Why Bitcoin WILL breakout uncontrollably amidst FED Unlimited Liquidity Stimulus - BTC Only Markets

Why Bitcoin WILL breakout uncontrollably amidst FED Unlimited Liquidity Stimulus - BTC Only Markets

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Coin is now, at, the, resistance. Level, of its falling, wedge as we can see here with, this chart you can see this, falling, wedge is currently, in formation. And we are heading towards that. $7000. Resistance, love we're going to be talking about why, bitcoin may. Be breaking, out uncontrollably. As the, feds have just announced, unlimited, liquidity. As a. Quantitative. Easing measure, for, the economy, we're also gonna be looking at the hash rate of Bitcoin still seeing new lows confirm. Transactions. Per day also trending. Down along. With the crypto and fear index starting to rise just a little bit from 9 to, 10 and most, importantly, our headlines today the, feds, announcing, unlimited, liquidity, why this, is going to allow Bitcoin, to see a lot more, confidence. Heading into, 2020. And 2021. As you, can see our investors are now looking at golden crypto, after. This announcement. Being the, corruption. That's happening, within the federal government in response to this global pandemic, and then of course we want to talk about how Bitcoin may be one of the only assets, trading. In the, next few weeks if stock, markets, closed as that's, now on the table for Congress, to vote on and why, that will be a huge, factor. For Bitcoin, to see uncontrollable. Breakout now, that if we look at this chart you can see we're, currently over. 70. Percent up, from. Our recent bottom, of 3900. So let's go ahead and dive right into this technical analysis we'll take some questions from our live audience and, then, go into these headlines, because, I have a lot to talk about today first and foremost we want to look at this Bitcoin, bullish. Falling, wedge that's currently forming here and I have been watching this level, for, the last two. Weeks, we drew out this falling wedge as soon as we drop down at, that, $3,900. Level and when we broke above, the 200, week moving average which I'll actually draw a horizontal line, at right now is right, around that. 5550.

Area, We, then saw, a break out to, the top of this falling wedge at 7,000. And now we see a very, bullish. Handle taking, us back to retest. That $7000. Level I'm gonna show you guys some, bearish, and bullish. Scenarios. That may play out in the next few days now, first, and foremost we want to look at this ascending, triangle forming. Here on the daily chart so we'll go ahead and draw that out when we've got this, known, resistance, here, and we've already broken, above. This, ascending, triangle if you guys are in our discord, group we actually drew out the s' ascending triangle and we talked about us breaking, out from that ascending triangle when we saw price action not, only go, towards, that support, but it dodged the support level and went straight back up which was a very bullish sign, and now, of course we, are wait. And above, that ascending, triangle finding, support alongside, the. Previous resistance, which is obviously, expected. With, a breakout, and now, we just need to maintain levels. Above, this ascending, triangle in order for us to assume. A test, to 7000. I'm gonna talk about why that's extremely important let me go ahead and ensure, this is drawn out properly, for you guys so you guys can have a better, view of what's, happening on the micro timeframes, as soon as we switch over to that because we, are seeing, major. Resistance, at that six thousand dollar level and of course I do want to also draw, out a bearish, scenario, where we've got a Bear Flag potentially. Forming here as well with, this, ascending. Resistance. Level and you can see we've, already seen a bounce on this Bear Flag and we could potentially break, back down, below. Seeing, that, four, thousand, dollar level again and if we start to test the, bottom, of this falling. Wedge that, would be extremely, detrimental for, Bitcoin, in my opinion, being, the fact that we're then gonna go ahead and test that lower, low of, 39. To. 3800, and of course if that doesn't, hold there, is a high chance we, could see more lower. Levels. For Bitcoin, but, I do not think that's going to happen just yet and I do believe, we, are seeing a little bit more bullish. Pressure than, bearish, pressure right now and the reason I say that is when we look at confirmation, indicators. Like the weekly, RSI, for example, you can see we've already went, above, 40, on that, weekly RSI, and why, I believe that's important, is because now, you, can see we've previously, bounced, at 40 and that is a fundamental technical. Principle. Of a, bullish. Breakout, when we are above 40, coming, from below, and of course between. 40 we have all the way up to, 62. Then potentially, see resistance, and this, whole zone here is going to be a neutral, zone and not only are we bullish, on the weekly RSI when we look at the daily RSI, you can see we are now above, 40, initially.

