Why Investors WILL Buy Bitcoin After COVID 19 - Senators Insider Stock Trading - BTC Decoupling

Why Investors WILL Buy Bitcoin After COVID 19 - Senators Insider Stock Trading - BTC Decoupling

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Seventy-five. Percent from. The recent, bottom, as you can see here 79, percent gains we're gonna be talking about why, investors. Are going to be looking at Bitcoin, as the. Corona virus, outbreak, starts, to fade away of course it's a very serious matter, but we've got a lot of headlines, to talk about today. Including. The hash, rate seeing, lows, here as the, minor capital, tation continues. The, confirmed, transactions. Per day seeing, some, new lows for the last year, as well, as the crypto, fear, and greed index, still. At extreme. Fear, and then, we're going to be looking at some google trends nearby stocks, soaring, over the last five years and why, this is important, for Bitcoin, as it decouples. With. Equity, markets, and of course we've got some more drama here you can see two GOP senators face questions, over stock sales ahead of markets, coronavirus. Slide we've, got a lot to go over in this article is going to be very interesting, and I can't wait to hear your guys thoughts on this make sure to like this video and subscribe if, you have guys haven't already and, we're gonna be looking at something Ray Dalio recently. Said but first and foremost I want to talk about bitcoins, technical, analysis, because, we have a very, very, very, important. Falling, wedge here for me you can see we are still within this falling, wedge finding. Support, inside. Of this falling, wedge which is a bullish. Pattern, for those of you that are not in our discord, group if you guys go into, the trading. Patterns, area here you can see a falling, wedge here is where, there's, a contraction. Between, a consolidation. In a dissent and that, is a very, bullish pattern, so we're going to be looking at that and we're also gonna be possibly doing a live call with our discord, group for those of you guys that are in our disc route after this live stream so let's go ahead and first dive into this technical analysis, as I've got a lot to talk about when. It comes to, this, technical. Analysis. Of Bitcoin, as we saw, a major break, out over the last 48, hours as we've, decoupled, with, traditional. Equity, markets, I see we've got awesome people, on live right Shaw geode, fro Hector, thank you guys for tuning in we'll take some questions from the live audience in just a second, but first and foremost I want you guys to realize we're gonna be doing some very extensive TA here because as we, predicted in, our last video you can see we found a bottom, here where we found support, inside, of this falling, wedge and now, you can see we found resistance. At the exact, level that we were expecting. To find resistance within this falling wedge unfortunately. We have yet to break out of this falling wedge but I'm gonna talk about why, that, doesn't necessarily matter, right now due to the fact that stock, markets, are still, in a decline, as we've seen future, markets, with, a sharp, decline, after. Friday's, closed and I'm gonna be looking at several different patterns, here for you guys I see we've got a lot more people on live somebody, just said yes opportunity, soon I love it geo, darfur says thanks for making videos again you definitely, welcome now I want you guys to realize what's happening here so first. And foremost I want to point out the, bullish. Scenario. For Bitcoin because right now we, are in a very indecisive. Point, I want to be clear with this because the. Fact of the matter is we saw this major breakout, but we did see major, sell, volume, with a bearish, wick at the top of this resistance, around 7,000. Now understand, I am expecting. Extreme. Choppiness, over, the next few days especially into, the weekend as we all know markets. In the cryptocurrency sphere are more manipulated.

