Why I Chose the Info Product Business

Why I Chose the Info Product Business

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What's. Going on everyone this is Steve Larson and it's a sales funnel radio today I'm gonna talk to you about why I chose the. Info, business over the others. I've. Spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant, marketers, today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely. From scratch this, podcast, is here to give you the answer, join me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's best internet sales funnels my. Name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up guys hey first off please, know that I know there are far more types, of business than just the ones I have on the board right here and but. Generically, like I find that a lot of them fit kind of in this category as far as the way we that we market them we went market right services, kind of the same way as agency, we might market you know become. Similar. To how someone might actually do a little bit of retail actually right anyway. So I went, through and I started looking through different ways I did. This a while ago and I was very methodical, about the way that, I entered the, business space and which market, I actually went into which which, business, model I kind of went into k and I'm not saying one is better than the other and I'm not saying that these are all of them and please know that I also I'm going to talk in massive, stereotypes. Cake there are lots and lots and lots of of. Different businesses that are out there lots of great business models, right and, typically. For the kinds of people there. Are solopreneurs. I typically see them going into kind of one of these categories cake, and the, solopreneur, category. And, and until they get to a certain level then I'll kind of scale it and blow it up and get to other places as well okay but like, meeting supplements. I'm gonna put supplements, that are eco very, similar, the funnels are they're, different but they're there's some similar aspects to them right service, is an agency kind of the same year affiliate. / salesman. Right a / yeah MLM herbs info. Product, right anyway. So what I want to do is I just want to show you guys real quick why I chose, what. I do and I. First of all I want you to know that this is I actually I sell info products now right I didn't, start that way at all though right infoproducts it's kind of interesting the way that it's a that, it plays out because to.

Sell Info products it helps to have a little bit of authority in the space that you're selling into obviously. It helps it's true for anything but, especially the info so, I don't I didn't start with info and, again if, you want to you can tackle it right away awesome, go forward I. Actually. Was just trying to prove that this whole internet game worked I remember. The first time I was. Sitting. In college, and. In. A class and for, this particular, class it was quantitative. Marketing research that, was the name of the course and we. Went through, and. We had a live client and it was actually Paul Mitchell it was a Paul Mitchell school that was nearby and what, they were having us do was we would go collect whole bunch of survey data and we. Were gonna try and consult, Paul, Mitchell on what, they should do with this actual, real-life scenario, in business and it was really really interesting well the assignment was for us to go talk to like ten people each as a class and that way we collectively we have a whole bunch of we. Have a lot of data to work from well. Sitting there was one of my buddies and we, were like I do not want to go ask people even ten I don't want to ask ten people how. To do this survey and so, what we did is real like what if we go and let's just actually put this survey on like a Google Form and we. Will drive ads to it and something. Very simple but we did Facebook ads and we drove to it and what was interesting is we actually went and we. Had we. Collected more, surveys. Than the rest of the class combined and, it went really really well well. That's how I started working for Paul Mitchell because Paul Mitchell came back to like hey we don't have this any of this internet stuff the, professors. Right, college, teachers do you guys know how to do this stuff and they were like no, but these two psychos, over here soon to do something crazy talked to them and we got a handoff from the professors and we started building funnels, we, didn't know their funnels we're, building sites and in, WordPress, we were driving traffic and it was really really interesting how that happened well. Right. Before all of that happened I was. Like does this internet, game even work is it all a scam and so, what I did was I started, studying, a lot of if. You guys know high, track the Academy, from, vixx straw, straw, house I'm sorry I'm probably butchering her name man, Victoire anyway I started studying that and I started learning what. If I was to just put. A squeeze page in front of a Clickbank product, and drive traffic to it oh my. Gosh let's try that it. Seems so simple and. I. Looked. At my internet marketing teacher and I said I don't want to come back it was like the first or second day of that class I said I don't want to come back and I drew a funnel, I didn't, know that's what I was drawing but I drew a funnel I drew a funnel and I drew an email follow-up sequence and I drew all in and I said I want to go build this and. Shockingly. He looked at me goes okay, and he, left there he said he, said you don't need to come back the rest of the semester. But. Just give me some kind of cool deliverable, at the end of the semester so it's like cool so, me and this other guy, we. Went and. We. Started we. Started trying. To make I mean literally we held class every day just trying to make as much money online as possible, that's what our task was today. Let's make as much money as we physically can on the Internet and so one of the very first products we did was what I was just saying we went we grabbed a squeeze page it, was a template, software, we didn't know we were doing and we. Grabbed the template and, we just changed the headlines we grabbed a video from YouTube as someone else talking about that product and then.

