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Good. Afternoon everybody it is 1 o'clock in the afternoon while, 1259, to be exact on this beautiful Monday, the 13th, of August. 2018. Welcome. To, today's. Video, series. While. Today's video series ii, recording videos welcome, today's live stream over, the crypto. Markets and we're. Going to be discussing. A, lot today. On, the. Past price action what. We can expect going on the future and so. Forth, need. To open it up I forgot. My little, where'd. It go. There's, a disclaimer always, supposed to anytime anybody does these I forgot to do the disclaimer. Actually. Pull it up but. Anyways. Goes, like this. Derivatives. Trading and cryptocurrency, trading, involves substantial risk it's not suitable for all investors if, you, have questions, about how you should invest your money in cryptocurrencies you talk with your financial adviser I'm not a financial adviser I'm not a registered agent I have no intention, to do that because that is. Crazy. I don't some people who manage funds for people like, retirement, and massive, funds like that, they're. Crazy and they're good at their job and I, do not want that stress. Saying. That, let's. Get into this so, anything. That I say, is not to be considered a. Suggestion. Of, investment, advice. It's. As just talking, about my opinions, as an, analyst. Okay. Taking. A look here we. Have. Bitcoin. Not. Surprised Friday Friday. I was not able, to be here because I had, the contractors. Here they were fixing, the. Basement. That was flooded this summer so. You. Know that was. Just. A. Real, but. A kind. Of a time so, they. Were banging. And hammering and. Sawing. And. Replacing. Two. By fours as part of the frame of the wall, putting. In insulation, and. Dress well it's just mudding. Oh man. Enough, any of you have ever done drywall work before but. That. Is that. Is labor man. Especially, if you have to do it overhead I think. That's why my shoulders. Suck. I. Used. To do a little bit of that in college. Okay. We. Had a big drop. In price. Let's. Look at the daily real quick here I mean, I'm not really saying anything we don't know but. On the daily if we look back to Friday which was the 10th we, can see that we went from at. The open at 6,500, we traded all the way down from, 6500. All the way down to 6,000, okay, and we, found support, right, at that eight eight six eight, eight to, Fibonacci. Zone and that's. Where we found a lot of support if we look on the daily we have a tweezer, bottom here double bottom form they're back. To back that's. A good thing to see then. As we went. Along into, the weekend, I mean this, this channel. Here this is a linear regression channel, starting. From this swing high and then I put it down to this swing low that was on the 4th, of. August, we, traded below the regression channel that it came back into it and then this morning when I was talking to the. 4x lens folks we took a quick look at this and we, saw that price. Returned, back up to, the, middle, line. Of the regression channel and then came back down and we're. Currently sitting, at the base of this regression channel again so. Essentially. We, are just, or in a rate a downtrend. Range, trade, and the. Behavior, of a lot of these is that as prices. Move. And. They. They continue maintain the channel, and and in this case as prices move lower it, gets, harder, for prices, to actually, continue, to move lower and I. Mean. That's just one way to look at this if we take a peek over here, in.

Our, Square of 144. I want, to go to the daily. There. We go and. Looking. At a, couple. Of angles, here let, me get the for our. Hide. The Ichimoku lock. The scale let's. Make it a little easier okay. So. Seven, arrow pointing, to this highlighted, zone and. What. Was nice to see as far as price action over the weekend was that you, know we traded, down we rallied back up and you, know we're just trading, around in that six to three hundred value area again and then, as we got to this angle we, didn't have strong responsive, selling we just kind of drifted, across it, and. Currently. We are actually finding, support, on this, angle okay we're not testing, below, this angle. When. I was maybe. Anticipating. In a, in a bearish, case scenario, was prices. Moving down here but, this, entire zone here is pretty supportive, not, just because it's the five thousand, dollar value, area but, for, a lot of reasons so if we this. Stuff. That this. Line. Right here, this. Is the eight eight six Fibonacci, level, of last day of the, initial. Swing, of. 2017. In the fall to. The all-time, high so, this is the this. Is the. This. Is kind of that breakout swing, trade level. And we are at. The eight eight six level. Right there at fifty, four hundred and then. Right above that is, an, inner harmonic, of. Fifty. Six sixty-six this, is a natural, pivot but, then even more important, is this, level right here so five thousand, and you, know if all of us have been reading news or, listening to to, to. People other people talk about crypto, is you know the the low. Hat that's been discussed, has been testing, five thousand, certainly. That's in the cards I could. Even see it perhaps. Even wanting to test that twenty three hundred value, area again which, would. Be I'd be kind of giddy about that. This. Right here, is. A. Pretty. Hard, zone, for us to trade below. But. I mean Bitcoin. Does, have these flash crash moves or these or these flash pump moves where it gets to a certain point. And. If. You've trade forex or futures sometimes, you'll see you, know, like. We could see a candlestick. That looks kind of like. We'd. Have to go back in time here probably to. Right. Here, so, if we, look at. This.

