WHY YSL HATED DIOR!! (History of Dior Part 2)

WHY YSL HATED DIOR!! (History of Dior Part 2)

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Hello. Everybody my name is Luke Marr and this is hot lamode and today, on hot lamode we are doing a part two to, the history. Of Dior and today we're gonna be covering Eva, Soler Rawls time after. Your Eve's in the role is known for a lot but his, time at Dior, is seldom, talked about and it was something that I just thought was really really necessary, before we get any further into, the video though if you guys do want to watch part one of the history, of do you or I recommend, it just so that you have a little you know basis, for which to base the seefs on their own knowledge on, before, we get any further into, the video I just want to give a huge shout-out to our sponsor for, this video audible, audible, is a leading provider of premium. Digital spoken. Audio information and, entertainment on, the internet and their collection of audio books and other things to listen to is literally, unmatched. 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Oh that, annoying man standing, next to you in the gym is grunting really really hard and you just don't want to hear it audible. Audible. Has the most inspiring, minds and the most compelling stories, and you can get started with a 30-day, trial, when, you go to audible.com, slash, Papa. Mode. Protects table mode to 500, 500. And listen, for a change but let's get on with, the video so. Eva something, wrong is one of the most legendary names, in fashion but, if, someone, actually got, his start not, from his own eponymous. Label, but, actually, under, the tenure and, tutelage. Of one Christian, deal Eve Salmeron was born Eve Matthew Sanger on August. 1st of 1936. He, was raised in or on a port city in North Africa under. French rule and, grew up considerably, well-off, from, a prominent family his. Mother doted, on him as a child and he gradually, showed a talent for sketching, finding, inspirations. In theatre costumes, his life in Iran was difficult, as he was bullied intensely, for his feminine, and shy manner but never let on to his parents, and fear of embarrassing, them in his teenage years Eve, entered, some of his sketches in, an international. Design competition where. He placed third, he was invited to Paris to accept his award and, before he departed back to Iran his mother set up a meeting with Michel, de bruja editor-in-chief of French Vogue yeah his family was Heike bougie Michelle thought Eve was brilliant, but believed, she'd study in design school first. Soon after Eve departed, to Paris where he began studying at the highly coveted a coalition. With Syndicate, dilly-o Cuchillo, all while continuing, to send his sketches to Michel a few months went by and, Michelle was astonished, to receive one of Eve's and newest sketches, the sketch was extremely, similar to Christian, Dior's, aline designs from his spring 1955. Collection. Which Michelle, had seen earlier, that morning at a preview, the collection hadn't even been shown to the public so, Eve and, Dior's designs were aligning, without the two ever even having a connection, Michel hurry to foam Christian, himself who then wanted to meet Eve Eve later said do, you agreed to meet me looked. At my designs and offered, me a job Yves started, low on the door totem, pole in 1955. I mean, he was a 19 year old who hadn't even finished university, but starting from the bottom was beneficial, he really got a feel for the company while doing banal tasks. Like decorating, many dior boutiques, and eventually. Even made friends, one being that your model, and later Musa Victoire, betrayal, Oh most of the 1,200 your staff were women and they doted on the quiet nervous, Eve in the same way his mother had which, often, helped to put him at ease Eve while working would often draw a cartoon of a young girl named Lulu who would do all the things like setting houses, on fire and stealing, babies, he passed the sketches to his friends, who then would pass them on to the other employees, and, eventually, Lulu would make her way to Christian, himself it was even said that he would eagerly await each installment Eve had great admiration for mr. Dior and felt it was an honor to work for the most successful, couturier, in the world and both Christian, and Eve were quite timid and superstitious.

