WHY dōTERRA AS A BUSINESS? | Essential oils business setup!

WHY dōTERRA AS A BUSINESS? | Essential oils business setup!

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Welcome. Welcome, to the business. Side, of, doTERRA, whether you've been thinking about, starting. To turn doTERRA more into a business in your life or maybe you've been looking into doTERRA, because, of the business that it can bring to you you, are in the right place this. Webinar is gonna, talk all about how. DoTERRA. Works as a company, why it's such an amazing company to get involved, in how you get paid and how you can get started now before we start my, name is Joel Hinton, I do this business with my husband, full time we're doTERRA, Diamond, leaders then, we run the website the daily drop Society, we, have over, 62,000. Members worldwide, from. America. To Canada to, Brazil to the Philippines, it's incredible, how, when you get going in this business it just starts. To, expand. From where you started, now, most importantly, we're moms and dads to our, three, little ones or a family a five and one fir baby and I Instagram over at the daily drop Society so if you want essential oil tips and tricks' jump, on over to instagram to learn more. Now. I want to start this off with a story of the pipeline, and this story is very very powerful to me what. It is is that there was a man who lived in a village and. Every. Single day he. Would strap a wooden. Pole across his back put. On two buckets and walk down to the river fill. Those buckets up with clean water, and then walk a few miles back home and he did this every, single day and, every. Time he could haul buckets, he. Was able to sell those buckets, to people because. Everyone. Needed. Water it was a commodity that people needed but it was a long way to go to, get it so. As many buckets as he could haul back up to the village he could sell and he made a great living for himself, but. One day, he. Realized if, there. Was ever a day that he wasn't feeling good or. Every. Day he was just tired. He. Wouldn't make money that day unless he, was hauling those. Buckets. So he got an idea he. Thought. What if I hauled, just, enough buckets. To. Make a living, for my family, but. In the meantime I'm, gonna start building a pipeline. That. Will provide, even, on the days that I physically. Can't, haul buckets anymore, so. He, started, to build a pipeline from. The river to, the village and at, first people didn't quite understand, why he was doing it because he was making great money hauling. Buckets, but. He had a bigger picture of, what. Could happen and it. Took him a few years, but. Finally one day that pipeline got to the village and he turned on the water and it was cleaner and it was fresher and he, could have that water for sale any time he needed to, without. Having to walk down and haul buckets, with his time. Where. Are you guys at I, want. You to think of this story in your own lives. Are you hauling buckets right now are, you. Trading. Your. Time for, money. Maybe. You feel like you're. Limited, on your time, maybe.

