Windows Insider Program for Business: Set up your OWN rings - BRK3357

Windows Insider Program for Business: Set up your OWN rings - BRK3357

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Hello. Delinquents. Yeah. Does your boss know that you, showed up here 9:00 a.m. on a session. To. Literally learn to manipulate them, because. That's exactly what, you did it's. Exactly what you did and the. Reason you did this is because you got sent here you didn't get sent here because you want to go back and do things exactly like you did last week then, there'd be no point, you, know Orlando is beautiful, I know you got your mouse ears last night but, you came here for a reason and the. Reason is because you are ready to, lead the, digital transformation. I know buzzword, bingo, you, know cards, the whole thing but. You know, there are some truths. Did. You know that. Since. 2000. The year 2000, 50, % of the fortune 500 have. Been replaced they, disappeared. These. Are the blockbusters. These. Are the Kodak's these are the taxi companies. 50%, of the fortune 500 that's. A lot. The. Good news is your delinquency, is preventing, your organization. From being the next blockbuster that's. A pretty good deal I think your manager is gonna like that I think. They're really gonna like that so, when they, accuse you of delinquent. Behavior be like yo do any blockbuster, no okay, then let me do the delinquent, behavior. Disruption. Affects every industry no, company safe. Technology. Is, way. It's the way to stay alive it's the way to stay innovative all of, the companies that replace the fortune 500 guess, what their tech forward they, led with technology, and even. Old school companies, right now they're. Standing up and saying every. Company's a tech company when, you got like Walmart, saying they're a tech company you, know you need to disrupt things. These. Are big-name people these, are big-name people saying big name things last, yesterday. At the keynote it was so powerful DM, 365, keynote was so powerful to hear the CIO of Goodyear Goodyear. Tires. They put tires on the moon tires. On the moon my god, they're. Standing, up there saying we are 100% Oh 365. We're. Gonna be a hundred percent win ten we do 90% of our work in the cloud Goodyear. Tire factory if, good, your tire factory can do it then, we have no excuse we can't say oh no we're from an old-school industry, we don't old-school, industry transform, our, data lives in a file cabinet under, Honda's desk it. Doesn't work it, doesn't work because, if Ford Motor Company, can do it believe, you me you can do it I worked at Ford so I can say these things. Listen. So all. Of you are bought in obviously. Right otherwise you wouldn't be here freaking nine o'clock in the morning talking about disruption. You know you roll up into an insider session you're not going to get the, safe the, predictable, the, thing that we've done for a hundred years. Instead. You're. Gonna get some crazy talk all. Right why. Are we here why are we here at 9:00 a.m. jet-lagged as hell because. We have some squad goals, we. Have some squad goals, you're.

Our Squad we have goals together and. All of y'all who are coming in late we say y'alls now because we're in the south. Here. Are the goals. 90%. Of the fortune 500 are, going to be inside earning, it's. Actually a hundred percent but Blair told me not to say that. Because. He's a data dude but 100, percent of the fortune 500 are going to be inside during so help me God if I have to come to your office you. Know buy you a machine run, an insider build at your receptionist, desk it will happen a. Hundred. Percent of you are going to be running insider builds why, do I say that why because. It's the future, because. It's the future. Today. You're going to be hearing from two fine gentlemen that, we met at ignite, 2016. 1. All the way on the other side the world New Zealand one down, in Atlanta up in Atlanta and they. Are from some old-school industries, banking. And government. Those, are not non-traditional. There. Are traditional, industries, with people who've worked in them for hundreds of years they, used to wear suits once so. Think about that if these. Fine gentlemen can. Do, digital. Transformation. Using insider builds in their orgs you could definitely do it in yours. Absolutely. So. Let's talk a little bit about how, how. Is this gonna happen how are we gonna make this happen there's. Windows insider program windows. Insider program for biz how many of you know what the windows insider, program is flights. And such I assume so otherwise why would you show up here other than you know our, crazy sounding titles. How. Cool is that animation, did not make it that's, our amazing designer, Ally here in the Ferraro. Windows. Insider, program this, allows you to run pre-release, builds, this, is how you find out what's coming up in the next version of Windows if, you. Are on win 10 you're. Going to get the next version windows it's just going to happen so it's better you find out what's in there early so, you can plan for it right and then. It's a quick way to send us feedback on what is and does not work for you early. But. What is whipped for bids what is insider, program for business this. Is a program we co-created. With someone just like you, therefore. We know it works we, didn't make this up by ourselves in Redmond Washington that, would be stupid we, instead co-created, with someone just like you an IT professional, from. A non trip from a traditional, company. Whip. For business allows you to of course get pre-release builds, run Windows 10 server get, the SDK of course of course of course but also the. Goal is to validate, your apps and infrastructure, to make sure that don't break no. One likes when she breaks your boss is gonna yell at you right. They're, gonna yell at you that's not fun the, CEO is gonna be like I don't understand, what McAfee doesn't work anymore we are not secure emergency. Red alert you don't want that phone call that's, not a funk phone call it's way better to know that. Something broke six. Months before this deploys to everyone in the world yes yes. As. An. Organization, we rely on you to give us your feedback so we have six months to make the changes to the product before. It rolls out to your whole company and all the other companies in your sector you. Want to be a hero within, your organization, but also the world because, I truly believe IT people are the true heroes. All right so let's talk about how you're gonna set up whip for business in your enterprise in your organization, for. That you got to understand, rings rings. Are great we love rings what are rings. First. Why, even set them up you, want. To validate. Using. Cool charts and graphs here's what you don't want to do you don't want to waltz into every single person your company's office and say you. Know how's that new Windows 10 build working out for you you, don't want to do that you're gonna get yelled at everyone's gonna complain they're all gonna yell at you you, don't you really don't want this experience I know because I used to be working IT afford and I got yelled at for deploying Windows XP no. One likes the green button why is the button green I'm like hell if I know I don't know why are you asking me right so. You know the upper management hates, the strangest, things it's. Best that you know that early, so. First they get used to it and second you could complain to us right. So. One second. You. Maximize the value to your org you're saving money, when. You have six months of. Testing. And bake time that's, pretty good you, get to make you get extra six months to make sure that your in-house apps you know that thing you made that one time that everyone's using you.