Which Eve felt bonded, them together even, more and although the two were similar they, weren't very close, Christian. Was estranged, from not only Eve but, most, of his employees, except, the heads of his ateliers, do your did see Eve's brilliance, though and challenged, him to more difficult tasks, as his time in the company went on Eve, went on to design accessories. For doors many licensees. Which, included, stockings, hats, gloves, handbags. And shoes just, to name a few eventually, was, even submitting, sketches, to Dior for his okhla tour shows, Dior. Over, the seasons began to approve more and more of Eve's looks, with. Do you were one sang 35. Of an a hundred and eighty look collection. Have been sketched by Eve himself, the most famous look Eve designed while Dior was still alive was the dress worn into, vemma with the elephants, shot by Richard Avedon the, beautiful, white gown was partially, eaten by one of the elephants, though that was the first and last euro, cuiture, meal that the world would ever know one of Eve's more interesting, designs under Dior's tutelage, was the chamise it was a dress that didn't define the waist at all and often. Only fell to the knee not only was it an extremely difficult look, that only a few women could pull off successfully but, it also was in direct contrast. With Dior's defining. New look silhouette, for the autumn, 1957. Oh Couture showing, Eve's mother, cien had come from Iran to Paris, to see the show Eve was of an aristocratic, family so, his mother coming to also support her designer son wasn't too much of a stretch Eve, had been showing her around Paris, during her stay but the morning of the show she was brought into doers office, to meet the legend himself this wasn't a common occurrence it was actually quite the extraordinary. One, seeing as how shy, Christian, was as well as it was also always a hassle to, get Christians to show up on the day of his shows due. To his terrible anxiety, lucien. When asked what happened during the meeting remembered, he, made some complimentary. Remarks, and then said eve, is the one who'll succeed, me at the time I didn't really understand, she, continued, Durer was still young sixth, yet most in. Reality, jour was only 52 and, now, expected, his 21, year old protege to bear the weight of so much I'm, 21. Almost, 22 currently. And I can barely edit a YouTube video a week, I couldn't, imagine running the biggest fashion company, in all of France after, the successful, show Dior, took his normal post show trip to Montecatini before, he left he told his good friend and head of advertising Susanne. Liu Lang don't. Worry I'm leaving you with Eve Dior. Died just 10 days into his trip from a heart attack and everyone, in fashion went into panic mode Dior, had single-handedly, brought. Fashion, back to Paris, he, had brought money back into the country's garment industry, and was, the face of his eponymous brand, in, 1957. Many thought what, would fashion become without the man who invented the new look, Marcel Bou saw the New York company's, owner and, initial, investor, wanted. To just close down shop but. Was convinced, otherwise, thankfully. Blue stock would keep doors hand-chosen, heads, of the ateliers, and advertising.

Departments, Which, would keep the business and production, side of the company running smoothly but, the responsibility, to design the collection, and put on the biannual, shows, would, be done by yves on the wrong the day the news of the brand's continuation. Was announced, fashion, enthusiasts. Crowded, the street outside of 30 Avenue, Montaigne, when. Yves stepped, out on the balcony to see his new, once they, cheered and screamed, while, Eve was initially. Nervous, about becoming, head of design for the biggest fashion house in the world he, also became very excited, when deciding on what he was going to create for the first collection Dior, had built his brand on using a stereotypical. Feminine. Silhouette, like an hourglass figure but these clothes while beautiful weren't. Comfortable and, Eve recognized, that from his time of the Dior Atelier, while doing fittings instead, Eve was going to hone in on creating. Softer, less, rigid and more, wearable clothes, for younger could sure clients, who piqued Yves interest, more on January. 30th, 1958. Eve debuted, his first collection which, he called the trapeze, line trapeze, mixed, his love of comfort, with, the rich and luxurious fabrics. That t oher was known for it did away with the notion that fashionable. Garments, had to rely on geometric. Shapes for guidance and padding. And boning, for structure, for the first look that showed up in the salon the crowd roared, with excitement Eve showed swing, coats which were fitted from the torso, but grew bolder and more wild as the coat fell past the knee he created slim skirt suits where the jacket hit the waist and stopped which, highlighted, the waist even further he even created a ball gown titled, lily of the valley which. Was named after dears, favorite flower and followed, a tradition, Dior had created, by naming at least one dress lily-of-the-valley. In each of his collections, Eve was paying tribute, to Dior while developing, his own vision for the brand when. The show had finished editors, were crying and one even cheered that France, had been saved, the press heralded, Eve's on the role as a design prodigy, and a, savior of the House of Dior Yves first collection had made him an international, star during, Christian, Dior's funeral, even, met a young man named Pierre Behr chez Pierre, had been dating a successful, young artist, in Paris at the time but when he and Eve locked eyes they, both knew it was love at first sight from that night on he, was by Eve's side through thick and thin and weeks, later when he saw Eve's collection. Pierre, who had thought fashion, was only for the rich and nothing but a waste of time realize that clothing, when, created by a visionary, could be more in, fool than he originally thought. We'll discuss pierre further in a little while, eve after, his first collection was taken on a world tour, to meet clients, and the, most important, women of high society the, nervous eve was well liked though as a sweet, and shy demeanor was highly enjoyed by people and when going back to Paris to start work on his second collection. He was lovingly given, the name don't Fonda, Dior by, the other do your employees, which pretty much means the, prints of Dior for the autumn 1958.