It's. With your earning, you feel like you've hit a ceiling you can't go any further in the company that you're in or maybe, just that you're building someone, else's dreams. Opposed. To building a pipeline. Which. Is residual. Income, that there are no caps on what you can earn you. Get to choose your own schedule, because you're, building, your. Home dreams. Now. The whole story, of the pipeline, became very, very real to. Me and my husband, when we had our third son, now. This, cute, little guy decided, that he, was excited to come see us and he came a month, early I was in the parking lot with. My daughter who was three at the time and my nephew who was also three, being. Very pregnant when my water broke in the. Parking lot of all places. So. I packed the kids up brought, him home we went and checked into the hospital and, he, was born a few hours later. And. I'll never forget that feeling. If you haven't if there are any moms on this right now. But, it's this incredible, feeling that when, they hand that new little baby that just took its first breath and they. Set it on your chest and you just get to hold them for. The first time there's just there's. Nothing really that can make quite explain, that, as. I was sitting there holding him. And he was very first born, the. NICU. Team actually came over and unwrapped. My arms around him and took. Him from me really quick and brought him to the back and started doing breathing, exercises on, him as quick as they could because, he was actually, struggling. For breath and. Stopped. Breathing his lungs hadn't fully formed, yet and they put him in the rolling. Bed and just whisked, him away and there. I was just sitting. There on a bed I had just given birth I couldn't go anywhere yet I couldn't follow him so. My husband went with them and I just felt. Alone. They. Had just taken my, precious baby boy away, from me, he. Was born at the end of November November 30th, and we, ended up spending almost two weeks in. The, NICU with him working with him doing, whatever we could to make it so he could come home with us so. He could breathe and eat on his own now. That by the time we got home it was middle of December, and. We had two other little kids at home at the time that, we needed to take care of and get adjust to being a family of five and before, you knew it a week later it was, Christmas. Needless. To say in December. Me. And my husband. Weren't. Able to do any work, at all now my husband at the time was, in car sales and I, had been working my doTERRA business, the last three and a half four years when, this happened. But. What. Happened. For us is that in the month of December. That. Was the first time ever in our doTERRA business. That. Our team broke. A million. Dollars, in sales. But. When we needed, it. It. Was there for us. We. Have the most incredible business. Leaders we have the most incredible business. Partners and the. We didn't work a single day that month because we physically, couldn't, have with what we were going through. So. Taro is there for us because. That pipeline, had. Been created, and made and we didn't have to be worried about how we were gonna pay the bills that month and we didn't have to be worried about the crazy hospital, bill that we know was coming to us for being in the NICU and I'm, so grateful for, the. Possibility. Of what, this can actually, and what, this did bring to our lives, now. This little guy is huge. And healthy now he. Turned. One he's actually one-and-a-half, now he's, absolutely. Big. And happy, and, just our roly poly boy after having such a hard long. Time, to. Get going in life, so. Why partnering, with doTERRA, what. Makes them so different, than anything else you could make you guys the, first thing is it's because it's effective. DoTERRA. Has over 4.5. Million. Customers. Because, the. Products, are that good and actually right now there's over 6 million when. We just went to get someone, signed up world. Wide. You guys that's because these products, are absolutely, amazing. They're, natural, and they're. Safe, what makes sense oil so different is that they're actually addressing, the root, cause, of, problems. In our, health that we may be.

Struggling With and not just the symptoms. Because. It's addressing, our body's, needs now, these oils, come from plant extracts. And not, only do they enhance, our physical, but, very importantly, they also help, with our emotional. Health and means, and these, essential oils are safe. Without. Side. Effects, very, very little side effects, from, using these essential, oils that people are seeing incredible, health benefits from, now. What set throat air is essential oil apart, from. Any other essential, oils you can buy on the market is, there. CPT. G standard, which stands for certified pure. Therapeutic. Great now, in the essential oil industry, no one regulates. Essential. Oils in fact. A leading essential oil chemist said that 80%, of these essential oils on the market today just. Aren't, pure, so. You could walk into a grocery store and buy an essential oil and not, get the health benefits, you were wanting, because. You're, not using. A. Pure. Therapeutic. Essential. Oil this, is why doTERRA, had to create its own standard. That they call CP T G. What. That means is that each. Lot of oil undergoes. Rigorous. Testing. Before they ever accept, it into their facility, to make sure it's appear that it doesn't have fillers and it doesn't have pesticides, and. That these oils, are Beyond Organic because. These essential, oils are coming from, all over the world where they have the highest chemical. Constituents. Because. We're talking about our health here and. They need to be the best and they need to be something that we can depend on when, it comes to our health, now, doTERRA makes these records, of the tests they do on the oils public, you. Can actually turn. The your oil oil on the bottom there's, a little number and that, it's lot number and you can look up the testing. From, that essential oil you guys this is pretty, revolutionary in, the essential oil industry to be so open, about. Testing, and those. Oils. 85%. Of the oils that doTERRA, uses, are actually. Exclusive. The supplier, is exclusive, to, doTERRA, so. These truly are oils, that you cannot, get anywhere else to. Get these therapeutic. Pretty. Much medicinal, properties and because, of this is, why. DoTERRA, has a 65%. Record-breaking. Retention. Rate now, industry, average in network marketing, is about 8 to 10 percent of people who order keep. Ordering. DoTERRA. Is unheard, of you guys we are 65, percent and that's, because, these oils, are so incredible. They, work, when. People start using them they want, to keep using them because they find such. Amazing. Health benefits. From. Using them, another. Thing about doTERRA, is that it's very authentic. When. It comes to network marketing now, most direct sell companies, lead. With the business, opportunity. The. Product, sales really depend on how much they can sell, that opportunity, those, are the people who are buying the products are the people doing the business because. That's what they're selling is an opportunity, to have the business know, doTERRA, is different, it's what we like to call authentic. Direct selling because. We lead, with these powerful. Products. These, products, would sell. Regardless. If you could do the business or not with it it's just a perk that, you can actually create a business, from. These amazing products. Because we share a wellness, lifestyle, in fact, they say that 85%, of, the wholesale customers in doTERRA are just, product users they're, just people who want the. Oils, at wholesale. And that's. Why they get an account only 15%, are actually doing this as a. Business, that is how powerful, these products, are and why. So many people want. To how wholesale accounts. Now. The second reason doTERRA, is so incredible, is that it's proven. Why. Don't air it is now the largest, essential, oil company, in the world and it's, only been open for 10 years now in, the first seven years doTERRA, actually, was on trend, with. Apple, for growth, in the billions, it is a billion-dollar. Company. Which, makes it the optimal, timing for. The opportunity. Because. It is now being opened up in other markets world, wide, and it is a debt-free. Company, there. Are no outside, interest, or, funding. When, it comes to doTERRA they're, just, getting. Started. It's. Also part of a trillion, dollar wellness, industry this, is this. Is something that it's, not just a little thing here and there you guys this is a trillion, dollar wellness, industry, because our health is everything to us these days and people, are sick, and tired, of being told, what.