Need To make sure that still works in six, months otherwise guess what you're, gonna get yelled at and, third. There's. No way you're gonna compete in tomorrow's world with yesterday's, tech. To. My horror and shock. One. Of the members on our team Blair, uses. Yahoo stocks, finance. I'm not even lying we had the biggest fight about this tomorrow lower last night at 10:30, Yahoo. Stocks, he's, like why right stop telling the story but listen. You. Can't compete tomorrow's. World with Yahoo stock I just, can't let you do this I'm sorry as a society, we just can't let this happen it's, unacceptable, sorry, Blair not. That sorry. You can put your head in the sand and say not me this won't happened to me no it's gonna happen to you and next thing you know you're blockbuster install your fault because you got sent ignite to prevent this and you, did not prevent it so. You're. Gonna have to do the thing I'm sorry, ring. Structure, these. Are the windows insider rings re super easy to sign up I'm sure most of you know go-to insider don't windows comm go, through the steps and then, go to the settings page of your windows control. Panel and choose. Fast, ring just do it just choose festering. Everyone's. Like stop saying that you should choose slurring fast during best ring you get all the latest and greatest stuff you, find out what's coming. Up next. As in we checked in code on Monday it's in your hands on Wednesday it's pretty damn sweet do. You want to run this on all the machines in your company probably, not do you want to run this in some skunk works one machine and a closet somewhere like. Some people have done yes. You definitely want to do that because that way you know what's coming the. One you want to run in your company and you actually won't tell people about is thus. Lowering the, slow ring is what we called the adult supervision, ring this. Is the 1%. Of, 1% of machines in your company should have slowing, you're, still in pre-release, so you can give us feedback but. You're actually able to validate your apps and infrastructure, because you're running this on bare metal we, do recommend you run this on bare metal versus VMs because you really do get to live with it and figure, out how this this. Build this product is going to work in your company in six months it's. Not like the codebase is going to change it's, not gonna mysteriously, solve itself right your problems aren't gonna go away and the. Third one is what we call release preview we. Call it say the pumpkin spice latte ring.

Don't. Use that ring because. You only have two weeks so, it rolls out two weeks before we released you have two weeks now to fix everything in your org if, you're really good you can do it but in general slurring. Really. Good for you at. Build we, announced. That slow is going, to be serviced and supported, what does that mean before. A piece of feedback many of you gave us is you, know it's really hard for me to convince my manager to run an unsupported. Some rogue delinquent, ring in the company, because. What if something goes wrong what, if there's some crazy security, issue what, if we can't login we. Said you know what we're gonna really, listen to this feedback and do something about it so, our amazing, Windows, Update team spent, a whole bunch of time making. Sure slow is supported, like all things this was not a technical challenge it was a culture, challenge now. We select, a build every. Month we commit to selecting, a build and making. Sure that all of the main blocking, issues from that build are fixed before we roll it out too slow. In. The last five months since build five months we've. Released six slow builds the, goal is that every fast ring build can be slow quality, with the right amount of servicing, and bug fixing but. Because. We're holding up this really high bar and using pretty reliable, servicing pipeline you, can believe that the slow ring is actually going to be pretty good for you and your company so. We're, trying to align to Patch Tuesday so then, you, know you get all of your updates and such at once and you don't explain to your manager what is this update because that's a fun convo for everyone. All. Right so I can stand up here and I. Can lecture you all about this or I. Can, call up a good friend of ours who, we met at ignite in 2016. And, he. Eddie why aren't you up here okay come here yeah, it's. Like we're in a school play come here Eddie go, Tin Man go okay. So. We met you Eddie. 2016. Atlanta. Atlanta, and. He went up to Blair at the booth I was all the way around the world meeting Paul in, New Zealand at the time and, he. Said hey you know this insider build at home is really cool I love doing it you know my family's only a little mad at me but. I want my boss to be real mad at me so how do I do this in, my business and. The. Two of them Eddie. And Blair they started sketching on the board and before, you know it Eddie has built the program that we are talking to you about today so, Eddie. Works at First Citizens Bank traditional. Industry, or tradition so and he's worked there for how long. 19. Years, 19. Years he, understands, the industry we've. Got the entire first citizens crew up here to. Say. Hi, eight. Crew. You'll. Notice Eddie remains, employed, despite his delinquent, behavior although, maybe not after today. Sorry. Frank Eddie's boss. So, let's, let's talk a little bit thank you for co-creating, whit for business with us we really really, appreciate it and thank, you for being up here on stage and telling your story too, you know this room full of your. Closest friends. At. Least a handful. Alright. So tell me what how big is your company's, digital estate how many machines and should do that. So. Tell, me a little bit about that what is the wind tend plan and strategy such as such so we're right in the middle of our winton rollout we, started, we actually started, this about two years ago yeah with, insider builds we've.