Collection. Yves planned, on revealing his arc line which, would be a take on his trapeze line the dresses, skirts, and jackets, fit looser, and fell more delicately, and it, appeased, the younger couture clients, as opposed to the middle-aged, to older clients. That, were the most prevalent demographic. Yves also, did something that caused quite a stir with the other kateri is in Paris he showed garments, with hems dropped three inches below the knee it was an unwritten rule that a couturier, should never change the hemline more than two inches of season I really couldn't understand, this rule and couldn't find any info on it so I asked my brilliant, friend Pierre, and Pillay otherwise, known as Pam boy if you're nasty, and considering, he's a brilliant French fashion critic he, obviously knew, hi, Pierre. So. Essentially. We, need your help we want to know why. Was. It such a big deal that one even our own dropped, the hemlines, three, inches, why, did everybody care why were they like freaking out in Paris why was. It. Looks like that was all this is due to. Yoga. And all these guys so. He was very difficult because these guys also were be, narrow-minded. Even, though in their own ways. They have changed, fashion. A notes just so much what. They did was. Still very much, rage. It wouldn't move that was seeking to anesthetic, when Ethan comes, up and says from one season to the next I'm, going to make. Everything a, lot, shorter a. Lot longer like he did for his career it, was a bit of a shock because it was abrupt. And shocking, for you, know they would just leave him because I was just seen you have to realize. That was a very, poor, Schwab rich. Bench. Very. Rich bitch. I. Feel like he's painted, as very timid, and shy but. He really was like breaking. Down the. Barriers. It was like for real for real like. Game-changing. Also. Can you just say as a French person to everybody, watching, this video that my pronunciation, is not that. God-awful, and, then I have a pass you. Notice I just want you to. Yeah. You can say it in French whatever. Thank. You Pierre so much you're such a help we would have been lost without you. Getting. Back on track for, his spring 1959. Collection. Eve wanted, to be a bit less controversial, so, he debuted his long line Eve must have seen the reactions, of his more conservative customers. As well as been feeling the pressure from the business men in charge of Dior so he opted for a collection, that was very Dior, by emphasizing. The waist but, elongating. The torso on, his models, instead of the hourglass, figure it. More champagne, flute, with a tiny waist the press lauded, Eve for the show and this must have encouraged, him as, his fourth collection, autumn, 1959. Was, about to become a whole new, controversy. The collection, was called the, hobble line the name hobble, comes from the hobble skirts made popular by the fashionable, Victorians, around, 1910. The hobble skirt was, aptly named due, to the way its closed him constrained, the strides of those wearing it which caused them to hobble rather, than walk and while the Victorians, had hobble skirts that fell past their ankles, Eve sent, models and hobble skirts that fell well, above, the, knee, click-click-click and you know the press or at least the press that were able to look beyond the societal, values of the 1960s. Were astounded, by the collection they, called it another triumph for Eve but those that could see Eve's vision, were few, and far between. Eve was attacked, by the conservative, press the, older kathshier clients. Who didn't like change and the, businessmen who reported, to Marcel, boo saw and while they all ranted, and raved they, missed that Eve had been speaking directly to a new customer base that could, sure hadn't, seen all that much of the. Youth in reality, 23, year old Eve was more interested, in finding inspiration in. The youth culture that was engulfing, Paris, at the time the, 1960s. Cultural Revolution was, about to hit all of Europe and bust, down the doors of the status quo that had pervaded since World War two and Eve. Like any good designer put, this youthquake on his runway before anyone. Else after, the ruckus that the hobble line caused Eve, once again played it safe to soothe the storm he had created the spring 1960. Collection, titled silhouette. Of tomorrow, was elegant, and restrained, for Eve it looked at the princess silhouette, which had been created by cristóbal, Balenciaga.

