Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Season 8 Episode 12 | Tried and TrueOctober 11, 2021

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Season 8 Episode 12 | Tried and TrueOctober 11, 2021

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CATLIN: Oh, man. BRITTON: You see that one? NARRATOR: The rough weather has calmed down in the Outer Banks. BO: A lot of boats fishing today. NICK: Lots of fish around. Just got to get lucky and get us one here.

NARRATOR: But the competition remains fierce. BOBBY: We'll get our shot here at some point. ELLIS: It's really anybody's game right now. CATLIN: Try to get another fish today and try to stay ahead. ZACK: We're just gonna keep doing us as long as the weather is going to let us.

DREW: Keep grinding at it until we get 'em in the boat. NARRATOR: As the Hog Wild enjoys their spot atop the leaderboard. JIMMIE: Make this one count, boys.

NARRATOR: Captains look to motivate their crews. NICK: Hey, y'all be looking up here. Don't worry about looking back. ELLIS: You go one day and don't catch one, you know. That's hard to catch up. NARRATOR: The fight to win is harder than ever.

ZACK: There he is. DREW: Fish on! Fish on! TREY: We're on! We're on! JIMMIE: A little nerve-racking with all these porpoises around. TREY: Go away! NARRATOR: This is. ELLIS: Go, go, go, go! Oh, I smell tunas. BOBBY: Let the dance begin.

NARRATOR: Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. JIMMIE: We've got to make sure we don't slip up today. NARRATOR: Newcomer crew Hog Wild commands first place, while Reel E' Bugging's close behind by a slim margin. Fishin' Frenzy, Doghouse and Offshore Outlaw are neck and neck in the middle of the pack. While Little Shell and Rasta Rocket trail behind. JIMMIE: Here I am. I'm ready to do this.

ELLIS: It's finally a pretty morning. It's calm, an enjoyable ride out. So the day started off good. Now, we catch a tuna.

Be a great day. Did we decide to not put our long riggers quite as far back or? JIMMIE: Yeah, not quite as far, but far back there. ELLIS: Yeah. JIMMIE: Just make sure that they're even. Being up there at the top of the pack. You know everything is looking good.

Team's working together. It would feel good to win this thing knowing this is what I grew up doing and I've become the best at it. Reel E' Bugging is nipping at our heels. We slip up one little bit, and Reel E' Bugging's gonna get ahead of us. We need to stay on it. Make sure we don't slip up.

Maybe one of these other guys will and that's what we're hoping for. Hey, Trey. TREY: Yeah.

JIMMIE: You either got something on your left long rigger or your long riggers are tangled. There's something wrong with it. ELLIS: There's a whole bunch of grass on it. JIMMIE: Just take our time and make sure we get it right.

BILLON: Well, we just got set out. We got a really pretty morning for a change. Calm, warm, you don't get this a lot this time of year. Big change of pace in the last couple weeks.

The next couple days, I feel like the quota is gonna get eaten up a little bit. You know, you want everybody to catch some fish. But at the end of the day that means more quota caught, so. GREG: Just outside of where we were yesterday. Hog Wild, he's not a mile from us. I see Shack up inside of him, so we're probably in good shape here.

Maybe we're just ahead of getting them. BOBBY: Oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh, yeah. Yeah. We got birds randomly flying around. They're looking for food like everybody else. I mean, a lot of times under those birds, something's got their attention.

BOBBY: My mission right now is to catch one more and just pull ahead of Hog Wild. We may have underestimated Jimmie at the beginning of the season. But we have just been through too much to let these new young kids take a victory from us. Today the weather is unusually calm and clear. I don't like it this way because tuna have the biggest eyes in the ocean.

In this crystal clear, your tackle, your baits better swim right. Yeah. We all need the money. We're hoping we get ours, you know soon. We got to just pound it, man. That may be Nick right there. NICK: The quota's gonna go fast. Just got to get lucky and get us one here.

CLIFF: There's a slick right here popping up right here. NICK: Slick's popping up. I ain't had a bite, but. BOBBY: Yeah, same over here, my friend.

Well, good luck. Catch 'em up. NICK: Hog Wild's hot right now. This is his first season that Little Jimmie's been involved in this competition, so it stings a little bit that he's ahead. Now, I feel like I've earned my way and he just comes along skating through on first place. We got to capitalize on this unusually good weather and pray that Hog Wild makes a few mistakes.

Tunas busting right off our bow. CLIFF: Oh, he's seen 'em off the bow. Oh, I see 'em busting! I see 'em busting up there.

NICK: Look at 'em. Look at 'em. Straight ahead off his bow. See 'em? CLIFF: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look at him get it. About right where our two paths have crossed with the Hog Wild is where I saw him. ELLIS: Oh, look at that slick. Look at 'em all. Look at 'em! TREY: I already got, I already got my stuff.

JIMMIE: Go, don't wait for me. Go, go, go. If there's ever been a spot you want to drag a stick around, it's right here.

