Winning in Business While Juggling a Busy Home Life

Winning in Business While Juggling a Busy Home Life

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Hey friends on this episode, of the Dani Morel show I want to introduce you to a wonderful human being and friend, Miss Sarah, die coma Sarah has an incredible, story in which, she is able to juggle a whole, bunch of stuff going on at home a whole bunch of stuff going on live while also been an incredible. Top producing real estate professional, so join us for a couple of moments as we find out the insight. Into how to juggle your personal. Life and still kick, butt at work. You. Have limitless, potential your, possibilities. Are endless you. Are a warrior for your family, and they deserve the absolute best, my. Passion, is to help you be more do, more and as a result, have, more of what you really deserve, welcome. To your weekly guide that will help ensure your, vision becomes a reality, this. All. Right welcome to another episode of the Danny Morell show I've got my friend Sara died c'mon here with the Sara say hello hello and, I'm excited to introduce you to Sarah for a couple of different reasons the. Main one and we were just talking about the Sarah being that I this. Week on Instagram, I posted, something that several, of you caught and you, message me about it. I something. Came to me that I felt like I share with all of you guys and that's that there are three, transition. Points in business, that you, kind of have to go through in your ascension. To. Be in a great. Business person and the first one is employee, to salesperson, you know especially, for those of you that are in real estate sales which is our field, or mortgage, of a title, that. There's, a transition, point and there are sticking, points that happen, that, sometimes. Don't allow people to make that transition the second one is from a sales person to a business, person and then the third eventually is business person to to CEO and one. Of the things that I see that holds. People back and. Particularly. Sarah in New York is being a mother that. Is I think a little bit extra even, more difficult for moms, rightfully. So is the, fact that you've got so much going on at home yet. At the same time you're trying to balance your goals for your career and. And and, your sales so forth and so on so on right so I thought that we spent a couple of moments talking about that because I know a lot of our listeners deal, with the same thing and I.

Thought We'd have a good time doing that sound good sounds great so first, off just tell us a little bit about yourself. Give me like this, Sarah, back in the story the third icon yeah okay. Elevator, speech I've, been in real estate coming, up on my third year about, two and a half years you feel like a vet by the way know. If. You feel like you've been doing this for a while. I. Just called you old. And so, prior. To real estate I was, working I have a Masters, in Social Work, so. I was somewhat, kind of using my degree I say in social, and I work but, just. A little Heim story of who I am I know a lot of people kind of want to hear a little bit more of the behind the scenes Rory I'm a mom of two little boys little, boys 2 and 4 and I'm. Married to my husband Jeff one, of the things we'll talk about is my husband is in a wheelchair he's, a quadriplegic, so. He has. Spinal cord injury when he was call, it college, age basically which, I can't wait to dig into that story because I have never known the story until I heard your podcast, which will introduce you to her podcast in a second as well but, keep going I'm sorry no that's good so I think that's where we'll just to kind, of preface, some of what the, things are at home that I'm dealing with and then you, know how that projects into my business, so solo Sara I'll. Tell you I have the good fortune of, not only coaching. All of the agents at Intel which Sara happens to be one of our agents at entero as well. Coaching. Aid, is now across the country through Empire University, and I. Like to call it helping, so. Many people through the podcast through. Instagram, from social media and, one. Of these sticking, points and transition, points that I find happens, from people that, are going from employee to salesperson. And eventually from salesperson, to businessperson, is, there. Is such an emotional. Attachment. To. The things that, happen in our life and. Those. Attachments, and those stories, and those meanings, that we create, about the things that happen in our life end up. D railing, so many people you, know what I mean it's.

