with XRP MINUTE | Central Banks losing to Cryptocurrency

with XRP MINUTE | Central Banks losing to Cryptocurrency

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The stream and. It, is. Reena. Green is good. Kareem. Is good especially when it comes to crypto it is the best it's really. Got. The alert and it was awesome it was easy for, all those that are tuning. In on a on. A recorded. Video. On, the recorded, stream or the recording, of this dream. We, are waiting for a few people to jump in and I'm. Looking for. My. Video, on my phone so I can actually monitor what's going on and make sure we're not getting any lag or anything like that all, that good stuff so far we've got XRP Carolina, in and, moon. Something. Let's. Say, moon. Chicken this is weird, we're. Good, we're. Live and and I think, we're having a little bit of oh you're, lagging a little bit I'm, okay, there. We go I think we're good. Yeah. I think we're live we, should be good we, should be live all the way around. Let. Me, that's. Weird I don't see it on my my, desktop yet which is I'd say oh we see it pop it up there I did get the notice on my. On. Their phone but obviously I'm yeah the the delay. On, the computer, is definitely, a little bit slow I'm. Getting I'm getting the notification, longer my phone. Before, I get them on the YouTube online so. Those. Are those, are the issues we have to deal weird. But. I do see some video of a kid looks like he's about eight years old doing a Metallica, cover so I want to check that out, oh I. Guess. I get some crazy alright so we've got let's, see got. XRP, carolina moon, chicken, doc column. Michael, Messner. Julie. Lore. D&I. Sent, me awesome. And. I sent Michael, meds nur, we. Are live. We're having a conversation here and everyone's popping in let's. See here. KW. D and I sent you as well. Alex. Yeet. D and I sent you as well so that's awesome, people. Are gonna start popping in here let's see who else we got it's funny everything's, popping up on my phone before it pops up on my chat. Box over here on the on the computer, I don't, know if that thing's just uh delaying. A little bit are you guys getting any lag it looks like I'm getting a little bit of lag on. My end I'm trying to figure out what could potentially be. Lagging. Us out a little bit it's, probably me are, you getting lag just in the video or you guys getting lag in the audio. The. Good thing is is that chips. Audio, is good but. Are you you're not coming through your microphone, and you're coming through the. Well. No but I see. You I just picks the microphone, issue I'm pretty sure ninety nine point six seven percent, sure I fixed, it but, Jeff. Was helping me troubleshoot. And earlier I was pretty frustrated, about that guys last night it was nasty horrible, or deeply. What's. Going I'm getting the same thing I'm not even getting the notifications. Here on, my desktop everything, uh am, I into, this. Slow down yeah, I don't know. Are. You guys getting lag on the on the video live. Okay. At the mo all. Right well I'm gonna I'm gonna you know let's get started here got, DN. I just popped in, somebody. Else here who said. KW. Said I heard you're better than DN ID and I sent me. Rector. What's up man got. Tina Hall in aid you hear there was a rumor that, that. Tina Hall is starting a hall report to what started investigating, DNI.

Yeah. Interesting. Hey, you know I don't want anything. Weird but you know let's not talk about a butterfly than, any on a buffalo I mean because that's chaotic. I'm. Sorry I was just I was playing because Dee and I happen. To go into a stream when he was talking about a butterfly landed, on a buffalo man what happens when a butterfly lands on a buffalo. No. Don't, know never, heard that that's interesting though I like that. Oh I, didn't, say it was like a chaos theory is like just putting some stuff together I think just using it to to. Explain, a larger concept, but I don't know man I was gonna look at the chat but there's there's no chat okay fine. His blind line. Let's. Jump into it I don't see you all I know is I see amazing people out there and I see you and you I saw, some chaos. Theory and I said is the chaos theory. Awesome. Hey. Auburn Rangers popped in and fYI, to everybody, jumping, in now and we'll mention, it later but then p.m. on Friday night I'm gonna, be on the Auburn, range show, better. No one is rain, yes. Rain. Here they, put the giant headphones on but the cans on my head rain. All right here though and, we're getting getting all this lack I'm jumping around am I on my phone, are you guys getting lag, on the audio or just on the video, I don't, you know the video that's kind of cool I like that Max Headroom look. It's. To be appalling. Though. Alright, let's let's jump into this we got like 30, people here and they don't want to hear us just talk about nonsense but. We could talk about the chaos there because really. Interested, in this chaos theory. It's. Chaotic, okay we're golden now I see the check I'm gonna be monitoring that and. Let's. Go Jeff hey, thank you for having me on the show man always always a privilege any pleasure, and. Okay. And I'll throw it to you and now. Jeff. From the odor report, look. At that you're there just like that yeah. Getting. Unresponsive. Pleases poppin up and I think that's. Part. Of the problem and. Microsoft. Sucks all. Right did I just say that everything. Everything's. Crash yes started area. But, you'll know that Excel also but it's good to know that Excel finally. Has some you know these I don't know what what do they need so it crypto in Excel I don't know what that was it was every every time I deal with this it always reminds, me why I left, Microsoft. Products behind need, to figure this out. What. It. Videos. Like you, guys want to talk about crypto, or do you guys want to just. Hear some random, chat, so. What, I what I really wanted yeah what, does he want to talk about richter wants a. Crypto. Cafe, now. If you guys that's. Right if you guys want to beat him down the. Florida you, know then we'll, do a crypto. Half. A meet-up. Bash, party, yeah. Huge. Bash, at. The crypto cafe, we can make it an all-day affair. We. Have speakers. From from morning, till evening talking. About XRP and and other, digital. Assets that have nothing to do with bitcoin. Yeah. Yeah I like it it works for me and we were invited so I think we just got it like these logistical, things. On that front but there's it's, funny I just keep running into people that, are from down here and then there's other people that say hey you know I might come down for that I might fly in for that there's people that might so if we get it going enough ahead of time get. Some confirmation maybe, we can get some people we can have like our own level yeah that else we've fun, I'd, be sweet just psyched about that and. Having these uh the, headphones on kind of bothers me a little bit I used, to having the hit their little dangly. Things while we're talking but better, get used to that any out all right so I wanted I wanted to start today's. Show off, kind of with with a bang because I think you know as we get into it you know we can just kind of BS for. The next hour or we can talk about some serious stuff so I figured that it would be great to talk about some serious stuff and the, one highlight. That keeps popping up over and over and over again in. This growing, space, of digital. Assets, and blockchain. And and, we see the development on, the on, the crypto, exchanges. But. Central, bank, seem to truly, be really, reeling, from. The existence, of digital assets, and and you keep seeing these different articles popping, up in my opinion the central bakes are really. Running scared, you, know they're seeing the potential of digital, assets, and. Now. You. Know as they, are, seeing, that you know they're trying to either, you know. Attack, the, crypto, space with a little bit of fun you, know or they're, trying to shut it down completely as, we see in other countries go like over in India, but.