Their Health we want to be our own best, advocates. And doTERRA. Does that it puts the power back into the consumers, hands to, be our own best, advocate. When it comes to our health it's. Also led. By, an. Incredible. Group of business and marketing health care professionals. Right, here you can see the founding executives, they have a hundred and fifty, years combined, experience in. The industry and these. People right here own the company, a hundred. Percent. They, will never be pressured to do things from owners or stockholders. Or when. Money, becomes the bottom line this. Company, actually talks. About openly, at all of our conventions, they want to be known as the company that, gets the most people. Out of, debt. Now. The last thing I want to talk about is just the caring, that when you use our doTERRA, essential oil, it touches, so much more than you're just getting the best essential oil in the world it, actually touches people, around the world because doTERRA, makes partners with these growers around the world to. Help and nurture developing, economies. And, preserve. Their agricultural. Traditions. I had the opportunity to, go to Guatemala to check out the cardamom, fields, it ones are incredible, to see the families, they're living. In their in their tribes, with, each other. Getting. Fair, prices. For this cardamom, that they've grown for. Decades, in their families, that, now that they can provide for their families, that their ter can go into these areas and. Create. Hospitals. Education. Giving. These people, a hand, up not. A handout in life that's. Incredible. To see the things are doing you can go to source chu comm to. Read a little bit more about how, they're working with communities, around the world and, by being a wellness advocate, if it speaks to you how, you can, get involved in, these. Charitable, organizations. So. Now I want to talk to you guys about the financial. Possibility. When it comes to doTERRA, you, can see right here down at the yellow all the way on up the, different, ranks, there, are in doTERRA, and what, they may what, they make a monthly whether you want to just pay for your product and make a little bit on the side whether, you want to completely supplement, your income or, replace. And multiply, your income there. Are five ways that. You can get paid in, doTERRA. To get to those rings now, the first way is retail, sales these, are for people who just want to buy one or two bottles of oil at full price. You'll make a twenty five percent markup, now, this is hauling, buckets however some. People just want to try an oil or two to see if they work before, they become a member and this is a great way to give them an experience with. The oils and it's it's. Perfectly, fine making you can order that for them or they can order from your website now, the second, way is your fast start, bonus, doTERRA, pays these out every single.

