Why does this Challenger Renekton always have the most CS in the game?

Why does this Challenger Renekton always have the most CS in the game?

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There, is a Renekton player who has reached challenge, of the past two seasons on a North American server, yeah. It's over 5 million, mastery, points with his chosen champion and over 6,000 games played he, is considered to be one of the best Wrentham players in the world and has also been supplying some of the best content on youtube for the last three years, his, name is RTO and he is here to share his secrets with us hey. Guys I'm glad to be here I've seen some really good top laners on this series and I'm very excited, to give some of my insight on how I play Renekton. Alright, well before we get started let's, talk about the game that made this video possible. Rainshadow. Legends, our priority sponsor, for this video and I say proud because this game just does it right, hundreds, of Champions to collect and customize. Fantastic. 3d graphics, and best, of all genuine. Difficulty. This game does not mess around without hard it will kick your butt and actually rewards you for planning your team around the enemy you're fighting crazy right it's like they made a good RPG, or something, on the left here you can see some of the champions, I was able to me but the most game-changing. One for me has definitely, been this big guy in front of you direct looking, almost like a grey Renekton maybe that's, why I like him so much I tried, to use some gear that's not so over the top like, some of the other content creators so we could come off a little more relatable, you can see my choice of masteries, here or someone outside the standard cookie, cutter forger, egg the main takeaway is taking master, hexer, to keep rendering, claws up for longer because the damn production pairs up with the passive healing all too, well so go ahead and click that link below in the description and, if you join within 30 days we're, going to hook you up with a free two, hundred thousand silver and one, free champion grinning. Just, click the chest right up here also join my clan art TOS Gator pit and come play with me today thanks, for listening this sponsorship, helps, this channel keep, on going, of floats unless you wrote a game I generally, enjoy.

So. Arts you know how, I've been able to get you such a high level through nekton and sustain it for so long. Well. One of the main reasons, as to why I've been at such a high level for so long with her nekton is that I'm very flexible if you watch me in season 6 you would see that I built nearly full tank and I'll get Black Cleaver, besides, that very, heavy on tank items didn't. Came season 7 where the meta shifted, has, to be the most successful on, Renekton, you need to go full with ality to maximize, potential on, our favorite croc a season. 8 came around another switch when essence reaver and, also in season 9 spears Sojin came, into the game a lot, of the high terrain friends and players started, to go more towards a bruiser builds. What, I'm getting at is that you have to be open-minded and, adjust, to the current meta to have the most success I, test. A lot of weird things out on stream all that's on because, you never know if you'll find beautiful item that could be game-breaking. Another. Thing that has given me a lot of success is limit, testing with all the crazy builds that I like to test and find out what I can and can't, do with that build set if you, know your limits you will always know if you can take or not take a fight and that can go a long way into being successful. What. Tips can you give on a rectum that most players just don't know. So. Renekton isn't, very good without summoner, spells and it's very easy to Chi if they aren't cool down so, if you watch you play you will see that I take ghosts as well as my flash try to mitigate as much kiting as possible, you. Will see that if my summoners, are down I will not take a fight instead. I'll keep a mental tab on that next objective is spawning and know that I should not use my sums but have them ready to go for, that dragon or Baron fight. So I can have the most success a common. Misconception. About Renekton, is that he is really bad in the late game but, group up early and take objective. Team is what a lot of players are told when playing this champion, I'm, gonna tell you that is far from the truth, I farm. A lot, like. You will never see me just sitting around, I will constantly, farm something, my. Strategies control the waves with proper wave management, and take small objectives, like enemy jungle camps and scuttle, crabs the. Only time I actually group is 30 seconds prior to an objective and, during, that scrimmage, after, that fight I'm back, to farming for the next 5 minutes to set up the most success for that next objective, experience. Is king and if you can deny the enemy team their camps and waves, then you'll most likely win the game. Are there any general tips or advice I give to someone who, is really trying to improve and get to a high level. So. The first thing is to stick with what you know if, you're going to jump into ranked in place so look you don't, try something for the first time if enemy locks a Teemo top and you are a Renekton one-trick. Pony don't, try to counter pick with a champion, that you've never played before, because. As that may count on that champion, you will lack the knowledge that's out actually play, that champion, and you will feed and you will lose the game learn. How to hold your own verse, counters because after, laning phase you will have more success on your main champ than anything else, so, first time champs and norms not ranked. The. Second thing is have, a good mental you, start to tilt just stop playing, seriously. Just go outside get. Some fresh air, watch, some Netflix anything. Else research. Field tilted in game just, don't type give, your team the best chance to carry you and afterwards, call it a day, tomorrow, is a brand new day and a day to where you get back some of the lp that you might have lost, lastly. Learn, from your mistakes every. Game is another opportunity, to improve I see, it all the time where people say I can't, get a bronze silver, gold whatever. Rank it might be because of my teammates, listen.

