Why Is Bitcoin (BTC) Falling Despite Consensus Excitement?

Why Is Bitcoin (BTC) Falling Despite Consensus Excitement?

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What is going on snipers, and I email a baby here I hope you're all enjoying your day today let's pop our Lacroix. For, the live stream this is our guilt-free soda, it's sparkling, water and it's the best drink ever but let's, dive into our Bitcoin, technical analysis and talk about why, we're seeing a pull back after all of this bullish, news with, consensus. 2018. Occurring, right now in New, York City but, we're also going to talk about the fundamental side. Of institutional. Investors and how, they like to play the market because things, don't really change in the cryptocurrency market, as they were in traditional, markets where, institutional. Investors, and large, hedge funds want the best possible, prices, so they can maintain and, secure their bags just, like most of these Hodler do as retail investors but first you want to shake out those weak hands and we'll talk about how these, institutional, investors are shaking out these weak hands but first, and foremost let's talk about our Bitcoin, technical analysis, we actually drew this out several days ago I wanted to keep this ta. Present. And active because it is still active and it looks like we're heading towards our second, bottom unfortunately. We've broken, at that 50-day, moving average, as a support, level and we are now headed to the next known retracement, down to the point 23, on this chart which is around 77, hundred US dollars and, that, in my opinion as well as our analysts, here at sniper soup is the, place that we believe you can make some money because obviously we want to help each and every one of you guys secure, profits make, those profits and sometimes, capital, preservation something. That one of our analyst is likes to talk. About is the, key, to go in regards. To playing. Defense, as an offensive, maneuver so with what I mean by that is if you're holding coins right now during this. Correction well obviously as an. Offensive. Move, it's not necessarily the smartest thing when the market is showing, red however. There are still some big opportunities, to come and I want to talk about some of these opportunities because, a lot of you investors, have recently, seen this two-week boron that all coins, experienced. And were, almost you, know in this FOMO, phase, where you were fearing, the you know missing out on a lot of these opportunities, but now these opportunities are back in play and for, example cos, 30%. Down over this past seven days how do you like to walk into, a car dealership and, the, car dealer tell you straight up hey this car is actually gonna be 30% off tomorrow, if you want to come in tomorrow and get it that's actually one of our analysts, metaphor. That he used in one of our two in one of his TAS and I thought it was a great way to kind. Of envision, what, it's like when the market is seeing, these lows so understand, yo s in my opinion is one, for the books another awesome, opportunity, here once, again silica, it's a coin that we've talked about in the past we actually mentioned it at around four cents, and this, ended up rallying, up to I think like eighteen, cents, or something and now it's back down to around thirteen cents down 23%, over, the past twenty I'm sorry at the past seven days another, great opportunity in my opinion, and.

Then. Lastly Virg down. 28%, you, can see Virg. Obviously, creating. And establishing. New. Partnerships, throughout, the past couple of months in my, opinion it is gonna be poised for a run I'm gonna be taking a look at some technical analysis, here but just to give you an idea of how these institutional, investors, are manipulate manipulating, this market I found this awesome article here why is Bitcoin falling, despite the consensus, of excitement, so that's obviously the title of this video as well but you can see here I'm not gonna go through the whole thing but it says here the interest of big players in Bitcoin, has been, on the rise those big players are institutional, investors with billions, of dollars, at their disposal to invest in Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies and one, thing you want to highlight from this is other crypto, currencies, because understand, back, in, December. When, the first rally was present, the majority, of investors were, aware of Bitcoin, but they weren't necessarily aware of these other coins like stellar, and iOS and other great projects, but now they are so the next boron, in my opinion, is going, to, be with, some of these altcoins. Rather, than just Bitcoin, and if you go into this article that says they're going to use the same tactics of manipulating, the price so they can put in their iceberg, orders in order to avoid spiking, the price up in one, go which will result in mass profit, taking and the clever institutional. Investors would be left holding the bags what, they literally mean by that is these, investors, are shaking. The bad to, let all these retail investors, sell their their. Holdings, so they can get the best possible price, so when the real ball run does occur, they, can just hold on to their investments, and not necessarily, have to swing trade them because who, would rather, just. Hold on to an MS and rather than strength-training it but you, know making the same amount of profits you'd rather hold it right it takes a lot left less effort, to hold a position and make, profits off of that that's what the institutions, like to do so that's, what we're watching with Bitcoin you've also got the RSI breaching. This, support, level that previously, acted as a support, here right around 42 but, it was breached, you can see we pretty much double bottom down here and we're most likely to see lower levels, and it's gonna be interesting to see what happens once we start crossing 40, because 40, is that, big point. Of the RSI in which it starts heading into these oversold, levels, and in my opinion that's also going to coincide with the price levels heading, down to around 7700. Range allowing. Us to get these awesome discounted, prices, for Bitcoin, so who do we have on live today. On our live show let's see we've got Jose.