We Put our affiliate, link at the bottom when they click to submit the page collected, their email and it redirected, over to the Clickbank, page and I, remember that night we put it. Was, a ton of money to us at the time but we put put $50 in in ads and we, woke up the, next morning and, I was like I was anxious you, know this was like the hundredth business I've tried you, know to mean I opened, up my computer and I was like crap there's, cash in here what. And I called my buddy row fast and we put $50, in we got $50, back out and we got 17, people on our list and one. Person was the buyer and I bought the upsell and we, liquidated, and, I was like oh my gosh. This. Is crazy. That. Sucked, really made 50 bucks and, at the time I didn't understand how cool a deal that was on our very that's a very very first real, funnel, that I ever built and, and. We, liquidated, because 17 people on the list and I thought it was a failure because, we making you money and, like how stupid is that I should have kept it going what did you know would have got a massive list quickly with that but anyway, lessons, learned right, and we kept doing stuff like that I started, in the in the affiliate, area as far as the internet business goes I started, here okay this is actually where, I started, and then like. I'm not joking a few weeks later that's, when we start doing these cool things and we start getting involved with Paul Mitchell and I, start building these we. Start building these things and and and. At. That time my, buddy graduated. And I was like there's something -. What's. This funnel thing there's. Something about this funnel game with the what's at this funnel game thing and I went in and I decided that I would start studying the fall game more I'm like who's this Russell Brunson guy well he looks like he's 13 like alright what hey you know and I was like and I, was like who is this guy and I start deep-diving. Guys I mean I obsessed, you know I still do it right, hardcore. On what he was teaching I was like yeah, that's totally how that works oh yeah he's right it doesn't work that way whoa, look at that Ryan I started learning all these lessons I've ended up filling, I took, Dom secrets X and I, filled, an entire notebook, page by page you know those steno notebooks, with the lines that the graph notebooks, I filled, it from, front to back, from. Notes just from that one course, I mean it took me three months to go through that one course because I played it for like 15 seconds and then I stopped and I thought about it and I wrote down what I had just learned and I would press play and I guess I did that for like a year and when. I when I say I hid in the box office seats on campus, I did and that's, what I was doing for, a year and a half was, studying. And learning and I started applying and doing all these little things and I got to a place here where I was like I'm, gonna start proving that I know this stuff and. I started going out and I and I and I wrote down I started. Building all these funnels and I did it with a lot of startup, companies for awhile and the problem with startups was their business wasn't proven out and if the funnel didn't work they thought it was my fault I was like no you don't have like a product, yet you don't have a business I, have, to train you on all this stuff before you even accept me you know anyway, storms, were really really rough to work with because for. A lot of reasons that, was like how I managed to change who I'm actually pitching like oh sweet you know what I'm. Gonna go for successful, people who already have, to already have a successful. Product who have, testimonials. With. Like a mid-range product, and I. Shotgun, blast it out this invite to tons of people I said hey I know you don't know what a funnel is I will, build one for free just to. Show you that it works if it works let's talk about me getting paid if it doesn't work no, harm no foul I'll walk and had. Several people bite like. Alright bring, it on and I, win and I kind of started. Building funnels, for several different people and kind of an agency of service style okay, and this is really where I started making actual, real money on my own in college ever. As I, was building right this is number two first was I started doing whole bunch of affiliate stuff but. Number two though I went over and I actually. Um. Oh you, could really see that okay cool anyway right, number two though I started doing a whole bunch of service stuff and just put my name out there being like look I I understand.

