Wine Your Business Talk Show - Episode 1

Wine Your Business Talk Show - Episode 1

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Laughter, checks me how, will i will ask for the check, I'm 31 episode. Nothing. Is my ideas. These ideas I. Need. This equality going, on up very soon yeah. Okay. We're, back season, two between. The mind's eye on your business this is episode one I'm, your host Nicky. Williams. Richard. Matthew, I'm. Sierra, so. Mickey tell us about the show what's, the concept, of flying your business, why. Your business is basically a, platform, for local people like normal people not like your supermodels, are these other people that have already have a platform just. Normal people that you know I want to come share their thoughts share. The ideas, they, want to meet other people talk, about stuff and promote yourself if you have a brand especially. At winding businesses, and that's what we doing every, episode we'll have a new guest. Yeah. We need something all of that's already done okay. This. Yesterday. In episode, one a wine business we're, drinking, menage. Tois. It. Sound like it's not gonna be sweet, it sounds darling though. You. Know. Get. In the. Bus. After you but I got to get inside. You. Came here after me, I'm a bad, girl stuff, Bad, Girls Club, I was here first I was the original, so. What what, now I think. Guys we. Thought that one day I had, that you take, care about. They. Go alive let me let me listen today and. After that. Chatter. I'll. Breathe. Both. Both y'all off but it's done cuz that's seemed like someone. Long. Gasps still. Weak-ass thirteen oh okay, oh, sorry. Yeah got. No story I just popped off. Came. Straight off the boat, max I can't straight off the boat I was here, straight. Slippers. I wasn't even want to shoes back there I swear. But. I. Had. That and. The, my cargo shorts, slippers. Are listen, in front of me high school. Funny, you you, don't even know me that night song way I. Didn't. Even notice niggas, off dick, it was fake rise when I first met this thing I was like fuck it's TSI, yo this. Dusty, do house. Is. Actually what's tickets for yeah but I didn't know if he was like from Nigeria or another country because his accent was like, yeah. Big cat you saw that so. Thanks. Oh. You. Go you gotta accent, if you go like to hear yeah definitely. The Louisiana. Yeah. She's. Little boy. Yeah. But. Some classes well, yeah just popped up, that's another Mickey first I mean work transfers, like sophomore, year I was kind of like he's, shaking him is he gonna make it to be my friend, yeah I. Suggested. There's no opposition right. Come, back. It. Was cool like from him because he used to the closest house hangout. Shit it was good from that to now met Sierra through him miss. Your class math class I mean. It's, like the coolest worst class ever be. The. Best. We. Said the last 90 days the. Coolest cool anything because, everywhere else I was like 97. Like. Don't even try to make this about like that oh. Um. 95. Others. Like ninety six ninety like. A mixture or somewhere 94. 94. 95 96. So. We're like the cool error of that. People. They think 96. People are. Single. A group I. Think I 90 sagaie is the best year ever on, earth. Right. How. Was it fast right, Michael. Jordan you, got what, else the, Olympics what. Else, nice. Is. You, got me. Can't. Forget you a lot. Of shit ever. Boy stop it was a chemically I work here though I can't play my. Yeah. I guess. 95. 95, is the really the shit though I was like I'm a late baby, so. I'd. Run November. 7. And a five. Situation. Say yes like you need to go to school with me I have to stop like that I, saw good it's still smarting at y'all, there's one kind of maybe you better have had a rough. Weekend. On the week like straight. Up. Top. Is like an understatement. It's like an exhausting, do more amazed exhausting. Like draining. Earlier. By. The Qt, boy what. Okay, so I got, something in myself the Edgewood, last night I want to go out the house whatever. Whatever itself, you know homeboys yeah Edgewood, shun, in the parking lot you know my. Car talking, cause it was it was a so. They have some other people you, know chillin, they chilling about big. Cars music. Bump and everybody, wanna make business. Pitch to Joyce - hey mother's. All. That shit Luka, hide like that so, yeah. So, like we was over there and then this lady comes walking up to one the guys little white guy he. I. Think he, was at all his news like hey and, she come top of me how about some salad dish titled. + and I ham cuts in the mouth I have a long video all. Of those that she had people coming up behind her like she, came up like with, the squad like rabies beat his head. Listen. Next. Thing you know awesome, movie, shit movie. I kid, you not to, trust just. Believe. Are we talking about like pick up. The. Name come out and they come out with like a bit like - they have a hole - like two hands on the gun I don't mean hello, like know personally, good like a.