Saldana, And how says June July seems, like. They, will be great months for those alts, very. Very likely to be great months, and, Jesse, Ryan says you're talking, about Icahn, icx, obviously. Icahn. Is definitely, a great project if you guys are on our discord, I want to mention this so we've, actually started, to find more success, posting. These more, medium-term. Trades, or we can call them long-term trades, then, just, posting, trend signals that typically. Will, hit profit as owns within 24 hours these, in, effect. Have gotten, a lot more engagement here's an example of once you have an idea of what we're starting to post here now, we're posting daily, opportunities, that. Pretty much last up, to a month or two being, the fact that these are long-term opportunities, sometimes even longer here's an example of one that we posted two. Long, time frame analysis, here on Tron Bitcoin, seeing. Us coming up and from the swing low to the swing high we're setting up here for a potential, pull back up into the 700. Area. And, if you want to watch more of that that is gonna be on our discord, for our gold members and above and that's under technical analysis, so we're starting to post these awesome, long-term, trades and this is really the, area that you're going to want to go to if you want to find out which coins are the. Most, undervalued and, will most likely see the largest. Run ups when we start seeing this bull run occur because Bitcoin. Doesn't always correlate. With these altcoins and these all coins don't always correlate, with Bitcoin, what you'll typically find is that. Sometimes, the all coins will correlate with Bitcoin but, they have these, factors. In which sometimes they're multiplied, so if Bitcoin goes up 10% some, all coins will go up 14%, or 16% whereas. If Bitcoin goes down. 17%. Some all coins will go down 30%, so you want to be aware of which coins act in. Which way in accordance with Bitcoin, because that can really enhance your, trading strategy, and allow you to customize it to become more dynamic in this market, so another.

Awesome Article I wanted to talk about here in regards to the, institution's coming in and these large funds, is one right here about Iran and Russia discussing. Plans to start trading with crypto to bypass, the dollar and Swift understand. That the majority of the world doesn't necessarily, have, a fond, relationship, with the dollar right they, would rather have their own currency become, the most prominent currency, in this world and because of that we're, gonna start seeing countries, transition, over to crypto, in my opinion another, article here talking about the French Finance, Minister saying, let France be the first blockchain, and crypto active innovation in Europe and it's pretty cool cuz it's almost like he's caught, the, bug, right, like we all here, in the market have caught in this bug where we are so enthusiastic. And bullish about Bitcoin it's almost like a disease right like, you learn about it and you learn about the blockchain and I don't know about you but my story was when I first learned about the blockchain I was all over I was watching TED Talks or whatever was available at the time there weren't much resources, when I found out about Bitcoin and I was just diving right into it I treated my first Bitcoin around 2010. When I just accept payments, i I couldn't, use PayPal so I had to find an alternative and then, it was really in 2014. Where I got serious about trading, it but I remember in 2014. When I got serious about trading I was also serious about the technology, and. Opportunities and what. The, technology Wars was, to become and so, it's cool because he says here quoted I was a rookie a year ago but now I've been seized by a sudden passion, it took me a year let's. Teach this knowledge to our fellow citizens to, make France the first place for blockchain and crypto innovation in Europe I love, hearing that from somebody like the, French finance minister because he does have a lot of influence, in the. European. Union. And that's gonna be a huge feat for, Europe, and another cool, little. Snippet, of news here Tron releasing, their new website pretty, cool if you're a fan of Tron in my opinion, Tron is being.