On Friday it was all bearish, but of course we broke out and you can see we finally, went through that 40 initially we saw resistance, and so the daily the 4-hour and the weekly all bullish, you can see the 4-hour a little bit of head of the curve here where we're seeing this, level, above 60 which of course is still very, bullish and now, we can start to expect, levels, to go into the overbought, region of the. 70. Plus, RSI, and of course in my opinion that's. What's going to allow us to see this retest. Of that, $7000. Level which now is really around that 6800. A $6,900. Level and so in, order for us to assume a bullish case, from here we want to see that seven thousand, dollar level, break, and of, course that's, going to take us up to the top of this bear flag which, will then take us to around that seventy four hundred dollar level in which we are gonna have an ultimatum, to, see whether or not Bitcoin, wants, to stay bullish, and break out of this bearish, pattern, or if, it starts to come down now. We may potentially see another, lower low form and of course this bear flag may come into play and that will obviously, be, determined, once we start to retest, this level, here around, that sixty, six hundred dollar level if we break below this falling. Wedge that's forming here on the weekly chart and so it's, very important for you guys to realize right now most. Analysts, don't really know what's happening right now with Bitcoin, and the, truth of the matter is we are in a very neutral zone, of course we've finally, deep coupled from equity markets which is extremely positive we talked about that on Friday and of course as Bitcoin, is being, a hedge, against, traditional, equity markets as they, start to continue, to see newer lows we, are going to expect Bitcoin to see further breakouts. If equity, markets see strength because, just like we saw in 2008. With gold initially.

Gold Went down with equity, markets but of course once we found the, close. To bottom, of equity markets gold, started to trend up so in my, opinion we are closer, to the bottom than the top when, it comes to equity markets and that's, very positive because right now the majority of investors are in cash and you have to understand that's a very positive thing for Bitcoin, because, that means investors, are going to be determining, what assets, they want to invest in as we, start to see more confidence, come back into this market if you guys watched Trump's. Announcement. Today on live, TV he talked about potentially. Opening. Things back up here in the next few weeks and that is very positive news as they're, finding out that the virus does not have, the, mortality, rate, that we expected, of above 1%, and that, means it's almost going to be like a flu of course it's very serious it's very critical, it's an issue right now but, understand, that we're starting to see a little bit more positive news, and you can see we're closing, in on this, bottom, here and this would be a very bearish, or I'm sorry a bullish pattern, for the S&P 500 index, if we're able to find a bottom around that $2,100. Area because now we, will potentially, see this descending. Support, level that could be extremely, bullish for. The equity markets, that would potentially lead, into, a v-shaped, correction. And as I've talked about over the last few weeks I'm expecting. Equity markets to recover extremely. Quick once, we start to see more confidence, in this market, and of, course with Bitcoin, being that, storage of value that we're seeing act as a storage of value now that were decoupled. From the S&P 500, I believe, that, will allow Bitcoin to see further highs and possibly an uncontrollable. Breakout, if we're, able to, go ahead and see, this, pattern, break, above that $6,900. Level right now into. The top of this bearish flag and then, course we'll have to retest that $7,400. Area that might turn into the 7500, a $7,800. Area, just depending on when that happens, but understand, that even if this Bear Flag does come into play that would give those of us an opportunity, who, did not get get to enter into Bitcoin at the lower level between, 3,900. And 4500, to have another chance to potentially, get a lower, entry on Bitcoin now of course if this was to play out what I would expect is, for us to, start to test that level, finally, break through this, bear flag may most likely come into play knowing, that there's extreme, uncertainty in these markets, the equity markets might still see further downside, and if that does happen we, want to see a discounted. Bitcoin, so that investors, can be confident, to put their liquidity in, Bitcoin once, the, traditional, markets finally, complete. Its bottom, and of course if that does happen and we break down we, are most likely not going to go straight down to, the bottom of this falling wedge but we'll find support along that 200, week moving average of around, that 