Wicked Tuna Outer Banks 2021- S08E01 Danger Lurks (November 23, 2021) Full Episode

Wicked Tuna Outer Banks 2021-  S08E01 Danger Lurks  (November 23, 2021) Full Episode

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[Music] this year in the outer banks why do they call it the graveyard [Music] [Music] it's a great way [Music] [Music] this season the captains face their harshest conditions ever it's time [Music] instead of winter [Music] north carolina [Music] [Music] superior [Music] this is [Music] let's get out there everybody's gonna be gone but not too bad he'll be back out so here we are [Music] is [Music] [Music] let's show them how it's done shall it's winter time [Music] [Music] go around this place without any local knowledge if you're not going with somebody else [Music] i'm nervous i'm really watching all my systems right now my radar my depth finder just hoping that we get out feeling good that's something [Music] especially the bridge [Music] a couple years ago we all stared hit the bridge and the bow of the boat was demolished luckily everything was fixable for the right price i thought i might lose the financially commercial fishing is a hard way to make a living but it's my passion [Music] this year the old boat was a 53 hours the new boat is a 60 foot it's a big jump it's a learning curve it's massive it's a beast that's that that's all you got hey guys [Music] [Music] oh [Music] he waited to go across the board [Music] [Music] that now this year there's an old steel wreck from the 80s that the channel is narrowing towards so you've got about 75 yards from shallow water with dangerous rough sea breaking and then a steel troll [Music] somebody got a hey feel free to share that with me on the website [Music] 14 inches [Music] [Music] [Music] the worst part about this place is the bar if you hit it wrong and you turn it bust your windows [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] baby [Music] everybody does this different a lot of folks down here use valley human beings because they're long and skinny they'll actually swim like they're alive them tana's just kind of resistant i've got two of the best mates in the business on here we've got a billion there's a little bit of [Music] [Music] that i can depend [Music] nobody knows [Music] let's do it is [Music] [Music] of our fish in here we are fishing i'm ready to get a bite we're all out here trying to make a living we're trying to make money [Music] where is [Music] [Music] has steadily been declining over the last few years and they're not shipping things like they did before oh boy [Music] is to make the least amount of money for my two guys and me you i have a little girl and then cliff and brandon have all the same three times [Music] [Music] [Music] day one of the season because of mechanical issues [Music] [Music] i really wanted that first [Music] any minute [Music] i don't want to stay tonight [Music] [Music] guys [Music] hmm [Music] oh [Music] let's go boys [Music] yeah he's coming to the circle [Music] [Music] first fish of the year this is it's just a dream [Music] oh oh [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] all right where is he [Music] oh [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] i gotta tell you it feels amazing we got the first fish [Music] good for him [Music] [Music] they would have had a chance to spawn and make more blueprints luckily we don't have a problem with this fish [Music] we're behind the game right now so we just need to get everything finished and take last year [Music] [Music] that's exactly [Music] [Music] he knows [Music] we're ready [Music] different species of fish very very observant comes from a long life [Music] me getting to know them is vital for me to be successful that that's the bird that keeps everything tight and what we hope to do [Music] near the surface of the water so a lot of cabins with the green stick to keep your veins [Music] see that across the top of the water [Music] [Music] we really suck [Music] so we're gonna ride around [Music] there's a bubble of water [Music] [Music] all right come on baby [Music] [Music] [Music] let's start the scene [Music] all right are always looking at their envelopes [Music] [Music] it's our backyard [Music] make sure everyone knows [Music] [Music] [Music] nice lovely headshots [Music] [Music] very nice [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and jimmy's got a big fast boot faster jimmy's gonna be a tough deal we've definitely got something to prove this year being the young guns [Music] i'm 22 years old born and raised here on the outer banks and fishing is what i do that's what i grew up doing that's what i've always done is [Music] for years ago [Music] [Music] um [Music] this is what we do this is how we make a paycheck 100 of our income comes from commercial fish [Music] wow [Music] it was a rough year for me personally in regards to my boat you know we were heading down to the automatics early october i was moving down here we had everything on board [Music] by [Music] [Music] [Music] with no shoes no money no selling floors and you just can't digest it devastating i mean last year was just awful so catching the first fish this season is [Music] congratulations on the first fish it's a demon fish [Music] guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well it does look like there's a little you can see that the tail is nice and red but the core sample is kind of cloudy and opaque you know the restaurant business is shaky the market's very fragile when customers they don't want to take a fish that they can't sell what's the best you can do seven dollars [Music] this morning [Music] this year right there [Music] possibly [Music] we're gonna need some help [Music] uh [Music] [Music] do you not have any blankets or anything [Music] all right [Music] [Music] these are nice [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] first day of the season we're coming in with a meet that feels good i was really hoping we'd set now there's not much there so it's gonna be one sounds good to me not a bad specimen for your first fish of the season would like to hear that right now i'm seeing some pretty nice red tail color it's not jam jammed up with the fact [Music] we [Music] [Music] we'll see you in the morning sounds good thank you thank you sir the biggest difference who's got the first is who's got the most at the end of the year [Music] and all night [Music] [Music] maybe some of these fish we're here so we'll see what happens we're just some young kids trying to prove we've got what it takes so if that means staying out here all night that's what we're gonna do [Music] after midnight that prevents us from fishing that following day because technically that fish was landed on that day so say we were to catch a fish at nine o'clock at night we could hurry up get in here and get our fish offloaded before midnight that still leaves us open to fish the next day every single fish counts [Music] where did they go tray [Music] [Music] all right [Music] let's make it count [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] please baby please please please please please [Music] [Music] oh [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] man he's [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] get ready [Music] i got them [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] that's a good oh baby [Music] wow [Music] [Music] i'm here jimmy it's good to see you i can't wait to see him let's bring him up here and check him out i feel really good about the fact that we got a bike period so it feels good to be back with [Music] out see what he looks like on the inside so what have we been looking at for prices lately well you know has been affecting the market a lot of restaurants are closed people aren't going out the prices are soft for sure however there's not very many fish on the market right now and it's got a nice pink texture and i like the color there you know unfortunately i don't see tons of fat like i'm a little disappointed let's take a look at the pour yeah it's really nice that's a nice fish jimmy what do you think i feel like [Music] i can get you eight dollars [Music] really fortunate a bike i feel like my team kind of came together for me at the end it's a really really good feeling [Music] so [Music] [Music] years ago and it started a tradition a new tradition in protection around them all thank you precious name of jesus [Music] [Music] uh [Music] i don't know what it is [Music] anybody in this place [Music] [Music] oh [Music] oh [Music] is [Music] [Music] there he is [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] good job [Music] [Music] back in business boys [Music] check it out [Music] what do you think [Music] [Music] how would we check this thing out it's just a lot of fat in this fish it's so much fat it's so greasy but this is what really matters what are you thinking scotty you guys are looking at first guys [Music] we're not stopping [Music] we got it [Music] there you [Music] can you feel go fingers [Music] 408 pounds nice wow it's a really nice looking tail cut look [Music] that's just a really oily fish [Music] yet [Music] [Music] um [Music] congratulations [Music] and that's a big statement we're here to prove that we're just as good as [Music] here [Music] [Music] last year we need to catch up [Music] just a tremendous amount of expenses [Music] they feed on the same food the mammals are too smart to eat our baits for the tunas the tuna as well you can't shoot us a lot the conditions are never the same so being able to adjust to what the conditions are each day it's not something you can just guess about you don't know exactly what you're doing you have to have a certain instinct without britain doing his job i don't even get a chance to perform it's making sure that my phone is in good working condition it's making sure that my crew are happy that they're safe that they're fishing hard but there is a question in your mind when you start with a new crew about whether that crew is going to match hey guys right here [Music] look alive to the bluefin [Music] [Music] out there [Music] the fish still has the hook in his mouth but the only thing attached is the bird and poly ball we gotta get out there grab it with a gap and reconnect it to the abandoned wheel before that fish takes off and takes the bird and volleyball with it what are we gonna do here [Music] we're coming the down [Music] ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] [Music] now we're good foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] right here will be much better [Music] my god [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah welcome back first fish of the season [Music] [Music] 368 let's take a closer look at this it's got a deep red color which is beautiful we love that cherry color we love that dark dark red there is a lot of fat like when you're in the grocery store and you see the fat in a rib eye that's exactly what we see here this is a premium fish [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] check [Music] [Music] as the season opens the smallest boat in the fleet roster rocket gets the largest payday but less than 200 behind is the doghouse followed by the helping hands off [Music] a local veteran little shell fails [Music] i'm competing for the guys in the cockpit and the bills on the table so fishing hard being blessed all of that [Music] [Music] [Music] just getting started [Music] [Music] we feelings [Music] everybody [Music] we're running our own races [Music]

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