WHEN THEY DOUBT YOU | Best Motivational Video 2019 (EYE OPENING SPEECH)

WHEN THEY DOUBT YOU | Best Motivational Video 2019 (EYE OPENING SPEECH)

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In the, beginning they, will criticize you they'll. Judge you they'll. Say you need more work/life, balance, they'll. Say it's too risky they'll. Say it can't be done, they'll. Say you can't see clearly. But. They can't. See your. Vision, they. Can't see your vision they. Don't know your heart they. Will never understand, how much it means to you. Work. Hard and stay focused, on that meaning, stay. Focused, on your mission. Believe. In yourself, and lead, with integrity in, the. End they'll, ask how you did it and when. They do you'll, be able to guide them to a higher, level, you'll. Be the example the example, of perseverance. The. Example, of believing. In yourself. The, example, of never losing sight of your vision the example. Of blocking, out all the noise and, remaining. Dedicated. To your dream, your. Purpose, I, always. Felt, like, I needed other people, to believe in me but it wasn't until I started. Believing in, that I started going places when. I started to back myself. Other, people, started to back me when. I realized my worse others. Saw my worse, now. I know I don't need others to do anything or achieve, anything in my life, it's great to have support but it's better to have belief, in yourself, it's. Great to have support but, it's better to have mental, strength. It's. Great to have people in your corner but it's better to be able to fight, but, life is you cornered. I am, ready for anything, any, challenge, life has in store and I will always back, myself. If you don't believe in you who is going to if, you don't back you who's. Going to and if, you don't believe it's going to work out guess, what it. Won't if you, even have a speck of doubt in your mind it, will hold you back from reaching your goals it. Will hold you back from your true potential, it. Will hold you back from giving it your all and because. Of that you'll. Never know how great, you could have been, you. Can develop that belief you, develop, it by doing by. Taking actions, and yes. You will fail but, each time you get back up you, take one more step forward and, that, step you take forward is another step, in belief, keep, climbing, and growing that belief until you reach the place where there's no doubt. Only. You know how far you will go in life because. Only you know how much you are willing to give up in order to claim the prizes life has to offer life, has those prizes, waiting. For you you, can be the champion of your own life you, will win. When, you back yourself, when. You bet on yourself when. You go all-in, on your dream, when. You stop holding back and. Go, all, out. You. Must know at the very least that, you are capable of anything. Others, before you have done it so. Logically, it is possible. You, just have to believe, Trust, have. Faith and be, willing to do whatever it, takes to get there. You, have to back yourself. Nothing. Else will pay better the, only way to win big in life is, to bet on, yourself, if, you're not willing to back you no. One will believe. You, are capable, because. Guess what you. Are you. Are more than capable you, just need to back yourself and take, consistent, edge. Find. That squawk you need and turn it into a flame turn. The flame into an inferno of passion, and let that passion drive you to greatness. Listen. Some, successful, people aren't this, they. Just believe in themselves they, back themselves, and they are willing to work for what they want, you. Don't need the fancy college, degree, you. Don't need the wealthy parents. You. Need belief. You. Can make up for lack of education, with belief in hard work. Everything. Will fall into place. Trust. It will. Trust, yourself, and it will. Light, has prizes. Waiting, for you you, can be the champion, of your own life you. Will win in life when, you back, yourself when. You bet on yourself, when you go all-in on your train when, you stop holding, back and go, all, out. Human. Beings, absolutely. Follow through on who they believe they are if. You say said to me well I'm, really gonna work hard to stop smoking, but. You know I've been a smoker my whole life and I'm you know I am a smoker I know. Your days are numbered you're gonna be back smoking cigarettes again because we, all act consistent, with who we believe we are, I tell.