55 50 level, and so things. Right now are very undetermined, when it comes to technicals, but I think what's. More important, to talk about is the fundamental, so we want to look at hash rate first and foremost you, can see hash rate seeing, new lows right now the. Miners are exiting. The market as you can see because it is unprofitable, for them for the most part to be mining Bitcoin, at these price levels and that. Being, 50. Days away from the, upcoming Bitcoin, Hall being is extremely. Worrisome. To me into certain aspects, but at the end of the day we have to realize price, levels are extremely low, right now and when those start, to increase. Then. We can expect to see miners come back into the market and dedicating. Their hash rate to the market now what's interesting is, that can also pressure. Bitcoin, to see higher prices knowing. That the supply, is going to be cut and demand, may increase, as we're, going to talk about with these articles, as we, look at more fundamentals, so confirm transactions, pretty also seeing lower numbers not a big deal for me being the fact that we're in this global, pandemic, people, are still, in high fear, mode you can see the fear and greed index still, extreme, fear right now, so I'm not worried about lower numbers, right now I'm just worried about where, the future is going to head for Bitcoin, and it's really looking like we're, gonna see a lot more confidence. Coming to this market especially as we see this very important headline I'm sure you guys have heard of this but I want to go into a little bit more depth of what's actually happening, here with this quantitative.

Easing Measure that's, being implied by the Federal Reserve you can say or see here it says they are going to be applying aggressive, action, here with unlimited, quantitative. Easing which, basically, means unlimited. Liquidity. Into the market, and why that is a big deal is because over. The long run that's going to cause a lot of issues with hyperinflation. Of, the, US dollar currency, and right now you can see our US dollar is extremely. Strong but that may not stay. Like that if we, start to see more liquidity, from the Federal Reserve come into markets and artificially. Pump up these markets because all they're really doing is printing money and adding. Value to, stocks equities. Real estate investment, trusts and that, all is artificial. Because it's just being printed in and so you can theoretically say if the feds can print money why are they just printing money and buying Bitcoin, right well that can also be a possibility, if Bitcoin, starts to go up if the, feds are just printing, unlimited money they might start printing, money and importing, and it's a Bitcoin but guess what Bitcoin, doesn't have a centralized, authority and therefore that might actually be a positive thing, for Bitcoin, Arsenal says it's, not solid treatment. Why, are saying as if it's fear. Fat. Somebody's. Talking about a treatment I haven't talked about a treatment but, if, somebody in the chat talked about a treatment then that's outside, of my opinion, but anyways understand. That the feds could even pump up Bitcoin, if it really gets uncontrollable. Because what we're seeing right now has, never been seen before in history the amount, of liquidity. That's, being artificially. Injected. Into our markets, is extremely. Worrisome, to, our federal. Currency. And so it's, extremely, worrisome, for me and I hope you guys are paying attention right now because this could really lead to a lot, of chain. That, we've never seen in the history of the United States and in the world, especially. As we, see artificially. Pumped, at markets. And so understand. Things, are getting interesting for investors, you can see with this article very interesting, one of the most interesting, articles, I've seen today. It says, look, investors, look to gold crypto after Fed goes on quantitative. Easing buying, spree, you can see here the main points of this article says cryptocurrency, investors are keen to see what happens, should possible, endless money printing boost spending the, price to pay is inflation, in the long run as I just talked about it remains to be seen how, government, measures will affect inflation rates going forward but it could make investors look towards alternative asset classes such, as crypto, currencies, or gold, and that, is what bitcoin was built for from the start and so I'd love to hear you guys this opinion watching this live what, do you guys think about this quantitative. Easing measure do, you guys believe in this measure do you guys think that it's the right thing to do or do, you think this is going to possibly lead, to a collapse, of our, traditional. System and a possibility, for Bitcoin to really start to see confidence, from everyday investors, knowing, that whatever, assets, they're invested, in whatever bonds, they're invested in are artificially.

