Why Video Marketing is Crucial for your Biz in 2018? (Viral Ideas Marketing) Dual Expert Ep 15

Why Video Marketing is Crucial for your Biz in 2018? (Viral Ideas Marketing) Dual Expert Ep 15

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Hello. Everyone, it's, Listerine, here your host that the tax advisor business. Coach says podcast, welcome welcome, I'm super. Thrilled today, because, we actually don't, only have one, gas but we have two that's right, so this is a very special, episode and. I have two amazing dual, gas in our shell, there. By the name of David, Feynman, and PAC Medina. They're our co-founders, of our ideas, and I, first, want to say hi David, welcome in sac how are you thanks. So much for having us we decided to be here I am so thank. You for taking the time also so, let me do a grip enter about your company, what you can do for audience, and not even inside they're actually. From. The right company, borrow ideas which, created online videos, content, for clients. Ranging, from small business, ok, to fortune, 500. Grand the, company, mission is to help brands create, to inspire, and, viral. Is a video, production company, for the social, world and boy we know we live in a social world knowing the. Word with over a hundred companies were while helping, them to create and distribute video content, on new, media. Welcome. Welcome guys, I really, you, know I am honored to have you both of you because first of all I, know. The, importance, of video content and just. Recently, I don't know if you're aware but even. Though this is considered podcast, I just, recently as of this year start, creating a, dual, format, which it was the video and audio, at the same time because having, to split audience, between subscribers. In YouTube and, having. My son cloud, you know followers. One. Was not very happy with the other because someone were getting the audio but they were getting the static, you know image. That, if it was not that offeri do it to them so anyhow, I I really want to go deep into this because I know both of you an expert about this video content, and in, my question it would really you know that the main you know episode. Is about is why. Is video, marketing support, for, business, so. What's the story here David, or stack race your head ha ha I'll. Kick it off so so so video it, is important for a lot of reasons but the. Most, the most important that we see happening right now is. Internet. Traffic as a whole is shifting. Towards video so, by I believe is 2019, today, 6 tell us that over. 80% of the world's video traffic will be video so, there would be that 80%, of the world's can do traffic next year will be video and for. Companies that means that, your website's. Quite. Important but not only that but having videos in conjunction with, the content that you're putting out is incredibly, important so the speaking. Of your podcasts, not just putting out the audio the podcast the video is, pretty capture, that wide, audience, of video. Traffic and. I know exactly a lot to add to. Really. Focus on the podcast side, though to what, I'm seeing obviously, Dave and I are big advocates for podcasts, but you, know there's there's two different ways that you can that you can really experience podcast right so sometimes, I'm in the car what. Am I going to do I'm willing to listen to the audio portion, but, if I'm oftentimes. Before I go to bed I'm listening. Or watching to a podcast and it's much more entertaining for, me to physically see the, human interaction, the personalization. Of that and that's what also ranks better on social social, media, so like Facebook. Prioritizes. Video over anything else so it's really great to see a special podcast world, the video content, being produced I'm really excited about that, and. You know what that is in both. Of you because like, I said from my perspective, I, mean I I started my youtube channel know. Was back in I think it was like 2012. Or 10 and. You. Know that was a big thing back then and I'm talking about you know a few years now right it. Yeah, I did, a few videos which friend when they still they're the original videos I tell, people listen you, know what I do for a living obviously as you know it's French numbers and and helping, you know clients reduce. Their tax headaches, with. A lot of planning but the fact is that was interesting, is that it, has grown so much because, I think it's the closest, thing that you, actually, connect. Face. To face and actually see someone's, expression.

