Wicked Tuna Outer Banks 2021-Season 8 Episode 17 (November17,2021)

Wicked Tuna Outer Banks 2021-Season 8 Episode 17   (November17,2021)

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have [Music] [Music] [Music] monster tuner [Music] season reaches is halfway point with the offshore outlaw in the top spot followed by the young guns on hog wild and the beleaguered really bugging while struggling boats little shell and former champion fishing frenzy flounder at the bottom of the fleet all right your moment of truth boys you ready we're gonna see if she's [Music] let's done we've been working on the boat for days it was pretty much catastrophic engine failure so here we are we're on our way we ain't lost too much ground so we're stoked back in the game it's nerve-racking first time running a boat yeah you don't want i don't push it i gotta break her in i mean needless to say my nerves are shot yeah you start waiting for the other shoe to drop yeah so we are uh financially bruised and battered i mean we're well over the ten thousand we haven't even calculated the labor yet so it's probably gonna be substantial so the hardest part of fishing is the downtime fixing broken things on your boat when you get a fish that's a good payday but you broke 12 things on your balls you come back you broke your butt for three days and it's a wash i wish i would have had more time to get to know this new boat before open season but we just ran up from alabama and literally showed up four days before when my ball broke down everyone was there for me we had a lot of captains and locals help us to get this ninja fixed in record time i feel good about all the numbers right now uh where she's running which episode of our pressure everyone's shot and uh we'll just cross our fingers and say a friend i hope they ever feel sad you know we've literally gotta go catch the money [Music] [Music] another day in paradise it's been a couple days on land this is the roughest winter i've ever fished we've been in a bit of a slump and everyone's kind of catching up with us so trying to turn our slump around today just getting our valley whose spread set out the conditions are not favorable but they're okay kind of rough choppy cold normal these fish are always moving so you got to always be on the move they could be anywhere so we're going to set our ballot here's our trolling spread you're good bill we can't do anything about the weather we just try to do the best that we can and we just haven't had a whole lot of days to fish we were leaving all the boats for a while then we had a slow stream and then weather kept us at the dock for a couple days that's fishing 66 [Music] guys [Music] he's had a bite when it came off i don't know what it was [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for one second but i'm supporting my family i'm paying my bills we have to go fishing to make money [Music] typical bluefin thing back in real life [Music] i think he's really starting to figure out that he may be in trouble we got a head shaker very nerve-wracking our heads was a great opportunity for the hood to come out of this mountain [Music] [Music] get a gap yeah you're the swim guy [Music] good job [Music] good job all right let me get up here well it's always intense you get to remember the truth you have a it's got a nice blue bit on the swim hook thinking jesus nice fish i really want to get her into that cold water that's got to cool as much as we can yo frenzy thanks again for the assist with our engine we wouldn't be fishing today without your help bobby he broke down he needed some parts i knew who to call we called him he got some points and he got rigged up thank you man appreciate it buddy when you called me last night i thought it's funny he says we're gonna get you fixed up we just need a few days you know we're fleet and we work together and i mean that's the bottom line and i know everybody wants to be the top dog you know i want to catch more fish than him i want to catch more fish than everyone but even with bobby where he broke down you ain't see anyone stuck at the top this time of year you know we got a limited season to make it here and uh you want to be able to spend every day again in the ocean you don't want to be stuck in the dock broke down you can't control breakdowns but by pushing hard i think it costs pogba but someone needs a hand we're gonna help him out that's how we work that's how we roll around here even if he is an exterminator [Music] i think there's 38 tons of boiler left out of the 75 they've given us so [Music] we may only be midway through but i feel better and better about the chances at the end of season is [Music] like we made it we got 38.8 miles to the fishing grounds right now the arrival time is 524 so we got to speed it up a little bit it's not good enough i think it tries to crank itself too much i think we need to use the auto go check the rear controls that looks like steering fluid we're losing steering fluid right here we are [Music] very good [Music] if we keep leaving losing pressure we might want to see them we don't want to get off shorely all of our steering and not have enough fluid so if that's the case we might have to turn around [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this ain't good fellas now wait a minute [Music] let's do it let's go fishing when we lose our steering fluid it means that we can't steer the boat at all but we carry spare steering foot so all we can do right now is just plug it up with an old rag and keep adding fluid if we need to and keep fishing [Music] there's always something what about if that's one thing then the next thing you know you got something to fix the next day [Music] you all ready together for us to legally keep a bluefin tuna it has to be a minimum of 73 inches i'm not worried about this fish it's gonna be our biggest yet [Music] [Music] 1022 [Music] [Music] back of the game boys and girls we