Being Pumped up and our US dollar is going to be devalued, and so I think that's very important, to keep in mind and of course that leads me to the next article here Bitcoin may be one of the last assets. Still trading, in the, next few weeks so to not, only add fuel to the current, fire with the global pandemic, with the Federal Reserve announcing. Quantitative. Easing measures that, are gonna dump unlimited, liquidity. Into markets, but even on top, of that there's, a possibility, that traditional, markets could, close, and, that, would only leave certain markets, open and of course Bitcoin doesn't close as a, market, and that, would be huge for Bitcoin, because now not, only can't investors, take their liquidity out of traditional, markets but the only market they can trade is Bitcoin and so what's, interesting about this article is it says Bitcoin may be one of the last assets, still trading in a few weeks as much as it seems like a joke it is a true. Statement that it could be a very, possible, scenario. Upcoming weeks you can see her says the New York Stock Exchange is, planning, to move to all electronic. Trading next, week never, before has there been a massive, shutdown of stock exchanges globally. That would effectively leave only the crypto currency market standing which never, sleeps, we actually saw this happen in the Philippines, recently, you can see her says that in this article too there, was a 24%. Plunge. In their markets, when they started to shut down markets. And so if that happens, to our economy, right now when the Dow is already, thousands, and thousands, of points down almost over. 10,000. Points down from its recent high last month then, that could be a huge, huge issue for. Traditional equity markets and a very big positive for, Bitcoin. So I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about that before, I go into our audience questions I want, to look at our real-time stock, indices, futures, for, tomorrow, for those of you that are looking to see how markets, might be tomorrow because of course when traditional markets, are seeing strength we're seeing strength with Bitcoin not that they're correlated, but, at the end of the day we're starting to see more and more. Impulsivity. With, Bitcoin, than we are in traditional markets what I mean by that is when, traditional, markets ago ago, going up we're, seeing a lot, more accelerated. Growth with Bitcoin, so you can see it, looks like tomorrow's. Going to be a a, ver Agyei the, dow up, 487. Points not, bad if we look at what happened today you can see even. Today we saw a. Negative. Market. The, Dow down, 3%. Over 500, points and, so even. If we're up tomorrow, it's. Not really, affecting, us much that we're continually. Seen ulos but, understand, I am expecting. Equity, markets to finally. Start bottoming, out sometime, soon I think we're closer to the bottom than we are to the top at this point and, of course that, is determined, by a lot of different aspects a majority. Of that comes, from understanding the, fact that gold has already seen a huge, sell-off which, means that most, investors are in cash right now waiting, to see what asset class they want to go ahead and pour liquidity, into and I think that's the, reason. That Bitcoin may start to break out uncontrollably. Once, we start to see this bull trend really come into play but, for now there is a little, bit more time and once, again as we look into this chart we're still seeing a very big bull, and bear fight at this, ascending, triangle resistance. Level and why I think that's important, is you have to understand that, that means it's a very significant. Level for Bitcoin and if it starts to break above, that. $6,700. Area, it's gonna take us straight to the top of this falling, wedge which is a weekly macro. Pattern, and has a lot of strength, in the chart and that could really start. Or even initiate. That, bull run that I'm talking about that's gonna be uncontrollable, but, I don't think it's going to happen just yet I think there's gonna be one more opportunity lling. About this I've been in this market for so long that we're gonna have one more opportunity to see lower price levels and I think that's going to come after we break out of this, macro. Falling, wedge but, then put ourselves back, into this major resistance, area and what would make sense to me is that we'll also be able to fill these unfilled, gaps around. That 7,000. To 8,000, dollar level, and that, could of course allow us to complete this bear flag then, seeing, price action to the downside, retest.