And Their mimics, and I. Think. Just that's amazing, that's the closest that you can be without, being face to face with someone so, I agree, with you and, I love podcasting. And that's why I started as bless you my channel and you're right there's different, times that whether you're, driving, you're doing something that you cannot, have your eyes into. The the monitor, or the screen, shouldn't. Have your monitor in this industry, you. Know when you're driving in particularly, you should be just listening to. The. Road switch switch over to switch. Over to the audio version. Advocate. For safe. Driving. But. Yeah so tell me we're happy you both got together and, what is this thing about ever that you're getting young I mean. Like. That in how the, company started. Was. I guess we all have a purpose behind it knowing, the fact that the video such as huge. Marketing. In, a way of explosion. You know a company, what. About you with the founders tell me a little about less of you please great questions, so so, Dave and I actually started our first companies. Separately. Back in high school we were juniors in high school. Dave, started an entertainment, company I started also like an entertainment, company he. Produced. Large-scale. Teen dances, and I was doing sweet sixteens and. In different parties in that sense and, we basically collaborated. With one another and that's how we got to know each other. And then eventually Dave started the zombie run and. And all through our efforts of these early-stage companies. We, were always producing. Content. Right, and primarily, video content, and we were just no, matter where we went I know for a fact I was always the one with a video camera in my head right, and. You. Know Dave Dave eventually, grew that, in. Insole des in nine months and we. Really became friends through that whole process traveling. To all these different cities and but not and then, eventually we were just sitting in Starbucks one, day and we're like do you want to go out to San Francisco, I was, like creating an app at the time so I want to see what it was like out there is it beautiful. Oh I. Just. I was there and excuse. Me - come in sir oh by the way it's something that I do. You. Know the funny part is I was just there exactly now it's, gonna be almost two years ago in July, of, 2016. Yeah, so, it. Was amazing. The trip to San Francisco, and I didn't stay in the city because they have so much other you, know cities around me like you know you, have to. See the, red oaks trees which is amazing. Right so. Just. Right across the bay right did you win there I'm sure you did right that was amazing. Is. That when your ideas start cleaner rolling. Your mind yeah, so we went to a meet-up, out there and we, just started not networking, with some people and one thing led to another we started.

Doing A social. Media contract, and that, kind of morphed into what, we're doing today which is video Dave and I have always, just loved video I know for a fact that whenever we look at something it's like why isn't that in video form right and that's just that's how we look at it but. Also we also know the power of because we use it for ourselves so we're, really big advocates, on whatever you. Know whatever we're selling, or whatever telling people that they, should do we also do it ourselves so. We even do like what's called viral TV here, where we basically have one of our crew members follow, us around with a camera yeah. Create, these little episodes, you know once once, a month or once a quarter to. Kind of showcase who, we are as a company behind, the scenes so it's a lot they want any person, because people don't forget, that you, know and, I say this I mean even, coming from me I what, you see is what you get with me and the good and the bad and you, know the reality is that you know we, should show our true colors because, you know we're not perfect we never going to be perfect. Your life so. What is better than just be natural being yourself, with good in the back if someone's, gonna accept you they're gonna accept people who you are in which you know right. But that's amazing I like that so once a month you get like it someone just videotaping, and going around and, that's it that's good I like that yeah it's. A lot of fun so our last episode, we did. A speech over, at speed Raceway it's this place you go go-karting, we need a speech in the back of there so we actually, got some go-karting, in to, the actual video and you got to see you got to see the speech, as well. Or. Is is the watch time so the watch time is so important. Beyond. Just views so social. Media it's. Actually showing that they're moving away from just prioritizing. Views and really diving in deep of the watch time how about how long is someone actually watching your video so. What. What we really like for for businesses. Is the fact that if someone. Did an, FAQ. Video or how to be or just in about us video they, can take that one, hour a couple hours they spend doing that and and, really, show that to an audience where we, I mean I don't know how many hours we got on our on our viral TV but, it's amazing, to think that our one episode. Can, then hit so many people, and, and just seeing the watch time so that we basically took it from a couple hours to like. Hundreds, of hours of watched. Video, content, and what's interesting too is. What. Is the secret sauce behind, that that's what I mean.

