Why You Need a PLAN for Your Cleaning Company

Why You Need a PLAN for Your Cleaning Company

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Grow. My cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies just like you how to grow your company make more money and finally, take charge, of your financial future and your life this. Podcast is about automating. And creating systems that, give you time and money freedom so you can grow like crazy without, losing. Control since. This is totally, free if you're giving tons of value want, to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff subscribe. Rating review to this podcast today. Now on to the show a. Cleaning. Nation so excited. To talk to you today, we. Are going. To talk about why you need a plan for your cleaning company and, this is a tough one I was concerned, if I should do this or not because it's, not sexy, right I was like if I advertise why you need to plan three cleaning company no one's gonna show up but, it is so crucial and so important, and so unknown, so I said screw it we're gonna do it. Hopefully, we'll give lots of value I'd rather give massive, value to ten people that show up as opposed to have, a thousand people show up and not really get what they need so today we're gonna talk about why you, need a plan. For your cleaning company the. Problem is you. Want to grow and, you desperately want to grow a lot of you and you're doing everything that you know how to do and you've been doing everything you know how to do but you just like banging your head against a concrete ceiling. That's just a little too short you just can't get, to the next level and as. You guys know that creates, frustration. If, you do it long enough accounting kind of self-worth, issues right, like is anyone care might is it me. Obviously, it cost money years of your life all sorts of negative stuff if you don't have just a basic. Plan that. Said hello samaya and Denise Kahn sedin. Christopher. From New Jersey what ever more loyal folks. Love having you on Diddy's good to see you so. The. Reality is we, get this belief that if I just keep doing, what I've been doing but I do it with more vigor. I'll get different results but the reality, is not only do you have to do different things you, have to be a different, person speaking. Of a different person hello Jason, Johnson Lou one of our enrollment coaches, I'm in the house good to see you both. So yeah we a lot of us kind of just want to have this like. If I, just keep, doing what I've been doing I, will. Kind of it'll all work itself out the reality, is not only do we have to do different things we have to be a different person first, then, we. Can get different then, we can do different things and then we'll give different results. All, right that, says that, said just to give you some data they, did a multi-decade. Study, at Harvard with it thousands. Of Harvard. Students so these were just your regular folks, these were people that were really. You. Know kind of the top of their class and so, not and they found that the, 14%. That had goals did. 30. Times, better, in life than the folks that. Did. Not have goals and of those 40%, they found a 3%, that had written goals actually wrote, them down did, three times is better than. The ones that didn't so over. Decades, even people that are very smart very well-educated the people that wrote goals did way way way better than, the people who didn't have goals and people that wrote their goals down did way way better than those that that have them but didn't write them down hey Adriana nice. Maurice. Alexis, Louie good to see you all right, so the reality is if you were in that boat well, I don't really need a plan or I kind. Of have a plan or, hope is a good strategy the, reality, is a bad, plan is better than no plan right so we've got to get you out of Rick's here we got everybody now so exciting to see you guys. Any. Plan is better than no plan actually I'd rather have a bad plan go in the wrong direction just kind of go nowhere right because life has definitely got an agenda for you that agenda never ends up where you want if, we have a plan that doesn't work at least we can learn something but if we don't have a plan when it do anything we. End up ending the same place Haley is here we got every I'm so excited we got a lot of the guys. Got sherry oh my goodness this is the most growing. Cleaning company folks we've had hat on so if you ever are gonna talk with one of our coaches we, have most of them here we got Rick and Lou and Lee and sherry so make. Sure you say hi to those guys and gals and be nice because if ever gonna look for help for us those, are the people that you're gonna talk to first so.