That Support, if that breaks retest, the sending triangle, if that breaks will most likely go down to that - and week moving average if that, breaks we'll go ahead and get that second, opportunity, now this scenario, would most likely only happen, if we see continued, to sell off with equity, markets and the, reason I say that is because if equity markets continue, to get discounted, then we want Bitcoin to go down to these levels again because, we want it to be an attractive investment for our investors, when, they want to decide where to put in their liquidity and, so I hope. You guys enjoyed that rent if you did like the video, subscribe. To the channel if you haven't already I'll take some audience questions, before we wrap up this Monday live stream we have a whole week ahead of us I don't want to go too long today but I do want to pull up this macro, chart of, Bitcoin, here because I do have these key support. Levels drawn out you. Can see not only do we have that structure, but we have these major levels, of support playing. Part right now where we have that fifth or, $6,600. Level as a weekly. Support, and resistance, that initially. We saw a very very bearish, wick at that brought us back down all the way to fifty seven fifty and of course now we're back up retesting. That level which is very close to the resistance for that falling wedge and so, either. Now, today, tomorrow, we're, gonna find out whether or not this is going to continue bullish, or we're gonna see a pullback from here, to allow us to get lower price action but, understand things are neutral, right now things, are very undetermined. I can't, tell you from going up or down right now what I can tell you is in, the long term the macro, things, look really good in the micro we're still in a bearish, trend so, understand. That shorts are in favour when it comes to shorter timeframes, of course. This major drop, is not, going, to just go. Unheard. Of there's, gonna be more sell-off at some point but, I think we're closer to the bottom than we are to the top matter, of fact I think we're very close to the bottom that's right if you guys are a part of our discord we've posted that crypto swing trade with, four entries, one at 6200, one at fifty seven fifty the next one at fifty to fifty there's also one below that and the, reason I put those entries out there is that's where I'm personally, adding. Capital, and I'm buying the dips in order, to maintain my long term positions, when we expect, the uncontrollable. Breakout, for Bitcoin amongst, all of this. Market, uncertainty. In the world especially. As the feds are announcing, unlimited, liquidity I think it's such a sad thing but, the feds have led us down in 2008, they've led us down in 2001, and I don't expect them to do. Anything different, this time around they just continue, to make bad decisions and, of, course it's affecting, our economy it's affecting, our companies, it's affecting, our work there's a lot of people are getting laid off for these, issues, and there's. Really nothing, to solve, it other than a decentralized. System and that's what Bitcoin brings to the plate and that's why I believe so much in it but more than that there's just so many fundamentals. That point towards Bitcoin being, the asset class of choice, when it comes to where to put your, liquidity, when you want to hedge against, traditional. Markets and investments, and so I'd, love to hear you guys it's questions here in the audience and then we will wrap up this, live stream let me go ahead and pull up my, live, dashboard. Here so I can see some questions because my. Chat, here is not working and then, we will go ahead and wrap up this live stream and talk about. What. We're gonna be. Closing. Out with sir bestir, says on monthly 70%, wit from the bottom of the cell up is pretty impressive another, week will tell you, know you always got to have your limit order set I always, say that always. Have your limit order set, you. Know catch these wicks because you really got to realize I mean who is able to get an entry, below 4000, are the ones that had, by. Limits, set under. 4000. Right and so, those. Get triggered out of nowhere that's your blessing, because at the end of the day if you are willing to buy a whole Bitcoin a 5 bit corner 20 Bitcoin at 4,000. Then, you just got your opportunity, because we whipped down there you. Know it, was really really really scary, when things were dropping but. Of course it was more exaggerated. Because of the derivative exchanges. Just, specifically. Bit mix just, liquidating. Shorts like crazy and eventually.

