Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire? | GIANT LEAP Ep. 4

Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire? | GIANT LEAP Ep. 4

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I. Earn. Gold. Copper. Minerals. Are the lifeblood of the world's economy from. The Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert the, 1.7. Trillion, dollar mining, industry, supplies, raw materials, needed for everything, from, skyscrapers to, smartphones, but. Mining also comes with an increasingly, critical, environmental. Cost one. That may require us to think about off-planet solutions, before. It's too late. Asteroids. Moons and planets in, our own solar system hold. An essentially, unlimited supply. Of untapped, resources. The. First trillionaires. Will. Be those who mine, asteroids. Resources. Like gold platinum, and rare earth metals, make, some of those asteroids, incredibly. High-priced, but. The most valuable elements, may be our most basic one what, you want to mine and space is what you need a lot of and while. Humans have been mining for thousands, of years mining. In space requires, new innovative, technologies, to realize any potential, business and economic, opportunities. Such. Technologies, might just allow humanity, to expand, operations off earth and take, that next giant, leap. These. Tiny, dots represent. The millions of asteroids in our solar system. Over. The past two decades government, and private aerospace companies, have been investigating. Their composition. Location. And even, possible, payoffs to mine them. This. One known, as Venu has an estimated, value of 669. Million, dollars. Ryu, gu eighty two billion dollars, better. Yet an asteroid. Called dabba de which, is valued at more than a hundred trillion, dollars, and the. Reason for these high price tags they're, made up of valuable, metals like platinum gold. And iron, we believe that asteroids. Have platinum. Group metals rare. Earth metals in high, percentages, and you might find on the moon for instance, only. Once in human history has an asteroid sample been brought back to earth on, the, Japan aerospace exploration. Agency's. Hayabusa. Mission in 2010. And even. Then the returned sample, was merely dust particles, and the. Total cost of that mission, approximately. 250, million dollars. One. Problem is that. Compared. To the moon there's. Very little gravity so. Somehow you have to attach yourself to the asteroid. Whereas, on the moon the, gravity will hold your processing. Equipment in place so. The. General answer to the question, can. We bring, materials. Mined in space back to earth and the general answer is no. Bringing. Things from space, to, earth only. Makes, sense if what, is retrieved, is so extraordinarily. Valuable. And, just. Not available on earth and even. Returning, the most valuable asteroids, could, drastically devalue, those materials. Take. Asteroid, 16, psyche, for instance NASA, is constructing, a probe to launch in 2022. To, study the potato shaped objects, which, is roughly 95%, metals. Nickel. Iron platinum. And even, gold, some. Estimates, value the asteroid at 700. Quintillion. Dollars. NASA. Says, it may be the inner core of a developing, planet that, somehow lost its outer layers offering. Incredible insight, into how, planets, are formed if, someone. Did manage to bring large amounts of this asteroid, back to earth supply. Of the resources would skyrocket, meaning. We'd have more of the material than we would have a use for causing. The price to, crash to almost zero. Once. We around the rarity. Of a high-value metal. Or mineral the. Value, of that terrestrially. Could drop significantly, experts. Agree that a more likely scenario is materials. Mined in space will stay in space jump. Starting, a whole new money-making, industry. Any. Spacefaring. Nation, will. Have looked, at what's called in situ, resource utilization which. Is a very common space, term meaning. You. Use the resources where you are so taking that model of. If. You need it in space mining in space what, would you be mining mostly.

You Need fuel. There's. Something else much more valuable for use in space that's, abundant, on earth. Water. Not. Only can water sustain, human and plant life for future manned space missions, the. Components, of water hydrogen. And oxygen, can also be separated and reassembled, to make fuel, the. Zero emission fuel, called, hydrogen, fuel is the same used in spacecraft, propulsion and, fuel, cell vehicles. Hydrogen. Fuel research in this new space race could also spur new technologies. That can help fight climate change by speeding, the elimination, of fossil fuel use on earth and, there's. Already a high demand for it and an. Immediate business opportunity, for, risk tolerant, companies, wishing, to make a fortune. In. A 2018, paper by industry, government and academic, experts they. Estimated, that for an initial four billion dollar investment in a moon water mining, operation, which, is about the cost of a luxury hotel in Las Vegas about. 2.4, billion dollars, in revenue could be generated, annually, the, sort of business case 101 from, mining in space is if, you're going to launch something from Earth it's going to cost you about, 10. Or 20,000, dollars. Per kilo to get into space so, if you need water for something in. Space and. You can produce it for less than ten thousand dollars a kilo then. Do. It in space. Do. United Launch Alliance ula, they, have put a price on water in space, they have said we'll give you this amount of money from the water which means people, who are going out and trying to produce. That, water now have. A, customer. In. 2016. The ula announced, is willing to pay around three thousand, dollars per kilogram for. Talent in an orbit less than 2,000, kilometers in altitude called. Low-earth, orbit, compared. With the estimated, price of $4,000. Per kilogram to deliver the propellant, from Earth most. Experts, believe the moon is a logical, starting point for this it, has more gravity, than an asteroid, making, it easier to land and its poles are thought to hold vast amounts, of water ice that. Potential. Volume of water has, made it the focus of NASA's Artemis, program which aims to land astronauts, on the moon's southern, Pole and also, make the space agency, a critical, first customer, for any water harvested. On the moon China India, Israel. The. US Europe. Everyone. Is now sort of focusing on the way and. All of these government, programs are looking to set up shop for, a water mining, future, a, fueling. Station on the moon could ultimately make current space ventures much, cheaper, and make future space missions possible. Although entirely, theoretical, at this point here's how it could play out water. Is mined on the moon and a fueling station, is set up this, would provide the first customers, most likely government agencies, with water for human consumption, and fuel, for spacecraft water.

Derived, Fuel could also be harvested, on an asteroid, vehicles. Or propellant, transports, then carry the fuel from the surfaces, to a stable storage point between the earth and the moon fueling. Stations, can also be set up in low-earth orbit, making it accessible, to satellites, and other spacecraft as, of, now satellites. That run out of fuel are decommissioned, extra, fuel would allow them to stay in their orbits increasing. Their lifespan. Since. Using a rocket to get fuel out of Earth's atmosphere is expensive, refueling. In low-earth orbit can greatly improve the size type. And cost of missions in space the, commercial, launch industry, like SpaceX, would also benefit, from these fuel depots, the. Use of lunar base propellant, and commodities, may also provide a stepping-stone for interplanetary, exploration. But. While there has been a renewed interest in the moon it, hasn't been easy in just. 2019, missions. To the moon sir by both India, and Israel resulted. In landing failures, and the, technology, to mine and extract these potential, water reserves, on the moon and beyond is still unproven but some, entrepreneurs, are still optimistic. The. Answer is yes the, technology, exists, we, can put something together we, can send something to the moon that. Can mine water. So, we we are sort of like a trailblazers, trying to figure out what's going on in the moon what's, below the surface me, honeybee, robotics they. Designed drills used in NASA's past Mars missions, and have, sampling, and mining systems going, on future planned missions to the moon Saturn's. Moon Titan Mars. Moon Phobos and, Jupiter's, moon Europa, we've. Been focusing, on developing, high-end, fully autonomous, trading systems from. Literally iPhone, size all. The way to the size that cannot, fit inside this vacuum chamber behind me and. That's. Why NASA has long relied on their expertise, unlike. Your everyday drill, from the hardware store their, drills overcome, the numerous limitations, of space which, include extreme temperatures, and low gravity that, means, you, have to be very. Very, imaginative. Very innovative to, solve these problems. You essentially trying to do what we do here in the earth but, with a fraction, of the power with. A fraction, of a mass with. A fraction of the volume and. Drilling. Is unforgiving. If, you get stuck if. Something, goes wrong there. Is no second chance, the. Difficulty, in drilling would delay placement, of the second probe until the next day one. Of their innovative ideas called planet vac uses. Compressed gas to shoot material, into a sample container it's. Ergonomic, design allows, it to be inside the foot of a lander, and. Was chosen to go with NASA funded payloads, to the Moon and Mars moon. Phobos. For. Mining and extracting, water on the moon they created, the planetary, volatiles, extractor. Or P vex and it, not only drills, it, mines. It's. Based off a drill that removes a cylinder, of material, called a coring, drill but it's not just any coring, drill it's a it's a system, with heaters on the inside, so. You drill down the required depth you heat up the material. That's, on the inside of, a coring drill and ice. Turns, into vapor and vapor, moves up the coring drill into a cold finger so, you're capturing, what a vapor like for, example in your freezer when you have condensation give X is a mining system it can actually get into. The soil it, can actually extract water, you, can actually capture this water in, a separate container we have all the pieces together, and. We can go to, the Moon or Mars and mine, it, when. It's tested on the moon which may happen in the next couple of years P vex will be the first end-to-end, mining, system deployed, in space and they, have even, more futuristic, ambitions. To use the P vex drill. Like. This one that not only extracts. And stores water but, uses it to propel itself like, a flying kettle. Wine. Or extend, support but Walt is not enough. It's a James Bond stuff it's very futuristic. It's, a new concept of space exploration the. Main idea is to send hundreds, of low-cost, wine spacecrafts. All over, the solar system to, give a clear atlas, of asteroids, that have water resources. Honeybee. Robotics is, one of the many startups, that NASA is depending, on to, develop new innovative, ideas there. Is a strong. Strong private. Public. Partnership. With NASA right now to. Come up with lenders. But we can send twice a year but, we'll put payloads, to them on payloads, like instruments, lagravis.

And Also humans we're, doing it it's, happening right now very. Very exciting, times. By. Giving out multiple, contracts, NASA reduces, the cost for themselves and the entire industry, we. Want to have numerous providers, that, are competing, against each other on cost. And innovation, driving. Down the cost and increasing, access to space and, industrializing. Star, top trans Astra, with a new infusion of 2 million dollars from NASA has, teamed up with other space startups, and educational. Institutions to, prove, its process, for harvesting, and utilizing. Water from asteroids, without, even, touching them, optical. Mining is our patent-pending, process. For, using highly, concentrated sunlight, or, light from another source to excavate, the surface without. Having to use digging, tools to dig into it and this. Is very, important, in space especially, for asteroids to. Help develop, and previous, technology, they've, teamed up with the Colorado School of Mines, it's, known as an optical mining, testbed. First. They put the simulated, asteroid in a vacuum chamber to recreate, the conditions of, space. Then. They, use liquid nitrogen to, cool a surface, inside the tank called, a cryo trap then, they turn on a giant, light bulbs, which imitate sunlight, that they then concentrate. Into a beam resulting. In very high temperatures. The, beam of light hits the asteroid target, fractures, a sample, and then water and other materials, are released and frozen, onto the cryo trap the. Volatile, materials, were to include water, methane. Carbon dioxide, other, valuable. Materials, that are common. And cheap here on the ground but, very valuable in space, trapped, on our cryo travela that's pretty nice the. Same way that we would trap. Those chemicals, in space for a real asteroid, mining emission. Optical. Mining, bypass, is a daunting task of trying to land on an object, with such low gravity that, it could simply break apart when touched and there's, no drill to potentially, get stuck but, for this to work they're targeting smaller asteroids, the size of a beach ball for, their take demonstrator, model, with, plans to accommodate rocks, the, size of a cubic tennis court and bigger in future. Models. We. Think the right thing to do is, to rendezvous with the asteroid match. Rotation, with it, put. A thin film bag around it cinch that back down and, then D spin the asteroid, and, now you have the asteroid in a container, so, you can work with it in a practical way. Trane's. Astra believes that harvesting, water on asteroids, will not only make space travel more affordable, for private, industry, but it will make nasa's, proposed missions to take astronauts, to the moon Mars. And even asteroids, possible, within, a budget that, the US Congress may be willing to provide we. Can cut out hundreds. Of billions of dollars and actually, make it possible for, NASA, to do all those exciting missions, in the period of just 20 years or so. By. Harnessing the asteroids, now what's really, cool about it is that, by, using public-private, partnership, and working with companies like trans, Astra the. Infrastructure. For, space resource, harvesting, and commercial. Transport, in space can be developed, so by, NASA doing, it this way and NASA becoming, the first user of these resources and this, infrastructure, for, its exploration, missions then, that infrastructure, is left behind, for. Industry, and, that can create massive, industries. In space like. It even becomes cost-effective, to build a space hotel, trans. Astra, and partner momentous, will be on a two-year contract with NASA to, build that asteroid, mining and in space transportation, prototype. Called mini be to, provide optical, mining in space we. Live in a very exciting, time where. We're going to be able to take that to space and the, resources, of pace are literally, unlimited. And. Those unlimited. Resources, are what some universities. Are betting, on at, the Colorado, School of Mines where trans Astro does its optical mining research they, now offer a graduate, degree in space, resources. Our. Space, resources, program is the first of its kind in the world, there. Is, anticipated. To be a growing, number.