Candlestick, Right here. You. Know price moved, out this was on this, was in December. 22nd. If, you remember, if you were trading this day at all prices. Moved from 13,000. All the way down to 10. 13,500. To. 10,500. And that, happened, within like, a couple, minute period it didn't take long I mean prices, just drop, there's a huge stop, run and then it rallied back up very quickly so that is, a situation that we could see play out, right. Here, is if. We get close to 5,000, we could see a a. Real. Flash. Crash or a stop run that. Goes down. To 3, 2 or 1k, you, know that that is a very strong. Probability. But I wouldn't, freak out because the prices certainly would not stay, down there for very long if. They did, that would mean that there's a total lack of buyers, anymore, and. Then. That, would mean that we've reached these floor. Prices, that were really unheard. Of all. Year, and and, that would pretty insignificant, liquidity. But. Right now. Looking. At it just in our in our short-term view. Limited. Risk, lower. Because. We have a lot of support, right around here at the 5k rating, region. Will. It. Go. That low I don't know nobody, knows I don't see that in the. Current market, market, geometry, we. Would have to push down a lot lower, we. Would have to break below this angle. Which. Could happen we. Could break below this angle, we would follow the rule of angles and that would state that we. That. We would. Move. To test the next angle which is down here which should fulfil the scenario so we've got we've got a confluent, zone of a couple Gann angles right here, we've, got, the. Eight eight six long term fib level we've. Got an inner pivot. Support. And then we have major support. So this, to eighth level this, is going to be the hardest. This. Is gonna be the most supportive. Zone, in. Bitcoins. On Bitcoin sorry if we're using these price value harmonics, the. 2:8. Is the, is. The. Most, responsive. Buying, until. We were to get back, down to one, dollar. Which. Would be a little weird. So. That is what we are that's. What we are looking at. Okay. Now. Do. Want to point out though that if we take a look, that. We do have. Where. Are you at, today. We, do have what looks like an, inverse. Head. & Shoulders pattern. That. Could be forming, here. And. I, want to change those colors because. That. Is the, behavior of this inverse head and shoulders would be bullish so, bullish, inverse head and shoulders pattern. That. Is what's, showing, up here, we. Could. Travel. Further. Down, to fulfill, that maybe if it wants to train. Over here for about, another. Day, and then test, this angle, again then, we would find that a deeper. Right shoulder, but otherwise the. Thing with head and shoulders, pattern folks. Is the. Head and shoulders pattern whether, it's the regular. Or the inverse is that they, are. One. Of the most profitable, patterns. In. Trading, however. They. Are also one of the most rejected, patterns, and trading so they, only become, profitable. When. They have completed their formation, okay so we're taught this is we're really talking about a breakout trade so when, we have this, kind of activity, here we have this this, this, is called the neckline. The. The, buy zones, are, generally. A, little, ways above where you would look at the the. Probably the neckline or whatever that you know if we're looking at the universe we're looking at the break. Of the highest. Part. Of that neckline which is right here so, breakout. Traders, would be looking to trade. Above. That or. Because. They. Do retest, you, wouldn't you wouldn't enter. The breakout right away you would wait for a pullback down. To. That, zone so that. Is a that is a probability to look at - and that's based, on the 4-hour chart, and. Yeah. If, we take a look at the daily. Price. Scales go to scale. Looking. At the Sun that daily we do can't we do see that same Head and Shoulders. Possible. Setup here if I just hide all the drawing tools look at the price action itself we do have technically, a. Bearish. Engulfing, candlestick. And, it's. An outside, bar, and. Outside. Bars and inside. Bars they have, different, meanings and there's like there's a quite, a bit. There's. Quite a bit of. What's. The word I'm looking for. Debate. On, how to read, those. So. Like. The color. Some. People will say that well this is a this is a, you. Read this as a bearish, engulfing candlestick. And. Not. An outside, bar because, you, wouldn't consider this a bullish outside bar because the candlestick, didn't close green. But I mean, there's. There's. A. It's. You. You you don't you, find. Controversy. When it's when. It's an outside, bar still but it's bearish and they down move this, a lot, of people say that this is still a reversal, and, so. The the entry, areas here are fairly, simple. We. Would we. Would look at the entries, we'd.

