Who’s Better In Bed? | Age Gap Lesbian Couple [Q&A]

Who’s Better In Bed? | Age Gap Lesbian Couple [Q&A]

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I never. Realized, how tall I am compared, to you until I sit right next day I. Hope. Tall. Well. I mean you're sitting up straight are you know just showing off what. Do we have to show it aren't, you excited I am excited, we. Did that come. On let's move on I was just trying to be cute okay. Hi. That. Okay yes all, right so before this video starts we, want to make well to announce oh yeah I decided to make just a whole separate channel, for my music yeah. So, it's gonna be called Sadie's, music I'll put the link to that in the description so, from now on I'm not gonna post any singing videos on this channel this, channel is, just say. D and P related, so if you guys want to listen to my songs. And stuff, go check that one out yeah so I separated, okay, what's your announcement, my net worth is that I posted. A video my channel, drop the mask and, it's. About. Sorry. I wasn't judging you I'm. Half, awake I can't. Even focus on your face my. Husband, is dead I. Had. A lot of footage that I shot on Maui and this. Video is just the. Sound of the rain tropical. Rain and that, is just for relaxing, purposes those. Are announcements today's, the Q&A mm-hmm. Thank you everybody, for asking, by doing that we got so many questions this time I don't, know if we're gonna be able to get through all of them we're gonna try oh, yes, Sadie. Why don't you learn Italian, you're good at languages, and Italian is the best language in the world it's hard it's. Not easy to learn in your language that's why I'm lazy I tell you you are picking. Up a lot, of humans. When I'm on the phone with my mom and then she goes oh I, bet, that you said this this this and that and she got, it I mean she can you get it most of the times yeah, and we speak fast so you, are getting the hang of it but I can't speak speaking, is harder than understanding, yes, I know. About it did you guys watch lesbian, movies together and if yes what's your favorite we didn't actually the, thing is that there, aren't that many lesbian, movies out there like, the only one I've watched his blue is the warmest color and to be honest I didn't love it I didn't love the way they portrayed, the couple, it didn't feel like. Real, or, authentic to, me the. Best one was by, far at the l-word but that's the TV show it's not a movie and, I really liked her just the new black we'd never, watch it together because, you. Know I like the first season and maybe the second season but then and we didn't, know each other back, then yeah, but then I didn't, I wasn't entertained. Yeah I did I feeling I think the prison thing was too much for you it was too violent then, it became yeah I became, but. I love that varies. Do. You have plans to have a child or baby in the future, no. No, everybody. Always tells me you're gonna change your mind you're gonna change your mind and so far I haven't changed my mind and I don't think I'm gonna be changing my mind anytime soon one of those people is me by the way I mean I know don't get upset but, I really don't want children you guys I'm so self-aware that I can barely take care of myself I mean, I can't even take care of a house plants let alone another human, being yeah.