People The strongest force, in the, whole human personality. Is this need to stay consistent with, how we define ourselves, if. You define yourself as somebody who is really conservative, you're. Not gonna be crazy and act nuts unless you're really drunk or something and then you can say it's the alcohol when. It really does you finally. Getting permission to be yourself the alcohol is your excuse if you're. A really crazy person, you act crazy outrageous, playful. You don't have conservative. Because that's not who you are fern. Often people say well I can't, do that I'm not that kind of person and I always say to people really when. Did you define yourself I mean. Really how many years ago did you come up with what you could and couldn't do in your life I'd. Only years ago most. People if they really look at how to living their life today it's based on a set of standards, a set of beliefs that, they made choices about 10, 20 30 or more years ago I mean. Very often we made decisions in our youth or very young about what to believe about what we were capable of about who, we are as a person and that becomes, the, glass ceiling if you will that controls, us there's. A corny. Metaphor but it's true I remember one time I was with my family at the circus and there's, a person there and they had this big giant elephant, you look at this elephant and they take this little rope, put it around the health and snack and they drive the stake into the ground and I, mean you look at this you know that elephant could rip down the entire tent, with almost no effort and, yet the elephant doesn't struggle doesn't try why because the elephant's conditioned, and they, take that elephant, conditioned the elephant when it's a baby elephant that's how they train them when, it's a little baby elephant and it doesn't have a power yet they put a big rope around it and they drive, this huge stake in the ground and the elephant fights and fights and bites and one, day finally that often decides I'm, not capable pulling, this out and, once that becomes the definition, of an identity of anyone. An elephant, in this case they. Even try anymore it's just who I am that's how it is that's, just the way it is in my life I'd. Like to ask you to take, a look at any place you've got a limitation, ask yourself, when did I decide to accept that limitation and. You may not even see it as a limitation you might see there just that's who I am but. So, often in our lives we've adapted to, be, a certain, way so that we don't fail or so that people will like us or respect us but it's not necessarily, who we are joy. Comes, when you're spontaneous. It's, really hard to be truly, happy when, you're not being yourself and most, of us have no clue who we are and so a big part of my work if you've ever been to an event you know is to get people and do things spontaneously, without thinking, because that's when the real you shows up that's when the energy comes alive and when, you do that when you start to connect your true nature suddenly. There's energy available, for you to set a higher standard for what you want in your life that's. What this is really all about and, when, I talk about standards, when I talk about you know shoulds versus must think, about your own life I know, there, have been areas in your life where some. Point in time you just shift it and you raise the standard in your life changed, because, whatever. People, have their. Identity, attached to they. Live we. Live who we believe we are that's just how it works it's just kind of like I give.

An Example look. At your physical body your, physical body today is an, absolute, reflection of only one thing not your goals not. Your desires but. Your standards the. Identity, you have for yourself if your, standard, is you're an athlete, then. There's, a certain amount of strength a muscle tone and energy, that's available in your body on a regular basis, because that's who you are and, so you do whatever is necessary to maintain that identity, again. The strongest, force and the human personalities this need to stay consistent, with how we define ourselves because. If you. Don't know who you are you would not act once. You lock in on that identity your brain finds a way to keep you there and you, say you, and, I'm, overweight I've always been overweight I'm big-boned and, that's, the story you've got and you're. Gonna always find a way to get back there that's you're settling, point that's, your identity that's, where things lock in if. You see somebody who's a really great shape you ask him do you work out you know the answer yes how often and they'll tell you three times four times five times a week whatever into seven our last people who here works out at least five days a week and I'm stand-up and you, look around that room and you, know that, they work out five times a week as you can see their body you don't just get a result, without some kind of action, without some form of ritual ritual, meaning, actions, you do consistently. Now. Do you think here those people that are out there working out five days a week do. They have more time than you do or. I have for anybody else of, course not is that, a wife less busy of course not it's just a must for them they must work out that way and they've made that turn their life changed, so, I'm not saying you have to work out five days a week I'm, just saying whatever you really want. Once. Don't get met consistently. Standards. Do whatever. You identify, this is Who I am and so it's not so much about changing. Your identity as, this expanding. It you. Know deciding. That you know instead, of your goals to lose 10, pounds which. Is not compelling, what if your vision was to get back to my fighting weight you. Know just this year this month this next 90 days I'm, gonna transform, my body I'm gonna take on a new challenge I'm gonna find some technique, or strategy there's a million of them that, can reframe, myself or I'm gonna feel younger stronger more vibrant than ever before here's, my reasons, because I want the energy to really make my life work because, it's tough out there and I want to be stronger than I've ever been before I want to go in front of the mirror if I'm naked not you know wanna laugh I won't look there and take a good look and go yeah, I'm.