Set Up for a long term trade as you can see we actually posted, this long, term opportunity coming, very soon as we are most likely going to retrace at that point 78 Fibonacci, and if you are part, of our discord, once again this is a free resource the, link is in the description, to get onto our discord you can go ahead and check out some of the resources there but let's take some questions from the audience now that we've went through the majority of our news here, everybody's. Talking about Ikon why don't we do an Ikon analysis, here and see if there's an opportunity to. Get into Ikon, when. We see the, possible. Retracement. With some of these coins you can see we're above the 50-day moving average with Ikon and if we were to look at this RSI, it's not looking, too well we've got this negative divergence forming. Here with, these resistance. Levels starting. To descend, and obviously. That's not the best sign if, you're looking for an RSI level you want something that's ascending. Not descending. But now that we're starting to descend we're most likely gonna have to start heading back down to those 40 levels knowing, we're in a neutral zone and in my opinion that's, going to take this price down. And give, us an opportunity to later down the road to get in at better prices most, likely going to, consolidate. Down around that 50-day moving average and possibly go sideways I wouldn't, be surprised for us to retrace, hit that 50-day consolidate, a little bit before. Seeing some higher highs here knowing, that we solved this initial, run up with Ikon, you, definitely don't want to underestimate it, but at the same time it's already seen that exuberance people want to take their profits and, it's most likely correct right there around that 50-day moving average just in my opinion and this could be the start to the formation of a cup that could potentially form, so that would be an interesting feet. For icon, you can see with, that initial cup that formed it saw that formation, the handle was very small before seeing that breakout but now that we're starting to see that retracement, it's not necessarily, forming any sort of patterns at this point moreso watching, that moving average in my opinion is the most important part here so roy. Gonzales says love your channel thank you brother i appreciate you being here luke. Cornelissen. Says. Do. BTS, again please looks the, same as yesterday I think what I'm waiting for that sweet cup and handle to break out, let's go ahead and pull up the BTS. Trade. Here if you have any requests post them in the chat and we'll check out what coins you guys have here and.

You Can see here yep we're finding, a little bit of support along that 50-day moving average is something we drew out the other day I'll go ahead and actually clear some of these drawing tools there so you can have idea but, we're doing exactly what we talked about right we talked, about this, seeing the retracement and then most likely seeing, some support or along this 50-day and that's why we drew this cup here that's exactly what we're seeing here right now so if we were to remove these drawing tools you can see we've, also got it, looks to, be, a. Possible. Head and shoulder formation, as well not. Necessarily, wouldn't be the best hop formation. Because if you see here this initial head and full shoulder, formed, and it, ended up retracing. The price below that 50-day moving average so I'd be a little bit careful with a coin like bitshares just, for, now until we start to see more volume, coming the only thing I do like about this charge the fact that you see these large candles. Of volume. Being, flow, being, flowed up in, my opinion what you'll want to do knowing, that we've got this head and shoulder formation, starting, to come up you want to be a little bit hesitant with, what you're doing here you've got this head right, there and then the right shoulder forming, right there so, that is an known. Reversal, pattern so I would be a little bit careful with. Bitshares, even though it is forming an overall cup here that. Could eventually break down into lower, price levels but. At the same time if it starts to see more volume, then it could go the other way so it's either gonna follow the cup and handle or the head and shoulder that's forming here in the shorter time frame because remember the, crypto currency market is a faster. Paced market than traditional market so in, traditional, markets a cup and handle my take three to four if not months, to, form three to four weeks or months to form but, in this market. You want to look at more of the short-term patterns. That are formed because these markets. Are a lot more volatile, and a lot faster than traditional markets, so we're a traditional market might take you know a month to form a head and shoulders it takes a couple of days in the cryptocurrency, market, to form that same type of pattern and then follow through, with the pattern itself so, Roberto, Rodriguez, in the house Jose, Saldana, in the house where also we got here collin Velde here that's a funny name. Somebody. Says for 400, likes, will. You turn. Your screen, to low resolution. And put. Sunglasses on, and do technical, analysis, what, the heck type of request is that I don't, think that's a smart. That. Would be kind of funny though if I wore sunglasses on, low, resolution. Doing. Technical, analysis, what's the point of that is that like a challenge. Joe. Head sustaining, up on the discord, is the best thing I ever did for myself in crypto learned, so much I can warmly recommend the forum very professional, and no Lambo, talk Johan. Thorsen, thank you so much for mentioning that you, know we're actually putting in a lot of work into our discord, for those read our discord members I mean, we've got a lot of analysts, working, around.

