Why CAPITALISM is the BEST Economic System

Why CAPITALISM is the BEST Economic System

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With the rise of capitalism in, our society, the capital. Rich and the poor is widening I wrote this in my diary in March 2014. And just, two years later in March 2016. I bought my first stop, and became, a capitalist, so what changed in these, two years this, is what I want to discuss with you today I. Often. Say that the money in the fuel of society, - the fuel of civilization. And, in. Order for us to understand. Why capitalism. Itself is the, best system we should understand, how money, works, are the fuel of society, so it is restr unit of transfer is, it a unit of transfer of debt and that's, where, I mean I'm talking about that I'm not talking about just, you, lend, money to someone it's, not just about this debt. Itself it can be register. Because. For. Example in. The Christian religion, there. Is something called Redemption Jesus. Sacrifice, himself for, the Christian, people and it's. A form of debt that they have to, him they, are intended to him so most, of the religions, even the ranges are based in some sort of debt and whether. Is a region where you have to pray to God it's because, you are indebted to God and even, in politics, when, you pay taxes, is because you're in the debtors of government, the government will protect you and in return you, pay taxes to them so, money. Is the unit of this transfer of debt and we all have that with each other and on each of the in society, and the economic, system is how this transfer, is regulated. How this transfer, goes on the, economic, system is what will determine the political system, and the political system of course will determine our lives the economic, system itself based, on interaction. Between individuals, and between, groups, in society and, there, are two main things which will determine this type of interaction. The first one is cows and 7 what is clothes before I continue I want to tell you something I if you ask me where I got this, information. It's, from multiple, books that I read our, the call, box book about. About. Communism, the Communist, Manifesto Das, Kapital, I read the Adam Smith I read, all the great economies I read the democracy, in America so it's all from all this collection from, what I studied in this in the, sociology. All these things, it's what I'm talking about today so you will not find an exact place where you, will find everything that I'm saying it's all my knowledge which are given to you from, all of this we can say that there are four main economic.

Systems, First one is its temperance. There is no cost at all a new cloth at all, this is socialism this, is also communism. But communism it is more, evolved, form of socialism, with communism, that, is no government. Also there, is no money at all there's no state set in form of Anarchy and the. Second form, is fascism. Fascism. Is there. Is a cost but. You're close so. When. You think of fashion don't you think about Mussolini about, Hitler, but it's not, just this so, in this system where there is a cost, but, no cloth, is the form of fascism it must, not be violent, so then there is nonviolent. Ham for, example, in. Modern. Lecture, in, nationalistic. Society, when nationalism. Is interest it is a form of fascism but, it is not a unit so these people will say that the. People for ethnically, similar. To each other should, be the leading it. Should be leading the society, in comparison, to the minority and these. Are the type of people from portafilter walls, who will want to close. Borders especially. In Europe in, Hungary, there's the Prime Minister's telling doctor he wants to grow the border with the European, nation because they, are breathing migrants through this country and also. In Russia you can see this even, if Putin has, been using financier in some cases but, he's not a full, fascist. Like Hitler, Mussolini. His, army. We can even include religious. Fundamentalism. As fashionable. If you look at the Islamic state Isis. They have this this. Believe, that only one religion, should, be leading the other religion, they already. Just could not one religion is better than the others so it's a form of fascism it's a full of a gas system, without, applause because it doesn't matter in this particular range gentlemen, but, that is Islam then, whether you're rich or you're poor but, matters, what you learn attorney follows the, third type of, system. Is mercantilism, in. This one there is a cost and there is a class system the, mercantilism. Is, not, very, relevant in today's age but it has been relevant in the poor for example let's, talk about England. In the 16th, or won a Queen Elizabeth the first of England she. Decreed. A royal charter allowing. The creation of the, British East India Company, so, it's only a group of merchants, who had the authority, to be, poor a black company, to, go and colonize, other places in the beginning it was not for colonization it was for trade. But eventually became. For. Colonization so. It's also about Christopher, Columbus when killed is a bit of spin send him to discover. The new world it, was a form of caste system, because not everyone, could join, this company it's only some, people, chosen, by the king through the reserve itself was a, form, of caste, system, because, in feudalism, funeral. Sam actually was not mercantilism, in, mercantilism, there was a class system but if you tourism there was no crime, system if you were born in cost, you, will die in this course even. In the, enchanter. Hinduism, there is this cost system, so. Now, let's come, to capitalism. In capitalism, there is a closed system but, no consistent. So, in capitalism, it doesn't matter in, which one in your board but, if you have the capability to become. You, are able to go from, plants across to, move, from class to class so maybe you are born in a poor family but you. Can move to an upper class if you can build something so, this is what capitalism, is about and what differentiates, it from the other economic system, of course, it is the middle more than this i, Jerusalem. There is communism and syndicalism, is a former, fashion derp but you, cannot compare, it so, that of course thousands. Of such systems, and I. Know, that he evade are near simplification. By talking about this forth now. Let's concentrate on, only capitalism. Fascism and, socialism. Mercantilism. Is something I said was relevant only in some years and a few centuries, ago so, it's not anybody, heritage if, we are talking about this free I will say that we are all of us or capitalists. All of a fascist, and all of us are socialists. In some ways if you think of the family, for example in, a family, we, are all socialists.