There's a lot of bait around, they're gonna eat something. Come on, boys. Y'all be fast putting that stick out. Fast, fast. NICK: Straight ahead off his bow. See 'em? CLIFF: Look at, all them boys is licking their chops on that boat up there in front, you know damn well they are. If he gonna hook one, we gonna have to turn.

CLIFF: Boom. BRANDAN: I wish we had that stick out. CLIFF: I'll say today is a good day for the stick. Better than any day we've seen so far. NICK: Put the stick out! Here's your mark. Come on, baby, that's the meat.

Everywhere I look, there's something. There's a slick or a tuna. Look at 'em in there busting in there. There they go, right there. Damn! I'm gonna have to turn a little bit. We're gonna get right to them as soon as she comes tight.

JIMMIE: There they are behind me. Jig that thing. They're busting right in front of me. BRITTON: Jimmie's going right through those busting tuna.

The worst thing you can do is go through busting fish. You go through them once or twice and they go down and that's it. You're dragging baits on the top, you're not gonna get a bite out of them. Those fish are fed and they're gonna spend the rest of the day watching boats going around, around, around, around, around. JIMMIE: God.

Now they were right in front of where I was gonna go. No way! Yee-haw! Woo! TREY: Oh, dammit! Oh, (bleep). What the hell? He came off. ELLIS: We pulled him off. JIMMIE: Ah!

ELLIS: It's hard not to have faith when you look around out here. There's tunas busting everywhere. A lot of bait, a lot of marks, a lot of bites. JIMMIE: I thought that was it. TREY: I thought so too. I got excited too.

NICK: Little Jimmie beat me to him, NICK (over radio): But he lost him driving straight through them tunas busting. BRITTON: It's absolutely a rookie move. NICK: Little Jimmie lost 'em.

Here's the slick where they were busting right here. NICK: Little Jimmie's driving straight through these busting tuna. Most time you do that, it spooks them and nobody gets the chance to catch them. You can't just drive through them busting. You got to circle around. We hope we can get around him and hook one of these tunas.

CLIFF: Come on, I'm ready to get a fish already. I was expecting to see one any minute. (reel clicking). (reel unspooling rapidly). There he goes! Got him! We're on! There he goes! There he goes! There he goes! Turn the hydraulics on so I can get the stick. NICK: All right. I got that. He ain't doing much.

I don't know if it's gonna be a bluefin. Buzz her up here now, get her in. Got it, Cliff? CLIFF: That's what it needs to do, boys. NICK: Feel like it's a good one.

He just ain't acting right. I don't know, boys. I ain't feeling real confident about it. I don't think he's that big. NICK: The government doesn't allow us to catch a bluefin that's under 73 inches. And that's to keep the fishery sustainable.

And I'm worried because if this fish is short, we're not gonna be able to go home with a bluefin. CLIFF: He ain't acting very big. I don't know what it is, but it ain't acting very big at all.

NICK: Here comes your leader. CLIFF: Yeah, I feel him coming tight. NICK: There he is. CLIFF: Comin' up.

NICK: Bump her ahead. CLIFF: Is he gonna be a keeper? NICK: I don't know. I don't think so. Let's see if I can get him up here. Just keep bumping her every so often. Bump her. I can see him.

He's a good one, Brandan. He's a good one. CLIFF: Yeah, he's a good one. Yeah, bud. NICK: He's a good one. Nail him. He didn't like that.

CLIFF: Did you get a good shot on him? NICK: No. Go get... Bump the boat in gear. Bump it again. Bump it again. Watch that bandit reel! Hold on to that bandit reel, Brandan. Stick him right in the head.

Anywhere. Get him in the tail, anywhere. Tail rope, right side of Brandan. Get it on there, Cliff. Get it on there.

CLIFF: All right, all right. All right, boys. NICK: All right! All right, tie him off. All right, pretty work. Pretty work, guys. All right. Let me get her in gear here. NICK: What a relief, this bluefin is legal.

And that means we're moving ahead. I'm feeling pretty good to know that our plan paid off. Dragging around these busting tuna. Now we just need a great price to get ahead of Hog Wild. Going west.

JIMMIE: Oh, we need one bad, bad, bad right now. NICK: All right. Let him down. All right! CLIFF: Pretty fish. Good. NICK: Nice one. See what you're working with here. What do you got, Brandan? BRANDAN: 80 inches. NICK: All right! Good fish. Good marketable size.

Happy, happy. Little Shell strikes again. CLIFF: Number eight, boys.

DANIEL: Been watching the sunrise. ZACK: It's the prettiest day we fished all year. DANIEL: Another bait check. Just trying to make sure our stuff's fishing right. Hopefully we can get us a bite. ZACK: We don't want to be in last place.

You know these bigger guys can get out on the days that we can't. We just want to do our best to stay in it. As long as the weather is gonna let us. ZACK: We're disappointed that Hog Wild's in the lead right now and we're sitting on the bottom.