The Clock to. Provide you guys a ton of analysis, we post these, daily. Market health updates which have been amazing, and super helpful if you guys want to know how you can have updates, on the go over the market this is an example of once a day this, is probably one of the best market updates I've ever heard, just, listen to this. So, our goal really, with this discord, has been to almost make. All of our members feel as if you've got an analyst. By your side 24/7. Like that's really what our vision is for the discord, and really. Molding and allowing. This community, to be an environment, conducive to, that type of growth so that we can help each and every one of you in this, market, make the best possible decisions, because this remember it's not about just. Trying, to copy somebody's, trades, because that doesn't work long-term right you're not always gonna have somebody, to lean on like that but if you learn how to trade properly like if you use our premium education, channel and you understand. Bollinger, Bands right or you understand meditation, and trading, and the correlations, of that, with the, effective, effectiveness. Of your trades things of that nature we. Really think that that could breed a community. That will be unstoppable, and that's what our community. Is gonna become and we're very excited about that and we're constantly putting more and more work into enhancing. Our algorithms, to ensure that we can give you guys the best possible. Content, so, sue. She says saving my life for your challenge, xvg. Please let's. Check out xbg, we haven't done verge in some time but. I don't. Know let's see who, can come up with the best challenge, how about that while we're doing the verge analysis. If you--if you all want to challenge me for life so why don't I guess it's turning into a thing here for snipers, so why. Not right so whoever can come up with the best challenge I'll take it. So. He says are you want.i Lopez's. Son that, doesn't make sense somebody. Says. Xvg. Is breaking, out now, is it gonna break out now it looks like it's entering an accumulation, zone just from what I'm looking at right now but. I'm gonna talk about why I'd be a little bit more careful, with a coin like verge, just for the short term but you can see we've started. To enter this accumulation, zone its own, in which we've, note we've seen verge, see, some exuberant, price, levels. In the past but at the same time it's a zone in which we've actually broken down from. Before and I'm gonna talk about why I'm. Seeing the latter here I'm not really seeing a breakout, opportunity, I'm seeing the, opposite, and I'm gonna talk about that. But. You. Can see here. Before. When we crossed. Below that moving average right here we, went under, that 50-day, and we ended up seeing, a retracement under, right well, if we pull up the EMA, here this is another indicator, that I'd like to use in this type of scenario it's, called the moving average exponential, on tradingview but. That moving average exponential.