Proud Of whatever I see there whatever. It takes something's gonna make you laugh smile, something, that's gonna tease yourself but something's gonna move you to another level, if you identify yourself. In a new way and you, own that every day and that, becomes the staredown you live you'll find the way to make that standard, real money. Is the same way I think about it doesn't matter what's happening, quote-unquote, in the marketplace, people. That make money find, a way to make money no matter what don't they I mean. Most. People standard. To pay their bills so. That's what most people find a way to do even when economic, times get tough most, people if that's their absolute, standard they find a way some. People's standard. Is pay their bills and most of the time and. So most the time they do some. People standard is not just to pay their bills but to take care of their family and maybe even some of their friends, and. They find a way in, fact you might have some people may be, in a family where they don't have enough money to barely have money to pay their bills they. Work through guts out and then, somebody their mother their father or somebody else their sister gets ill and there's. Not enough money to take care of it nobody else has money and family they don't either but they find a way to get that money to take care of their mother or father don't they and, they their bells they. Never could do it before why the, situation, made them raise their own standard, and not everybody does that somebody else in the family might have money and still don't take care of their mother, it. All comes down to the inner game my friends changing. Your life is a change in the inner game the. Outside, world you can't control but you have an absolute, control over this one if you learn that dynamics, of what shapes you and identity. Is one of those simple, clear. Fundamental. Basics, that if you start. To shift it everything else will shift in your life as well some. People by the way have to have more than enough money to do what they want when they want where they want with whomever they want contribute. The way they want if. That's there must they find a way I know, that sounds overly simplistic, but. It's true now. Somebody once said you could take all the money in the world out, of the hands of everybody out of all the wealthy people in the world who are really successful give. It to other people it wouldn't take too long those people have it back in their hands it's not because they're manipular that's because they have a standard some are manipular don't get me wrong but they've got a standard of what they're gonna find a way to make happen I'm just simply saying to you take, those three magic words and live them raise your, standard.

If. You really want to do it then. I'll tell you the most important secret have. You ever done this have, you ever told yourself you're raising your standard okay I'm gonna go make this happen I'm gonna go make this much money I'm gonna transform. My kids I'm gonna create, the ultimate, relationship of my life I'm gonna transform my body whatever it is and. Then. You don't have strong enough reasons and you don't lose use it you don't follow through it's because you. Didn't back up your standards, with what makes those standards, real and that's rituals. Rituals. Over the power is whenever. We do our robbins results coaching and we sit robbins equals results late, we get results with people it's. The same way if you listen to my. Ultimate, edge program are back in the old days personal, power or, if you went to one of my seminars you know what i do is i take these huge challenges, you got and we break them down into little bite-sized, steps. Little. Things you do each day that. After you do them you get so much momentum that, it's easy to succeed you're not overwhelmed you, have these victory, day after day after day on little things if you'd. Went to ultimate edge i'm sure you learned about the hour of power or the fifteen minutes to be able to be fulfilled or thirty minutes to thrive where you literally just condition, your body and emotion, with a couple little rituals so. It doesn't matter what's going on in your world you feel that strength and it's not fake it's not some pump up it's coming from inside you and it works. Rituals. Define, us see. All. The results in your life are coming from your rituals they. Start with a standard, and then have rituals that follow it up like for example if you are where you want to be physically, you. Have very different rituals than if you're not where you want to be physically if you're overweight you. And i both know you got a different ritual than if you're physically fit completely. Different you, get up in the morning what's the first thing you do if, you're fit your, shoes are there you roll over the. Minute how you feel you put on your shoes you lacing you start walking or whatever that ritual is if, you're, overweight you roll over and you have a very different ritual you, might roll over several times to turn the alarm clock off you. Go in and get your mocha mocha whatever you know special. Coffees stop by at starbucks or over the case maybe you have your nice sugar muffin you. Know it's supposed to be really nice for you whatever you do it's, a different ritual if.

