Why PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT? // How growing your mind will grow your business

Why PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT?  // How growing your mind will grow your business

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Hi guys, welcome to another, training, in my youtube, channel. I am loving, doing this for you all getting such, great feedback. Um and today i'm going to touch a very important, topic, when it comes to network marketing. But more importantly, when it comes to life. And today i want to talk to you guys, about your mindset, and your personal, development. I get so many messages, on my instagram, asking me for advice, how i've done it that you're discouraged. That no one wants to join your team that you feel like giving up. All of these negative. Comments. And. I wasn't always. This positive, i wasn't always this much into personal development. But it has definitely, changed, my business, and it has definitely changed the way i think, the way i view things and i believe. This is a huge, part, of, my success, in this business. The fact that i've been able to grow. On my mindset, and to dig into, personal, development. So towards the end of this video, i'm actually going to, give you guys some podcasts, that i love listening to some books that i've read that have impacted. Me, but more importantly, i want you to understand that your mindset, is something that you have to work on every single, day, you're not going to wake up from one day to another and have the best mindset. Know everything you need to know personal, growth is a journey that i think would it never ends, you know every day we're learning every day we're growing. Every day we should be seeking, knowledge. Every day we need to be seeking, how can we become better people, how can we understand, those people around us and that is what personal, development, is we need to work on ourselves. Before we can work, on others before we can pour, into others. And the first thing i want to say is, you need to change, the way, you are looking at things so that everything around you can change so i have my notes on the side, um so you need to change the way you are looking at things, so that everything around you can change. It's all about perspective. It's all about how we view things if we view everything, as something, negative. As something, bad. As something discouraging. That's why everything we see is negative, bad and discouraging. But if we just change our view on things if we change the way we think about things. You will see different results. If you are feeling stuck in this business, it's because you are not changing the way you look at things, and you are not changing, the way you look at yourself. Okay i want to make something super clear. And that is that, this is not overnight, success. This is not a business that you join and you're supposed to have success, a month or a weekend, does it happen. Yes. Is it common. No. So when i have people message me saying, i've been in the business for three weeks and i can't get a market partner, this must not be for me, and a girl it hasn't even been a month. You haven't given yourself, the chance you deserve, to grow. To explore. To adapt, to something, new. Network marketing, is something new for a lot of us. And we are not, you know giving ourselves the time we need to adapt to it. So just know that this is not overnight, success. Know that you're not going to, quadruple, rank in one month again has it happened yes is a common, no, and we need to remember that we are all on our own, journey. I've said this on prior videos and i'm going to say it again. We cannot, compare. Ourselves, to others. Because we don't know where they've came from we don't know the sacrifices. They're making. We don't know the things they're giving up we don't know the experience. They've had. We don't know if they are more you know, self-confident. Than we are we cannot compare ourselves, to other that comparison. Game, is what brings most of you down the quickest. Also keep in mind, that thoughts, are things, okay, stop, thinking negative, stop talking, negative stop, complaining. That is what you are attracting. When i have my girls message me with, joe but my team doesn't do this but my team but they're quitting but they're sad but they're this. It's so annoying, i don't know what to say. I tell them you're doing the same thing to me, you're complaining, you're crying you're being negative, to me, by doing the same action.

That Others are doing that we don't like, doesn't mean we're solving, the problem. Okay, we must always take the higher road we must always be the bigger person. When people come with me, come to me with negativity. I stop them real quick, i do not entertain, it okay, you need to remember to stop focusing on the problem. The haters. The lack of this. The my team doesn't do this. And start practicing, gratitude. Start, listing the things you do have, start listing the things that are going right, and focus, on, the solution. Okay, by naming your problems, over and over and over again, you're not getting closer, to a solution. And that's. That's what a lot of, you guys do, we focus on everything that's going wrong are the p all the people that are telling us no, are all the people that join and quit our customers, that return their products, maybe our uplinks, that don't talk to us, we cannot, focus on the negative, we need to appreciate, what we have, we need to practice gratitude, guys gratitude, is huge with personal development, and huge with this business. And then we must focus on the solution. And the way to focus on the solution, is to reflect. To reflect, on what can i do differently. From what i'm doing what is working. From what i'm, from what i'm doing what is not serving, me. From what i'm doing what am i getting good feedback. Good feedback, for. From what i'm doing, how am i learning, how am i growing, how am i evolving. And how am i serving, others. What value, are you providing, to other people. When you reflect, on the way you run your business the way you want your instagram, the way you think the way you speak to your family. The way you talk to yourself, because when we're thinking we're talking to ourselves. When you reflect, on, on all of that, but you really focus on that reflection. You start noticing, so many things that you can change so many things like i could have done this differently, said this differently. Maybe i can try that out, okay so let's not focus on the problem and the things that are going wrong, instead. Focus, on the solution. Know, that this, takes, time. Success. Takes time success, takes patience. Nothing, worth it in life comes easy. And if we don't grow ourselves, first, it is going to be impossible. To grow a business. To grow a family. To grow to grow relationships. We need to pour into our cup first, before, we can pour into other, cups. And something, i always tell. My team is, picture this person you want to be. Whoever you look up to, picture this rank you want to be, picture the life you want to live the mom you want to be the daughter you want to be. And show up as that person. So think of that person, you look up to that person you want to become that rank you want to be. That the amount of money you want to have in your bank account, the difference you want to make. Whatever it is. And start showing up as that person, when i was you and i wanted to be a director, i said how do directors, act.