Been Working it for the. Last say. Probably eight months, we've been doing actual production rollouts, so it was a long process getting to that point started. With insider fast we, started getting a few more slow people on board we had some early adopters that got as we called them Windows. 10 stable builds and that was kind of our first group that transitioned, into our windows insider we, are now at about 25%. Of, our population so, we're. On target looking next, year that's. Pretty awesome so, what I found really really compelling, about Eddie, and for. Citizens in general is these, are just nerds in the IT department. He's. Got h/r in his insider program so. We learned a very good technique which is pull, HR into your delinquency and then they can't fire you it's, there a hand there's, no a co-conspirator. Job. At a that's pretty good deal so what. Is one of the biggest like. Challenges. And blockers you guys have got right, now as you're doing this rollout and you learn more and more about your wind 10 deployment, third-party. Vendors been a big blocker working, with them it's been very difficult, yeah but insider, builds help with that because you said earlier we find things that aren't working and we're able to reach out to our vendors ahead of time that's right so that's that's a big thing adopting. To the the, culture change is really another parts like you said earlier it's not just. Getting. Past. The technology, pieces it's the culture changes rule, right, so it's getting people to understand, the value of, getting, those builds early finding, things out and working with your partners to get em fixed yeah I saw you holding like the McAfee life coaching session over here so, that, was pretty good we had that conversation at, four citizens right what, are we going to do about McAfee, we're, like what are we gonna do about McAfee, like we have is there any from anyone, from McAfee here so. We're gonna make it out the back I know they're like no we are not yeah. We're, gonna make protest, signs and be like Ron insider builds McAfee, run insider, builds right, this is one of those scenarios where Blair, and I are gonna go raid their office and plant insider builds until further notice, right, until they start keeping their up to date wait, you guys can also be up to yes yes. Look at that. Is. This recorded, oh it's. Recorded, oh I. Didn't. Say that okay, he, was Eddie's fault. All. Right so Eddie helped us co-create, whit for business but did you guys know that he's actually helped us co-create. The program, for, everyone, he. Co-created us, co-create this thing called flight hub one day we get this email from Eddie we got a lot of email from Eddie and. He's, like yo, it's really, really hard for us to understand, it's. Really hard for me Eddie to understand, what. Build. Isn't what ring so, like. What since lowering what's in fast during what's in release prove you don't use that so. I made this nifty little Excel, document, that actually shows what build is in what ring maybe, this would be useful for you guys we're like Eddie you're, a genius. Brandon. Make, a website so. Brandon made, a website and. There. It is it's called flight hub we, created it because, of Eddie's feedback the, two of them together made, this for everybody, we, keep it semi up-to-date, pretty, good right. Mostly. Mostly. I, you. Know what we realized we're like mmm, the eddies of the world and the insiders, of the world are not actually, okay with just sending us email like can you fix this and we fix it and they're like yay good they, actually want to have a hand, in. Co-creating. And they, actually want to you, know get. In on the, fixing of the code so. We. Decided that we're, going to. Open, source our documentation, to, the IDS of the world so, that he can make the changes, as he. Chooses. Pretty. Sure pretty sure I want to do that I think so I think so we. Also built, a, dock site that's directly, that's specifically. For enterprise, features because. One of the pieces of feedback that Eddie sent us is you're, you know paint features and you're inking features really awesome can you please tell me the enterprise features in one place so, we, ran around and, made that happen and if we miss one you can tell us and you. Can update it yourself. You. Want to show us let's, do it all right. Okay. There's. A real code everybody because, sleek stuff all. Right so here we are the. Windows. Insider. Docs, page manage windows insider preview and let's say you want to you're, reading through this and you, get.

To A point where you find something that just doesn't look right like, I don't know maybe. You. Want to monitor the, devices, that are being monitored we. Want to make it an edit. To it. We. Will scroll to the top click edit and. By. The way you're going to need to have a github account for this so if you don't have one go son sign up for one it's free it's easy a couple. Clicks and you're done we. Made the entire insider team set of github accounts, and start following me therefore you can do it trust, me. All. Right so. Edit. Unless. You look like a badass if you have a github account. Put. That on your resume that's pretty good alright, so here we're going to click. On the little pencil, to find the document, right. At the document, open it up in edit mode. Where. Was our error. To. Monitor the monitor right, here I like. Her Donovan fights finds the issue in one second, despite have never having seen this in his life yeah. All. Of us see it every day we're like I'm sure that typos fine yeah, Eddie's like yeah I don't think so. It's. Done this. Is difficult. Where's. Your commit button bottom. Profile. Change. That. Is it and. That's it that's. It I. See Zack has something to say Wow okay all right this is going well this is great so this is awesome stuff but you know I noticed you're looking at documentation, here and you. Know what else has documentation. What has documentation, that would be Windows, Analytics, Windows Analytics, venial EU have it staged here isn't, that great that is just. Amazing I just wanted to take a few, minutes to talk about Windows Analytics, real quick let's talk so. Heard of it I've. Heard of it if you guys heard of Windows Analytics yeah. Big week let's do the way into the wave, all. Right there we go so. I want to jump back to our presentation, here and oh my gosh look you have slides. This. Is incredible, this is great so. Of you, guys how many of you are familiar with Windows Analytics. Okay. Pretty good pretty good I'm seeing I'm seeing a few people that are not, why. Why, not. Know. That's that's a real question why not know. So Windows Analytics just to introduce you to it is a, cloud, suite of three solutions we, call those solutions upgrade, readiness update, compliance, and device health the, idea behind these solutions is that were we've, designed them to help you move to, the, modern desktop that Eddie and his company are enjoying so, get you from windows 7 to Windows 10 and then. The update compliance solution once you're on Windows 10 is designed, to help you keep those devices secure, and up to date with, all of your monthly security, patches and, then device health is kind of the ongoing, monitoring, devices, seeing. What's crashing, proactively. Identifying, issues so that you can remediate them before, somebody, calls, the helpdesk. We'll. Also give you the ability to drill down to the level of individual, devices so. If you're tracking a problem with a particular device you, can drill in in Windows analytics to see everything we know about that device if, anything's crashed recently, that, sort of information and. Then of course we're also trying. To help you build that confidence that your apps and your drivers and everything is going to continue to work with, subsequent, feature up as you continue your every six month updates so, if there's a problem that Microsoft, knows about will. Bubble it up to you so that you can proactively, remediate it or if, there are other issues we're seeing on your devices you can identify those and take action, before they affect large portions, of your company. How. Much is windows analytics Eddie, last, time I checked it was free, that is right we don't charge for windows analytics on the device, health solution, does have license. Requirements, you have to have Windows e3 or higher but, upgrade, readiness update compliance, are free we, actually cover the bill for all of your data ingestion and processing, as well so there's zero, cost to using Windows Analytics and, Eddy you guys have been using it for about two, years now right two years one of the first companies to start using it yeah you sure were I remember back in the day we actually we worked together quite a bit on trying to get some of your devices enrolled do you want to talk a little bit about that oh yeah absolutely so in, the beginning I said we looked at it in public preview and as we mentioned earlier I'm, talking with Donna that was kind of one of the first things we did to convince management was showing the value, of this and of course in order to show them the value of it we needed to get it set up and running we, had a little bit of challenges being a financial, institution of course we have some security constraints so, we had to work through that most all of our traffic runs through a proxy like most companies do and, so.