Things Like you know my bills. Are late or it's things like. So-and-so. Is sick or it's things like. You. Know I I deal, just got lost and I find that, the people that are able to successfully, transfer. To being a business person, somehow. Have, a way to, detach. The negative meaning and are, still able to not only function. But thrive, in, the midst, of whatever goes on while, the people that are having a difficult, time. It. Really. Weighs heavy on them like it really, a and, I'm doing this physically, because it feels you know for me when. I'm hearing these stories like like it like up like a pound of weight that it's on people's backs people, even carry themselves differently, I mean they really yeah. You know and you know it's so interesting that you say that because just sitting here you're such a confident. Women, the. Way you sit everything you carry yourself in a certain way and no, one would know Sarah that you you've. Got your own story in your own struggles, just like everybody else right me talk. To me about that what do you think the, difference is and if you want to start by sharing us with, us your story feel free okay. Well. I don't always, you. Know it's hard to know, exactly because I only know myself sure, something. I know that I've been told in the past is a lot of people will call me Pollyanna. Yeah. Pollyanna, this, positivity, kind. Of the woo you, know and not. Always am I you can come home with me on an afternoon and find out it's not all you, know. But. I think I, think a lot of it is that that, positive, feeling, and that positive outlook, on life yeah, you, know there is such a huge, it wasn't until I got into real estate that I really started to be coached more on mindset but, I think mindset, really is a huge part I know we start to just hear that word and it just we almost lose meaning to what mindset really is but. It's not until you put yourself in a position to. Learn. And thrive and, be, vulnerable and uncomfortable. That, you can start to rip some of that away from you and, start to learn how to cope, how to, thrive, a mix, all that chaos and amidst all the issues. In your life it's so funny you say that because I get messages all the time like I need help with my mindset, I think what it is is people, are. Really saying, I need, help struggling, or juggling. The stress. Of. Life. You. Know really of life then you know life. Already, as it is it's gonna bring its challenges, yeah but then on top of that you decide to become an entrepreneur and. That in and of itself is a challenge because. Whatever financial, security. You had is now gone you, now have to go make it up you know how. Have you learned to juggle this best in the last three years you know something, I feel and I, might, be totally off on this Danny but for, me personally, taking. Risk and doing, things that, you wouldn't normally think of yourself, as doing sometimes, it just puts you in a place where you have no other no other option, just just, wait it's sink or swim yeah um you. Know and it's basically, like getting in the middle of that channeling I need, to keep going or I'm going to turn back no matter what I'm in the middle and I've got to figure my way out of that right, um and so jumping. In full force, for me has always been a tactic and I don't know if that's a coping mechanism or, if that's just. My mindset sometimes, I think it's one or the other sure I married a quadriplegic the open-mouth a big risk you might have enormous risks, so and and. It's not just about me there's other people, in my life so what sometimes, it's that you, know it's selfish is sometimes you want to be I have. To make decisions for other people, too I have other people weighing and, dependent. On the decisions I make and so, the more risk I take the more uncomfortable I, become the more vulnerable the less I even think about what, could happen because guess what now I'm in the middle of the channel and the more you become yeah. I that's the way I see yeah yeah, the more you're forced, to grow you and and and so those those, rewards, that you're very, reaping, they, far, outweigh, you. Know your the risk the risk you, know and. There's. Just things you do that are really uncomfortable I really, live by the model I do my best to live by the model be, the smallest minnow in the biggest pond and the minute, you feel that you're you're, too big and, you feel that egos, creeping up and you're getting scared to make children bigger choices in life you, better jump over into another big pond why do you think I came to antara right I got it I got it.

So Tell me just so. Jeff. Is a quadriplegic. Which. Is kind of a big deal how, did that happen. Yeah. So, my husband Jeff when he was 18 it was his third week of his freshman year of college so pretty. Pivotal year in his life was. Just out at the lake lived in Michigan and he just kind, of ran into the lake and was, took. A little he, hates me saying dive because it wasn't a dive but it was a shallow jump. Into a sandbar, and basically. Broke his neck and so, from there but he went. Off and graduated. College with two degrees business, graphic design he, is an amazing person, and he's somebody I think, for me one, of the things I was so attracted by was his positivity, in life his, patience, his ability, to move past I'm not the one with the obstacle he is you. Know I know I may be my help getting up and around but like he's the one that can't walk and so if, I'm gonna sit around and have a have, a fear problem. In my life what, about what about what yeah it's. Not about that so it's it's that outward, that. Outward, perspective. There's. Bigger things and I want to be a part of it and I want to be like that absolutely, so. So there's, a challenge for. You guys in and of itself on a day-to-day basis, sure yeah, and then on top of that you guys decide to have kids yeah, wait, Alec yeah so adding a family, we, ended up adopting our, boys and we, went through the foster system so we fostered our boys and then we finally, finally adopted, both finalize. And. So it's. Chaos, like, it's life. Is a mess and it's hard but it's it's fun it's a roller coaster and every, day is a new adventure. But. Those boys only, gave. Me more reason to be the best that could be yeah and you. Know when we were early on in real, estate which is still you know still early on but a. Lots, gone on I. Feel. Like there was a. Perspective. I wanted to live by and that was do, I want my life to, fit the plan or. My plan to fit the life and really, I want in my life to fit the plan fit the vision. God was giving me and if, I felt I had this vision for my family, and it was our job to go and get it then the life had to fit that absolutely, and so sometimes. I think if we've got that backwards that's, where fear gets in the way yeah and hold you back from from. Your plan from what you're supposed to do in the world and I know Sarah for you ever your family god is a is. The. The cornerstone, is he's. The centerpiece, for you that's right how does God in your relationship, with God help you to deal with I mean. I mean I mean look. I can only imagine, how. Difficult. It, must. Be, and. Yet you seem to handle it with such grace like. You really really do you know and. I. Guess. That's a gosh. I'm. Thankful for the people that extend grace to me because I think. Life. Is hard and the people that are always supporting, us and always helping us we co-own. A home with my parents I'm. An only child so it works out great so. They're always on point with the kids helping, us you know getting us where you know helping the family you know they're a big part of this picture and. You. Know I think for, me knowing. That this, is a calling. And just being obedient to that yeah that helps, with the fear it's not supposed to be easy-breezy. Just. Going from one thing to the next, okay so no I'm gonna throw you look purple yeah cuz I really want you to help people okay and you know what and, I really want you to help our our. Female listeners okay, I've got a special heart for for female. Listeners and my, wife always says is especially for like single moms mmm because my mom was so. You, know for me I understand, that struggle you know and I. Really, want to teach people the. Following principle, the, way you think, and the, way that. You see, the. Things, that are going on in your life is critical. The. Meaning. That you give to things that, happen, it's it's critical, and and, literally, I've been around people for so long Sarah that, you said the words my, family, is there to help I know, what, someone ego said someone's.