In The family there, is no there. Is no cluster. In the family, or to cause in the family we, are all socialists, there you. Have your brothers or sisters you don't have a car successful, brother if they. Ask. You for something you just give that something to them without expecting, anything, in return, the family, unit itself. Is that not, it's. A form of socialist, policy. Even if you will go into Wall, Street in those works with Vern Lester for, example Goldman Sachs there are two workers of Goldman Sachs they are working with, each other and now. One of them does not have let's say a pen and. He. Also for, his, colleague for a pen and weather colleague will give him the pen that doesn't mean that he, has to expect somebody there, is no clause it's a form of socialism and in, the past we were also Chinese because, I forgot the rest it's. Something, called primitive communism there, was no government, at the time and. We. Were also cited because we. Were already the same thing we are all hunter-gatherers. There was no specialization. That, always have today in the capitalistic, societies. So why do we say that we are all in somewhat a fascist is because. Let's, say for example they. Contribute, in which were living of course citizens. Have, more rights than residents. Who are not citizens. Of the particular country so, it's that, doctor. It, is by, reverse. Socialism, in some cases like the family, said, it. Would be bad if the family in director and a capitalistic, society, and, it, will be bad if. Not. Citizens, residents, were given the same rights as citizens a, hundred, percent of course, there, is a need for fascism. And socialism, in society, but at the mind, rate. And it should not be violent, but now what's very important, is that, capitalism. Should be the one leading the society, 735. Results, why capitalism, is the best system the first one is of course freedom. You can start a business before you have the right food so capitalism. Starts. At an earlier, age than democracy. And if. You look at China China. Has never been a democracy but it is a capitalistic, society, if you will look at leader in tender. Capitalism. Before it reached into, a democracy, even if you're reducing ago, it's moving toward a democracy today even, if it, was in capitalistic, society, before why often fail.