There's. So much competition everybody. You, know that a lot, of people are talking about the same subject, I know we can always come up with you titles, and whatever you want but how do you make that engaging, that, that's gonna go burn that's what we need to know from both of you come on. So. We'll give it all its oh okay um so. Essentially. First. Typifies what is matter so a lot of people think viral you need 50 million hundred million billion views and, for, businesses that's simply not true, so, we, do it for us you know if we can get our tribe, you know our you know I don't know if you ever seen the article thousand true fans but. We haven't we, really, about basically, your, business or if you're you know, even. If you're a large business you, want to get a certain number of true, fans people that will buy whatever you do, watch. Whatever you do share whatever you do so, our goal when. We release the video is to, share it with our thousand, true friends, and to, have them watch it because, every time they watch it they, become interested in services that we have and for, different businesses it's, different things so viral, for one of our customers we work with one, of the companies that puts, black boxes, and trucks they, only want trucking companies and there's only thousand, of them in the country so, when they release a video they want every trucking company to see their video and if that happens their happy campers, so. Okay. Now let me ask you something because again to help out the audience right when. When we dealing with the business again American. I guess, many. Things can fall, into place and in factors, of how you know you can promote a video, is. There, a better channel verses to another channel. Because. I've been hearing a little bit and this for me to dig it with both of experts. Is, a facebook. Like the big thing here and maybe pulling that video, afterwards. And put it into YouTube or Vimeo. Compare. Those videos, Facebook, and, YouTube, a, little, bit that way you know we can understand, what's, the best method. If, possible, I know it use you're not going to detail but at least it was enough a brief idea, yeah. I'll, give you I'll give you a broad overview so. The. Matt loomio is good, for housing your videos it's, great for putting them to your website but. It but it is not from, from what we've seen at least for companies it's not the best discovery, tour so. Your people discover. Your video, mail. And we're. Going to watch it embed, it into your website and it's a great tool for that okay.

YouTube. Is great for search so, if, you if you create a video and post it on Facebook you should also post that same exact video on YouTube, on your. Because. When, people are searching for things around your topic you know it'll, come up on YouTube it'll come up on Google. Because, you know Google, owns YouTube so, that's very. Much integrated absolutely. Facebook. Is great for quick distribution. So you. Know what, we're seeing right now with Facebook, Ads from. Anywhere from 1 cent 3 cents you can get a single view so it's very very very cost effective, to, get use, and exposure and and. Sales and all, that good stuff from. Facebook. Now. As far, as that goes one, thing I would just add to that is also transcribing, your video it's so important, I think, 90% of people that are on Facebook actually don't even listen. To your video so. It's so important, to actually transcribe, it is, that we what the cool caption. I'm. Sorry. Because. You, and. I'm not but. It. Is an option YouTube, they actually, does it for you I mean it is that right. There. Is there, is but check. It yeah, yeah be careful. With using like. Automated services obviously they're getting better I mean yeah, I'm full for you know seeing that progression, of that thing it's awesome but. Also we've just found that a human. Doing it maybe a little bit more accurate than others just for you, different three different reason but if. You use a human make sure you check it because there's, there's. Always a there's always hours you want to make sure that that's accurate in some words maybe the way you pronounce in, my mouth. Okay. I got you okay I think. I've seen that before yet, some of those videos the very few you're right, very few people YouTube, by doing that but the ones that I have seen you're right I noticed that I think in to patients, where they see, a word but it it came out something different that's, a little minute that's not the right thing now, interesting. Point and I mean just kind of a reverse here a little bit you, see that people are really going to YouTube, and instead, of watching, it they're listening. To it or just reading it why I'm, here. What. More so on Facebook yeah more so on Facebook okay Facebook sorry okay use, a lot of people a lot of people are, looking. At Facebook at work they. Should not be doing that. And. Watched and watch away but. They're. Looking at work they're looking into places where they don't want to make a noise so um, or, they're scrolling through a Facebook feed and they, want to pause for a brief moment something looks interesting. They. Want to fully commit to watching the video. That's. Where I'm sorry that's where it comes very handy do you have the caption, into into the video it's fishing that way that way they what. What it's about before, they even so, the idea, is I'm scrolling through it real quick I am, first off you have to have like a compelling, thumbnail, or an image that really captivates, them in the first three seconds right because we have three seconds to growl so. A pretty picture won't do it. There's. More traction, because. I'm sure you like to do some search software analysis. Or how many clicks and, pound. The person has watched videos, in web platform, have. You seen any trend, when, it comes to like you said image, now, do, you think there's more attraction. To a human, image or, to.