Of Jobs. Directly, in space resources. But. The the skills and practices, of space resources can be applied to lots, of other things and a huge benefit, to space mining, research is that a lot of this technology can be beneficial, here, on earth. Like. Their 3d printer, that uses materials, on the Moon or Mars to, make structures, and is, modeled after startup. Icons, 3d, printer, that is used to make homes on Earth. Their. Penetrator. Is a tool on the end of a robotic arm that's, being developed to, take measurements, on the moon that, has applications. For mining, companies, and even a rover in a lunar test bed that can drill and prospect, for resources has its benefits there, are places. On earth where mining. Companies and equipment, manufacturers. Are looking, at applying smart, robotic, systems in terrestrial. Mines they, could go into places that are not safe for humans. They. Could, work in much more confined. Toxic. Environments, then, a person could and one, country is doing just that and hopes, to leverage, their expertise, in robotic, systems for, mining remote inhospitable, locations. That are all most mars-like. Recently. The administrator. Of NASA when, the head of the Australian Space Agency, visited. Was. Saying that. The u.s. is looking to Australia, to, be doing development. In this area of extracting. Resources in, space one, of the reasons why we in Australia want, to get into this area is. Because of the strength of our mining industry and the strength of our mining automation, and the strength of our mining research we. See it as a way that Australia. Can establish a niche space, capability. Australia's. High wages of course some of the largest mining operations, in the world to, seek cost savings by using automation. Rio. Tinto the world's second largest mining, company has fitted operations, in Australia with. Fleets of autonomous, trucks drills. And even, the first driverless, freight train network, adapting. These technologies, could prove useful to space programs, and the use of space technology in mines such, as robotics would be useful on earth the, Australian, Centre for space engineering, research at the University, of New South Wales in Sydney was, founded, in 2010, and has, 15, PhD. Currentl, graduated, students, researching, space resource ventures, related. To Australia's, needs and expertise. What, we are trying to do at the moment is, to reduce the risk perceived, by. A large company, mining, company for instance. When. They approach this type of venture I think one of the main reasons, that terrestrial. Mining, companies should be looking at this problem is, that they will, benefit. Their, terrestrial operations. By learning some of these lessons so. If they look at the way that you need to automate on the moon that will help their terrestrial operation. If you look at the way you would analyze. Risk for, this type of mine they must learn new lessons which should hopefully flow. Back to, their risk, analysis, for terrestrial lines. Although. Mining, companies have terrestrial, mining expertise, and monetary, advantages, only, time will tell who. Will be the first to provide a fueling, station, in space in. Terms of making it happen I actually. Don't think it'll be a start-up I don't think it'll be a space agency and I don't think it'll be a mining company but, I think it will be a big company. Probably. Driven. By, a high net worth individual, a, company. Like Blue. Origin, SpaceX. A company. Like that not necessarily then but something, like that, proving. That this kind of mining is feasible could trigger an influx, of profit. Minded companies, migrating. Of the earth, just. One industry, that would stake a claim on, the vast wealth of space.

Not. Only is the universe a place for exploration the. Private companies it's a new resource the. Key which will unlock new, possibilities. In technology. Manufacturing. Living, and working both, at home and Beyond, Earth and all. Of this will be the result of our next giant, leap.

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Unless governments aren’t actually worried about climate change

Murcia knows it needs to pull resources from out side of earth due to resources will run out one day. And will need a space force to protect those resources.

The last thing this country needs (or wants) is a Trillionaire let alone any more Billionaires.

I would love to see my kids going in to this field. Since It even could some day make silver wiring practical at large scale like motors,etc.

loved this series

One of the pieces of sci-fi I have read on this spun an asteroid to generate gravity then heating it with concentrated solar. The separation process is simplified. The trick is to position yourself as a primary operator in the field as commodity prices will drop precipitously based on quantity inclusion into an as to present fixed amount market. Imagine when someone finds a gigaton of gold?


No Doubt blue origin and SpaceX will take over

Sooo...even MORE space junk then?


Very nice series!!!

Loved this video! Fyi - I have a spooky video scheduled for Halloween... the actual, physical reason, why time slows down at the speed of light...Stay tuned!!


Who else thought it was a bunch of nugs

Fake space propaganda.

I don't get it.. Why do ordinary people so excitedly expect to get jackshit from it? Did publics receive anything from the so-called "Giving Pledge" yet? Even in times when funding is urgent as hell?

In my country Brazil, Lula Inácio a ex president was Discovery he has 1 trillion and 500 billion of EURO , if you are THIEFT, YOU CAN BE TRILLIONARE TOO.

If we can mining, on the asteroid. We wouldn't mining. Because we have an high technology. That day

Are these people advocating the jackassery of artificial scarcity? Wtf?

.... there is plenty of precious metals and minerals in space, but let the people suffer and keep the inflated price of this to extort humanity? Can't even...

21:22 one of the best views of a rocket.

They make a huge mistake in their calculation. If they brought so much of those materials then tthey'd be worth alot less. Supply would be higher than demand, or are we going to build houses of solid gold and platinum.

May the Science be with You didn’t they mention this in the video?

Meanwhile there are people who can’t pay to survive

Meanwhile there are people who won't pay you enough to survive

Biggest troll: finding a 100 trillion valued asteroid to fin out it’s just rock

1 trillion is enough to fix climate change (400 billion is the nessary amount to stop it right now)

But!, the more we discover, the less the rare earth metals are worth

Or discover new minerals that can be useful but rare in the Galaxy who knows?

If I could super like that video I would ! Awesome video and yet so frustrating that humain are still not there yet


You do actually exist! :) Cheers.

Asteroids will probably have more than just precious metal...

long rope, hammer, diamond tip screwdriver, bucket

Yea i know it will be made with machine, but can you imagine how cool it would be being an asteroid's miner

Its hard to believe that many countries are trying to go back to the moon and yet NASA said human went their six times. That’s why many conspiracy theories out there believe that human never made it to the moon.

1st trillionaires will be from the stock market. By the time space mining is cost effective, you'll see trillionaires from the stock market already. Sure space will give rise to trillionaires but not the 1st ones.

Cynical as it is, that's human nature and history summed up for you

with it the reason to innovate. Which isn't gonna happen. You clearly don't understand humans. We say something but we want something else.

@Taylor N

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over? Blonde: Because I was driving recklessly? Officer: Actually, I pulled you over for public indecency. Your wide ride is distracting the traffic.

the cost to get that stuff will always be higher than what it is worth. To make it profitable, those materials would need to be sold at a higher price, but bringing bunch of stuff would increase the supply and thus drop prices. You could only justify it if it were a substance that doesn't exist on earth.

Aliens prequel

While we know perhaps a lot about macro Astro mechanics r.e. effect on the Earths orbit, micro Astro mechanics ...with a view to Earths orbit may be a problem as well with respect to near Earth asteroids with their astounding orbits.

Yea this is something our grand children will do not us . It will probably take at least 50 years before we mine moving asteroids right now lets be happy if we even get to see a Rocket go to mars in our life time

What is the effect on the Earth of removing mass from the Moon ? The change in tidal force and the subsequent effect on the planet could far out weigh the benefit in resources. Place a base on the Moon and mine asteroids to a fair high gain without jeopardising the Mother of all habitats.

I do wonder, why Google pixel 4 added Astrophotography!!! They want us to take photos of Galaxies and send them to analyze!!!

Congratulations for future destruction of other planets and moon. Just like earth .

Your wasting your time invest in Africa it’s easier and all the minerals are their

i live happily with only 10 buck on my pocket, why need a trillion?...very sad, a trillions still not enough to make you happy????? better you go to sun and drill on it, hopefuly you found tons of core or stay on it or get burn

just go to moon, a lot of astroid destroyed on in...and now we ll see polutan full moon

I love her voice who is she?

Is she american or britsh accent when she speaks?

Wow this is fascinating. More of this, please.

Then the value of money will be lost

India didn't fail but learnt something so that it will succeed soon...

In many cases its not the mining. .. Its the processing of the minerals thats the problem. . By the time we're technical enough to mine out of space body's AI and the Singularity will be here and there be no need for such stone age Practices. ..


We already have trillionaires. Look at the high elites, owners of central banks, 13 families for example.

lol. The first part was about making profit in space from valuable metals. Then mention of an asteroid worth 80 Quintillion dollars. Oh no! Too much profit! All the metals will become devalued! Hey... Let's mine water in space rather. Reminds me of the story of Aluminium. At first more valuable than gold. Those with vested interests feared cheap Aluminium. Now it's much cheaper. But can anybody honestly say that cheaper Aluminium has not tremendously benefited humanity and economies across the world? This while mining rare metals terrestrially often just causes us more problems. Socially, ecologically. Even economically in the form of inequality, diplomatic tension and even armed strife. Now we make boats and window frames out of Aluminium. Comparatively ignoble to say the least. And this is better for everybody. I dare say window frames made out of Platinum or gold would be rather desirable. They would last practically forever. Almost entirely resistant to corrosion. At some point in the future things will change. I bet there are a myriad of applications for relatively cheap Noble metals which could revolutionise almost everything. The question should be: If we spend $5trillion bringing back $80quintillion dollars worth of metal then couldn't that possibly unlock $100trillion worth of economic activity or more? The answer is probably a yes.

just bring the whole asteroid to earth

Being a "Trillionaire" won't matter much if Venezuelan-like hyper-inflation hits the U.S. and makes a billion dollars worth just a few hundred dollars in today's value.

Watched to the end.

Me me me pick me!

Fantastic series Bloomberg!

Why dont us gov and nasa fix flint michigan water first! Fix water problems around earth, yet all these governments spend billions to capture a few oz of water from space.

Instead of bringing the asteroids to earth bring them to the moon


Why not just Hire Bruce Willis to drill if its sucha problem

It’s difficult to listen to you because of how you pronounce your “S” it’s too hard to listen to.

I quite enjoyed this series. It is very informative, well-produced, and engaging.

14:49 they can try wavesound mining(i know in vacum no sound propagation) but for tiny asteroid can work if put them in a big spaceship. I say that because frecuency and vibration is high eficency to brock things.