Here Pretty, much determines. A bullish. Or bearish, scenario. For a coin and if we were to make that not. Green because that's gonna confuse people let's, go ahead and make that light. Blue. Just, so you have an idea of what this EMA is representing, here you, can see how we, went below that EMA below that 50-day moving average we stayed below that EMA we tested, above the EMA rejected. At the 50-day back under that EMA and then saw a retracement all the way back down until we were. Above. That EMA, and then accepted. And respecting. That 50-day, moving average. Is the, time, in which we saw this run up so right, now you can see not only are we below, this EMA, which is bearish, we're also below that 50-day moving average so the last time that happened we saw a major. Retracement. With this coin so knowing. That verge is an opportunity. To come the, key with, this opportunity, is the fact that it's an opportunity to come it's not an opportunity, right now right. Yes it's 28%, down but. Like, I used the, metaphor in the beginning about the car dealership what, if I were to tell you hey I know this car is 28%, off right now but if you come a week from now it's, actually gonna be 60%. Off would, you rather wait a week to, get that sixty percent off I would, who, wouldn't right or at least you wouldn't want to buy the car now if you know it's gonna become sixty, percent off in a week from now so if you know that this is gonna become discounted. Even, further in the future then. Why initiate. Any sort of positions right now we've got a lack of volume we've, got a lot of weakness. Here with the RSI and then not only that we're below the EMA we're below the 50-day moving average we're in the past that has acted as a very bearish, scenario, for this coin so hopefully. That helps let's. See here Chris, Gustav. Says 300, likes and Nayeem dances, like a monkey. I. Think. We can find a better one than that let's see a que. 50 says 200, likes to make my name drink, Bartel I don't. Know what he just said but let's not talk about that one let's, see here somebody, says, 400. Likes for half a stash. You. Know walk around with half a mustache for 400. Likes oh my. Gosh should, we do that one or should we do the the 200, the 200, likes for, dancing. Like a monkey or, 300, likes for dancing like a monkey so 300 likes for dancing like a monkey or, 400, likes for half a stache, somebody. Says beard shave for. 200, likes. Tyler. Mohawk. For 400, likes, tequila. Shot for every 50 likes oh. Man. You're gonna make me go to the store and buy tequila. Somebody. Says 300, likes for life tradingview, on youtube that might be a fun one 200 likes for a discount, on new sapphire members, oh. Man. Somebody's. Is 300, likes for a mohawk LOL and it's a super chat so um. What. Do we get right now oh my gosh let's, actually be, logical, this time about this bet we always make these bets illogically. Let's, see what are we at 97. All right so why, don't we do I'll do three hundred likes before a mohawk for, sure we'll, do three hundred likes for a mohawk and if we have 400, likes we'll take a tequila shot for every 50 likes so, that would be eight. Shot. I just. Don't believe it's gonna happen what. Are we at right now 105. Likes okay now it's starting to soar through the roof we've got 435, viewers very possible, that we hit at least 300, and that. Would result. In a mohawk so. We'll have to see somebody, says 400, likes to shave your eyebrows if we do 500, likes I'll shave my eyebrows how, about that if a miracle occurs if we hit 500, we'll do the eyebrows, haha. Oh, my. Gosh all right let's continue on this livestream and hopefully we don't hit these light counts, before, it's, time because, that would be. Retinas and I would not want to do that oh my gosh now we're at 164. Likes all, right what's the next request, here, somebody. Says why. Don't we do, um. ETH, is forming, a bull flag dodge said let's check out ETH BTC, and see if we're forming a bull flag here on e. Th. Is chart what, I do like about aetherium to be quite frank with you if I were to hedge against, Bitcoin. Right now or against. This market, I think aetherium would be the best hedge you can see we're following this beautiful. Ascending. Support, line here in this ascending, Channel and in, my opinion we're, above the EMA very bullish here and we've, been acting very well in accordance to what we're seeing with Bitcoin, and or in comparison, to what we're seeing in Bitcoin I think we're acting very well here with this channel forming for aetherium so a theme, has been following this amazing, ascending channel we're seeing some volume, come in and all, of these factors.

