Will Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Again?!

Will Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Again?!

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Oh. Like, a boss. Damn. What's, going on everybody, from live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts a big coin the crease though of creeped. Up is your boy BK and if you like me you must not like money what's, going on everybody thank you for joining me today, it is, a October. 29th. Happy. Monday. To you all out there. And. If you just now tuning in, congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as a crypto, traitor and I'm the Bose these, charts, as you will soon find out every, day i grace this microphone with my voices another day you get to profit, as a result, today, is no exception and so what we will be talking about is a Bitcoin, BTC. To the USD on the 343. Complements. And a boss method. And, I. Will check and pull. Up my trusty. Little cell, phone here to see if we'll be giving away any free, Bitcoin. In this video. Let's. See yesterday's. Video, you. Already know what, it is every. Time I make a video every time I get a hundred likes somebody. Win. Some free crypto, we, didn't get it on this one you see we only got. 70. Likes so, you, go ahead and do yourself a for paid for hit that thumbs up button right now cuz I'm about to drop some knowledge on these. Charts, BAM somebody. Just Charles, Kenny thank, you sir good, see thanks, for joining um. Making. It rain you know I'm saying Fiat papers put. It on the blockchain I'll put it on the black same feet. Thanks, but thank. You for that um. Here. We go let's. Jump on over to. Our. Chopped. Hey. What's. Going on everybody, Friday's, oh we. Don't want that yet here. We go um. Let's. Get make sure. All. Of this stuff is working of you in the chat say. Something, let me know that you're out there I'll. Do the same so. That everybody is good I think. Sometimes it doesn't start until like I say something in chat, sometimes so let me do that right now real quick. Had, a little Mario sound for a fun uh thing. Happy. Anniversary thank. You. Alright, we should be good now there we go Bam. Bam. Stacking. Stoners say it hit us with that chart knowledge, total market cap chart I've. Been looking at seems like. This, area doesn't hold. 192. Billion next level possibly, um. Let's. Do that real quick let's jump on over boy. Market, cap, see. What we got. Real. Quick while we're waiting for that make sure if you haven't done it if you're just, now coming across my, channel on YouTube come on and joining the number one Bitcoin group, in the world on Facebook, twenty. Thousand, of my best friends, you know I've already joined, 164. People waiting to get in so you, can see this as the hottest ticket in town, 100%, three you. Know no, pumping dumps needed this is just, knowledge. To, help people make some money in the markets so make, sure you come on in the doors are, always open. Coin. Market cap it's, taking a little bit to load here, that's. Completely, fine. Tiny. Crypto thanks for joining good to see you as well. There. We go hi. So. Right. Now we're at 203. As. Far as total market cap bells. Again. Bitcoin, diamond is 54 percent sixty three hundred dollars, that's. Pretty generous. 54. Percent we haven't been that high in a while um. It looks like we might go just, a tad bit higher. All. Right all in all total market capitalization it. Doesn't look bad I mean it's basically bitcoins. Chart, you know calculated. Out for the dollars. So. I guess if you calculate. The price that I'm gonna give you x. Whatever circulating. Supply is then. That'll give you like the new market cap I haven't. Done this math yet. Three, months. Essentially. When. We dropped, we're. Gonna drop down to the lowest support, level and that'll, be around 190. To. 188. To 192, so I think you said that and sundar said. 192. Billion yes, next level 192, we. Might pop on 198. Right, now what are we at 203. Yeah so once, we break 198. Then we're going down 192. Probably. Bottom out around 188. Before. We pop back up again. From. A market cap standpoint, what does it look like on BT, C's standpoint. Price. Price-wise, right I think the people live, on air was going on. If. You delete it Facebook, you can also go to my patreon page just type in BK. Crypto trader on patreon, and post. A lot of the same information on, there right so that's another place to get get all this data. So. Um speaking. Of patreon. One, of the upgrades. Updates. We got is with. Our false alert messages, right I do videos. Every other day for these guys crypto. Market updates trying to snapchat, you, live Market Snapshot of the action and I. Did, a video on Bitcoin Friday. I believe Thursday, or Friday it's. Where I introduced. The. Whole video about, eight-minute video it's been about 30 seconds talking about crypto Bitcoin.