Look At the bar previous, and so there would be lungs. Above. Slightly. Above the high of the previous candlestick, and then shorts, below, the. Low. Of that, of. That inner. Candlestick. So, that's. How or some people might even some. People won't even consider that they would even wait. For a lower, load. Before they would enter or you know, it's. You. Don't get a straight. You. Don't get a straight. View. Here for this. What. We should notice is that we. Do have. Some. Bullish divergence here. On the daily, we. Have these lows. That. Were forming, here but the the composite, index was trending up and so was the stochastic RSI so, while, price is making lower lows we were making higher lows and our oscillators, that is a form. Of bullish divergence. Additionally. It, looks. Like. We are forming. Two. Double. Bottoms owns. So. Certainly if we were to test down, again. The. 5820. Zone if, we were to form a buck excuse. Me a, bottom. Zone in there and really the, current price action this. Is I consider, this all this, activity to. Be within the same value, zone as here so what I mean by that is, if. We were to. Take. This, here. And. Just. Kind of oops, not that one. We. Were to just kind of do a. Highlight. A zone, a price, zone I. Would. Consider, where we're currently trading, within that, that bottom that first initial bottom, area because this is where we had we, have new swing lows form, around, here so. Yeah. Just be aware. Of that pay attention to that a lot, of the altcoins as well they are facing a lot of pressure there there. Cardinal. The. The, dollar pair, of Cardinal, is making, newer, lows. Which. I, actually, personally. I did buy. Up. More. Card. On oh let's. See if we go to. Order. History. But. Ever different. Were. You at. Yes. I did get filled. 8450. Nine. That. Was at the, 10. 537. Value and then again that. Yeah. Cool. So. Cardinal, making new lows. Nano. Nano. This. Is the ugliest chart ever nano. Making, new, lows. Hetson. Responsive buying on the early but it's making new lows basic. Attention, token it. Is. Forming. New lows new swing lows as well. See. These big can't read candlesticks. They. Show up right before a, rally. Xlm. Stellar. Lumens. It's. Got a this. Is a pretty, this. Is. A pretty good, description, textbook. Example, of a of a of, a. Bear, flag. But. There's it there's, quite a bit of buying that's going on there. Let's. See. Bitcoin, cash don't. Like it I hate it. It. Is making new this is this is not it's hard to believe that. Bitcoin. Cash. Back. In, May. Was. Trading, at. Eighteen. Hundred dollars. Per. Coin and. Now. We are at. We're. Actually below. As. Much. As I hate Bitcoin, cash I. Think. Actually it's way extended and overdone holy. Cow yeah this. Yeah. It's it's got it's got new well, at least on coin basis. Data. It's got all-time lows. We've. Just made new lows. Now. If. You look at. In. The. Stock market. There's. An old there's. An old I. Don't know if you want to call an axiom, or. Mantra. That the. Best time to buy something, that makes an all-time high is, right. When it made an all-time, high. Often. Times when things make new all-time highs those those those are those are generally created as the new floors.