There's, A reason why the same players get too high a low every, single, season I know, for me I used, to be a very hard stuck low diamond and my mindset was it was, my teammates fault but, once I started to truly focus on myself was, when I really, was able to improve and get, to that high level so, after you finish a game just go and watch the Vaart and really, focus on everything that you could have done better take, what you learn and play another game and, watch that vaad as well I'm, telling, you your, rank will go up drastically if, you learn from your mistakes rather, than placing blame on another individual. That. Makes total sense think, you are - now, let's watch him show you to dominate width Renekton. Hey. Guys aren't you you don't, today guys are, chill obviously you asked me to be on the show, today so today, I'm gonna show you guys how I play Renekton top lane so. First is a Lee sin we. Don't thought I'd be ring guard at. Least same top guys in class you dying gotta. Say when the first time is ever lame birthday at Lisa and Todd so let's, get started let's do, this i, starting. Guys when I play Renekton I love going longsword, three pot start like, the last Marik - why not use the refillable, pot instead well, the thing is though if you are not running teleport, you could get abused for maybe a bad trade or, a bad Hank whatever, and you, want to make sure if as much as 10 as possible, so you don't get frozen arm and this allows nap just enough sustain guys usually, survive any kind of situation out. The. Rooms I'm taken to show you guys in this video is conquer, triumph legend, tenacity, lasts and overgrowth and bone plating there's something I've been spending a lot on streams have had a lot of success with it the ideal goal is always get 40% cooldown reduction though, I actually take scaling, CBR rune under net and as of late guys so I do a black cleaver you most would use me 30% cooldown, reduction run, scaling city yard that gives me that last 10% I'll always have 40% I, think it's very important, to get 40%, cooldown reduction on reppin every, single game. All. Right well. Let's do this guy's like I said well the first time it's out it really Bruce Lee's in so well. We're gonna feel for the matchup real, quick. Well. I'm about Lisa in top though guys not showing you guys how I play the game itself, not. Just the laning phase. He. Says grass on dying I really, don't want to be giving him a glass box if I can although. Some cues here in there but that's about it. Hey. Great, starts. Hmm. Double. Two in a second. He's. Gone over. Weight. I. May. Or may not object a minyan there but uh I'll, take it I will, take it, Leeson. Top by the way. Interesting. I'll, do the fire, should. Be okay. Hello. I. Don't. Really the flash here I do that cute button get that kill this guy's crazy what, is he doing, oh my, gosh gay - oh right off the bat that is I ain't. Teresting. Oh my god, I will, chop this wave out guys always. Try to make sure your waves in a good spot that. Is a major major poor thing everybody, needs to be doing okay so get, your waves shoved out before you rotate back in that, because. They've 1,100 gold pyrite. Now we're, gonna go back we're probably - give me a team out here because I think it's a very important body gonna act in a team, at allows you to do a lot of different cancels, and really, just add extra damage into your combos, but, like if you use your team at to clear weight you can do team at Q or if you want to empower like someone's damage on top of somebody do your Debu then your team at afterwards, works. Really well on redacted a very important item I think, you're actually trolling if you don't get a team at a Zed. Is actually Eason right now three kills already. I. Still, ain't so pushing back because of the wave out guys it is always, gonna slow push back again wave management, is everything, in the top lane. Hmm. If. I got there keeping a raster release on I wrote at least they can do much worse to me right now I think I'm a little bit too far ahead they're. Gonna play very aggressive, as well -. You. Don't want this candidates we're gonna block it off make sure you can't get it. What's. All the wait for right now let's. Get a little more snow pushed in its wheel in front of they're all in on the lease in. All. Right. I'll. Regress topside we saw that from the ward their. Vision. They just put out so it's probably right there in that one. I'm playing someone, safe this year guys nothing crazy. There's. Ring guards right here. But. Hold the way right here perfection, no rush no, rush.