You Have a great, passionate, relationship, you. Have very different rituals and how you come home than if you have a lousy relationship, you. Come home and the first thing you do is you're tweeting somebody, or you're emailing or, flipping. On the news or you don't even come home and. What are the rituals whenever. I studied people that are successful well I look for is what's the standard they hold himself to and then, what are all those little rituals, that up because think, about it success. And failure are not giant, events. They don't just show up you'll. Just suddenly become successful, or suddenly have this cataclysmic, event that makes you fail they look that way but. Failure comes from all the little things, its. Failure, to make the call its. Failure, to check the books, its. Failure to say I'm sorry, its. Failure, to push yourself to do things physically that you don't want to do and. All those little failures, day after day come, together until one day some Cataclysm event happens you blame Matt that event happened because you missed all the little stuff do. You agree with me and success. By the way is not, some overnight event it's all these little things success. Is having a vision success. Is making it compelling success, is really. Seeing it feeling it every day was strong enough for reasons success, is, feeling. The sense that I'm here to grow and I'm here to give to something to the world more than just myself. Success. Is caring. About other people success, is calling and saying I love you in the middle of the day for no damn reason or. Sending, a note that will change your relationship, have a ritual, of something, funny playful, or a surprise, you do how many relationships are, dead today because they have no surprise rituals, anymore, you. Need to have some rituals and cool things you do that nobody else does that gives you a better life than anybody, else has all, the, little stuff that's. Where success comes from in business. It comes from delivering. More than anybody could imagine all, those little things add up people go wow that's. Who I want to do business with it's. True in any area of your life so. If, you look at somebody's really successful, you think wow I mean they're so amazing there's such a genius you kind of dig underneath you got to remember something people. Are rewarded in, public, for, what they've practiced, for years in private. Myself. And my business people say how are you get up and speaking of nono-chan you go for three days and nights and the room is like he's wired it's incredible, it's like a rock concert how. Do you do that how do you get that confidence home and, you know it's not confidence, it's experience, now but.

I Did so much behind the scenes and I still do to make things right I mean. How, many people would know that since the time I was 17 years old before, I walk on him stage still do to this day wouldn't need to do it but I still do it I never walk out there without being in an absolute. Peak state of mind you. Know there are days my back is hurting my throat was hurting or I may have a challenger. My, father passed away and I still got to deliver for these people because my standard, is give, my all every time everything has to be better talk, to anybody has been to our events for 5-10 years some, of our trainers and. Was a I don't know he does it he's always finds a way to make it better that's not an ego thing that's a standard, in me I have. To find the way and my, ritual, though is I prepare. I think, I gather new information I figure out how to put something across better what do people need I spend time with our customers, I see, what's going on and before I get on stage each time I have this little ritual to. Put myself in a state of mind and I did it starting, like seventeen years old I started doing it say I now command my subconscious, mind and I say this out loud several. Times this little phrase set of phrases as an, incantation, to, kind of conditioned my mind and body and that's an now command, my subconscious mind to direct me and helping as many people as possible today, by giving me the strength and the emotion, and the humor and the brevity whatever it takes to. Show this person and help this person change their life now and. I started that with a person when I work with people one-on-one I will do that for 45 minutes driving in my Volkswagen to, go serve and coach somebody for the first time now. I don't say that person I say these people and. I can go out in the room of 10,000, people and deliver, for 50 hours and I do it every time I come back onstage it's a ritual a ritual to go into Peaks pain peak states don't just show up Italy interrupt you great. Ideas don't interrupt you got to pursue them I talked. To Michael Jordan I'll never forget dad the peak of his career and got, to watch his final games saw, him backstage and spent some time with him and there's. Pretty exciting time he was greatest basketball player and I think that ever lived and hazard a lift and I. Asked him I said you know what sets you apart Michael. You, know what is it and is. It god-given, talent ability skill what is it you should tell me you know he, said I can shoot you straight you know it's not you, know me trying to act humble, he, goes I have a lot of talent a lot of god-given talent lot of skill I've worked really hard but he said really it's. My standards, he. Said every day I demand, more for myself than anybody, else could humanly expect. I'm, not competing with somebody else I'm competing with why I'm capable of. Hmm. Magic, formula because. Most, of us lower our standards, why, because. Who you spend time with my friends is who you become, one. Of the biggest reasons I started go to seminars when I was like 17 is I had nobody around me is a great role model I can read about somebody but being. Around people being in that environment was very different finding way to go to work with someone who lived that standard, of life was very different you. Get around people at low standards, and you. Compete with it you, don't need to compete with it it's like okay, I mean remember, Jerry Springer I don't he's still in the air but yeah I remember used to get people on the show my thought where would he find these people. Watch. They watch these people go my life still pretty darn good can hear that person look, at them you.