Again. A bad plan is better than no plan and the two things that we can kind of fall. Into that are gonna kill us are the. Two ends of the same spectrum one is I don't need a planner I kind of have a plan I'll work itself out you. Know I'm just gonna use hope as my strategy, reality is I'd rather have a bad plan than a kind of a bad. Actual, plan than a bullcrap, fake, plan and, then the flip side is we go okay well I've got to have a detailed, perfect, plan that has every contingency and then, I can kind of put it into place those, are the opposite, ends of the problem you're gonna get the same result which I'm not going to do anything James beretta one of our one. Of our millionaire masterminds, we get Jason, Johnson in the house a lot but James beretta he's a he's. An only buddy goody nice to see you there buddy in. Veronica, also man we got a lot of folks that are a loyal. Folks come on so we want to make sure we don't fall for the I kind. Of have a plan so, I'm not gonna do anything or the act of a perfect plan before I do anything and just realize any plan a bad plan a half-baked, plan is better than no plan and. The problem the thing that holds most of us back is we feel, that, it's too overwhelming right so today we're gonna break you down show just how easy it is and how simple it is so we can get you guys go forward the plan and we can start getting back on the growth train, first. Is the. Cool thing I learned this from Vern harness probably 20 years ago to MIT, that's birthing a Giants thing you put on. Every. Business has three parts no matter what kind of business it is you. Gotta, sell. The service or product that you're doing right you've, got to deliver the product or service that you're doing and then someone's gotta count for everything, right we got to find out how the money comes in and out that's really it so when you're making a plan it's, easy to get super detailed and be like I need to count everything and I need to have all these things it's just really those three things what that looks like in. Cleaning. Is obviously, the selling it is getting clients we. Need a plan for that the. Delivering, the service, is hiring. Keeping, a team of good employees that have you, know scheduling, and resources they needed to do a good job Ralph wrangle, speak, of the devil one of our next level guys definitely.

Another Mold Leo Lee Ralph, is. Probably. My favorite gotta pick on in the next level group I gotta say he's, a you, know just like you pulled the pigtails with a girl you're like I like bustin Ralph's chops because he's a good guy so, we got to get over that overwhelm realize we really just need three major plans in place good, thing about you, know I've had a car dealership I've had construction, companies or we did lots of progress buildings, a big you know moping, million-dollar projects, and the accounting get to be out of control the good thing is if you set your cleaning, company up right the accounting, piece of it that third of our business not, super tricky that, leaves just really two parts that we need a real, plan for getting clients and getting employees to do the work for the clients that we got right so, we want to make sure that before you get overwhelmed you realize it's not that big and we got a V V R holy crap I think we. Might have every, single one. Of our coaches on here holy heck this is a big coach save if ever, you have wanted help from one of our coaches today is the day type in the chat help me please coach and some will help you because we I don't think we've ever had every single coach on before Sharri. And everybody holy heck I might I might get some coaching from you people all. Right so that, should kill the overwhelm there's really just three three systems or processes or, plans I needed, my business accounting, which is easy client, attraction employee, attraction, will. Help you with all that sort of stuff and just so you guys know I'm not completely. Biased. Sheree is a Canadian. And she's on our team so you know you, know how we feel about contains the fact that we let her on shows even us will take talent even from Canada even, though it hurts, my insides hey Naomi good to have you sister so, alright the we. Gotta get away from the overwhelming because it's really just those three big things the, big mistake that we make is. David. Says how's it going running in from texas my wife and i love the videos and all the info glad to help David good to have you here buddy this. Is a super common thing what. Most almost every cleaning company owner I've seen in coach does with those three plates they set down the accounting they ignore. If. I just the accounting is a mess and I'm just gonna ignore it and hopefully it won't put me out of business which not. Really great and then, they is as opposed to trying to figure out they'll either try and keep both plates spinning but. What happens is they go from one plate to another hey Cecile you're good to see a sister they'll, go from one plate to another so they'll go to the client. Attraction plate, which is yeah, and James is now admitting the he's a kid not only do I let him into my team I let her in my millionaire mastermind, Canadians. Are overrun in the place I knew I knew we should've left the foreigners in but we're stuck now and James. Is really Canadian, he's a Canadian and that you'll have to message, him to find out what tech that means so, the. Big mistake I me I see most people doing this is what we want to try and prepare you to avoid is. I'm gonna ignore the accounting, plate which is super, important, and then. I'm going to pick. One right, usually