How This works now you know am i perfect no right, I'm not but, let me just learn, under your business, wing right and let me let me go build this funnel I'll keep getting better and if it's working then let's talk about me getting paid don't pay me beforehand though and that's what I did and, started. Getting these huge success stories well around that time is when funnel hacking live was coming up I was like I want to go I'm, right. I'm, getting successes, for a lot of these guys yet but still didn't feel like enough cash for me to spend money on a. Live ticket and I started trading, even build even more funds for plane tickets and hotel nights, and things like that and and know, they all was a pro so then I got hired by Russell right, and then that's really, where I started building a lot of econ funnels right. Some. Of the biggest products we were doing together was like fiberfix. And a lot of products, for Marcus lemonis for, for, that TV show the, profit on CNBC, there's a lot of ecomp style funnels that was going on there and it. Went really really well it was awesome I, mean, we. Were blowing these guys up sometimes, too fast and they'd be like turn it off or get a big retest right and it. Was like oh my gosh okay that's the model for ecomp does really really well then in the future whenever, I was like dude we need to econ follow kind of like this follow this funnel flow but this, back end versus that back I was like sweet I got it I go build it real fast right so I got real good at that model right. However. I've always known that this is kind of one of the Holy Grails. Okay info. Products, are I. Want. To go through this real fast and then and then I want to show you something and this is the other reason why about info products. It's. It's one of it it's, one of the harder categories, to get into but. It's also one of the Holy Grails you, know, if. You look at like what the Dan Henry did well. Right it's episode it's, one of the earlier episodes of, sales funnel radio but I interviewed and when he had only made 200 grand with his current offer they blew up with right his facebook ads for entrepreneurs, he. Had only done like barely, just two hundred thousand dollars at that time and. And. He was talking about it and if you have listened to that episode what he was saying was that for his info product he, spent a solid, like five six months taking, a beta group through, right. And seeing, what they were doing, and how they were reacting to what he was teaching okay I thought. I told you to build a face began this way but it turns out you all thought I meant this okay let's clarify right, then okay now do this step oh man you're screwing it up here let's feel it right he was spot checking and making his system he spent a lot of time right. Proving, out his info product before he ever sold it right I've done the exact same thing with mine Alex. And Leila are mozi right at, live this last one they're, talking about how for a full year before, they ever they just got they. Just made 10 million dollars since last April. Right. But, they didn't just start, doing that for a full year before they ever started really scaling, and selling hard for, full year they were living and crazy Harry's doing crazy things just, so, they could prove the process, that they were gonna bring people through right.

That Bat is really one of the gateways it's one of the the key gates of getting, really good an awesome an info you, craps got to be amazing it's got to get results for people and the best way to do it is to just spend a lot of time with your prospective customers, with people who represent your. Prospective, customers right, and, make. Them successful make, them successful right, and get real and when you do it's. In my mind it's one of the Holy Grails I love, selling, info products okay I love, it okay and here's why I let's walk through this now real quick okay here's, other reason why so just so you know like that's been kind of my journeys I've gone through it right I kind of did a little more econ stuff then I jumped over here to the info side where I will, reside, as I can yeah I absolutely love it. And it's. Super cool it takes, a little finesse to get into a lot of times I'm not saying that you can't go interview a bunch of people and just toss out that interview series as an info product you could totally do that right now, I'm not saying you can't like there's a lot of ways to go create an info product really quickly but, I'm saying like you as a brand okay you as an educator you as like this as. An idea and a vehicle, that. Has potential, for to kamas like, info eyes like it's gonna be really good right it's gonna be really, good okay. So. Let's walk those real quick here okay with, EECOM okay let's say over here on this side okay we're gonna go through econ and on, each one of these we're gonna look at the profit margin, potential, again massive. Stereotypes, I understand, that there are people out there who have figured out how to game the system there are people that have figured out where they are not a typical, I'm talking a typical, stereotypical. Kind. Of result to each one of these categories kay how much profit how much margin potential. Is there how, much money for you after all the expenses are done okay. How. Much earning potential is there for you typically. In that category and how much time does it take to actually do the business alright, actually fulfill, on the thing that you're selling okay I want to walk through real fast this is why I've chosen what I have and it's been methodical. About it okay I'm gonna say that number one equals, a little, okay number two equals kind of medium. And then three equals a lot okay. Let's. Go with econ, and I know that some of you guys might reach out to me and kind of fight me on these things I understand, right, I'm, talking just like straight, a typical, general person that goes through this thing K what. Is the earning, like, at the very end of the day the profit, potential, of the econ category. What. Is it it's. Not it's. Not actually that high right a lot of people get hit two comma clubs in econ they, don't actually keep that much money like they actually don't have that much cash to their name themselves I understand. The coolness of giving the award you certainly can scream to it real fast by doing so like econ, but. There's not typically, that much profit margin inside. Of econ especially. When people don't do my freaking, offer. Creation. Strategy. In this if they do they can make a lot of cash it's, like I don't know why a lot of econ people don't believe. Me hey even though that's what we do. And it works anyway. Okay, but the actual earning, potential actual, profit margin on the actual business itself, is. It's. A little bit tiny I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna say I'm, gonna say we'll say a two, here okay, uh. One, one one do it - okay it's kind of a little especially because like drop shipping that's. Obviously a one you, own the product you're gonna get more of an A - but, let's talk about time to fulfill okay. Even if you got a shipping fulfillment, house doing your work for you or if it's in house okay, you. Are typically sourcing, products, like crazy you're spending a lot of time finding. The next product testing. The next thing it's a I'm not saying you guys sell econ products for like you, know a couple, bucks like a lot of econ people do you could sell really really expensive but you're usually in a game of trying to figure out the next thing to go sell really. Really quickly info. The way I write info is a little bit different okay I'm. Gonna say it - you. Can actually spend a buttload of time actually on the phone right that's one of the things that real illness have an hour time was with with, this which.