Chocolate. Everyone. Each. Of myself to the back in a car like, oh my god they start taking off you chasing - look the gun like. That was, the white guys back up like you came in, strapped up trying, to get them girls and, all her folks like. It was so crazy nicely you know, in. The bottom of the driver's, seat car tunnel them with the brakes. Like. I love doing soccer, all the foolishness died down and I said I'm not getting shot up today no no, my only they was behind. The truck you know his, car just chilling, prospect. I'm. Gonna live to tell that story. Friday. Night at my age would, plan. It was hoop it on the street. Come. Here yeah, you gotta make it work I. Got to am touched in the middle of the road just bullshitting. Like well, I'm homeless people be real familiar everybody. Like. I. Was. Out with a specific. Friend. Specific. Set of friends I'm, not gonna say their neighbors it's, Friday night. Anyway. Just. Know, you. Can take me and, you. Know what happened. That. Live right what, is this. And, that shit was so funny because it was just like he came out of nowhere and, he summed up like my name, so, I might get like I. Was. Slow. Oh. Man. You thought I could not car like come on now be two grown now to it. Chillin. Drinking. Mickey. Mickey, I'll tell you plenty of times come over just hang out you know why shouldn't knock. Down, nigga. Left me one time. You. Might say, thanks. I left, the door a lot the front door busted. People. Come together I can sue I might deposit, - I think you should I wanted to be fake though, but if it's real like I respect, it if that's not like Drake wouldn't fake that stuff. Big. You. Don't need me because. There was that toy latest thing like when he returned lanes had beef and then there's like hanging. Out or whatever they, said I've been a bit concerned. And this than gesture Miguel and. Me. We'd meet Matt in Majorca for on trick is like cuz, like I don't know, cuz. I they were like Australia, whatever's like the signs were. Like Scott after Mike would like Drake he's like personality, type the, way it like way, is I feel like he's not really like the title or name on beef with nobody but if you like cut my hand he'll, definitely like take it there you know nobody takes touches person yeah it's not going person, yeah don't comment don't cut my hair but, if you'd like if you do that then, he'll just take it there so I could like on let's try to make up with people it's, like genuine, because hitting everyone want to start in the first place right and crazy, thing is Chris Brown. Like. Anaphase now where he's just like fuck you. Know. I'm talking like I read this tweet that's like he's doing other shoot just, for Kanye's, so kinda be the only nigga that he paints all the money he has beef with you say you trying to comfort you trying to cover kind of Nick by making up with everybody. I. Mean that's a nice that's a nice way to it's a kid like that shit with Connie but I don't, know the bathroom kind so I'm really that's it alone I just know Drake isn't like a good guy but, it's like this nigga more longlegs we don't like the shit you don't you're not gonna be fuckin if anybody. Sees a lady, right but, that's, me I'll see him kind of. Come. On here Jamie, it was so much instigating, and like backbiting. Off the light and, things like the second time was happening yeah dad, just got cool and, made that song before they. Himself. Honestly. But. You gotta respect Calle. Almost no no that's like he'd, be wildin out but. I, just, thought of a bother how, about honey I like his music I just. Know like identity. That he said now like this positive shit he's not pursued. But like like what but that shit's kind of sketchy though yes. He was on that positivity, but he's still not pushing released at this he's, no longer stood this company still just drink on his own no my friend is like it's like good Drake like me Kanye's like that's, what I kind of really needs like he. Needs like guidance. It, doesn't make sense like he needs somebody to tell them like yo your wallet, you're, not wild like somebody who could respect enough to tell me a while I feel like nobody to kick something I would have an eagle. Yeah. Saying his egos too huge. When, you get to that point like you making money your life you, know it's making all this money your, kid's gonna be making money you feel me like his. Wife's family's, making money like. You can't tell him nothing like they haven't talked, about people in. Like. They're. Always talking fine at me this is all publicity like for real like that anybody, album, Kanye released he's gonna be releasing some more stuff like, yeah, yeah.