In The weekend than any other time due to future markets being closed now what's very interesting about what's happening right now is, because. Of the fact that we're expecting choppy, action, it's really due to the fact of the, derivative, market, crash that recently happened that brought Bitcoin, down to that $3,900. Level if you guys don't know what happened with bit max watch, our video on Monday to, understand, the, big issue with the crypto market seeing, more volume. In the derivative, market versus the spot trading market like most equities. And that, caused, a major sell-off, and so I am going to go ahead and ignore this wick just for now being, the fact that we are able to see, a confirmed. Bottom, here within this falling, wedge which, is a, a bullish, pattern, now one, thing I want you guys to realize is the, way Bitcoin, is typically. Gonna, find its bottom, I'm finding, some very interesting correlations. With what we saw here in December, of 2019. With, this bottoming, pattern as we, formed, this initial, low and then a lower low and then of course we, found a higher low here as you can see this initial, low a. Lower. Low and then a higher low before seeing, a push to the upside and, what's really interesting is if we go in the 4-hour chart you, can see here if we don't, pay attention to this wick because we all can. Agree with. The fact that this recent push down was, more manipulation, than ever due to the derivative, market crash then we see here we've got a load made right here a lower, low and then a higher low before, a breakout. And Bitcoin likes to bottom out in this fashion as you guys just saw, with this previous, bottom that occurred in December, of 2019. So when it comes to the bullish scenario, that is one bullish, potential. Pattern, that we're seeing right now and it mimics exactly. What we saw in December of 2019. And so that right there for me is very positive, as long as we can stay above. That initial, breakout, level, of around, 6,000. Of course we just saw a whip down, but, buyers were very quick to buy that up which is very positive right, now and understand. That's not the only bullish, pattern or seeing you can also see we've got a potential, rounding. Bottom forming. Here if you guys don't know what a rounding bottom is once, again in our discord, if you guys go into the trading patterns section, you can see a rounding, bottom comes, in from a dissent forms, a cup and then sees a push down before, a breakout to the upside where, we've got a neckline form and we've got a potential, rounding, bottom now understand, none of these patterns in my opinion are very concrete. Because. Of the choppiness, that we're seeing due, to the major market, crash that recently happened with derivative, markets, which we can all agree was. More, than, what, was needed and was beyond, technical analysis.

And Therefore, we're trying to. Make the best out of what we've currently got because, if you look at any analysis, right now a lot of it is undetermined. People are saying that we've found the bottom some people are saying there's gonna be lower lows and of course right now in my opinion being the market for over ten years now I can tell you it's very very very, indecisive, right now another, potential. Bullish. Pattern, that we're seeing here is an inverse head and shoulder where we've got a head here and two, shoulders, forming, of course, it's not perfect but, that can, also be a, potential. Bullish, pattern, that's forming right now that we've broken out of so the. Main point here these are all potential, patterns but the main formation. That we want to pay attention to is this, overall falling, wedge anything. Below that, $4,400. Level and this is a gemini chart in my, opinion, would be extremely, bearish, for bitcoin being the fact that we've already whipped and broke that falling wedge of course it was beyond, technical, analysis, in my opinion but, the fact that we broke through, that wick is negative. In my opinion when it comes to, understanding the, basic, fundamentals, of th so if we see a break below. That. 5700. To $5,500. Level remember we have that 200, week moving average as well at, that. 5550. Level, we do not want to go below, that, green line that we have drawn out here because this right here is the 200-day, moving average, at, 5555. And so, if. You guys want my best assumption, in how to determine the bullish or bearish case, right now the, fact of the matter is we don't want to go below, 5500. At this point because that would, eliminate all of these bullish, patterns, that I've just talked to you guys about and, it would also bring us below the 200 week moving average so preferably. We stay above the $5,500. Level and we consolidate. Between, fifty five hundred and seven, thousand, over the next few days also potentially, allowing all coins to see some. Action. To the upside because you can see as we, just talked about this all being beyond, technical, analysis, if we look at Bitcoin dominance, when all of that occurred, you, can see we saw some, major volatility. Here with Bitcoin dominance, and Bitcoin, dominance, once again is not the best to look at when it comes to technical analysis, but you can see Bitcoin, dominance, is currently. Trending up and so, we want to potentially see this trend, back down to allow some altcoins some room to breathe and so looking at bitcoins, chart I'm gonna go, into the beer scenarios, I think it's a little bit more interesting, than the bullish case right now but, understand, we want to stay above, that $5,500, level and consolidate. Most likely between 7,000. And 5,500. At this point now understand, along, with all of this, the real indicator. That we were going to breakout, was when Bitcoin, started. To D couple, from, equity. Markets, if you guys have, been watching our live stream over the last two weeks we've talked about an extreme correlation. With equity markets as of recent, with Bitcoin, as if you even go into the 1-minute chart during, market hours you, can see a very strong correlation with equity markets now that changed. Significantly, when. We started to see Bitcoin, breakout, and equity, markets formu lows if we were to take a chart here and look, at a side-by-side comparison, with. The Dow for example, or actually if we look at the sp500, I've, seen more correlation. With you, can see here when, Bitcoin started. To stop correlating. With the, sp500, we'll go ahead and pull both of these on a daily, chart and you can see here when the S&P 500, here, started, to continue. To see lower lows just, pay attention to the dotted line here it's gonna correlate, with time frame you can see here it was March 16th. Where, Bitcoin, started, to see push to the upside, while equity markets continued.