We Had to work with Zacks team to kind of figure out how to make that work because the initial assumption, was everything, is just connected, to the internet and so, we worked through that and I think it took us about a good month of, almost. Weekly. Nightly, calls with. The engineering team great team but we did manage to get it to work and it has been great ever since oh just, another great example of how insiders. Really help us you know get. Them unblocked and we can we can get you up and running on the service absolutely. What would you say what's your favorite part of Windows Analytics, any good stories, from recently, device. Health myself, device health is a great part we recently had an incident where we had we discovered there was a machine that had actually been crashing, regularly, and I mean very regularly like several, times a day but, the problem was the machine was over in a corner nobody was using it so. Nobody knew that it was blue screen e wood blue screen reboot come back up and he's supposed it's fine over there in the corner I mean it's. Okay but. Because, of device, health we were actually able to identify. Hey this machine has a very very high spike in number of kernel-mode. Crashes, and so, we were able to dispatch attack and get that problem resolved I think, that's it's kind of a perfect example of some of the things you can do with Windows analytics and with device health in particular why, don't we take a look at it real quick let's, do it gonna continue hijacking, your presentation, for just one more minute I. Think. I might uh I, think. I messed things up. There. We go so. What we're looking at right now this is our operations, management suite or you might know it as log analytics, and this, is what windows analytics, is built on top of so. You'll notice I have three tiles in my workspace here these, are the windows, analytics solutions, that we talked about and the, one eddie mentioned is this device health solution right here so. If I click in I'm. Gonna make this load instantly and. You see the device health solution, and what Eddie was talking about are these first two blades right here where, we're able to see devices, that are frequently crashing, drivers. That are frequently crashing, so, when we think about kernel-mode, crashes, we're actually looking at these drivers, and, you'll notice this is pretty typical of most companies you'll, have a bunch of devices and drivers that are crashing every once in a while but then there are gonna be a few outliers at the top they're, just far and away more, problematic, than anybody else, so. If we take a look at this first driver here I click. In what. I'm gonna get is, a detailed, report that's gonna show me statistics. About this particular, driver it'll, show me the trending, number of devices crashing, as well as the percentage of devices crashing, we'll, get information about, our crash rate as well, as the commercial average, so, we can compare those to see if we're doing better or worse than everybody else this can kind of help us figure out you, know is this our problem or is this more of the vendors problem, and then. We can also look at alternative. Versions, and compare, crash rates to try and figure out do we need to move to a different version should. We stay where we are should we roll back and make, informed decisions this, is kind of along the lines of what you guys did to resolve your driver issues that right most definitely, so. This is really great stuff and one, of the things that we're most excited about on the windows analytics team is I don't know who has heard the announcements, this week of desktop, analytics. Awesome. So. Desktop analytics, is basically our next, Jenner creation of Windows analytics becoming, out within the next couple months we're, introducing it here this week we've got a lot of great sessions talking about it I've actually got one in like 30 minutes, over in the Hyatt so, as soon as you're done here everybody, run over and then. We're doing it again on Friday though, so don't feel like you got to make it today and there's. A couple other sessions, so make sure you check your schedules, and come, learn all about desktop analytics. Super, exciting stuff coming with that as well and. I will leave now thank you for letting me crash Donna you. Better run yeah and no one follow him yeah. Thank. You. How. Do we get back to work you're in charge of that okay. So. Windows. Analytics, desktop analytics, super awesome because this, reduces, the amount of times you have to waltz into your boss's office and ask to know if McAfee's failing and, you. Get to look at nifty charts and graphs for all your charts and graphs fans and it's, like you have the secret superpower, where you're like yeah, I see your machine as blue screened in the last week, I just, know through psych because, I'm so psychic.

Like. Eddy and it. Looks like you know magic happens here but. Technology. Not so much magic which is kind of the same thing sometimes yeah. Sometimes. Okay. So. We. Live in this world software-as-a-service, is a thing everyone, knows it updates. Are a constant Windows Analytics can help you with insights, you're. All bought in you're like yeah Windows Analytics I want to track what's happened in the past what. If you want to know what's gonna happen in the future. Hmm. The future, the magic crystal ball I'm not supposed to use that phrase we're, gonna keep using it anyway. In. The. Future have. OPS's life have. OPS's life for even those of you who are like IE not've your DevOps is life just accept, it set up a github account and. I'm gonna call up you don't have to listen to me you don't listen to me instead you're gonna listen to the, man in the black shirt himself, mr.. Donovan Brown who, is going to show you how, to rub a little DevOps, on it. Thank. You so much Donna good. Morning everyone I'm the clicker. Let's. Try that again good, morning everyone, good, morning perfect. So, my name is Donovan, Brown I have DevOps in my title so everyone always asked me what does DevOps actually, mean so. I thought about it for about 30 days on, what DevOps actually, means so, the sentence I'm about to show you took me 30 days to write but, I'm a lot older than I look so what I did is I reflected, over my own career anyone, remember a little company called Compaq, computers all. The old people remember. Compact, like me so. I started, my career at, Compaq, computers, I remember writing software back there in the 90s and the, way that we wrote software then was a lot different than the way that we write it now the, goal of it was the same the. Goal of DevOps is to deliver value to our end users so I wrote this sentence here basically. Says DevOps is the union of people process. And products, to enable continuous, delivery of value to our end-users and value. Is the most important, word it is not about software, it is not about the next feature it, is about making sure that you continuously, deliver value, to your end-users, now I don't say customers, here because. It's not always to your customers, that you're trying to deliver that value if, you're installing Windows, inside your office your end user that's, gonna be using that value and. To do this to deliver value have to monitor what you're doing in production, you, can't just throw something out there pat yourself on the back and say I delivered, value not if no one's using it not. If no one's yielding, the goal no one's actually, benefiting. From that change you. Have to make sure that you monitor what they're doing now they're actually able to use what you've done and then you can use that data to go back and say what should we do next we should do more of the thing that delivered value and less of the things that don't but if you don't monitor, it you can't sounds like the analytics you just showed me it's a great way to monitor did we deliver a value or did we take a step backwards, but you got a monitor, to make sure you understand, those things and I, want to make sure that people realize that DevOps. Isn't just about the software that you write you. Can be a huge, part of that because the feedback that you give us is the way that we monitor if we're delivering the right things as well and we need to move that forward every, single day, why. Is it important, because. Your competition is already doing this, right. I have a video that I place on I'm about a pit-stop and you can hear that car is lapping, the person in the pit stop and that's your competition just, constantly, op in you every single time and it's funny cuz I go and talk to the some the largest enterprises, in the world I've gone and spoken to Walmart, I go and I speak to Exxon, and all these big companies and they're so excited when I come and speak to them and I kind of smirk and say you realize that all. Your, competition, they're. Our customers too I've. Already said this to them right. You're, late right, so don't be patting yourself on the back and getting comfortable that Donavan just came and rubbed a little DevOps Onita made it better I did, that for a Walmart years ago Target hey, call the Kmart going-out-of-business yeah, years ago I spoke to those other people so don't be the last one in your industry to realize how important, this is the debate, on if you should or should not implement, DevOps is over you. Either implemented, or you lose and. You can use these same best practices in the way that you do it today you.