They Show up every day. They practice, you know. Leadership. They do personal, development. They host team calls. They post on instagram. They get market partners, they get vips. They read books, they host, events. They go to events. And you start acting and showing up like that person, like that rank you want to become. Today i did a live with an amazing, lady. And she was showing me you know she just quit her job, without, knowing, you know this is going to totally work for her or not, but she set up a home office, and you know she has her product display, she wakes up early, and she sits in her office every day and she works from her office. Because she's a business owner. Because she knows that directors, that's what we do. That someone with a lot of money in the bank that's what they do, so she's already acting like that person she wants to become. And that's what i did and it helped me so much because you start building those habits. When you get the title, of director. The title of market mentor because that's all it is it's a title, and i'm going to cover that in a little bit. You've been you've been deserving, that you've been acting like that person, you've been a director. Now you just have the title. Why because you've been building, habits, all along, so what habits, are you building, every day, personal development, should always be number one on your list, remember, when you get better. You get bigger. Okay. I want you guys to focus on growth, oriented, culture. Versus. Goal. Oriented, culture. So growth oriented, culture. Goal, oriented, culture. Growth. Oriented. You value your development. While goal. Oriented. You value, your achievements. Okay a goal is not about what you accomplish. It's about who you become, in the pursuit, of that goal. So i always tell my girls. A rank doesn't make you, just because you're going for mmb, and didn't make it doesn't, mean that you're not good enough, doesn't mean that this business is not for you, doesn't mean that you're not a good leader. Mmb, is not the end result. The result. Is the growth you're having while you get to that rank. Is what you're learning. Who you're meeting, how you're bettering, yourself, what you're giving, up, what you're changing. So whether you get to mmb, or not. If you've had an amazing growth process. That's what you celebrate. And remember, that. Life's, timing is perfect, so maybe you didn't hit your rank this month but you know, deep down inside you did everything. Possible. To prepare, for that rank, to grow for that rank, to be available, for your team as that person, that rank you want to become, and when your time is right you will hit it. But then there's those people that. Let's say you're going for mmb, we're already mid month. You check your points you're super behind and you say. Mmb is not happening this month i'll try again next month, you just allowed, a rank, to label you, you just allowed, a rank to dictate, your future, to dictate how you're going to finish the month, to dictate the amount of work you're putting in. Why. I am not joanna, the scd. I am joanna, and everything i've learned that got me to scd. Everything i'm sacrificed, all my struggles, all my tears, that's what makes me who i am today. Not my title, senior executive, director. So stop being so married, to a title.

And Be married to your journey. Be married to what you're learning, be married to everything, you're doing on the daily. To make you a better person. So you can achieve your goals. Okay. How you become, growth oriented. It's not complicated. But it's also not easy. Like my sister veronica would say it's just a mind. Shift, away, so you need to change the way you're thinking, and you can go. From a goal-oriented. Mindset, to a growth-oriented. Mindset. And always remember this, if you shoot, for your goals. You will achieve your goals but you may not grow. If you shoot for growth. You'll achieve, growth. And your goals and that's a win-win. And that's what we want, so i want you guys to stop, focusing, on your goals. Stop only thinking about your goals, and start. Focusing, on your growth. Start focusing, on your journey, start focusing on becoming a better person becoming a better leader. Because most of the time, when you're not getting the results, you want, is because, you, there's some personal work that needs to be done. Okay you are not. Mentally, ready. To step up to that rank that you want, that promotion. That check. That, responsibility. So always, take it back to personal, growth. Okay. When it comes to podcasts, when it comes to reading books i used to be the type of person that i would hear a podcast. It would finish, and i'm like okay it's done i did personal development, for the day. And i couldn't even repeat, to you. What i learned what i heard. What they were talking about. And i was like okay this is not, serving, me, it wasn't until i started, actually, listening, to my podcast. Taking, notes like i love listening to podcasts, while i run, but i know that's not the only time i can listen to it if i listen to a podcast while i'm running i need to come back home and listen to it again and really take notes because while i'm running, i hear things i'm like that's so good that's so good but i can't write it down. Right. So make sure you are sitting down you are focusing, you are listening. And you are applying. You are writing down what sticks out to you what relates, to you, what can you change, from that what can you teach from that, what what can you apply, for that, from that i'm sorry.