Ego Said well. I don't have a family now and that's just a trip but that's just it's, just so, you know there's some people that are just conditioned. To see what's wrong. Condition, to see the obstacle. Condition. To see what's, negative so. Let's say you didn't have a family you, will find the way correct I would yeah I would and honestly. There are times and you know my husband's comfortable with me saying this because it's the reality there are times I feel like a single mom of course I have an emotional support, but there's a physical part of that where I've got to have four arms you know, there's. Times where he hasn't been able to take kids to and from because the seat belt is you just, it's not it's not that stage in life where they're in a booster. Seat and can do it themselves right but, with. That being said I. Think. It's it really comes back Danny to to, vision, and calling on Shane obedient, to that if if, you're everybody. On this planet has a job to do they just have to figure it out and if, we're constantly in, the way of that job then we're holding, ourselves back from. Serving. And helping the people that we're supposed to help so, the more you allow fear, the more you allow obstacles, to become your, excuse though, the. Less your being able to obtain, your calling and what you're doing in your job and your career and all of that. You. Lose that ability to help people and I don't want to take I don't take it lightly for, moms that are single. No matter at all Lynette, and people that are struggling through hardship but at the end of the day sometimes it just means slowing down and extending, grace to yourself that was the biggest thing I took away from this and their vision, oh my, anxiety, level has like. Like. It's. Gone from, from. Disaster. What, she just says you all should come to relentless, thinking yeah this magic, happens at all. Yeah. Well, you know what's so funny you mention that because I'm seeing like his website, is up his. Business you, know I didn't notice that yeah, it's, you know sometimes I'm so busy just in my own mind that I just catch things and I remember. Seeing that. So. So, sorry give me a couple of pointers by. The way you're, kicking butt in business. You're. One how many deals did you close at. Twenty twenty. Do. You guys think maybe there's, a little, something to this positive, outlook. On stuff and not, giving negative meaning, and not give me you know I closed 28 my first year and. I don't way I mean stuff. Is gonna happen people, I just don't let it bother me it, seems like you have a, knack. Or a gift, for, finding, the positive in every situation right how many did you pause last you 22. So. And, how many will you close this year my goal is 28 28 and all. While, juggling. Family, and and everything, that you're doing that is absolutely, fantastic Thanks, give me. Some. Business pointers, because obviously when it comes to mindset. You. Are doing pretty well in that category what, is working for you and your business right now because I. Feel like that's another area where people.

Sometimes. See, a closed door mm-hmm, and if you see a closed door guys guess what's gonna be in front of you a closed door right. You need to look at the possibility. And you need to be able to understand, that there is no shortage of business, you just have to find out how to go out and get there so get it so what's working for you so I think the, more obstacles, you have the better you should be at your business because. The, more, the, tighter you have to be in work the smarter you have to work the higher your standards are and for. Me I think that was my, my. Biggest, win. My first year was that I had, to say no to listings my first year we did I did mom, I had a business, I hit my listing goal and anything after that I wouldn't take less than 6% so I said no telling real stings Wow my first you because I thought if my skills not high enough then, I don't deserve it and I, think I made, the money I said I was gonna make now the rest is is all about the, business and how I'm going to get better so I. I think. Being detached but. Standards, are huge, for me we, don't talk. About that a lot absolutely, I remember, I, remember, in, my. Business I ultimately, believe that. Standards. Are what helped me get, to the level of sales that they got to because, when you have the right standards, you will do the right things to make sure you're meeting with the right people and, not meeting with or working with the wrong people you, know and and, and, we'll. Say single moms cuz we brought that up I think there's. Times in our schedules, as moms we're. Picking. Up my kid is a listing appointment absolutely. I mean so you have, to if people aren't willing you need to know your preferred client yes I know my preferred client like that yes, and if they every, time I'm talking to somebody not only are they interviewing me we're. Interviewing them and if. We don't fit I will refer them out and move. On because if that's not gonna work within my business standard I know it's not gonna work long term and it's gonna hold me back from becoming oil this is what people don't realize they're you know again, one, of the issues is there's, a scarcity, mindset and.