My, Opinion, democracy failed it's because they had an early car key and an earth donkey is a form of fascism. So the. Did not had the capitalistic. System and even if you will give all people the same right people if you don't give them the right to make money if you don't give them the right to to, start a business to, be free in doing business it. Will fail. Yourself. How is a, challenger. Successful. In the Dodecanese, industry, that in knowing Finland in Denmark you're wrong to think that it is purely at random this, countries of Pakistan sick countries but they have high, tax rate it's, wrong to call this country asylum, of course they couldn't empty, malpractice societies but, the work surface in Europe and the world societies, in America, is different, it, has different meanings let's say for example roaming. This country is rich, in oil and, the. Way they make their money in order for them to afford, this welfare system is that they have diversified, from oil and they have create, that he. Summer. Infant is actually the lowest sovereign. Fund in the world and this sovereign fund the money of this part is going down when investing, in, American. Companies such, as Apple Google, all these big companies they have in the portfolio of the same arrangement so, in some way the. Society's, country, of Norway is being funded by American capitalism, and if you will look at all countries, both countries which have been such a fool not just the big ones forget, about America, think about the small countries, they have been successful, not because of democracy. But because of capitalism. Kappa, capitalism. Has created, the, foundation, of what will lead to democracy, in the later stages of the development because. Like I said in China, there. Is no democracy they are being successful, because of this capitalistic, society, in Japan, Japan was not a democracy South, Korea, was not a democracy in the beginning they had capitalism. And this character, eventually led to democracy. So I believe that will be a hundred years in two hundred years hopefully.

China Will be a democracy, all over the world there is democracy and capitalism is. An important, catalyst. For the rise of democracy around the world the second result of why capitalism is the best system is because it is ruled on the market, so I like, socialism, with, omar, fascism where there is the men in Divini the, government, is that you what you should buy at all nerd vibe here. Capitalism. It's rude at the market let's discard Kalitta for example you make this converter you are selling this calculator, to me now, if your competitor, makes a better calculator, at the local price of course I will go to your competitor, it's, one, of the advantages of capitalism. It. Encourages. People to develop the. Technologies, thus one is the most of the of, the, best. Technologies. That we have to deal Facebook, the, iPhone. Google. And. Yet all these big companies run, coca-cola and, do not all these big companies all from the United States of America the most characteristic, countries, it could be the world if. You are thinking about taxing. Businesses. Corporate, taxes, in other countries, for example in France we have such a high corporate. Tax in, Norway. In the Nordic, countries the Scandinavian. Country they have high tax rates in order for them to afford the welfare system but. This our polenta business, problem, and you, don't see companies such as Google in the in France, for example you don't see companies such as Microsoft. In, Ruby, it's, only because, these companies can only evolve, in the consumer, capitalism is. The leader of course, America, has a tax, rate yes it's important, to tax people but. Not, such a high, tax as in front or in the Nordic countries and usually, when, the people are doing businesses they are going for profits, so if something is not working they. Will abandon it, to do, something which is better and if. Is, still, not working a competitor, will come and will change. Everything, so it's always better for the consumer and we are all consumers the, third reason why capitalism is the best ever step, is because of unlimited resources. Everybody. Wins it. It is not a solution bill, there are no not, just on the winners and losers, everybody. Could mean of course some people will be more than the others but everybody, wins in capitalism, Adam, Smith talked about this he said, that the in, capitalism. Are not in all the of the system its, resources. Oh. Let's. Take for example the Soviet Union it was a socialist, country why, did it feel in the, beginning it, was one of the best countries in history, it sent men to space. Before America, it, even. Traded faith because resources, are to be dead but it what. It when. All these resources that it had it, could could learn of the group in the same amount of resources because resources were not increasing in a month of course the whole system pain and even. Today with paternal, shatters the same problem with resources. Only, that they had all but, they cannot grow in all, indefinitely. This, program was the same with Libya, the same with - without the same with most of the Middle East countries when, resources. Go. Extinct, because resources will, coexist with China, with fascism but, not with capitalism, with capitalism, that we always do resources and social it always increases, because, in capitalism, human. Is one, of the most important, resource, if you think about the green you give some politicians, are promoting, this of course I decide what it wants to do it wants to sit and I met it was to be the world a better place, it's very quick. In this but you have to be realistic about, it so, let's. Say it, costs 40 trillion restaurants, so where do you get this 40 trillion Westeros, if even, if you will ducks for the billion years they will get only two billion to treat, your US dollars from them and once. You get the money from them you cannot get the money again next year so because you will run out of billionaire, so again, it's, a system, which limited, resources, how can get so much money it's not that you will with money, without.