It's extremely stupid to bring stuff from space to earth - In space they are much more valuable, you can build stuff with them without sending valuables spaceships to the space.

*Billionaires should not exist*

*Capitalism is the core of evilness*

Once you bring back a million tons of gold the price will fall to twenty five cents per pound. That happened to Spain when they brought back tons of silver from the New World.

'very common space term'...

Keep them coming Bloomberg! Just shared this to all my friends

Ww 3

Wouldn’t such mining crash the value of these elements by disrupting the supply? It is because of this I doubt the current powers in possession of these elements will allow the retrieval of more of these elements from space in a manner which would affect their holdings.

Allowing corporations to exploit space is the new greatest failing of our species.

Need to get a NASA contract.

Absolutely amazing video

so were just going to destroy the moon now? when did we decide that?


suckered in by the title... oh its bloomberg... why am i not surprised... wasted 49 secs... bye you bastard

Wait is that dual shock 4?

These minerals are expensive because of the rarity of them, once mining gets going the prices will come down significantly

So this is how my parents were shocked by internet

Already spoke to a specialist working for a laser space tech company and he asteroid mining is not profitable or in demand, if it were this easy to become a trillionaire then anyone would be doing this.

Sounds more like "...... want to make a trillion dollars? Spend 10 trillion dollars. "

Money is just a voucher printed with 1 trillion number or even more, it used to exchange resources. Who knows you may end up giving 100 trillion dollar notes to get a piece of bread. For example: 1000 years ago, a piece of bread cost $ 0.000000000001, now you will buying the same bread for $ 5. (same bread you are getting)

Great fucking video.

Money Money Money, what the fuck these scientists doing. Still half of the planet is hungry, global warming, exploiting all resources on earth every possible way. All species are in danger due to human activities. They think they are solving the problem on earth, but in fact, they are the ones creating big issues on the earth.

11:11 Space mining budget seems tight: no more funding for a $1.25 container, they had to use a $0.008 sandwich bag

Brilliant. Thank you President Trump for finally turning NASA around. Keep America Great and World Leaders in Space.

Your bloomberg page sucks.. the page keeps refreshing.. Who the f$$$ made it that way?

So humans destroying the earth and now they want to destroy space, come on enough is enough. We don’t need fuel station in space. Leave space alone

Could you please share with us the tittle of the academic paper talking about water mining? Thanks in advance!

This is frankly grotesque.

and also that nasa liar scientist, what ever he's called... There are trillionaires already, dont cover for them...

sorry to inform you dont need asteroids to become a trillionaire :|

In spite of spending billions of dollars on military, spent that amount to the space exploration definitely we will achieve our goals so early..

I am gonna do this in 2033!! Mark This Comment

All this to extract mere ounces... Not even a mention of how to scale up to viable useable quantities. Space X starship fuel capacity is 1,200 metric tons... Off world mining of water for fuel in useable quantities is a long way off.

Wrong. The 1st Trillionaires will be bitcoin holders.....

We don't need more mining, we need less people and there will be enough here for everyone.... The overpopulation issue will destroy the planet so any tech to keep population growing further will just make the problem happen a bit later.

Drastically devaluing materials IS THE KEY. Aluminum has been far more valuable to humanity affordable than it was expensive, now think of the gold and platinum group metals that are inside your electronics, now think of what else you can use those for.

Mining water lol . Love my earth

Cost of 1 KG is between 10 to 20k USD... SpaceX does it for less than 5k, get with reality, bloomberg. "Falcon 9 can lift 13,150 kg for $61 Million in 2014 or $4640 per kilo. The Falcon Heavy is expected to have it's first launch in 2016 with the ability to muscle 53,000 kg to LEO for $90 Million or $1700 per kg!"

Lol yo, who here wants to partner to start an asteroid mining LLC?

Mining and manufacturing in space will be the next industrial revolution!

Beautiful series. More of this

Neil Degrasse has become an expert idiot and typical American that just wants fame and fortune!! He's another Dr Phil

I'm old enough to remember when the BBC could produce science documentaries of this quality. Thank you, Bloomberg.

I wish the media wouldn’t be sharing these secrets with everyone. This isn’t something people need to know. There’s enough wealth on this planet already.


Just been thinking: If you are gonna be mining in space, it has got to be more economical than to mine on Earth. The large supply of materials off-world will also drive the cost down. So... why would it be ble to make trillionnaires?


Maybe in the future there will be an space clinic to help people who believe that there is an flat earth. Oh wait, they will say that their trip was an cgi animation..

Would be awesome if we would only mine on other planets in the future. Of course I will be an huge investment at first, but at the point where you don't need to ships so much materials to those planets anymore and can produce everything you need on that other planet or Astroid or moon, you only have to bring it mack to earth. And that would be probably easy and cheap when there isn't to much gravity on that other planet or from an astroid.

this made me think of borderlands

mine asteroids and buy bitcoin

fantastic mini series , very much looking forward to more . new subscriber because of this

What if we bring small asteriods back to earth?

Space mining is a big scam nothing else.

If recourses in space are unlimited then as soon as mining and competition starts prices will drop to zero, Right? So if these companies are looking for profit, then why are they doing it? Am I missing something here?

4:00 just do like the diamond industry did, keep it all locked up and sell little bits of it for exponentially more than it's worth

I wonder what a flat earther have to say about NASA on this one.

bloomberg come on mining commodity prices would just collapse with that amount of supply

Stupid people will get more gold to put in the closet instead of metals we need for like solor panals

we can use that asteroid for human exploration and costruction , not to be a trillioner

I got a better idea, just mine bitcoin.

A1 production quality. I also really enjoy listening to the narrator. For a video about space development, the voice she's using is great because it sounds both intelligent and smooth at the same time.

“Zero emission fuel” .... shudders....

The problem is you are always thinking about money and not about helping humanity first.

EVE Online much?

Now I know what Elon's space X is really doing in space

Pretty cool, but kinda weird to think that it won't be too much longer before you are outside at night and look at the moon and it won't be that mysterious pretty thing you used to gaze at. It will be a mine and a city. Once established their will be constant trips back and fourth. Oh well, thats life, things change.

Not that easy ferguson ! Radiation also space dirt/ grease still the biggest problem

Oh gosh, are we done with the series already?

this series is made so well

I have no interest in being trillionaire, i only wish to be millionaire, multi millionaire, wish i would win lottery.

YouTube used to have two types of learning videos, ones that were boring and totally bs and ones that were boring but accurate. Here come Bloomberg with a semi boring video with semi true facts. Water is not a fuel guys, this is just stupid.

What why to mine water when they can evaporate with laser and store in container then pressurized It .. no need of driller . I GUESS THERE IS LESS PRESSURE ON MOON SO WATER BOILING POINT IS LESS

I will be the richest person by 2041!

the USA must used alien back in the 1950s, because how the fuck can those people successfully landed while the people today failed.


Meanwhile, the Rothschilds are laughing their asses off at this video with their trillions...

Use lighter than air balloons to bring materials into lower earth orbit. Burn gas in bags as well as fuel to launch rest of way into orbit. Deliver goods and parachute down. Count money..

They’re not going to find Bitcoin floating around in space

Inspiring... this series serves as a primer on the promise of extraterrestrial extractive resource business in space. My concern, however, is if necessary profitability in the initial short-term horizon (due to massive start-up/set-up overhead) leads to devastating but ultimately avoidable environmental damage to the celestial bodies we chose to use,

I want to mine asteroids more than anything. Not even for myself, ill go mine for a company idc. Sign me up lol

LoL “before it’s too late”

Age of Earth : 7 billion years Age of plant life : 4,100 Million years Age of Mammals :220 Million years Age of Modern Humans : *300 years* also the Modern Humans : making sure earth does not last 500 years more. Question Modern Humans ask: *who Wants to Be a Trillionaire ?* UNIVERS : *...silently laughs....*

Woohoo capitalism!

CAPITALISM DIVIDES AND DENIES EVERYONE WORTH AS TO ONE ANOTHER'S WELL-BEING! And you still want to play MONOPOLY? Its the well-being of one another that's TRUELY of worth! MONOPOLY money is make-believe worth! They who trust in a lie are betrayed already!

@Nikole Knight reality

What type of drugs are you on?

All fun and games until your outer space hotel gets raided by space pirates.

Red faction here we come

At some point if there is so much stuff on this asteroids won't it make the thing very cheap? If there is so much supply

0:43 stop fuckery, there is no astroid and the earth is covered by a dome.

Go ahead and be that ugly Don't ever stand too close to me I might kill you

This is very futuristic

If you were given $5000/DAY!!! since Christopher Columbus set foot in America (1492) , You STILL will NOT have a Billion dollars... Let that Sink in for a sec. a $trillion is NOT the kind of Money we should allow anyone to hold as a society . It will be an Utter failure of the system!

Did you say ... 700 quintillion dollars??? Google search: how to build a rocket....

On earth hydrogen is not fuel. It is energy transport mechanism since it doesn't naturally occur on earth

The price won't crash the company will control the supply just look at the diamond market.

Great video i liked it too much, well explained,thank u for this

Very common space term ??????? Who made it common there ? Space faring nation

Want to become a Trillionaire? Become a Banker with fractional reserve banking, and compound interest, and hide your name from the masses.

Rare earth metals=common asteroid metals

U see trillionaires, I see a more globalized and organized happy world.

One of the best documentary series I've watched. Kudos Bloomberg.

Asteroid worth $700 Quintilian...cost to bring it to Earth...about $1-2 Trillion...might take a decade or two...totally worth it!

No mention of Townsend Brown's antigravity. ("Antigravity" by Dr. Paul laViolette) And no mention of the fact that our sun is powered by birkland currents. These currents have magnetic fields that can be used for propulsion. Thunderbolts Project, Youtube.

It all comes down to how cheap we can make transportation in space though. If it is made affordable to launch things into space it would be worth bringing some things back little by little instead of all at once to purposely keep prices up.

30-50 years untill we have space wars over asteroids..

yup just history repeating itself

Not exactly. They can't have the value of money just drop like that. All of this would be centralized.

Great series of episodes bloomberg,good narrator.

But then how would the rich get richer?

Wait!!! I thought separating hydrogen and oxygen needs energy? If water is their enegy then how will they sustain this energy if energy is needed to extract hydrogen fuel? Not unless??? What the fact..

Optical mining is costly... Better is to build a mining rig on space and delivering the comets to the rig.. this is the most cost effective way

Love this, thank you

U r bringing additional mass to our planet (minerals) from outer space ... It will definitely fuck up the balance of our earth... We have to consider this

Harvesting resources from our one and only moon sounds like a horrible idea. Go ahead and fuck with Jupiter’s moons, but leave ours alone.

I want to become a space pirate when this happens. I want to steal the stuff of the miners and also their ships and sell them into space slavery on pirate stations. Of course I have to wear an eyepatch and paint a skull on the hull of my ship.

Just wait for those astral environmentalist that will rally against this

The future is bright. With visionaries like these, our species will save the world and take us to the stars. Well done Bloomberg

wouldn't just turn he mine material in to giant lump and just drop it into earth atmosphere and recover the landed lump be cheap

Disliked for the number of ads I received

21:04 I love how they choose the clip of the Falcon 9 failing right before it collapses when they talk about the promise of SpaceX.

It's ergonomic design ?? She doesn't know what she is saying.