I Think that I mean you would be a great, mom, I think you just say a great dad okay because then I don't have to have a lot of responsibility. And I left the mommy take care of everything else, yeah yeah, now, you'll be a great mom, okay. Do you guys use sex toys while having sex these, are very intimate, questions, we don't have to answer all of them if you don't feel comfortable I mean. Well, the basic answer is no yeah, I mean, no. You don't need it like you don't need it it's, very intense without, yeah. What age do you guys lose, your virginity I was. 18. Years old I think I was 16 but, you were with a guy I was yeah girl yeah, is it difficult to have sex with a younger or older person. No, what's. The difficult. Oh. Yeah. If. You ever get to that point I'll just make, sure that I accommodate. You're, not but they meant maybe at on, an emotion, like psychological. Level like is, if you're a child. Am. I not supposed to say that how does. That's. Always. Moving. On if, you had one wish what would it be. What's. Your favorite thing to do together like hiking relaxing. Something artistic talking. Talking. Okay. No what. Would you say cuddling. Yeah. Cuddling and yeah, I love when you're watching stuff, together I love watching watching, stuff together yeah yeah, what are the top places, you want to travel to I'm not, a great, traveler, but if I had to I would go right now with explore. Thailand. And. Tropical. Places. Like, Fiji maybe, yeah. Bora Bora. Yeah. Barbados. Yeah. Take. Me where the beaches yeah, have, you always been attracted to older women or was Peavey only one this, is for me. You. Know if. I have to be honest, I've, had a lot of crushes, on older women and in, fact I had very few crushes, on people my, age I mean my last crush before her was in her 40s so. Yeah. Have you ever thought about doing a live video here, I think would be a good idea yeah. We're. Gonna do it really. Yeah, but we're so boring without the editing, they're. Gonna know no they're gonna ask questions like life oh, okay. This is a silly question can you touch your nose with your tongue. No. No. But I have a very long time you want to see mm-hmm. Okay. This. Person asks how is your sex life in other words how many times do you have sex a week or a month I, would, say that our sex life is, getting better as. Our relationship. Is improving, yeah. I think it's always been like that mm-hmm it wasn't it very good in the beginning no, no, it's like. Yeah. Do, you still sleep in separate bedrooms and do you plan on ever sharing, a bedroom in the future, we still sleep in separate bedrooms, because. The beds are not big enough. Octopus. You know everywhere. Okay that's true and, so. She needs that you, know spreading, option. I think. We need one of those beds that are like made for five people I saw that online I was like that's my bed yeah, basically we fall asleep kind, of fall asleep together because. Watch something call, or whatever and. Then at one point and I take you out she, kicks me out so I guess my room or, she. Customer, you know for sleeping my roommate she comes in, to her bed so that's how is. Working. Alright deal situation. Where we have our own house and everything we would still have two separate beds I think so but if we had a big, that big that's, bad enough if you haven't bet that's big enough yeah. And my dyslexia, maybe we can have a big. Bed in those ruins because, whenever. We feel like we wanna sleep, today or we fall asleep we want to be kicked out or whatever yeah we can keep on sleeping yeah, like let's put two queen-size beds, next to each other in sauceman's. Sadie. Why did you decide to move in Italy this questions, for you because I can see on how, unhappy. You are to be there we, didn't move, to, Italy, permanently. We just, kind of moved here for the winter I didn't want to spend another winter in Toronto, basically, and this. Was the easiest option and, I'm not that unhappy. You. Had some moments for 10 moments but, right now the Sun is out and it's getting warmer and I I'm very appreciative, of being here because, it's like -, Tony in Toronto when. You return to Canada will you live together or separately, of course together of, course we're gonna live together but.

We're Not gonna live, Canada, hopefully my, question is what do you do to make each other laugh. We. Can do much were just being ourselves she's. Really, funny I think just naturally, of thing I've never last long. How. Do I make you up because I feel like I'm in the morning, I love, when you love, good. Sometimes I say something very serious, and she starts laughing true, and I don't understand, why I like what's so funny about this, you. Laugh am i suffering, sometimes. Ya. Know, out of cruelty okay it's just funny, since, certain things are just funny. In. Which language do you see your dreams I see them in English sometimes. In, English, sometimes in Italian depends, do you miss Turkey or do you want to come to Turkey with me for a little trip or something maybe. I. Don't. Miss Turkey I'm sorry because, it's just not very, accepting, of people like. Us but, for a little trip maybe, I. Mean, it's beautiful. There yeah, it's, amazing. This, is. I. Can't. At this point I can't stand. Judgmental. Looks, or trying, to hide in, public, even here, we have to hide a little bit like we can't yeah. All lovey-dovey, in public, cuz you can feel it like people aren't ready for it here yeah that's why we want to go west cuz yeah people, are more open there so, this, is an interesting question you have a certain desire for, each other which is written on your face how do you keep that remaining the same so. Mmm. Nothing like how do we keep the passion alive I, don't. Think you, work on keeping. The passion alive in. A way that just, for the sake of keeping, it alive. It. Burns from within I don't think it ever went away with us yeah, I think, it's. How. Do I explain this that it has to do with a couple, but it really has to do with you, as an individual, hmm, yeah. I think so because it's only when. We. Grow, as people, as individuals and. We. Keep on transforming. And, becoming. The, better version of us, so. It's. Kind of like that. Automatically. Translates. Into passion, it translates into a, novelty. So the passion stays, alive, I thought it had to do more with the soul I thought, it had to do with like meeting, somebody whose, spirit. You recognized on like a very deep. Level. And there's. So much love there that it just doesn't, go away because it has nothing to do with, what's on the outside and everything to do what's on the inside, we. Always loved each other but we just took time to discover, that love yeah what to uncover that well yeah, yeah. Somebody. Else will you ever get married and why for. Me the engagement, represents. Like a promise, to, words. Going. Towards a new, union, basically, reaching, that point and that's when, the. Marriage comes right that's what, it is for me what about you. Long. As you keep living together and keep growing going. Together and that's it mm-hmm. Like. I like having a ring on your finger so people don't hit on you all the time you know because that's really annoying especially, when men do it yeah, are. You gonna be like yeah. So.