But Added more extreme, elements like tight pants, underneath tunic, dresses you can even see a reference to Balenciaga, 's baloon dress that was so popular in the early 1950s. Again, Eve was proving, his range he, could outraged the press and customers, while also lulling, them into a false sense of security and, what a chic false sense of security it, was. Really hit the fan though when Eve debuted, his final collection at the House of Dior the autumn 1960. Collection was titled the BEP collection. The designs followed, the style tribe that was becoming abundant, on the streets of Paris be, derived, from beatniks, a subculture, that was heavily influenced, by Elvis Presley's, rock-and-roll, and James, Dean and Marlon Brando, in movies leather, jackets, and tight blue jeans were, not just an American trend, anymore, they were Viva. Lafawn Singh Eve matched, this new Street culture with the world of Oak couture but showing black cashmere turtlenecks. Think, Audrey, Hepburn wool. Bubble skirts and a crocodile skin jacket with mink trim now. To us this looks sort of old but, to the conservative, women of the oak couture world this, was a travesty, if you think these customers, were just constantly picking on Eve well you'd be wrong because, they had always had sticks up their asses and boycotted. Certain looks Christian Dior himself, had, sent down the runway due to their radical, nature, the beat looks would have easily been worn by the younger women of the time but, it would be more difficult to tailor them to an older customer whose body might not be as in shape as the garments required now, Eve was not only at war with the press who once again mocked his radical designs, and, the, Couture customers, who wouldn't buy for so many reasons but now also Marcel. Bou sock HBIC. Of Dior the Beek collection, made Marcel boo so furious, as Eve was continuing, to affect his sales and nobody. Messed with Marcel, Bou soft and his money you, have to understand. Christian. Dior made, Marcel, blue sock, uber, rich like, Christian, practically. Pissed pennies, so, for somebody to be messing, with his finances, Marcel. Would. Not could. Not should. Not be dealing with it at the same time Eve was bearing the brunt of Marcel's, anger, Algeria. Eve's, home country, was going through a violent, and bloody revolution. Some of the Algerian people no longer wanted to live under French, rule which, was understandable. And the French citizens, of Algeria, were being drafted to fight in the war even, received his draft card but, was safe, to the fact that Marcel, had political ties to the government and deemed Eve too vital to the Dior brand to let him go and fight in a war but, the, conservative, press was beginning to attack, famous, draft dodgers, in their papers it. Also just so happened that Marcel, blue sock owned some, of the French papers that were attacking Yves coincidence. I think not and poor little Yves wasn't, exactly the go to war type but, considering, how Yves had been affecting, the sales of Dior as well, as now receiving public backlash Marcel. Couldn't put off Yves draft papers any longer, so, in August, 1960. Even, listed and he. Was extremely miserable, about it when sent to the French barracks, the memories of his torturous, school days haunted, him and he. Was an outcast and, a famous one at that due, to the fact that he was one of France's biggest celebrities, the. French army was also known to have poor conditions, at this time which was a complete, 180, from the nice life Yves had come to know in Paris even, just 19, days in the army before he had a breakdown which.

Went Public in the papers the, army sent him to a mental institution so. They no longer had to deal with them and the institutions. In the early 1960s, weren't pleasant Yves was pumped full of sedatives every. Single, morning by doctors, and was left with other inmates that roamed freely around his ward wing some days he would be left strapped to a bed or table, and he, recalls the traumatic incidences. Of groping and touching by, the other inmates in reality, no, one at the facility, cared as Yves was seen as nothing but a pompous draft dodger he lost so much weight which, made him look dead due to the fact that he was already light and pretty frail luckily, his knight in shining armor Pierre Bouchet went to the institution. Where he was being held every. Day demanding, that he was released after weeks, of using political threats, to scare the doctors into releasing him they finally let Yves go but Pierre, and friends of Yves said he was never the same, the shy Yves was nothing more now than a lifeless soul it didn't help that Yves had now been publicly replaced, by Marcel, boo sock with. Mark Bowen, the, head of the Dior Atelier, in London even, pierce story continues. And it is a tale filled with trauma and beauty. But that story is for, another day and this is the end of the second part of the history, of Dior please, let me know if you guys enjoyed, this series I want to finish off this, whole series by the end of 2019. Please. Let me know what your favorite collection, was from, yves Eleanor's time at dior and also, i apologize, for any butchering, of the french language that. Went on in this video i also want to give a huge shout out to my friend Pierre, Pam. Boy he is amazing I'm so happy that he was able to come on and help give a little bit of a real French authentic, fashion, vibe to, this video so again I thank you guys for watching I will see you guys on the next video and titi why.