I'm Gonna show that to you right now so you can see you. Know the kind of information, that these guys are getting and how that can be helpful for you, so, let's check it out real quick hey. What's. Going on everybody, Friday October. 26th. Happy, Friday to you wanted. To get, this one out to you guys a crypto, market review. From. The chopped' doesn't. Look like, Bitcoin. Will, be having, much price action, this. Weekend. You. Know basically, sitting flat between 62. And 66. You. Know anything, between that range is very very good, again. We could, normally. With lower, volume. Like, that we followed a direction, of the quick trend which. Is down you. Know but. As long as we're in that zone. 64. 60 to 66, it's fine, right but, it's a lot of money to be made on these altcoins. So. You see for the respected a group I, intentionally. Did, not show the coins the, all coins that you know we're trading or you, know that I had, highlighted, for them to accumulate, but. I again. I'd do a quick overview of Bitcoin, and you can see we. Call it this drop, about. A week ago. And. It's just a natural part, of, the. Cycle, and again that was a video exclusive. To our boss. Alert. Messages. Available. But you on basa bitcoin calm and, patreon. And. So you could have got this information. About. 10%, ago you, know and, been, prepared, for it right, but. Since. You're getting it today. Let's. Take it from today and. Show. You what we're going over the next few days how about that over the next few weeks actually. This, is what we're gonna do this is the boss method, again. If. You're. Not familiar with it go to my page on trading, view there, is a, link, in the, description, just go, go down on the description you'll see a trading, view first. Thing first make sure you subscribe if you haven't done it hit that thumbs up button for player I do appreciate it and then you click that link down, there in the description for. Trading view setup type my name in BD Kelly 1203 I'll be posting this chart to my trading view page for everybody as well, right. First. Thing you want to do when we're looking at a chart like this is. Get. Our Fibonacci. Levels. Ready, I'm. Gonna go down to the. 77. Minute that's what we're at right now normally, a chart on a 343. But. Since these are quicker. Cycles. Quick quick quick money, we. Go down to a 77, and we can normally tap into the energy just, fine down here biggest. Thing you need to note you. Should note right away is this, is kind of where this whole thing started at, right, this. This energy, goes back to middle of June you know we're, in October, now so you go back to June that's a decent amount of time but. It all started, right, around there. Right. Right around the yellow box and then that, was just a little test you know was it much just a just, a one-time and this, is where it, confirmed. That we were ready. To go up right you can see what happened. You. Know went up 30% in 15, days right. And that's, basically exactly where we're at right now this, this little confirmation line, so what's, gonna happen now going. The other way is we're. Gonna stick our toe in the water and say that you, know this is like the first little step down and then we're gonna confirm. At, that lower level that that is indeed the bottom again this is quick money this is not the macro, so. It's, gonna be inside, of months or weeks that, this cycle. Happens. And, it finalizes. And you'll see that in a second. Empty. Coiner I. Really. Don't know if I sent it if you sent me a message on facebook and, I did Senate or email you, know normally, I have. To get your wallet, you know so hit me up on Facebook man number. One Bitcoin group in the world act like act like you know you know I'm saying I'm not that hard to get ahold of. Cool. Fibonacci. Bam, Bam. Biggest. Thing to note again this, is a down. Down, down. Decreasing. Wigs right we got the floor, and. We. Got this. Top-down. Resistance. More or less right. And so. What. I like to do when. I have a situation, like this is. Create. Two. Different types of, Fibonacci. Levels the first one is gonna go, horizontal. Next one's gonna go vertical. Right, and. By, doing that a, lot of times you're able to identify. Exactly. What you're looking for and that's gonna be where, is the next break happening, where is the next shift happening where is the end of the trend we're at the beginning, train boom, boom boom somebody, else throw, down some money. JK. Hold, on let me get to let me get you if, you have time talk about the best crypto coins under $1 hmm, alright, okay I could jump it up once we finish up here thank, you for that donation JK appreciate. It again if you subscribe, to I think we got a cool little you, know icon for anybody that want to subscribe you don't Sam Rick Ross Oh down for you. Yeah. I'll get that at JK in a minute, JK. So. The biggest thing again it's, like a double dip right double dip flat line. So. What we'll do is we'll take our, first.