Maybe An avatar. Or. I'm. Getting there. Okay. So I, don't wanna I don't want to say any blanket rules because to some extent everything, works and if you look at YouTube if you look at YouTube will, be thumbnails and avatars with videos, of a million views let me thought matters of people but, you, know in in. My personal, data collection, you know just kind of fun live scene I see, pictures. And videos, of people working. Better than things. And images people connect with people very well. But. It is changing and there's always you, know everything, everything does work so I don't want a blanket statement and say you, know animation, doesn't work and you, know avatars. Don't work and you know little. Slide some work because if they do and you do them for clients all the time they work great as they all are in some capacity to you the only thing I think that the, data does, show is hitting. Your, logo. In the first three seconds is really not, the best thing to do because if you think about it you, know the, three seconds is so valuable I understand. That you want to get branding out there and whatever but, we. Try, to avoid just, showing. A logo for three seconds and then the person, be like alright next because we're competing with time here so they, have the ability to go and jump to another video in literally, half. A second right so why are they gonna sit for three seconds looking at your logo I know it's a beautiful logo we spent a lot of money on it but use, that maybe as a in, the bottom right corner or, at the end you know that that's really where they're best used and. Look look at the way Netflix does it too so like when you're binge watching Netflix. It'll, it'll start. Auto playing the next video and the, first 10 seconds 15 thanks to that video is, like guess you looked in and like create, some sort of mystery that, you want to figure out over the next 45, minutes and, then when you get to the end of that 45 minutes it does it again and now you're sitting there for 10 hours over. A single day binge watching house. Of cards, incredible. Isn't, that amazing and I have come across this and I believe. In. This kind of a you, know discussion. Because. We. Don't have anymore that time span or you, know I've seen, something before I remember. It was more about oh I. Catch my eye young, let me read it and you spend 3 minutes 5 minutes, this. Is changing, it's like somehow. With. Such a speed live. In our lives is that true that it's like I don't know what it we're just trying to cover too much in our lifespan or, we. Think that because we're rushing through all these thinks, that whether, they would you, catch. The golden nugget or find. Something I find, it very particular. You know with it with the marketing, media, because it's like people are not taking the time like you said if you put a logo it doesn't really mean much especially, if you don't have a slogan. And. That's that's a really good point but I think I think you're hitting on something even, right and it's the, the. Content, that you're actually producing so. If, there's so much content. Being produced in this world you, can look that you can look at that as a good thing or a bad thing I look at as a positive thing right because if we can create content that is better. Than the, competition if you want to call competition, or. Is more valuable, to your end consumer, then. You're going to be fine but, if we're putting out quote, unquote crappy, content, right or just something that no one finds valuable, then, of course it's going to sink to the bottom so I think I think the point that we really have to hone in on is yes, of course it's great to transcribe your video yes it's great to have.

Certain. Titles, thumbnails. And whatever but. At the end of the day it's really the content that you're producing is it valuable to your end consumer. You. Know. That. Is interesting, too because for me I feel. That I. Said. I'd be, putting out contact, out there in a lot of my clients too and you're right it's, like you, have just such a short span of catching. You know people's, attention, that. If you miss that it's. Like, it's. Gone, so do you repost, this videos how often, do you repeat a video that you create for an example oh here. Comes the next big question. Okay. So I'll. Give you kind of a blueprint, you know and I'm. Sure this a few times but. Look. How we kind of built. This. For a hundred clients but it's easier to explain you, know Pross because we practice, what we preach so the first 40 clients we literally got from coal coal so, we cold call we, got 40 clients we made 2,000 phone calls in the first year so, what's, what's that happen we started producing content, so we started. Ourselves. We built viral TV we, started doing on podcast, we, started, you know any any opportunity, to create a piece of video content talk, and. You know it helps that we have a whole in-house, video team here that we can you, know pull and create know various different clips and, we'd. Like to say we for. Us you know chunking, up clips and using it over and over again we'd, like to say what, we do is kind of abused every single clip and maximize, it to its full potential. Let's. Let's take for example an. Episode. Of viral TV an. Episode of viral TV it's essentially a blog you, can check it out there, on our website by, our idea so. If you wanna check out an episode there up there what. We'll do with an episode of viral TV is, we'll. Run the episode the full episode on Facebook we run a full episode on YouTube then. From there we'll chunk it out and we'll, create individual. Ten-second videos for Instagram story that, tease the actual video and pull, people into a link in the bio to send up to YouTube then. We'll chop individual, pieces from that and we'll, stick it in Instagram, so 60-second clips from that will end up in Instagram, then.

