support. It, if. 80% of what anger, man is saying has been efficient to you support, it if 80% of what O'Shea. Steve. The Dean, al-arab. The curry Minister. Jab prophet. Of thought series, mr.. Research, the. List goes on there I wish. There was a master, list of all the black men on YouTube doing something yeah, you need to be coming out your pocket to support that cut your cable cut your Netflix support these men. You. Don't even have to consume the content. Don't. Expect what if I'm become a patron. What else am I gonna get nothing, you get zero you. Get somebody standing, in the gap that's what you get you don't get an extra, bonus, don't. Expect, more from black men than you do from anybody else. They'll. Come in and say you know if I go to Papa doe I pay, for my meal I just expect a good meal but if I go to a black restaurant, I want to hook up no we. Have to start our therapy, starts. Here. Start. Donating start giving, supporting. Other men. To. Start the healing in yourself. Because. We can't learn there from women they pay to play, me. And we they don't like this conversation because. It feels some kind of way about it I know women are sitting back saying yeah a lot, of women can sit back and say yeah that's right and sadly. The, women in the women, in the menos fear. Supporter. And. An outrageous. Percentage. Relative. To men. Each. Channel, has less, than five or 10% women, the women contribute. 20. To 30%, they. Are over performing. The. Women who come on to the side. Should. I putting y'all with shame. And. The fact that you don't have any shame. It's. A problem. Cheapness. Is unattractive you damn sure is oh brother. The red one cheapness is on the track let me tell you one of the number one reasons why, non black women, don't, want to date black men. You. Cheap. Let. Me tell you this again, as. Why. Am i credible in this area look at my my, background, if you want to know but I'm gonna tell you the number, one reason. Non. Black, women. Don't. Want to date black men is, because. You. Are cheap. We. Have this reputation of. Lots. Of flash no. Substance. It's. Not attractive and if even if you say you don't live, your life according. To, women. That's cool, but. We also got a look, at something else we. Use words like. Charity. Begging. And. All. That kind of stuff. When. We talk about money, in the black community. Shaming. Language. I've. Never, been on when, I was at wall street I never. Heard. Someone say when, they're signing contracts, you're begging for money. Those. Kind of words I look, at them and I look at that kind of stuff you know you own here you too big and you, own what's, up rich. Bitch I'm rich bitch yep I. Look. At that kind of stuff for, what it is. If. You were somewhere. Else in, person. Writing a contract no. One would be like I mean you begging for money no you're getting a product or service for, your for your dollars. The, business, of family. I, said. This last night a big. Part of the reason why we are sub dysfunctional. With how we look at money and supporting, anything. On. The in the black community is because. We. Don't run the business, of family and we need to start we, can start with ourselves. Men. If you want to oh. Yeah. I know what you're talking about real well I wouldn't I didn't I didn't say I'd slide and go after you I saw, I know what you mean but, bigger. For a hookup you know, when. I go to a black-owned business. I find. Honestly. I look. For black owned businesses, I went, to a weave shop ain't gonna know I went to a weed shop and, I, bought some. Candles, and some incense. And some. Palo Santo wood I. Found. Something. Did. That make that woman's books that, put her in the black no. But. I did. What I could and. I'm. Not one who, gonna sit back in fire. At the brothers and. Tell you yeah. I'm. Gonna challenge you to do better my, thing is always gonna be to give you 80/20. 80%. Positive 20%. Hardcore but, I always challenge you to do better I want, each and every day, men. To do better because if you are as a man if, you like yourself you're. Gonna take care of yourself, your images, your image reflects, what you think of yourself to the world that's what the world sees and that's what the world reacts to black. Man if the world is reacting, to you negatively, it's because you have a negative self-image, I gotta. Admit I don't walk through the world and get a lot of pushback from, non black people. Yes.