You Can't blame him right with, his uh credit. Card knife right the, dudes the man absolutely, amazing spent a lot of time though fulfilling. And, and. And, you, know it's easy to run their troubles that way so econ. Was like he comes cool but like oh man. I'm about that ROI like how can I get the highest leverage gay with. Econ comes in later remember. This okay I'm gonna come back to this and show you how I use it now, but. You sell info wait. Do I wait. Just watch this game okay. Agency, agencies, freaking awesome too if there's a lot of cash usually comes on the business. The. Thing that I don't like about agency is that when you get paid that's when the work starts, right. I don't like that, it's. Where I proved, that I knew what I was doing its services. And services slash agency here right it's where I and it's, a really fast way as well like I love the path that I personally took I learned how to sell other people's products, which. Was awesome we'll get there in a second but then I went over to service and agency, side and there's really cool because you get paid a lot of cash but you're also even. If you have an amazing team agency, wise you're still managing the team you're still closing deals typically, your said I'm not saying you anyway. There are exceptions to the rule but usually, there's, a lot of time to fulfill on agency model okay after the sale is made there's usually there right when it starts I'm gonna say three and another, two here okay. Okay. Let's, talk here about affiliate, now typically, with affiliates, the profit margin usually, small right you got you got the crazies out there like russell brunson given 40 percent every single month of this check to you for you to give me a Philly a person and as amazing that's incredible, usually, not the case though right and so, I'm gonna say one. But. What's interesting and, it can be a little says okay 1.5 K was a 1.5, depending on the product sitting out depending on the affiliate there's a lot of there's, a lot of variables with every one of these categories and I totally get that right, but just generally, right usually, 11.5. How. Much time does it take for you to fulfill after, the sales made no. Time right no, time at all oh my gosh great. Place to go and this is actually how I built, my entire company in business without ever spending a dollar of my own I've never spent a dollar of my own I don't think so in. My own business and, it's because I started with affiliates, right, that generated, cash so. That I could do cool things like hire of EA's and service / agency, and that brought. An even more cash and I was like well this is awesome but I want to freak my time a little bit let's, jump over that info, right and that's what I went into next like, my info what's the earning, profit, margin potential on the info, product guys my margins right now on my main product is like 94%.

