Why I Pivoted From ICO Content To Trading Analysis

Why I Pivoted From ICO Content To Trading Analysis

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Hey guys oh hey Maddie here wanted to bring you another video actually, has been a very important, day in terms of putting out content on the channel we just got done with recording. Our Bitcoin litecoin. X. Our PTA, video and also debuting, the Alpha of the, trading spreadsheet, that I'm working on currently one of the first in the industry to, bring, comprehensive. Trading. Information in, a spreadsheet format, for, people to review I want, to focus on a Twitter question that, crypto, ogre, had posted to me on. My litecoin, ta, chart that I had posted he, asked me have you pivoted from ICO analysis, to TA and, I want to kind of address this because it's a larger topic that needs to be addressed for the people who have been following my channel they, might not be, aware that I've been doing more ta videos recently because a lack. Of. The. Lack of focus on the market in general as you've seen not, only with the Google search trends for Bitcoin or just. The overall, market sentiment it's not incredibly bullish, as it was in. 2017, and early, 2018, so. The first thing I want to point out before I even get into any, of the nuances, that have to do with the ICL markets currently, I do, want to point out that in the past I've actually done several ta videos, maybe five to ten on one hand, it hasn't been a primary focus of the channel just because everyone. Who was getting into the crypto space in 2017, was mostly mostly, focusing, on new, and exciting technology and, adoption, and people finding this technology, and things, of that nature so I do want to say that I have done taa videos in the past and I've been currently doing tea a behind, the scenes since probably you, know early, 2017, or, mid 2017. Myself. Maybe even going back to 2016 it's really hard to think how far back it really has been and. I've really just been holding that craft because I knew that there would be a time where. The ico market would take a turn like this I talk about in all my videos in late 2017. People, have asked me you know what should I do if, I see I'll become profitable anymore XYZ. I've, told them they should focus on TA so I do want to address that just just, head on the. Second thing is that. I. Cos. Have some inherent, problems with, the current market. I think, that's kind of where we'll jump into it so if you remember some of my earliest, video so my earlier supporters, in the channel if you've been here since the longest or you were one of the few people that were watching, me maybe in August. Or September range. I think around that point, wow you remember, that one. Thing that my spreadsheet, specifically, had baked in that was unique from, all other spreadsheets, is that, it took comparison. When we were giving out points for the market cap valuation, it, took a comparison. Based on the top 100, market. Caps currently, in the space and it, said that if the coin went 3 to 5 X from his current valuation, where, would it range inside, the top 100, and if it didn't ring the side of the top 100 at all it would get really good points because then we didn't feel like there was an inverse market cap we're. Kind of back into that situation so. Currently, the hundredths place coin, on, coin market cap has a market cap of 45, million dollars, this, means that if your project wants to go 5 x from a 10 million value of evaluation. That means that the project would be around 94th, on corn market cap recall. That this was the bottom range and would award higher points, for the top 50 but for, the top 100, but, it's really the last tier before getting max points, so, keep that in mind when we have this conversation, so. Normally. What would happen and, we've, gone we've gone through cycles during the all coin rally of. 2017. Where, the, market took a slide, specifically. Focusing, on the. Bitcoin cash. Hard. Fork and the. The. Second segregated, witness event. As well both, of those had, uncertainty. And Bitcoin took a crash, in terms of price and then all coins were also felt during this so there. Was times back then that we thought thought oh well maybe, I cos are over or some of them failed or whatever but, really it was just a market cap adjusting, down and. The inverse mark has being touched so. What. Are I cos doing now to. Address this problem so back then what they would do is. That market cats would get super inflated, somewhere around the twenty or thirty million dollar range and then they would scale it back to, maybe the ten or twenty million dollar range rate as.