Little Jimmie on the Hog Wild is showing the fleet that the young guns has what it takes. But right now, we want to be the ones to prove to the fleet that the young guns have what it takes. We've been praying for a great weather day like today.

It's finally here and it's time to catch a fish. We're just gonna keep doing us and fight our fight. ZACK (over radio): How about it, Shack? BRITTON: Good morning, Rocket man.

ZACK (over radio): Seeing anything, productive this morning? BRITTON: Nothing much yet. ZACK (over radio): That quota's getting ate up fast. We got to strike while the iron is hot. We ain't gonna stop.

GREG: I've seen a couple fish down deep, 30, 35 fathom out here. GREG (over radio): Looking for a sign of life. (beeping). ZACK: We're marking 'em. (beeping).

(reel clicking). (reel unspooling rapidly). There he is. We're on! All right, fish on, baby. SHANE: Got it? DANIEL: Got it.

ZACK: Please stay on, baby. Please. DANIEL: Here we go. It'd be real nice to have this fish. Took us a while to get the bite this morning. Finally got it, we just need it to stay on there.

ZACK: Yeah. We're out here giving it our all. Number seven could be great for us. DANIEL: Every once in a while, I get his head turned up. I get a little bit. He'll turn around and point it back down and kind of inch down. SHANE: He's trying to show it off for his friends.

ZACK: Trying to wear him down. DANIEL: There he is. Definitely color. ZACK: Swivel. DANIEL: Go right to him. All right. Beautiful. Maybe not. Bump it ahead.

All right. Hit him right here. Come on. SHANE: Just have to get something on this right side. DANIEL: The fish is right under us.

I think he's under the motor. Neutral! Forward! Come on around. DANIEL: The fish is right under us.

I think he's under the motor. Forward. Come on around. ZACK: Like that? DANIEL: All right.

Get the son of a (bleep) up here. Get him. SHANE: Where's he at? DANIEL: Right straight. SHANE: I can't chuck it. DANIEL: Shane, he's right there, man. Come on. SHANE: Where's he at? Where's he at? Where's he at? DANIEL: He's right here. Right straight.

ZACK: I got his head. DANIEL: Right here. ZACK: Holy (bleep). Come on. DANIEL: Tail rope. Tail rope. Tail rope. Tail rope. I got his tail. ZACK: Go, go, go, go! This fish is a maniac. He won't settle down. DANIEL: I know. We got (inaudible).

ZACK: Careful. We don't want to lose him. Aw! Yeah! DANIEL: Pretty work. ZACK: Number seven, boys. DANIEL: Hell yeah. ZACK: Aw!

JIMMIE: I bet you that Rasta Rocket crowd is having a blast today. ZACK: Aw! ELLIS: Good for them. TREY: It's gonna (bleep) happen, man. It's gonna happen right here. JIMMIE: Trey's feeling it. TREY: It's gonna happen. ELLIS: You're jinxing us. TREY: I feel it right now, boys.

ZACK: Oh yeah lucky number seven. We're just gaining ground on these guys. They ain't leaving us in the dust yet.

We knew if we could get out here and catch a fish, we'd just climb a little bit higher on the leaderboard. DANIEL: Pulled my boot off, but we got him. SHANE: He is fat. God knows. DANIEL: And a round one.

100 on the button. ZACK: Pretty fish for number seven. DANIEL: Heck yeah, guys. Woo! ZACK: Getting it done. DANIEL: Finally. ZACK: Climbing on up there. DANIEL: Yeah! NICK: Good job today, guys. Let's show this fleet how it's done! Scotty boy! SCOTT: How are you guys? You got your eighth fish.

NICK: Let's take a look at this one. SCOTT: All right, let's do it. NICK: Let's do it. SCOTT: There he is. NICK: All right, Scotty. What do you got for dressed weight? SCOTT: Looking at 204 pounds dressed.

NICK: Nice, I'm excited to look at him. Let's do it. SCOTT: All right, let's check it out. NICK: When a buyer's looking at a fish, they want to see good tail color, lots of fat and a good core. That's what's gonna get you a good price.

SCOTT: You guys, for a smaller fish, it's actually got a lot of fat. NICK: He looks good. SCOTT: I mean, the majors in this fish is just loaded.

It's very nice. As long as the core on this fish is good, you guys will be all right. CLIFF: Awesome. BRANDAN: Look at it.

Let's take a look. SCOTT: That's good. Nice glow to it. Really nice fish. NICK: What's the bottom line? SCOTT: I can get you guys...

14 bucks a pound. NICK: All right, guys. CLIFF: Awesome. NICK: All right. Well, we're gonna get back out there, and try to get you another one. SCOTT: All right, sounds good.

NICK: All right, thank you. SCOTT: Cool. All right, you guys. See you later. Nice job. CLIFF: We caught up to the rest of the guys after being low and down on the bottom of the totem pole and it feels good to be back up close to the top. Getting $14 a pound, I mean, that's as good as catching a big one and getting six, so I'll take that. NICK: Looking good, boys.