Don't Have to change your life all you have to do is find somebody with a lower standard you'll feel good about yourself, but. If you feel that good feeling it's an illusion, the. Only thing that's gonna make you happy my friend and this year or any other is, to. Step up it's. To raise the standard it's to discover what you're capable of and feel that, incredible. Power. Of pushing through whatever is holding you back and get, to the other side of more, of your true self that's. What this game is all about and look. At the best of the world than anything Tiger Woods what's what's his vision to win golf tournaments no. To be the best that ever lived. That's. His goal that's his vision but here's what's interesting he backs it up with rituals if you just have a vision and you don't have the rituals stop, lying to yourself his. Rituals, are he started doing things nobody did before he went started lifting weights golfers. Lifting weights no. Way he. Went out and he changed, his swing when, he was the best in the world because. He realized order to be the best that ever lived he's gonna have to change his swing if you don't thing about golf you don't change your swing when you're the best and. He went and retrained, himself, because, he has different rituals than other golfers now many people are modeling as rituals to get better it's. Amazing, you. Know you look at somebody like Michael, Phelps the 2008, swimmer won seven. You know only two people I think in history if I remember correctly that have, gotten seven, gold medals in one session. And here's. A guy he's got number six centers belton he's exhausted, and he's going in for that final swim I'm sure you remember and, how. Does the guy win by. One, hundredths. Of a second, do. You think that was some. Massive, skill that got him over the top or was. It a standard that says this is Who I am I, am. The champion and, no one is taking this from me and somehow in those finals, milliseconds. Hundredth of a second he pushed himself just, beyond his competitor. But. You know how about Michael Phelps would, allow them to be able to push beyond that moment is this rituals, go, steady the guy most. People who swim have, these unbelievable workouts. He. Does two, and three, of the workout, sessions, a day all. The other swimmers in the beginning thought he was insane you. Can over train you can't do that it's not physically possible but, he had a standard, and the rituals to back it up so. Here's, my final message to you because I've gotten carried away I was gonna send you like a five-minute message but you can see there's no script here it's just me go a little crazy with you but I want to really see you get what you want this year don't let this year be like last and, if last year was great still don't let it be that way raise the standard, if, your life is perfect and extraordinary you darn well know you're. Not gonna be happy unless you keep making it better that's. What makes us feel alive it's not what we got to make us happy it's Cooley become and what. We're able to give because we've become more that. Sense of contribution is what creates the deepest meaning so. Here's. My assignment for if you want one if you want to go from conversation, to some action here's a simple thing to do what's, an area your life right now that you really want improve what's. An area that's important to improve to. Your body's great how, about your career if career is great how about your relationship, intimate. One especially or your kids or your. Relationship, with your Creator spiritual. Side of your life or, is it your finances. Figure. An area that really matters decide on that area number one write. Down what your life is like in that area right now as specifically, as possible so. You might say well I'm, thirteen. Point five pounds overweight you. Know whatever. The weight is whatever the situation is or my body fats like this or I'm wake up exhausted in the morning, and you write the truth of where you are right now so, you're real clear or I'm.

Not In a relationship I, say I want a relationship but I, I'm not in one I don't, seem to find them all the good ones seem to be gone is my belief you. Know and I really, do want one but I don't have it whatever your definition well I'm in a relationship and god I wish I wasn't in a relationship I'm. Planning, my escape wherever. You are or I have a wonderful, relationship we love each other but there just isn't enough passion. Just. Right the truth of where you are the area you want to change what right how it is and then. The second step is that's, where you gotta be really honest with yourself, what. Are the rituals that have put me there because. Whatever. Results, you're getting even if you don't like the results there's. Some rituals, that are keeping you in that place there's. Some rituals of what you eat or don't eat how you move or don't move how you sleep or don't sleep there's. Some rituals and the, lack of variety or spice or energy, or focus, in, an area there's. Something, you're doing and it's usually not one thing it's a bunch of little things they, kind of do consistently whenever you think about getting in a relationship whatever, you think about working out whenever you think about money and, get yourself in a state of overwhelm, you start thinking about all the things you can't control just. Write down all the rituals you have and then here's the third step what, do you want what's, your vision and be really specific I want to be my fighting way I want to be the strongest I've ever felt I want to be I'm gonna turn my act whatever it is be specific and, then. Last. Step number four what, are the rituals that'll get you there what would you need it differently each morning if you're going to be that, kind of energy that kind of strength how, would you have to often would you work out what days would you work out what time a ritual.