They Would just adjust that's. Not happening anymore most, icos maybe it's starting to happen more recently we, was talked about how I SEOs, have kind of taken this wave if he would now the waves is getting really. Volatile and the wave could be over the bubble could be completely, popped and that's for sure. I think there's a lot, of good arguments out there some of that we'll touch on today, so. Whatever. ICO is doing now to address the problem, that their market caps are way too high, for their. Current, situation, and I've had this conversation with, some, friends of mine I won't name their names but there are other people included in this conversation so I don't want to say that this is entirely my idea I, just want to kind of put this out there as a thought exercise and, kind of address the initial question of have I pivoted, from. ICO analysis, to TA so. So. Yeah so what are ICO is doing to address this well their market caps are still staying, pretty. Pretty, high we'll. Go to the spreadsheet here what's, that and, we'll go to the current project reviews, and I haven't, been able to update this. But. I. Don't. Know if Carm always released her their. Thing same, with hadron but if we look here Argo is at 30 million market, cap in. Terms of the current market cap if Argo wanted to go 5 X we. Would be putting their valuation, in 150. Million. Which would mean that Argo is the, 44th. Best, cryptocurrency, in the world. Unproven. No. One knows what they can do, don't. Know what their progress is on their roadmap they're. Saying that, they'll have their main then out within 90 days of release most. Likely that's not the case and we'll address that in a second. Edan chain coming out soon we'll, just do 25 million to have round Matt even, chains mark Cabot 100 million they. Would be the 54th, best. Project. In the world the. Best project out there in terms of market cap and just painting a picture for you guys, ancar. I am kr I'll break out a calculator for that one cuz I don't feel like doing the math 18. Times 5 is 90 million and kr. Will, be shortly, somewhere below that at. 60. The 65th or, if their currency in the world I think you guys are starting to see a trend holder. On the other hand actually. My main money they're like not a financial advice but they're 30 million. Or 5x or 35 million that's, in the top 150. So. Unfortunately. There a therm Peck went. Down solo but. It's just something to keep in mind phantom the same thing 40. Million you're, looking 120 minute you can do the math so you. Know what Ric o is doing to address this and it's unfortunate, that those projects. Were raised in, a slightly higher valuation. Market cap but even then it's still the same the market cap has. Has. Slid very. Gradually. Over the last three months so keep that in mind there's not much difference than what we're talking about we're actually gonna go back to, the historical actually. That was the historical, sorry. It's even worse no, sorry now we were looking at the right one this is a historical, so, historically. The, hundredth, this is back in June. At. The start of the summer was, eighty million, right. Now it's 40 million so everything's kind of cut in Hampton even worse now that wasn't you most. Of those guys raised their mark kept up in June so maybe they would be in the top 75, maybe he'd drop them 10 or 20 slots from where we just disgusting, back when they actually raised. Their money or were raising most of their funds so, what, are they doing well. First. Thing they're doing is that they're going entirely private. Right because they don't want what, unquote they don't want investors. To take on risk but that's actually not the case the. Actual case is that there's regulatory, issues that are coming up there's. Also the. Fact that. That. Exchanges. Are not really going to list them, exchanges. Are focusing on projects that have Maine that's out the, exchanges, want to take on less, regulatory, risk so there's a whole number of things that are baked into this it's not just one, size fits all it's not you, know breehn transparent, into space like whatever like. You. Have to look at it from this perspective if. You're saying that you're one of the top ICO or that you're one of the top crypto currencies in the space it's, a big claim from someone who hasn't done anything yet you could be offering, aetherium and it wouldn't be the case so theorem had to grow into.

What It became and, I had to get usability. On the platform to grow into what it became and we always discuss this in our. ICO. Timetable. Speculation. For stability and things of that nature so the. First thing that these projects are is that. They're. Sticking. With the evaluations. That are overvalued, inverse. Market caps as we called them and they're. Implementing, these very long vesting, terms I talked about this in previous videos, going back to a few, months ago and. It's funny that the community actually has feedback to say that you. Know oh yeah you're, now blah blah blah like that wouldn't happen back in 2017, back in 2017, the community was together the community has now been divided by I cos, to. Exclude, the public I've. Started passing on a number of ICS for a number of these reasons but what they do is, if they take these vesting, terms ran, and they say okay well majority, your token they're gonna be locked up for a year well what's in a year well, they're hoping that in the year the market recovers to a point where. Their market cap is actually undervalued. So. Let's say in a year's time. This, is like I, don't. Know let's say the 50th I see the 50th cryptocurrency, right. Gholem, currently. At 114. Million. Dollar market cap let's say in the in a year from now we recover and Gollum. Goes back to something like. 250. Or 500 million, dollar market cap rate problem. 500 million probably higher off the scale but just let's say 250, I think that's fair right well. If it's 250, million at 50, then. I'm a probably 125, here, and if, your project is worth about 20. Million dollars that's a 5x to get that's the 6x, to get into the top 100, so, they, lock up a majority your tokens, because they're gonna hope for positive, price action when, the market has recovered for them used, to be in the past that they would adjust to the market future. Icos are still not adjusting to the market if you look recently. A lot of these projects, are still raising up to 20 million and I think at this point I. Can't, I don't remember I have it in another sheet with chrome aways launch valuation, is but. From my understanding it, was private when I originally graded them so. I'm, sure Chrome away might even fall into that category. Projects, that I'm very bullish on probably. Our inverse. Market caps at this point and it's, a it's, a factor of the market, and it's, a it's a job of the projects. Who are looking to raise capital to. Address, that and I. Think. People kind of sat around a lot of these advisors advised of saying projects so there's, kind of an inner circle that are that are working on making these decisions a, lot of them they're kind of sitting around and saying that we, have one or two decisions, we, can either price. Ourselves, in terms of valuation, at a. Certain market cap and, say. That that is. Going. To be good for price action or we. Can raise more than what we're actually worth and just lock the tokens up for a large period of time and then, shorten. The seed round investing, and shorten, the the. Presale round investing in terms of the first initial round right so, what ends up happening is, that people who are kind of speculating, on on price in these pre sales and seed rounds they're, saying to themselves well I can. Take long risk. In terms, of I.