Really, At the end of the day I think you know the central, bank's specifically. Are, really afraid of losing, their long-term monopoly. You know that they've held for centuries what, are your thoughts. Yeah. I think. There's a lot of what. I think about central, bank's think about you know the Fed I wouldn't, say scared, but, I think that they've held on to this system, that's really based on debt and control for. Such a long time I really the man there's a lot of fun going on I have a feeling, that. Go. Ahead. That. No good sorry. For, a second no I I just you, know when I look at that I think that there's a lot of, you. Know the way the system works it's built. On. Its. It's built on massive, control, right and so when you think about central, bank's I don't think they're necessarily doing any anybody any. Country. Anybody, any favors right, there's no there's no real upside of it and when you see the digital assets come in you know we go back to Bitcoin, you know Bitcoin had the original you, know it's it's they're they're trying to alleviate. Government's. And bypass, them and be able do all this you know stock, because I mean that's 60 minutes story pretty much focused on that but. If we fast forward to now I do think there's a little bit of fear in the air because, I do feel, like you. Know either, look look they're either going to adopt or, they're going to become obsolete, and I you, know I mean we can probably get into some other things what we think is gonna happen here in the US and how things, are gonna affect worldwide. But that's. Just my call on the the way I see with the you. Know these central, banks I mean like the. There's always gonna be some combative, stuff out of the gate they're gonna look like they're getting in line yeah rah rah rah but you're right it put there's some fun that gets put out there and basically, they're trying to just kind, of mix it up a little bit I mean but it doesn't seem like I'm. Seeing, total adoption, from their side like what we're wearing on this job I see, I see a couple of scenarios you know I see one scenario, where. These, digital. Asset exchanges. Begin. To either you, know buy out small. Banks in, order to get into the banking space you, know or you, know I start seeing these larger, banks starting to buy exchanges. In order to get into the digital asset space the central, bank on the other hand I think is is a slightly, different animal, you, know and like you said with the Fed and and you know the way it's really. Manipulated. And monopolized.

You Know by these larger, Bank families, you know similar to you, know what we saw within JPMorgan. You. Know and and that kind of thought they're afraid to lose their control, you, know just like we saw over in India you, know that that entire debate so I believe, that from. The the, banking, perspective you. Know they're beginning to identify, and, realize that groups. Like by Nance like, coinbase like, Gemini, like uphold, you. Know they're they're definitely. Moving. Into a position that. They're. Generating, such, a huge, amount of cash flow that. It's, not that far-fetched that, they start buying out these banks and I think you know the banks are seen that the central banks are definitely identifying, that because, if these big exchanges, start buying out banks you. Know then they become central banks essentially. Know they. Have ultimate, control but. The amounts, of money that they've made in such a short period of time in in, my opinion is the one thing that the central banks are always, targeting. You know in the general public and and you see it you, know over over history, you, know when when the the, general public finds, a, methodology. To generate, large sums of cash it, always gets shut down yeah, we saw that with, a high tech boom we. Saw a government, intervention, until they burst the bubble you know when Al Gore in, Bill Clinton went out Microsoft, for antitrust, violations. And that was the pinprick that burst the bubble now you, can make an argument that, at that time you. Know the. The. The companies, there was too, much money and they were you know in, in, companies, that had almost, no value and had no product, so, but, it you know at the end of the day is it really anybody's, business if, I decide to put a thousand. Dollars or a million dollars into a company, that I'm speculating, on is it the government's, business to, try to shut me down does, that init in an of its own you know create, this bubble, that. That, is you know inevitably has, to be you know burst by you, know the financial institutions. Or by the government, or do you let the markets, kind of dictate that the movement, in my opinion I think you let the government's, are the yeah. You let the markets, dictate, the movement and in, the case of the high tech you know scenario. It, was exactly. That lawsuit that triggered, the the. You know bursting, of this bubble and artificially. You know led to the the collapse of the high tech boom and. Then we saw the same thing with the housing crisis, but there was a lot of other things that were going on with that again, you saw a government, intervention, but, then when they realized. That they were trying to force banks. Into into. Lending out to people. That couldn't afford it and then you. Know other entities, started, taking advantage, of that scenario to make money and you know it became, a rampant, scenario, but then the government had to try to shut that down to you, know obviously, they made a lot of errors but I think, it's always, when.

You Go back and you look at it there's always a government. Manipulation, or, involvement. At some level you know whether it's, allowing. For it to happen or it's attempting, to shut it down you know it's, it's a difficult scenario you know but you, know again yet the in, my opinion at the end of the day you know it comes down to being. Able it comes, down to control you know being able to control the ebb and flow of the economy and the financials, you know, I don't know if that's far-fetched but you know that's I. Don't. Think so but I think what I mean what you really what we see time and time again is just history continuously. Repeating, we could, you repeat. The pass right mistakes. Were made, mortgage, crisis. Meltdown, like you talked, about and, guess what's happening again so what you're seeing is like HUD. Which is Federal, Housing and but you know that runs FHA, loans there they're ramping everything, up again so we're starting to see what, what caused the, big meltdown that happened, right. Late 2000s. With, the loosening, of you. Know the restrictions, on who can qualify for mortgage, I get, news on it every single day where I continually. See are we, crazy so, we have short memories are why are we why, are we opening it back up again and in. And, heading down the same path and, you see that like calm, boom the combine, was like you know it's, like you, almost see that today and FinTech, right so. Back. When I when I have my startup and I'm we were looking for money we got shot down by like 60 some different, VC, a lot of angel investors they center market was too smalls forty billion dollars right but. Meanwhile they would turn around and maybe. The FinTech space, on a very small niche type of a play and go, ahead and fund some money but, what you see it what you see happening, now it doesn't seem and, I wanted to play to your point there Jeff that it doesn't seem too dissimilar, when. You had hey pets.com and.