Something You do consistently, usually, at a specific time so becomes automatic, let. Me tell you something willpower, doesn't. Last, but, rituals can last a lifetime I bet, you have some rituals in your life right now you've been doing for years even. Though some of them don't serve you I'm. Just saying wake yourself up make. If you want a new year and a, new life you. Don't need to start in January first, start. Today start, with this little video and just. Begin to see what happens and see how easy it is to just do a few little rituals don't do them all just do two or three new things and, you know what happens you'll get momentum cuz, once you discipline yourself in one area life you. Feel yourself doing it other areas as well I always say something that my, original teacher taught me always remind people there's. Always two pains in life, is it the pain of discipline, or is, the pain of regret and. Discipline. Weighs ounces as my friend Jim Rohn taught me regret. Weighs tons you. Don't ever regret so, right, now what, do you want to change what's it really like one, of the rituals that got you there that will take a little homework if you're not sure ask the people around you they'll tell you what your rituals are what. Do I really want in depth where the rituals that'll get me there and then get yourself to start, a few of those actions, and lock them in place so. I can help you in any way we're here as a company to support you to come and have an event with us come to unleash the power within or master university or get, a coach you can get a free coaching session if you call our company and click on something, on this we'll probably have something on it or get a product or don't do anything with us but do something with somebody starting. With you if, you make the change in yourself you're gonna be proud this year and no. Amount of money or accolades, other people can mirror, the feeling of being proud of knowing you've taken back control of your life or you've taken a great life to another level because, once you do that you have something you can give other people whether it be your kids or your friends or your family and. Ultimate that's why it's about.

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When you get out of your comfortzone you will get doubted. If you haven’t been doubted in a while you’re going the wrong way!!

We need to prove every single doubter wrong!

Shouldn't it be "believes"?

Believes is when she he believes and beliefs is many beliefs if that makes sense

i like how the cover pic for the video is grammatically incorrect. WHEN NOBODY BELIEVE IN YOU


Don't just want something, commit to getting it! As Tony Robbins says, raise your standards

When they doubt me, I believe in me more

Please include Cristiano Ronaldo in videos as you were previously doing

+Alex Philip Obviously Juve, earlier I used to love Madrid. Cr7 Factor

Juve or Madrid?

Thank you I needed this.

You need God.


My Dream is So Big that my Heart can't tike , i believe if you want to achieve YOU well !! Thank You So Much great move

Never a turer word !!!!!

If you don't believe in you who else will?

I Love listen to this motivational videos at 4am

I farted

*The only doubting that we should care about, is self-doubt. It will come and visit you from time to time, especially if your are following your purpose, your dreams. “Am I good enough? Can I pull this off? Is this going to succeed?” When those feelings overtake you, remember, you are about to grow. So push even harder and you will come out from the other side wiser and as a true winner.*

This happened to me last week I came out from the other side and I am much stronger


the best revenge of whosoever has laugh at you is your success.

You know you have reached next level fuel when that revenge thought process has become nonexistent and your fuel is pure passion ~


Never underestimate your power to change yourself.

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Yeah first they will laugh at you and then they will say I was aware you will do it. When I started with making money online everybody was laughing at me now they told me I was aware you will do it.

Haha, so true. Same here

Go ahead we are with you

Keep it up

Work Smart and subscribe me

When they doubt you, use that as the fuel to move forward and achieve your goals. I did it and anyone can do it

very true. For the past year of coaching cases that I have handled, when the rest of them doubt you, you have to believe in yourself. That is the way to move forward.