In My opinion Dima, Thames the best known, hedge at this point against Bitcoin now the one thing that is a little worrisome, for me is the fact that these RSI, levels are at these overbought, levels at this point and the last time we saw the RSI at these overbought, levels it didn't take too long for us to see a major, retracement. As a matter of fact if we were to draw this out you can see it really only took about 26. Days twenty seven days for us to, be at these overbought, levels until we saw major. Retracement. Here with aetherium, so to look at this run, right here you can already calculate, that we've been at these over about levels for about 25. 26, days now so we've, been there the same amount of time that we were up there around, this timeframe until, we saw this, huge or trace Minster I would be a little bit careful right now if we can break that 30 day mark I think that would be a little bit more of a bullish. Type. Of response, here because you can see in the past it's followed, that rule. Pretty. Heavily so you can see this bullish, period was, right around 29. Days 27, days before we saw a. Zone. In which people were starting to take profits because remember the markets all psychological so you can use, these patterns, as a way to determine, what's going to happen look another 30 day run before is saw a huge, retracement, so we're, seeing that once again it's already approaching the, part. Of that but, around that 2627. Day mark i think more people are becoming familiar with the fact that aetherium is becoming a good hedge and because, of that we may see a, retracement, before, seeing further highs and I think the best buy point would be if we did see that retraced but right, around the 7.3, million satoshi, range right here where we know there's known support, levels and that's really where that cup started, to form from this rounding bottom so that's, really what I would watch him that's also a known support, level and accumulation, zone from the past you can see here before, we saw that larger, trace 'men below as we, saw that huge correction, down around, the, latter part of 2017. Knowing, that bitcoin started to fly through the roof so. Jose. Says you've. Said B&B is a buy but I see it bearing descending, triangle on the one day B&B. Is a long term hold for me it's not a coin that I would just, tell, you to, swing. Trade every now and then it's a coin that I would hold for the long term, but we will pull up B&B just because you're, right we have talked about this as a long-term hold in the past and I still believe this is a very undervalued, coin, I believe, we'll start to see new all-time highs, very soon, when institutional. Investors. Come into this market because I'll give you an example right so there's, institutional. Investors, that will use, institutional. Grade tools and equipment to, trade so for, example coinbase prime, is you, know something that just got released yesterday and that's, an institutional. Grade exchange, for institutions, to trade on right so, a lot of institutions will utilize those but there's still a lot of very. Wealthy individuals that. Are in this market that don't necessarily have the institutional. Grade tools, to trade on but they'll use in exchange like buy Nance, right so when they're going on to buy Nance and they want to pour liquidity, into this market, and they, realize that if they have the B&B coin that they can pour in that liquidity and then save up to 50%. On fees they're. Gonna want to buy a ton of B&B coins, right they're gonna hot onto those because they're gonna utilize those at some point in the future so once, we, start to see more liquidity come to this market I think the B&B coin is just going to be a coin that will naturally ascend. In value, so do, you guys agree or disagree with that on the live chat let's see say yay or nay if you agree or disagree with that, and I, think we'll also give out a book on this livestream it seems like we've, gotten, a pretty. Good amount of viewers over the past couple of days and, I, really, appreciate, each and every one of you watching, this channel because once again you guys are the, lifeblood of this channel you're word-of-mouth, advertising you.

Going Out talking, about snipers, to being the community that, you get your information from helps. Us out a ton and that's why we're, able to thrive and prosper the way we are allowing, us to have analysts. To post charts. For you having, analysts constantly, monitoring, charts, and it's something that we want to do so why don't we do a quick giveaway. Here after, that. Little brief moment, of appreciation and, the giveaway, question, is going to be what, is this, pattern, for, what is this pattern, called right here we talked about it today what. Is this pattern here. What. Is that called. When. You see a pattern like that. Or. You can draw it out like, that. What. Does that call. Let's. See all. Right the, next one. Says. Head and shoulder, and that's. True that's a head and shoulder so you got the book send, me a message on Twitter, a sniper's. Tube if you don't have a Twitter just make a Twitter account johan Thorson. Says cup and handle doesn't look like a cup and handle let's, see here Anthony says, cup and handle no Julie, and carriage, said it's a Willie a, ka-50. Says a hump. Now. We see all right Tanner said head and shoulders George said head and shoulders wore and said head and shoulders Anthony, said head and shoulders, but. We, only can have one winner or we'll do a second win or two how about that uh let's, see here who's been on our stream Joe Han Thorson. Send us actually. You know si said reverse head & shoulders I guess you can consider it reversed depending on which one is normal to you right, because there's an inverse head and shoulder which is the opposite, and verse ended shoulder goes, like that and that's actually a breakout pattern while the, normal, head and shoulders is a reversal, pattern so there's, reversal, patterns and breakout patters once again if you're not stubborn and you're on our discord, and you. Have, gotten, on here and you go on to our trading. Patterns. Area here you can get all this educational, material for free don't be starving get on discord there's a mobile app there's a phone app there's a desktop. App there's like every type of app there's a web version you can just do it on your web site. Stuff. You know on your internet browser so it's, definitely, something that, I believe each and every one of you should be on so. Brazil. Says hey naive so why don't we end the, stream with, an analysis, on a coin that a lot of people are talking about which.