It's Not just listening to a podcast. It's not just reading a book, what are you retaining. From that, okay this kind of goes back to the first video i did, for you guys um explaining. How to properly, watch training videos. You know because there are so many training videos and people are still asking for help with the same, things. I always tell my girls, it's like you're asking the same question, expecting, a different answer but there is no different answer. How to do this business you got to be consistent, you have to show up every day you need to see the vision you need to do personal, development. You need to lead by example. You know i wish i could give you guys like, the secret sauce, and the answer to recruit. And the answer to get vips, but i don't have it it takes a lot of personal, work from within, the way you talk to people the way you talk about the business, the way you view yourself, the way you talk about yourself. All of that believe it or not. Has to do with your with hitting goals in this business. Because people pick up on your energy, on the way you're doing it, people can tell you're desperate, to get a market partner to hit a rank, or if you genuinely, want to help someone change their lives and then you get a market partner and then you hit your rank. Okay, and the only way that you're fully going to understand, this by no means am i a motivational, speaker, or. Anything of that sort. So my recommendation. Is dig, into, personal, development. Find. Yourself. Okay connect, with yourself. Why, are you doing this business. Why are you willing to struggle, throughout this business. Throughout this journey. What are you willing to give up why do you need this why do you want this, what person is trapped inside, of you, that you want to release. Why do you want to become a better person all of that is something i cannot, tell you, and i know it sounds so deep for, selling shampoo, and selling skin care, but no guys we are not sales, people. Okay we are business owners that are changing, lives, we are problem. Solvers. And if you want to go big in this business, you need to take care of yourself, first, you need to work on your mindset, first, because without, it you will only go so far.

So, I always get the questions, of what podcasts, do i listen to what books, have i read. I'm going to list you guys a couple of podcasts, that i love. Um if someone sends me a podcast. I'll listen to it. But if i have to like look a podcast, up myself. I have a list i want to go through, so i love, mf. Ceo. If you don't like cursing, i don't recommend, you listen to him, but i am a person that i'm very straightforward. Like no bs type of girl like i like you to tell me things how they are and that's how he is, so mf ceo. I love, ed mylett, and we all know he's going to be at monations. If you haven't gotten your monations, tickets, get them, at my let's podcasts, are amazing. I love. The veronica, bay show, yes that's my sister. The veronica, bay show. Guys her podcast. Is all about mind body and soul. And it's all about. That personal, growth, that personal, journey she's had such an amazing journey, these last couple years and she's sharing them with uh with all of us how to become better people how to think how to act how to take care of ourselves, so i love her podcast, when it comes to, you know. Me, taking care of me being a better me. Um, i also love your virtual, upline. Bob healing i'm sure a lot of you guys know about his podcast. And often, ambitious. Um erica and lindsey are both market partners with monet they're amazing. And they have a great podcast, as well. A, couple of books i've read, that have really, really, like, gotten to me, i've never been a reader. I never really liked to read but now that this actually, interests, me. Um i like it and it's something i want to do it's not something i have to do. So when i started this business the first book i ever read, was get over your damn self. And that book is amazing. For anyone that's like, me well how i used to be that i thought, i was like the hot. That might. Didn't, think, that. All of this you know like i just thought i was too good for this business. I had to get over myself, that bit that book get over your damn self. Highly, recommend, it. Then there's the book gopro. By eric worre, and that is like everything, network marketing, for all of you that you guys well for the few of you that are new or for whoever's watching this that's new. Um, if you're like me that you knew nothing, about network marketing, gopro, is an amazing, book to introduce, you into network marketing. I also read, the four color personalities.