We'll Chunk out more, clips and we'll stick them on Twitter and so. This is one piece of content becomes. Write an entire. Month it could become an entire month but concept really, you, know on podcasts, to that we're on a lot of what we do is we'll take out you, know a one-minute, chunk a 30-second. Chocolate a 10-second, chunk of the, actual podcast and you go on our Twitter which. You can find on our website you. Can actually see some of the podcasts that we're on the week but we have a really good sound bite we pull and, will actually pull that individual, sound bite I'm gonna stick that on Twitter we'll, stick that on Instagram and, we'll stick that on Facebook so, I mean I'm sorry by doing, that then people have, to come and visit your website is that writing do you get their emails at that point or what's the next strategy. Once. They look at that clip and the interesting, you continue watching the rest of the episode, so. We'll actually capture, if they go to our website we'll we'll. Use Facebook retargeting so, we'll be able to retarget them we'll, be able to use, Facebook, Ads you can. Actually run in case book ends anyone, that's watched you know any any bit of a video that you put out you. Could actually show them another advertisement so. Once, people hit, our funnel generally. They're constantly, seeing or stuff you, know at least once, every other week you. Know and this. Allows you, know in our business and a lot of businesses people, buy when they're ready but we're. Always the company the top of mind because. We're able to constantly. Show them concept so, become that initial 40 clients that we call called you, know our. Business is three years old we're now up to a hundred and twenty different clients. You know all, over the world and. We. Have a really cool cold since then so so it's all been it's, all been grown organically. Incredible. And you know what's amazing, also the engagement, right I mean that is that something else that you also provide that kind of service or that someone that has, to be responsible. Within the company, that you're promoting that needs teacher in your head do you provide that service because what about people, making comments and Facebook, or they're doing YouTube I heard, that that's extremely. Crucial. That, me to engage fact, with this you know audience do. You provide that service to or they actually someone that you train or help out in and within, the other company. For. Commenting, back we actually recommend the company does it because, it should, come from you so. So. So I mean it's it's even. If there's a hundred comments those are a hundred people that cared enough to write something. It. Depends on what they say you, should write something meaningful, it is just a thank if it's just something they write thank you you could do like a little emoji, you know connect with them or energy to. Be. Fun with it you know you have to, sift, company, you can be personally. You can be personal. Something. To keep in mind to it which i think is really important, with that is. So. Watch time obviously, is really prioritized, but also Facebook is prioritizing, the engagement, of conversation. So, it used to be just commenting. Was great there. Still is but, what's even better is you'll actually see someone will leave a comment, and then if you hit a reply it's actually, a whole new little conversation.

We're. Doing, is they're actually ranking, you higher if you start getting conversations. Built within your, your. Content, because, it shows that people are actually engaged with it beyond just liking, or or. Surviving. Yeah, whatever, so so sharing, on Facebook is, still so important, but also creating, those conversations. They really that's that's what Facebook's really founded upon is creating meaningful, conversations. So if you can really create meaningful conversation, with your. It will really rank higher so. Will you say the important, aspect, just to get this clear is. If, you're in in YouTube, platform for an example right, definitely. Comments. Are crucial, right for, ranking. We agree, with that one would definitely refer it along, with maybe the, watch time so. Comments, are really important and and watch time it is arguably. The most important, because they, really want to see see you on the platform as long as possible so a like, a like on your video actually doesn't do that much whereas, if they see that you know your videos 30 minutes I'm making that up but and then, someone watch 27 minutes of it and maybe, also then watched other videos of yours that, is so, valuable so that's where they start ranking you higher whereas, if they. Land in your video they watch three seconds of it and then they leave sure, you have another view but it's not a meaningful view so they don't really rank it that high thank, you for sharing that with us I think, that is again. How, do you you know keep the audience marching because, like. Most, videos, right now they are over 10 minutes like when I do my solo episodes. They're usually up to 10 15 minutes, when. I do with the special guests like both of you I do 30, to 35, minutes and I. Know that my, marketing, person has to look into it and it has increased, we were like only two minutes and. Went up by three minutes but again if you compare three minutes versus 15, minutes, of a solo episode, that's not really much so we still in the low or. A low rank of that so people who, are having these kind of issues again, I think there's a lot of noise out there too, much people too much content, going on online and, unfortunately, not all of them like you said the beginning it's good. But. How do you pass, through all that traffic, I call, it heavy, traffic to make it to the topping and have, those people engage, because I think that there's an important, factor and correct me if I'm wrong okay by all means. People. Like to follow other people, and when. They see a channel that has more subscribers like, I I've been very, lucky in the sense yes. Lotta promotion, you know for work awareness, to a channel and now, I think we almost reach a little over I think he's like I don't know, 1900, subscribers, yeah. Thousand. Maybe would you guys wouldn't reach 2,000, there we go. It been like in some club we have what. Is it like close to 2,000, followers right, so we're, happy about seeing it but the, fact is how, do you beat, that traffic come on seriously what, what, else can you do especially. For people who are not ready financially, yet to hire a company like you is there any little tips and tricks that you can help us out here and and see what would you please, so.