Fibonacci, From. Here. That's. Gonna be a major focal, point and. Normally. There would be a major focal point but again we quick energy it's, different, you have to fine tune to the frequency, and so looking into chart ahead, of time you, know I know, that. If. We did that that doesn't really fit you, know the situation, that we're at we basically overshot. Right, if we would have landed you, know that two to two to six band up a little higher it would have been a lot better right, but, again since this is quick money you, can fine tune it, to that. Intersection, right, there look. How much better that fits you know I'm saying is like a puzzle you just have to figure, out what edge you want to use and the, whole thing works right and so we're actually taking a seventy seven to thirty one from the past a. Seventy. Seven and a seven on an interim and that, gives us our candles. In the, presence so it's really stepping down is what we're doing we we anchor, in the two thirty one and then the seventy seven and that, gives us our action, on the seven you know I'm saying and. And. That yellow box this yellow box right here this, is actually the exact, same box that I drew on that video, when, I drew those little arrows and boxed it in that's the exact dimensions, of that box the reason I knew that this, thing was gonna break, right when it did was, when you take a, Fibonacci. On. The. Exact same points, that we just drew. BAM. Look. At that you. Know you really can't make this stuff up you're gonna tighten that down a little bit but, this is this is like nail, on the head. For. Alignment. On. The maximum. At a seven. An intersection. Right there and you can see that box basically. Becomes, this, zone, right. Here, right. And. That's. Basically, our consolidation. Zone right. Now, keep in mind this, is for the seven-day, moving average on a 77. So that's basically seven hours this is a seven, hour, lag. That more or less is gonna settle, in this zone so, you could, get one. Or two candles. That, come down. Here, within. This time frame but. On average. That. Seven, will, be in that, box it's gonna come down and in order for it to come down you're right it's gonna be some candles, that come down there but guess what they're gonna get bought right back up and that, seven, is gonna, settle right, around here right and that's, gonna go all the way out we're looking all the way out to the middle of a late. Late November, now now, we're getting into election, time selection. Time you need to select your currency you, know. And. That's fine that's fine that's fine. Now, we, have this we see that this is basically our consolidation. Big big big consolidation. Window, going. All the way into late, November. It. Will be a November, to remember, for. The blockchain I believe. And. That. This this line right here is basically our bottom right that's, at six grand I don't think the seven will go lower than six. Thousand, dollars can you have one or two candles, go down there absolutely. Do, I think it's, very likely not. Before. This. Day. Where. Do I think the, candles. Will bottom so so, what did I just say I just said are seven. Right. This white line seven, day moving, average basically, are seven, our, average. Will. Not go below. This. Line right here that's basically a floor, but. I. Think. We'll get some candles down. There, right. And this. It's basically gonna average out you'll get some candles, that go down there like 56. 57, 58 but. You won't have. Seven. Hours. 77. Hours worth of candles, to throw off the whole average, does that make sense you won't have we won't spend two weeks down, there we might spend you, know two days right. But we definitely won't spend 77. Hours down there now if we spend 77, hours below, 5700. Then this whole cycle, is gone but that won't, happen I'm telling you right now we won't spend 77, hours I need, two weeks below. 5800. It's, not in the chart will. Bottom out down there but. By this time, so. It'll do something more. Or less you know gradual. Noting, they were perfect.