Or. And. Same. With all-time lows those are sometimes created, as the new the new ceilings. And. The. Current cash being all the way down here, is kind, of. Interesting. I wouldn't. Touch it though just, because there's. Gonna be a lot of fluctuations, here because the mount GOx conservators. And. And. The, liquidation, that happened during this year with mountain ox stuff. They. Are now. Going to be paying out in, Bitcoin, cash instead of Bitcoin so, what we'll see we'll. See what happens there. Okay. That's Bitcoin cash Manero, is. Making. Your new yearly lows ripple. Is worthless. Pointless. I wouldn't, I don't, like ripple I think it's just the most. Fake. Coin. The. Most pump, and dumped fake coin ever I think ripple is is, worthless, I don't. Like it. Theory. I'm Bitcoin, pair you. Can see that this. Is this is the probably, the most fun pair to trade if you if, you like, to trade and. In in cryptos and you like to like if, you can't short, I. Know. I'm gonna lose my train of thought if I don't go over this so, if. You cannot, short, a, market. In, kryptos or you're not comfortable doing it I. Trade. The etherion Bitcoin pair. Trade. The performance, of aetherium, against, the performance, of Bitcoin. So. If bitcoin, is doing, this, this chart will really kind of help you, and tell you you know what to buy or sell so let's, say you only want to trade Bitcoin in a theorem that's cool. If I look at this chart and I'm, using you, know technicals, and let's say I'm using the Ichimoku system. Then. This. Would be telling me that right around here is where I wanted to short, aetherium. Okay. Or in. Other words go long Bitcoin, and so, I would buy Bitcoin, because. Bitcoin is outperforming, aetherium so I would see this drift down here blah blah blah and so I'm. Still I'm still. Going. Short. Aetherium. By going, long Bitcoin, and, then. The inverse of that is true if we were to look kind of you know back here so this is like after December we saw Bitcoin, you. Know had its big. His. Its big panic, crash. Happened. And then aetherium gained a lot of momentum so this. Is where you saw Bitcoin, trading. Up. Still, and then three he was gaining ground Bitcoin, started crash we would have gone long aetherium here okay. And. At. Some, point we would have gotten out of theory umm and, then bought Bitcoin, with that aetherium instead so, you just it's just a rotation. Of crypto, capital, and you. Can do that with treating these charts, you, know. It's. It's. A a. Good. A good thing to trade if you don't know who else to trade you, can't I mean you're talking about like the two most. Valuable market. Cap coins, and all, the, world and. If you're gonna trade. Something, against, each other these two are, the, ones that are fun to trade this.

Is The fun chart to look at. Especially. When it starts the trend, on it, daily then, that there's, generally quite, a few good trade. Opportunities, there. Bitcoin. Gold that's, a personal, favorite of mine, well. Below it's the zones there, he├Ás. Getting. Just hammered, man I tell you what it's hard to believe that back. In June. Prior. To the release of the main that we were up at $15, we have lost. From. Up here all the way down to here where we are currently, 70. Percent. Of. OSes, value, in. It since June so, that's a pretty it's. A pretty big deal that, that's the US, dollar pair so, it's. Nice to see though here on the on the daily chart we do have some. We. Do have some. Nice. Growth. In, the. In. This pair here so I'm just reaching down here. We. Had nice or rather we have nice growth, in that in that, US. Dollar, pair, but, it started to trade down and. You. Know finally actually you know that's that's as these new lows hmm. It's, a little little. Extended, I mean I think. As we get into the next phase us is, a is. A entirely. Separate. Entity. I'm, honestly surprised, that coinbase, has not discussed, listing, Els, because. It is a it. Is a decentralized. Blockchain. I mean. I don't know how decentralized, you want to consider. It but I mean it's rollout was a little iffy if. You remember that the EOS you, had and. I went through this this, bit of a nightmare. Wasn't, really nightmare but the, EOC tokens, that were available on the exchanges, they, were they. Were ERC, 20, token so they were aetherium, tokens. And so. If you, had purchased, AOS. Tokens. You had to send them to a. Wallet. That was. That. Was okay, with the. EOS team, so like the exodus wallet, is an example you have to send your EOS to that wall you couldn't leave it on the exchanges, it didn't work if you left him on the exchanges, and then what you had to do is he had to stake them so he had to basically register. Your coins with the ELS blockchain. And then, after, the main that launched. Those. Yost tokens, that you had the you could not move them okay, you could not move those eels tokens, like if you had like, five. Thousand, dollars worth of eels tokens, that you bought on Finance and then you sent to exodus and then, you had them, staked. And applied, so you could vote. You, couldn't you couldn't move them so and and. What made it slower was, that a. Large. Percentage, of the. EOS tokens, are owned. By. So. You, know a large percentage, of them are owned by various, exchanges, but. There needed to be sixteen percent, of the. Entire pool. Of eels tokens, sixteen. Percent of all of those had to be. Used. To vote so they had to, you. Had to vote for. The. The people that were going to basically maintain. The. Blockchain. And, and keep it up and going and provide enough power. And usage. To record, transactions, run dabs all that jazz so that wasn't that was a bit of a slow, process, it took it took a while for it, to finally, complete. Its, rollout and. And. Then. When it finally did you know there was a was wasn't a huge big hoopla I, mean if this would have happened back, in. November. December of 2017 this, would have been, a wholly totally, different story but looking. Forward this. Is probably. One of the most undervalued. Complete. Blockchain. Infrastructures. That currently exists it's it's out it's running they've, worked, out a lot of glitches it's, it's very transparent. They. Have. Had some, you. Know issues, with. Theft, but. They've been able to roll back those changes and and that, was very reminiscent of the etherium, debacle, where, you know 14 million dollars worth of a theorem was stolen, and then the response to get people their money back was to create a hard, fork of a theorem and that's where we came with aetherium classic, so, there's there's. Issues.