Great. Album god man like it's it was small so I'm pretty sure if you got more tracks built up to release, so all this happily, it's felicity mmm, mix, it I mean that's. Kanye right I think, brings up nothing. Jays trying to be cool week just I'm Rick, Ross features but oh yeah. We missed those Rick Schwarz fixes I'm busy that you mean that thing I need the request Drake features, like, legendary. Legendary. Music. So. As you saw the video when I test playing our backstage. It's. Like. You listen Jake you feel like you know because he's genuine, I feel like this is a genuine diamond rock, I like Alan, J right I just don't some, of your songs that you have to know for now saying I already I, really. Like jerk like that I like some song. Playing. But. Anyone. Knows, what that oh, yes. It's. All like. No. Except for the protection, except for two is two of them on our life. That's not shit I should have been on accident, you, have. To listen to again. Go. Through some stuff I don't like a lot of music like I you, know appreciate it and so like I'll probably go through some things and. Then it's like you come back and breath this, want to hate. That's definitely it's not just conversation is probably going smooth. Let's. Help of this hip-hop shit and go something trip-hop. Shit or. Try for a hop shit I don't know that's called, Bacardi, and Nicki Minaj them, your. China. My. Day night no, it was like. Because. I won't go Friday morning I, looked at my phone when you wake up and you just check this diversity. Car. Do you think dark are those shoes that Nick yet the oh my, god, this thing is no. One got no right to, talk about nobody's kids. And. You don't talk about somebody's kids be ready for the smoke, exactly. Yeah you gotta be ready for it, Oh like you got to be ready like you want to take that step and you want to you know go yeah you know the, kids I might not know how it feels. And. She don't have any kids to be talked about somebody's kids you fuck me like. No. Because, she don't realize how hurtful that is you don't have your own kid this beef is just, Bob saying like you saying actually don't have a kid to talk about Mona nobody. I mean that is been a long time coming, I mean. People. Yeah. We. Can meet you I always. I'm. Always a party though, Doug, he had a Papa - album, problem, was good good it was very good that, was the first part. I. Like Nikki and I love carnie they're two different they're, different. Like. Her life personality. But. The. Songs did, when they turn a blender with like different are. You know she's ours. So I gotta respect that I appreciate, carnitas I saw her before she became she was on loving, him. She. Was just a comedian in, the ground so. That's. My shit just forgot I could have. You, just like that's internal partisan I would I'm always second. Identify. People, and you know. If. It's real big don't, squash it let it be genuine for you splashing that's, how I feel I need. I need that's it go okay you know if I was kind of boring now and. To. Me something another Saxon, into it it's the death of Mike Miller so, team. Ahmed I thank. You for all of your songs for, life hey Jasper does not. Renounce it bro I was I'm working I was just like yo. Like. Went, on break and I want, and, I saw Instagram. Twitter, just blowing up like I'm, taking that thinking, like is that shit real like, if you've really dead she's 26. Go like like the social, he was on my rose to me when I first came I was like oh TMZ for Laden, let's. Be honest Leon let me out TMZ's a lot of authority. Like. TMZ like, wrong people though I mean like people make mistaken, TMZ, capitalize, on people, is a capsized off ship but most of the time what do you say it's true I'm, not saying it's not true if you make a mistake it is it true yes but and I you didn't if you don't mean to do something like Sam zv9 old news let's post. It's. Okay it's, okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. I don't like in the business for not okay you doing what you're supposed to do or whatever. Do. You say for might not like you making all these people feel like a zebra. Like. Their human being you making them feel like that a lot. Of time celebrities. Will be confirmational, TMZ, just yeah like, okay. Good Matthew Lucy is Felicity period, yeah that's true we. Need to regardless. Right, so. With a lot of celebrities there, I'll get we made them they'll call the TMZ and the emissions. Shit. My wife's to hope yeah okay yeah we don't need it but people people, live on with it we. Should push it. Push. It TMZ. Well, he'll be around for like so long though sir I mean he was kind of snitching to like. I wouldn't respect what's the cheapest snitching but at, the same time J Cortes fiance, so it like taboos I mean they say it's tables off I don't know about, identity.