Is Gonna. Be up to the audience to choose so what is the next coin that, we want to do an analysis on somebody, says Tron why don't we do a TRX. Analysis, and then, we'll also do one more after that so. Let's. See here, somebody said smash the likes what are we at with those likes. 222. Okay thank God we haven't had 300 yet if we hit 300, I got into the Mohawk. So. Let's hope that doesn't come so. We, just picked us is why do you always compare, with BTC, and not US dollars, it's, a good question we just pixel, so I will. Traditionally, use the Satoshi charts, when I'm doing my analysis, and there's a reason for that so when you're trading Bitcoin, why, do you or when you're trading an altcoin like for example if you wanted to buy some icon what, process, would you go through to purchase icon well, for, the most part if it, were me I would, most likely buy my Bitcoin on an exchange - like Gemini, for example, and then take that Bitcoin and then send it to my buy Nantz account and then in my buy Nantz account I will have the Bitcoin to then trade, the, icon. BTC. Pairing right but, when I go to buy Nantz and I look for a icon. USD, pairing, it's, just not present we're available right now so knowing. That the majority of us, are trading, our coins, for, Bitcoin. We. Want to look at the Bitcoin charts because why would you buy Ikon if you're. Losing Bitcoin, valuation. When, you're making that trade right so you want to play your. Profits. Based upon satoshi, value, which will eventually translate, into USD, value, and that's, kind, of what bitcoins, use-cases if you really think about it that's the intrinsic value that Bitcoin brings to the place the fact that you can utilize it for a ton of other coins and it's why I believe. That we're not yet, going to. You know the debt. Remain or the defeat. Of Bitcoin I think that it has a long way to go and I think a lot of institutions. Are gonna have interest in using it as a storage of value as well as a means, of exchange so. Somebody. Says 15 40 likes for a mohawk. All, right well, looking at this chart I want to just kind of go through some quick analysis, here one, thing I'll tell you is expecting. A retracement, in the majority of the market I think Tron will also follow suit, and I think we'll start to see a retracement back down around that, 50-day, moving average and it's cool because our analysts. Today. That. Posted, the Tron long, term trade talked about how, it will most likely go down to these lower Fibonacci levels, and you can see it pretty much coincides, with where that 50-day moving averages, as well so knowing. That not only did I predict. That it's gonna head down to these levels our other analysts, did it's a pretty strong prediction here that were most likely gonna see some, sort of iteration and back down to these levels and this would probably be the ideal point to get yourself into Tron because knowing, that and knowing that. Your position is right along that 50-day moving average if it does breach, that 50-day, like, it did here and then, it's off further lows you'll be aware of that you'll be able to get out of your position fairly, quick with minimal, losses in comparison, to if you were to buy in a position, now with an expectation of a drop you, can see what the RSI is well we've been at these higher levels, for the most part we haven't seen these lower levels yeah so it might be time, for us to see those lower levels for just a second so that's what I would say for Tron, and then. For. Our next. Analysis. Here let's. Go ahead and do, yo. S somebody. Said, check. Out us unless. We already did yo s but I know we talked about it earlier so. EOS also, starting, to retrace, back down to around that 50-day moving average we're, starting to see sellers, come in but, don't underestimate them on a by volume that you OS has seen over the past few weeks one thing I'll tell you about you OS is iOS. Is most likely going to be a top, four top three coin in the next couple of months and there's a very strong reason for that the OS is expected, to launch their main that soon once, that main that launches, its going to Posey OS to go right, into competition, with aetherium, and, a lot of these etherium bill applications. Are going, to find more, use, case. And more benefits, from transitioning. On to, aetherium rather than staying on aetherium or, transferring. Into Els rather than staying on aetherium due to the fact that the OS is a, faster. Blockchain, knowing that it has 21, centralized, nodes versus, aetherium, where the nodes are spread, across thousands, of nodes so knowing.