And You know concrete. Calm. Anything you put it calm, after, and then like boom there's 40 million dollars, let's. Get you, know amazing you know tables, chairs let's put pool tables, in in let's put saunas, in let's throw a giant parties, but, how you guys gonna make money or we haven't gotten to that yet but, it's kind of weird it's like now you're seeing VC, money it's, a little bit smarter, there's there's it's it's, you. Can't just you, know say hey we're a FinTech company or solving this problem, but, it's great if you look at the amount of money its flowing into FinTech, you know specifically, i'm crypto, side it's really, exciting but I like, what's happening cuz I do you feel like. Some of what, with the mistakes that new that, happened with maybe the dot-com, is being. A little bit more corrected, especially, funding, companies, having. A real kind of a use case to the front of them and, let's face it there's, no better use case that XRP, but, yeah there's a lot, of this is going around you think about the whole central. Banks I look at the Federal Reserve I think it was one, of annex our PDT, and, my stream last night that asked about, you. Know in and I'll pose this question to, you what do you think's gonna happen do you think the u.s. is gonna push to go back to the gold standard because, you know in 71 when Nixon took the united, states off, we, were gold backed it meant something then we just it was basically a license, to start printing fiat. Currency, known as the the, the, reserve dollar and that whole kind of thing that got orchestrated, so what's your, what, you call on that you know that that's a that's a good question it's a good point before. I answer that yes, to michael Messner been Romek Scotch. Organic. I had. To answer that one sorry uh-huh. But. But now notice, skies. Scotch is actually more important, than discussing, whether or not we're going back to the gold standard. Yeah. No I you. Know I would like to think that we're going back to a form of the gold standard, you know I don't know you, know is it. You. Know is there another mechanism. Of which, - you know prop up you know our fiat currencies, and create, value you, know is there enough gold in the world you know obviously.

They Can, you. Can see an increase in in, the value of the, ounce of gold you know I think that that could be important. I believe that our thar currency, if you're gonna hold a fiat currency it. Needs to be backed by more than just a promise, of the government, you. Know to you. Know to uphold, that value, and. So you, know it needs to be exchanged for something and so you know we're starting to see as, a direct, you, know comparison. You're starting to see you, know these stable, coins or. You. Know whatever, they might be you know that have to be backed by you. Know and typically, backed by a US dollar, and. So. So. There there's a scenario, you, know where they're trying to create, value. Based on something that is of value but. Really doesn't have value. Unless. It, all goes back to the US, government upholding, the fact of that value, and all, the people accepting, that value, at the. At the you, know at the face of whatever. You. Know of that denomination, that you're being handed but I think. That you. Know as we move forward into this digital age, we're. Going to have to really. You. Know expand. On you, know what we're backing, our currencies, with so you, know could we back it with digital, asset you know it's digital asset enough to back up a currency, you, know because if we're gonna make the argument for a fiat currency to be backed up by gold then, we'd almost have to make up that make that same argument to. Say that that. Digital, assets need to be backed up by by, precious, metal as well and would have to be of value based, on based, on gold you know so. You. Know can we rely, on and, this, this is you, know I think it's an interesting discussion because, it also goes into. Potentially. Into some. Of the discussion, that DNI is having, about the IMF adopting. Digital. Asset, you know as a, mechanism. Almost. To replace the SDR. Obviously. That has a different. You. Know different use, case but. Still you, know they have to keep their creating, value. You. Know and, I don't know I don't know if any of that makes sense you, know but at the end of the day you know I don't, know if it's the right thing to do to limit ourselves to back by only gold you. Know uh you know I don't know what are your thoughts what, kind of group well, yeah, I think it right I think if we but, let's but it looks let's shift it a little bit let's take a look at well, we looking at like precious metals you have gold silver, bronze right in the precious metals there's coppers a whole bunch of them and there's a certain hierarchy that. We probably put them in you know gold be and obviously a standard, and I kind of this might be kind of kind. Of weird but I mean if let's look at crypto currencies so if, you kind of look at the leaders right now I almost, equate, you. Know Bitcoin, to, the goal and right so yeah Bitcoin gold been, around forever you know it's kind of have that it. Sort of has that holding power and then as as value. It doesn't have much use case, to it you, know like let's look at mean it does it doesn't if you take copper, I mean obviously copper, has. A lot of uses silver, you know they can be used and you see that pretty much show up on our, phones every words so, there's other you think about it like that there's other use cases for, that you, know gold - to some extent but costs that may be prohibitive. On some ends but. On the, copper, side, and you know and recently. This whole conversation pulled. Up where, you saw China. Saying that hey you know what do they what do they call it they when they there's a term for it, Jeff when they when they actually that. They control one-third and call it the rare earth I believe it is the rare earth which, none of these precious metals you know they mine the funny part about it is they only control a little less than a third but they basically. Control. The marketplace, because, they flood the market with they flood the market real cheap everybody. Goes out of business then they go ahead and raise prices again, and, if you look at we're. Looking at like you, know we set up a gold standard I kind of think of Bitcoin, as being like right. Now and I think this is gonna change I do believe, that XRP will overtake, it there's, just too much opportunity. I mean I don't, think it'll ever be more than 17, million, maybe. Seventeen, five on the Bitcoin side, so. And, we're, sitting on a hundred 100, billion. Right. There's. A lot more and it doesn't have to rise that much really overtake it but, I still, don't what, I'm what I'm baffled by I can. Talk about what it's backed by but what I'm baffled by is. Even. With the Lightning Network I don't see the, they're, trying to take the heat they're trying to take proof-of-work. Slow. You, know and eventually I think 2040. Something when it's all mined out and and all but it's what it's completely, you, know that's, your supply chain that's, all your coins I just, don't see how they're gonna try to put that into a payment, system it just doesn't make any sense to me especially, it.