Shutting, Down their systems, because we almost saw a $0, Bitcoin, because there's so much sell-off. Going on and, that's always been an issue we've talked about that in the past if you guys haven't watched our video from last Monday, we talked about that liquidity issue and understand. That having, those buy limits set those lower levels sometimes, comes in handy so Michael. Naranjo says how about ETH Michael. Good question I would say with aetherium, you just got to follow Bitcoin, for the most part but, at the end of the day Bitcoin dominance, is proving, to show bitcoin, is still boss, and it's continuing. To see an uptrend, you can see we've got this major macro. Support, line on the weekly chart and we are breaking out a bullish for Bitcoin dominance, and so in my opinion when it comes to altcoins I would stay as far, away as them as possible, for now just, because of the fact that Bitcoin is proving to be king as it, always has been and so hopefully, that covers your question - Malik, had. A long day today so. I don't want to go too long with you guys but, I wanted to make sure we went over the, fact that Bitcoin. At this point has a possibility, to bro uncontrollably. Especially. When the feds are announcing, unlimited, liquidity, because guess what if the, retail investors all flock to Bitcoin and the, feds start to see it going up they're not gonna just allow Bitcoin, to go unheard. Of on their books they're gonna want to start putting money into Bitcoin themselves, and if they've got unlimited liquidity, and they can print money they. Will literally print money and buy Bitcoin, up but that also raised the price but, that's all they can do if that's what they want because bitcoin. Is less than a trillion dollars in market cap so if they're just printing billions, and billions and now, trillions, of dollars then, what's gonna hurt them to put five billion into Bitcoin right. Surely. Five billion it's a Bitcoin with us you, know. I. Mean understand, you, know with the market cap being a hundred plus billion right now that doesn't mean that's how much liquidity, is in the market I think among, exchanges. There's only around three hundred million, in liquidity right. So the market cap doesn't determine liquidity, liquidity is a whole different ballgame five, billion in the market would literally. Take. Bitcoin to new highs I mean, understand, that, that's, possible, the feds if they're just printing, money out buying things up and they collapse our system, and bitcoin is all that's left as a proper. Storage of value in exchange ballasts, I mean look at silver, just tanking. Even precious, metals are seeing sell-off. And so you. Know we're, really the, point is were in an unprecedented. Time in history right now and, we've never seen what. We're seeing right now ever. Before, and so what. Could happen could, be very extreme and it could be something. To jot, down in the history books right when's the last time we've had an event that was, worthy. Enough of the history books right and there, always is one it's a pattern it's how, life works and so there's, always that Black Swan and the coronavirus, may, not be it but it certainly could be the trigger, so. Sarah's, businesses I bought 50 coins under 5k with all my stock profits made the past, couple years good. Choice I'd, hold on to that brother. So. Chris. Almost says I think will retest 7k this week maybe tomorrow maybe. Tonight. Just recessed things time we appreciate you thank you guys. Let's. See here, any, other questions, before we wrap up this livestream. Nicholas. Says I like the concept uncontrollable. Breakout. Well. We saw that in 2017. Nicholas. But. Man if the feds are just printing, money out the way they are it's, very very very worrisome, I hope you agree with me Nicholas I mean I mean, think about value. Right like what gives something value, and in. The, past our currency was backed by gold you. Know they even two. Weeks ago told banks that they don't even have to have reserves anymore. You know and so how. Confident, are you to walk into a bank and deposit. Money, when they don't even need. To have the, money to, even. Give. You to withdrawal money I mean there was a headline saying that the New York Bank ran out of $100, bills when wealthy individuals, came in flocking. To get their cash out of the bank because they were scared of you. Know a military. Order being put in place and you know all, chaos. Going on in New York and New York is really getting hit hard right now with this virus so you, know unlimited, liquidity, into markets. It's. All artificial. And. That. In my opinion doesn't work and, so.