Can. Take long risk in terms of. The. Rest of the tokens that I hold from. The from. The regular round and I, can just flip my initial, tokens, that are given to me to, gate to gain back a number of my profits, and then, I can take the rest or the whole thing and just OTC. Flip it for crowd sale or so we're being excluded, so, this IC o---- scheme has kind of built itself over the last few months where, people invest and then they sell it for it to X guarantee, because no one for, the most part is making, 3 to 5 X anymore. Right. Many, prime most projects are not doing that so. The. Neck if you still want to make profit you can buy something to sell it between 1.5, and 2 X especially, if you wait. Until something, gains enough hype you know whatever. I, think I saw a phantom and it's early days selling it like 2x good for them for anyone who exited so. It's. Kind of just built this cycle, of blood, if you will, afford. The regular you, know route, sellers or whatever and the. Well they're not even relevant anymore not to say that you guys aren't relevant but. There's. Barely any crowd sales happening anymore it's only a fraction of the piece and. It's almost not, even worth it to go into right. And. Even. For me you know there's, a there's maybe like once, things started going south there's only maybe like five projects, I invested into and. Most of them the ether image is locked up or it took me a little bit to kind of get back with the times it takes you a while to adjust, to the market. It's, even taking me a while to kind. Of have a post-mortem, on, a. Post-mortem. Of what's going on, and. Just put everything into thoughts taken like maybe three months so I do apologize for that. Not. Coming sooner it's kind of like the. Bell has already rung, so. I want. To take a look at a project and this isn't this, isn't like a show or anything but one, of them one of the bigger I cor ro eyes and. I've already sold my position in this full disclosure. One of the biggest sorrow, is in ICO recent, history wasn't go chain right. So, if we remember back and go channa I was looking at it almost all, my sheep go, chamber released their tokens on the. End of June. And. They. Initially, raised their funds pretty quickly at. 12, million so. Their market cap was 12 million in June so I, look at the historical, market cap here of June this is June 24th, this is the day before they release their tokens and if. We look at 12 million if I want to see go she ain't good 5, X ok.