are back in the game [Music] trying to scramble around and get some lines in the water we only got about 30 minutes to fish before the sun goes down you know we're real lucky to be here just thought it might have been the end of our season had a catastrophic kitchen thing and bobby got it done thank god for fishing frenzy i mean he really helped get our engine fakes team record time sounds like it's running pretty good hey guys you know we don't get a little bite here at sunset that means we gotta start dropping baits in the dark and everything that comes along with that even though we had to fix this engine halfway through the season i don't for a second regret buying this book this is my forever vote i'm not ready to take a loss on this season i believe if we push as hard as we have pushed we should at least break even yeah [Music] yeah stoked we gotta get on these fish before they leave [Music] yeah good look at this too let's check this fish out that don't work wow it's a big fish [Music] we're at 557 pounds wow she's a big fish yeah let's take a look at this fish guys [Music] when the buyer grades a fish they're looking for fat content and a bright core color that's paramount and getting a good price i know this is gonna kill y'all this would be a great lipstick color okay like when i see that i'm like oh my goodness the color on this fish is amazing and the fat's all the way through all right let's take a look at this [Music] it's not translucent or transparent i mean it's kind of cloudy what are you gonna give us i can't take it anymore okay listen the market is not as strong as it was it's a beautiful fish but it's gonna be a solid nine [Music] dollars we got another one to catch tonight you pretty work boys i'm proud of you both [Music] [Music] got some sleep wish i'd been abruptly awoken uh screaming reel [Music] right here just trying to make a little bit of money in the wintertime it's really one of the only ways to do it around here it's the off season it's about all you got you're gonna go work at a grocery store build houses or go crabbing or fishing grab an ain't for me today we're fishing about 40 miles east of juanchi's and the only boats near us are the fishing frenzy and the little shell hey little jimmy warming up almost 66 now i'm gonna keep working up here a little bit as long as it's warming up there's different water temperatures that the fish will be in but any kind of change that edge will be something those fish will track on and since we're constantly moving searching for that change we need a really durable bait and valley who worked the best set out a couple baits here you can pull a good valley who for hours hell even nick on little shell he's ahead of us in the competition right now he's using value more than usual this season here's hoping the bluefin like arvade better than his or anybody else's [Music] thing look like it's swimming i can't see it there they are oh yeah fifteen thousand fifteen thousand yards cool first mark we've seen i think i found them but they haven't found me yet [Music] finally been some marks showing up the last hour or so so that's a really good good sign they're high in the water so if you get them up above 20 thousands a lot of times they'll get a bite but they're not hungry yet [Music] that's what we're talking about [Music] oh he's fighting [Music] [Music] no [Music] there we go [Music] acting like the right thing right now a little early to tell but it took a lot of line on the strike so it's definitely got a little bit of weight to it i guess they decided to wake up we're just trying to get everything settled now but yeah i like what we want down there we might be able to go home get a fish i like that yeah man yeah i see it hang on [Music] [Music] jamaica we never usually get the hook back bomber dude really really hope that was gonna be oblivion [Music] that's better yeah baby yeah oh lord please matt ladies and gentlemen what you want i don't know he's going to do it come on uh maybe the fish come at us and come off we're not sure i'm just trying to get ahead get that line a little tighter still there [Music] usually when that happens it's on the line not the leader there's a crotch break we got a small loop you know where it's cripped to the swivel and um anyway it's a it's a weak point in theory it shouldn't break but sometimes it does i mean it sucks bluefin one frenzy zero it's a big let down we're tired we finally find some fish maybe we'll get another [Music] look for a bite i'm feeling pretty good about it ideally if we got one this afternoon right here before dark we could go ahead and burn the fuel and go in there and try to offload and get back out here and try to catch one right after midnight we're about midway through our season and we've been on the bottom four times and i can't count at least right now we're ahead of frenzy but we still need some paychecks even though i'm a green stick man i love it you stick with what's working and stick's not working go with the rod reel there [Music] there you go [Music] [Music] oh watch out boys [Music] [Music] midnight but first things first we've got to land the fish all right man let me feel it a little bit it's coming up pretty good we got colors [Music] right here right here right here um [Music] [Music] right here right here right here where's the fish all right [Music] here [Music] know we got our boys [Music] [Music] what's up scotty what's up guys back again buddy looks like a nice one too yeah we had to get in here when i was making a [ __ ] cut off around go back out you know go take a look at it let's do it the prices for fish this season have been all over the map our last two fish were nine and then 15 bucks a pound need money to survive they got families depending on us so hopefully we're doing all the right things and we get a good price all right scotty what's the dress weight looking at 402 pounds dressed nice all right all right you want