BOBBY: We're gonna get bit here today. DREW: Might be requiring fresh bait. BOBBY: Water is almost 69. Look how blue it is. DREW: My God, that water is warm. BOBBY: Brian went to sleep. DREW: Yeah, he did.

BOBBY: We got to get bit. BOBBY: We are tired and we have no bluefin, but we are still neck in neck with Hog Wild. But now, Little Shell is nipping at our heels.

What to do? What to do? BOBBY: In days where weather is calm, ballyhoo is just a perfect bait for trolling. The ballyhoo look realistic in the water, you have to understand. Tuna, it's not about smell, it's all about sight. Since the water temperature right here is really warm, we want to drop our baits down to the thermocline under the water where the hot and cold water meet, that's where the bait will be. And if you find the bait, you'll find the tuna. I mean, I hope they're hungry because we're still hungry to gain the lead.

DREW: I think we got here at 5:30. It's now 1:00. Guys have been getting fish. We're gonna get another bait out.

I got still two baits out. I'm gonna make another pass and see what we get. BOBBY: That's Jimmie right there. It's our turn, boys.

JIMMIE: Go ahead and get rigged up for tonight. I haven't rigged a ballyhoo in ages. ELLIS: Want to rig one? JIMMIE: Kind of. Cause it's been so long. ELLIS: It's been a while. I'm just getting nervous.

TREY: Ya! Ya! JIMMIE: Stop! Hold on. I don't wanna (bleep) this up. It's been a long ass time, dawg. There's Bobby over there. It's really anybody's game right now. Anybody can find 'em. JIMMIE: We're all really anxious.

Little Shell is catching up and I'm worried about Bugging catching another bluefin soon. We've tried the greenstick, but maybe something different will get us a bite. I can't make any wrong moves right now or we could lose our lead.

I don't mean to brag, but pretty good-looking ballyhoo. ELLIS: Pretty Good. (beeping).

We marked something across the screen. TREY: Two fin ballooning. (beeping). BOBBY: First mark all day, Drew. (reel unspooling rapidly).

DREW: Fish on! Fish on! BOBBY: We're on? DREW: Fish on! BOBBY: Let the dance begin. DREW: Come on. BOBBY: Let's go fishing. One tuna will make it all feel better. DREW: Want me on him? BOBBY: I got him. It's personal. JIMMIE: Bugging's got one on.

We got to catch one. We need one so bad. (reel unspooling rapidly). Bite, the long rigger. We're on! Got 'em on! Hell yeah! TREY: We're on! We're on! . TREY: We're on! We're on! JIMMIE: All right, boys. Come on, baby! Come on, baby! JIMMIE (over radio): 779 561. Got 'em on.

JOHN-MICHAEL: Is that Little Jimmie? ERIC: Yeah. ADAM: He's a mile from us. ADAM (over radio): Primetime, baby. Catch 'em up. ELLIS: Seems like a good bite here. Nice sound, man. Good to hear. JIMMIE: All right, boys. We got to get this one.

BOBBY: He's gotta be getting close. Yeah, he's getting close. JIMMIE: Come on, baby.

Please stay on there. Please stay on there. We need this one bad. We really got to do all we can do. We really can't lose this fish.

My heart is racing. BOBBY: He's coming up, bro. He may be a yellowfin. I marked bluefin when he hit.

Whoa! DREW: It's a yellowfin. BOBBY: Hey, we got dinner. We thought we had one. Just throw him back out. I'm gonna turn around. DREW: All right. Let me get another bait out. Welcome to the Bugging.

BOBBY: Waste of bait. Waste of time. Yeah. We'll get our shot here at some point. Just hope we get one before Jimmie does.

ELLIS: Woo, he's pissed. Come on, baby. Come on. JIMMIE: I see him. I see him. Got a lot of line out. He's still tight. (rod tension snaps).

No (bleep) way. (bleep). Son of a (bleep). JIMMIE (over radio): We pulled him off. ADAM: Get 'em back out. ADAM (over radio): You'll get 'em. ELLIS: Really needed to catch that fish. More than any other boat in the fleet, the Hog Wild's got something to prove because we're the young guys.

JIMMIE: My crimp pulled, didn't it? TREY: Your crimp (bleep) pulled. Imagine this is the end with the hook and these crimps right here get pressure on them. When the crimp pulls from the inside, the line pulls off. JIMMIE: Can't even blame it on anybody because I had crimped it. It sucks. It happens. It's part of it.

But it's devastating to pull that fish off. I think I'm gonna stick to being a captain. DANIEL: Mission completed. ZACK: Oh, yeah. BILL: Boys, good to see you.

Number seven, huh? SHANE: Can't stop when you're on a heater. BILL: All right, boys. Let's go ahead and get her up. ZACK: Let's check him out. Big boy.

What we got for weight, Bill? BILL: Dang, guys. 423 pounds. ZACK: Yeah, dude. BILL: Not bad. ZACK: Number seven was a nice one. Let's go check it out.