That. Would mean that their market cap is 60, million. If we look at 60 million if it, went 5x. Then. They would currently, be ranked. 126. Which. Is well outside the top well. Outside the top 100. We. Look at the current market cap. 12. Million 60. Million would be. ABF. Or Bank or is that so, there would be somewhat risk associated with this in the old scoring system but, it still wouldn't be outside of top 100 so it maybe get like three out of four points or something like that. Currently, go chain is sitting at twenty five million after it's financed listing still, a really solid project I'm actually, talking. With someone at the team regarding. Their teller grandpa and the integrations, that's in beta but, I might be producing, some content on that in the future but. I'm not affiliated with go chain anyway and I don't hold any other tokens at this current moment so. Yeah. Really interesting, to actually look at that one of the highest ROI projects, actually priced. Itself, at a reasonable, price point. So. Looking. At the regulatory side of things you know we talked about the exchange listings, we, just seen recently that the court judge found that some really, I see hoes could. Be judged under the Howey test and, current court to, judge if it's a security or not so. I saw some people commenting, on Ian's. Posts. Because he just recently shared this from CNBC. To. Be honest. People. Need to understand how the u.s. court system works so. Things. Start out in a small Court and then if there's a dispute, over it, and this in my opinion would. Be a large dispute, that a lot of people in that tech sector had it. Would work its way up to the appropriate court either in appellate court or maybe even another Supreme Court to challenge whether. The Howey test is applicable to technology, that actually holds utility, value which, would be a very important thing because the. SEC and, I, don't want to Segway off too far from the topic that we're talking about but the SEC is saying that anything. That you invest in, that. Could have speculative, value is a security, right but, that's in referring, to stocks and the argument, is that, yes. People are investing, what the point of, speculation. Or, expectation. Of returns based on someone else's work but, at the same time their, inter invoke in in. Exchange for their investment, they're, getting back tokens. That. At some point will become a utility, and I think that's where the argument really comes down so, I do agree with, the, even though I don't like, the projects, that that's getting, targeted. By the SEC right now these two projects diamond and whatever I think, that, there's. A bigger argument at plight to say that the Howey test does not actually currently, apply in its, full definition. To. Some. Of these tokens that have come out at in. Some point right, I, it's, always been my opinion in the past that. Investing. Without, a product, into. The token, itself the ERC 20, token is a security. And should be taxed, as a security, raised it's. Always also been my argument that the SEC should lighten its abilities, for investors, to enter, into the securities, market which the SEC is now starting to put. Progress, on in terms of opening security, investing, to. People. Who are not accredited investors, they're trying to lighten that load because, they understand, that Millennials, aren't gonna get involved in this stuff this is the first thing Millennials, haven't been excited, about the stock market in any, point in their life now, you're seeing a huge wave of Millennials getting excited, about cryptocurrency because.

It's It's technology and it's something that they can adapt they can associate. Themselves with so. The, sec understands that they need to lighten that investment, vehicle to, include. The future generations, otherwise the stock markets gonna look right. But, there needs to be an understanding that when. That token gets traded in for a utility token or if it's a utility token to begin with want, to on either a future, or present platform, when the delivery of that token happens there's. A transfer over and it needs to be identified, from, for attacks for tax purposes needs, to be identified for regulatory purposes and, that's, the battle that the SEC has to face if, the SEC thinks that they can just sit back in the driver's seat and, just. Call a spade a spade and, not. Have to do any light work on it they're there gravely, mistaken and they will in the United, States will be left behind in the tech race as. A lot of people move off Shores into. Areas, that are no longer on their FCC's jurisdiction, and they'll also have a damn tough of a tough time trying, to go after people. Who. Are offering these, tokens on an international, level because it's borderless Bordeaux's, currency and, there's a lot of the set and a lot of other things to deal with in the United States government right now for them to get any headway on it so. Kind. Of coming back to it there's, another thing I want to point out is. That I would love for them against someone of bigger. Caliber, like let's. See the SEC go after ripple right, or a major player and say, you know what ripple we think you're a security, I, would. Just love to see that happen because in, my opinion this, court case that's happening right now let's try to define case, law for an unknown market, letting, a jury decide on the Howey test and all this stuff I think it's gonna go far higher than this or a case in the future we'll go far higher than this and what you're gonna see is that, the SEC, has opened up a can of worms for itself, this.