Any Limit. This, will get create, hyperinflation. This will create huge debt deficit, for the United States and in the past the government had, tried to make. University. Tuition free, they cannot have tried to pay for this and it failed because whenever pay for this what are universities. Did they works the price of children, because, they do that talk about the basis, of the minerals we're going to be any fee, possible. And, eventually. The government said that they could not pay more and stop being where the fee did not go down it never went away that's why nowadays you see people students. Having to take loads, in order for them to study at the university so it's. A problem because when a quarter to to, kind solve the problem but you'd feel but, in a capitalistic, society, when there is competition between universities. These, universities. Will. Have to. Degrade. The brass in order to attract students so, it's one way that capitalism, is better than just, government intervention, in the economy the, full reason why capitalism is the best system is that it is a promoter, of peace around, the world you will never see capitalistic. Countries, going at war against it for them and this because it's better to do trade not due to war and this, is why Adam, Smith for his book The Wealth of Nations he. Did not call it theory about the, making, and working a model he call it The Wealth of Nations he, believed that in, a capitalistic, world where. People. Where countries, with anger, engage in trade between each other then Willis was let's, take the example of great, freedom of the Danakil any wars so, after defeating France, the. Other countries, Russia Prussia, with, these countries they wanted to Paris, France but, great we then decided that it was better to let France be independent. And just, it. Will be better for hero so, Britain, concentrated, on doing, trade with it it's. Teddy, trees around the world and also. With France and other you countries this was one of the most peaceful years. In European, history and, it's. Only because Britain, allowed, for, this peace with France and, allowed, for capitalism, to grow even after, the Second World War the. United Stated have perished Japan or Germany but, they instead decided, to let up and grow by itself to, help Japanese. Capital example. To have a German, capitalism, group because, eventually this will lead to move, a more, prosperous future for both countries and the fifth reason is that capitalism, is always, supported, the capitalism. Of Adam Smith is, that, the same capitalism, we have today and even. A dog he, did not invent capitalism, there was capitalism. Before Adam Smith and. Run. In the the starting, ages. Of civilization. There was capitalism, there was always capitalism. In the, Italian, republics, of the the. Middle Ages there, were capitalism. The. Main de Medici, family will work at Dallas, in. Amsterdam, in when. The Dutch East India Company was founded this is when. The stock market was founded this is also an estate of the development of capitalism. Perhaps we found another stage, of the development of capitalism the, music of Franklin, D Roosevelt was. An important, stage in the development of, capitalism because, this development. Around, for some socialistic. Policies. To end up captain, sir if today. Capitalism. Is not on the line it used to be the Industrial, Revolution HS. Because, understand. You. Were allowed to employ. Children but, not to me capitalism, is evolving, it's always, evolving and today, before. Before, because, I have, been talking about this recently, news we, are entering an age of capitalism, with our if you look at the top four companies, in the world most of these companies are based. On some, intangible. Assets, intellectual. Property so, capitalism. Is always important, in the future the robots the AI working, for us so it it's important, those, are the system they don't you found out that much they. Don't involve much design result if you will think about social anomie but, this, socialist society, is when, we were all hunter-gatherers. This. Is what I think. About when, I think of society term I think our hunter-gatherer. Society, we were all like monkeys. Hunting. And gathering fruits, that's our lives in the societies, in topia, any, participation.

Will Be either slaves, or slave master, visitor, or new relations, we can have with each other but, capitalism. Allows. People to develop it allows people to move, from, class to class even, if there is a loss of course. I understand. That, there is barely income. In work. Done and that, work loss is, getting, the, close the rich cross the middle class and also the poor there. Is a captivity and it is something that you will rather talk, about this since, capitalism. Can avert we are the people who should be making capitalism, ever be also people who should be changing, capitalism, to make it better that, doesn't mean that we should totally, upon, it to, add the fascism of societal. Make sure to subscribe and to turn on the notification. That you, don't miss tomorrow's, video have. A nice day and good bye.

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