So Whatever like if you're gonna go to beef you should try to answer for, what exactly. That's got it my, dog. This nigga sister just got married. Okay. We're. Potential, life or you better die this time potential. Ergo. Gary. Lager. W like some who you was with big, guys all, right nobody answers to a shit to myself ah that's. Scary who believes that who. Believes that deal you gotta have people Roger to keep you grounded bitch yeah Bob is it snow woman oh. You. Gotta get. He. Knows how I am she'll be like I'm gonna just tell you you do y'all think. You're. Like gonna yeah, you know but she still you still take advice. So. I'm working on my favorite, show this year that's good. Roast. On my brain looks like a affairs, whoo. Tamizh. More of an acquired taste like, you like, will you purge drink is like, like. This we keep sipping. Beer. Is. Gives. You a honey can you be straight. Behind. Again yeah I love more to strong this little I, was like a little sweeter taste though carla has. I'll. Take it out result beer tasting. But. No my friends like the air so. There. Would just diamonds Guinea Jesus. All right let's shout out my boy Nicky forget extra. Room. Man you. Know. He was. Like. You look like you can't really get man. Thank. You you look kind of like you were matching the boom y'all have the same thing like where you're like part of the groomsmen. Also. Use uses. Freshmen, are reason. One. Man. I've. Been trying to get some my friends get married to. Such. A different. Yeah. Hey. Baby I got a linen it's a baby I'll, be like I'm 27 dresses everything. That movie it's, like this woman. Correctly. She just people on the weddings. I'm. Still processing that, you I just, know some demon king came back at the end of the movie that was wild one of the demon can be silenced can you spoil the different. Being. It was completely. Different from what I thought the movie was going to be about I, didn't, expect, all that plot twist that. What's the last movie also our. Movie. I mean the last equalizer, yes. Crazy. Rich Asians, that. Was really good that was a fairly good movie it's definitely like for, girls it's a chick flick but, I, like. It talked a lot of a lot about like controversial, issues, like you know boring. People. But. Like, you know like so the difference between like foreign. Chinese. Are Asian people not Chinese I'm sorry Asian, people and, American. And Asian people and I'm the light that's a very relatable, issue with all cultures like you, have like like Korea like Africans, are from african-americans. Ooh okay class same, thing with you, know Hispanics. From their homeland, and American, assessment, they're not looked at the same are you culture because Nicky doesn't think like black, Americans, their culture like that, well she is. You can't blame each, other you, can't blame the. African, Americans, for not being culture, because they never been America, I feel like you guys are cultured, in your, own way, it's like you, can't be out you can't be, at home before like the street lights out I thought that's culture, I don't know like. You. Guys sometimes, we mistake like tribalism, look like it's, kind, of the same thing but it's not like fortunes. Of these like there's morals, in it which I'm a loser like.

Connery's, You, know patterns. Texture. Acts. You. Know but you guys are pretty like y'all I feel like I'm not as in touch with Charles after, especially. Like there's no generations, get younger basically, how. Yeah. Okay yeah yeah yeah thank, you so like, I talk, to a lot of people format like, when, we were talking and, they'd be like I love my culture Americans, don't have culture, well I had the same time that when I cost you because you so misogynistic, it's like middle centered you know something like that it's like well why can't a woman do this it's, like it's a love/hate thing so you love it hey I'm. A history major so like. Yeah. So. African, culture wasn't male, centered, like. It was woman it was the. Woman in the beginning man but until the European, pain, then. It became warm. Mail. Center a patriarchy. That's. No, they still ma'am, but, I'm just saying like the. Europeans, and American culture like have a lot to do with yeah right you're, absolutely fuckin. Europeans, yeah no. I'm. Saying yeah you're right I mean like who still worship our moms like everybody, knows like a mom but there are seven things like you, will see like okay like why doesn't it matter what can and when we do this from. African, culture it that's I mean but same thing with Hispanic culture like do, you know the men. We. Need both best of both worlds, like yeah it's not like there's, like a period of people. Like I don't know if it's art it might be like a little bit like my sister's foster. And your sister yeah because they like older and they have like they, have the culture what they also have the American. Culture. Why exclude, the me. Like. I like I like them more because you, got to think about that I think I was. Here like I I didn't I wasn't born like. I came from there like you you, like went back and forth didn't really stay there so, we'll make like naturally. I've always, been open-minded, even when is back back to Africa do we say why I'm, more in tune with this culture. Then. My old culture, is like that. Was more open-minded, so. I understand. This culture, more because I like this culture it's not like I don't like my cultures, like I like American, culture I like like that back there mentality, out back Americans, are only passenger, or conditional, a lot of compassion more, than my Africans, do I'm Nessen Africans don't but there's. Like. Like, game. A. Lot. Of african-american. Culture a, lot. Of outsiders like, damn. Boy it's I don't feel like they don't like us I feel like it's more of a resentment. Because. Americans. Like I don't know a lot of people say Americans, don't have culture but 10-degree. American. Kind of do have culture, like, as far as like with freedom.