Every. Now and then someone clutches, their purse such and so forth but that you can't but, that's not my normal reality. That's, why. Sometimes. And it's not because of how. You are, darker, or heavier, it's because, of your image how you present yourself. But. The funny thing is when, you start carrying about your image the way you present yourself. When. You actually start thinking about doing for other people instead of just you when, you find somebody, to help or assist. Not help but to. Support, that. Helps build your own self-image I guarantee, you every preacher every problem everyone who's a patron, of somebody's channel feels a sense of pride. Yeah. We're gonna have this discussion more in depth so, here's what I like but here's what here's what I suggest as a, man, we. Should feel some kind of way to Cynthia G has more patrons, than anybody, we. Should feel some kind of way. Somebody. Hey, a black. Man on YouTube, needs to have a thousand, patrons. Her. Content. Is. Her content. On. This side you got me and dropping content, consistently. Men. Need to have patrons, Obsidian been trying to get 300 patrons for the longest I would love to see that man get 300 patrons, I would. Love to crack a hundred, before the end of the year Oh. Lord. The. Net-net up it is guys the. People who support, thank you the, people who don't want who don't support who don't super chat who, are not patrons. It's. Time for you guys to step up and do your part. Step. Up and do your part, because. I know you don't like coming to these channels. Taking. This content, that's watching. This content, that's been put out there and being. When we start talking about patreon, it's you start feeling some kind of way start. Feeling angry upset agitated. Just want us to move on from the point. Buy. Yourself peace of mind if nothing else, become. Somebody's, patron and I guarantee you'll be like I ain't talking about me the. Reason you feel some kind of way is not, because of what, a creator, is saying you feel some kind of way because. You, know you've, got you ain't doing your part. That's. The reason. So. If the in tits bunny towards the end of the year I'm a wrap this up with this when, you do become some a patient of somebody's channel you become an investor. That's. The way I look at it the business of family, you, bit your family, is a corporation. This. You're the CEO your. Significant, other is the director, your kids is the staff your, family, is the board. When. You become a patron, of my channel, you're like an investor, into my business you're my angel investors. And this thing continues, to grow it grows dark man Jeff he's an investor. Eric Hall is an investor. Stylist, laughs as an investor. Shelly. Sterling, an investor, char Willy is an advanced to everyone, who, comes on in to the patron as an investor. Investors. Don't expect, the CEO, of a company to. Give them something every day they just look at the growth of the organization and, feel pride and saying I helped that happen, and you benefit, from that. We. Really need to start talking about business. So people can understand. Something I think we should yeah that's something I want to do I want to start having more business conversations. Because. I have worked everywhere from dishwashers. To Wall Street and. There. Is a valid, conversation. To be had about. What. You're getting for patronage, and, a. Lot of people and it's not just black people a lot of people think to, become a patron or somebody's channel you need to be getting something extra, and that's. Not necessarily, it. But. We need to have that discussion so that's fair that's fair. But. Thank you to everybody who's the patron of this channel thank you to everybody who's a patron of someone else's channel thank you every man who was supporting. Men's. Becoming. The best version of themselves, look, support. Somebody. Support. Somebody and, if you consume their content, on a regular basis. You. Can give them five hours a month if you can't give up I lost a month you can put a dollar or two dollars on super chat you. Can do that. You. Can do that do, it for yourself if nobody else and if you when you become a I'm going to ask you to become a patron and, come in for six months, as an.