BILL: Mm-mm-mm. Whew. Got to take the glasses off for that one. I have never seen this much fat in the majors.

I mean, this toro is just eat up with fat, dude. ZACK: Maybe number seven was lucky after all. BILL: Greasy as ever. Let's see what this core looks like. ZACK: Come on, baby, look good for us.

BILL: Wow, I do like that cherry core. ZACK: So what you think, man? BILL: $15 a pound all day. ZACK: Yeah, dude. SHANE: Heck yeah. ZACK: Woo! Woo! BILL: All day, boys. All day long.

DANIEL: We needed that. ZACK: Sweet. BILL: Y'all go get some rest. I know y'all are tired. ZACK: Hopefully, we'll be right here tomorrow.

SHANE: See ya there. DANIEL: Later. SHANE: $15 a pound. That's super good for us, you know. It's gonna pay some bills.

It's overwhelming. ZACK: And we had the weather and got it done. We just want to keep it that way for the rest of the season. BOBBY: We got to keep plugging away, plugging away, plugging away. DREW: I'm getting ready to drop some night baits.

In case we run over a herd, we can stop and drop it down on them. BRIAN: Hell yeah. DREW: We're using circle hooks that generally will get in the corner of their mouth and you get a good likelihood of them not chasing it off. So that's a pretty mackerel, and a nice pretty squid. Ready to go down.

BRIAN: What happened with Jimmie today? BOBBY: Right. I don't think he got any fish. We've been running drifts. We're gonna head a little southwest. You know, on the ride there we're looking to mark fish.

If we see 'em Drew's standing by with a bait. We'll shoot them right down. Driving around at night, you just got to be careful. You can't assume the other guy sees you or even cares. BOBBY: I mean, I am stressed out.

Jimmie still doesn't have a fish, but I think we have a lot of experience on this boat. That's our advantage. Drew is a great asset to this boat. He's like a Jack of all trades. Brian runs the tackle, the rods, the reels.

He's good at it. We really do all work together. We won our first season and we want to prove that wasn't a fluke.

So for me, my job is to find a fish because we need a bluefin bad. We need a diamond, man. (beeping). Oh, monster mark at 80, dude. Drop him when you're ready.

DREW: I'm ready, Bob. Here we go. It's our turn. (beeping). BOBBY: All right, let's get bit.

BRIAN: Come on up. Come up and eat. (reel clicking). (reel unspooling rapidly). DREW: Oh! Let's get him. There he is, Bobby! BOBBY: Are we on? DREW: Yeah, man.

Taking line out! Wow! Might be the right one. BRIAN: Pretty work, Drew. DREW: That something for you to play with? BRIAN: Yeah. DREW: I love my night baits. They work so good. BOBBY: You never know until he comes to the boat, but it ran like a tuna, so we're working on getting this paycheck back to the boat.

There will be no pulling hooks this evening, guys. DREW: He's still quite a ways out. About 150 maybe, a little 200 yards. BOBBY: Ugh. DREW: It feels like the right fish. BOBBY: All right. Why don't you guys swap it out, man?

BRIAN: Ready? DREW: Yup. BRIAN: Oh, yeah, he's tight. Oh, boy. He's starting to panic. BOBBY: He's turning directions a little bit? DREW: No, he's still out.

BOBBY: But he's gone a little bit to the starboard? DREW: A little bit. BRIAN: Little bit. BOBBY: I got a boat in front of me, hold on. DREW: Yeah, get away from these boats. BRIAN: Bobby, you got to get ready, bro.

BOBBY: I got a boat dead ahead, dude. Oh, (bleep)! He's coming right at us. Start turning, (bleep)! BRIAN: Bobby you got to get ready, bro. BOBBY: I got a boat dead ahead, dude. Oh, (bleep)! He's coming right at us. Start turning, (bleep)! BRIAN: Keep going, Bobby.

BOBBY: (bleep), dude. BRIAN: That was (bleep) scary, bro. BOBBY: We're good now. BOBBY: We need this fish. Probably more than we've ever needed any of them, I'll be honest.

Maybe pinwheeling, dude. BRIAN: It's getting close. DREW: Coming up, Brian. We're fighting him up and down right now.

We got him in a good position. Feels like a good fish, actually, so we're stoked, you know. This is great. But he's fighting. He's going up and down up and down, swirl. BOBBY: Oh! I'm off! He came off.

(bleep)! He's off! He's off! DREW: And he's gone. Damn. BOBBY: I watched it happen. He's gone. BRIAN: We were that close to going home, man.

DREW: Pulled the hook. BOBBY: Pulled the hook. JIMMIE: Bobby bedbugs just pulled one off. Oh, boy. TREY: His bad luck just seems to get worse and worse. JIMMIE: Yeah, it's definitely going downhill for Bobby.

BRIAN: Story of our (bleep) lives. DREW: All right, I'll get another one out. BRIAN: I know you will. DREW: That fish right there just spit the hook. We had no gear failure, we didn't do anything wrong. We ran the boat properly.