Annoying And I also love, people's, reactions, sometimes, like the shock the, shock value not. That that's why we're doing it but they might say oh so, are, you engaged, or are you who. Is the lucky man. That. I want, to see the shock in their face and, then I walk in. My. Wife great. Um. Shock, after shock. Exactly. Somebody, asked how did you, coming out with your family because for me it's hard to tell them I'm gay I think it really depends, on the family I think my family was pretty open-minded my, family, accepted, it too but, at, the beginning my, mom was, kind of like reviewing, the whole situation and. Then going, back to accept it so I really, think that if you feel like your family is not gonna be understanding. I wouldn't. Come out to them at least at, least if you're still living with them because then it's gonna be very unpleasant. But. I guess if you're independent, you can just come out to them and yeah they. Can deal with their reaction you don't have to deal with their reaction you know because, it's not your job to convince, them that it's okay yeah you. Know your only job is to just be yourself and you. Know live your life and make yourself happy that's all you got to protect yourself yeah yeah. Who, is the clingy and the sweetest one in spite of these videos, where I don't kiss her or she has to ask for a hug she has, to ask for a kiss and so I think, I'm, also, like. You're clingy, and sweet. But I'm also very. Sweet and clingy and. She. Clings to me like a baby, given. What. Would be the craziest, thing you would do for the other to, go to the end of the world and. Ask. You though. With. A passion, yeah, okay, but. I mean if you don't have a parachute I'm going in after you so I think, it would have a heart attack so, I'd rather stay alive, of. Course this is a hypothetical okay. I'm not leaving you anyway so you don't have to go anyway right, what's, your favorite kind of music do. You do hiking, and is. Your family going to visit to you oh this is a question for me, yeah. How. Can I answer this question acoustic. II soft. Melodic. But when I was young I was obsessed with Beethoven's, Ninth Symphony 4th. Movement classic. Okay, my. Favorite kind of music, I. Don't, know I don't have a favorite one do. You, think. You. Know blues I love, love. Blues, yes.

I Know you. Put blue Blues on I just. I feel it inside I, mean I I I think, I was like a blues. Singer in the past life Wow. Definitely. Feel. It in my soul it's, incredible. In fact. And. Also, what's the third one the second do you go hiking. Yeah. A, lot okay. No, we don't but, I remember, once I was, talking to a friend and he said oh my god there is such a nice, hiking. Trail and he goes for one month mountain to the other mountain, and it's and the view is amazing I said okay I want to go I come, home and I say he said here is this and then let's go hiking and she goes I'm coming, only. On horse. With. An umbrella. Anybody. Other. Than honking, what was the third one oh are. My parents planning to visit me here oh okay. I mean. Because we're going back to Toronto, soon and who's, the one that easily, gets jealous. No. You know. Are you are you what's your future plan are, you planning to continue studying or working since, you guys are going back to Toronto soon somebody, else asked the same thing why it's to me, why didn't you go to college or have a job how do I answer these questions, answer, why, because, I couldn't. Do it at one point I just, couldn't, do it anymore, mm-hmm I was really good at school up until a certain point and then I was hit by this ginormous, wave. Of depression, and I couldn't even go to class anymore I don't know I feel like at one point life, took me out of that race I. Don't. Know what it did with me but I don't know it, I'm sorry it's fine you answered okay who's, better in bed who is really initiates. You. Don't have to answer those questions yeah and I mean there's no answer, yeah how can you say somebody's better exactly, and who. Initiates, I feel. Like the real question, would be who. Reciprocate. Mm-hmm. More. Often yeah. Does. Age help you. Move past being self-conscious, or having insecurities, I think, it's for you I think, so what. I can't talk for myself, yeah yeah, definitely. After, 14 you just, stop. Giving a well. I feel like I can, also answer the same because, when I was like 13. I didn't know what to do with my arms I was. So insecure I didn't know what to do with my arms like I was walking I would, be so self-conscious, of my arms that I didn't know what to do with them and I felt like I looked so awkward and. I really grew out of that you know so, yeah age does, help. There. Was a point and I was like and I was asking my mom mom what. Do you do with your arm. It's. Method, pockets, but they take care of your hands. And arms for. Some reason I never had pockets, that, would have given you this yeah. How. Do you think your, astrological. Signs manifest. And interact with each other in your relationship, she's, a Libra I'm, a, Taurus I'm. An in your sign so, I'm very annoyed I'm in a very Ryan and, I needed somebody to grab me and Taurus. Is, actually. A sign, that brings, stability and, I needed, stability in that moment of my life and, there. She comes and another. Interesting fact is that. Your, mom was a Taurus, and my. Dad was a we bruh yeah ain't that weird it's, very weird, I found that very weird, yeah. Anyway. How long will you be doing YouTube, and maybe. What are your recent life plans, YouTube. As. Long as we have fun with it yeah. That's okay and. Our. Recent life plans, um. Life. Plans. To. Go. Okay. To stay here until the summer and then go back to Toronto, touch. Base layer, and, then go west from there exactly, wherever we may end up that's, just the plan it's, not sure but, that's the plan. Yeah. Thank you for asking us, all this question, yeah thank you so much and thank, you for, all your great comments, as usual, and for. Being so supportive yeah, very engaging, in the video that is so sweet. All of your car your comments, weren't like we were like overwhelmed. With this wave, of love from, you guys thank, you so much. I'm. Gonna I go before she asked me. Bye. You're just shy on camera, it's not in real life you guys.