Down And was really right here where we saw the decoupling. Of Bitcoin. With, equity, markets now why do I say that's important, well a lot of you guys have said Bitcoin, is not acting, as the quote-unquote storage. Of value it's supposed to be but, I disagree, I think it's acting, amazingly. As a storage of value right now and that's why the, title of this video is why, investors, will buy Bitcoin, after the coronavirus. Fades away and the reason I say that is if we look at what happened, with gold in 2008. Which was the primary hedge, against, markets, at the time you, can see if we go back to the recession of 2008, and we pull up a gold, and we looked at the Dow for example, here in comparison. To gold what, you can see here is very interesting, in the fact that gold, also saw a pushdown initially. In 2008. With, equity. Markets and the reason being is it's a fundamental, rule that, when prices of equities go, down you, want to preferably, see prices. Of other commodities, and precious, metals go down as well because, if investors, are trying to determine where they want to put their liquidity when. Markets, are down and things are on sale you, want to make sure that, even the commodities, and precious metals are at a discount, so that people and investors, can see potential, upside with. The precious metals just as much as they'll see potential, upside with, the equity markets, and so you can see here in 2008. Initially. On the right we've got the Dow Jones you, can see we topped out here and bit in gold at the time was starting to see a push, to the upside and, we know that also happened with Bitcoin, and what's interesting is we really started to see the market crash around. July, of 2008. During, the Great Recession and you can see where we saw that major crash, to, the downside, at that, exact, moment we. Started, to see gold. See. A push, to the upside and. Decoupled. With equity. Markets. And why is that so interesting it's, because of the fact that, Bitcoin. Now has decoupled. Itself from, equity, markets, which could potentially also. Indicate. A bottom. Is coming. Very soon for, equity, markets now that we're down between, 30 and 40 percent in all major indices, so understand. That this is becoming. A very bullish. Case, for, Bitcoin, as we, start to see Bitcoin, continue. To see upside, amongst. Equity, markets seeing new lows on a daily, basis, due to the global pandemic. I would. Love to hear you guys's opinion, on that little rant I just had here I see we have Michael Saracino, on Twitter, right now Edward. Park Hector Guerrera thank you guys for tuning in buddy V in the house if you, guys have comments, and questions that are thought-provoking I'd love to hear it in the comments, and once, again I want you guys to understand, there's one more thing I want you guys to realize you, understand. We're also seeing, a rise in volume. When it comes to Bitcoin right now as all, of this occurs, and that in my opinion is extremely, important, to see right now because we want some volume coming into this and if you guys actually look at this four-hour chart, agree, or disagree here, but in my opinion we are seeing more buyer consistency. Than sell pressure here as you, can see we've got this, major buy volume. Here in comparison. To all of the other sell, volume, that is a lot less in, significance. Than this by volume, and we're seeing a lot of green, here which is very bullish here so understand. I am still very undetermined. And indecisive, you know we definitely predicted. That we were gonna see a push to 7000. As we found this falling, wedge amongst, all of the other analysts, at weren't looking at that pattern but, at this point we are at a middle, ground where we want to stay above, 5500. And below. 7000. To consolidate, in between these levels as we, allow equity, markets to finally, catch a bottom, and as I've talked about over the last two weeks, I personally, believe what. We're really gonna see is when equity markets start to see a push and liquidity come, in we're gonna start to see Bitcoin. Rise a lot faster, as gold did in 2008. Now, that bitcoin is in fact, here during a recession, and of course we are entering a recession Bank of America recently announced, that we are entering a recession, but I believe it's gonna be one of the fastest recessions, that we get out of and there's a lot of reasons for that especially. Because in 2008. It wasn't as easy easy to find freelance, work.