There's. The ring go. I. Could've. All when I'm there but I wasn't sure if ring girls and trying to walk back out again what. Am I doing here instead though because I know he's gonna back here let's just hard shove the wave these. Days he dies in a turret that's still a win right there compete at level six right off this again. Pre six it's very questionable and reckless in the place that you can and can't make a six, that big-time power spike for us that's what we really want to aim for and. They send back again still a huge huge win because. He does not a full wave I can, the meantime let's go for some plates here. Hmm. Let's. Go again I wet ring guard uses abilities, there once he used I guess. He's a bola, there, I knew. That Debbie, was down and there's no way out of my CC so he instantly worth the åland once we saw that another, thing that everybody can have used to is you watch I let him Ottawa tab remember, if a enemy, auto tax on a turret all of your minions are going to aggro toward that guy and it can really allow you to be successful on any tower dive that, you can make splits. Just wave all the way in here and. Give you more aggressive to I can show you the strat in mind that I love doing when I start getting really far ahead you're, gonna it really, works when. You know nobody can really deal with you and right now I'm gonna spawn to where I don't think anybody can look truly deal with me so, we're gonna set the proxy strap it's, a Strad that I've invented I do it a lot when, I get really far ahead. Yeah. It takes a lot of like weight management knowing, where the waves are at I spread by spawning because the proxy strike guys I can walk straight down here and get this with everything go he's dead nothing, to is the bait of the wave will give vision of Leeson's here so wait since there you, see sighs here ring gars dead nobody, King and taskmasters take all of their general cams right now just. My. Goal here to catch this wave this wave is gonna match this wave constantly, gonna. Walk up and grab this wave hold. On the proxy straddle at least he could never really rotate to us.

Birthdates. Ring. Guard just spawns way to keep that in mind no, worse here. Exact. Here he's probably right there so you can really mess of me I'm just more camps that we're taking so yeah, at least things not even not anything but we're just taking everything in ring guard tonight him I'll also get any more experience, because guys experience. Is key. It's. King it's, the best, experience. Will, win you games. All. Right there Minotaur could deathly rotate to me we have both our sobs. All. Right I see you Ringo right here because. We're still okay right now. They're. Starting, to walk toward topside we should be okay though for one more wave cuz ringer he's all of five now. After so we're probably wanna reset. We. Can look at a good test Ringo on his camp down here though right, -. Looks. Like for a reset one. A very very good spot right now. Hmm. Lucas, yes - 93 CS in nine minutes, what, are we setting I would love to get a Black Cleaver. Lose, plates guys slowly going down I know I'm missing plates oh that's far I'm getting insane amount of experience. Regard. Tried rotating top it just there was nothing there for him. Mmm. Right so IIST is dead ocean dragons up I got I'm taking control of topside completely Ringo, was his top plane you just showed on the map being topside. Then. When this wave will actually give me just enough gold guys to get my black fever. Perfect. Perfect, perfect perfect a nine-minute, black cleaver, awesome. Awesome awesome. Maybe. We have spawn timers on all these camps will, constantly, keep taking those camps. So. So far the stats guys I know I'm three and two but that's a step that I really don't care too much about the, staff that I look at constantly, is how many jungle, camps have I taken and so far I've taken two camps that is two camps, of waves that ring guards being denied and I just added myself to be even stronger my. Level difference will start to gradually show that, Leeson, it's gonna wave that I've already cleared it now the leis finally showing up at this wave - I'm gonna go out catch, both these waves leave. Things things isn't clear but he's really knocks I'm gonna walk back up and just push it back on. Perfect. Let's keep me shoving that sorry guys constantly, leaving here I see. Always came spawning right now I want. To get position to take all of these, camps. Perfect. Hmm. The. Raptors are up as well too so we're gonna grab this next wait thinking you could always tell where the waves that base off that wave right there well, go out and catch this wave. Again. It is the proxy, strata or an acting process guy you won't see it's very off your silicon games that's. A pretty fresh threat that I've started on. Hmm. You. Guys constantly eating that camp we've said Pike walks out these two so now he's not Bob side and, applying this pressure. Well. Pack up get another way if he leave sitting a little we cannot rotate without missing insane other ways again, we got turrets slowly still going down it's.