start with clients I gotta get clients. We're. Gonna make any plans we don't make any systems a process we just start hustling to get clients right we whatever, we post on facebook we hand out fake business. Cards, cold calling door. And hockey whatever we're gonna do we hustle, hustle hustle we don't really a system or plan we our plan is the hustle until we get something most. Of you guys that are hard-working business owners that, works you get some clients but then you go holy crap now I gotta start cleaning your start hiring employees once. We get bigger the more sophisticated, versions opposed to stopping all the marketing. That we've been doing it worked and start cleaning the more sophisticated version holy crap I got to start hiring but. The problem, is because we didn't have a plan and a system, we, don't have it all that momentum we built on the client attraction we just walk away and that plate that we're spinning falls and break that, rock that we were pushing up the the hill rolls back down the, flywheel, they took all the energy, to start getting emotion going right although energy, to get that thing spinning we, walk away and it stops so, we go over to okay I, got to get some employees and then the same thing we don't really have a system or process to get employees so, it's hustle hustle hustle right we oh my we put out an ad you never put out a bad ad and no one shows up which is a real problem we put out a good ad we get a hundred people but then we don't have a system or process so we just start calling people and they, don't pick up or they do pick up or they they're obviously no good trying, to figure at a time and so I don't know and they you, get through 30 or 40 people you're just like I hate this so much I quit and you, get maybe of the 30 or 40 people maybe set up five or ten interviews of those, nobody, shows up or half shows up but the people the half that do show up half, a meeting they're like oh my gosh just you know with the tattoos, and the nose ring and the you know whatever crazy thing you're like this is not a fit right off the bat and then, because.

You're Forced to well one of two things happens at that point either you, give up and go forget I'll just clean it's just easier to clean and then we've given up our whole business or whole dream and we just accept a cleaning job which isn't why we got into this thing or. If. We refuse to clean then we're like we just do, it we hate it and we just hate hate hate cleaning what happens is will. Get barely, enough people right we're not even enough people most, people severely, underestimate, how many people they need so they'll have two, or three cleaners that are working 50 or 60 hours a week but they're so, sick, or, 40 hours a week even they're just so sick of hiring they can't do it they won't do it anymore him and Owens gonna see a sister. They. Just quit and go forget it I can't do this anymore and then, what happens is because the they, don't, quite have enough and you feel free to put me in the chat if any of you guys are like oh crap that's me he's totally nailing me I've, been through this then, because when I have a system or process the. Employees, know that we, need them far, more than they need us and. Then. Now the inmates are running the asylum right, they start doing the. Whole well I'll show up when I want to show up I won't do a great job and they kind of have this arrogance, of knowing like you can't fire me you need me but, we're so is it was so painful, to hire them and then maybe even we did the hiring to, quit and only one stayed so, just by merit that they show up semi, on time most of the time we. Let them run our lives right, and then but what happens is, then. All. The, the marketing work that we did dries up so now we're like holy crap my my hiring, is kind of on fire my, client, attraction wasn't. On fire but it is now cuz I've been dealing with this hiring thing and not doing any client attraction and I, have sadly seen, owners, of cleaning companies go for years. Doing, that dance back and forth back and forth back and forth and then unfortunate. What finally gets them is typically one of two things. One. Because. They ignored their financials. For so long they, literally go broke or. Two. They. They. Just get burnt out they'll. Either give up and start cleaning or they just give up and shut down so that's really what I want to make. Sure that we avoid and again that whole if I ignore my books it'll just get better work itself out you, can't run a company without data that's like going down the freeway you. Know the wind in your hair and a convertible with a blindfold, on right or trying to fly a plant with no no, no. Gauges. Are telling you you know altitude and, an attitude, maybe the stuff that you know without. Books you can't know if you're growing or you're shrinking profitable. On the verge of collapse so here's, the big thing, Denise, said she did that dance for six years it's exhausting. Yeah, so, so. Frustrating, to choose to go back and forth and really. All that is guy, gals is a lack of a plan. And. A lot of you guys say oh I'll do a plan tomorrow do a plan tomorrow but the problems were so busy doing it doing it doing it doing it working the business going back and forth trying to keep all the plates spinning we, never really take the time to make a plan and tomorrow, is always the worst time to execute anything, so the big thing I want you to get from this is one there's just those two big planes that you need to do too, if you, really want to grow you're, gonna have to absolutely have to do a plan here's the problem and I think Naomi.