It Wasn't as easy to, just go, onto your phone and log in to Ebor ubereats, and start working for these companies and making, a side hustle so I think as soon as this virus outbreak can start to clear out we. Will start to see a recovery. And it's going to be a very fast one the same way it was a very fast drop what's interesting is Ray Dalio didn't, even catch this drop but the Senators, did the ones that were inside or trading which we're gonna talk about in just a second but I want to go over the bear scenario, here Tibor Farkas, says hi, babe I'm on TV, interesting. I know somebody, sent me photo on Twitter at one point it was me on their TV and they were watching my live show you guys watch, me on your TV send me a photo of that I think that's kind of funny to see me on your guys's television, but I'd, love to hear you guys's opinion on what I just went over one, other thing I want to quickly show you guys is if we look at the DXY which determines. The strength of the dollar against. Major currencies, you can see we're seeing a rise in the strength of the dollar and even, with seeing such, strength with the dollar bitcoin, is still seeing, a 40%. Increase from its recent low over the last two weeks and in that I believe. Bitcoin. Is becoming just as strong if not stronger, than the dollar amongst, a lot of these other currencies. That are seeing a big crash especially. If you look at the Australian. Dollar losing. A ton of value against the US dollar and of course I am not downplaying, the corona virus outbreak of course all of these stores are closed people are in quarantine staying. Home right now yes. There is a major, major, issue with, this virus outbreak, but until we can start to recover I think, is when we're gonna see one of the fastest, recoveries, in history. And maybe, and potentially, one, of the, most. Fascinating. Bull. Runs for Bitcoin, as we'll talk about in just a second, so I want, to go over the bearish scenario, in just a second now that we went over the bullish scenario if you guys enjoyed that little rant like the video I've done a lot of research today to give you guys this info.

But. Understand, we're gonna be looking at the bearish case right now so I'm gonna keep this very simple with you guys understand. At this point we. Don't want to break below the 200 week moving average which we just talked about and, that 200 week moving average is right around that, 55, 50, level so that's gonna be the level we're gonna be watching here around that 55 50, level we don't want to break below, that because that's going to show a sign. Of weakness and it's going to, pretty, much invalidate. All of those patterns that we just talked about that are potentially, forming right now in this, very choppy zone now another, instance. Is if. We break below 5500. We may see another. Bottom, at this falling, wedge I think, the only reason that would happen is if equity. Markets, start, to see major. Downside. In compares, to where they're already at because at that point just as we've talked about in the last few weeks when, equity. Markets become, extremely. Discounted, we also want to see extreme, discounts, with precious metals and commodities so that they can still be attractive. For the investors that have cash on the side like Warren Buffett sitting on the most cash he's ever sat on before and of course I guarantee, you if, Bitcoin, starts to move Warren Buffett might become a believer finally, right just understand that's very important, now understand. Along. With this I'd like to use, the. RSI, as confirmation. I don't like to use indicators when trading as much I do, use, them for confirmation. And, I want you guys to realize we, are seeing some, potentially, bearish indicators, here when it comes to. The, RSI, here for, Bitcoin so you can see here at 40. Which in my experience. 40. Is a level if we stay below 40 and RSI is bearish, right if we find resistance at 40 it's bearish anything, between 40. And 60. Is neutral, anything above 60, starts to become bullish, I know some of you guys argue that it's below 30 below 70 but that's what all of the you, know that's what the majority of beginners, look, at the more experienced, traders from, my experience, they look at the. 40. And the, 60, level as a, initiator. Of a bullish or bearish trend, you can see we've got a bearish RSI, here finding resistance, currently at 40. On the daily we pull up the four-hour. RSI, we broke below 60, we're now finding resistance, at 60 that's bearish, in my opinion, on the, weekly you can see a very decisive.

Resistance. At 40 currently, very, bearish in my opinion, and so we've got a bearish weekly. Daily. And for our RSI. Right now so along. With that understand. We, are at a time of extreme, panic and so when, we look at pass rate yes we are seeing hash rate starting, to drop but it's just like every other chart, in the. Global, market right now things are dropping so this is understandable, understandable, to, me of course we have the whole thing coming out but, we don't want to go into halvah. Ng ran at this point I know I say it wrong by the way maybe. You guys can correct me, our discord, live-chat if we do that tonight but, understand, that this. Is expected, to see a lower hash rate when we look at confirmed, transactions, per day it's not looking too bad but we are seeing lower levels we initially broke up but then when we saw the corona virus outbreak, really, spread. Into the marketplace everything, started in a drop and of course it looks like there's been less transactions, with Bitcoin and so that, also not looking the best right now but that's. Totally, fine in my opinion because when, the fearful are, fearful. Be greedy when the greedy are fearful. Be greedy right and so you can see with the extreme, fear greed, index. For Bitcoin currently, extreme. Fear can be a sign that investors are too worried that could be a buying opportunity we talked about that when Bitcoin was. At these lower levels, and we were seeing stream, fear around, that four thousand five thousand dollar level and of course that ended up being great entry, point for a Bitcoin, and so that's. Really the technical and fundamental, analysis. That I want you guys to understand, and then of course I want you guys to see buy, stocks, now on Google Trends trending. Extremely. Right now along, with buy stocks if we type in buy gold, you can see that's also starting to trend if we pull up the, if. We actually pull up the, let's. Do the 12-month. Chart you can see over the last 12 months we're starting to see potential, new highs with, people interested, in buying gold, if we type in buy Bitcoin, it's, actually not that good I've seen this chart I don't. See this as anything, significant. Because we saw something similar in June of 2019. But that was the time that Bitcoin was starting to soar back up towards 14,000.