Obviously. There's a business margin. But, I'm saying the actual product, margin, is like 94%, it's ridiculous, K it's like no cost to fulfill on it at all I think it's actually like 98, okay. Okay, it's, really it's it's ridiculous, K 3. Definitely. 3 time, to fulfill like. Virtually, nothing right, the cost, of an email with. Access, to a members area or something like that now, there's, a caveat to this if, I go through and I have an info product. People. Know right there's, this inherent understanding, that. The info product is already made, it's. Like the subconscious. Note a little little thing. That they know that it doesn't it's not gonna take anything the fulfill on it, because. Of that the. Perceived, value the, perceived, value so it's a lot of value to me but the perceived, value of info is usually. Kind of low it. Is right let's. Take econ for example Oh econ, something physical something I'm gonna get in the mail all right I got. These stupid crows that are flying around over the place around the office and they just third. They're messing, with me they're like sometimes, I got a BB gun coming you, can guess what's happening right but the perceived value, perceived. Value of, EECOM. Product is really high right, perfectly, example go think about Amazon there's not sales copy on Amazon, what is there there's like bullet, point descriptions, this is what it is BAM here's the button put it in your order and just go get it the perceived value the perceived value of EECOM is high but. The cause that the value, to the entrepreneur. Is typically a little lower so. What I do is I combine them okay and in my offers with info the reason why info does so so well for me now is yes. You get the info thing but I also ship, a lot of amazing, incredible things, to the person when they purchase right, and I combine, info, with, econ. And it's, one of the reasons why am i stuffed us so well and one of the reasons why of the perceived, value of my offers is so high because the value is high okay, they're, getting something in the mail they're getting it's not just like something they're crazy cool things okay they're getting those and they're, getting access to all this crazy stuff funnel. Builds and it's so like I mean incredible. Things gay things that people pay a lot of money for me to go do normally right, they're getting those things in there and that's the reason why I chose and I've landed on info and I will stay there stay, there stay there the category I want to move into eventually that was software I think I don't know what it's going to be but, it's because it's it's it's, it's, almost like the benefits, of EECOM high perceived value software. Right software is high perceived value with. Really high margins. On. The product itself the business margin, on software, is a little bit hard so, you have a lot of support usually it's a higher right, but the time to fulfill is like virtually nothing which means the entrepreneur can spend as long as they get great support usually, in software the entren spend little time doing. Any kind of fulfillment, instead, they do a lot of time selling, right, Russell stays, in the act of selling like 24/7. He can do that because of the software game because he's in the info game and he combines a lot of EECOM inside of it that makes sense so, he tosses off a lot of the benefits, to his affiliates by giving him the ability to hey look you don't feel anything I'm gonna pay for it suite right.

And. That he teaches a lot of people like look if you need cash and a lot of it pretty quick man go service agency, style right you'll get a lot of you could a lot of cash quickly but eventually, that's. Why I landed in what I do and that's why I stay. In info and I will always stay info I love, it the time to fulfill is tiny which lets me stay in a zone where I get to create more things for the same product toss in more cool things make the value of the offer even bigger right create amazing things for people and the profit, margins are big enough that, it allows, me to do that right, I'm not having to sell thousands, of little knickknacks and, take, away like a thousand, dollars to, go put that in something else from where, the source of knickknacks that's really really rough an econ but a thousand dollars coming from right. The source of info. Product it's, really really easy it's not that crazy art at all so, this is why I do what I do this is the reason that I've structured the way I have so I hope that that helps as. You guys are thinking through like how to actually sell the stuff that you are and what you're trying to get into Brett. I started, as an affiliate and it's a great way to go and frankly, when I started sales for a radio I kept, this thing going, by giving away share funnels right and now I've got a bunch of people on click files accounts and they at the beginning when I was working at clickfunnels, right. And a nine-to-five job I had, this extra cash that was coming in and, because of that while I was doing my nine-to-five which, was way more than that right. But while I was working over there, during. The same day there would be VA, s in different places that. Were getting projects, and cool things done for me not. From my own pocket it's because I was doing affiliate stuff like crazy really, easy to fulfill got, some cash from it wasn't, tons but. And it still it still to say that I mean it's significant, I think we passed we're. Well past 30 grand and affiliate commissions, in. The last like year and a half I mean that's it's good it's it's been the cash that I've needed to to do all the stuff on the side and, prep, the groundwork, so that I could launch into the info space so. Anyways I just hope that that helps it helps you guys work through and think through where. You're heading and if, you're like I'm trying to do info okay, does anyone know who you are have you proven out the process, yet you, know it like can. You like if. Someone actually follows the process can you virtually, guarantee, they're gonna be successful with it like if you can't it can be really hard to sell at a scale right. If someone follows my process, they get results I know they do I have the best product in the category, in the entire market and I know I do and I'm fine with that and I'm fine saying that because I know it's true because that's what happens and people do it they get results is happening. Live right now. Right but it took me like a like, two years, really. Like honestly, to really get to a spot where my info product to do that for people right. So if you're like like knowing. I feel like hey I wanted an info like awesome I feel like hey I want to stick an econ that's great, that's great and like figure out the little tricks to make the margins huge and make that two into a three fantastic. Right that's awesome right that's, super super cool just be cognizant, of what that industry is typically like, and the costs, associated, with that right like a supplements, supplements, takes, a lot of cash typically, to sell someone in the supplements, like continuity. Things like software takes a lot of cash typically, to sell somebody into things like continuity, a lot of cash its continuity is expensive to sell right. So, don't sell continuity, out right attach, it to other things but relax, right, like Russell does funnel, hacks not, amazing when, you do it that way oh my gosh so much easier right, same thing with supplements over here like someone's, cost a lot of cash to drop in but if, you have an info product you're coupling it with they, buy the info product that's what self liquidating your ad costs and now use.