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Try watching wynnona Earp

Before you leave your hate comment, at least check your spelling sweetheart. Also, go watch videos you like not videos you hate. Unless a gun is pointed to your head to watch this then well, I will forgive you for now.

Watch "i can't think straight" it's my favourite lesbian movie ♥ and then of course lost and delirious, imagine me and you, but i'm a cheerleader, gia... There are a few beautiful ones :)

Sadie, would you and P consider doing like a reaction video to watching Carol?! I swear you'll love it! Its such a beautifully intimate story with a lesbian age gap couple in a rough era! xx

Lovely Couple.


Really upsets me as a man. 2 beatiful women here that I probably would have approached on the streets for a date

Yengede erik gibi haa kütür kütür

Beautiful couple

batıya gitme konusunda oldukca sanslisiniz.biriniz Avrupalı biriniz kanadali,hemen hemen gitmek istediginiz her yere gidip cok zorlanmadan vatandaslik falan alabilirsiniz

I feel the older one is liar, why she didn't decide to be lesbian when she were younger, I believe and she knew already she is old and no one man invest in her so, she decided to be lesbian instead of sleeping with bunch of cats.

there are a shit ton of lesbian movies out there u just have to look online because major networks don't particularly air them and streaming sights barely put them up but times are changing

ummmm DUCK BUTTER netflix.

Yeah, I love that one too. It's primarily about cultural differences and coming out to very conservative parents.

I gave Thelma 10/10 is a spiritual psychological thriller. The girl has a lot of spiritual power! I've never heard of Duck Butter, I must look for it now.

You two are adorable!

how did y'all meet?

M.S Richardson ..yeah I've been watching it...and it's awesome..

İğrenç çünkü poompe (lut kavmi)de bu gay lez gibi sapıklıklardan helak oldu

I'm the best in bed. I can sleep for twenty six hours a day without breaking a sweat.

In 10 years you will have to take care for 3 parents :D :D :D lmaoooooooooo i can never see this work

+anna She is not sincere even the young said that, I can't get intimacy with her what type of abusive this old lady


your gramma isn’t even right it’s two*

Türkiye 'de nerelerde rahatsiz hissediyorsun bilemedim ama Istanbul da ben gayet rahatım rahat olmam için eşcinsellerin mekanlarında da takilmama gerek yok her yerde istediğimizi yapabiliyoruz. Güneyde de birçok avrupalı lezbiyen çift gelip tatil yapıyor tanıdığım bildiğim tonla kişi var. İzmir den Antalya ya gayet rahat benim düşüncem. Sen bu konuda şartlanmissin ve antipati beslediğinden sanırım daha önce yaşadıklarından. Eğer insanlardan farklı bir yaklaşım görüyorsanız bu yaş farkından dolayıdır eşcinsel olduğunuzda değil

Here are some good movies...Elena Undone...I Can't Think Straight...and Imagine Me and You...here's the link to the trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp9ulJ39qhQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VZ5f7qkDrY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiWKOwRaiig Carol is also good...hope you enjoy watching...

They looked the same age to me lol

What a lovely couple you are girls

some of my favorite lesbian movies are i can't even think straight, me, myself and her (an italian one), disobedience, and reaching for the moon. highly reccommend. unfortunately none of these are on netflix anymore but they are easy to find on the internet.

İkiniz burdan çok güzel görünüyorsunuz kızlar

E peki senin partnerin senden daha kucukmussun biriyle olmusmu daha önce

They act like they don’t know each other very well. How long have they been dating?