Of Speech freedom, like, and women, yeah. Yeah. You see they have like they, have like steps, it's like layers of different types of culture but it's like people don't see that the only see like you, know. Cultured. Like they I mean it's. Not in our own ways I feel like this coach is like different perspective, like I didn't know in Brazil they learned like where I live Vegas Nigeria, they learned like their Godfather several in Brazil it's the same guards were serving so. It's the same like because, I'm your boss you see like I don't know how that, worked but your mother sustained, Brazil and Brazilians, go over there to watch it. Africans. Like they were African. Descent right they brought Africans, to Brazil to, be slaves like, so, like that all links, in with all of them so. Yeah, I mean shout out to shout outs of culture like I like, how diverse, it is I like how different. It is I feel like we should all respect each other's culture I don't care if you think your culture, is like all, of this shit like just, know that is your you're, like you say that yeah. That's, a part of me but respect. Other people because you only seen it from one like, one time frame if you have to see how other people's frames it know, where, you really stand there, like something, like you know you're a black canary in America you have to see from, other people's lens to like why. Why are these people like that. She. Came from the Middle East, she's, purging, chose a person, yes. Body. And, she said she, said she said her crying in class you. Know when they were talking about in, government, class about the freedoms that we have in America and she was just like you know didn't. Have that limitless. Men have that like women, just. Now are being able at 21, to be able to drive on their own like you. Know like it stuff like that like women have no rights out, there and you, know people in America, are out, there being an activist, you, know, Europeans, are being, activists to fight for women's rights so like that is a lot a part of American, culture though there are a lot of things negative. Things that are a part of American culture but I've missed highlighting, the positive, things I can go on all day about the negative, stuff but, you know talking. From. European, so like European culture is people. From Australia, explicit. Send. Me okay any. Loop like this my daddy my dad sent me. Anyway. My. Dad sent me a text message about a school in Atlanta not doing the pleasure. He's. Just like this, country, has no more morals, anymore. Because. They refused to say that under God's heart boss on them but I was just like I just I was like honestly. Me. Personally I'm going, to school to become an educator I personally. Do not care if my students, saying the Pledge or not I. Think. The pledge is for the soldiers, you know like for, sure to show your respect moment, of silence to show your respect for the fall so just above our freedoms at the same time America. Under. God was annoys me that. Too. Unless, if, we were built on a country, of freedom they, have to understand, that but some people all believe in God some people believe in multiple gods son you know family we, have to be inclusive, to all the cultures that we claim that, America was, built, on and I, don't believe that America. Caters. Fully, to. All the cultures, that come, in come, in and out of America, those are like so I don't believe like the pledge is necessary, until America starts representing. America. To its full extent like America was made for the white male so you can reach man, can't be me.

Hey. Call me the same just send it back this way no I know you got I know you got a lot of money right now. Bro. At the end of the day. What. I said is bugging out when I did sell out. I thought, me find this clip a pop if you see the kiss butcher shop is kind of like humbly thank, you good travel you, go to like any place and you just see like everything is like different you're like what the fuck I shouldn't make you feel like they're not what. You think is really important it's not that important, the. Culture, shock is like I feel like experiences. Like everything, in life honestly. Like, in the crazy rich asian movie like they, were talking about how Americans, feel entitled, like. And you, know I had to sit down like I'm gonna kind of made me reflect on a lot of things like as, Americans, that we are we. Are entitled like we, wake up every morning to running water we, wake up every morning to brick box most most Americans, you know I know there is a percentage, of homelessness the bars are buzzing buzzing but most Americans, don't. Have to worry about food, not being in the fridge or you. Know having. Running water having. A chance to take a shower. Or you, know always know, maybe sometimes when they go to other countries somehow just. Because. We have this like we have this health of title it might feeling, like they. Do speak English like everyone. Else should speak English but we don't feel the need to learn, another language and, that's so terrible. Because. I've heard like I felt that before like when I go somewhere and I, don't speak their language I'm just like. English. Like, looking. Back that's no selfish, that is like, what. Five. Hun. Let's. Go, gotta save money like for the summer 20 20 19 I'm trying to go. That's. Kind of stereotypical. I. Know that. Somebody's. Like. I'm. Going nowhere this is my back now is telling me at post wedding. I. Think. I'm trying to write I can talk to me relax just say I'm just kidding having a cry but it's all right you know you feel me it's fine but, I, just got a new job so it's about another than that. See. We, just get money it's big money go just know it's big money so if y'all see me drop me exactly. Wire you, know. So. You bought you buy nigera. You. Put it up with an application straight, up. Okay. I. Only do 15 in our. Surrounding. Experience. Are. You gonna share the company or a manager oh boy you're not I'm gonna have people come in there. Cos. Bacher's is yeah I wanna talk about me all the time. Not. Telling. Them the worst you, want to go here would be like new asses, in our country. Do. I do I do like someone I ask dances in their carpet though like you've known me for like how long. Everybody. Had their own demons oh, this. Is shit like sacred believe you saying like there. That's. How you know there. Was, tasty, but it did the job I liked.