Still Going down as we speak. Pike. Still topside. Mid. Per second. Oh. Buddy. That. Goes let's, walk right on it. Rampage. And, again leasing still couldn't rotate away was still crashed in so then subtlest hurt this entire time. Now we're going right back top guys to get this red bump in a second but first things first for you go for that you want to clear this wave again. This is strategy and try to be so low you games it is top, to pull up at first but once you get the hang of the guys they works very very well and. You will be the highest es in the game by far I mean look at the difference it's insane. He's. Ignoring him he, really doesn't matter I. Want. To do this I don't want to do it. Atlas. De Kamp said I would naturally, just take oh well. Let's grab this you, see bottom is pressure to you're allowed to go MIT as well to seen kasbahs look at the mat get a feel for and figure out okay what's the next best, case scenario for. And. We see we sell this wave he's trying his best to criticize as possible, you're. Just in a really strange spot right. That's when the best wave clears in the game so you really want some view. Scuffle. Down there. Big. Boys part of things I'll. Strap this next wave. Hmm. Reset. Here take the win off this and just prep for this dragon, responds very soon, I give, this back off well is gonna get a boo here and also possibly even a Dirk, I'm. Gonna go well let's go tabbies here let's give a Dirk here. Fantastic. I've. Three there gold I could, get a dagger but it could become a really awkward spot for me so wait, to get it later hundred, sixty-one CS at 14 minutes. All. Right guys so another big thing I love to keep captain guys is dragon everybody told you guys in, this video that, hey, I always try to use my summers I'm ready to go for these dragons, but bounce monsoon, this, is where I'll start to look to use my summer, it's very very soon guys on thirty-second mark Italy, speak. Let's. Prep the wave out grab, this wave in the next wave I'll, sit except for that too and then we'll go straight to the drag. Hmm. Likes. Again. One more wave and then you rotate mid push that way about next I guess the key police in at top lane and if he does rotate Bop whatever reason he misses a lot of waves. All. Right now let's push out mid now, at the 20-second mark guys now using sums is okay, because that, will, I'll should kill them and keep them off map for this dragon spawned. He's. So bad, it. Is insanely, fun. I'm. So annoying uh, I was hit the mountain we got a try our best man's. Own them off but Agnew was just readily. Quick oh he, has movies that make sense I could have flash on but. Look. At that dragon perfect, I did, lose the wave Lex I wasted so much time topside, but I thought for the grand scheme guys it's very good again getting objectives, is the most important thing I miss one wave that's, fine. At. Least in Ted turn like I said he probably would and look at level difference guys two level difference almost three. I'm. Just ignoring him I'm letting him farm like it doesn't matter if he farms or not that's not the Pieta game the, key the game is keeping shoving a turret so he can't help his gentler while I take everything. Cuz. He burnt there I even take a boss I can't - in regards level differences turn to show ID ones up to levels on the ring gar again. I see a lot of guys and this didn't become aprox red comes a lot of things the guys in League of Legends, people. Will just not go around and just take stuff no, literally get a lead maybe feel like 1000, or whatever and, they just won't do anything on the map at all that's.