We are not from this planet. But like baby sea turtles to the ocean, humans will slowly work their way across the cosmos until they find home

Rock is valuable,the irony.

It wont happened,,,


Me me me

japan sent a mission to space, spent 240 million and returned with dust.

It’s crazy how even a Billion Dollar broadcasting company can’t even come up with something original. Fire your content manager and hire me you idiots.

Why can't we go to Mars and get precious materials that planet has been bombarded with asteroids and comets for billions of years

The earth is flat + it’s close system

thats easy to do

Billionaires should be ilegalized. There is so much inequality on earth, why should there be a trillionaire??

So let me get this right. The mining industry is destroying the planet. So we decide to mine in space, but we wouldn't bring the metals back to earth because it will devalue the product which brings me to my question. What do we truly care about? Our planet or money we can potentially make.

I was just thinking of how human greed can possibly kill us all, put this one on the list.

Imagine if we actually are not in space at all. The budgets for the expeditions are astronomical, lol. It would obviously be the biggest embezzlement scheme ever.

Sign me up

The human greed never cease to disappoint me.

Who wants to be a Trillionaire? *Jeff Bezos has entered the chat* "resources like water...." *Nestle has entered the Chat*

"Put the asteroid in a bag and manipulate it in a practical way" Transastra, you're a delight

We still don't have metal alloys that can withstand micro meteors and proper shielding technology! Humans are too ambitious and naive about what it will take to colonies space!

In order for asteroid mining to reach its true potential, the US should go on a Manhattan Project-style crash program to develop a modem that communicates via quantum entanglement. It would be a complete game changer for space exploration in general, and asteroid mining in particular. Instead of having to wait minutes-to-hours for a radio signal to bounce back every time you sent a command to a deep-space probe, you would have instantaneous communication/feedback. The moon is close enough for radio to be reasonably responsive, but deep-space communication on a large scale is really going to be hampered if we have to rely on radio.

just do what Debeers does and buy all the "diamonds" and only let them trickle out to keep prices high.

- Next wave of miner? - Programming and Robotics people.

"Unlimited resources in the solar system", that is what we used to say about Earth a few centuries ago.

I just hope you don’t mine some organism that would ruin our ecology. :P

Minecraft veterans should be in charge of this program

It's amazing! The serious ideas and considerations about the asteroid mining are becoming mainstream in my lifetime!

Space is fake. You have all been fooled by NASA.. Look into it and wake up

You'd have to be a trillionaire in the first place in order to mine asteroids...

False, the first trillionaires were trying to buy bread in Zimbabwe.

I wonder why multiple billionaires havent sought to jump into this

Becaude they are waiting for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to bring the cost of spaceflight down.

The first $ Trillionaire on Earth is Bezo. Where have you been?

Feels like a significant oversight to point out that value of material in orbit is proportional to launch cost, which is currently falling. Mining opportunities that makes sense at $3000/kilo probably won't make sense at $300/kilo, and that's where SpaceX is heading with Heavy/Starship.

Mojang: minecraft space

How is government gonna fuck this up

beltalowda intensifies

There goes the neighbormoon

Crazy how nations are having difficulty getting on the moon in this day and age, they should ask the Americans, they were able to do it in the 60s at the first attempt getting humans and moon buggies up there unless of course you think it was BS


is that your final answer?

How can one invest in this ?

Hell one asteroid and black folks can get of this rock and start all over yeah I’m racist af y’all can have this mf

Humans Drain Earth Of All Natural Resources: Also Humans, "On To The Moon!!"

Find fresh water first. Earth needs fresh water a lot

That’s Bruce Daimler’s idea anyway.

I’m not conspiratorial at all but it looks like they are gonna try to ruin the gold standard with a fake asteroid that will destroy our gold savings!!

Will there be more episodes? I love this series

Oh finally someone recognizes the power of hydrogen

So its 2020 and we are still fantasizing about the future ....

Step 0. grow some balls Step 1. Build moon base step 2. Let fabrication and mining happen there step 3. Supply earth and mission to mars from space step 4. endless possibility's

Just watched this and beyond the usual my concerns are thus: inorder for space to be truly opened up there will the need for a digital monetary system enacted that would be recognized by the worlds economic leading nations that could be easily convertible to terrestrial currencies. Or all is moot.

Kevin Maher which requires a tremendous amount of energy.

Water can be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which are rocket fuel.

I'm actually dead when this happens, soo0o0oo0o0o0o0oooo...

*jeff bezos is already on track to be first trillionaire by 2030. sorry to fuck up your series*

When space mining becomes a thing, bitcoin will take over the main way for storing wealth

Love this video! Tons of interesting info!!

I hope its just precious metals we dig up there; not something we shouldn't have dig up, awaken or discovered lol

Only idiots think that having the prices of metals on earth going to zero is a bad thing

It’s crazy to think that all these countries can come together when it comes to making money and space travel but at war over everything else

the first trillionaires will mine asteroids..? the dude hasnt seen the currency of venezuela. everyone is a multi trillionaire there

Who's on the minin' rig, boys?!

Great video!

Man fuck money let live

Supply and demand baby, supply and demand.

you already know elon musk loves this video


Yeah, but having infinite supplies of gold and platinum would be amazing. Screw the price. Imagine the applications.

You mean “ Who wants to destroy the fucking economy”

Some metals have medical usage, and happen to be in short supply on Earth.. With space mining, the cost of such metals could lower, making medical implants common place. Helping the blind see and the lame walk.. But for now that is but a dream. As the cost of such materials is way to costly for people to easily work with.. The other problem is that those materials, will likely never become lower than the cost of recovery.. As no one in their right mind would mine such ore at a loss.. But such follies do happen from time to time... Stop with the water mining for propulsion crap.. Future rockets will likely use ionic mater. But water will always be needed for life support needs.

stop using neil degrasse lame ass for references in any upload. I immediately am push away from something as soon as they picture or audio in something tyson said in the past, I am no longer on board with watching. His psuedo science is so far fetched, and all he does is attack someone sanity or credentials when debating anything not just flat earth. If one wants more viewers, I strongly suggest not putting anything "Neil Degrasse Tyson" in one's video/video's.

Colorado School of Mines!!!

une idée très pertinente et avantageuses mais quelles conséquences générales est ce que tous cela aura sur l'écosystèm e en générales les gens aiment tellement s'enthousiasmer sur les nouvelles choses et ne se rende compte de leurs erreurs quand c'est trop tard

Trillionaire? If BILLIONAIRES shouldn't be allowed to exist, why the hell should we allow trillionaires be allowed to exist!? Trillionaires would have more money than many of the worlds wealthiest countries. Why the hell should we allow any one individual to have more money than an entire country or planet?

all of space is fake we cannot get out stop showing us cartoons

Ad Astra brought me here


Red faction 1 anyone.

Just use a fuckin space elevator to bring the materials doen. easy peasy.

If only we could get through that pesky radiation belt. Untill then it's all science fiction posing as truth.

Please make more of these, this is great producing.

How does one become a millionaire in the space business? One states out as a billionaire! Usually! No mater how much the prices comes down for any material in space, it will always be much, much higher than could be gotten on earth!

All this is a waste of money and time. We will all die. No matter what Stop smoking crack

Very interesting. Maybe the extraterrestrials will not want us mining on other planets. Chew on that thought.

I have counted what was needed, 10 million dollars for each adult(children or not) in the world would be living luxury for the rest of his life...

Can't wait till i can take my real life krait MkII to mine some void opals



im going to do that


not cost - effective very bad math

3:52 is that what we want? So fucking not a few people can control the supply? And we could create things freely for people who have no resources for homes/houses? Lmao I stopped watching here.

Everything is very excited that I forget how much pollution we already have

All it takes is one brave soul to bring back enough to crash the mineral economy, and we take the first step toward eliminating the need for money. We can focus on world hunger, developing new technology, etc. This is probably too big of an idea for a people so obsessed with material possessions, but Generation Z's children may very well see the elimination of money

First mine Afghanistan mountains.

Monixide and GOLD makes Oxygen ... Who ever gets that Asteriod is a savior to mankind essentially... Also we still need trees because Trees make more oxygen, naturally, also.

It would require more delta-v to bring water from an asteroid into low earth orbit than to just get it there from earth

They can never do it without the reactor of Mr. Santana.

In US dollar?

Minimum waige for those who will to that job!

And what if government put restrictions that no private enterprises can mine in space and only govt can mine in space because they don't want to give so much power and money to individuals

Imagine where NASA would be if they kept their funding after the original moon landing. America must be kicking them self in the ass right now.

How about shorting gold futures ??? By mining the platinum and gold in space and plummet the price to 0 you still earn billions lol

There is no doubt that the super futuristic space mining industry concerned with extracting precious minerals,metals & gems (e.g:- diamonds) from asteroids, natural satellites & planets looks like a trillion dollar industry which might come into reality with less than a decade. In order to mine asteroids & strange cosmic bodies (e.g. Oumuamua) the Aerospace Industry requires extremely advanced AI technologies and huge space vehicles in extraction & collection process of resources.

Interesting ... Level 2 - using the power of the sun to vaporise rich asteroids. Level 3 - using earth’s atmosphere to vaporise them .... what could possibly go wrong?

Why dont we just make millions of cash?

9:45 NASA's hyper-expensive vibrating butt-plug drill got stuck a few inches below the mars surface, and nobody got fired...

Congrats on f///ng in the ass the little man who has a job as driver of freight trains and/or other mining equipment here on Earth. Profit over human lives, freaking greedy mupets....

Solar power is used to break water apart, to then get used as rocket fuel. It’s essentially turning solar power into rocket power.

Why so salty

Because going to the asteroids themselves (landing and taking off from them, to be specific) is much easier

Becuase without rich individuals making decisions you get complete chaos

Long Bitcoin.

Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire? .... just at the beginning

Wow great documentary

Nothing in space can be owned by a country . are companies and countries going to take over space ? I would rather a company own something than a government . governments are scum

Such nay sayers... with energy production off world we could send it back to earth without having to waste earth resources to bring it back once we have properly set up factories on the moon and energy production on asteroids etc. We would stab into the asteroid, then drill down anchors, we would also anchor the mining equipment and then use physical methods to sort the particles and then store them to be processed on the moon.

Also boo-hoo we get super efficient materials to work with that will propel us into the future and be able to make and use new materials lol. Having gold and platimum etc to use freely would be amazing for us.

Aaaaannnnddd whoever believes we will be able to mine asteroids in the future are just retarded or drank too much indoctrination juice

yen idhu vara udachadhellam pathadha. furniture mela kai vacha modha deadbody needhan

When they mention the automated freight train for space mining I was definitely thinking Factorio :)

So we can go there and screw it up also

Fuck that Bring the asteroids here it’s exactly what we want. Fuck the powerful trying to control us through scarcity making us desperate and obedient

Stopping these terra destroying crooks from getting into and exploiting outer space needs to become a major cause. No sooner is the earth reeling from climate crisis and sensing a loss of ultimate ROI from their current planet the capitalist elite turn to exploiting the nearest resource rich planet they can get their hands on. Absolutely disgusting.

Dead Space taught me it is a terrible idea to mine asteroids.

Venom will be here soon

Hey, if anyone in the comments section wants to help me out on a space mission, I can offer about $1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Lmk

Once greedy people see the revenues, we will go from mining asteroids to mining worlds!!! And we will become destroyers of worlds!!! Amazing time to be alive

Seems like Trans Astra are thinking a bit more out of the box than Honeybee.