Doesn't Solve the liquidity issue and you know we when we saw the you. Know Sean Shaffer brilliantly. Capitalized. And on. The you. Know we did the XRP, torch they, had the lightning what was it called the lightning rod I don't know something like that but basically it burned out because it didn't have the liquidity so this is one of the issues. And you. Know one of the things I talked about last night somebody wrote in one of the reddit's where they put in something in there and they said something like hey you, know somebody, told me I kind of went on blind faith and I want it took money, you, know when I took my you know BTC. Or whatever was eth and i was able to move it really. Quickly and it was almost like the disbelief. Right and i think a lot of that's gonna capture the world people, are gonna be in disbelief and they're gonna say like hey man I remember you telling me about that everybody you. Know they gonna say you told me about that but I just it, just didn't, register and. I think once that comes into fruition, I think. It's gonna be it's gonna be a complete shock, and awe campaign so I'm not really a hundred percent sure, digital. Assets, are you. Know I think two years from now three years from now blockchain, is gonna be so important, for with everything, and just the transparency. Nature of it you know think about this you know if there's a hack on any one of the big you, know your Google's, your apples your Amazons, it's, all sitting in one, location I mean they may have some sort of. What's. The word I'm looking for they think they have multiple places, but basically it's one database it's it's and, versus. Something on the blockchain that can easily be done so I mean I don't. Know how that's gonna play out I actually think when I see criticism, coming from the. President in the u.s. here constantly. Hammering, the Fed and, you have Yellen who doesn't want an audit, now we've been hearing about an audit of the Federal Reserve, for. As, long as I can remember and, it's, so funny that we never get an audit, so what would an audit actually, show if we actually got the peek behind the curtain and looking, at Oz back there with this you know his little, buttons and everything what are we actually gonna see. With. An audit I mean do you think an audit will ever happen I think it that's that's an interesting, point I just want to throw something out real quick Omar thanks for the.

Dollar. 99 tip he said that we need to split it though. We're, in it yeah and also to a marine rated, on 589, on. The oh nice. Yeah. So, yo yeah I put up there's, two tip bots up there so, you got one on either side you know you got chips, tip. And I, know. I. Like. That same is. Renamed that the chip tips. Yeah. When I eventually get this going that when you end about my scream I'll call it will chit chat we got the chip -. It's. Alright it's. Awesome yeah so. Yeah. So man, you know I think what's crazy about you, know the the you, know this everything. That's going on you know and you look at you. Know the the. Potential, conflict, of you know trying to audit. The Fed you, know there there's a lot of history, with the, Fed there's a lot of powerful families, you, know that back the Fed you know so that's so that's a battle you know and and we're seeing a lot of it unfold right now you know so all. This nonsense, that's going on in the media you. Know again just you know put up there to divide and conquer the people you, know whereas, yeah you've got the head of state, you know Trump, who is just being continuously. Hammered, by the media, and. He's. Definitely at, at odds with the with the Fed with. The Federal Reserve you, know and the Federal Reserve you know and I was reading reading back on you, know how it. Was an interesting article on. You. Know how they've adjusted. The, the interest rates and really. In. The article they were saying the Fed actually adjusted, the interest rates higher, than most people really you know realized, you, know over time and and they they have something called a shadow rate. You. Know which is you, know I was trying to get into and trying to understand, what what, this shadow rate was but it's almost like hiding, the reality of what, they've been doing on the backend you know and if you. Know and you get into it and so you, know we saw you, know under Obama you know the the interest rates were basically at zero you know and so we have a recovery and economy that was you know slow, real, slow drawing. In over over, eight year an eight-year term, and. It just dragged on and on and on you, know but yet we were at zero zero percent, interest rate you, know and then under. Trunk just as the economy was starting to get, some steam the, Federal Reserve started to increase the interest rates a little too fast and. It set the the you, know it set the economic, recovery almost. Into a tailspin. Trump. Was butting heads with them you know they pulled back and they, brought the interest rates down and now, there's indication, that you know that our GDP, is going to decrease, probably. You know over you know between now and and, you. Know in the end of the year but. Then we're also going to see the Fed is gonna have to act and drop interest rates even further you. Know so there's always that manipulation, but like you said you, know why. Is it that the Federal Reserve has so, much power you. Know who gave them all that power why do we continue to allow them to have that much power and what. Is the direct, threat that. They see you know from, these. From, digital, assets, and and blockchain in, general, that. They're that they'd be afraid of you know so if you want to audit the Fed you, know put the entire Federal, Reserve on a blockchain. You. Know and and allow for a full transparency now, we'll see what's happening, you know but they don't want that to happen and that's where you, know the one article that kind of got, me you know thinking, about you know tonight's topic, anyways there. Was a this article that popped up a coin Telegraph, and that was you know the title of it the president, of Germany's, Central Bank warrants, of serious, outcomes, of digital. Currencies, you. Know so you, know they're they're they're. Worried, you know but they're they're worried about themselves they're not worried, about you. Know this other stuff because that whatever they're you know whatever they're saying is basically opinion, you, know it's and so you.

Know Just because they happen to be in the financial space you know doesn't, mean that they understand, digital assets, or the impact of digital asset or. A digital, assets sake but they do understand. The impact, if that if. That asset, class grows, and the. Digit. And these exchanges. Grow exponentially. They definitely see the direct threat you, know to their existence, and their financial, wealth. Exactly. I just want to address there's a couple comments in here that I wanted to hit, on and for, example Matt and Richter put in your drain the swamp and you know you may have heard this drain the swamp I mean really what we talked about I mean it's. A fun little cutesy phrase, for. There's a lot of stuff that's been going on you have, you. Know a lot of the government, in the control is not what you see it's not Congress, it's not the president, you know so it's you know it's also referred to as the deep state but, for too many years I mean you look at President, Kennedy came, out with a really bold speech, saying he was going to blow up certain. Three-letter. Organization. And then, they take him out and there. Was something that I mean I actually mentioned this last night but I wanted to get to this jolt. Oh she has, a moto here said the architects or the feds sunk the Titanic so, if, you guys know this story there's actually a good documentary out there on this um I haven't seen it yet but I've. Also studied a little bit this so you know so, when. They were trying to get the the Federal Reserve going, the, biggest anti. Proponents, on that three families, and people, that were that spoke out. Against. You had were, on the Titanic you, know and part of what there's also another theory that goes and we're not gonna get it we're not gonna put the tinfoil hats on but, let's just say it looks pretty odd in 1912. When, all of a sudden out of nowhere this, this ship that's supposed to you. Know be unsinkable Saints, and then just, at the end of the year December Congress. Goes home and then the president, signs in, 1913. Boom, well son you got so it's, kind of an odd timing and I wanted to bring that up because Joel toshi Cosimo, toe brought that up about, this and that's that's a pretty well documented case, so, just, think of how long we've been crippled, with this so since, 1913.