Amen glory to God

Life is about getting the job done!!!!!!! Some people have more support than others but they didnt make it. Some people have no support but they make it. The difference between the people who made it and who didnt people who made it knows how to get the job done. It doesnt matter how many people support or reject you just get the job done.

Am i the only one who watched motivational videos then continue normally on my day without anything changes

Everybody's a skeptic until you turn them into a believer. Even back with Thomas Edison with the light bulb. Go hard after what you believe in. Forget the naysayers. Walk it like you talk it. The only boundary on your potential success is the one you created and put their in your mind

Don’t let others bring you down and if they get in your way push them back cos you can do it!

The chick ruined the video in my opinion

This is such a great video, thanks for putting this together and sharing. It can really be life changing the things that are talked about.

Gesù Cristo thank you

Shadea I’ve just subbed, come on, you will be there soon!

Subscribe me i will back

Watch this Amazing Motivational Video >> https://youtu.be/GDQYCJLYsZ0 Please, Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe the Channel


These videos is my daily motivational

Um. No. You can't make up for lack of education with just belief and hard work.

We were Not CREATED as We Have Always EXISTED Since BEGINNING-LESS TIME...!!! Awake... and YOU Shall AWAKEN...

The Buddha absolutely rejected the caste system, as the Buddha said well over 2,500 years ago, "All beings are born equal, No one is born higher than anyone else!" Buddha was also born into Royalty, as a Prince, and he could have been a Maharajah or Great King one day if he wanted too as well, but he Also rejected this as well too! Buddha said, well over 2,500 years ago, "All beings value their lives, All beings tremble when faced with death, therefore Never hurt, harm or kill any living being!" This is the Great practice of Ahimsa or Non harm to others! The Buddha said, "Any Brahmana who hurts, harms or kills another, is Not a True Sadhu or holy one, you are Not a True Brahmana or Sadhu or holy one, if you hurt, harm or kill another!" "The Buddha said, "The True Religion is love!" The Buddha said, "Go forth my Bikkhus-Buddhist Monks, and teach and spread love and compassion in every direction all over the Whole World, for the good, happiness and Welfare of the Whole World, this my Bikkhus you should do!" The Buddha said, "Give your clothes to those who do not have any clothes, your food to the hungry, and build shelters for those who do not have any homes!" The Buddha said, "Social Work and the helping of others is the highest good karma that anyone can do in their lives, the helping of others is the highest good that one can do in their lives and the highest good karma that anyone can do, is the helping of others!" The Buddha said, "No matter how much someone hurts you, Never hurt them back!" The Buddha said, "Two wrongs do not make a right!" Most Ancient Greeks after conquering India became Buddhist Monks or Bikkhus and they spread Buddhism All along the Silk Road in all Directions, including All of the Middle East, Greece, Europe, Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan and Many other Ancient Countries and Ancient Lands! The Ancient Greeks built statues of the Buddha in the Ancient World, well over 2,000 years ago in Afghanistan, they were built there by Ancient Greek Kings! Ancient Greek Culture, Religion and Western Civilisation is Built, Established and Founded on Ancient Buddhism, and that is a TRUE FACT, which has been so Deceitfully and Dishonestly hidden from the World!

Life is like a wave, we rise and we fall, or like a dark cave, when we hit a wall. Whether normal like a fish, or different like a shark, we all have the wish, to make a big mark. We exist in this ocean, together we are one, we all feel emotion, and live under the sun. Distance can be great, but we share the same water, it's never too late, to meet that sea otter.

I've lost control of my life recently. I used to be the utmost motivator, I used to believe in myself so much, in everyone else as well, and now I am back in a rut. Funny thing is, I've already awakened before, I've already experience genuine bliss and rebirth, yet here I am, unconscious in suffering once again, hoping time will heal me.

uhm the fuck you can.... lmao read ur comment again and tell me what it means

Am going to be a boxer it might not seem it now but l will get there and those who dout me go ahead


Truly life begins outside your comfort zone

The first step to change your life Is believe in you Only you

You really live up to the name

These videos won't do anything for you. The most successful people didn't get to the top by watching videos. Mostly it's because they were in the right place at the right time. We never here from those who worked hard but didn't make it; that's called survivorship bias.

i’m watching this video for the pacer test tomorrow.