Says It's very frustrating that is a kind. Way to put it I think, it was Abraham Lincoln said if he had an hour to cut down a tree he'd, spend 50, minutes sharpening his axe and that's what we don't want to do right we goso because, we don't have a plan because we're too busy spinning all the plates we, don't feel like we have a time to work on our business we have to work in it and then, here's the thing when I talked, with you guys and gals personally. On the phone when, people are really able to be honest, and get to it we it starts with I don't feel like I have time I'm too busy hustling, working in the business and hey Courtney says his first live she's able to beyond good to see a sister hello. So, yeah they kind of get to the point where. They. Feel we feel like I don't. Have time to plan I'm just too busy working on my business I don't have time to I'm too busy working in my business on time to work on it we kind of use it an excuse, but, the reality when I've had you guys cleaning nation be super honest with then you guys can tell me if this is the case if this has been your experience or not they, go honestly if I, really wanted to spend the time I had the time but I've got this fear, in the back of my head that. I. Don't know what to do I don't really have a plan to follow so it's not that they don't want to, work on their, business they don't know what to do and they don't really have a plan that they trust and they're. Working so hard it's easy to go I'm too busy right I'm doing the air quotes for those of you guys are on the video I'm too busy to. Work on my business but what they're really saying is I'm working in my business so much my time is so precious my, spare time I would, absolutely spend. It working on my business if I knew what to do but I don't know what to do and I'm terrified and I'm terrified if, I take one second of my free time that's so precious to me to, try and work on my, business I just couldn't handle emotionally, if I went the wrong way or, it didn't work so I end up doing nothing so what we do is we just work in it more and more and more never kind of growing and when. We finally, get a second, to look around as opposed to planning we just kind of stop and take a break and watch Netflix right and I'm not judging or trying to make you feel bad I just won we can't change your behavior until we identified so I just want you guys to know and gals and cleaning nation I talk. To you guys all the time and right this isn't something we like to share in public so I want to share it so you guys can go I'm not alone and now, we're gonna figure how to fix it John says I've been there several times before I actually have, actually done it and it's yeah it's sad. The reason I bring this up is a lot of people share with me thinking they're alone or that they're stupid or this is some you know there's somehow defective and it's their fault the reality, is this is super, common and. If. You don't have a plan and a system to get out of it you, really can't be blamed for saying I don't have that much free time I don't really know what to do and I'm, afraid, to climb, the ladder faster, when, I don't even know if the ladders against the right wall right I might be going the wrong direction so, the, reality is oh one last thing is we this whole and another another version of that what this whole coronavirus. Thing is I'd. Love to make a plan but not now you're not not during korone everything's, everything's, out of people the reality is this is the best time to make a plan right because we've got time we've got focus things, are weed, out we need we need planning, and systems and processes more than we do we. Ever have so, the reality is the good news I know this is I don't so them dark but I've kind of we highlight the frustration, let's, talk about what to do with the good new and and and the flipside of that the good news is it's, just those three things right you don't need a hundred plans or a thousand systems you, just need the bookkeeping. I promise is not that hard once you do it you should need some help get you through in very, basic systems it's easier than you think to do it right it's just sometimes we've ignored it for so long it seems scarier the. Client attraction be, totally honest with you it does take some work and typically you have to grow as a marketer as an entrepreneur, but. Once you've got that skill you, can, see.