That It was kind of like saying all people should. Shout. Out banaji twat. I know, that it might be saving like a different, accent, and French so, I'm gonna try to say it in my French accent it's, about to be a big ass output. And. I said wah. Wah. Oh wah, you, gotta roll those two that watch, there's, not wha, chaos, that why. You don't like it yeah, you don't like my French accent yeah yeah. We only, speak people on this somebody told me my French accent. Having. This business where you know that, people call and it's every night Vica. Accent, sort of. Six. Six, calls. My. Job got a phone call and I think it was a sex operator, like he was looking for a dominatrix, like. Dominatrix. He's like do you like to be in charge are, you to take it oh no. Let. Me tell you about this story is like, a, couple, of months ago I went. Along. To love ya. Kennesaw, does, that concern no, it's like a it's. Like a little any like like, yeah. Yeah. I. Was, up there for work and I. Don't know if you said kind of start now you bested. Maybe. There's a long now for any I'll have a long thing of Avenue in my band. It's. Like it's. Like a Buckhead but a future bucket it's. Like if I can make, it they have like apartment, homes connected. To the wall connected. To move to it's all connected and watch oh that's. That's. That's why you used, to pay just to spend your money. She's. Like fuckin. Shit. This is raw I'm, saying. Like, this is banana crop okay. I, hope you like this like yeah really. Good yeah I wish. Comment. Below got all really cares, like. I'm, telling at 150 views on this I know I'm not putting expectation out there but the equation to talk the expectation. Timing, comes that, your review yeah. Let. Us know we can work on which I would like to hear more like we don't want to hear more sports, likes, you more I'm not doing with sports, no so much grows more, clothing where, hip-hop or, like no that's not sure, I could not make it let's talk about like titties. Your. Job house Jim please like come up in here but we got a penis Jim if you some strippers run back to get that microchip yeah like our friends, our friends are my friends I know strippers, like build don't come on the show and they could talk about a life you didn't want to they're. Almost the same thing. Come. On this platform and, really talk live talk to your shit I'm even on the comments like talking about it like we're just trying to engage in conversation, like we're interviewing people who really, matter I'm not interviewing each other on the show. Like. We're regular, people like, doing, regular, shit okay just, think about like your, everyday friends, like just talking you know like those cool conversations, that you have at that moment with my quality to share our camera the exactly, podcast, yeah like we bring it that's it that we're, bringing or whatever you have like you know where you arguing with your boys or girls or, like anything whatever cows, and chickens argument, and you.