Got To move faster than everybody else you. Got to increase your velocity but. You also have to figure out a way to reduce your human error and automation. Is the way that you do that do, not ever send. A human being to, do a machines job ever. Like. They said don't go around and ask them if they like Windows, go monitor their systems see if they're being productive let the machines do that mundane work for you now. If we do want to take a step back a little lower level, into what DevOps looks like from a developer's, perspective it, looks a lot like this what. We're trying to do here at Microsoft is take the value from the fingertips, of our engineers, and put it into hands of our users and, that happens with the commits like, they were saying before every time they put in a change we want to build it as fast as we can get, it out to our customers, and then let you give us feedback on that so that we can go back and do it again and. If we're not hitting the target we can go reprioritize. Our product backlog because. We think we know what's important, we, give it to you and you sell us us not then we need to go rethink, about what we think is important, and find, other ways to collect that information so, that we can make you more productive at what you do so we actually need that what's the saying help us help you right. And that's exactly what we're asking for now we're gonna make sure our engineers, can deliver the best value for you but we need that engagement not monitoring, that we do the last part to get that feedback back inside of us so please, have that DevOps, culture. And mindset in the way that work because. That's gonna come right back to us and we're gonna give it back to you full force to make you more productive in what you do so, Donna's want to thank you so much for having me here and hopefully give you an idea of what we're trying to do here internally at Microsoft, to help me be more productive in your job as well thanks. If. You guys if. You, guys haven't seen the sessions go see his sessions he will make you all into, DevOps people I didn't. Even know DevOps was until I met Donovan in ignite, 28, 2016.

2016. Yesterday. Yesterday. All right so you're all in you're like yeah I got this I'm gonna do this I'm gonna go home I'm gonna do the thing but. Then there's a human, there's. A human you need to hustle Eddie a. Boss. The. Boss it might be your immediate boss might be their boss boss might be your CT or your CIO your CEO but. There's some human you got to convince because. If you'd convinced, him by now you would already be doing the thing you'd be standing right here on stage talking about how you did the thing so. Let's hear, from. Eddie how, he convinced. His boss Frank cover your ears this did not happen at all it, was all your idea from, the beginning Frank don't, worry. You're. In. My. Review is not for a couple of weeks yeah it's it's gonna be fine don't worry don't worry so how did you do that how did you make Frank believe this idea was his. It. Was just show the value of the product yeah once you say hey look here's. What we're getting from windows insiders, it's gonna help us keep up here's where we're getting from windows analytics it's gonna help us get our project done with yeah least. Number of resources possible and. As we all know resources. Are always a problem right no, we're not the only ones who all has resource problems everyone yeah, everyone has resource, problems so, it's about showing the value once. They're convinced. That there's value, they're, usually willing to go right along with your experiment, and that's key to great, experiments, an experiment, at a project not doing a project you're doing an experiment I'm doing, a tiny skunkworks, experiment. On this one machine in this closet that will affect No. Okay under the desk that will affect no one I. Think. What's super interesting, is you. Take a lot of pride in being, the first right. You're like we are the first people to do this we are disrupting, banking. Which, is oh my god a traditional, industry and. I. Love how you guys take so much pride and saying we are a very tech forward bank and I, feel like you, guys did that right, you brought that culture, to first citizens we're first citizens all around the world but that's a very very unique thing, that, to, hear from banking, customers. Good. On you good. On you all right so, you, heard about how to convince your boss you. Hopefully. Will go and do it because, if you don't do it and you, need to hit up Eddie for, life coaching on how do I'm volunteering ready for all kinds of things I know, McAfee life coaching, convincing. Your boss life coaching, but. You know Eddie did the thing because, his boss and his entire team is, here. His entire insiders. Crew is here. And he even got HR Inter's insiders crew she's pretty sweet yeah so, how do you use all this how do you actually once you've set up the rings once, you convince your boss once you've got your skunkworks lab going on how, do you actually use it to make change happen I'm, gonna invite up the, very stern looking chief data dude of the windows insiders, program official, title of course and Paul, Warren who I met, in ignite. New Zealand two years ago that, was the same conference I met Donovan, and Paul Warren his, life changing conference now we're all on stage saying crazy words very. Stern. Very. Stern, looking data dude he's like what are you saying yeah.

So. Thank you Donna Thank You Eddie we, got mics so, we're. Gonna talk a little bit about Paul's, experience, with. The windows insider program but, before we get started and our notes are all messed up here so that's really cool. We're. Gonna talk a little bit about Paul your story so, so. You joined the Auckland Council about six years ago and this was your first government, job. Yeah. Yeah yes-no join, them six years ago first, time ever and government, was, a bit, of a bit of a culture shift for me yeah and, your background was a tech guy right yeah definitely, so what was it like joining the government um. Interesting. Pack. That a little forest, yeah. It was it was just a kind of a slightly. Different style than what I'm used to yeah just. I. Guess. Bureaucracy, could be a word you could use. Really. Sorry. But. No it was just them yeah there's just. A. Lot, more different. Hoops. To jump through to get, stuff done. But. We met you about two years ago and news you did yeah yeah and. We're. Talking to you because your IT needs in your background and. You. You were, you, were expressing some problems about like hey how do i how do I do do the thing and. And. So you so you went back to your manager you're like hey this Windows 10 thing I'm gonna take care of this right that's right yeah so um. Windows. 10 probably wasn't really on the roadmap and I'm a talkin Council when I joined, this team but it was. And. I. Joined, a team that, basically. Just. Gained. They. Were the team that we're going to be looking after the Windows, desktops, so. I thought, yeah, I'm, just gonna have have, a go at this have a crack. So. I just. Started. Doing. This thing yeah. I. Have. A mic, he. Threw a huge fit this. Is all in real time because he's he's emailing us and we're on Twitter every day having this conversation Paul's. Like Don I heard you speak I'm gonna go do the thing in my enterprise oh my gosh I love it he, said okay through a biggest, tantrum, to my boss and, my boss says you know what you're a real pain in the ass so. This is now your problem you. Make Windows 10 happen before, they're all like Windows 7 for life whoa Windows 7 were like No, so. Suddenly. It became a teaser sure he suddenly became, issue you know how many of you whose who, has, experienced, this well you throw a big tantrum in your bosses this is now your issue to solve because, that's.