Leah Says have you been spying on me yes I'm that creepy guy with the, binoculars. I did not appreciate you turning the sprinklers on me steal a very rude and. Not only says now is the best time to grow couldn't agree with you more sister, so. The, reality is once you've got these basic, systems and plans in place not, only are you gonna start growing but, you can be confidently. You. Could be confidently you can grow, confidently. Which. Again, aside from taking, away the frustration, and having a confident sex try to make money and leading your team and all these good things emotionally, the big thing is you can love your business again I don't know if I can I've been in business a business one one way or another for 25 years and I've. Done this and you guys can tell me in the chat if any of you've ever felt this way sometimes. I get to the point of like I just want to shut it down and you know I've spent so much time and, not should just get away I don't live. This life anymore so, I say things like I want to shut it down but I know I can't I've got everything in this business spent ten years or five years or however long you've been building you like I can't just shut. It down so then we're like wistfully, we go I want to sell it but the problem is no we've got a hornet's, nest that no one's the buyer hornet's nest so it's it's a weird kind. Of catch-22 when, you get these systems and plant you have this plan in place and it's working then, it's worth a ton of money lots of people want to give you money you don't to sell it because it's such a great business but, when you want to sell it you hate it's because the systems aren't working you don't have a plan no, one wants to buy it and then we're, stuck because like why can't spent ten years of my life build, or five years are howling you had I put everything into this thing I can't possibly see it die so it's, a crappy place so the good news is once you do have the plans in place you won't want to sell it anymore you'll fall in love with your business again if and when for whatever reason you do have to want to sell it you can actually make some money out of it. Issue just three plans away so that. Is hopeful you're here in the pasture to go holy crap Mike seems all fired up today I am fired, up today the reason is that is I mean spent 20 years. Building. Different businesses, and having, some version, of these issues and having kind of just banging my head against. A wall walk around in the dark with you, know the lights off we finally figured out the systems and processes to be able to do it over and over and over repeatedly, right which is awesome, and that's, what we do all day every day even during Corona we actually had one of our best months ever in, April, during the height of the corona, because. Systems. And processes and plans are more. Important, during crisis, than they are during regular time so yeah that said if, you, would like our help now is the perfect time hey it's Corona B you, don't have to live like that anymore right there we've got hundreds, of folks who go to grow in cleaning company reviews calm we've got hundreds of folks that have weave out through this if you would like our help this. Is weird I don't think we've ever had this many coaches on the, thing alive so yeh just. Paying. A coach or putting the chat, somebody help me be you can set up a time at growing cleaning company comm forward, slash talk, grow. My cleaning, company calm forward slash talk well first of all we just redid the website and there's like five. Or six Easter eggs on there that are awesome so you gonna grow my cleaning every calm period to find all the Easter eggs getting I would love to hear your feedback on the new website it is full. Ridiculousness. So. Go check that out give us your feedback but, if you would like help from one of our coaches I can't just put something in chat or go. To grow in cleaning how about calm for / talk really. The first the, first we. Jump on the call it's 15 minutes there's, nothing for sale if, you say I just whatever you have Mike I want it here's my credit card they can't even take credit card can't process credit card then I mean anyway to do that. We. Just want to get you clear, and make a plan so really if I've. Done it I've been doing this 25 years and it is very lonely trying to be out in the universe trying to make a plan on your own so if you'd like someone that's done this over and over and over and wants to. Make. A plan with you go to grow McLean calm be calm forward slash talk one, of our coaches who's here on the the, chat they've joined me because they're amazing will, help you put together a plane and we'll see how we can help you just a couple things on a chat then we'll call it a day dude he says I wish I listen to Mike years ago when I first found his podcast it would have saved me a lot of time and energy my name long run, from.