In The back end go toss them to your supplements awesome right over your EECOM or whatever that, makes sense this, is one of the reasons why I've structured the way I have in a very methodical about it and it's. It's turned. Out really really well so I hope that's helpful to you if you're stuck or you feel like oh gosh I don't know this is gonna work I don't know this is gonna be successful. Here they're like man, just go figure. Out how. You can get cash now okay. And some, of the easiest places to do it affiliate. Right, probably next front of the agency I. Know a lot of econ people probably find me on that and that's great that's totally fine that's totally fine we, all are owner pains and that's perfect the, bottle I'm falling and I just wanted to walk you guys through why I do what I do and, what. My logic has been behind each one of them is profit. Margin, potential, out of the gate not tricks, not little tips not little things right paw for profit, margin potential out of the gate what is it right, and, I'll do the little tips and tricks and stuff like that and I do and, it goes even higher right. But I don't want to bank, on those that's, why I didn't jaw run into Iike I almost ran, I got, just about to become bus the reason why I didn't run out the gate. Again. Not telling you not to but that's the reason I didn't, time. To fulfill right, it's like man I just. Want to do revenue generating activities I'm constantly, doing or, managing, a product for someone, else and I collected, the cash already but I can't actually do anything with it because my hands are tied my time is tied because I can't actually, go do it right I have to fulfill like. I don't know if I wanted to marry the agency, service model right it was a great place for me to go for quite, a while honestly, and and, that out and prove who I was and what I was doing and that I could do it right which the market obviously needed to see why would they not right, I got my testimonials, from there I got right that's, what launched me into being, able to work next to Russell, that. Was not the first time those build funnels of building my crazy before him right, was, fact I was one of the first things yes when I sat down face to face with him he's like actually, before I even got there he's like have you been building fella said yeah he's like what are the URLs boom. Blast it over like 20 URLs, over to him look at all as funnels I've done look at the stats here we go boom and then when I sat down he's, like oh sick, okay cool this is I he didn't say sick but. He's like how cool all right this is awesome like you've. Actually done this you know you know like I didn't start from Ground Zero right. But.

It's Because I actively, was trying to prove that I, could do it so anyway. That's. The path I took hopefully, helps sit back figure out where you're trying to go and. Those. Are some of the when. You're just talking about generating, cash flow I'm not talking about change the world projects I'm talking about you making, money, right for, you change, your own life before you go try and change the world's lives right. It's. Right way easier do it that way I want to change the world and I plan to I don't know how yeah but, first I'm changing my world okay and, so. That I have the ability and power to change the world afterwards so, this is the path I took with that intent in mind and it's been working really well and we, haven't had a negative month yet, and I don't think we will and anyway if things been going great I really appreciate everything's been going on thanks for listening please rate and. Review the podcast, please share it with leather have more people on those, you guys are on iTunes I do film, lease now if you want to see the graph I just drew go to my youtube channel if you, want to just steel arson that's the name of the YouTube channel it. If you're on YouTube and you're like hey or others listen to these go to iTunes right Lonnie has on Instagram the N of these get pushed out to you as well. Bloggers, what's up you guys can come on any of these platforms as well we. Push out now to like it's over let's, look for like 25 different. Different. Platforms, so just, know that the others exist and I'm, excited, to have you guys thanks so much deflection later goodbye oh. Thanks. For listening, yay please remember to rate and subscribe hey. You want me to speak at your next event or mastermind, let. Me know what I can share that would be most valuable by. Going to Steve Jay Larson comm, and put, my time now.

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