When There's a scarcity mindset, you're. Though. You were approached to business, is I'll, take whatever comes it's. So funny but I'm out I'm touring, right now I'm gonna be in Boston next week Colorado, the next week, Northern. California the following New, York the following and you. Know what my talk is, how we went from literally that broke zero. No money to, where we are today and I, talked about some, standards, that people have had to have in their lives and one of them is you, have got to understand, who your ideal plane, is you. Know I feel like we, attracted, Sarah this, is a wonderful. Human being, we could bring value to her life she's. Gonna grow it's, a great partnership but, then there's also people who we bring into the company we bring value to their life Eagles explode get, out the back door it's like you, know it's that's. Okay they're just they're, just not a fit for the company because they're not our ideal, people right you know Jane and when, you're working with the wrong client everybody, please pay attention that will, bring so much drama, in, your life that. It will give you more, trés less. Time away from your children more. Time dealing with issues that you really wouldn't be dealing with if you were working with your ideal, clients, so a great, point Sarah brought up know, who your ideal client. Is so so so important anything that, and. Then just I, think. Time management honestly. You. Know I really. Look at we. Work in a company with a lot of young unmarried, people. Yeah and they'll. Spend all day in the office and I'm like get, a second job or something or go like go, do stew go pretend, me on a second job and make make, time to leave. The office and get rest and relaxation because, if your brains not amped up to get up the next morning to, start over again you're, just running dry, and so no what fills your tank and would be really clear what brings it and make sure there's a balance there say that again you know what fills your tech know what fills your tank but for sure know what drains it I love it so you can keep a healthy balance there sometimes it's gonna be more drained but at least you know I got a leave today I did my job I gotta go for a hike you know I'm feeling drained sitting, there calling 20. More people might not be what you need to do that day it's, I talked, about that division as well yeah you know and it's it's so interesting. We. Were just at a trip in the Grand Canyon we'll miss all the most beautiful, waterfalls there, are if, you haven't seen those pictures go check them out on Instagram, we, went to a place called Havasupai.

Falls And. What. I realized. Is that just recharged me mmm, it really did so you know Claudia, and I are committing once a quarter to, do a trip, like that because. There's no way that you can be a blessing to other people if you're not blessing yourself you guys have got to get that they're taking care of your support system yeah and the people of the close to you absolutely. Absolutely so Sarah you. Just recently took a little bit of a leap of faith mm-hmm, I have been pushing and pushing and pushing people, to. Get on social media to. Just. Get in front of the camera, to. Really, let the world know what. It is that you do and let yourself shine, and you, actually did you. Did you. Know probably the better better than I and expected for you to do it but you start here on pockets they did tell, me about the podcast what's, the vision of the podcast so, we're rolling out our new. Kind of brand purpose, life homes father's, life homes yeah basically, kind of around everything we talked about bringing my own values or faith and everything into my business and experiences, so the podcasts, I'm actually teamed up with 30-year. Veteran radio. Broadcaster. So she came off the air what's, really norma, blanco Uncle. Tom wait she's. On Cola last she's, been on K big yes. Yeah. That's right you know yeah, so Hermes been, around she's a familiar, voice and so. She and I are teaming up and we're, gonna be doing interviews every Tuesday, and, then, once a month we'll be doing the YouTube, channel. The videos. Client. Videos. So. For all of you that want, to learn a little bit more about Sarah, I highly, recommend the podcast how do they find out oh just head to my website purpose, life Purpose. Life yes. And everything's there and, you know it's so interesting Sarah, but, you. Know we've been doing these shows live and. So, we've been able to have, questions, and so, I know people, are going to have questions for, you, once, they listen to the show, particularly. Ladies, listen. If. I can give you any tip look whatever you're struggling with whatever you're dealing with reach out to people there's, wonderful people, out there and you know already you message me I message you back myself personally right away Sarah, will message you she will help you out there's, a lot of great human beings out there that are doing great things that, are willing to help you out so how, do they get a hold of you probably. Through purpose life homes Facebook. Oh you. Can send me a message through messenger, on there so purpose. Life homes through, Facebook and then, my cell, phones on there too you're always welcome, to caller I love. It any final, tips for that mom that says wait wait can you please tell me how the you. Know, what. Are your final thoughts I think. You. Have to be as tight. And as, high. Of a standard as, you have to have you, have to learn to say no with that. Have to have a little bit of brain flexibility. There too if you're, just feeling constantly, pulled, pulled, pulled pulled down slow. Down yeah, be, okay I don't know if you notice I said 20 deals the first year 22, the next I love that by the way that was not a big jump it wasn't a hard, thing for me this way you know but you know what it's a I'm proud, of you to say for saying that because people. Sometimes don't get it like they said III, interview. People or I'm you know people are emailing. Me for coaching or whatever they gives me how many deals did you do last year ten great, how many of you want to do this you're 40 right honey.