Your Mouth to my wife's ears Denise if I could just get her to say I wish I listen to Mike just, getting appreciate you Denise John says Mike I appreciate you and Natalie have everyone watching RIT video later no, worries buddy good to have you live Ashley. Yay one of my favorite people next, level lady fired. Up for today marianas mindset, call yesterday, was on fire. So, in Horsham, eyes has helped me someone one, of the coaches reached out to somebody help her we got your back says that we're here for you what. Ashley just said i want to make a quick comment on that because we talked about it earlier in terms of you, have to a. Lot. Of people think it is we've, got to get new a new plan and we do but we always have to help we, always have to change, ourselves first, and then, we can kind of change what we do so that. That. Mindset, work that we do we've got a you, know mariana is our mindset coach that's, what she does for this team just helping, with the mindset we. Have that so so glad that you had an awesome call yesterday, actually can't wait to talk to you on Wednesday, holy, crap and now everyone needs help Shalonda says I absolutely, need this help we are here for you she'll on to someone reached out to her Kelvin, whose, I've never seen it spelled Kelvin, ke lvy, n says, help please I'll, stay on just a minute so the coaches can reach out to you guys and gals but the summary the long story, short for all this is. If. You think doing. More of what you are doing now will, get you different results you are gonna be sorely disappointed. If. You want to fix, it so to speak tomorrow, that's. Really not an entrepreneur today. Is always, a day if you're like I need a plan, I need a system, today's. The day if you want our help we are happy to help you growing clean-cut calm, for slash talk or just reach out in the chat and, someone wants to hook up Shalonda or Kelvin that would be great if, we're not a fit or you think we're full of crap that's okay don't, use it an excuse today is still the day you need to make a plan I have, coached hundreds, of you guys and it breaks my anger, breaks my heart to see folks that, are just lacking, a plan to, that it's, not time I that, one of the reasons I love this this community, is nobody's lazy guy his gals are working 50 60 70 80 hours a week and, just not getting results it's just lack of knowing what to work on and don't let that be you, life. Can be so much better we can get you out of cleaning we can get you out of having, a job and into a business you just need a plan Ashley, says love this come community, so much Ashley, actually an Avery by the way sweetest, people in the whole dadgum. World looks like Leah's reaching out to okay. It looks like everyone's getting taken care of cleaning, nation you all are amazing, I can't wait to meet any. And every one of you David, says yes we need we, need to want your help to supercharge, our business awesome. David, actually, one of the coaches if you'd reach out to David. And give this guy some love I think I've seen you in the community around David it's funny because we have so many people in the community but I see names that look familiar I've seen over and over so. Coaches. Reach out to all the guys and gals that are looking for help can't wait to serve every, single one of you and meet you hopefully in person or at least live we're doing everything zoom we had a live event it was actually scheduled like this week but we had to put it off so excited, to meet you guys in person but. Before. That we'll we'll meet soom if, we end up working together and. Will will, end with Aviv's bring him the Ben Franklin wisdom. If you fail to plan you were planning to fail I'd, say it better myself if I could but I can't so I won't Rick. Looks like he's got David Garza taken care of that's fantastic, guys, gals great hanging out with you it will see you soon get, a plan you can do this don't be overwhelmed talk soon guys. Thanks. For tuning into today's show if you're fired up ready to grow and want to see if you have what it takes to work with us that grow my cleaning company here's, what I want you to do bright now go, to grow a cleaning, company calm. The Ford / talk that's, row by cleaning company calm, forward-slash. Talk to book an appointment to speak with me personally, I'm, gonna jump on the phone with you to give you crystal, clear on where you are now where, you want to be and how to get, you there don't. Walk around in the dark any longer if you are serious, about growing your cleaning, company it's, time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow we've, helped hundreds of owners and cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom but give back to, their community, as well if, that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company dot-com.

For Slash talk and book a time to talk with me personally. I can't wait to get to know you and, your business.

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