Wednesday. When, you sign someone, up in doTERRA you make 20% of, everything. They buy for the first 60, days now. When that person, signs someone up you make 10% and, on, down, 5%. So. You're actually being paid on three generations. Down of people. You sign up who they sign up and they, sign up so, there's really fosters. A. Want. To want to help your people be successful. In doTERRA, because. When you show up to help them sign people up helps teach classes, you, actually, make a percentage, of how well that person does also. Now. Your third way is your power three bonus, and this truly is a bonus that doTERRA made and it's a really generous bonus when, you have three people underneath you all ordering, at least a hundred dollars every month. As they make over their natural health, and it, totals, six hundred dollars in volume doctor. Just gives you 50. Bucks a $50 bonus and when, those three people have three people that are doing it so nine people total they, give you a turn hands and $50. Bonus, now. When those three people have three people on your third level, that. Are all doing the same thing doTERRA. Gives you a fifteen. Hundred dollar, bonus, because. This is just a bonus on top of all the other commissions, you make and, you can actually do this as many times as you. Want in. Now. The fourth way you can get paid is the, unilevel. Bonus, you get a percentage, on everything. That's purchased, in your. Entire, team, regardless, if you sign them up or not but doTERRA. Does this a really, neat way now. In most network marketing companies they pay you the highest percentage, on the people that are highest up to, you closest. To you but. Where do you think eventually after you've been doing this for a few years you're, gonna have the most people, you're. Gonna have the most people on the lowest level, doTERRA, actually does as the opposite, of most companies, they. Pay you the least amount highest. Up to you and the. Most, amount. Farthest. Down, where you're gonna have the most amount of people. Because. This is an incredible. Way that doTERRA has set things up so you get paid the most on the. Most not. Only that but because you get paid as people are are further, down, you're. Not just gonna hoard everyone on your front line you're actually gonna start placing, people. Underneath, your leaders, as they, succeed. You. Succeed and, it really fosters, a whole. Development. Of you wanting to develop your, team and help. Them because you get paid more as. You place people, lower it's. A beautiful, way that they've set this up, now. The fifth way you can get paid is the, leadership. Bonus. DoTERRA. Takes a percentage of all the sales from the company and divides. It among leaders at certain. Ranks. You, get a bonus just for hitting that rank so. Now that you guys know the five ways you get paid what I want you to do is go back to this original slide, and I, want you to look at the. Very first down, it elite all. The, way on up and look what they make monthly, and, I. Want you guys to look over that, and. If. You could take a magic wand and wave that where. Would you want, to be. Do. You want to just replace, earn, a little bit extra maybe maybe, you just need 500 extra a month to. Make the biggest difference in your family. Maybe. You, want to supplement your income maybe, you're looking at being able to walk away from that job but doesn't, speak to your heart. Maybe. You're looking for the time freedom to be able to do things when you. Want to, look. At those monthly incomes, where do you fit in there or. Maybe it's to replace and multiply, maybe. You have a bigger mission and you want to get to other things maybe it's charities.