So That, could potentially be bullish for Bitcoin, and so Google Trends in my opinion is showing the fact that people are becoming bullish, about stocks and why that's important is because remember when equity markets start to go up I'm expecting. A amplified. Uptrend, for Bitcoin, as we, saw with gold in 2008. And now Bitcoin, being here acting is what it was meant to act for and with, what Satoshi, Nakamoto, wrote bitcoins. White paper for which is a global, recession and it's the first time it's gonna be able to act in the. True, form of what it needs to act as because, there's so much corruption in the. Traditional. Government. All, currency. Right now if you look at this article it's fascinating, mean this is extremely, fascinating. I want to hear you guys as opinion on this, I'm. Sure you guys heard, of this before I want to give you my thoughts on this two. GOP senators, face questions overstock, sales ahead of the markets, coronavirus. Outbreak Senate. Chairman Richard Burris facing questions about, his decision, to sell between six hundred and thirty thousand, 1.7. Million dollars worth of stock one, week before global financial markets began a historic, slide in response. To the corona virus pandemic a second, Republican senator Kelly, Lafleur, also, sold large amounts of stock in late January, and early February when. US markets were hitting all-time, highs now, it gets really interesting here both, Byrne and Lafleur have, received non-public. Information about, the global spread of coronavirus from executive, branch officials, who have been briefing, senators regularly, since, at least January. And, it continues. On to say in a statement Friday, this. Is how bird defended, himself he said his, decision to offload, his stock was based solely on public, news reports oh really well I'll tell you why I don't believe that in just a second you can see here says members, of Congress are prohibited by law from using, non-public. Information they, obtained through their official, positions, in order to personally, profit off the stock market it's called insider trading and then it continues, to say on February 13th one, week before US stocks began sliding burst sold more, than a half a million dollars worth of shares in, a single, day now we go to Loffler, and it, says here the same day she. That. Loffler Senate committee hosted, a private, senators, only briefing, about the spread of the new coronavirus, Loffler, and her husband sold shares worth between 1.25. And 3.1. Million dollars. She. Said the Senators does, not make investment, decision of her portfolio investment, decisions are made by multiple, third-party advisors, without, her or husband's, knowledge or involvement really what, I'd love to know who your financial. Adviser is if he's able to predict, a market. Sell-off because, guess what Ray. Dalio, the, one that earned money in 2008. Global recession. Known, as one of the best investors, in the world was, also caught off guard by, the revoir so you're telling me the largest hedge fund in the world Bridgewater, associates, ran, by ray dollar with an infamous, ray dollar you guys know I love principles, his book you're.