Did they say seven hundred quintillion dollars hhaa WOWOWOW !

Awesome & fun series can’t wait for new episodes!

It's why we push ice or will push ice to supply all the space habitats.

Theyre worried about prices of things crashing to 0 if we can mine unlimited resources. YOU FUCKING IDIOTS THATS THE POINT. Why should 99.999% of people have to SLAVE THEIR LIVES AWAY FOR 50 YEARS AND DIE WITH NOTHING?

...let me get this straight, they took a tool designed to disturb ice as little as possible to preserve its information in case everything else melts.... and made it melt the ice?

On the "Moon?"..... Right......as if we would know.

3:36 700,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollar *deep inhalation*

Money is worthless paper used to trick people out of labor. Money is the new form of slavery..... Get off money as much as possible.

Actually gold would devalue since the supply would increase by alot.

What if you dissolved the space rock n then sent it back in a container? Or just broke it up into pieces which can be stored in a bay

Propellent in space at $3000 a KG for fuel in space? I think SpaceX can already launch cargo into space for less than that. With booster reusability speed ramping up and having more Falcon 9's than customers could make use of, ULA could turn into yet another SpaceX customer. Way yet even more with Starship online.

The first trillionaire will a few on the Ripple exec team...

10 seconds ad FFS

I love how besides all the important calculations and predictions are made by supercomputers nowadays, real innovation like this is still being done by humans

Large amounts in small bits please.

Wot day don't say is the cost of mining this giant rocks

what happens in space, stays in space

Mark my words, I will once own an asteroid mining company.

We require more minerals

Seems like a waste to just BUY it from other ppl and not Make it Yurself. And Save obviously.

The alien ship is on its way to rendezvous with history

A great video, but worst narrator, can hardly hear her.

Find a metallic asteroid in proper size that it could be spun to maintain artificial gravity. Dispatch robotic and maybe human miners to hollow out asteroid and shape into a habitat as its mined for metal. The metal could be used as a mass canon driver to move an asteroid. After ejecting as propulsion the metal slug could be easily directed towards earth orbit or most anywhere with small thruster and orbital assistance. You could use mass drivers to cause rotation of asteroid the inside could be lite with a fiber optic array faced towards the sun. I could greatly elaborate on this idea. It seems possible with today's tech to complete in less than 25 years.

This stuff is a nonsense, just academics trying to get people excited so they can get funding and continue chasing pipe dreams

Let's go catch' em all boys

Imagine how interesting it will be, if beings from other planets come to earth to mine.

why did nasa stop in 1972?

Can Mars's mass be increased to strengthen its gravity?

JUST WHAT IF: some TPTB already have the capability to direct hit to earth an asteroid having huge amounts of gold or any other precious metals in them, just to mine them here on earth with disregard to humanity's existence?

Joel Valdez - They’d probably just mine the Asteroid & leave, and we’d never know they had been here.

Demi Nada not profitable because of ongoing war

Minecraft Space edition

This is how you bring Calvin on earth.

Why no mention of Chinese success moon landing¿

This is bullshit. Unless a tonne of a payload costs 100 usd per launch or less, noone will ever want to build a mining spacecraft and launch it into space for resources. It's stupid. Earth already has everything we need at much cheaper costs. This is only feasible if there is a 24 carat gold asteroid hanging somewhere in solar system but even then if someone would manage to deliver pure gold on Earth it would be much more expensive unless the quantity of it is quite enough to compete.

One thing being completely ignored is the fact that if there is surplus of gold, platinum, diamonds or any other today rare metal or gas it will no longer hold the same prices. If we were to mine $100T of Gold, it would become as cheap as stainless steal. In fact that type of money would inflate the entire worlds resources. If an individual had 1 trillion dollar that would be accepted. But 100 Trillion that's so much people are gonna demand that person to split up the money. You could buy America's debt 5 times over. You could start a war on mars and call it yours.

NASA taking Elon Musk pride ? Now they want to reduce the costs ? Hahahahaahahah

Fujitora please join my crew.

if you can get rid of small space rocks and learn from that using heat then go ahead and try

Alternate title: who wants to be able to destabilise world markets by controlling supply and demand, driving into utter worthlessness by sheer volume of minerals supplied? Any rate element isn't going to be worth much when you dump terms of thousands in metric tons into the market.

anti-gravity is da only solution.

The belief that bringing rare earth metals from space will make the price plummet to zero is naive. There has been a lot more gold in existence then what is released into the market, mining companies just hold onto the excess to control the price.

So bottom line is that a water tank can cause another world war in the future.

Just imagine saying you own a space mining company


Humans finding the dev console for unlimited resources lmao

Oh please. I've been promised a flying car since 1955. Get me my flying car and then you can talk about playing in space.

Lovely. We could literally back fiat properly again lol

NASA: taking your tax money to act as a VC to prop up companies that we and our families have inside knowledge of so that we can acquire stakes if they prove lucrative. NASA honestly should be milking this role as the lone supporter to take minority stakes in lieu of monies given. Never has it been more lucrative to have friends and family at a government NGO than NASA. It's doing the same as the Pentagon via defense contractors but acting as a grant awarding body. NASA should have acquired 20% of Space X in exchange for baling it out toward repaying US taxpayers. If one day a business fosters a trillionaire owner that used to retain NASA as a sole benefactor that will be great evidence of how NGOs are used to redistribute taxpayer money to shaft taxpayers. NASA = The Kleiner Perkins of aerospace (it can't assume stakes directly but what its employees gather in insight greatly benefits those who know them).

China has entered the chat China copied the chat China has left the chat

I'm going to call my deep space mining ship USCSS Nostromo.

We've brought humans back from space but we can't bring back metals??

Lol we’re so tiny

India should stay away from the moon and spent the efforts and resources on fixing their problems on Earth. Their population lives below the poverty line and still shits in the streets...not to mention they Indian Hindus still practice barbaric customs like casteism and are cling to idiotic superstitious beliefs.

To believe this bullshit you gotta be really retarted. The market is valuing your product by the market's needs not by you're set fictional worth of an item. If you bring an X amount of gold to earth the worth of gold itself is gonna drop drastically, making it close to worthless

Want to remain uneducated ? Keep listening to this corporate fiction. Wake up.

Keep it up Bloomberg, these documentaries are great.

Minecraft: space

I think it’s likely that the huge increase in supply will drive down price and drive up innovation.

The car in space is an obvious lie and completely fake cgi. And the rocket landing footage is just a rewind of the landing... No Rickey could ever land back down like it did. You morons. Wake the fuck up!

Do you guys even examine and think about the footage you endorse before publishing? I mean this video is so damn ridiculously stupid it's mind blowing. I saw nothing but cgi and 'ball earth' BALLshit. So you guys BALLieve this all based off of what then?? You fools are partly to blame for the indoctrination of people's minds. STOP peddling lies!!!

I remember 5 years ago when I heard about this and thought to myself "oh wow" and "that makes sense"... Now I'm like "what a crock of BALLshit" and "it will never happen seeing as how no one gets to travel to 'outer space', let alone that there are NO FLOATING OUTER SPACE ROCKS IN EXISTENCE". Not even 'planets' are floating space rocks. This video is seriously stupid, fictional, and should be removed. You guys are lying to people. Ant no space rocks flying around above. Wake up @bloomberg

you need oxygen for water so are they talking about a different kind of water?

Move to Zimbabwe

I thought this was some loud in the thumbnail

Despite the Trillionaire drive to be able to do this, the real value will come to the fact that with this technology or method, we will be able to hop from one resource to another without risking running out and go further and further exploring the far reaches of space all while picking the fruits of the asteroids for what we need stockpiling continuing on to ultimately discover new and strange elements to help drive further science and technology. Which will ensure the human race a way to survive out in space even without a planet and to give hope to the ultimate goal of finally helping other living things smaller than us as we have read about angels helping us in our time of need, so we become what we have dreamed of.

Then explain element 115 and why is it on the Periodic Table of elements if it's not even found on earth..... Roswell...

unreal bullshit in the making! fooling the masses. phahahaha :D

I wanna mine gold fuck yeah

Thanks Bloomberg , u inspired me difinetly will tell my friends about it and one thing DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS SERIES AND KEEP TEACHING NETIZENS ABOUT SCIENTIFIC IDEAS AND RESEARCH bcz not everyone doing this . Love u

the question should be"who doesnt wants to be a Zillionaire?"

waiting for an astroid to have oil so the US can attack it for having weapons of mass destruction. CANT WAIT

The Rothschild family are the first trillionaires you fuckin dummies, THEY own the entire world GDP of 500 trillion.

How neat to see STEM progressing in our lifetime.

Its all supply and demand. The prices on earth and value of these materials will plunge if they start mining these asteroids.

If drilling is so hard just take a shovel start digging bitch

Great video, but why hydrogen was mentioned so strongly as space fuel when SpaceX is already developing a technology for methane?

Yeah sure there are. Figures that the notion of space travel is reduced down to blue-pill rubbish - money and plundering, tardo GDP thinking. You'll never be allowed to pretend you can mine space.

Lol... lol... lol... business still business

There you go...the next level of power and money is there

Surely if u work in space then most earth based minerals are outdated? Why the need for clunky iron when titanian can do more? For example.

one of the first Trillionaire its income will come from Africa... all of these rocks you can find there in a small quantity ( the fewer in the world the higher its value).

The first trillionaires will be created after the government inflates our currency into oblivion.

Cool how old are you?

First we bag it, then we slag it.

This brings me back to playing Motherload on Miniclip.

Born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore space...goddamnit...

There is a concept known by the name of 'Supply and Demand' because of which the cost of oxygen at terrain levels is null whereas it gets some value at high altitudes, and there is a huge 'value migration' happening towards renewable energies, which reduces the value of any resources mined from asteroids. Dude when demand sucks, more supply does nothing but reduces the cost.

Where is that luxury hotel in vegas

Hydrogen for car fuel?? this is just ridiculous. Zero point energy is at our disposal to avoid using any type of fuel fossils but banned by our governments

Im calling wang on the trillionaire prediction, first is gunna be the person who figures out carbon printing, which will actually make asteroid mining worthless, because metals are weaker and less conductive than arranged carbon and its abundant on earth, the moon, mars, etc. Technological boom from carbon printing is on par with the discovery of electricity.

Space mining ⛏

neil degrasse is a bullshitter

What a bs hoax.

the real question is the amount of energy used to mine the elements same as the energy produced?

India India India India India India India

Who cares about the value of the metals going down, it would be a big win for humanity to mine billions of dollars worth of gold or other metals because they have way more positive uses and functions than looking pretty

"Bringing the price [of rare metals on Earth] to near zero." This is really dumb. The price of space-mined minerals can't get that low because of the very high cost of extraction and transport.

Instead of trying to mine other planets try to improve the recycling techniques of waste materials. that is a cheaper, more logical and much practical alternative.

Damn; I’m low key sad that I was born in this generation and not the one where humans have conquered space and I can lead a spaceship fleet of bandits who steal resources from $quintillion worth space mining companies

or, hear me out here, launch loop and then you can send what ever the heck ya want up there and do what ever the heck ya want.

Whz gawd van in the space

Please I was the first Trillionaire. In Zimbabwe.

Biassed report full of emotionalism. Silly kiddy stuff really. Mining on Mars has been proposed at least 40 years ago.

I knew it!!! This is why everyone's going to the Mars! For the asteroid Belt!!! I knew your secret Elon! I was right!