But We'll, do something. Like. That right. But. Once we come back, right. Once, we cross back above, this, line. That's. When it's uh that's, when is money time this. Is basically I keep comparing it to a sponge this is basically the last wring. Out of water. Currency. Energy. Effervescence. Before, we, can officially, just off. Release. You, know. Right. Now we're at 62, right. You'll. Probably bottom, out at, 58. Right. By the air and. We'll be right back at 61. Early. December, and, once we break 62. 63, probably. 66. Once, we break up here. 60. This is our way up at 72, so. This, is 66, though once, we break this, 66. Then. We'll jump up to 72, and, that'll. Be somewhere, you. Know. Over, there somewhere. Somewhere. Over there. Right. But, it's literally just like, flatline. Consolidation. Squeeze out every little last bit you know now's not the time to where you, want to cash everything out on the blockchain and run back to Wall Street and say you're sorry this is not that that is not what you want to do right now now is the time to tell your mama could, buy some Bitcoin, cuz it's on sale at, 6200. You, know probably in a week or so she could get it for 5859. Tell her to wait ten days get it for 59. But. Once it gets above 66, we're, at 72, once, we break above 72, we're going back to 79. 78841. Sweet. Clothes you, know once we spend two weeks above, 84 then we're at 12 grand you know and this is just this is just how the cycles, work you can literally just go all the way back like this thing just bam bam bam it's like dominoes you just stack them up right, and so. That, everyone. Is how, you charge, like. A boss. Hey. What's. Going on, hey. What's, going on everybody, Friday, don't. Want that oh there. You go um. I, think. We had a super chat wanted, me to look at the best altcoins. Under, $1, I'll, try to make this quick. How. Can we do this real quick. Price. Price, one, to 100. Like, I said under $1 so, one pinning to $1. Price. And, this is something else I guess the first thing I'll say on this price. Definitely. Does, not infer. Value. Right. Because. Price, in dollars is. A, derivative, of, the, amount of Bitcoin. That it's currently trading for, and different, coins are designed different, ways some coins it's beneficial, for them to be relatively, cheap compared. To dollars, Ripple, for example, you, know it's. 44 cents right now I guess that would be number one you, know so you can easily just. Go. You. Know utility. Coins are normally, a lot cheaper because they have to be burned they have to be destroyed they have to move around a lot faster, you, know and by, definition you, don't want those coins to be. Expensive. So to speak that's bitcoins, one of their major flaws with Bitcoin is it's too big it's too clunky it's too slow, it's, too expensive, we need smaller faster cheaper coins, right so, I guess you know off off the top I would say stellar. Get. To some xlm, a de not, yet it's not not looking that great you. Probably hold back on Tron for another couple of weeks. V, chain I haven't, checked the chart I don't, know about V chain, ripple, has. A chance, to do a breakout but I don't think it's gonna happen this last little sell out really hurt it hurt, us but. For this month I would probably say. Nothing. Wasn't looking bad them, is almost like at the bottom hopefully, it didn't like crash again. Let's. See. Ya. Just crashed so, never mind on them. Let's, eat ezel's exceed, t. Xtz. If. You appreciate discontent guys it thumbs up button you.