Of Mlm. It's so important, for us to know. The people that we're talking to, or your red personality. A yellow a blue like what interests, you, i'm not going to talk. To, a yellow personality, about all the money we're going to make in this business because she's not into money, so it's very important, to know who you're talking to. I absolutely. Love, the 5 a.m. Club. So that book. Shifted, my mindset, in so many ways it taught me, so much discipline. I will be honest with you guys it's been a couple of months since i haven't woken up at 5am, because i've allowed, distractions. To get in the way. Um, i decided, to you know i was working my business super hard until very very late so it's really hard for me to wake up early, but i promise you it's something that i'm getting back into. Because. It's life-changing, so the 5 a.m club, highly, recommend, it. Um also, leadership. By john maxwell. Love it when it comes to leading, you know a lot of us aren't natural born leaders a lot of us are scared, of leading. Leadership. Kind of breaks everything, down for us so amazing. And gives us it made me feel more comfortable. When it came to leading my team, also the power of five, from john maxwell, and that's focused strictly, on network marketing, it is amazing. Um, how to win friends and influence. People. That is a great, book for, someone like me too. I. You know, i wasn't very, want to deal with a lot of people i wasn't the most social, i wasn't the most. Extrovert. So that book, really really, really helped me open my eyes. And then also, rich that poor dad. Helped a lot with finances. And kind of getting my head right so those are just a few that, you know. Really impacted, me that i want to share with you guys those are the podcasts, i listen to the most. But, also sometimes i just come here on youtube but i put like motivational. Speeches. Um. How to be good at network, marketing. How to keep yourself, motivated. How to be a successful. Leader like literally just whatever question comes to my mind, and there's videos, on everything. So be self-sufficient. Type up and google and youtube some, you know some things on your own, but always make sure you're learning. And always, make sure you are applying. Okay. This business, is for anyone, and everyone, that is willing to put in the work, you need to break up with that instant gratification. Feeling that you work you get paid. Instant satisfaction. I'm sorry. And you need to adapt that long-term. Mindset, that business, owner mindset. That maybe you know you're going to work two months without seeing instant results. But you know in those two months you're building. If you're that type of person that has been in this business for a month and a half and you're about to quit because you've seen no results. You're a quitter. Guys the only way not to succeed in this business is if you quit, and if you're thinking of quitting a month and you're quitting way too soon. Be fair to yourself, give yourself the chance you deserve. Some people it takes a month to to wake up the light bulb. Some people it takes five months. I've had girls come back a year later and now they're rocking it in the business. Because there's two dates when you start monet. The day you sign up and you purchase your products pack, and the day you make the decision. The day you make the decision, to take this seriously. The day you make the decision that you deserve, better, the day you decide, that you are not going to give up on your dreams no matter who tells you what, who tells you no, who quits your team. Nothing. Once you decide. To do that, that's when your real monet, journey starts. Okay and i wish. That i could, individually. Help every single one of you that messages, me and do lives with all of you and do team calls for all of you, but number one, i'm just one person. And number, two. It's i can't solve it for you i promise it's all from within, you so when i tell you guys to stay consistent. And to practice, personal, development. I mean it because that's what made it for, me, so if something's not working out for you if you're not being able to re if you're not recruiting. If you're not getting vips, if your team is quitting. Think. Relax. And work on yourself. Read a book, listen to a podcast, and reflect. And reflect, on the things you can change, and reflect on the things you can control. Always be part of the solution. Never be one to focus, on the problem. Okay you guys are the right company. With the right products, at the right time. You just need to, give yourself, a little bit of credit. Practice, a little bit more gratitude. And put in a little bit more, work, if they told you this was going to be easy, they lied to you, it's simple but it's not easy it takes work.

And The best kind of work you can do is. Your mental work your mindset, your personal, growth. Because guys not only, does it make you amazing, at this business. But it makes you a better person a better mom a better wife a better friend. A better husband, a better everything. Because now you understand, yourself. And you understand. The world differently. So with this i hope that you guys, all dive into a little bit more of personal, development. Give yourselves, the chance you deserve. Don't be so fast to quit on yourself, don't be so fast to put on your money journey. And remember that you're doing this for you. Okay, i get a bunch of messages, about my upline this my upline that guys, it's not about your upline and it's not about your downline, it's about you. What are you doing, if your upline doesn't want to help you there are tons of videos, and resources, you can do. I don't make my girl successful. That's something i want to clear up my girls. Get their own success, because they're dedicated, they're hungry, they see the vision. It's not your downline's, job either, if you're down dominance. If your downline is not working, it's your job to keep recruiting. Until you get that downline that wants it, so let's not point fingers, at up or down. Only at ourselves. How can we fix ourselves, how can we improve ourselves. What can we do better and you will, see, results. Okay continue, to dream big. Continue. To dream. Big i was never dreaming big until this business. And i can't believe i won 27, years of my life without dripping big but, continue, to dream big. Continue, to pour into yourself. Because network marketing, as they say it is like a personal development. Course with a paycheck, and that is amazing. We're getting, paid to be better people. We're getting paid to find what we're good at, to unleash, that trapped, soul like i never knew i was gonna be good at leading, and inspiring. And now look at me. So we're literally getting paid to better ourselves. Don't take that for granted. I love you all so much i wish you the best of luck not only this month this year but with your life. The success, is yours, the success, is out there go, out and get it, and never ever forget, your personal development. Never ever forget, your mindset, with the right mindset. You can and you will, conquer the world i promise, i love you guys have an amazing day an amazing. Week. You.

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