Me I want to be the next Marcus Crassus. Where do I sign up?

I hope Elon musk gets in on this.

I try it's not easy

Crock of crap really if gold is such a commodity why do you humans mine and Chase it because it's in everything with computers and love

And you not even getting there it's a crock of crap there's no way to get there is no way to chase them we can't even go to the dark side of the moon and you're talkin about chasing asteroids a******

Croc of crap that's what I smell

Why wouldn't the Sumerians mine gold everywhere else they you suggest instead of the Earth, I smell like rock rap

If it's true why are the Sumerians come here combined gold and change our DNA

This video made me realize (again) how sad humans are. "Once we erode the rarity of a high value metal or mineral, the value of that terrestrially could drop significantly." And this is bad? We value the money more than the materials we'd even need it for. Having an abundance of resources would make money irrelevant.

HA! You think your kind will ever mine the Asteroids? You don't have the brains or the willpower to do anything. You are weak. If anyone is going to mine the Stars it's going to be me. I'm a Visionary.

This isn't ever going to happen

What happen to the water on earth?

My guess if anyone where to mine a $100 trillion gold asteroid, they would probably follow Debeers' business model and just slowly release the gold into circulation to artificially manipulate it's rarity.

Look at the amazing things NASA has done and has plans to do. Then you got a bunch of republicans who think they know better than NASA’s climate science programs. These people are ignorant as the flat earth people.

Oh no, not these humans again! They messed up their planet now they have their eyes on the next planet.

the complaint shouldn't be about crashing the market for Resource-X, it should be about how do we modify the planet and others to support greater density of humanity. the production of things should be the cost, not their input materials.

So who's got that amount of money to pay out?

Minerals - gold silver. Iron. Copper Skyscrapers First trillionaires Water in space. Hydrogen fuel

Only supes could mine asteroids easily

Why is it essential to use NASA for this? NASA is a slow and expensive bureaucracy with many limitations, do it yourself. SpaceX is relatively cheap, and you dont have to share your patents with them.

For humans to live on the moon the first step is impossible because we need food, water, oxygen and shelter. We just need to build AI androids and robots since they don't need food, water or breath they can first build infrastuctures on the moon for the humans who will come later to live on the moon.

Yes to asteroid mining. the one that is made of gold.

Imagine a huge astroid fall in your property... Damn you're a traillionaire

@Sandstrand Fjeldstein when I say huge it doesn't meant huge as football playground but big as small garden

Lordy Full Or you’re dead...

Citation for the "2018 paper"?

Honestly why not help the planet out while doing this. Since you need water for the fuel, why not use ice from Antarctica to create the fuel this will help the water rising problem earth has and global warming.

Look at us! We are scared of valuable resource abundance...

Tax is also Trillion Am i right? Hehehe

Is propaganda there’s no such thing as fucking space mining

Space, lol. Blind dumb sheep....humans are the dumbest species, believe what they are told

Just a nasa scam

The 0.0001 percent of the 0.0001 percent

devalue the materials? do you know anything about the diamond market?

Imagine how many people's response was "ME!" and how many of them becomes one :(

With big magnet attract asteroids to earth......

we have seriously neglected hydrogen as a fuel for too long, its really a shame that we arent using the most abundant element on earth WATER for a better planet, when are we going to improve the process of making hydrogen ?!?!?! Batteries alone arent enough

Red Forman can drill so many holes there with his foot.

The moment I heard moon water mining I immediately thought that it can't end well. The Moon is a very important entity for our planet. If we somehow disturb that balance, Earth would go through massive cataclysms. If Moon water mining becomes a thing, it should be heavily regulated by calculating the threshold it can take before losing enough mass to eventually influence Earth. Imho the Moon can be used for bases and a jumping point towards other space instances but not be terraformed in any way. It's just too close.

Helium 3

This is fucking dumb. Not using material floating around, because some big asses like how economy is slowly degrading us. fucking nice.

Yeah!!..finally capitalism economy model have met it's match.. Owning a universe..i knew capitalism is our specie of humanity savour ..

I just hope NASA doesnt discover an alien civilisation with abundant oil reserves. Because you know the american government will make an announcement that the aliens are planning an invasion and we need to bring some democracy to alpha centauri.

Poor asteroids

I always laugh when a NEO comes by. Every wealthy person on the Earth says, "Money? I don't want any of that." Some of the rocks that have drifted by had minerals and metals in them. The total value of those resources was more that there is money on the planet. The first person to start mining these will end up with a family name and impact like Carnegie. But hey, who is interested in a family that never runs out of money?

they're clearly avoiding the topic of spaceX


It's not just the question of becoming a Trillionaire, it's the impact that achieving this will make.


Lol this will never become a reality , we can't even get to Mars, let alone an asteroid

for the everyday joe blow buy water stock.. goldman sachs have said numerous times water will be the petroleum of this century

Won’t water sublimate in the vacuum of space???

Belt Of Space Rock Is There For A Reason , If We Disturb , May Be , We Too Will Be Disturbed ...

Time for us Africans to pull up our socks before this world wont need us anymore

I can't wait until they mine gold so much that it becomes cheap again !!

Load of utter rubbish. Bring out your circus cars on your next fake meeting clowns. You aren't accomplishing Jack. Other than filling others heads with indoctrinating false illusions of grandeur

just develop AI then send them to space ez.

Earth is flat. Never happening.

3:53 That what earth will looks like if you mess with asteroid trajectory by mining it.

But why make trillions when you can make... Billions???

Instead of the betterment of mankind they talk about individuals/companies securing more resources and selfish interests. How bout you mine space and use those profits to improve society and the lives of all people on earth??

but bringing all those mined minerals back to earth would eventually make our planet more dense thus might cause some reaction , ie: in gravity etc

""space may be the final frontier, but its made in a Hollywood basement..." - RHCP

Build the rocket on the astroid

Dont try to be fool guys This Crazy Peoples WANT TO FOLLOW THERES STUPID COURSE CHOICE

Nah, if we fund NASA to do this I want equity. Screw allowing private capital the profits from our infrastructure.

They forgot to start this series with: Once upon a time... such BS

We continue to look to the stars when 70% of our ear is covered with water. What lies hidden under the waves? We need to be exploring and colonizing the oceans!

Corporate self-delusion bidding for non-existent funding from insolvent government agencies.

Hydrogen fuel will NOT reduce greenhouse gas emissions because nearly all hydrogen used for fuel cells is derived from natural gas, and water hydrolysis is not as energy efficient as just storing the electricity in a battery and using it to power an electric vehicle.

All you need to be a trillionaire is to move to Zimbabwe or Argentina.

Money is worthless paper used to trick people out of labor. Money is the new form of slavery system..... Get off money as much as possible. Electric cars solar power and pay off debt.

Currently the cost exceeds the benefits. But with hyperinflation, the universe is the limit.

Sometimes I forget we're in the future.

We have a abundance of water on earth. What should we go mine from space? WATER!

I would advise us to mind our business

Your title is false, even if you manage to bring only 1 tons of raw material from space on earth (silver for example), the market price of this raw material will be divided by at least 10. You even mentioned this on this video... Anyway, in my opinion the first Trillionaire will be Elon Musk: He is well positioned on electric and autonomous car, well positioned on space business (Starlink will bring him billions $ of profits each years), well positioned on robotic-human connection,etc,etc...

I like how the fact that the materials would not be sent to earth was quickly gleamed over.

Totally clever

Richest man in history was black Muslim

How about Bitcoin mining?

humans are stupid

Recruit me, i dare to venture the space for the sake of mining! I need money!

Basically you need billion dollars to mine asteroids... So...eventually the rich get richer As simple as that

When we start mining in space New level unlocked.

This will be the future of Mining. Selling propellant is the way to go to make big money.. You will become a trillionaire.

Don't mess with God's rock's!

2 words, space factory

Introducing Off World Trading Company

One solution! RORQUALS!

Only eve players would know how rich you would get by mining asteroids. Hahaha Like this if you played eve.

im pretty sure china gonna snatch all the asteroids up for themselves then sells them for 4x the price to other countries

what is point of mining in space if it is not going to be used for earth products?

As soon as we can get a progressive president in the White House things like this are really going to take off! Humanity will finally become a space fairing race! Think what it would to for the economy having those kind of resources. Think of the endless careers and opportunities. There's a lot of money to be made, far more than our typical terrestrial businesses.

ur comment was so dumb it phsyically hurt me!

got polluted by nuclear waste

Every time you hear someone complain that sending people to space for tourism is just dumb just laugh at their tiny little minds. Space tourism is a stepping stone to what will take the human race to the next stage in allowing us to reach further out into the galaxy and beyond.

robotic asteroid prospecting looks very promising, with probe swarms. Current AI progress is going so fast, that when this gets off the ground (pun intended) those swarms will be pretty intelligent.

It seems that all of my skills in Kerbal Space would be put to test

maybe they gonna mine low grade nickel and made lithium battery there, or uranium and use it to mine bitcoin... that is deep

Jesus Christ, the ENTIRE production of the WORLDs mining operations is 1.7 trillion? But yet Bezos's net worth is 150 billion? How the fuck can a single human being be so close to the entire world's output of iron, steel, copper, silver, everything

12:36 is that bobby duke?

Bloomberg providing quality content!

*clap clap* Off World *clap clap* Mining Colonies *clap clap* Bright minds shall blaze the trail to the future Wealthy hands will carve the path wider and deeper The Rest can work to walk the way there

After all those mining activities did to our environment.

Worlds first Trillionaire. Now I know what Elon Musk is secretly working on. The "Boring Company" for digging mines and powerful solar charged batteries are all making sense. Not to mention he essentially has his own NASA (SpaceX)

My friend goes to Mines and I'm just so proud of him

What makes something so valuable is that it is scarce the moment this minerals are large in quantities in the world they will drop their value

14:32 Multi-million dollar contracts Foil Sara Lee Pan lmao

Dont let china steal your technology


Bru 2:45 Flashing lights and UFOs like a mofo

am I the only one high enough to have read "Spice Maning"?

1. everything that is rare on earth is in infinite supply in just our solar system. 2. at a basic level all industrial processes and manufacturing would be exponentially cheaper and easier as the force of gravity on the the process is reduced. (ex: on the moon 1 man can lift a building.) 3. it is the ultimate duty of humans to protect the whole of the earth and view it as a nature reserve.

Inb4 SpaceX gets there first and legit just forms a solar empire and conquers earth.

This is stupid to think this is real. Ok let me know when we get to the moon aging. If we ever did in the first place. I’m still waiting to see the flag on the moon without CGI.

Once you borrowed into a asteroid, living space created by extracted material. Even city’s can exist inside.

Once the earth has been destroyed by greed then the space is the next fucked up place.

The first trillionaires are the ones that own the private companies that print debt notes lmao

give me 4 billions i will build a rocket, go into space and come back with a bunch of astroids tied on my nuts

I thought that's tutorial for eve online :D

Drop the asteroid into the atmosphere it melts on descent. Lands as a glop of molten metal

but many asteroist move so fast. 50 000 km per sconds how to catch it or and travel big orbit. to stop the asteroid dont we need nuclear bomb? many micro nuclear head? remeber no to over porwer become too dangerous.

yeah but if they bring back trillions of $ of these metals, the metals wont be valuable anymore

this is simply amazing.