Something I just don't agree with I think you should constantly, be trying to take every, objective you can, cuz. That's what wins you game guys even these are objectives, or, small objectives, but they're very important. Alright, let's grab this next wave here -. You. Can't just want I'm very very soon. It's, fine. Gosh. He is so fast, though is you mousse and movies oh my, god I do. Want to go back in my emus though. I'll. Finish off my CDR ain't give me a lot of mobile mobility, to work with though. At. Least inside to walk in his jungle now. You. Trying to assist his team but. Now. He's missing away because he rotated now at search should just go right on down gonna have anything search this entire game and it's about to collapse completely. You. Know these turrets in my opinion are like my friend I use. Them to deny the enemy, top laner as much as possible really the enemy team in general a. Lot. Of times whenever my team has a reptile I tell them not to you the toppling cuz I actually use that to his system they're. Walking top lane because, I'd the wave shoved out they're always in a rotate toward that try to get that objective, no, he's be free to go get their read. No. See under walked in there not a big. Deal time taking some more camps constantly, farming, it's. Not about me guys you'll never see me sitting around I will constantly, do something you, weren't in 30 once he has 18, minutes. Wave. Simply shove down. And. While he's been you're dying guys that's just more experience they're missing out on. Get. His farm farm farm until our next Dragon spawn which is in two minutes. Let's. Get another wave here. Actually. Walking top right now I'm level 15, he lost farm if they try to find me I should actually win this fight. No. You'll. See though she didn't, hi, I got, greedy I did not want to use my flash and that is why I picked up regardless. So you saw that pressure of plants how strong I was I've been farmed in ages, I'm had four kills the sign says nine kills this guy two kills, guys three kills like they are have so much more kills than me and it's three people and I, made it look almost very easy I played, that a little better guys didn't flash on Cena I would have won that fight that just shows how strong we are with, 3600. Gold in our pocket, so we. Almost won that fight now, we get you moves we go back we've grabbed us a gosh, I'm gonna get Grievous wounds here and then, some daggers for a wit sin I'll. Surely be next you know I have some healing reduction which would be really good Versailles Cena in SL, eyes. And. All these was ghost 2-wheel except her flash going up for that next dragon which bond in 45, seconds. We want to prep it out so first things first make, sure waves are good I think it's too late to go top plane so we're gonna do is go mid ear to, make sure it shoves out so it, applies that pressure so they do rotate a dragon we're not on more waves in the mid. Alright. Is that or he did it for us no he's kind of walked on in, okay. I want to keep the pressure applied on mid guys so this dragon spawns keep. Them at bay we don't actually fight them or anything but just keep my fake guys keep them busy. Okay well we're actually fighting this. Okay. We're actually fighting this I didn't aggression to fight this well.

We Got dragon, off that we should be alright, just get the dragon just get the dragon if, we're gonna bring five top five pop the, drag it drag him just, get dragon oh please. Get dragon we're gonna going now okay that's, another thing I want to include, in this video, real quick so. If. They bring multiple, guys after they go topside considering, dragon is right here all, that B's guys is we get it free dragon at least we, should they're being very slow on the rotation, but we should. Stand. For something walks right there though. This. Is really unfortunate to watch this is really hard to watch right now. I. Think. There's gonna win the fight though. Yeah. But typically speaking though if you guys apply that pressure and actually rotate to you topside Wan Dragon spawn just ping your team and tell them to go your dragon usually, they're gonna go do it I'm, surprised my team didn't do they kind of set around for a minute but, uh like I said at least they stalled out for long enough to us to get right back in position, leave that dragon. First. Things first guys I want to push out mid you, won't walk to the dragon the push out mate is the most important thing now. That's walk down make sure not doing it. Again. It's really hard to do it because the waves shoved in. Everyone. Is dead right now better, keep that in mind I. Want. To keep some kind of that's what to be in the area at least very least. And. Keep the wave shoved in. Well. Sure why he took that fight though Oh ringer, is dead though. Hmm. Let's. Sit right here guys look for an assassination, I. Say. Start it. Hmm. All. Right, they're just not in position at all right now all. Right. Perfect to my top now see, that pressure applied again I lost a lot of CS I've trying to make sure we that objective, but I think objectives, are still important that you need to be a musician form, constantly.