Want To put our camera because you want to see you want other people to understand, they won't give it a time man exactly, Stan line so we want everybody has anybody that want to be on it here come on let's talk. Sheryl's. Like let's get this stuff like poppin because like we're never gonna stop, having Roku's, like people that we know onion because like, everybody be like oh let, me go see what else if this is some dumb stuff or if you think you say something I'm smart like me but it's actually done in reality. Most. Of the service is not dumb though but I know I don't know how to put my words together the time so, that's why my. Arguments, like static. Well. I tell you I know what I'm trying to say. Human. Want me express my feelings so bad, like verbally, that, is so. I'm. Not good like I can sit there write on paper all day high but. When I come to like articulating. Of. Course you write a song on a guitar a. Good. Writer so some, of the speaker may be doing flowers little brats I've heard back in the day. Everybody. Has that, underground. Like. You. Got to, the cottage. A. Girl oh honey I'm sorry I went to hire my thighs yeah. We didn't, expose you. Yeah. Yeah a whole folder might not be for them might be really he had the bar I can actually drop those. Yeah. That's. Never just, put me in the pool. Put. Me in a book this is fine. And. I was sitting into I go go like, you're killing. The BOGO. Give. It a roll days I'm telling ya I'm gonna book jacquees in. The. Car. That. Tree makes his fire I don't know what other mayor's anymore. So. Like, I literally, knew, about Ellen May a year ago like that Busan, you know a hero. I do the female artist underground people arms I'm also here, for the kailani, Charlie, camel honey that's not good you all get along. I thought people tweeting about her that's and then so I looked her up long what. Was it. Like. The first album. A mixtape Melissa told you should be here yes, I could, join up. But. I listened to that my. Freshman year of college, so last year I went to a kailani concert, in LMA, opened for her she thought it was eye-opening and, she, like performed, Boogaloo I had listened to her tracks in the car went to the concert cuz I knew she was helping me sounds like let me get to know the artist I was, like she got some really decent she like a beauty peace out actually, that, nobody really know about but it was just so crazy that now because they got a radio play like. People know our same thing with sweetie like we're out what you want sweetie but, I was showing, you her there's no sweetie this shall. We know we know it sweetie that's actually pronounce it sweetie. It's just about crazy, sorry. Sweetie. Before. Everybody. Anybody. Nearby he, liked, her for the looks how am i different me. Services. At the top that, big. I said with that week to. Our. First ever showed us all that led out there. You. Know I'll. Just stop when people on and take care the good music I listened to because I feel like my music my music taste, is like impeccable, so, because. I always bring everybody, listens a song because oh then I bring like I say my music, it's like HD y'all, this is, the. Music Allison's. Deeper. Classy. If. I music like so like libraries. Partiers like dick like I'm sure, that's. Like, oh. My god no, I've. Been gonna. Do. This no y'all, know y'all get. One more -. It's. Very like, y'all try to overpower because, I'm, like. Yeah. We. Do we do that I want to see my through yeah. You're doing it right now on top on this accent question that. May be. Obvious. Is. Definitely. Hurt you right now that you tech tackiness, no, no, yeah, I'm, just fuckin. No. Mas. EEG. Oh he's, like. Nah. Look, no. But, like sausage, is not. He's. Like he had a lot of like jazz elements in, his stuff like is like a lot of saxophone, piano, like. All. Right. Okay. The. Disappointed. That's somebody, who garner I don't know what the name is it's, not you know no they should know it's. One OSIS no, Wisconsin, I think this almighty or something like that but. This is this a song with garner oh my god gaara's, but I love garlic his probably wanted a favor like one of my favorites Atlanta rapper, like King Kong nah.

That. Could go out the door I mean my favorite dinosaur is top off I. Never. Understand, what he said like we were saying like I, love. You dog and I used to hate my, boys. Like. Mickey. Like stuff does not I buy last time know about good because I finally understood he's a genius. The. Genius I wanna know because he, his, music, is catchy. To something he took something from way that, we've never seen you two something Wayne and made it into something totally different, while at the same time he. Brought so. What do you think why he brought, he. Made he brought look like he, successfully, did with a little BT but he did it cooler like. Lil B started doing that like weird, like. Like. Homosexual. Kind of like dressing kind. Of like weird dressing shit into the rap game I'm being weird but like making music same time we, don't dunk brought it it, was where it was why I datoria, no. It was just because it was Emma and I when they accepted him for like. That whole like I wear women clothes but it's cool they got rap like I wish to shoot guns like shit he, was doing that shit thanks to Sony niggas it's not gonna say shit niggas, were saying shit but, the music was lit at the same time like it don't you remember by halftime all, I say he used to make like that first was that part of three right, she. Was lit bro and you can yeah. So he did that and I just could not explain I was a genius though is extraneous go accolades, bow he's a genius because he made that work and, he did so long that. He was consistent, that is true because like you know him every tonic-clonic in about the same time right there's four champion right now well I feel like. After first. Rich roam, across France think that everybody loved people wanted him to either progress, from that but he he didn't matter he went from that to like being night right, I thought that bitch all the way get my he wasn't like I'm not saying he's not an artist well he wasn't like the, makeup clown, I'm just saying let me know if I should make a cigar and let us know what we need to do more if you want to come on the show or all that bro. Shut. Up to. Be, the coolest ever. Better. Not. Miss Pam haha we really appreciate everybody's two names like subscribe, share please, like our try to be consistent so we're gonna make, it hopefully every week. All right and you guys topics to talk about - thanks were all booked this is to hope with discussion, so. Go. Know. Just, did. DM, or which. You requested on calendar. Calm. You know know what I have any black post okay yeah both of us sort of make. Wannabe. Requests venomous all, right.

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