I Think we've got a big issue coming. Up and the. Corona virus isn't the issue I think it's what's gonna reveal, the big issue of what's really, really wrong, with our system and you. Know it's interesting enough that Bitcoin. On the white paper it says, it, was, made for a 2008. Recession, right, I mean it was created, in 2008, for a reason and, on the white paper talks, about the global recession that, being the reason it was created, and so I. Mean. Minh. The, top 100. Innovative. Awards in history, being. One of the most innovative things. In the, world and so, it, hasn't proven, us wrong yet and, I don't expect, it I don't, expect it to prove us wrong anytime soon. So. It was built for the recession, here, comes the recession, let's, see what happens so that's that's my opinion, but, good you, know good a. Good. Statement there Nikolas let's. See here, Martha pieces aren't we minimum twelve months away from a vaccine, absolutely. But, it might not be the vaccine that's necessary, here Thank You Osama, keep up the great work, Sean. Nevin says I have a lot of family in New York they're starting to try. Treatments, doing, yeah. We're starting to hear more and more positive news but we'll. See what happens Roger says your volume is really low I do apologize, I might have to fix, that what. You think above or below 10 K at BTC hobbing peer will probably be below 10k at the beach see how that's coming up in 50 days I don't, see us going that that high. Anytime. Soon, but, I I would I would definitely, say that we. Would be a lot higher than where we're at right now if. We. Start to see equity markets bottomed out but, we don't know the severity and, how long I've put in markets are going to take to bottom out because it's, really all gonna be dependent on the, fundamentals, right now because that's what brought us down it was the fundamentals, of this virus and so until. We can really get some strong. Confidence. In the market, then. We're, not gonna see any, sort, of assets. Skyrocketing. Right but, certainly, when things, do start to see confidence, we, will see certain assets outperform, others and I think Bitcoin will be one of those especially, because it's already outperforming. All of these assets knowing. That the, SNP endow or see new lows every day while bitcoins up 75%, from its reason low and so. That's. Cases this housing will be very different. Nicholas. Says with the hash rate going down the hall thing will be later right um, you. Know that, you understand, Nicholas that the mid, to. Major mining, pools when it comes to Bitcoin and so you, know when we see the hash rate dropping it will certainly, delay, the, hobbing uh but. It won't really, delay. The timeframe too much, you. Know it might be off a couple, days for the most part but the predictions, are pretty accurate when it says, it's gonna happen in May and and that's.

What We're gonna expect, you, just also also have to realize that you, know the hash. Rate has also been increasing, very, very much. So in there in recent weeks and so as much as it's down right now it's it's only as low as it was back, in February of 2020. So, you. Know it's not I wouldn't say it's it's. Drastically. Lower but. It's definitely not, going, up right now so you, know we're seeing the miners that can't keep up and stay profitable and, get wiped out so the miner computation. Right now right and so, for. The most part those are the ones going off the grid but the ones that have enough hash power. You know some, of them have been selling coins to stay profitable maybe. Taking loans out to stay profitable but, I think that's gonna be a big pressure for, Bitcoin, to. See a huge. Huge increase, you. Know what's interesting about you asking that question is if we go to Google Trends, here what, we'll find is when. We type in BTC, hobbing. Interestingly. Enough, that's what initiated. The first. Bull run to 20,000. So, when you look at BTC, hobbing in on. Google you. Can see here when we go to the past five years. That. Is initially, what could have predicted the. Major. Breakout, because you can see in 2016. Before. The $20,000, Bitcoin when, Bitcoin is roughly. Around $1,000. It, skyrocketed. And, that's when we saw the hollowing of, 2016. And then of course we saw the, $20,000. Bitcoin around this time when it wasn't even getting any search and sorry now we're starting to see it trend, back up so, if we were to assume history, repeats itself then, that, means that were in the 2016. Timeframe, in which in. Several. Months maybe six to 12 months when the you know after. The housing occurs. Eventually. When the, retail. Market catches, up with the fundamentals, we, see another huge breakout and so it's, interesting that we see this trend following, itself, again. So. I'm glad you mentioned that Nicholas because it allows, us to show this chart and for, people to get a better understanding of why the hobbing is, important. In my opinion so, I appreciate. You guys tuning in I do, have a late night meeting with some of our analysts, tonight. We've. Been all over the, place today the markets really have been volatile, very. Risky right now being in this zone that you know we have that potential breaking, back down but. We also have that potential breaking, out and, so what we're waiting on right now is that $7000. Level for confirmation. But, that might even be lower down to around 69, hundred at this point being that it's taking, so long to get out of this zone, so, I appreciate you guys tuning in I will, see you guys on Wednesday thank, you guys so, much if you guys enjoyed this like.