Maybe. It's serving more and, maybe. It's in those upper ranks is where you need to be I, want. You to choose right now where. You, need to be in those ranks I. Want. To share really quick just to end my, story about how I got started in all this, when. I got started in doTERRA I was actually, before, a wedding planner I had, my own wedding planning business that I had run for years and put blood, sweat and tears into I went, to every marketing, hour event I did photo shoots and magazine, advertising. And everything. Possible to get my name out there and slowly. And surely it started, to become more popular and it, started to get bigger and bigger and I started adding things to this wedding planning business from rentals, to. A wedding expo, to. Resource. Websites, you, name it we, started to do more and more and I absolutely loved, the creativity, of. Doing weddings and I loved working with my clients, but, a big thing that, I. Thought the reason why I got into this really changed, the, whole reason why I wanted to do weddings it's because I wanted. To be able to have, a career, that, I could do with my kids I knew one day I wanted, to have children and, I. Wanted to be home with them. But. I loved being able to contribute. To the world and I needed. To be able to be a mom and to be able to do something outside the home too and so. I started, my own wedding planning business and, what. I found out is that I wasn't owning a business it. Was owning me I. I. Found, that working a 14-hour, Saturday, to do a wedding, was. Exhausting, it was taking a toll on my health it was keeping me apart for my family, I was missing, everything over the weekends, I knew, I wouldn't be able to go to sports. Games soccer, any of those kind of things I also, found that I could, only take on so many weddings a month before I physically, could not keep him straight. So. I hit the ceiling where I really, I couldn't make any more that, I was physically making because I couldn't take on any more weddings, I couldn't, take on any more rentals, I had, my staff, and we could only do. So. Much have you guys ever felt that way have. You ever felt like maybe. In the job you're in right now or what you're currently doing that you're, stuck, you. Really can't go any further than you're currently at whether, it be, promotions. Or pay or just. Feeling. Fulfilled, in it. What. All change for me is that me and my husband, we love, to, travel it, is our passion it's. What we love to do and one year we decided to for. New Year's to go down to Cancun, and. We. Invited, my husband's family, to come with us and this, was an adult only strip all the kids stayed behind and, one, night we were nice, swimming in the, most beautiful. Pools, overlooking. The ocean, when, Colin's older sister haired Kirsten, told. Us that her husband, was believing, his marketing, firm that he had started, to. Do to Tara with her full-time because, they had had their first $10,000. A month, you. Guys I was a small business owner this. Lured. Me I had. No idea. That. Something, like doTERRA. Held. Such, possibilities. Because. I was already using the oils, and I liked him I just, had no idea. What. Was really there so for the rest of the trip I asked, a million questions and, I tried to learn more about how. This all worked and when. I got home I had a choice to make I knew. I could keep going on my path and weddings and keep doing the same old thing and be, exhausted. And know. That I couldn't get any further to where I was or I could take a leap and do something. New. That. I knew. Someone, who had been successful, not only had our brother and sister love and successful, but their friends were also doing it with them and we're. Finding huge, success, I knew, it. Was possible, they. Had started about three years before us and, I remember, thinking, back kicking, myself oh and why did I not listen three. Years ago but. This quote right here really. Stood out to me a year from now you, may have wish you had started, today I, screenshotted, this quote I put it on my phone and I, looked at it every single day because I knew if I did, not start, from this very minute right now I would regret it looking back are. You gonna look back a year from now and, think. I remember listening did you'll give that webinar I should. Have gotten started I should. Have looked more into doTERRA, I should have taken a chance and taken. A leap to, see what else could be out there to. Change the current circumstance, I'm in, because.