Investor, To somebody's, business they need to be able to count on you for six months I prefer a year. Six. Months let. Them know communicate. Tell, them they're doing a good job if, you happen to be in college or you're a high school or something like that and you're in that position. Send. Them an email say, thank you appreciate, it but I'm gonna put. The caveat, in right here that's. Only for youngsters lots of teenagers if you're, in early 20-somethings. Don't. Allow us don't, go down there and say well I'm like, a high schooler right now I'm broke no no no push, yourself to do better, because. Like I said if you are an Android phone or an iPhone and. On YouTube, watching all its content you, paying for what you get you got the money. You. Just don't you're just not putting you're just not investing, it so, cool last. Thing, we're. Gonna livestream tonight, I'm gonna talk about. Of. Course image and, we're gonna talk about now. I mean. Know. What I'm saying, you feel me, all. These filler words I, was. Just at a meeting. Today. To. Where I. Was. Embarrassed, for a person it's in their meeting they. Could not communicate. What. They wanted. Everything. Was know what I'm saying not. I'm saying you. Feel me, you. Understand and. I might. Like. A. Mic. Ok guys you missed, most of the stream. You. Will get to see the stream tonight tonight, stream is going to be about communication, and. How. Not. Me nor, them saying you feel me, all these, isms. This. Short-term, bullshit. Communication. Is, wrecking. Your opportunities. I. Smoked, Ebonics, during the job interview and, didn't even know till, the interviewer told me yes, I'm. Gonna hurt some people's feelings, tonight. I'm. Gonna be called all kind of crackers and Oreos and sellouts, but I'm gonna tell you right now that person, didn't get there that, person didn't get the contract, now. I mean no, I'm saying you feel me. If. You are going to be communicating, with other people number, one number two are, you going to be on having. Your content viewed by other people you, got to take the kind of stuff out of your vocabulary. And. I can't wait for everybody to come tonight talking about you're trying to act white. Please. Anyway. Tonight, 9:00. P.m. Central, Standard Time. Last. Things last most people on here probably already patrons, of the channel if you're not a patron please consider becoming a patron I hope I'm having a patreon, push toward the end of the year that's, what we do we're. Trying to get this year closed out start 2018. With the bang, 2018. I have some incredible, stuff coming, the. Whole, new you in 2018. Thing we're. Really working to finish out 2017. Start 2018. I don't want, 2018. To start slowly. Most, people start to you slowly we want to start the year quick, out, of the gate fast. The, way you start the year if you started with the bang you end with the bang you started with a whimper you wait all year. Round and, don't. Want everybody to start 2018. I'm gonna, hype and then go down so, join, it tonight, 9:00 p.m. Central, Standard Time we're, gonna get into this now, I mean I'm.

Saying. Yeah. Like. Um, and, here's. It guys here's, something else if you were raised with, in. A single-parent household, like me. If. You had a woman who women predominantly is, your influences. This. Is probably going to be a conversation, for you. Men. And women communicate very. Differently. The. Men are going to have to learn how to communicate I. Listen. To so many men and I don't know what they're saying. You're. Talking men today are talking in a stream of consciousness. In. This no dig Ruby love you well. I was on property thought series last night and it was, even just her good women talking. Feelings. Men. Are talking in feelings, and you, don't even know your feelings so it doesn't really come across as like any it, doesn't come across as anything, so. I'm going to bring some snippets, of things people. Actually said, in interviews, said, in public and. Really. Honestly, thought they were communicating, and. Everybody. Else was baffled. It. Makes us look dumb. Uneducated. And. Truly. Weak. Texting. Should be in a banach free zone oh my. Goodness, I'm, going to read 9:00. P.m. Central Standard Time my shows are usually 9:00 p.m. Central, Standard Time. Yes. This, I get. Emails, and. Punctuation. What's, up Haley our movement, $10. Super chat appreciate, the love fam. Thank. You my friend LA I move another brother yeah I needed if y'all want subscribers. To his channel y'all need to go over there check out la our movement. He's. A, LA. I'm moving it's a good thing that he came in right here I love, the way that brother communicates. Ask. La i movement, a question, in his what you're probably going to get most of the time la. I move it. What's. The temperature like what's the weather like outside he's. Going to do this. He's. Gonna breathe. He's. Going to think, he's. Going to respond. Succinctly. And be. Done with it, I. Could. Appreciate that. That's. What we need to do okay. I got a run my. Appointment, is here love, you fam, tonight we're going to ND 9. P.m. Central Standard Time, until next time talking to.

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Kevin is right. I'm gonna support one of these brothers.

I think deep down its self esteem and growing up in fatherless homes. I also think its about when we talk about women and self hate and not liking what they see in the mirror and i believe that's the case with blackmen..

We as men, don't support each other because we are taught to compete and disregard one another. We don't like or respect each other on a deeper level. If we don't help or respect each other then how can we expect to come up in the world. I think sometimes it's a left over from slavery.

Damn this is a heart felt message..salute

Kevin I hear what you’re saying about brotherhood and therapy. I completely agree, I would like to highlight that we as black men faced and still face something that other races did not. A system that was built from the ground up made to destroy the esteem of the black man, most of us don’t have no real sense of self. I myself have gone through therapy and would recommend it to any blk man. Our groups and community have racial esteem issues. I laude what you and the rest of the guys in nergomanosphere are doing.

Sisterhood of Failure wins at supporting each other. Black men we gotta be better.

silentthriller Yes we can by holding ourselves to a personal standard

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