How I got this. Activity. I'm. Like you know what the way we build windows stupid and boring and old they're like great that's now your problem icon feedback. So. He. Pitched a fit that's step one you have to state that this is a huge issue right and Paul. Is not a temper, tantrum sort of person he's, a very lovely nice person, he's not us he's. A very, nice human being and he's like you know in the most polite way mm, I think this could be better and his boss said mmm so interesting, go, make it so and then. Magic. Start to happen when we started to co-create and work together that's, right and. So. It's. Going really well and we're an organization, of about 10,000. Windows devices. Very. Very diverse with all sorts of different things from lifeguards. To building, inspectors, and yeah. We're we're over 6,000, devices done and we're. We're, trucking on and we're looking to be done as, soon, as possible hopefully, next year and you said that it was kind of an organic rollout right yeah it's um so we, didn't. Do a Windows 10 project, at all and. It. Really just kind of became something that I wanted, to be wanted, people they, wanted, to. Have. Windows 10 right, you know we weren't gonna be just going here's. Your upgrade. There. You go bye bye type of thing we. Started small I started, with a small group of people hm. End. Here you. Know getting, getting them on board and in you know started, with one person which became four people which became ten. People which became the floor. Right. They do yeah and their. Experiences, were a lot, better than what we had for Windows 7 so they. So. They wanted it there were lines coming, we want this we want this and that. Was that, was the ticket and so you end up doing this through Hardware refreshes, yes, we a, lot of it with Hubley refreshes, that. Was there, was a great help as well right, so and you also had an interesting story about how you got Windows loli. Rolled, out at your organization, yeah tell, everyone about that maybe. Protect, the identity, of the I'm probably going to get in a bit of trouble when I get home but that's fine. It's. Just in the room right yeah yeah we'll, keep it among ourselves. Ignore. The cameras that's a secret, yeah. So basically. When Windows, 10, first came out and this, amazing. Cool Windows hello feature was there I was like yeah let's do this we've got to do this and a. Team. Which remain nameless decided. No, no, you're not doing that. Yes. No. So, they, got their wish and we. Disabled, Windows hello, sort. Of sort of so. You. Know I picked. A kind of a low, kind of visibility, group the. Executives, and. Decided. You know I mean, sorry someone, someone. Nice wasn't. It wasn't me no someone picked them and and it magically. Got enabled, for them and, showed him how to use it and someone, someone, went up and showed each and every one of them how how, to use it and, being. Able to log on with your face for an executive for some reason is amazing. You. Know you're not saying they're like seeing their face saying it now Oh No. So. We so. So that was great yeah and then yeah, word got out and I. Was. Told no no turn, it off turn it off that original team that shall remain nameless said it yeah so, we, don't talk about that, yeah. And and. So I said yeah hey that's. No problem we'll we'll turn it off but. The. Exactly using it so if you wouldn't mind just popping up and letting them know that you're gonna take away this really, neat feature and, you. Know you just let me know when you're done there and I'll do it so, yeah. So. Windows. Hellos enabled for the entire enterprise. There. You go. All. Right so it's a great success story you tell me a little bit like your biggest worry in IT right now because, what yeah sure, I'm very similar to Eddy you know, staying, current you know Auckland, Council has literally.

Thousands, Of applications and it's. A huge, challenge for us to just not, just to get up on Windows 10 but to keep staying current so you. Know our continuing improvement program, windows, inside of a business massive, massive massive part, of their continued improvement, pretty uniform beautiful so. We're. Gonna talk a little bit about once, we click on the right thing here. So. We're like you're using group policy I know and Eddie has. A different way of manage it so, wit for business where we we. Built it to serve. Every organization, based off of how they manage their own devices so to, control the insider preview builds, you can use group policy you, can use in tune to. Configure, how preview, builds are installed you can kind of pick your own risk tolerance, if, you want to do slow ring or if you're like Donna you wanna be on faster ringing pumpkin-spice. That's ring yeah. No. One's on pumpkin spice no, but. You could configure that through group policy or, intent that's right right and so. Starting. This month actually exciting. News as Donna has I shouldn't give Donna the slide deck, exciting. News System. Center Configuration Manager, is now supporting, the delivery of windows. Insider preview builds, it's about time. But. He's, only yelled about it for a year. Year. And a half it. Was a while but. It is something that we take, seriously you guys tell us hey we need something we need System, Center Configuration Manager. Control. Of builds we're gonna try to and so if we're missing something tell, us about it in the feedback hub. We. Also, so. We, co-create, not just the features we also co-create, elements, of the program so, Paul over there in Auckland. Represented. Submitted. The submitted this feedback that he. Had a problem with group policy and how it was controlling preview builds and so he submitted the feedback. He. Emailed me represented. With charts and graphs that's cool. And. Then I yelled at Donna. No. No he keeps sending me email which I don't read so he took a few yellow yeah yeah repeat. That cycle. Goes for a little while and, Donna, turned around yelled at our dead manager and said hey we, have this conference that we're going to and we have a very, big. Demo, something. Like that and and more importantly this is impacting, organizational, customers we know that because, Paul, is representing. Auckland Council and Eddie. Is representing, First Citizens, Bank we need to prioritize the feedback that comes from these particular. Users. And organizations because, it's not just them that they're telling us about they're telling us about everyone, in their organizations impacting, it so, the dev manager said some words something, maybe. Profane, and, then, we got it fixed told, Paul about it and this, email was Paul reaching, back to me and he had some some good news everything. Is working and some not so good news they're not so good news was that a SCCM. Wasn't supported, yet. So, with. That we're. Gonna just like walk, through how you do your. GP, owed Oakland. You good with that yeah let's do that all right awesome, okay, we jump in out here. Okay. All. Right so, we're just gonna jump down into this this, virtual machine here. All. Right okay everyone's. Group. Policy everyone go to group policy yeah yeah all right everyone's heard of it awesome all right cool, so. Okay we're gonna we're gonna create a quick little group policy here all right for a throw inside of a business we've, got a oh you hear windows, inside a lab and. We're, gonna create this group. Policy object. And. We're gonna give it a really. Really interesting name like. That's. Real marketing, people up here yeah, marketing. People right there. All. Right so let's let's edit this. So, it's a computer configuration. It comes to get the computer cool cool cool that's, a couple couple policies in there that's right yep its policy. Yeah. Yeah this is this is rocket science man this is okay. Actually, this is let's, make this a little bit more readable.