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I love this historical context series you’re doing!! As someone who knows nothing about fashion it’s so interesting to me and I love how thorough you’re being in your research! Love you!!

lmao audible should hire your ass ive never heard anyone try to sell it as a method for ignoring annoying people and its too real

Do a roast on grammy's red carpet

Audrey Hepburn is a true queen. I wish I was a beat girl in the times it was cool.

History of Lanvin? or Balmain?

I like your sassy roasts, but being a 31 year old these fashion history videos are my absolute favorites. Love all of them and cant wait for more!

All this time I thought YSL was a female.

I LOVE these videos!! I’m so fascinated by high fashion and think you do such an amazing job of creating videos that really educate the everyday person. Please do more!!

I read the reason why everyone was shocked by the dropping of hem lines was because, the fashion houses used to be policed and material was rationed during the era of war and the depression.

Love this

I hadn't known how interesting I would find fashion history until I started watching your videos, I really enjoyed this and would definitely enjoy more. It gives us insight into the person behind the brand, I love it. I also like how you include the input of others, that was great :)

Wow this is so educational! Would you be able to do a video about Mugler?

I wonder if the hemline rule was also due to the ”average” woman who wanted to follow trends without the budget who would alter already owned dresses (this was common before make do and mend but the war did reinforce it). Home raising/lowering hem, neck and cuff heights, adding/removing lace, sleeves and darts etc was very common. Any drastic changes to that seasons or years trends would be too expensive and possibly reflect a little negatively on the brand by those looking to copy the fashion houses lead during and after the war. Dior came at just the right time for those with a little more to spend who were tired of the post-war austerity and strictness, though he still received some backlash. I think YSL arrived at a time when spending of the none wealthy elite was growing so a new dress or bolt of fabric for a new pattern didn't necessarily mean breaking the bank. As with everything I think they were men of vision who also happened to arrive at a time their particular vision would be welcomed enough to work. Whether it's luck or being to able notice the mood of the day better than others on top of great talent will always be debated when it comes to great people who make a notable change or break ground in any area. *written on mobile so I can't see the whole post so please excuse grammar and general mistakes.

1:01 omg same sis

LOVED this video plzzz do more fashion history vids

I love this kind of videos. I love your voice it's so soothing

the movie amour fou killed me, pierre seems like such a wonderful person, my favourite couple

I would love another video about it

A true visionary

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this was really interesting - i want to watch the other videos you got in store for this series!

these fashion history vids r so good thx for making this shit accessible to us plebs

amazing! you did so well with the french too

Lmao the ad for the video was a YSL lipstick ad hahahaha

can you do gaultier pls pls pls pls pls

I love this, I love you.... I wasn't sure at first but you are amazing... now gimme my next vid BETCH!!! :)

This helps my classes at college. Thanks Luke.

I have been pronouncing this incorrectly all my life

Also obvz I love your videos but I also like that you invited your smart friend on

Wow, I'm an illustrator and I can't get over how insane watching him just knock out that chalk drawing is. It's as strong as a john singer sargent work. He just produces a vision of a human if three or so strokes.

This is so well researched and I feel like more insight of the fashion houses of the past, thank you

WOW! Exceptionally informative and truly interesting. You're knowledge of French Fashion history is impeccable. I so love watching your station. Keep up the good work!

I love this a lot! Going back to fashion history kind of video is a great idea....Good Job❤️❤️❤️

I love this series, please don't stop! I seriously was diggin the Beat line, then again it was probably the sleek all black with different fabric combination that really GOT me.

you SERVED that audible plug.

learning about the history makes me now understand Raf Simons debut collection with Dior

This is so interesting thank you so much for posting it! I want to get into the fashion industry and to do that I want to be educated on the history of it. These videos and ones similar to are extremely helpful and I really hope you continue to do them!

He looks like Keith in the thumbnail

Pam Boy just making shit up none of what he said has any historical proof.

This series is so lovely ♡


CHEMISE? CHEMISE?! WAIT WHOA- I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS PRONOUNCING THIS THE WRONG WAY THE WHOLE TIME? I was pronouncing it at "kkem-mais", omggggg. I'm todays years old I learned how to pronounce the name of a article of clothing that I own way too many of. @w@

Lol ah, fuck. Was not expecting you to mention CMBYN and Armie. Urghhhh, you killed me. Ha.

Oh my gosh, heyyyy babe, you fixed your fucking audio! I LOVE IT! Lol thank you thank thank you. ❤️

Loved this fashion legend history lesson!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. This is so eye opening.