And We. Haven't I don't believe we have had one audit, of the Fed and meanwhile you're right who gave them the power we. Gave them the power so, but, and I look at this is not just the US issue this is this is a worldwide, problem, you. Know and, I think sovereignty, is another issue where. You know countries, have to be responsible, for you. Know how they govern themselves you, know I mean they want, to win they want they want to preserve their culture and they want all this but what they're really looking out for too in this in this people say the new world economy, well, look it's a global economy you got to be able to have trade you got to be able to work with other other, countries. You know some are gonna be friendly some are not but, I think it's brilliant to think that if if that gets on the blog chain and what about these central, banks are they going to be open I mean are we gonna see every transaction, that, passes, through you, know I mean is that gonna become something that, is gonna be. Fully. Come fully transparent you're right that's all you have to do like I'll tell you well we've got a plan to put the Fed on the blockchain so we can see everything we don't need an audit because now we see what's happening, in and especially. With the interest rates I don't believe you know my, feeling, is they want to they do. Not want anybody. Who comes in you know and it happened with Kennedy you know when Kennedy came in was bold wanting to clean up how to plan and, nobody. Takes kindly to that when you're trying to win the coin the people pulling the strings behind the curtains, all, of a sudden, possibly. Can get out it doesn't matter who it is I mean you have a Democrat, with Kennedy, yeah a Republican, with Trump and I think that anybody. Wants to take them on I think they wanted to raise rates and this is where you had Trump bashing, heads with them saying hey we, can, you're gonna are, economies, fragile, right now it's in a fragile state but they wanted it continuously, you saw what, they were trying to do you know raise it a half-point, raise it a quarter point and, you. Know I I, just think that ultimately. All. Countries, have the same concern, you know we're talking about this because we're in the US and plenty of folks in here from around the, world. And, they have the same concerns, you know they have the similar things going on within, their, confidence. Of their of their home look it brexit, you know I mean that's that's the whole purpose you know is that you know the people need to take back the power you know that belongs, to them you, know on the longer you would let the governments run amok you know the worse it gets you, know and and this this travesty. Of a, news, day today you, know with this release of the Mueller report you, know and really you know the the, mincing, of words and you know and and the way he presented his, case after he submitted, a four hundred and eighty page report, and spun. Things in, a way that the the average, mainstream. Listener, would, really have no clue and say oh yeah I guess you know there was an issue but he couldn't love whatever you know he couldn't say it but when you get down to the legalese, of it you, know from a from a you, know what's right and what's wrong you, know there, was no wrong there was no proof there was no evidence you, know so once again they're on this witch hunt but that's the deep state you know that's the deep state you know in full action because.

If That these you, know if. These people and government were really concerned about you, know illegal action. You, know they would have gone after Hillary Clinton, when she illegally, destroyed. Government. Property when she illegally destroyed. You know scores, of blackberries. And crushed them with hammers when they illegally, destroyed. You know servers, and and lost tens, of thousands, of emails that's the crime you, know they would have they would have called for a try immediate, trial of John Kerry when, he ran over to Iran, and illegally. And treasonous. Lee began. To negotiate with. The head of a state when, he's no longer representing. The President of the United States or the government, of the United States now, that's a treasonous, act you, know and unfortunately. You, know the naivete. Of the, general public you, know and the fact that the the you know mainstream. Media is beholden. To the. Deep state and takes the marching orders from the deep state they're, gonna report, on on what their agenda is and this, this false narrative, and you know that we and, like you said we we have people from all over the world listening. To this stream but, it touches everybody, because what happens here in the United States happens everywhere, and people's. Countries, all over the world are being invaded, by outside, forces you. Know and and and really it's it's impacting. Everybody, you, know and it's and it's it's a travesty, you know and so you know and I look at it you know from a microcosm, you, know perspective. And and this might get a little extreme to some people but but that's the reality and, you know and anything, I always discussed is always based on solid, fact y'all. Never you know discuss, anything if I can't back it up by fact you, know but you know and I and I think it's interesting because here's. What a burn rain said he said we're in the middle of the biggest coup ever, tried, on a sitting, president and, then, he said interest, rate hikes, were on purpose, to, hurt Trump but now Trump you know has the magic wand but, everything, that they've done for the past two years has.

Been Purposely. Orchestrated. As kuu in, order to attempt, to topple the, President, of the United States and it's it's it's so out in the open and so obvious, you, know but yet you. Know most people you. Know I used to call them vidiots you, know because they just sit around and watch TV and and believe anything, that they see on TV you, know I don't know what the the term would be today you, know because you can make that same claim you know based on social media you, know but maybe that's changing, too you, know but this narrative, of you, know Russian, BOTS and, Russian manipulation. Of elections, based, on posts, on Facebook, you, know I mean that that's the most absurd, thing that I've ever heard you know hun it's just it's such nonsense, but that's what the what that's what we've seen in the media now, you bring that from an economic perspective and, how does that impact all, of us with, the manipulation, of the economies, you know I mean it's it's something that every all of us every one of us anybody who's listening and, it you know everybody has to make sure that they're educated, that they understand, you, know and that they really, they vote and get actively, involved, you know with that idea, that the responsibility. At the end of the day is ours. Yeah. Exactly and you know the thing the thing that bothers me about anything you. Know on alan dershowitz came, out and in der schwarze a long time was, you know he's a pretty straight shooter also a democrat, but one of the things that he'd said that I thought was pretty pretty, interesting was he said this whole thing would be older he's always ascertained. That based. On what he's seen that he wasn't seeing anything kind of bias he wasn't seeing any sort, of an, a prosecutors. Job, is to basically, investigate. Not. To make decisions not to figure, out one way or the other or lead, and he. Basically said, that Muller what he came out and did this whole thing and is like exit tour like as he was like retiring or getting out of there was, showing, a very big bias in his hand and you. Know and these are the kind of things and so it's. Not even it's not even it's false, narrative that they are talking, about propaganda. And the media, is brilliant I see it all around the world I mean I can't I gotta tell you I was in I was in up, in London when the hurricane, hit and you, would have thought that at, the, time you know it was it wasn't caused by nature was caused, a bunch of people and this, and that I mean I was the, the way it was being reported I was just astounding. To me and, so, you have a very small what I see is a small group of people why do I think this because I'm looking at what's happening in Switzerland, what's bubbling up there the brexit, party who's been three weeks old and they had such a firm. Hold once. The actual election happens, you got a guy like nod your fries coming out and saying hey if, you, know if we can't figure this out wait. Till the general election comes and then the shock and all is gonna happen so I kind, of feel like the will of the people is kind of bubbling up and really I think it extends to all quarters, and cryptocurrency. Is. Is. Part. Of this it's part of it because it, really is the first time in our lifetimes you know if you missed out on other opportunities. I look, at digital assets. It's just a phenomenal, we're, at the very beginning, sometimes I always forget how early, we are but. When I look at the propaganda. It's being waged around, the world by, a select, group of elite people you know I know the the Bilderberg. Came. Up on dni stream, a little bit and you know when you look at some of these families. We. Don't have to go through them all but the bottom line is is you know it's still the elites there's still a few that, are you, want to call them the ruling class or whatever and and, how does a politician, on a fixed salary who's, got a split time, between two.