That Knowing that will most likely see, a small, transfer, of wealth and market, cap from aetherium to eos I believe. That we'll see some all-time highs very soon so if you were to try to get a long-term position into a coins and I think that watching, the OS as it, starts to approach that 50-day moving average seeing, how it reacts to that is the, best opportunity for those of you trying to get a position in iOS. So hopefully. This, live stream has helped out we're. Gonna end it here nobody. Wanna. Bet we're only at 256, likes so, that's, it for that, but, I really appreciate all of you guys tuning and if you enjoyed this subscribe. To our channel, like the video thank, you all for tuning in once again I'm gonna see all of you on discord, so, I will see, some of you guys here in the chat so, we have our free discord, resource highly recommend, each and every one of you guys get on here we post daily charts, daily, opportunities daily. Educational, material daily market health updates daily fundamental, analysis, updates and daily. Signals, as well as this awesome, community that's moderated, 24/7. To ensure all the trolls, are out of the way and it's just a, community. That breeds, value. So I'll, see some of you on discord, and like always cheers, to all of you thank, you Mark Maxwell, says you rock and I am lots of fun Thank, You Boris's, you get free tokens of project cos funds to build on their platform yes they do a ton of airdrops let's. See what else zabba. Holic says bye buddy, thank, you soup, tosses smash that like button yes, smash, it. JM. R says tmq, ash will, do another live, stream for more technical analysis andre says thanks 9 you're very welcome, yes. Neal says I finally joined the discord, yes. And we have others that finally, are going to start joining the discord thank you all for watching and like, always until. Our next one, somebody. Said Julie Franklin says discord, is awesome yes, you're right Julie it is thank.

You All for tuning in, snipers out.

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I realized the End of April early May Pump was to sell for correction later. The writing was on wall when it was announce Institutional buyers were moving into the space. They never buy into rallies they buy on large dips. The catch 22 was if you sold you end up with BTC which corrected too but on something like EOS it was worth selling since the correction was far more than BTC.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at lower price levels than its recent highs of around $10,000 and the big question is Why? With large hedge funds, and other institutions eyeing to diversify into Bitcoin, it’s only a matter of time until massive amounts of liquidity will take this market to all new levels. Let’s talk about Consensus 2018 and the effect it’s having on this market. ►Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/snipers (Trend Signals, Educational Resources, & More) Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below! Also connect with us on any platform you prefer for non-stop action! Video Timestamps: 00:01 - Intro 00:50 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis 03:20 - Article: Why bitcoin falling..... 05:54 - Discord 07:50 - Article: Iran and Russia plan to start.... 08:06 - Article: French Finance Minister: Let.... 09:27 - Tron New Website. 09:55 - Icon Technical Analysis 11:40 - BTS Technical Analysis 14:33 - Discord - Trade signals and Technical Analysis 16:23 - Verge Technical Analysis 22:04 - ETH Technical Analysis 25:10 - BNB Technical Analysis 26:57 - Give Away Q&A 29:09 - Tron Technical Analysis 32:29 - EOS Technical Analysis ►CONNECT! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sniperstube DISCORD: https://discord.gg/HqgQA9D FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sniperstube INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sniperstube/ SNAPCHAT: https://www.snapchat.com/add/sniperstube STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@snipers PHONE #: (504) 434-0269 ►HERE'S WHAT I USE! Coinbase (Trade Bitcoin): https://www.coinbase.com/join/59982942f2e11e008e04960c Binance (Trade Altcoins): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11668901 Bitmex (Shorting/Leverage Trading Bitcoin): https://www.bitmex.com/register/9CXNWf TradingView (Charting): http://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH1TG Coinigy (API Charting): https://www.coinigy.com/?r=5f8dd7f0 3Commas (Consecutive Stop Loss/Take Profits/Trading Bot/Copy Trading): https://3commas.io/?c=tc25670 Books & More: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sniperstube?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp ------------------------- ►REFRENCES! BG image - https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/silhouette-of-confident-businesspeople_860252.htm#term=team&page=1&position=11 Why Is Bitcoin (BTC) Falling Despite Consensus Excitement?: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/05/bitcoin-btc-falling-despite-consensus-excitement/ Iran and Russia Discuss Plans to Start Trading with Crypto to Bypass the Dollar and SWIFT: https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/05/16/iran-russia-discuss-plans-start-trading-crypto-bypass-dollar-swift French Finance minister: Let France be the first blockchain & crypto-active innovation in Europe: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@proofmaster/french-finance-minister-let-france-be-the-first-blockchain-and-crypto-active-innovation-in-europe Tron New Website: https://tron.network/ Disclaimer: The information from Naeem and any other SnipersTube affiliate/member is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. I don't make any guarantees or other promises as to any results that may be obtained from using my content/advice. No one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial adviser and conducting his or her own research and due diligence.

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