Had The sim this already has played out in a similar but, different area, if. Most, people are familiar with daily fantasy sports, for. A long time people said that the wire act applied, the daily fantasy sports said it was illegal gambling end of the wire act ramped New. York State Attorney General took, people. To court over it saying that we don't want you offering your services to New York City the problem is is, that New York City in New York State were, a large, portion, of draftkings, and FanDuel, player, base for, DFS. DFS. Ended up fighting it in court the DFS companies were fighting in court against New York it's state attorney general there, was case law presiding, that said that, DFS. Was. Not considered, under the wire act and now UF DFS, and FanDuel, and sports but even sports betting in New, Jersey happening, so. When. You take things to court and you set precedents. In case law it, can build into something that, you. Don't know the consequences, of but, on both sides so. I think that playing out is another reason, the regulatory doubt. That's happening, or a lot of these projects, they're kind of like alright let's just step back and see, how this place has another reason why they're waiting a long time my. Recommendations. For. What these projects should do number, one if. You're gonna hold an IC o---- you. Should have your project reflect, the, table 150. Coins the mark cap top 100 really but if you're outside the top 100, for 3 to 5 X you're you're pretty gold in terms of your, valuation, unless you even if you're the next aetherium right, second. Thing and this is what sometimes I tell certain projects that I have just passing. Conversations, with if, you're. Confident, that your roadmap is looking good for a main net release in the. Near future then. You, should wait for the main net to hold any sort of token generation event move, away from etherium in the ERC 20 token model and open, up your sale to a larger, swath of public investors, because. You now you have Amane that you're selling a utility, token it's just like about selling you a video game in the store you're not speculating, on the video video. Game we, have our main at our products here here's the price if you want to buy the token, we're gonna have an initial sale where, the company takes in revenue for selling their hard work they. Can raise a private, seed round or Peru sale that's fine but, they can sell a larger, portion of the tokens instead, of having these like really small percentage, token sales of 20%. And, then. 30% we're at pool and all this marketing. Where they're, trying to skirt regulations, and dropping things in terms of air drops and all this stuff and this is things that I'm telling the press this. Is things I'm telling the project's behind, the scenes every single day may not be something that I'm out here on the forefront kind, of pushing forward but. It's happening behind, the scenes so where's, the direction going right, with. The spreadsheet and with. The content, on the channel I want, to address the spreadsheet, first. If the spreadsheet, stays relevant if I decide to you know say okay hey I'm gonna continue the spreadsheet which I don't even think it's a good idea for a number of reasons if. I decide to push the spreadsheet forward, then. It's, gonna I'm gonna rework, in the top 100, top 150. Rankings, to. Kind. Of keep projects, accountable. In. Terms of their market caps right that's, the first thing the second thing is I'm. Gonna look for, percentage. Sold which I've already done kind, of manually, but I want to try and bake it in bring. Back the percentage sold which will remove the previous sheets and. Try, and keep it above at least 40 or 50 that way or your projects board decentralized, and you're, opening up your sale also waiting for Maine Nets I'm gonna take an even stricter look at, people's Maine that releases and see, okay well are you offering a token or are, you offering a mean net so, that's the only way I can really keep the sheet up utilities. Right. Everything. Else needs to go the securities route and that's another reason why we're seeing a theory I'm just plummet today and every day is because. People realize that the, the, etherium dream is over a theorem. Is still a great technology, as a blockchain in, my opinion or it has potential, to be it. Has potential, that, its team will be able to weather, the storm and deliver some of the actual technological, achievements, on it but. It needs to move away from the ERC 20 model. And move. Over to more of a I, mean I'd be even fine with the Dow ICL.

Model I'm dealing. With a project. Right now that, that's utilize them that the IC o---- model, I don't, maybe, their project isn't this great but they're, actually saying okay our raise milestones, will be, sequential. To our, to. Our actual delivery of a product. Which. I think is still security if you want the main that out pretty sure so yeah anyway. There's, just a lot of intrinsic problems so, we. Have to make a decision of is the spreadsheet relevant anymore I think the answer is no. Especially. Because most. Projects, are just gonna go away the. Second one or i ce o--'s are gonna go away and it's in, its previously, known form the, second one is if. We do decide to keep it the changes that we make and I think I've addressed a lot of those today so I want to focus on the channel now, and address crypto, of ogres question, have, you pivoted, from ICO analysis, to TA so I've already answered this question in previous videos but I want to make a declarative, statement of. Some. Things based on what we just discussed, and. Also where. I'm heading in the channel so, people. Don't really want to hear about projects anymore they they, understand, or maybe they don't understand maybe that's why we're doing this video, projects. Aren't going to adjust they realize that that, privately, the, bigger projects, the, ones that you would want to invest into anyway they realize that they. Can still raise twenty to forty million dollars right. Or 15 to 40 million dollars and. Get. Away with it by just implementing, long vesting periods so. This is another reason why I want to keep the spreadsheet up because, we can actually use the spreadsheet, since. It is on top seven and crypto differ we, actually used a spreadsheet and get. Other influencers, on board to, kind, of influence, projects, to say okay well we're not gonna deal with that anymore and I think they've already noticed, that they've, seen that their fundings are too undoing down a little bit but at, the same time right now they understand, we can still keep raising a bunch of money, off. Of influencers, who are still, grading based on the twenty to forty million dollar range which was decent, backing. It's like a few months ago and. We. Can just have these long lock ups where, people just get for a long period of time and then people forget about it so, I think having this spreadsheet up will do good especially. When all these projects realize that all there's all their grades are about to get downgraded, right, that's about to happen by the way I think that's the funniest part when. All these projects realize all the grades are gonna get downgraded and I have no problem, having a spreadsheet up where, everyone's grade is underneath eighty it's, not an issue to me I'm, not using it I've pulled. Out in the Fiat doing. Mostly trading, right now, and. That's another reason why I'm pivoting the trading, and. There's just not many I see oh that's because I'm looking at it specifically because all these lock ups which I've talked about at least for a couple months now so. So. Why am i pivoting to TA well number, one I'm very, active, in TA at the moment because, the ico market is so poor and there's, so many awesome trading opportunities, both in the alkaline market and in Bitcoin. We're, in a very volatile of critical time in terms of being, able to accumulate, wealth for. The next bull run in terms, of price action ta. Is what I'm just breathing right now and I and I've always, pivoted. My content, into things that I'm very passionate about and then I'm like, there's something with my mind the way it works that I'm always like 24/7, you can ask anyone I know I'm always online, I'm always participating, conversations, I'm always soaking, up information, I don't. Sleep that much I, mean, you could probably tell from the bags under my eyes you. Know I'm. Just always involved. And invested in, something very heavily happen with poker, happened. With with projects startups it's now happening with TA and, that's. Just what I'm focusing on - so a lot of the content is just a reflection of, what, I'm putting out there right, or what I'm like into, at that time so, I'm really heavily on TA right now I mean I'm very active in a lot of trading groups it's.