Locations, End up, becoming a multimillionaire, I mean, yeah okay is it inside information what's actually happening. There we're. Right. I mean so how does that actually happen so, what, I also, feel like if you put everything on if you're a politician let's, take it a step further a, politician. You know what's put everything, you do on the blockchain let's. See all your transactions. On the blockchain you're representing, the people you're a politician, you were elected by the people and you, know in a democratic. Republic you were elected, to go serve and represent, so. Let's let's, not put the Fed on there let's pay I agree, on her personally I think you know Congress, for you know they're, called they're calling out the, president, to show his tax returns, and to be further investigated you, know I think Congress, 100%. Every one of those scumbags you, know needs to that the is calling, for you, no impeachment, you, know that is going after him on tax returns when, we know exactly who those people are, it's not every one of them it's not everybody, in Congress but, there's definitely a good, group of them that went in there and have, been lifetime. You. Know, representatives. That that's been their entire career, has been in Congress, and and. Like you said they're multimillionaires, where in the world has that money come from if you remember when Obama went into office he first gets elected, he came out that guy what what was he you, know he was, he, was a community. Organizer he, was a state. Rep he, was a sitting, senator for. What two years before he ran for office, and then, as soon as he got elected, in there, was or, even, during the campaign before he got in they, launched, his book and. He got a million dollars upfront the, same thing happened with Hillary the same thing happened with Bill Clinton you. Know and you can count the list on and on and on AOC, is about to get some sort of a deal a multi-million. Dollar deal and they get it pushed up front you, know they don't write these books you know they have ghost writers that write them for them and they just sign off sign, their name on it and and. This is it's commonplace. You know ghost writers write most of the books in the industry, athletes, actors you. Know, politicians. Most, politicians, most actors, most athletes. Are not writing their own books they put their name on it they might sit with a writer for a little while but, that's the business of ghost writing you know but the thing is that's an easy way to transfer, wealth you, know over to people and it's it's, slightly duplicitous, you. Know to have, that transfer, of wealth you know I don't know, that that's you know that that's the the right thing you know I think that that's that's, wrong you know especially, if they're gonna sit there and attack, us on our values. Yeah. I agree a hundred percent you know I mean so, like, I don't care I don't care if you like Trump if you like Obama you got to recognize some certain, things that are happening you know for me personally you, know as we seem a little bit odd but the reason I. Got, into business and I remember. Picking up the art of the deal which is a book that Trump, basically. A lot of his principles, but he had shredder just like you said you mean you didn't sit down and pen at all I mean there's a deters and everything else but I picked, it up and said I can, do this and then, later in, the 90s, I basically picked it up again read it cover-to-cover and, started doing executing. Deals and so, the best thing is you only want to understand how this guy ticks he. Is the master, of deception, so he goes and throws a bomb over there everyone, runs to it like, little squirrels and, the agendas are happening, over here but, one of the things that I learned because I did it I did a deal, with the Trump Organization flew. Up to New York and. Basically has it's a took a deal, away from a competitor, already sign I said I will be in your office tomorrow it. Was I wasn't dealing with Trump but I did I did know Michael Cohen and I did talk to Michael Cohen who you know is Trump's, attorney, and.

I Did spend some time going up there and I said give me the shot let me go up there and, basically I used, a lot of what I learned in that book about negotiation. And. So a lot, of times we think about negotiation. Negotiations, that an important, skill to have but. I look at it like there's so much disinterest, you know I sometimes think that I don't like the guy I'm like I hear so much stuff seeping, into it you're, like the guys trying to do good things the economy's doing great you know like let's jello you, know I mean there's, so much stuff that kind of goes on and I think that as we start, crafting this, new sort, of economy we start heading down this road what's, going to be really important, is support from the community, right so everyone's, going to do their part I mean we all think alike I like to think of the xrap community. As. I. Think what kind of special, we were givers, right we help out we have each other's back. We, kind, of like will band together and, go, out there and you, know somebody Gant gangs up on someone the the BTC, Maxie's a couple cool tweets going around today I mean, and and there's a lot of these sort, of special groups. You know you see it withdrawn you see it with holo you see it with. With the with the litecoin and I don't know what happened to Bitcoin and Ben but he put out a video and said hey I was gonna start calling them up XRP. Been because he led with XRP, and something. Else you're gonna have an amazing weekend, I'm like what is going on out there people, so when I started thinking about stuff like this I'm what there's some kind of magic bubbling, up and we. And we probably should probably head over and talk a little bit about the, token taxonomy how that plays, a role but I think this community is very vital I think that that. You are very vital, just. Coming in here sharing, thoughts and ideas that, you make a difference, and. As we band together as a community, we have a lot of polls yeah a lot more poll than then people might think but. We're a pretty special, community, and I know our TV, duchies in here and I don't know he always throws a stat at me but, we're tiny I mean we seem like we're pretty big and out, there but we're a pretty small community things. Like something like point zero zero four, or something like that percent, we're not even 1% or we're not even that cool yet but, there's a lot of stuff hey that bro what's going on but. There's a lot of stuff we can do so. Did. You mention something did, you have an idea we had tomorrow I do, have a meeting tomorrow with, with. God hi murmurs lead. Advisor. That's. Going to be responsible, for token. Taxonomy, so. Yeah. So yeah I don't want to say too much now I have, some intent in. My conversation. With him tomorrow I have. Some requests, and my conversation, with him tomorrow we'll. See how that unfolds, my. Ultimate goal is that God heimer become the second, that's needed, hopefully. They're already thinking along those lines, and. Hopefully that's what he says tomorrow, if he doesn't say that and that's, going to be the intent the conversation. They express how critical, it is regardless, of political, affiliation you. Know that that. God himer has to get on board with David with, Warren Davidson, as his. Second, it's. Not enough just to be a sponsor of the. So far the feedback has, been pretty, amazing and. Here it is you know crossing, all party, affiliation. You know and and, for, me at this point it doesn't matter you. Know I'm gonna reach reach, out to both, parties, you know because that's what's necessary for, the token taxonomy, Act and see. What we can do to help and and facilitate, you, know and and the thing is at the end of the day when. They're there in Washington a lot of this stuff is hype, for the media. Because they all sit on committees together, they, all have to talk together you. Know they all have to you know pass bills together you, know so you know this is the stuff that that's, real you know this is and you, know so this kind of you know one.