I Know I meant. For so much, more and there's so many people out there that, I could help and I can serve if I just started playing bigger. Guys. Where would it make the most impact on your life is it. Earning more being debt-free, is it. Working smarter, is it time to build your dreams or, prepare. For retirement. Or. Is. It just doing what you love. Maybe. You want to travel more go back and get that education, spend. Time with your family. What. Would be the biggest impact on your life you have to choose what path works best for you you. Can either just make a little extra and. Pay for your product you, could supplement your income and have. It be your full-time work or you can completely, replace your income like. Me and my husband, have after. About a year of working doTERRA. We. Started making enough that we started seeing money. Coming back after two years we're making a couple thousand, a month after. Three years we were doing, more. In one month, of doTERRA, than I did a whole, year. Of wedding planning, you. Guys it's possible, it's. Not easy. It's not a get-rich-quick. By. Any mean, it is possible. And it will reward you, for the effort, and the work that, you put in, so. How do you get started, doTERRA. Is $35. And that gives you 25%, off the whole year or, accounts. Are free with a kit if, you're looking to do this as a business and sharing with other people without. A doubt you, need a kit to get started my favorite kit is the, natural, solutions, kit this. Comes with. 12 oils, in a beautiful, box to be able to display the measures you teach classes a diffuser, so you can use those, oils. Aromatically, the. Vitamin, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap toothpaste as, you slowly, start to make over your life with. These incredible, natural solutions. At home now. The second, kit which is a step down is the top 10 essential, oils with, a diffuser. Everyone. On our team I teach to teach a basic top, 10 essential, oils class so. As long as you have the top 10 to share with people from your heart you. Can even do this business. Now. There are bigger and smaller kits available you. Can go to the daily drop site EECOM backslash, wholesale, and there's, a link on there that you can click the link for the countries you're in and look at different. Kits of what may be available in your area so jump on there and take a look if, you wanted something different but those two are my very, favorite kits, now. Some things that you get for joining doTERRA, and the daily drop Society, on our team you're, actually going to get your own website these. Are beautiful, replicated, websites, that you get to go in and customize, with, your picture, and description that.

You Get for absolutely, free for joining doTERRA so you're ready from, the very first day you sign up you. Also get a welcome ebook, this, is an essential oil for beginners ebook so anyone who signs up when your teen can. Get this free ebook to start learning about essential, oils because again our job is just to connect, people with, the. Solutions. That, they need to start making over, their health by. Being a business partner, with the daily drug society, you'll actually get this PDF, all. Editable. So, you can, actually change it to your logo as you, send it off to people because I want you to have the tools to, be able to grow and educate, people. You'll. Also get an exclusive member, education login, to, our members area the daily drop Society, on the left-hand side is different oil education, and on the right-hand side is business, training so you can grow your business then. You also have leader exclusive, we have a private, team Facebook, group that you can ask questions and get support in you. Will get six weeks of private weekly mentor phone calls as you get started, which is the most important, time to get your questions answered and, you'll, get the six week ready set launch program, to, jumpstart your business and learn, the ins and outs of how, to do your doTERRA business in just six weeks, you. Guys whose lines. Could. You change, not. Only your own and your family, in your legacy, but who's out there waiting to hear the Mesha message, of health. From. You that only you, can give them to get. Started, I want you guys to go to the person who sent you this video have. Them help you get started now, if that was me go ahead and log on to the daily drop Society comm backslash. Wholesale, where. You can get information about, how the wholesale, accounts work and you, can get started, with your wholesale account and kit it also, has my information, on this website feel. Free to get ahold of me you, can text me we can set up a phone call whatever is more comfortable for you so. You can get your questions answered and, you can get started with doTERRA you. Guys I, promise. You there, is nothing, else out there like, this. DoTERRA, has completely. Changed. Me and my family's. Everything. Our financial. Our physical. Everything. Has been changed, because of doTERRA and, we are so grateful every single day if I. Had, to start over tomorrow, with. Nothing, all over again I would do it with doTERRA and I, beat again. And again in again because I know, this. Compensation, plan and how incredible, it is I know how, incredible, the oils are and I've seen how many people's lives are changed, because. Of, doing this business. Thank. You guys for being here I can't, wait to talk to you more and I can't wait to welcome you to, the daily drop Society, and help you get started.

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Hey Miranda, You can definitely sign up in Australia. It just takes a different section to sign up on. email me hello@ jewl hinton.com and I can help walk you through it.

Awe lovely, video! Blessings to yo & your family! I love Doterra & I'm wondering, bc I live in Australia, how do I sign up, to buy & sell these wonderful, E.O's, when it asks for a social security number? I have a TFN here in Australia! ✨

You are so welcome! I cannot wait to welcome you to the team and get to know you!

+The Daily Drop Society Thank you so many times, over! That's wonderful & so are you! I truly appreciate your time & help!

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