The Video malik says do you mind bitcoin no I personally, don't and. I. Just wouldn't. Want to to. Get, into that especially because you. Know it requires a lot to. Mine right now you can't just buy an a-minor anymore, in profitably, mine, and so, it's. Not necessarily, the best. Thing if you're not really, utilizing. A large setup in my opinion and. Then cloud mining, I wouldn't even get into that you. Know for the most part those companies make more money off of the users, and they do off of the mining and so, the, users they you, know they they have to put up something, before, they even, get. Into that so you know I'm not really big into mining at all so I don't want to get into the topic that I'm not so. Informed. About, crypto. Says when Beach BTC. Reaches 50k how much would that make 1 LTC. That's. An interesting question I don't think that could be really be predicted. Marcus. Is your microphone on trading view doesn't work okay well thank you I'll definitely check on that because. That's an x RP sha I don't like x RP Brad. Garlin, house 2 CEO he's, already admitted to, selling x RP on a monthly basis to fund, corporate. Expenses, and I don't think that's a good idea you. Know when you, have investors, putting money into your coin and then you're selling it off to fund your company it's, almost as if you're. Investing, in. The, company, and they're. Taking, your money and then you're not getting anything in return but like an empty coin it's like empty calories, right because. They literally. Pull the value out of, what you invest in they pull the liquidity out and so, it. Doesn't make sense to me you know. And. That's why it's one of the worst performing coins in the last two years. It's. A good one is short sod roll says hi name what will you say about stock to flow model, I think I'd have to do a whole video on the stock the flow model but there's. Definitely some interesting correlations, there I just, don't want to get too much into something when, I want to wrap up this video so I. Tune. In on Wednesday maybe, I'll go over to I'll write a note down here so, I do have a stop to flow chart that we could go over I just, don't want to get too much into that right now what's. Your view on staking, alts is it profitable in the long run really I, stay. Away from alts, Malik I'm telling I've talked, about this for two years now you know most of these altcoins, will not be around ten. Years from now and that's, the unfortunate truth. And we. Saw that proved itself over the last year, when Bitcoin. Dominance. Soared. Back up to the 60%, area. Right it went all the way from. Being. Around 30%. To 60% dominance. And so we really, saw these. Altcoins suffer, and so I try to stay away from all coins when it comes to staking them I know people that do that you, know there's different ways to do that. You, can even stake Bitcoin, by holding them in certain exchanges, right like. Celsius, for example, but you, know I think. It's. Almost like you. Might as well put your money in a Vanguard account and just. Stick it into a federal money market account and get your 2%, 2.9. Percent interest, right so it's just really the same thing so I don't really see much, of a difference when it comes to them, Sean. Says bitcoin is starting to drop, well. I, know. It's not still at 65, 60 we're. You know it's, definitely, below, the ascending, triangle right now most, likely now finding resistance. But. That's why we closed their shorts and Long's I closed, my. Short, and. Then there was a long post about one of our analysts I got in I took it's on both on first target, but I decided to just get out completely because it's. Really flirting with this level way too much you know I first we saw a pushdown but. You can see you know it's it's wanting. To break down but then it goes back up and then it breaks down so it's literally flirting, with this love why I think, really the confirmation, at this point is if. We, really break below that. $6,400. Level then, things could get a little bit worse. I would, watch 6300. 264 400, at this one well update you guys on discord, why, don't we do that so I have, this meeting coming up here at 12:30 what times at 12:10 so, thank. You guys for watching, bitcoins. Going down right now hopefully. You guys are shorting, um, but. We will be continuing.

Our Livestream, on Wednesday, and I will see you guys in the discord, look. Forward to posting, some, more trades here soon and other. Than that thank you guys for tuning in. Jade. Dubrovsky, happy, to see it's dropping Erik definitely, do a video on SF to ratio, Malik, there's a big sea alone exist without Walt's. Yeah. Bitcoin has been around before alts. You. Know when Bitcoin when, I first got into the market it was only bitcoin and litecoin and. Aetherium. And I, think there was like dodge coin they were like a very very few amount of coins but it couldn't could, you know definitely, survive without any alts it's not really the alts that do anything for Bitcoin Bitcoin does a lot for the alts that's why you look at Satoshi values, right so. Yeah. But, thank you guys for tuning in I want to go too too. Long here, say hi to India. What's. Up India. Alright. Guys thank. You so much I want, to get onto the charts now that we're seeing this drop, cuz this just confirmed, the the bottom I might get into a short here in just a sec so yep, I'm gonna get on the charts this is getting exciting thank you guys for tuning in take, care.

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