I’m really about to do this before I turn 75, can’t wait I’m currently 16 right now

Material of anti gravity can be helpful in logistic system. Magnet of venus can be such material.

i need just billion,thats all for my life XD

What blows my mind is countries like India, people barely use a bathroom, yet they are attempting to land on the moon? Same thing for China, most public bathrooms, you can't even put toilet paper in the toilet, because the system is too weak and the toilet will clog..... yet they have a space program? how about basic infrastructure first?

Who wants to be a trillionaire by packing as many ads into a 21:56 second video as possible.

Funny how could be lots of secrets space programs with incredible technology and maybe they already are doing space mining and not telling us to maintain prices high.

You are talking about other counties trying to land on moon's southern pole. But why haven't you mentioned India??

Bringing down the gold from asteroids, Goldbugs - bend over.

Can somebody please explain to my unscientific brain how we know what these astroids are made of?

They clearly state it, if they can bring a large amount of that from space which means more supply the uses then value will decrease significantly and may go down to zero. So why the hell would they do that? The point is to make money not get resources.

Wouldn't supply/demand drastically drop their values? Unless like diamond companies, they drip-drop a little bit into the market at a time...damn stones


Humanity is just cancele. We already have minecraft!

PayPal me K111TIA999

Why? So much to do on Earth....

woah wtf Bloomberg you're really stepping up your youtube content. I just realized this is a SERIES

wtf is anyone going to do with a trillion dollars in their lifetime? at that point it just becomes nonsensical.

>be mining company >get subsidized by government to invest in space mining automation technology >automate terrestrial operations, lay off 100's of 1000's of miners >government tries to tax mining corporations to pay for social welfare for laid off miners >no jurisdiction cause mining company moved its corporate HQ to 1 Ceres

elon musk already been ahead of yall lol 2019 - even our space mining equipment vapes bruhhhh

You don’t even need to space mine lmao what a waste of money


This is not long term sustainable though. Once we use up all the water on the closest asteroids where will we get our fuel then? Just keep pushing further out and bringing it all the way back to fueling stations? You'd use as much fuel getting it back as was harvested. Yeah that's a lot of water but like fossil fuels it has it's limitations because it's not an infinite resource. The better, more viable and long term sustainable option would be to build a station on the moon, construct larger ships there, power those ships with nuclear energy and launch them from the moon with it's lesser gravity.

Cost of space mined materials will go as low as it needs to go to kill the competition and once monopoly is established it will float just bellow the price which would enable terrestrial competition. That will still be far above the extraction expenses.

Do we still believe USA landed on moon in 1969.

Where can I invest lmaoo

Competition is the true mother of invention and survival is the driving force........explore space to survive as an earth-born species

Who ever came up with this nonsense ass video needs to suck a sick d!ck

Wouldn't the materials mined be highly radioactive?

You guys are killing it lately with the content. You can be sure we want much more of it! Science and Tech for life

No one "earns" a trillion dollars.

282 dislike why con me wt app on 8146468800 india

Europa be the perfect fuel depot.

Why don’t we mine our sun’s hydrogen and helium and also the heat of the sun? Or it will still a waste of burn million of tons of those gases every day. Be smarter every day NASA.

Such an exciting time to be alive!

Nestle: Water is not a basic human right, it's everywhere in space anyone can just go there and get it

Abundance for everyone is the key to life

What about the lithium 6 8n the moon dust

Dont just dont! Or you'll find alien relics that reanimate corpse

Caring about the environment is gay we should wage wR against the planet exploit mine pollute dump lead antifreeze in the Amazon build Mr Burns Omni net

"space may be the final frontier, but its made in a Hollywood basement..." - RHCP

Japanese are fuccking awesome

it has been in my thought for past 3year to mine astroiedes

It's the only logical vector for humanity. We can't keep fighting over resources on Earth. There's enough for everyone, just harder to get.

Need more of space related series like these. This was awesome. Fan of Neil's StarTalk here.


We need that space elevator technology for this

Simple solution: Place powerful rocket type engines on the asteroid or use controlled explosives to move the asteroid towards our moon then allow the asteroid to soft impact the moon and use mining robots to collect the valuable materials then, use a cargo spacecraft to send the cargo to earth.

Robots made by SpaceX will mine outerspace

How is that a bad thing that prices would drop people are so greedy

What about antimatter. Copper iridium They are also used

When I finish building my own space ship. I will start mining dylithium, adamantium, unobtainium and the mineral in Avatar.

These video sometimes make me wonder why do people think the government spend trillions of dollars to lie about moon landing and the shape of earth

THis felt like 518907039812 hours of watching lol tf

the thinking of a caveman, instead of thinking for the benefit of humankind, the more material we have the further we can expand human civilization, but all they can think of how much money they can make, this is why humankind will perish

I bet if you had 50,000 tons of structural steel beams sitting on Mars, you'd have some buyers. I can think of one off the top of my head.

Quantum Computer. I need to make a rocket for $10

How much more weight can the earth hold?

New diseases! YAY!

Lauren Henley cocaine and hookers my friend

This is so ridiculous. So out of touch with real problems and real solutions for these problems. 2 billion people on Earth today don't have access to safe water.

NASER and Indier

lol....across huge areas of the oceans floors lie a gigantic resource of metals all lying in wait, hundrerds of billions of balls made of manganese, iron, PMG's, rare earths, all gifts from the underwater volcanoes and deep-sea oceanic vents, no mining required, only plucking!

how about solve the space debris flying around our planet too?

Billionaires already shouldn't exist. That goes triple for trillionaires.

Jokes on you the first trillionaire was a Zimbabwean

Just go to antartica most resources located on this planet other mother Africa facts .... Oh but wait we cant because of the Antarctic treaty thats stops everyone on the globe from even traveling there so

Earth is the largest object in existence. That's been my experience.

let spend billions to bring something back that will be worthless when it arrives... sounds just like something NASA would do.


So how are those O'Neill Cylinders coming along? Humanity needs to hurry tf up

it's a conspiracy lol

Planet Cracking will become a reality. Time to join the CEC, see y'all in 500 years.

This video is a part of what I have ideated 10 years back...This is most precise one. Kudos to Bloomberg

more complete bollocks

Sociopathic billionaires trying to make more money in space as the earth self destructs. Why not put that money into fighting climate change.

Did you consult Harry Stamper?

Once humans can truly traverse space, all control is lost.

@0:33 They show a space shuttle launch, assuming this was the very last shuttle launch this would have been July 21, 2011. Over nine years ago. For a video talking about the future of mining in space why are they showing a now non-existant, extinct form of space launch. It's like doing a video talking about how impactful electricty will be while showing a video of someone lighting a candle.

Come on Billionaires was earth not enough ???


Will humans be employed though? Sounds like most of the potential jobs will go to robots

Those Pasadena scientists prove how illogical is imposing formal dress code over employees for whatever reasons

I hope we treat the Belters better then Earth and Mars did fictionally.


Sounds like the asteroids need FREEDOM!!!

We have to leave orbit first and we haven’t left it. That’s why satellites orbit around Earth and cannot leave .

buy btc:))

The title should be “Who doesn’t want to be a trillionaire?”

Completely BS......cgi, animation and more....

@Matt Pavi I didn't say I did

“You all” ? Do you profit of his business ?

lol you say is not worth it because u spend way too much money on the space ship, you could cut the costs in 80% byt recycling and using autonomous parts, Spacex can build a mining space ship for 50 M dollars, and reuse most of it, spending average 30M a travel, you could make a lot more money by mining, you can mine asteroids u just need graple hooks and suit equipment, you can even break big parts of the asteroids and bring them in a ship, it might seem not worth it but if u have enough space in a space ship you can bring more value than the cost of the ship in 1 travel depending on the chemical value of the Asteroid, but you would make a lot more money if u mined asteroids near the moon and build a base there, by having one, the minion procedures would be a lot ffaster and u could use ships to orbit arround the moon, you would spend a lot less fuel langing and shooting out of the moon, 6 times lass than on Earth, you would just need a big ship to bring the spoils from the moon to Earth, you would also save more money if u refined the materials on the moon, disposing of all useless mass, that is a trillion dollar business, with that money you could evolve technologies and build bases everywhere in our system and make a quadrillion dolar buisness, by evolving our technology, it would open a door for human prosperity, as we would be evolved enough to travel to other planets like earth in diferent solar systems, finding exotic particles and evolving our technologies even more, then being a intersolar species, and maybe one day be intergalactic, the problem about mining space is that it will create a lot more of injustice and unbalance, but that wont mater because our population i not sustainable, we will need the tech to travel to other living systems. Mining space will also give power to the corporations and they will rule governments as in politics, due to the fact the hold the power(money), that will create a war of corportions and human kind will divide, and spread all over the galaxy.This is my oppinion, at least if we survive our own evolution.

Mining in space is fanciful stupidity. This video is just stupid beyond belief and you fools are eating it up.

Now we know why Elon's company SpaceX is racing to be the first company to send humans to Mars. It is not only to bring civilisation to Mars but to start a huge mining company.

If somehow space travel becomes easy, the criminals who flee their countries now would be fleeing the planet!

Very very dangerous idea. The earth is in essence a closed loop system (give or take a few meteorites and the trash we already leave in space). Humans transform its materials but the total quantity does not change. In theory, with enough technology (lets say as much technology as required for space mining) things can be reverted to earlier states and reused. Space mining will add masses to the planet and we have simply no idea where that will lead.

Any Sambit Patra fans here ?. Like please

Human beings spreading and devouring resources like the viruses they are.

This is interesting and I definitely want in, having practiced in many videogames already, however notice how there seems to be no benefit at all for the majority of people.

Screw metals/minerals space mining is all about that Helium-3, worth much much more.

Current trillioners will be become quadrillionairs, you will be peasants, it is hereditary

Now greed gets to space...

Nonsense, anything losing its rarity over night and becoming as abundant similar to water isn't worth "700 Quintillion" anymore. Bloomberg loves to hyper inflate anything out of thin air, just remember that Diamonds were once upon a time quite worthless.

Bloomberg's boss the "Roschilds" are already Trillionaires !

Whats wrong with devaluing those metals? Just lets us use those better metals for more things.

The first trillionaires WILL be??? Ever heard of the Council of 13???...........................

We Humans are so busy at fighting over little bits of land that we call countries upon a round Earth that belongs to nobody except the creator himself, we are so busy fighting over just a little bit of gold or diamonds; but just look up above you into the night skies and you will see a heaven full of land and a heaven full of uncountable wealth more than anybody could count just be patient for our time will come begin to love each other and our time will come that much more quickly lets us all love and work together for the benefit of Humankind and for all of the creatures upon our dear Earth who we should look out for and take with us wherever we should go further to this we should try to bring all those back from the dead that have past and long since gone when our technology reaches the level to do so for we shall need them all in order to colonise space

Proponents of this must solve either of two problems: subspace scanners or travelling salesman problem.

i think to be able to create teleportations youll need space materials.

Heh, wanna be a trillionaire? Move to Uganda or Venezuela.

Just bring the asteroids here to the earth's surface.

M-A-R-S...Mars..Red Rocks. yeah yeah!

Congratulations you are now a Trillonaire... breaking news....Inflation has just soared up by 10000%

Of course the companies eyeing these asteroids for their minerals want to keep them up in space away from other competitors so they can set their own price.

100 trillion for that asteroid? Like surely you're gonna saturate the market for this stuff at some point long before you've extracted 100 trillion dollars worth.

i'm getting freelancer game flashbacks

The flag of the Philippines at 9:04 makes this video 500k views more

There’s a great new company called Wayland-Yutani at the forefront of this. They had a slight incident on the moon LV246, but nothing investors need to worry about.