There's. Issues there and. Aetherium. May, be a. Disappearing. Blockchain. There. May be a, lot. Of people, leaving. The. Etherium, chain, to. Go into aetherium classic, and, vice, versa, most of the icos. The. Great majority of the eye seals that have been created in 2017. And 2018 have been on the etherium blockchain, but. They. Still have issues, like. What if something, like crypto, kitties can clog up the, network. It's. Not. It's. Hard to it's hard to, put. Any faith. In the reliability of. Your project. Or a utility or your coin on that network if it can be clogged, up with things, like crypto kitties so. Yeah. It's it's, you. Know a lot of these issues are going to be solved, in the future but that's. Why iOS. And. Cardno. Are so. Are. So. Interesting, to look at because they have. Apparently. Solved. Those issues, now, from. A training standpoint I. Love. This under five bucks I, think. That that is a steal and. Joy. Of joys for it to be trading that low. In. Fact what is the. Current. Market cap are we under 200 billion. Not. Quite right. 205, billion if I had a pretty what is the monstrous. Change meant so tezo's. Wand. Chains dropped by 15 xilk. Cuckooing. Kuh coin is, I just. Write a story about cuckooing where a pan with our offices are empty like, they're not any more made safe, ontology. Golem. Was actually a really good project, Walton. Chain that's. A. Hell, of a deal. Yoda. Black, verge. Wax. Neal. Can, die. Let's see pip X is actually a really cool project. Tron. The. Quaint private, with that. That's. Interesting. We. Look at that top. Was that one two three, four, five six, seven eight nine 10. 11 12 13, 14. 15 16 17 18. 19. 20 - 2 3 turn 4 5, 4 6 3 7, all, right well it's in the top. 30. Bitcoin. Or etherion was in there not. Bank whore which is really cool -. Yeah. A lot of lot of bleeding in the market as a whole waves. I'm. Actually a huge fan of waves I do, own quite a bit of waves is. Actually. Up today, so. Stellar, lumens, true. USD. This. Is a this. Is an actual dollar dollar, coin. It's. Better than tether as far as security, because. It. Is, based, in the US and it is backed, with real dollars, I mean the where, where tether. Ran, by BitFenix. And. Not. Really ran by BitFenix but. Tether. Has. Is. Not very transparent about whether there is actually, a dollar to dollar pairing, it. Could just be magic, monopoly, money and. Everybody knows that that always is. A good thing but. True USD, is actually, they've actually got. Their. Transparent, they've got. You. Know financials. Showing, their, what their reserves are so, you. And you also have, the right to the dollars. So. It's not, it's. It's a good it's. A it's the the best alternative. It's. The safest, I'll, say that it's the safest. At. Conversion. Stable. Coin that, you can get right now. Alright, it is hands, down that is the safest. All. Right. Now, bitcoin. Yeah. Surprisingly. Not a lot of I mean these things are, actually. Sitting. Pretty Doge is actually holding up pretty nice steam, is holding it pretty nice compared to the broader market. Yeah. There's actually a pretty pretty. Good. Resting. Here going on so. Let's. Bring else down to the dollar here on the hourly, yeah. Williams, ramping, up as prices are moving down we like to see this happen if we can get a good reversal. Candlestick, -. On. The, hourly that's a huge, buy, there that's, a big volume spike. Populist. Big volume Specter you get a lot of volume spikes in general at that time we, did didn't we a. Lot. Of buyers. Stepped. In there what, did it do to Bitcoin. Yeah. Bitcoin had a lot of buyer step in at the close. Wow, look at the current hourly candlestick. It. Has not moved much. That's. Pretty wild. So. We got that going on. Litecoin. Finding. Support at this major this is a major harmonic, level this is very hard for. Litecoin. To break as that $56, valley area this is actually an extremely strong support, zone. Cardno. Just. Kind of respond to the broader, market.