So, you know, we'll just go back and get another one. Keep grinding at it until we get them in the boat. BOBBY: The stress level is terrible. BRITTON: Looking for a bite. I need a bite bad. CATLIN: I feel good about it being calm.

BO: It smelled really fishy there at the change. I got a big whiff of a slick. BRITTON: Put some ballyhoos out and hope we get a bite. CATLIN: Try to get another fish today to try to stay ahead. BRITTON: The weather affects fish because it'll draw bait sometimes to the top, sometimes it will drive bait to the bottom depending on whether it's rolling in cold water, whether it's rolling in hot water.

And it's been a very rough winter, but today is very, very calm. We're not gonna change anything in regards to the way that we fish. Although I want to get as far away from the greatest concentration of boats, but still be in the area where I still feel confident getting a bite.

Greg and I came up here kind of by ourselves, out here just north of the point, out of the pack. By getting outside the crowd, the less pressure that's on those fish, that means increased potential for a bite. I'm gonna go find my own fish.

If we don't, we're gonna fall further behind. BO: I thought I just got another whiff of fish. CATLIN: It's a good sign. (beeping). BRITTON: Marks coming off the screen there now. BO: Come on, fish. CATLIN: Come on, baby.

(beeping). (reel clicking). (reel unspooling rapidly).

Oh! BO: Fish on! Stay on there, baby. BRITTON: Got a bite here. GREG: I got you. Cool. Let me try and get a bite here.

CATLIN: Yeah, we just had a big bite and he feels heavy. He's taking a lot of line. BO: Maybe it will work out for us and we can catch number nine today.

BRITTON: Feel like the right thing? CATLIN: Could be a bigeye. I don't know. BO: Maybe he ain't woken up yet.

It don't feel right, does it, Cat, getting, not getting thrown all around? CATLIN: Yeah, it's really weird. BRITTON: Did we lose it? He's still there. CATLIN: He ain't being very nice right now. BO: He ain't being nice now. Doing a lot of crazy stuff.

This is starting to feel heavier, and heavier, and heavier every time it tries to make a different move. Starting to play like a bluefin now. He ain't playing nice.

Play his game and hopefully, he'll be nice to us. I would think we'd see leader anytime. CATLIN: Yeah. BO: Sassy. This is an awkward angle. CATLIN: Not a very good angle to be fighting a fish.

BO: Making us really nervous. Doing a lot of crazy stuff. CATLIN: Ask him what he thinks we should do here. BRITTON: Where's your line? BO: What do you think we should do? BRITTON: Can you still get a line okay where you are? CATLIN: Yeah. It's getting, this angle is very difficult.

I think we're gonna make a move, what do you think? BRITTON: Just be careful doing it. CATLIN: Swimming right at the boat. BRITTON: It's getting close, guys. Don't let it hit the boat! Watch out! BO: Making us really nervous. Doing a lot of crazy stuff.

CATLIN: I think we're gonna make a move. What do you think? BRITTON: Just be careful doing it. CATLIN: He's swimming right at the boat. BRITTON: It's getting close, guys. Don't let it hit the boat! Watch out! BO: This one is starting to play really mean now.

You in good? Crazy smart fish. BRITTON: You see that one? CATLIN: Oh, man. That one jumped clear out of the water. She's coming up fast. The moment of truth coming up here. BO: I see it. Get ready.

Let's see what you have. CATLIN: I got a swivel on the reel. BRITTON: Is that your leader right there? BO: Yeah, it's perfect, perfect. Got her right here. CATLIN: Stick him. Dart's all the way through her.

Are we ready, Bo? BO: We're ready. CATLIN: Got a gaff in her? BO: Yup. Don't hit me in the face with that T-handle. Got her? Got her? CATLIN: Got her.

BRITTON: It's not a huge fish, but it's another paycheck and another tuna to pull us into the lead. The decision to move away from the fleet paid off. CATLIN: Good job, everybody.

Pretty work, Cap. BRITTON: Good job. CATLIN: You got the magic tape right here, Cap. We'll call it 83 and half. Good job. BO: Perfect size. CATLIN: Let's go home.

BO: Let's go home. CATLIN: Breakfast on me. BRITTON: On you? CATLIN: I'll buy it. I ain't gonna cook it. BRITTON: Show me the money. CATLIN: I like this part. JAKE: You guys are on a hot streak, I'll tell you what.

BRITTON: That quota is gonna be eaten up quick. JAKE: Let's get it up here and take a look at it. Check it out. BRITTON: Absolutely. JAKE: Yeah, a short fat fish for sure. MICAH: And this is gonna be it.

295 pounds. CATLIN: Perfect. MICAH: Hey, let's go take a look at your fish. CATLIN: Let's do it. BRITTON: Absolutely.

MICAH: Guys, this is a good-looking fish. You can see it has fat. The marbling is all the way in the center, which is what you want. We do have a small issue.