I Would say I would say. If. You're creating videos like this when. People are searching you, know for. Example let's, say someone was searching for how to hire a production, company if. I provide, them a video. That's five minutes long keeping, them tips and tricks on how to have, a higher production company, that is something that they want to watch so, it doesn't it doesn't necessarily. You. Know need to be over produced doesn't, need to be crazy, entertaining. It's just an informative piece of content it's a knowledge base got you now, on the other hand you, have to look at some. Other signs and things so um viral. TV is built for entertainment. So our. Vlog. You, know a lot of a lot of pieces of comfortable, character or clients or build not, so much for the information side of things but for the entertainment. Side of things okay so people are looking at content they want to be informed they would be entertained, what. Are their own set they. Want they were. Give. Some sort of emotion right right and and and we really, look at as you already said awareness is we break it down into the buyers journey which is awareness consideration. Decision, it's the use case of what the video is being used for right so if they're, literally just type in um you, know how to create a podcast and, your video is five minutes long on how to create a podcast that's so valuable to them but, if they're just. Becoming if, you just you, know show them that video on on Facebook, for example and they weren't really expecting it, maybe they really weren't that interested, they might watch it for three seconds because it's not really there for them whereas there's, just a different of use cases if it's the infancy awareness, stage, it can be a bit more broad more. Brand awareness things, like that consideration. There considering what their problems, are you, know making some decisions there and then ultimately the decisions, they just like just, push me over the top right and and, give me the most information provide. Provide me with the most value. That. That really I'm looking for because obviously they're, there seeking answers to a problem. Yeah. Thank. You so much for sharing them with us because it does help a lot and I, think you gave earlier, a very good tip and that, was the fact that maybe it might be, something for you, know especially for. People, who are creating videos out, there not. In the professional. Platform like, like, both of you who are already doing this for quite a few years and. They. Just do this you know. Instantly. I mean they don't edit they don't cut like by the way I don't know, that, so, my mind comes out the way it was meant to be so, my. Thing, with that is that. Splitting. Into like. Small segments. Sounds. Like a good idea I like that because, I think it's kind of cool I'm coolin I'm teasing. Teasing. People so, here's a little portion about this video maybe five minutes and then we're gonna split it right and, do other, parts. Of the video even though it's the same length, you know but we split it into like a 5-10 minute segment how, do you be trying to do that or what are your videos what's the link that you do by the way that's important. So. Wait wait actually something it depends, on the platform so if so. That's, platform.