Let's. Maximize, there. We go that's better and, so. Is that. Business. Be, whoof, be a dad something I learned today. Yeah. Windows, Update for businesses. Whoopee. Whoopee. And. We're. Going to open, up this manage preview builds write purpose. Of this policy manage the preview builds correct oh cool okay. Good. Idea first thing to do enable the problem, awesome yeah. Yes. Enabling. Everyone yeah and we. Have a couple of options here, we. Obviously. We don't want to disable this because that, would kind of defeat the purpose would yeah. So. We want to enable this preview build. And. We. Going to click OK. Alright so manage preview builds is set that's right now what do we do so, we're gonna have to decide what, what. Ring we want to use for this for. This group policy know what ringing any truth so we want to jump. Up here and select the preview builds and future updates are received all. Right. Again. Yeah, enable, it alright enablers, and we got a whole bunch of, options. Here okay so we got the the pumpkin spice latte ring, that's. No, gonna happen we, got the slow ring and, of, course we've got my, favorite ring the, best drink, first. Ring. Alright, alright and. We've got a couple other options here, too we can we can rift, and defer, release date do you differ no. All right okay cool that's. Not a thing. So. In India so I mean what, I mean why would you that's right, and. So, we click okay. And. We're done awesome, you, mind if I step in and show a little how in tune were policies. Get. Out of here. I'm. Gonna go over to Intune everyone's familiar with in tune yeah. Cool. So first step software, updates we're. Going to go to Windows 10 update rings and, in. Here we're gonna create one again, creative, names awesome, names. Lip lab, we're. Gonna configure it same, options that you saw in group policy we've pulled over into in tune so like. I said we're trying to meet you guys where you manage, your devices if your group policy if you're in tune you can get the same options and, so, we're picking whip fast again this string that string alright same. Deferral policies, we're going to go ahead and. We're. Going to create. The profile awesome. Now, once we create the profile we have to assign some devices to that. It's. Useful yeah otherwise, the policy sitting there right that's right alright okay so we're gonna create or we're gonna add this group the whitby, group yet one device. Assign. It save it Simon. Saved successfully, cool. Excellent, awesome. And. That's. In tune alright. So that's in tune it's in SCCM. Sec. You know. Alright. It's about time alright, back on a server, we're, in system Center we. Go down to our. Windows. 10 servicing, area and our. Windows. Update for business policies, we're.

Going To create a Windows Update for business policy here named, creatively. With you. You, whip. Same. Options, that we saw before and we're, gonna jump it up to the windows insider fast. Alright. No deferral, next. Jump. Through the hoops go, through the wizard awesome. Awesome. Close. It out and, then. Once. You create it got a deploy oh there we go deploy. That thing to, the windows insider lab again, creatively, named, tell. We have a touch of creativity, on the stage right here and it's not on this end. Alright. And so, we go through and, there you go awesome. Alright, this, opening, Paul yes, you, also support. Office, right I sure do yeah and you. Wear the office insider program I am very aware of Oakland, counsel is a user, of the insider program for office so it's it's. Really. Helpful, yeah so just like the windows insider program the office insider program gets, you early access to, preview builds you know this that's right everyone here member of the office insider program, I got. Like okay, we can get that number up a lot a lot higher who's going to be a member of the office inside of a degree, okay. So if. You are using o 365, join, the office insider program life, tip yeah, you, get preview builds just like the windows insider program new, features you get bug fixes security, updates performance, enhancements, and just, like the windows insider program they, have a weekly cadence, and a monthly cadence where, you get to see the new. Features as they come out some, different. Levels of rings like we have as well but. The difference, between the windows insider program and the office insider program is that they have multi-platform, support they're, not just writing code for the Windows desktop they also support, mobile so, you can get early access to mobile builds, of, office. So you can see things like search, and ideas that were in the in 365, keynote, yesterday and, again. Just like the windows insider program you have support for businesses and individuals that. Link there down at the bottom a kms, will. Give you access to how, you set up things you know we walk through the group policies, the. SCCM. And Intune policies, for whip that, link, down there will give you the same kind of tools for the office insider program. So, what's next. Well. I don't know Blair what's next. I. Really. Don't know. He. Never knows what's gonna happen at this point so, at this point in the presentation Blair's. Like I'm gonna resume looking concern now and. No. Chief data dude is wonderful, because he's very patient, with shenanigans, he, likes to look at the charts and graphs and understand, the health of the machine but sometimes, the Machine goes a little rogue and he's, like oh god what have you done and. That's, me, so, thank. You very much Paul for sharing. So. You've heard from Paul you've heard from Eddie how many of you are in Paul and Eddie shoes, where, you want to do the thing in your organization, you really want to do this you're all in there, are some sort of random, blocker you've got right. Whether it's your management your infrastructure, the culture time, resources. Whatever it is all. Of you are here at freaking, 9 a.m. for. A reason, because. You. Believe in that you are the person you. Believe that you're the person to do this otherwise, you wouldn't be here you would have sent the person who, you think should do this right. Every. Single one of you are saying, you know what these. Two can do it that. Clicking, the most complex part about setting up rings was naming them correctly. Yes. Nailed it was naming them correctly you can do this you can predict, the future and look like you've got a magic crystal ball magic happens here so exciting, how. Many of you are having fun at ignite learning. Things yeah. What's. The best part. Walking. This, is true that's true okay other best parts. Asking. Questions that's, right asking questions what else, swag. Okay. Learning. New things learning, that you didn't even know that thing was a thing, yeah. That's pretty cool right learning that oh this, person's actually an expert because they've implemented that thing in a company kind of like mine that's. Pretty good right, imagine. Imagine. A world where. You could have ignite. In. Your inbox. Ignite. In your, inbox. Can. Also come, to Orlando it's, not in or it's an and where and people. Microsoft. 365, insider. Program thing, we are not supposed to announce even a little bit sorry. Blur he. Had nothing to do with it for, the cameras. So. We've gone rogue we've gotten a little broke and this, is our juvenile, delinquent, activity, we, have not convinced, our upper management, this is our way of doing it we're. Just gonna tell all you. Listen. Every. Single one of you is here because. You're. Not just a window you're not just an office user you, use all kinds of other technology, for to run your business you, use Visual Studio hopefully.