DO A PODCAST!!!!!!!!

...How did Yves manage to recover from that?!? The video ends with a real cliffhanger!

Amazing video

love this!!!!

Well done!

That french pronunciation tho lmao



You should do a video with pierre. You guys seem very knowledgeable together.

Part three please

I loved this. Amazing job.

YSL’s story is incredibly tragic... his later drug use is what devastated his ability to continue designing

Youtube needs more exposure to real fashion, never stop these videos❤️

Great video once again! I wonder if you've ever thought about the podcast format. Because this was very enjoyable to listen to (at work lol) but yeah if you had a podcast channel I'd be listening ALL DAY! GREAT WORK

Loved this

I really love these videos. And also, your French isnt bad at all, luv yah ;)


we need part threee nowwwww

Please make a video about the history of Louis Vuitton.

love this videos!!!! could you do a style story review of marilyn, grace kelly or audrey hepburn? it would be so amaziiiiiin

enfant= child or son !!! not prince! edit: but i love your channel so much! i'm not very into fashion, but kudos to you for introducing us profanes to this world. the effort you put into your videos is visible and it shows in your content. much love from italy!


Love this kind of video, keep it up! Also as a French person, I'm validating your french prononciation too! (Especially for "très") You should learn french! :)

Wow I love this channel, I don’t even care for fashion but it’s all so interesting.

At 11.30 mins the nickname "l'enfant de Dior" given to YSL by the ppl actually means 'son of dior'

Yves sounds so sweet and shy

omg i was not ready for the sudden cut to the corner of the sofa

I need a collab with Pamboy k thanks bye

I love this so much! Keep it up!

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Yves Saint Laurent Master of Masters, he invented elegance , and timeless Style , not fashion, Style ......the best !

180cm here not a joke

dude please do more fashion histories they're so entertaining, I might dress like shit but I'm at least gonna be knowledgeable lol

jesus ive been saying this guys name wrong

I want to see the next episode

the way you pronounce the french words... pls stop

Ysl next.

Yassss!!!! More of this please!!! I am learning so much and your commentary makes it even more magnificient. If you are taking requests, can you do Madeline Chéruit and Jeanne Paquin and Hubert de Givenchy please?

Fantastic video. Thank you.

This people are pedophiles........thats way the breakdown problebly.....they all go down.

Bravo ! Your doing a wonderful job. YSL is one of my all time faves ! As an ex-fashion designer, there really is no one that compares to the masters like Dior, Yves, Charles James, and Cristóbal Balenciaga. There are few more with lesser impact but there hasn't been anyone contemporary today that even comes close to their titanic talent !

Your future is glistening.

very informative!!!


Looooooooved it!! This is so well documented and interesting. Thank you!

I love your fashion history videos

Riveting! These is a great series!

Amazingly sassy and thorough. Thank you!

Holy shit. Homeboy stepped it up a notch for this. Can’t wait for more like it!

Do a video about Chanel! Please!

The best line was amazing love this video learned so much keep it up !

ive sat through like thousands of audible ads from youtubers since Tyler Oakley was a thing yours is the first one that actually made me interested in signing up... Armie's Impact

I love these videos more than videos about youtubers or something.... because this explains real history and its so interesting.

Love this history series. I have a love/hate relationship with the hobble season. Love the elegant lines, hate attempting to walk in that silhouette.


He remains king of fashion. End of story.

There is much more to his story and clientele. YSL was youth oriented with his own Rive Gauche line not so much with his couture lines, which were often based in very traditional themes or classic takes based on history even Modern art. While at Dior his "New Look" was also praised by a number of Society women clients (who are to this day the real patronage of haute couture) who were the same women clients who followed him to his own brand (my mother and grandmothers to name a few.) Also I knew Mr Saint-Laurent and Pierre Berge both of whom I met in Paris. I would never call them by first name.

Is there a reason why in the family pic the ugly women look like dudes whereas Yves looks like a young girl? Might be the tradition in these wealthy families to transgend their kids from very early age? Please talk about that, this shit needs to be exposed

Poor Yves he was so cute and a genius. He literally is a saint.

Is that a boy or girl


Yes 8

Love this video- your presentation- your intelligence and your beauty! Bravo!!