Ad Specific, and there's, like to, get into that right now is like it's it's too specific, but as a general rule of thumb you you, wanna you, want to make sure what you're doing is convenient, for the watcher so, you don't want to break stuff up just to break it up and you, don't want to break a video. That could, be a 20 minute video into, four chunks for. Import of your YouTube videos just, to break up where if you have four sections of it right where one section talking on one thing one section stalking another thing you, want to make sure it's just convenient, for the end watcher is. Really what it comes down to the, chunking up what happens when you wanna what do you want someone to watch do Instagram, but the only wash something for one minute Instagram or 10 seconds and Instagram story. What. I would, probably Bizon more, instead. You know of course you know that some, good ideas there but if you're putting on YouTube utilize, time stamps the, fact that you can actually time stamp and say you know admit, it 105. We talked about brand, awareness videos, at 2 minutes we talked about how to create podcast, so yeah and really break it up so that they can click on it and it jumps right to that point I know for a fact I don't know about you but like I don't, I don't, mind if it's a 27, minute video if it's valuable to me but I do mind that I know at, what point time, things are happening because, to me I'm like alright I want to know what, I can jump to where are the most valuable points for me and. I it makes it so easy I'm just click on any jumps right there so like. A. Lot of people, their. Mind so. You're seeing like the. Video we have the description, you can actually put. Like. A breakdown, of what, are the main you. Know tips. Maybe or the main. Subjects, of what we're discussing, that's interesting okay that's definitely that's gonna be very helpful and before. You know we wrap up this episode I clean why wasn't they do need to find out is. Video. Lime, lime, lime, what is it versus YouTube live to, Facebook, which one's winning, here you know so this compared, to peer you know at me with vs. YouTube, what's going on there. So. First of all, live. Is actually very difficult to tackle I move you've ever done a Facebook live no I have not it should I I, mean. The. Point the point is you know you're, kind of capturing a transient, so I know. So you're you're capturing an audience that is on Facebook, or on YouTube at the time that you're doing your recording and ultimately. You're gonna save the recording and it's gonna be there and people are gonna watch the expiratory but. It's difficult it's difficult times, for companies to plan out you, know one-hour live segment or 30 min live segment it's, why the TV guys get people take notes is very very very difficult to perform in a live environment so.

That. All said it you know it does it does it does work, well on, both, spoken YouTube and you, know we see given with the map on Facebook, you can see no where's the other that's our ad they seem same with YouTube and they, have a whole live section, but you know I know, Zack has a lot of things on this too it really, it goes, back to the use case right it is is, it, being used for the right reasons I think you know if you were to record this this episode in a live form you, know it could, be valuable. But. Just. Kind. Of kind of like Dave said it's like it's it's. Hitting the right people at the right time so like you, know that I don't know what time it is where you are but 10:40, in the morning here I'm not sure how many people necessarily, are on Facebook, right at this second, that can just jump into a live segment and watch it right whereas. If you put this out you, have literally unlimited, time to got. To garner their attention, over, the next however many years it's going to house on your facebook so i think that i think you, know facebook, live is actually coming more and more powerful each. And every day but, it really comes down to the use case why you're using it and when you're using it. I. Will stay for live is that interact oh boy David. So. The interactive environment, so like let's say you do have a decent audience, you, know and you're gonna have 100, 200 500 a couple thousand people in there they can ask you questions live and you can actually interact with them so that feature you know over, anything else is incredibly. Valuable if you do have the audience you, don't the audience you're, just gonna kind of be like alright guys come on time. Wouldn't, be I mean seriously, I mean you know what can you put up another great point and it, really you know I'm, glad you know what I have you know it's forget like both of you that you're able to willing. To give up so much valuable information because. This is things that's taking you in, a long time to, discover and, in research, you. Know I think the point here is that you said time, in, the day of the week because, why, are we gonna go alive and, maybe five people in a watching, again. I think I always been a firm believer of you. Know quality versus. Quantity and. You. Know and I said that to people because, you. Know while I might, have 2,000, over subscribers, in YouTube what. I'm really. You, know aiming, for it's, not that I have the high number, which students, are very low compared to what other people who have like forty fifty thousand. But. For me doesn't live because you know technically it has been increase in life especially the beginning this year but, the point is if you are going to put the time make sure that you want to knock the audience there right so I'm. Sure there's other little tactics, behind there notifying, them through email and things like that but you know time to, do the week you have to kind of realize. What's gonna be convenient, for your. Subscribers. Yeah. I'm. Curious on your end you know in building that audience. For. You what is that done for your business so. Like as you built that video subscriber, base as you built that podcast you know what I'm gonna be very upfront because I always been you know a very. Sincere about in a, you know I pretty much um, you. Know uh preach, what I practice, and thing is that I really will tell you right now that it's. Just brought, awareness to my company. That's. As far what is done at, least now remember, I'm in a very traditional industry. You know accounting.