Just In my opinion what's, what's what's happening right now and at the same time it just happens to be that. The people who are still left in the space are also focusing, on that because prior to the ico space, most. Of the community. Outside of maybe some of the newer, investors. Or whatever most of the community we're tacking and ta that's all that's all you really looked at so. It makes sense that the videos, people want to watch our ta or tech related, so. I've always tried to have that element of tech in the video more. Heavily than anything else with, with trying to keep these sales is more of a minor point, of what's happening with them or where they're coming from so, I think it's just gonna be that type of pivot, in. Terms of crypto ogres specific, statement have you have you pivoted from ICO analysis the TA I guess. The short answer is yes but. Even. These two. Responses. Are not really enough to, give the context, of the things that that we discussed, today so. I hope that's been able to. Put. A brighter, light on what's going on and also put a light on, some of the things that. I, that, I hope to kind of transform, not. Only within the community but just moving forward so. You know if if, startups, or whatever start, to become a. Lot, more relevant again in terms of things, that I'm interested, in at that time or, the, community, wants to look at of course I will incorporate some of that back into the back, into the fold and I'll keep the spreadsheet to see if if there's, any interest in that because, I don't want to shut that down completely in case people. They. Still want to see that type of stuff but in my opinion that's irrelevant all, these all, these ICO spreadsheets, are irrelevant I think, most ICO is because, they don't want to adapt they're, irrelevant right now. Until. They adapt to the market which, is taking longer now because we're in a bear cyclone because they've found ways. To kind of get around that adaption, that. Adoption know, an adaption the adaption was very weird. It's. Just slower right now so. Unfortunately. We'll just have to persevere, but. In my opinion I've been part of the crypto community, since 2014. When, I first started using Bitcoin, for my my, international poker, transactions, I've.

Been Heavily involved in the community since 2017, there's, been nothing but love I mean there's been some hate for sure and. And and that's that's always gonna be there I think anywhere you go on the internet you're gonna find someone who hates you and that's fine by me I think, everyone's entitled to their opinion I, just, I just appreciate, you know discourse. And, constructive, feedback, and. I always try and ask for that for people who are hating super hard but. No. It's it's a fantastic, community and, I. Just I just breathe it you know I see, parts of my life that suffer because of it but. I'm happy with that trade-off, so. Yeah I wanted to answer your question crypto poker thank you for for, pointing that out, it's something that's just been flooding through my mind for the last couple weeks even. Cup a couple months trying, to internalize. More. A more of a post-mortem type of deal I hope this has been able to shine some. Sort of light I'm sure there will be some haters that, come along or whatever I always see that with some of the more ICO related, material so, maybe I'll even just leave that out but. If. You like the content on the channel hit, the subscribe button hit the like Jonas, ever on discord, hit us up on Twitter I hope you guys are enjoying the new content, out there's anything specifically, people want me to focus into, I'm. Always I, always, have my ears open to what, the community wants to hear about and. I hope to do you, know some, awesome content in the future and be here for a long time, hi guys I'm out hey Manny the tech starts here I'll catch you guys on the flip heesu.