Double. Dash off that wop back top lane I'll talk to her it might go down this I did spend a lot of time down here, it's. Down well, god this in the meantime. Let's. Push this back out again. Hmm. I'll. Suppose pink ward, I could, ghost but Real Talk guys are just no object from the map my teams entirely bought side so if I do ghost and use that summoner we're probably not getting Baron regardless. I'll. Just wait it out how, could I have done it no doubt about it goes to the pretty short cooldown, well, it just I'm not really getting much off it at all. Push. This in. Perfect. Grape cakes right there two guys great, pics 280. Once he has 24, minutes not too shabby, I probably, should do that 300, but like I said I spent a lot of times getting objectives. Um. Let's. Walk on the team history, taking up the minions it's a win for us. Cause. This bar bigger. I'm. Literally falling right now, I'm. Actually trolling. Dude it's like they're, playing so far away from me it's gross. Um. I, guess. We could go back. They're. Just playing so far away I mean I don't blend them guys look three levels of anybody to match so I just want to avoiding it all cars. Wait, who I got. Really close I'm, dead off this, it's. Not too bad what if they're barren wow that got really close, oh my gosh, one's got one shot or something I was, strange, who's, your the Baron that oh. Okay. That. Doesn't die which get the parent in. That's. Not really worth let's, go is gonna wits in here, asking. What's so good and now it's going like kind of weird good, news is we already have like most the objectives, the last two that's. Something, but he's, fights have been really a little gross I kind. Of want to switch my tabbies into a merchant I think that'd be so much better when, the game armor. Trades I feel he's a better boot in general as tenacity. Has. I guess matters, but really the tenacity is the most important things I was gonna move more they. Have some CC I think. It was too much but it's actually kind of annoying I'm, getting sober way too long, so we want to enjoy that so if we have that plus, nasty room we should be a very big five. Calories. Was ghost ghost is a very short cooldown five, who needs whittier sums guys if you're able throwing up kills or whatever. Go. With ghosts first is that the very short cooldown. Hmm. Grab. This in the meantime they're pushing on red. Release. Camps get all the jungle camps here I. Got. Really just ignore them for the most part. We. Ares on two levels right now. I'd. Rise up in 40 seconds we want to prep this out beam, the team off actually right here, eating. Them off let's grab his next wave let that turn tonight then that way. Well. Sure the dragon again I think objectives, are everything guys that's what wins you games in the Eagle engines. Let's, walk straight on down there you. Got the shoving boys that turn is just collapsing. I haven't touched it at all this entire game research. Are still going down regardless. Ah. Um. Hey. Not bad. It's. All pushing and grab this you, probably can he'll drop this too they could probably push those guys there and I can just sort the solo it. We.

Should Definitely try to get this inhibitor though in the meantime. Not. The cleanest game by fighting mechanically, at his first game today but you know they're. Not too shabby, as. I'm showing you guys the proper rotation. I think. Somebody abused especially get an early lead. Oh my. Gosh you got hot. The. Is it new Kirino. Let's. Go ahead boys. We're, going in baby. Game, guys I, hope. You guys enjoyed this show you guys a little taste of art to her neck didn't I like that style I like to play again it's a little different like a proxy, quite a bit use these turrets like they're my friends, okay that's how I do it but the guys there's a lot of ways please stop playing but that's how I like to play top lane hope, y'all enjoyed this. Alright. Guys so in case you still haven't realized it yet this is an April Fool's video that I want to have some fun with in, case you haven't heard I do have a new website where you can find my ultimate, guide to Renekton, and a ton of other challenger, players all for free on our to academy.com. We, were releasing two to three guides per, week all made, by challenger, players so make sure to check it out I also, have another youtube channel that released only Renekton, content, I will, have all that in the description oh thanks. For everything make, sure that like button and comment below what, you want me to bring on the channel next to. You guys the next one deuces, boys.

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