And In taxation, so. A few people I, would. Say like myself who has kind, of you, know think, out of the box and. Spread. Their, words and their you, know advisory. Service, to the public you know bring, content that obviously, we can pay top dollars, for but, it has, brought a lot of awareness but. At this point I'm not going to lie to say that I have I converted. Which is very very important, no I have not so, I've obviously I know that still missing a lot of things out of this and, so, I I know that there's a lot of I think there's a lot of like. Don'ts, that you have to connect to make this market, you know marketing video. A. Sensation. And there's. There's a call. It a there. Has to be a a masterpiece, other, things there components. To make it successful and just putting, out a video it's not enough it's, not enough. I'm glad you actually said that because because really really your next step is working on your. Mid and bottom funnel yeah you. Probably you have all these people that are that are watching you, know and not saying you're doing this ourselves you're obviously to, provide value for people you're doing this for variable, intending reasons but, some of the audience might want to use your services and you know people put four people out there putting out content you, don't want to neglect the mid and bottom of the funnel you, know it's, one you know giving value is is just one part of it one step at a funnel and when people do see value in what you do think you, know you're sowing tree I'm. Pleased that is the best in the world and they should they should work with you versus. Someone else so you know using. That men and bottom of the funnel to your managing, and, retargeting, and kind of working people through that so, they understand, more about how they can work with you not just that you exist is, kind of where the real magic of everything happens, in. Is true because they want your video now what's. The next step so, I think we do it below. The common whatever is the section that we have for, you know for, the content, I think we put a website and, if you want to reach us you know because you, know what I've never, believed. That you don't push people to make decisions they, would make them when they're ready and, again. It's about building, relationship. And I think we're kind of going back to the principle, and I love that part I really want to share that with both, of you because in the audience, because I think, we, see, technology. And. And, and in the internet, like something, so massive that you can reach so many thousand.

Hundreds, Of thousands, which is true it, is true but. It doesn't, matter how many people you can reach is the connections. That you, can actually create that, is gonna really make. Them you know realize, that you're the right person to come when they need you know that kind of service right and again. You brought up at the point putting, out content and, and not expecting. I. Always, believe, in I'm sure you're a Gary. Vee right and a, lot of people we really. Like, a person, unlike, in Manama hich promoter because I'm getting all affiliation. Already. But. Unlike him like Tony Robinson. Because, people. Who want their and then put out content too and then, I. Seen, a little bit of, you know bad reviews. When they come back and say well they try and sell book, please. People I mean you know everybody which ones I. Mean we, came out all this great content so. You a book over so your service then you then get upset. I. Think we need to be reasonable. Of what our expectations. Are, when. We get in all this free content, right because. It coming to one place like I said they're searching, whether it's in Google or YouTube and, they say oh I'm going to learn how to do a podcast and. You get in all these free videos or. You know episodes and you're listening you're learning and. Then you know what it gets to a point that you realize that you really need help you, need that person to help you through the process and, it just kind of take, your hand and guide you through because, it's gonna be way, easier don't, we know that so you know folks out really appreciate, so much they give so much of the tips you know and throughout the process so definitely. How can the audience reach, you. Your. Again, your website your, contact, information and, anything else that are, you doing any of you, know evaluations, or things that you do for your clients and any kind of promotions, please share with us, sure. Um, so our main mission in the world is to create to inspire we're. Working to simplify the create video process, for companies so, so working with us we try to we, try to make it simple and easy on the client to do that you. Know if you have any interest. In video we we, both do the, consulting, of the actual video that we also create. Videos, and distribute. Them on on. All. New media so, if, anyone's interested in any of that or just wants to drop us a line say hey you, see how helped um you. Know our email is info. At viral, IBM marketing comm websites. Viral idea marketing, calm, and we'd. Love to hear from you well. Thank you thank you once again and, it's, been really exciting to have both of you and then bring it so much beginning, young into the whole thing. So thank you so we're gonna go ahead and just wrap, up this episode at this coin and once, again Dave, in a sec thank you so much for being with us in part of the episode and like. You said maybe we should be doing different kind of episodes, and bringing, up maybe a video, about what's, going on with Instagram. Or what's going on with YouTube right, now so that's something that we can think to help out the audience I think that would be very interesting and maybe we can do it. So. There we go all, right guys, thank you so much really appreciate it, and thank you my audience I can't remember to like, share. And, comment and yes continue subscribing. Because I love seeing that number point out but please. Engage which is the most important, thing and we'll see internet so. Thank, you thank you and, goodbye until next.

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