Telling Me your financial, advisor is better than Ray Dalio and his millions, of dollars if not billions of dollars worth, of research and equipment, and systems. That he utilizes, to determine, and predict, things like this you can see her says Ray Dalio caught, wrong-footed, with big losses at Bridgewater fund, so you're telling me your Senators financial. Adviser is better than Ray Dalio what, I'd love to have that financial advisors phone, number because let's see how he advised, his other clients, right did they sell off a week before the major crash the, founder of the world's largest hedge fund has admitted his Bridgewater, associates, were caught off guard during, this month's coronavirus, led market turmoil as its, flagship, fund dropped about 20 percent, for the year following sharp reversals, in stocks bonds, commodities and, credit radar. Lewis says we did not know how to navigate the virus and chose not to because we didn't think we had an edge in trading it so we stayed in our positions and in retrospect we should have cut all risks, I'd love to hear you guys his opinion on that but that in my opinion shows. You the power of Bitcoin, and why, it matters, in the world today and this is why it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, in his, white papers, Edward, Park says I too believe the markets will turn around once the virus issue has been resolved, absolutely. You look at the history of, financial. Markets we look at the traditional S&P 500, and it, has a record-breaking. Win. Streak I don't, expect this to continue but of course it's a very serious, issue right now and it's, one of the most serious, issues that we've experienced, as an economy because of how fast it hit us and of, course it's gonna cause turmoil, it's gonna cause decline, but, the, same way it happened so fast I believe it will recover. Extremely. Fast. So, Tiber. Says do you use MACD I used to use MACD a lot but not as much as of Reese and PS, says about the title of the video of course everything will push after the virus is contained same as stocks commodities everything will go well what I'm saying is Bitcoin is gonna push further than all of these commodities, and precious metals and stocks. And I say that because when we look at gold in 2008. When it was really used to its highest potentials of storage of value you can see that's when gold saw a major, breakout, to the upside and so this. Is 2008. Right here look, at how much upside, is saw how the violet of an up break that was and, I expect, that very similarly. To happen, for, Bitcoin, as this, time we've got a digital version of gold in the market like we didn't have in 2008. I hope that answers your question there, Michael, from Twitter says pretty ironic Fed printing money while BTC, becoming the scarcest, asset in the planet in two months I agree. A hundred percent there's, a lot of great fundamentals, right now for Bitcoin there's going to be very important to watch this falling wedge as we predicted in our last video as we found resistance, at that $7000 level and we want to see a potential consolidation between, fifty five hundred and seven, thousand, in my opinion to be confident. In the fact that we are going to potentially see a move, to the upside as we progress in this, situation, so let's. See if we've got any other, questions. Or comments, here, and. We, will be wrapping up this live stream if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit, that like button I appreciate, each and every one of you guys being tuned if you guys have any other questions I'd love to answer those questions but, I will be wrapping this up in just a second if you guys would, like I know we talked about doing a live. Call here I'm, thinking it's a little bit too late it's Friday, night, so. I don't know if you guys want. To do the live call or not it's up to you why, don't we do it so if you guys would like I'm, gonna go ahead and wrap this video up but, I am gonna be going on our discord onto the voice chat with my microphone if you guys want to actually talk to me and others and, if you're an introvert that's fine you can stay into. The live call and just listen and I'm gonna talk to you guys about some, of the things that some of the private hedge fund managers in the cryptocurrency sphere, have. Been detailing, with me of course I don't want to mention all of that in the video publicly. But, I wouldn't, mind doing that in a private live chat for those of you guys that are not in our discord, the link is discord. GG, slash profits, once you verify your account just join in here on voice chat we'll, go ahead and let you guys start joining in right now we'll, do a quick 15, to 30 minute night, owl for you guys and talk, a little bit about what's, happening right now and I'll talk to you guys a little bit about what, some of the hedge fund managers are saying about this Bitcoin.

Decoupling. And, we'll wrap this video up I don't want to take too much of your guys's Friday night here but we'll, go ahead and do a quick live call for those of you guys that want to join in I know it's a little bit late we might not have that many people I see we've got two, people already joining, in so, we'll go ahead and start, that live call in our discord the link is in the description, below and, I appreciate, you guys tuning in today we'll, wrap this livestream, up early. Since. We're gonna be heading into this discord live chat and I'll talk to you guys a little bit about what. The, private sector is saying on all of this but just remember, at the end of the day we're looking at 5500, as that, support. Level here at that 200 week moving average and 7000, currently has that resistance of this falling wedge if, we can break out to the upside from this falling wedge things will become extremely bullish from Bitcoin I'm not expecting, that I'm expecting, some sort of consolidation, along this area we don't want to go below 5500. Right now because anything below this don't can turn bearish, really quick and put bears in control, and so what we want to see is a consolidation. On this upside and then, of course from. There we have to watch equity, markets and see are we gonna see major major, sell-off, in equity markets because if we do the, issue with that is Bitcoin might need to be more discounted, to be attractive, for investors, but, if not then, Bitcoin can start to become what. It's meant to be as a hedge against this market and the storage of value for cash as the, Fed keep printing trillions of dollars the day now I think they announced that today trillions. Of dollars until the end of this month of repo. Loans and things that things, of that nature which will just continue devaluing. The dollar so you know it's not somebody's comment the other day it was like why do we pay taxes, if you can just print money right, so I said, we've got some people in our live chat already I know we don't have too many people joining in but I will be on the discord for you guys thank, you guys for tuning in I know this was a little bit late I'll try to start making the live seniors a little bit earlier so we can get these live chats a little bit bigger but.

I See we already have ton of people in there so we'll, head over to the discord thank you guys for tuning in and I, will see you guys on Monday. Remember, the weekends are manipulated, so be careful in the market thank you guys.

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