40, Look if. Number. One if you were that energetic that passionate, that motivated, that inspired, me how did you only do 10 right in the first year and, then what. The heck is gonna happen to make you jump all the way to 40 in a second you, know why don't we go for maybe 20 mm-hmm and then maybe the next year 30 and then maybe the next year 40 or like what you're doing is you're slowly, creeping. Up and building. Great relationships with, your clients to establish a great database right. Cuz cuz Danny you've definitely, brought, in that perspective of. Watering. That, tree you have sure those roots need to be so deep within the first couple, years otherwise, that thing could just be ripped up and taken, away and so, for me that's that's meaning, that I'm not gonna go from 20. To 40 I'm gonna go from 20 to 22, but. Believe me on getting referrals and they're those. Roots are, getting. Deeper and my. Business is growing and, is the right pace yes. So be okay with that absolutely that's better than going from 20 to 40 to nineteen, to thirty seven to 50 8250, yeah it happens all the time all, the time yeah. Awesome. So this has been another episode of, the Danny Morel show guys, if you don't know I'm gonna be pretty much around. The country here in the next couple of weeks go, to Danny Morel comm backslash, events. And. My believe we're gonna be in Boston Colorado. In New York and San Jose here, in the upcoming weeks. And then if you haven't gotten your ticket should they go to let us oh come on why wouldn't they have their ticket. Open up another can of worms so. Let me tell you what happened let me tell you what happened and, this, is this is proof that it's not it's. Not always money it's it's. What's going on up here so. I put a poll up on Instagram, the other day and I said be honest with me our finances. What's holding you back from. Getting. A ticket to realize I, had 75, people message me yes, hmm, so you know like. You know I genuinely want, to have people out, so I say you know what I'm gonna do I'm on a message I'm, gonna have my staff message, each and every one of these people personally one. By one and we offer them a special fee like, a no-brainer deal, for for a three-day event with Alex Rodriguez, and, if Rossella, and. My last Saracen Trello Gerardo's and myself no-brainer. Guess how many people responded to. So. You see guys this. Conversation, is one that is so, deep. And so true. Because. We have an issue right now and the issue is that on social media, everyone. Is enamored, with, these. Motivation. Gurus, and and you, know with cars of Ferraris. And so. Forth and so on I want to be honest with you and I want to be truthful with you and that is that if you don't learn to work on your mind if, you don't learn to take risk, if you, don't learn to detach, negative, meanings from things I'm, just gonna be honestly you're gonna be 50 60 70 years old someday looking, back thinking son, of a gun I did not fulfill, the. Purpose, in my life and, that. Drives, me absolutely, through. The wall like I hate. That. That is a potential, outcome for people and that's why I do what I do and that's, why we have this podcast and that's why we're having my llamas so if you haven't done it already go. To arena Levin's event com get, your ticket it's gonna be an incredible three, days I know you think a hundred 99 bucks is a big deal or whatever the ticket is but, let me tell you honestly, it doesn't, even cover the cost of the seat trust, me all right anything, that what. If you're not supposed to be there for yourself and it's somebody else and you're holding somebody else back you I'm supposed to be helping them and yeah, we get so caught up and our selves we're really really sorry. In.

Another Episode maybe, we'll talk about that one on your show and I'm on your show but, until next week guys thank. You for joining us thank you for always, watching, we. Appreciate your support watch, us on YouTube watch us on Facebook live, probably, not next week I'll be in Boston but the following week we'll be back live on Facebook. Wednesday. Mornings eliminate Pacific, Standard Time, take care everybody.

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