Dart damage, it's minor, it's not bad, but let's check out the core. CATLIN: Let's do it. MICAH: There is some slight discoloration, but I point the discoloration to so much fat. BO: So what are y'all willing to give us for it? MICAH: It's gonna be $8. CATLIN: Awesome. BO: We'll take it.

MICAH: You've earned that but y'all need to rest up. BO: Fair enough. MICAH: See you, guys, have a good one. BO: See you. BRITTON: I wish the fish that we caught was a little better quality, but we still got a great paycheck.

And if nobody else catches a fish today, it's gonna pull us in the lead. CATLIN: It's a great day to be a bluefin fisherman. JIMMIE: The Doghouse just got his fish.

I'm stressed out, dude. Need a big one to get ahead of the Doghouse. ELLIS: You go one day and don't catch one, you know, that's hard to, that's hard to catch up. You just got to sustain.

You got to keep catching one every single day. You know, we found a place with dolphins. You have to work hard.

I think you're in a good area. JIMMIE: There they are behind me. Bluefins right here.

Jig that thing. I saw a couple bust back there, wheeled around. Now, they're busting ahead where I turned around. JIMMIE: The only chance we have of getting back in the lead is to catch a diamond. With all these fish busting on the surface, I think it's time to pull the greenstick. It's definitely something that could bite us in the butt but anything that looks good on the surface is a good condition to pull a greenstick around.

The Doghouse is definitely the boat we don't need catching a fish, so he's got one. We've got some pretty weather, no wind, no waves, you can fish however you want. We're gonna do whatever we have to do to get a fish on our boat. We've got to make sure we don't slip up today.

So at least we won't fall behind. We've got to get a fish. There's Little Shell.

That sucks. Sucks. CLIFF: Damn, they're busting behind us, Nick! Look at 'em busting behind us, B. Look at 'em! Look at 'em go! We got 'em off our corner. NICK: I can't turn, they're busting off my bow too. BRANDAN: There's a bunch of them busting on the side of us.

CLIFF: We can crank these baits up shorter. NICK: Yeah, shorten them up a little bit so we can maneuver. BRANDAN: All right, how many turns you're going? CLIFF: One, two, three, four, 50. NICK: Can't go but one direction.

(beeping). JIMMIE: God, there's a bluefin. Jig that thing immediately, I'm getting a mark. ELLIS: Oh, I smell tunas. Come on, baby.

JIMMIE: Maybe here in just a second we'll get a bite. Come on boys, come on. Oh, there he is! On your short one! On your close one! We're on! We're on! ELLIS: Here we go. JIMMIE: Oh, look at number one. ELLIS: He's on there. TREY: Yeah, something on it. JIMMIE: It's a yellowfin.

Yeah, a yellowfin. ELLIS: Just wing him in the boat. JIMMIE: God, I still see the bluefins.

ELLIS: There's another one on number two. TREY: A yellowfin. (groaning). ELLIS: Yeah, there's one on the next one too. TREY: It's a yellowfin. ELLIS: It's a yellowfin.

JIMMIE; These yellowfins will not leave us alone. This is brutal. Brutal. I don't know. I don't know. God, look at 'em over there. Ah! These yellowfins won't let me catch up to the bluefins. They got after everything we had out.

They got us completely down right now. We're not even fishing. Just because the yellowfins ate everything so bad.

The yellowfins destroyed us. Oh, that was just painful. TREY: What are you thinking? JIMMIE: Do you want to, like, set out with ballyhoos? TREY: I would not be opposed to it. ELLIS: Yeah. We've caught enough yellowfin. TREY: Yeah. We've caught enough yellowfin to feed the whole fam. JIMMIE: One good fish could put us right where we need to be, but with the greenstick, this isn't gonna work.

I think something that sets us apart the most is we're not afraid to change things up. Right now, there's no time to waste. We've got to get set back out and find a bluefin. ELLIS: So we're done with that apparatus? TREY: Yes. NICK: Little Jimmie had three or four bites, but they're all yellowfin.

Slick's popping up. Marking tunas now. There's lots of fish around. Just got to get lucky and get us one here.

Lots of bites. JIMMIE: Come on, no lollygagging. God, there's the mark. (beeping).

(reel clicking). Left long rigger. ELLIS: Come on, take off. JIMMIE: Take the drag. Take the drag! Keep going. We're on! JIMMIE: Back the drag off a little bit.

JIMMIE: I don't like these porpoises around us. JIMMIE: We got him on. We got to get all this stuff in. We got to make this one count. We've had bad luck this morning. So, we really got to get this one. We really don't like all these porpoises swimming around the line because when it's tight, a lot of times those dolphins can swim into the line and snap the line.

It's just, these porpoises' fins are sharp. Their skin is kind of like sandpaper, so a little nerve-racking with all these porpoises around. I don't like that at all, yeah.

Go away! . JIMMIE: We got him on. We got to get all this stuff in. We got to make this one count. We've had bad luck this morning. So, we really don't like all the porpoises swimming around the lines because when it's tight, these porpoises' fins are sharp, so a little nerve-racking.