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gooood OK

When was this filmed? Chainlink below dbc looks hilarious. Glad to have yr level head around matty, despite 'fever' being over

Hey 4ndy C thank you for watching and supporting the stream. After all we have been through over the last year there is no turning back now. This is my life.

I really appreciate your TA, it's very important to this space.

Ty Rhino just know the goal isn't to get it right but to expand minds and learn new skill sets.

Top 100 accountability is the way i like the most.

Ty T4tic and appreciate the support.

can you share some of the trading groups you're a part of thanks and keep up the hustle

Hey Kazi thanks for joining. The main trading group for public is Whale Pool but the few i am in are private. I would recommend joining some more public ones that you find on reddit or other channels of communication and engage their community. The ones you have awesome conversations with i would invite to your own private group and grow from there.

Cool review! I am always skeptical about new ICO's. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

i pivoted from ICO's to TA last month too

Thanks for watching Sarah. I still monitor ICOs but until they adapt with the market instead of trying to pull a fast one on the community its not worth.

take this dog off the camera, thnks for the content anyway

Thanks for thanking me for the content though xD.

come on man, just admit it....ICOs are DeAD!

Adrian Ignatescu thx for the contribution to the discussion Adrian. If this trend maintains or gets worse yes ICOs are dead as mentioned with ETH macro view but there is still room for some project to make a mark and reverse the trend imo.

I think deepcloud ai is still an OK ico to invest in.

+peter amokeodo ty for your advice...great explanation...

I really sorry for anyone investing in ICOs. It's over.

+Oh Hey Matty you ty for the great content.

I have been talking to Max alot regarding Deep Cloud AI will be putting out a grade soon. Thx for commenting Shady.

Do your thing matty. We will keep supporting you

mistergary1 i truely appreciate the support Mistergary

I completely agree man, ICOs are not worth the time anymore. Research is time (life) consuming, and the risks are enormous with this market.

Martin Segura thx for your continued support Martin. Yes time is money need to approriate it responsibly.

Great work Matty !!! Please keep the spreadsheet, it's just a living work in progress recording the shit storm that ICOs have become. Be nice to see the spreadsheet in 12 months to have a laugh at some of these companies and the fairy land they've been living in. PS Just one project can you have a nosey on is Vault12 - custody is a drama for me and I'm sure the same for a lot of other, is this worth getting involved in again ? I have the WP and definitely going after the larger portfolio side of the market. Just a quick look if you can, Its just something I see that's maybe not trash in this mine field of pure shite that ICO land has become I exited every Alt long ago, Fiat, BTC and XMR is all I currently hold, bar a few other investments that are locked up till next year.

Great analysis.

Ty for all your support twisted!

Great vid Matty!

Thank you glad you enjoyed it.

What's that ICO thing again?

je ne sous-entend pas

Who wants to watch ICO reviews when most of us can't even invest in them? Personally, I want to learn more about the tech and TA. I want to be nicely positioned for the next iteration of opportunity whatever and where ever it is.

Hey Robert thanks for commenting. I agree this is another piece of the cog. The three things we need projects to do is 1. Schedule TGO events after main net to open up sales from a regulatory perspective to the crowd. 2. Implement reasonable market caps compared to top 150 coins instead of raising more money and implementing long vesting to wait out the market. 3. Lowering seed/presale bonuses and locking up tokens longer for seed.

Great information, thank you

Ty David

Yes, u have reviewed hundreds of projects you cannot keep up to date with all of them there are only 24 hours in a day, I have been following the project since ICO (after watching your long AMA with Brain). they have been very active my gut feeling tells me that they could be a diamond in the rough. Would be great to hear what you think about Fortuna. Thanks

I just now started to see what TA is all about. I like watching jsnip type channels, for the entertainment, and positivity, but always have to come back to reality, and watch your TA. It's really good to know, that skill, and hard work, play the biggest part in knowing the probability of these coins. I noticed now, that I am doing this for the fun and excitement, rather then for the money. I watch a lot of TA channels, and you seem to dive much deeper, and have much more of an educational approach, for your audience. I fully appreciate your work, and your skills, it's truly an art!

Hey I was just checking to see if you had sent me that email?

Oh Hey Matty Hey I was just checking to see if you had sent me that email?

Greetings from Switzerland. OHM thanks and good luck with your new endeavour/ focus. SEC is going to cause people fly under the radar, good news to us here where we have developed some solid, cross border frameworks for STO evaluations, would be great to share them with you. They will surely develop, but it’s a good start.

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