There. Nan-oh. New. Lows. Basic. Attention token. Not. New lows but it's got, getting. Close to those yearly, lows here. Stellar. Lumens a lot, of a. Lot of support, here. So. Been. Pretty resilient but, I'd, be careful of. This. Bear Flag setup I. Sold. Mine this afternoon, well this. Afternoon I sold it. When. I sell it 22. 5 something. That. Did that. The. Other markets, euros, doing, yeah. Just. Dude there's that guys there's some weird, moves. In these currency, markets in general I mean it is just this. Is a this has been an odd July, and August there. Have been some wild moves so, yeah. I mean. You. Know as far as looking forward on the day because, we are if we if we see some supportive, buying conditions, being met at the close of the hour I'm. You. Know I'm looking to to. See. If those are going to be good trading opportunities, or not. Definitely. Want to look at the. The. End. Of. Day. And. See. Like coin. We. Really got to watch out for litecoin, that one when. It finally decides, to catch a bit it's gonna it's gonna be a mover. Theorem. Classic, as well. We'll. See how much faith, there is and the Bears to keep these prices, moving lower. We. Are getting close to these swing lows here. Yeah. ETCs, sitting. There. That. Other one that we would launch if you look at that relative rotation graph that we looked at last week that, forex but this is crypto so if we look at kryptos that here's a relative rotation graph. We. Are showing, that, stellar. Lumens is actually. We. Were looking at this over here if, you remember last Wednesday. And Thursday, actually. All of last week we, were looking at all the crypto that were sitting at least these quadrants, the improving, and the lagging quadrants, and as, stellar. Lumens was sitting in the weakening quadrant, it was just kind of planing over, here and, and. As, I was. Describing. How these work we look at things in the weakening, category, as as as. As. Instruments. That we want to look at for possibly, buying because as they transition, and slide into the lagging category, we. Want to take a note of when the arrow starts to point up and the actual, the. The. Lagging. Line behind it starts to slope up because then that tells us that it's actually gaining strength it's what. It looks like on a candlestick chart, we should see a basing, and consolidating. Of price and then, we should see a general, rise and. What this is telling us now is that stellar, lumens is, moving. At. A very, rapid. Pace from. Those bottoming, conditions, that is really reflected. Pretty. Well. On. Our. Church. Xlm. Where are you at there, we are. So. We can see that over the you. Know ever since last. Last. Week. We. Have seen the broader crypto. Market really, take it on the nose but Stella. Loomis has remained fairly flat, to trending, higher and that is reflected, very very well in the relative rotation graph, where we see it actually, moving. From these lows and trading, higher if we look over here we see strat, dollar, the, stret stretch. US dollar and that is way way, way way way over here that is the biggest outlier, next, to aetherium classic, where, we see this guy sitting over here very, similar. Situation, to stellar lumens if we were to look at that chart I would imagine that we would see, some. Upwards. Momentum. Over the last couple, days at least or maybe just one day, could. Be totally around let's take a look that is the strat. USD. Nope. Total, opposite. However. It's, down move excuse. Me what. This is telling us is that the move down that strat has had is is it's, still, outperforming. Its. Peers it that it has not lost a, lot. Compared, to everything else because if we take a peek up here. We. Look at Bitcoin. Cash. Litecoin ripple. Aetherium. Notice, how that's pointing, these, are all, pointing. Heavily, to the downside. And. That is telling us that they re, there they're coming off of those improving, conditions and, they're sliding, back down into lagging, which means that they are getting into buying conditions, again and. Then aetherium classic obviously, has, had such a dramatic rise in the past that it's the, the the, equation.