Of The other things that I pulled out I think it's it's kind of important, you know because if. You think about you, know what Facebook is doing we talked a little bit about you, know Facebook launching, their own coin there's, another company. Out there called, kik, ki. K they're, up in Canada so. Kid, I bought. Some of their tokens, back into 2017. Held. Onto them didn't, put a ton of money into it but I bought it just for the hell of it as. I was buying other things you know learning about the space. Hold. On to them I still need to move them to the new platform I think I have until June 1st otherwise, I lose them but. But. Anyhow so there's. This great article, because here, you have the CEO of kick. That. Is going, you know full bore, to. Trying. To make a change, within, the US, you. Know government. Regulatory. Space. In. Terms, of how, they relate, to. A. Digital. Asset as, a security, you know or how they interpret. A digital asset as a security, or not so, they've, already had their own head-butting. You, know with the US government, after they launched their 100, million dollar, I see oh I'm. So kick again has kin ki n. Their. Initiative. At this point is to try to get the US government to change the, Howey test and, I, thought that that was really interesting you. Know so what I really got out of that there's there's a couple it you know really. A couple points that I got out of that one, that. I the reason, why I think that they're important, in especially. When we talk about the token taxonomy Act one, because they're fighting the SEC they, recently, launched, something, called a defend. Crypto, initiative, they. Have they've raised. I believe like five million dollars, so. Far into this defend, crypto initiative, which, is to help other organizations. Really. You know fight the fight, and. The other point is that like. Facebook. You know and what Facebook, is doing with her 2.4, billion users and I pulled up another article which, was fantastic, about. Why you, know why, Facebook is doing what they're doing and why it's so important, for them to move into the payment space for their existence, but. Kik is, basically, and has been doing the same thing attempting. To monetize, and take advantage, of their user base and they, were the first, social. Media platform. To. Engage, to. Initiate. A token, based payment, system, and so. They, you. Know it I don't, know if it really has, gone anywhere yet but I think everything's, kind of it's in its infancy what's. Interesting though is that kik has about 300, million users and about, 15, million are active. On a monthly basis, you know so it's it's really you know it's interesting because, let me I'm trying to open the tab that you, know because of Microsoft. It's freezing up here but I got the tab with the article I'm trying to get to it, and. Get some of the detail, one second yeah one, second I just wanted to wanted, to shout out Anthony, Jackson, thank you so much man for the, set. Us both. E55. Xrp tip that's awesome, awesome you very much it's very very, cool man very, appreciative and also auburn rain if, I consider, 0.05, 8 9 I love that five eight nine number, so. Yeah, go ahead I just wanted to jump in there like why you research, it yeah so so I highlighted, a few things here so yeah so, they it, was just designed, to fight the SEC in court they. Launched, they put it on coin based custody, and has, about five million dollars, in it so far, the. Direct, quote from. In it says the continued, challenge, for us has been, the lack of clarity, on the regulatory side. And. Here it says kick has already spent months and millions of dollars on its regulatory journey, which. In the u.s. began in earnest and the days following its 100 million dollar ico you. Know so here they are these guys are fighting, from. North from Canada, down, into the US to, make sure that they're not declared. Security. You, know and then to fight and so you, think about a lot of these companies that get into this space they, don't you, know they have to go out and hire attorneys you. Know they're not really. Mentally. Prepared, or legally, prepared, or they, don't really have the knowledge of, what it's going to take to. Fight the SEC and so this foundation. That, kick is set up is it's pretty amazing you know on these guys you. Know you really, don't hear from them a lot down, in the US I don't I don't I don't know if anyone really knows about kick you know and but, yet here they are they're still in existence you know for me you know I stopped you know really paying attention to it but, here they are you know revving up the engines, again and they're fighting the fight and it. You know it fits perfectly, into that part of the conversation it's, you, know important. Yeah. So crypto wife says hey guys David Schwartz put out a tweet recently, that I'm sure is telling, us that XRP, will be at $9, City sure its Niners at 900, or 9900.