Know So. YouTube is pretty good content, this doesn't look bad. I. Just. Don't see any reason for it to go up in the immediate future without just, a huge pump into it so I'll probably hold off on that. Ontology. 165. I'm. Doing the coins like relatively. Close to $1 no I don't want that one. See. You coins not bad, see you coins been slowly making some money I could see see a coin getting to like a penny you, know in. The. Near future. Nanos. Broken, wait, on that one that, basic, attention, token is very good right now and then stained so there you go see, you coin that and stain, are, like the three, best coins right. Now under. A dollar, BAM. Thank you for you super tattoo I appreciate, it umm. 0x, looks good I think it just it's taking a break. We. Made some money with 0x on profit package yeah it's just taking a break so you know when when, coins cool off like now that's the time for you to start looking back at the different levels where you want to get in at right so, you got a big level right there that's gonna pop, but. This is these, are the big ones when you have a swing, like that boom, boom that's. That's where you want to buy in and I actually sent out send a message out to the. VIP. Group about, a coin that's setting up just like this I told him to sell it now, you. Know it wasn't zero eggs but I sent my chart said sell it up here and buy, it back right there and I did at the Fibonacci show them the day and everything so speaking, of. Our, premium. Services. Check, it out boss a Bitcoin calm you know we, have the chart, like a boss playlist, on the website, in. Addition, to, the. Different products, available, profit. Package. Monthly, update that's gonna be coming out in two days so, you can get that in. A couple days top ten coins to buy I got a whole new format for you spent, it's been a few hours making, it but, it's pretty cool I like so yeah I work on that one tonight tonight. And tomorrow I'll probably have a video, up tomorrow for, the, release of that and then we have the weekly, update at a profit package, every 7 days I'm, sending you to have seven coins in the market last week we have Monaco Stratus we've. Been hitting a few of them right a. Couple. Times. Yeah. I got it I got to go back and look to see what we got on it this week but. That's. There and then Abbas alert messages that's where I do like the custom, videos really, walking you guys through the. Ins, and outs on the market you know especially with regards to Bitcoin like it's difficult, to, time the market but, when you know like the flows when you know bitcoins gonna drop so we need to be over here that's.

When You that's when you can make some real deal money right. Easiest. Way to win big is to never take a big loss so. There you go everybody, thank. You for hanging out with me appreciate. Your time pre-shaped, of support if you want to chat right now do me a favor shout, your country, out the thing is to get getting a little bit long-winded you. Know I know my girl waiting out there she said she was gonna make some dinner out, here cooking, nothing so you know I need to go out there give her some support and encouragement take, st. get in there cook up some food, we honk we hungry, and, you know so. Uh. Hmm. So yeah shouts a country out a few and the chat will do that real quick how, many people, we, got rocking. Out with us live on the air right now let's. See. But. Sixty-two, people it's, good see you guys thank you for joining thank you for joining, right. Mmm, let's get this one. BK. Just. Put this light down here somewhere on the other side, let's. Do that just. Throw, this light down there. See. I got Frank back Frank Frank, got my back yeah I'm saying oh. Yeah. We throw this back up hell there, you go. So, I recommend poins, are tokens. Whatever. To chart values. Whatever the mark is value a value. Like. I said coins, coins. I take, it you mean currency. Versus. Tokens, utility, so it's a difference between a crypto utility, and a cryptocurrency, right. Coins. Are normally I associate. That with currency, like Bitcoin. -. Coin, of their currencies, versus utilities, you know utilities, are more of a long-term play on the platform, and you know kind of a distribution effect, the network spec Metcalfe's, law of that, individual. Utility. That. One, platform to where currency, is just money moving. You know litecoin. As, a currency, right, but. Once litecoin, builds the Lightning Network then, other, platforms. Can jump, on top of that and have their own derivative, utility. Token right. Normally. Currencies. Increase. In value faster from what I seen just because it's liquid it's money right, so if it's something that people like prime example, Manero you, know Manero probably isn't the best utility. But it's money you, know so people send it straight through and and the. Value goes up right, columns. In the building Chinaman. And how VK what up what a port, to go big, in the building it's, good to see you guys again fifty nine people you, know I know it's late on a Monday people, got it work in the morning I'm working right now you, know I'm saying it's good to see you guys though positivity, you know peace holding this balance vibrations, you know I'm saying it's a it's. Beautiful, too. Be. Able to help people empower. Themselves. Right. This is self talk now as I sit in front of his computer about 16 hours a day learning. You, know I'm saying stuff. I'm learning, you, know ain't, limited to the charts. High-rent. Tale that that being said it's that time of the day signing, out boss boy, BK no matter where you stay for zeal debate californiaís, all the way back out to jerk. Money, good. Night good morning good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time, like. Subscribe and share do that for me you appreciate my until, we meet again stay, cryptic y'all be. Like. A boss.

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