Go away! I like you, but go away. Come on, baby. Stay on it. Make this one count, boys. We need him. All right, porpoises are gone. They kept right on going, whew.

ELLIS: It was kind of a strange bite right at first because of those porpoises. Didn't take a whole lot of drag, but once we got straightened out on him, he took off and seems like a nice fish. JIMMIE: Whoo. We need a big one. Doghouse got one this morning, so we really got to make this count bad, you know.

Fingers crossed. BO: But they're stopped. CATLIN: I think he just hooked up. NICK: Little Jimmie saw them first.

He was closer to them. Dammit, we ain't gonna get one. CLIFF: They're right here, so we're right in the zone.

We just got to get lucky and find them again. JIMMIE: God, he's heavy. ELLIS: Come on, Jimmie. We got to catch this thing. TREY: We got to get him. We got get him.

Right now, slowly getting line. Starting to come straight up and down. JIMMIE: Still got a lot of line out. But we're getting closer every minute. That's all that matters. As good as fishing is, we know the Doghouse can very well come right back out here tomorrow and get another one, so we've got to get this fish so we don't start falling behind cause it's so hard to gain ground with fishing good like this. What we need to do here is put him on the other side.

ELLIS: We're gonna move the pole over there. JIMMIE: Go to the same holder on the other side. TREY: Up, up, up.

JIMMIE: Back up holder. CLIFF: Yeah. Yeah. Look, I'll get it. NICK: Hey, hey, y'all be looking up here. Don't worry about looking back. Find me these ones busting up here. Getting ready to go over some right here, but I.

ELLIS: You're getting bent, Trey. JIMMIE: Getting bent, bro. ELLIS: Yeah, Trey. That's what I like to see right there. Oh yeah.

JIMMIE: Is it close? TREY: Couple hundred feet probably. 200 feet, 150. We're gonna see this bird here in a minute. JIMMIE: There he is. ELLIS: Here he comes. TREY: Oh, damn. There he is.

Swivel. JIMMIE: I'm gonna bust his face two more circles. One or two more circles. ELLIS: He doesn't like that. TREY: No, siree. JIMMIE: I got him. You got a rope.

TREY: Yeah. It's behind you, Jimmie. Woo! JIMMIE: Woo! Woo. ELLIS: We done a fine job.

JIMMIE: Oh, my God. Oh, I was so worried. ELLIS: Hey! JIMMIE: I was so worried.

ELLIS: Nice one, boys. TREY: Damn right! Great dart shot on him too. JIMMIE: Number nine. Woo! We're not gonna fall behind today. TREY: You ready? One, two, three. JIMMIE: We're still tied up with nine fish with the Doghouse.

ELLIS: Big momma. JIMMIE: We're the young guns and we're proving ourselves. All right, 96. TREY: All right, guys. JIMMIE: All right. We'll take 96. ELLIS: Pretty work, boys. JIMMIE: We're going home.

We're going home! Now, he just needs to be worth some money. Feels good, you know, number nine. We're back. MARY: Great to see you, guys. JIMMIE: Boy, after I heard Doghouse caught a fish, I thought we blew it. MARY: Give them a run for their money.

JIMMIE: Trying to. MARY: Well, let's check this one out and see what you guys got. JIMMIE: Ready to see what you think about it. What do we got for weight? MARY: 354 pounds dressed. JIMMIE: All right, cool. Yeah. MARY: We got to check him out and see what he looks like.

JIMMIE: Sounds good. MARY: All righty. Well, you did pretty good, guys. Right now, I see a tiny little scratch of fat there. There is a little bit of rainbow.

Let's check the core out and see how, that's really pretty actually. Nice and translucent. On the other hand, you know, it doesn't have much fat and it does have that little bit of rainbow. JIMMIE: What are we thinking for a price? MARY: I can pay you $8 a pound. JIMMIE: All right, $8.

You know, we're ready for one of these diamonds, but. MARY: It's not bad. JIMMIE: We'll take these all day long. MARY: It's still a quality fish. ELLIS: A paycheck. MARY: That's right. JIMMIE: All right. Well, thank you. MARY: Y'all stay safe. JIMMIE: We'll see you tomorrow.

MARY: All right, I look forward to it. Good luck out there. ELLIS: Thank you. MARY: See you tomorrow. JIMMIE: See you tomorrow. ELLIS: All right. See you tomorrow. JIMMIE: We got nine fish.

We just need to keep doing this. Keep at it the way we're at it and just hope that the Doghouse slips up one of these days. The weather's perfect and hopefully it stays that way. That's something we need to get ahead of the Doghouse.

NARRATOR: With their ninth bluefin, Hog Wild maintains first place as Doghouse moves close behind in second. With quality bluefin and high prices, Little Shell moves into the middle of the pack and Rasta Rocket inches ahead. Meanwhile, with no catches Reel E' Bugging falls into third place. Captioned by Cotter Media Group.

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