Great presentation more

Ur language is very vulgar.

thank u

I bet this was an essay for FIT you turned into a video :P

Like YSL and Dior

Favorite collection either the long line or the beat line, shit that alligator/mink jacket or the leather trench with fur trim I would so wear today. Also love the ad with three light dresses and Audrey Hepburn in the middle at a bar

Thank you for videos like this, educating my fashion history in such an interesting and succinct way

I am so glad you exist.

j'adore l'accent français des Americains ... très suggestif et un peu appuyé. en tout cas Haute la mode est une mine d'or... merci

Love this! Not into fashion as much but huge history buff and this was great!

why paris was literally burning? lol, love this guy

love your erudition! editorial sense you are capable. kudos

first ever video of yours im seeing.. this is good. stick with doing this badass fashion historical videos, don't even bother with covering youtubers. you deserve your own show doin this! nice work.

Is it just me, or is Yves Saint Laurent the fanciest name ever?

This video is great! Super interesting to learn about the history of these brands and give greater narrative to these designer labels.

Please finish installment

Yves is from the same place my father is from, generally speaking. Interesting...


I love this! Please do more fashion history I'm thirsty for it

Hope you continue Yves' story! fantastic video!

I want next episodeeeeeeeeeee about YSL tho :)))))))

beat line

Amazing !

Amazing sofaaaa

This is what you call quality content. Interesting subject, informative with great story telling ... keep it coming bro!

Can't wait for part 3

I enjoyed this so much I always want to hear more about fashion from you

Can you please pronounce "HauteLeMode" in french?

This is awesome! Love this stuff!

Lookin sexy bro,but do something with thst birdsnest


I'm going to take a swing here but I really think the hem line thing involves the seasons with the carriages and horses. The same way Americans say you can't wear white after labor day--that's only because of the snow and mud from carriages would ruin white dresses--and Labor day was before winter and the sky not sure if it's rain or snow. So if he changed a hem line out of season maybe during a rainy seasons of winter it would be destruction to the garment. But even now, we don't have horses but people cite "NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY" like a religion even in the 1930s--the deemed it tacky still even though the mechanism was already out of the door with the invention of the car. It became a class thing / 'manners'. Basically poor people wouldn't get why most people said it because they didn't come from a family of garments like that ; w ;

1901 HBIC Head Bitch In Charge

Ahhhhhhh this is so beautiful and tragic!! Please do more about Yves Saint Laurant!

Bitch the work ethics of people of those days can handle anything you make it sound like he is a post millennial or a millennial they are lazy as hell

Loved it!!!!


Bro (sis?) this video is cool you should do all the legendary designers I will sub in hopes that you do!

Excellent job.

Great Vid

the vid is really interesting but either you are using your mic wrong, editing your audio wrong, or you need a new mic. the audio is really bad

You're punctuation is trash. Also wtf is high key boujee? You're just saying dumb things.

Responding to title. If you're awake, you know the myriad of real reasons for his breakdown!

Its p good m8

Your attempts at fench are god aweful and the gratuitous maledictions identify you as frivilous. Not surprising

Love it.

One the greatest designers of the 20th Century!

Great info

This was incredible to watch like holy shit. I'm not even a fashion follower (i'm more of a makeup addict) but I found this and part 1 so fascinating!

Pierre said: "I just wanna say that Luke's French pronunciation is excellent so stop nitpicking, what he does is awesome and i love him, so y'all need to calm down" ☺

That was amazing! Enthralling tale

I love to hear about famous people like fashion designers and their life and struggles!!!

I absolutely love this video❤️❤️


Love your history of fashion.... More pls

How to pronounce these names and whatnot. Teach us master.

The ending to this video is beyond painful to watch. Yves Saint Laurent is a man that I relate to dearly. Thanks Haute! and please continue the video with a part 2.

Oui t'es genial et je t'adore mais faut bosser sur la prononciation :') just saying Edit : j'adore l'histoire de mon pays l'Algérie sera liée avec l'histoire de la mode et de YSL pour de bon

Finiiish iiit

Great video but 1910 is not Victorian, it’s Edwardian. It is also used mainly to refer to the British and I believe hobble skits originated with Poiret

Excellent series!! Keep 'em coming! :-)

Please do more videos like this!!! I'll love to know more about the history of the big couture houses of fashion.

Why is this guy's body language is perfectly like a woman's?


Omg!! I love your fashion history! Fascinating! And I love your spin on it too!! Poor Yves!!

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