Vs, Code better be use, github you, use SharePoint use, hopefully, team steams. You. Use all of these technologies, that, are great to run companies, and you want all the information in one, place. You. Want it all in one place of course you want to get go deep on some of these that you're an expert at but, wouldn't it be amazing to, know that all of the stuff like keynotes yesterday, Wow that's a thing AI and PowerPoint is a thing you. Know data. Can be replaced by Excel doing it for you this is great news. Imagine. If there is a way you could get all of your news and information in, one, place. Imagine. If you, could be invited, to events like ignite, maybe, on the road like. Events, in one. Place. Imagine. If you, could join up with. Community, members, like yourself imagine. If you could have a direct. Chat channel with the eddies and the polls in the us of the world as, you. Solve your company's problems, and. Imagine. If there is a gateway to all of these public previews, all the fancy people are talking about wouldn't. That be something. One. Write that down, your. Camera he said shut up and take my money it isn't not the worst idea you've ever heard thank, you. So. Let's do it let's. Do it every. Single person in this room just make the commitment we, are, not just gonna be windows insiders we're not just gonna be office insiders we're gonna be Microsoft, 365, insiders. You know why cuz, that's the future like, Donovan said your competitions, already your windows insider they're at home they're like, you already know this I'm staying here but, know you for. A Microsoft, 365, insider, because. You are that we. Want you to, submit your stories, first. Take a picture of the slide this is the slide, take, a picture share it with everyone you know tell, you know your accountant tell your mom tweet, it tell everyone, you know. Your. Accountants tell your legal tell your HR actually seems like hrs, the people to convincing, your company, HR. Is the way to go and, all. The way down there at the bottom there's, a thing that says aka whip, ignite suggestions. Go. To that aka link, submit. Your story tell. Us your story tell tell us I this, is me here's where I work here's our issue here's what we're trying to do because, we want to visit you as we've. Learned when we get on planes and go visit people magic. Happens here we, co-created. Microsoft, 365, insider, program with, these two lovely gentlemen we, did not make it up by ourselves in Redmond Washington because, that would be dumb we. Need to serve our customers they're our customers we. Want to go from building four to to, building two for millions and billions of people and that's, you you. Represent. The. Billions windows. Insiders, or the millions who represent the billions and today those millions are you you. Represent, every single vertical out there you represent, every traditional, non-traditional industry. Out there and because. You've woken up at nine o'clock in the morning and sat through 75 minutes of my atrocious, jokes we. Really really implore you to come join our tribe because. If you can deal with us with this nonsense you. Really do belong in this tribe our. Goal, fortune. 500 a hundred percent. 100. Percent, so. Help me god estee lauder I will come to your Lobby and put, running insider build so. Help me God. We. Want every single one of you to be doing this and we want to collect stories and next year I really, really want for new people to be sitting up here as, we talk about how you are leading digital transformation, not. For your company not for your industry but, for companies. In general for the fortune 500 we. Always say that. 100. Percent of the fortune 500 better, be inside during because. If you're not what the hell you're doing the fortune 500 you, ain't gonna be there for very long and if. You want to be in the fortune 500, you. Better start inside during thank, you very much. About. 15 minutes for Q&A we have how many minutes do we have 15 minutes for Q&A, so what questions you up this is rude Q&A time ask, us the crazy things including. Like how do you convince your boss of stuff etc.

Questions. Oh if, you want to talk one-on-one with these, two lovely gentlemen they're having a whip for business idea, swap when. 3:15. To 4:00 if you have one-on-one questions you want to ask them but. In general we're up here for questions still, here by the way so. Wait. What's. Your name. So. We, use our standard. Windows 10 image which has today. Our language, packs in it and as. Far as I know that's still a thing. In that so. No. I haven't any feedback yet but I mean it's probably something I need to look at myself and yeah. That's definitely something I'll be doing next Monday. I. Saw. That was under windows up there for business yes. I. Believe. You can deploy it through software updates so, I mean, we're going through, everything's. Up on Docs so. Doc. Stop Microsoft, comm and the windows insider there's an entire section dedicated to all, of our information, about like the individual, configuration. Setups and, so like what Donna pointed out that this is open source so if something's missing and you say like hey, this, isn't working as expected. Go, ahead and drop that note in there and that, comes back to us and then I go yell at someone yeah that's the process you. File an issue heels at me I yell at someone things get fixed. It's the the most recent one is that 1809. No. That's, that's live that's, that's I thought, it was 1809, but again this is why we go to Docs instead. Of relying on my memory. Thank. You. Yeah. Sir you want to go to the mic. So. Which, wins GP who, are you oh hi I'm bill hey, Bill, where're. You from, today. So. The. Issue where we have is from group policies what, wins GPOs. SCCM. We're, into him meaning that because. We have loved was where. People do whatever they want sometimes. Wins. But i mean, there's, nothing different about the windows. Whip. For business policies. Out of the ordinary, so whatever wins normally, will will continue to win. I, mean. III would say use the technology, that you guys are using like, you're. Using all of them is what you're saying. No. But like that's the kind of feedback that we need to hear and and that's what the Microsoft, 365, insider, that's what the Microsoft, 365, insider, program that Sean may not be mentioned is about so. What, you should do is ping chief data dude and then we go yell at the right people and then we update our Doc's that's. Seriously, the workflow is we go yell at people. So. Actually, if you come by the windows insider booth we have some people from our. Booth. Over on the expo floor we. Do have some people working from the servicing, group and. We'll, make sure you are talking to the right person from.

The Servicing team. Or. The. Pushdown. Actually. Restrict. We. The. Docs are also the office insider team is right next to us do, you want to come over we'll have a good Stern chat with them because then we'll learn something too about how to handle that situati

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