Homofobiklere sesleniyorum, ya siz ne cahil ne salak ne aptal insanlarsınız... Bazı dangalaklar demiş ki, "Sanki çok normal bir şeymiş gibi videoya kaydedip sosyal platformda paylaşıyorsun" Hemen cevabını veriyim; SANANE Youtube sadece heteroseksuallere özel de bizim mi haberimiz yok? Sadie'nin içerisinde bulunduğu durum bir tercih değil, yaradılıştan gelen bir özellik. Ne hissettiğini bilmeden o kadar abuk subuk konuşanlar var ki, empati ve zeka seviyesi yerlerde. Evet İslam dinine ters bir durum, bu konuda haksız değilsiniz fakat kimse kendini bastırmak zorunda değil, onlar özgürce yaşıyorsa bunun hesabını sormak size DÜŞMEZ! Bu gibi sebeplerden dolayı haddinizi bilin bence.

U're so cuteee

Çok tatlısınız

You should watch Carol :)

Sadie and P, you are both absolutely gorgeous!

hey nice vedio love that.one girl she likes me she's to young to me .is that help in future being so much age different.

p is so beutifull. sadie is best kisser.please dont stop kissing each other

My wife and I will be touring France and Italy. Do you have suggestions where us lesbians can go safely?

People being thirsty and asking these sex questions Jesus at least be more subtle

We love you.OK, both of you who are the best in the bed.

I sleep in my own room my ol man 53 im 41 witch about same but i sleep my own bed in my own room i can't sleep with him

You guys need to watch ...but I'm a cheerleader

Sadie türk mü? Şimdi geldim kanala

You two are so adorable together. So glad that you found each other . As for the age difference, I can relate. I am 47 and my girlfriend is 35. Most of the time people think she is my daughter. Which I find to be hilarious Thanks for posting these videos!!!! You two are so funny, keep up the good work!!!

i wish i was that guy who took P's virginity at 18. she's so hot

Hi you two ladies seem happy with your life choices and you both can hold a nice conversation . Not everyone can. I think it would be great to have you both over for dinner sometime. My wife and I like meeting interesting people. But we live on the East Coast of Australia. Take care lovely ladies. The kiss was soooo cute

this is kind of immature.

I love p...


Vauuuu..ne iltifat yaaaa...imrendim

+Elcin Sirius hangi il'densin..

+Elcin Sirius hadi yaaa

Murattii Murattii yav bildirim geldi açtım binali çıktı şaka gibi

Katılıyorum..ankarada aynı şekilde..çok tandıgım var,, anlayış ve respekt var.. cvp için like atarmısın

Murattii Murattii ahahahah biz bi bulusalim da :))

+Demet Özer valla bende merak ettim..acabaaa....

You guys should check out the web series 'The Other Love Story' on YouTube. Honestly the most realistic wlw relationship I've ever seen on screen, and there's a happy ending!

sadie ...

+Elcin Sirius cvp için like atarmmısın..

51 years girl don't have sex drive.. neither they can do sex..sex is dead at 51 year girl.stop

I've watched that series at least 6 times already. Wish there would be a season 2.

+Selin G cvp like atarmısın

+Selin G slmmmm...nasılsın,, buluşma gerçekleştimi!!!..valla merak ettimmmmm

It saddens me to hear that you can't show affection in public without people reacting negatively. Love is love!

Ben sizin iliskinizi dogru bulmuyorum. Bu kadar yas farki olmasi kesinlikle normal degil...

Please Watch the following lesbian movies Kiss me My summer of love Water lillies Room in rome

omg you guys have to watch Carol!!

More videos please...!

Slm..ASMR??? nedir..☺

I suggest you should watch Carol. Trust me! See the trailer

What is you’re age difference

If you haven't already watched it, I reccomend the film Kiss Me (Kuss Mich in German- I think). Either way, I hope you enjoy(ed) it.

Annesi değil mi bu kız wtt

I just discovered this channel and I'm so happy I did. I blush like a crazy person watching you two. you're both so beautiful and cute together. I just subscribed

Slm..naptınız buluştunuzmu..ya valla merak ettimmmm

@anna She is not sincere even the young said that, I can't get intimacy with her what type of abusive this old lady


Turkey is not a good place to live if you are little different than rest of the people. judging eyes are everywhere people are mean here they do not hesitate to argue with you they try to make you feel guilty for beeing different for personally ı do not like to live in here

My biggest dream is have sex with a lesbian couple

im confused

Jay Dee Me too!!

Looks like mum and daughter

The “don’t look at mEe” was so cute

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