I Mean I like to sound as a 900, obvious. It. Was. There he said he, said the interpret is nine but you, think about them you can is such a great neighbor you know we've they're such a great neighbor and in a lot of ways because guess what I mean them coming in here fighting the good fight I know that they have a vested interest in it but, hey listen twenty US companies have best in interest but not pony and ponying, up five million dollars, and they're, not having a US, company coinbase. Out. In california, that's, that's custody, so I mean yeah when I see stuff like this happen, banding together it's, like hey this, is starting to get real people are getting excited and you. Know we're, sitting here you know I did a silly, story that Congress has bipartisan, support because. They're worried about something in video games like the loot boxes I mean are you kidding me I mean, meanwhile we've, got something so vitally, urgent that could be such an injection, look at the amount of jobs that are gonna be created, in this new economy you, know especially, with digital assets, and like and, we're bipartisan, support and what else is doing we don't you're bipartisan, support for, the, silliest things that. There's, really not a whole lot of upside or gain I guess they're easy because they're so they're, really they're, really not. Important enough but then you go okay when. It comes to and we'll see this over in India too I mean didn't you blew it up and said you know we're gonna pass the buck kick the can down the road I secretly. Think they have got to figure it out because there's, just too much money moving in and out of India right now and. They've. Got to figure this out so maybe you, know we see this on the front end like when China goes off we're gonna outlaw, mining, for for, Bitcoin meanwhile the government's, mining so much of this right now it's a joke, but, it's just you know some it's it's a little bit of this information, they're, putting out there trying to call, the attention off of themselves meanwhile they're putting a lot more attention, on themselves, you know I would say. I'm. Laughing at our TV there. Is, some funny stuff going on this channel I'm. Trying. To I'm trying to stay on top of both. And. I you know I've missed a lot of the conversation, so I don't, know if some of that's related, back to what we're saying you know the tribalism, on both sides I'm sure it is but they're, you know yeah.

Sure Yeah, though. Yeah. Here here's what's weird I've looked at up at the time and I'm like it's 11, o'clock how did that happen, we started. Then, we start 13 minutes ago or. It's. Got we just got started so, let's. Talk about something important let's talk about the NBA Finals, do we think it's gonna to be a sweep I mean do you see you. Know and I know AJ AJ, except, in Toronto, there you, know and I was rooting for Toronto, going through especially cuz I'm a big fan of the East obviously, you know we you know you, know Jeff and I hear heat fans we've got the Miami Heat down here and of course you root for anybody, that you know you always want the east to win but you know the west has been pretty down in it I'd, like to see Toronto compete, I don't know do you have an opinion on that you have any no, opinion whatsoever on, that. That. Was pretty, yeah. That was pretty Zack I don't. Think it'll be a sweep I really like the but who knows man you know I got, quite letter I mean anything could happen anyway I do. Like basketball, though I've kind of been out of it this year Anthony. Jackson says, it's recap. Time oh my god covered, so many things that didn't cover all right they the easy recap, is that Friday, night 10:00, p.m. Auburn, rain, I'm gonna be on his on, his channel. Chatting, about. Some, stuff so apparently, we're gonna talk about more about the token taxonomy act and, it gives a great opportunity also, for, me, to update on. The meeting from tomorrow so. You. Know so I think that'll be great but also you know so I'm looking forward to that let's. Go and tomorrow night, you've got your stream I think your mic is, fixed. And ready for action, I. Think. That my my I think my mic is fixed, man there. It is let's. Trim like this tomorrow night just like this nice no I think it's fit wasn't my mind was oh it was you were right it was somebody. Called in the stream I didn't realize it last night because I big mostly, cuz I was live streaming but yeah. There was something going on and man fingers crossed that if I had to pull the plug and put this puppy in my ears I'm doing it I'm not gonna have people sit through that pain yeah just be ready but um yeah I'll be on some our own they prepared, for the ass and, I'm looking forward to you being on with rain rains really been putting together a quality, show it's been it's, kind of been like that perfect end to the week you, know he's been some. Great topics great amazing. Conversation. Back and forth so, I'm really excited for you to I'm you and rainy you got to get together and brains, talking about having me on the show I think I'm booked for a thing, I'm booked for I, think it's November because. Got me in November sometime. I know he's busy he's got a schedule, like jam-packed. Try. To fit me some time between November. And yeah, oh hang, on a second, I got some exciting news right here are. You ready so um ten XRP, from our TV dutchy nice, you. Are the man, it's. Like ten thousand dollars in future XRP. He. Just sand is ten thousand dollars.

That's. Amazing yeah that's awesome man well thank you so much holy cow, yeah and dni. Says the background, looks great I appreciate, that I mean, look that's, actually. What. That is that. Is I. Think, that's Vegas, Vegas. Baby Vegas. That's. That's, where our TBD duct cheese he'll. Be there I think later, this year and. You've got some people in the community from Vegas. Who. Else is from Vegas, I think. Z bits ZZ, bits 33, I think, he's from Vegas as well but. Um you know Vegas you're really close to everything else what. What. Is going on tonight people what is going on tonight yeah, ready for this Jeff we just got a 5 x RP from, Krypton. Ice crypto. Bird dog oh that's. Awesome fantastic. Whoa whoa. Warm my heart kidding, me this is phenomenal keep going and going I think run against. You. Guys do you think it would be awkward or, weird if we pulled a D&I right now and string to like 8:00 a.m. the morning that, we're just as, I said we go straight through like Saturday. Right. Through cover. Everybody I do a 24-hour one you talked Lawson, no that's great hey you know what I I appreciate. You know we held strong people, held strong in there with us you know for the past hour it's, fantastic. And we got a lot of good a, lot, of good comments going on you know a lot of good side. Conversations. In the, chat you, know I think that's what it's all about you. Know we got some good engaging subject. Matter there's. A ton to learn there's still a ton to do and. You, know I'm looking forward to updating everybody. On this this. Conversation. That I have tomorrow and really, start planning out for next steps because you. Know this time, forward, you, know it's all about trying, to get some regulatory, clarity and see if we can really, have, an impact on, pushing. The token taxonomy, act to the next level and you, know like I always say you know it starts at the grassroots, level so. Yeah. Yes. Z bits in Sin City are, both from, Vegas, and Jeff, I don't want this to freak you out at all but I just want to let you know we, all, of us here we're all counting on you man just like just saying you know not, too much pressure behave man you know kill it tomorrow, crush it as Gary vo he says gonna crush it and yeah.

Yeah There's, no better person to be in on that then nobody, has a better hold, of what's going on so man we're all behind you in spirit. You know we're all backing you up and we're waiting to be waiting here you, know what comes out of that and no matter what comes out of that we'll pull together as a community and make some stuff happen so, thank, you for having me on the show man, always a pleasure exciting. It, just never seems long enough it seems like we should be able to go holy, cow, another, tip that's awesome. Tonight this is phenomenal, so. Yeah. From well this is kind of funny so I know I know you're your screen name is different but from Barbara. Snowden. 7.5. X are 89. X RP thank you very much then I don't use my clarity, as well it's your a believe

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