So Elon musk has a drilling company TBC & space X could supply him with all the cobalt that tesla needs..... ... Who wants to be a trillionare . He does! Space dust only $1billion per kg.

didn’t think I’d feel so educated and interested by a Bloomberg video being this stoned... incredibly well done video

Need a extraordinary unique astronomical asteroid mining business to start myself with the best of the best visionaries

Asteroids are flat!!!

I love this video. This will help me on my journey to become a trillionaire

Who lives near a beach and is now scared if they bring more water back potentially flooding all port and beach citys in the world and decreasing land

15:00 - "okay okay hear me out, we're not going to LAND on the asteroid, we're going to EAT it instead"

We should bring back bits of that asteroid, just so it devalues the gold, etc. Lol

Wrong, the first trillionairs are going to be from crypto or carbon-credits.

Spoiler Alert: It will be one of the billionaires.

Quadrillionaire* Sure prices would go down, but when there is 1000s of times as many of every resource you can think of, the wealth pie gets that much bigger

The Expanse!

Fully automated luxury space communism soon come

I mine for gold in my nose daily and sometimes eat the payload.

Hahahahaha that's all we need is corporations destroying our galaxy.

extract water reserve on the moon? ffs this is also gonna affect the earth. the polarization will be out of balance. first people do it for the sake of knowledge, then someone turn it into profit focus and fuck things up. think global warming is bad? wait till they fuck up the moon. i'll be long gone by then....so should i even really care?

why do you say that ?

This has always been obvious to me. However... what happens when the mass we are literally adding to our planet by way of using outside resources begins to add up? Like, I imagine even a 1% change in the earths mass will have an effect, and I imagine we’d reach that very soon if were just brining in asterisks ti use their metal

Space mining will remove scarcity, without scarcity our idea of value changes. It changes so drastically that systems like Corporatism cant even exist. At least not for long.

First was Cristóbal Colón and the spain

We wont need this if we had alchemy

Sorry Neil, but the first Trillionaires already exists and they own the banks not the asteroids ☄️ (Rothschild Family)

This has been the Bloomberg Baby Bloomers argument for years, don't worry about using up earth's resources because we can get everything we need from outer space. Absolute BS. The resources we use today are taken away from future generations so lets be smarter and more compassionate than Boomers, and consume less.

this is so stupid lol

"Space mining..." * Stellaris players has entered the chat*

I ha e a strange feeling it’s going to be Jed bezos

@ 10:25 "it's ergonomic design allows it to be placed in the foot of a lander" I don't think that is what Ergonomic means.

India has gotten 65 billion dollars in economic aid from the US. And the Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. I think they should be focusing on the water home. Not on the moon.

Rev up those SCVs.

I want some of that unobtanium.

There already trillioniares etc dictators,Kings, and sultans but it will cost trillions or quintillion’s to mine this asteroids so we’ll never be able to mine them

If it's made up of mostly precious metals it has magnetic properties. A spaceship with a magnetic tow could pull it into orbit of the earth like a moon. Once it's in orbit it can be harvested. The moon isn't an object that can be harvested because it is hollow. When it's struck it rings like a bell which is hollow for that purpose.

Chinese EVE Online miners are having an orgasm rn.

19:00 sup blondie

18:58 That is such a cool vehicle

wouldnt these rare minerals have such high levels of radiation from being exposed to space with no atmosphere that they would give you cancer rendering them nearly worthless in current context?

We just need to move the trajectory of an asteroid a bit to make it hit a moon. Then we can mine it on the moon using it's gravity.

We need a space elevator or orbital elevator station to transport all that material back to earth, it would be more cheaper and safer than a rocket gathering materials from rocks and flying them back to earth, down into orbit.

Bruh when it gonna turn into cyberpunk that what I’m waiting for

What will happen when we take too much water from the moon and change its gravity amount is changed.

Who wants to devalue a commodity?!

Great, so what you're saying is, the greatest accounting fraud of all time will commence.

greed will be our doom

The first greedy idiots will be the first to start a war with the aliens and their allies

15:30 yeah, ok, what happens when you've sapped the juice from them, do you mark them? (i hope so) that way people in the future arent wasting resources trying to draw water from stones you've already depleted. How about you fuck off with hydrogen and harness electricity better, leave water for drinking.

You mean your only experience? I'm assuming you haven't been to many other objects in space

don't worry, it will never happen technology always improves, remember? we'll do just fine right here

I think as the market emerges new jobs that never existed before will open up

Mechanical engineering

AI parsing.....is it the new game

...who owns the moon?...who will claim it as theirs in years to come??...you can clearly see the possibility for conflict...

Is this ethical?

All this space talk is cute but the foreseeable future is daunting to say the least regarding foreign policy and our nation's sovereignty.

Aiming for not for the stars but something between Jupiter and mars

Spoiler: HE'S A CLONE

Gold price will decrease when the quantity increases.

Bezos is already almost a trillionaire and I doubt he's going to mine asteroids in the next 10 or so years.

Looks like you have not seen Armageddon movie

Neil Degrassie Tyson was wrong the instant he said "The first trillionaires will be those who mine asteroids." NO Neil... The first trillionaires already exist. They are bankers. Their patriarch is quoted as having said... "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."

id give up my life to go mining in space. Train and go

In-SiTU Resource Utilization simply means they will hold back the supply in order to manipulate the market value. The De beers did this with diamonds. They have entire vaults filled with thousands of diamonds, that if hit the market would plumet the value. Same thing with oil, gold, silver and so on. The whole fucking thing is a racket

Fascinating. But the biggest question I have is will plastic straws and bags be banned on the moon?

Humans will mine asteroids when we would have found infinith gender

It will also bankrupt almost all economies on the planet that rely on mining unless we can find alternative revenue streams that can sustain them.

@Anthony Marici dont destroy something without having a backup plan makes more sense.

Don’t innovate bc it may hurt other countries is silly

where did i park my hulk already ?

WATER, is the most valuable asset on planet Earth. Nothing would exist on this planet without it. Join or die. Join or die. Join, or die.

Trillionaires are finding asteroids on space cams and naming them so when a certain frequency memory-less system take affect they say a nearby asteroid is coming and get money from the evil empires that should make technology right away to go to Mars! Reagan made fun of them with Reaganomics and space wars which space balls made fun of thinking it was someone else saying that leading to what the heck was Reagan talking about?

So this is the capitalist synthesis - transcending humanity and all traditional structures of hierarchy to reach a place where no guillotine can reach you, and ruling from the turret of the highest castle imaginable. Bone-chilling.

Wait, didn't the Spanish try to increase the supply of gold and it went completely wrong? Wouldn't increase the supply m ake the price go down? I'm confused

Elon Musk (Space X) : Am I a joke to you?

Music? Brian Schild whatheheck

i m curious they will make war also for land on other planets? the Aliens will look at us like... "uhhh the country side / primitive beings arrived here now? let's show them a lesson" :))) I vote to send Trump negociate with them haha

What a depressing and unimaginative title for a video about astroid mining. I would hope that by the time we are mining astroids we will have done away with extreme wealth inequality. We shouldn't have billionaires let alone trillionaires. New technology, if owned and controlled publicly, would enrich us all, not just a select few of parasitic capitalists.

Who Wants To Be A Drillionaire?

5:38 erhmm what? how would the f would a hotel project amount 4 billion USD?

8:40 Suck it, subhumɑns (Kikҽs and dothҽads).

so you want to use tax dollars to set up infrastructure so that billionaires can become trillionaires.... ok ya fuck you

@Yohan Vazquez we could do that too XD

We should try to devalue diamonds instead their such a scam

thought these were nugs, pce

So basically the rich and scientists are try to destroy the moon as they are doing the earth just so the can make more money or try to prove some thing that will cost us our lives in the long run. It's funny what people will do to make more money, very smart right.

No one thank you

So how do we recoup the water instead of "burning" it all off into space? Once it's used for fuel, can it be recollected? Does the thrust necessary to power a space vehicle forward necessitate ejecting it, or could it be recycled infinitely? I think these are Necessary questions, seeing as every resource is limited at some point. With talk of increased space travel and exploitation, we open the door for exponential growth, and exponentially increased waste.

"Trillionaire", "space", "future" = British female narrator

Minecraft 2?

if there is more gold and rare materials....dont you think the price would decrease??? You know they gonna control and manipulate the price, same thing they did with diamonds.

to mine an asteroid, you're gonna need the ship on one side of the asteroid and the drill and the suction on the other side of it so that the rocks, sand, small pebbles, etc don't get sucked into the ship's engines... or air ducts releasing Co2.....

laughs...always wondered if there was a gold nugget amongst the asteroids...need a water nugget and drop it on every dry continent

Don't get me wrong I'm all for asteroid mining, but am I the only one who's a little concerned about the possible unintended environmental consequences of bringing in mass amounts of rare metals at an ever accelerating rate? Yes? Okay.

Umm... are we forgetting about SpaceX? Blue Origin?

Maybe Trans Astra should use their tech to bring back the entire small asteroid?


And people still debating if the earth is flat smh

I had to unsubscribe, Bloomsburg pushing propaganda, space is Narnia

This will be super cool to have around and see what how different it will make the world. Sadly I don’t think anyone on the planet right now will live long enough to see it.

12:30 "WINE is a strong, strong, private public partnership with NASA right now" What does this even mean? Sounds like someone who wants to be in a relationship but doesn't want to be exclusive.

More money more responsibilities

Fantastic video. Love this kind of quality content.

Seriously Bloomberg weldone. Just super interesting.

I’m the first trillion

then next we find a nice plot of plasma and make a new Earth complete with stock planet heliosphere

Right....the people are fed up with you Bloomberg.

I'm not sure anyone would actually go. It'd probably be automated robots.

U wot mate?

Blockchain based Smart Contracts; we are getting very close to a cyberpunk era too.


this has more environmental impact and is a step towards earths doom day

Could we just create ourselves any rare element with fusion?

umm you guys aware of the supply and demand thing?

I wanna be a 700 quintillionaire

Why does this sound like a terrible idea in a long term perspective

Most value asteroid worth estimate of 10 Trillion Dollars has 500 Millions Bitcoin in it.

hope we get to that leap. time is running out

Are we going to nationalice the space mining, so all the money profit from space mining will make ous all rich. orrrr are we just gonna make everything be worth 0.

The idea of a trillionaire is so grotesque. That level of wealth inequality is disgusting.

Get a fuggin pop filter Bloomberg

I'll be more than happy to go

but. [The Moon´s haunted]

Really do hope that when we are advanced enough to harvest space resources we won't have billionaires (or trillionaires) anymore

in space no one can hear you drill....

Earth has more mass than all the asteroids in the solar system combined. So if that's unlimited whats earth?

The continent of Africa will be the leader of space mining and the richest competitor.

I had to pause at 700 quintillion dollars because I didn't even know that existed looool

You fookin donkey idiots do not fook with the moon, it literally help our planet in numerous ways and it has effect on water tides and environment, man is getting dumber day by day and ruining everything from there own hands.

This will make Bernie Sanders cry lol

3:39 ok if that were true, then wouldn’t it be true that our own moon is worth roughly the same as this asteroid as it is believed that our moon was once part of the earth before it crashed and took a piece of the earth with it???

00:00 aphex twin much

@Djwhiskers George Carlin is on to the miranda rights thing again.

Making short docs great again

This is so sick

This is the first time that I see people talking about the real future.

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