Used To. Smooth. These, patterns, out is having some difficulty, catching up that's. One thing about the relative rotation graphs is that it's. Encrypted. Because. There are such a massive, percent, of drives one, way or the other, and. Because the relative rotation graph, smoothes, the performance, so much. It. The, the rrg, gives you a really. Good. Example, of. Current. Conditions, while filtering, out a lot of that those, random aberrations, and those movements, but. At the same time from. A trading perspective, it. You. Would want to see those. Those random. Moves. That. Are those. Flash moves. But. Looking, here right now, the. Only one, well actually the only the. Only two on the truck that's still are showing that these would be good opportunities. To look at would be. We'd. Be looking at. Z. Cash, stellar. Lumens still and. Strat. Stratos. The. Real. Laggard, out of this entire chart, right now is iota if. We look at that chart that's enough to make somebody cry a few or an iota bull that is a a. Chart. That. They. Have an iota, Turkish. Lira, pair not. If you all have been paying attention to Korean workers but the Turkish Liras like down. Over, 50% in, a week against, the dollar. Oh. Yoda. There. We go oh. Yeah. That is a that. Is they drive down man. We. May breach. Well. We're certainly we're. Certainly at yearly yearly, lows in. Iota. But. Iota according. To the RR g is the. One that may give us the first major. Pump, and drive higher from. These zones so things. To look at I mean cryptos. In. In. On. A Monday or a lot like 4x on a Monday or futures, on a Monday, equities on a Monday you, just. Kind of want to see what they're doing near, the end of the day and say. If you're a u.s. customer, the end of the day we're talking about the, 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Standard Time is where you want to look, at what kryptos are doing. If. You, see. That, there are that, there's a flattening of price at these new lows there's, a good risk. To reward for some Long's because, we've, got just, we were we, didn't go over time cycle as much today we, really don't need to because. It's a Monday but, those. Time cycles, they have all kind of came to a culmination, they are they are done and so, we have a lot of those time, cycles, telling us that we are transitioning, into that bullish market we've actually had that happen ever since July, and, we've, just had a very extended. Price. Action, move, that has not caught, up with time so yeah. We'll just have to keep. Our eyes on this be a shorter session today let's. Keep. Our eyes open. Keep. Your eyes on the things, that, are a. Lot. That have lost significant, value in fact I really. Like, to. See the ones that have lost the most value over the weekend trading view there's. A crypto screener and. If. We want to look at the performance, I like to look at the weekly performance and. Anything. That is. Only. BTC, pairs. Anything.

That Is greater, than. You. Know 12%. But. Has good volume is something that I would. Be looking at. Participating. In because it has a high. Mooove. Possibility. So bitcoin dollar of course, is. Down. Fourteen. Point two two percent week over week. The. Only other one in here that I see, like V maybe V actually has some good volume I think that's only on bit Rick's though, Ripple. And. The. Reason I'm saying compare, them to Bitcoin because, what that's telling us is that not only would, it be, underperforming. Against. This dollar equivalent but it's underperforming. Against the the. Most. Important, crypto and, consequently. This. Is also a sign of a reversal. Coming is that Bitcoin. Now. Represents. 50%. Of the entire value of the cryptocurrency, market. That. Has not happened since, prior to the 2017. Pump and so. When. Bitcoin, equals. A greater percent of the market share, think. Of that as a flight to safety and crypto currencies think of that as think. Of Bitcoin, like. The. US dollar or gold. It's. A flight to security, and, so. What that means is that the speculative, markets, are very. Very much over done and that, there should be a, planning. And a flattening of prices, which we've seen happen for the last three months the prices have realistic. For Bitcoin have we've, been trading in a range. Well. We should get a return to speculative. Markets and risk, where. We see bitcoins, market, share decrease. Because there's. More money going into. Growth. And speculative and value. Plays, in crypto. So that's that's. What, we're seeing is the end to a lot of these these moves here. Capital. Is fleeing. The, speculative, markets going, back into Bitcoin, because, it's. All. The money is waiting. To go into, new. Speculative, markets maybe current existing ones but certainly we're gonna see a rotation, into some other areas. So, pay. Attention to that, anyways. I hope you all had a great weekend. Hope it was a safe, weekend, for. X lynZ folks, I'll see you in the morning at, 7:30. Central, Standard Time and. For the rest of you if I don't see you in the morning I will see you tomorrow afternoon one o'clock Thanks don't forget to Like and subscribe and, I will see you tomorrow bye bye.

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