to take a look at him yeah [Music] guys got yourselves a nice fish yeah it looks really good to me but loaded if you look really close you can see the spider webs in this fish right here just yeah man loaded in the miners here right in the toro beautiful the core is good could have a diamond here huh yeah i think so let's see what we got let's see this thing oh yeah really greasy it's got the works it's a nice fish i need bottom line for this fish you guys 13 bucks thanks guys [Music] the water's pretty baby we're in the right spot today where only a couple boats feeling good man the weather's uh laying out out here nowhere i'd rather be we replaced two cylinders two pistons a new head every gasket o-rings and all sorts of stuff we've done everything these are valley dudes we should have probably changed all six cylinders and all six pistons we don't have the money i mean that was not that wasn't an option so this is not a rebuild there was a repair big difference so hopefully it should be good to us you gotta catch a fish today get some money for money bobby's boat seems to be holding up he's moving closer to where we're fishing to help anybody out when we started fishing here kind of picked us off but he broke down and you know it doesn't make a difference who somebody is if they've got a problem and we can help him out we try to help do we need a paycheck yes do i like to see six other boats bringing in more money than us hello we're making mistakes we're not catching fish we're behind everybody the last place i expected to be we just need some good karma to come our way you gotta pay attention to detail make sure all your stuff is right all the [Music] time down there pounds out [Music] [Music] [Music] a bite we're desperate to get this fish on deck especially since little shell caught a five thousand dollar fish last night let's see if this one holds on right now i just got my fingers it's tough like the fish at night the fish act different they're very erratic and you can't really see where the lines go coming back up high i think we finally got a chance here we might be able to get a lot of times when the fish gets close to the boat it's tough to get an eye on them so you can get a harpoon in the fish [Music] [Music] get it down [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we're getting tangled up here look outside [Music] and the leader the two of them were pulling against each other you could break one or both of them by pulling so all you gotta do is just try and pull on one and hope for the best [Music] he's right here [Music] wow guys oh [Music] hell yeah [Music] we made midnight five minutes to spare we got a good one for you mary that's what i like to hear let's get them off and unload and we want to try and get right back out sounds good let's do it all right cool with half the season pretty much over and us at the bottom of the fleet this fish couldn't have come at a better time [Music] it's a giant and hopefully it'll move us up the board with a giant price per pound how big is it 593 pounds dress he likes fish though that's a nice nice shirt my hands are cold all right here it is guys it does have a little bit of fat doesn't it got a nice texture again they haven't they've been sticky but they haven't too fatty he's a good looking little fish better for the heart without all the fat nice core good looking fish at least it's a big size probably keep it domestic i'm gonna say eleven dollars for a 500 dresser that's a nice day thank you all right thank you earlier tomorrow [Music] today [Music] oh yeah [Music] man there we go [Music] [Music] that word you got to think all those fish that he's caught already i mean honestly between his gas field and that right there he's in the hole this season right now he's got to climb out of here [Music] happy days all right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] wow whoa i got a pile of fish bro we're gonna get baked it was like 20 under the boat let's get one and go home to 160. here we go [Music] [Music] i hate that guy bobby [Music] baby [Music] i don't know [Music] [Music] [Music] let's try to pick this one up i don't care which fish we get but we have to land [Music] there you go i think we got them all separated [Music] fighting bluefin is one of the most difficult things i've ever done but fighting three of them at the same time even though we can only keep one it's exponentially more nerve-wracking oh my gosh we got focus right now all right brian be neutral everybody's gonna be neutral hope those repairs we did to the boat hold together [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] every day [Music] dude just focus on the other two who's got mono anybody i do we got color right here there he is everybody [Music] right here [Music] yeah hallelujah thank god he was tangled up in my line get them hey grab them with that gap wow [Music] wow [Music] [Music] we have one fish hit him with the thoughts the stock pulled out but it turned out he was tangling to the other rod thanks again for the assist frantzy that is yeah wasn't the plan [Music] you all ready to do this let's go all right he was all tangled up [Music] dude i love you guys [Music] [Music] all right check them out [Music] oh there you go big boy [Music] all right let's go check him out look at that beauty fellas you can see a little bit of fat there listen we just need a good core sample i mean we do it this way i got one right here [Music] [Music] [Music] but it held up like a champ and we still have a half a season to recoup you know the money from the ancient rebels [Music] [Music] with their miraculous boat repair job followed by an unforgettable bluefin really bugging takes the lead while dog house is 500 pounder and fishing frenzies almost 600 pounder move them closer to the top but offshore outlaw hog wild and roster rocket lose precious ground with no fish on deck

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