Thanks for this I feel very confident

This is so good

What he is saying is true . If you don't believe in yourself you won't succeed . I strongly disagree to what you say . Being on top does not take not being , or believing in yourself , try it don't believe in yourself and let's see if you will succeed

Motivational Video (Must Watch) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3URxaisrBeQ


If you born poor is not your fault But if you die poor it's your fault -Bill Gates

https://youtu.be/IXqytT8ZOlY Thankx me later

*i can do this, I can loose weight, I can love myself.*

You may be motivated and inspired to watch in my channel the new video with the title WORRY.

*U can do it. U must do it. Never give up*

If you're born poor it's not your fault But if you die poor it's your fault -Bill Gates Thanks for likes

Very motivational

I have the courage to tell my crush I like them

I totally believe that our Almighty God Jehovah his one and only son Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty Holy Spirit will make me a Great famous international singer in future. I totally believe that. Amen. I ask my prayer in Jesus Christ's name. Amen and Amen

+Alfe Corona can't express how much I appreciate that. I have been taking steps to better my situation and allow for change to settle in. You speak words of truth, they're just hard to follow when you feel so defeated and lack the soul energy to push through, but you're right.

You must NOT believe your thoughts. You must take ACTION and feelings will follow. Do NOT wait to feel good to do something. Take the first step toward your achievement. And then the next, and the next, and the next... And then you will have a snowball effect of action and you will remember this message right here. Remember, you are NOT your thoughts. Everyone has negative thoughts. But what counts is what we DO.

That is totally True bro.

Wow! this video is indeed great! thanks for posting this. I was also able to find a similar video for 2019, check it out on channel. thanks https://youtu.be/jJxElNciX1k

Never worry about what others say think, do , or have. Just focus on your goal. Focusing on others will only keep you further from your dream. What’s for you is for you! Now go after it with all you have .

You must NOT believe your thoughts. You must take ACTION and feelings will follow. Do NOT wait to feel good to do something. Take the first step toward your achievement. And then the next, and the next, and the next... And then you will have a snowball effect of action and you will remember this message right here. Remember, you are NOT your thoughts. Everyone has negative thoughts. But what counts is what we DO!!


+Zannesu Do not give up on yourself. That is what the enemy wants! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are here with a purpose! Get away from anyone who is negative or from those who say negative things from you. You have more potential than you think. Remember, one step at a time towards your achievement. Every day take 15-30 minutes for you. This time use it to either pray, meditate, exercise, visualize on your success. Picture yourself successful! Create a cartoon movie in your head if that helps where you are winning! You have to believe in yourself!!!


I do or I die

This made me cry

+Unknown Error Yea !!

+Kay van den Berg YEA !!

I got academically dismissed from college in 2013 , I lost the approval of my parents which made myself felt bad , i felt dumb even my professors said I should switch my major. My mom said talk shit to me while I was home and advising my lil sister about going to high school next the following Year. I told my parents I have to go back to school in 2016 after my suspension she wanted me to switch majors but I said no ,I can get my chemistry degree .then finally in 2018 I graduate in my BS in chemistry and I told my professors I wanna go to medical school each and everyone of them jumped out of there seats and said I will write you a letter of recommendation now I have to study for my mcat test . What made getting this degree challenging was that I had to work hard studying and working for money While talking care my lil son

Standards are pretty high over here... Not hard if "Just Do It" so to speak....

Let people doubt you. But you won’t push yourself down to your knees..Because the biggest Winnie in life is yourself! Do whatever you can to reach your goals you will fail and you can’t be scared to because that is good we all fail when we try are best because that what’s motivates us more to do better you learn

Why did I cry on this video?

They, are you. Think about it. You are they. Think about it

Watch this Amazing Motivational Video https://youtu.be/oQ1xXdd9mOI Please, Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe the Channel


+Chin Leong Toh https://youtu.be/oQ1xXdd9mOI

+Alex Philip https://youtu.be/oQ1xXdd9mOI

A AA don’t worry I did to



I loved this words it fills my soul

I am capable of anything

If yo can do it, then help me get my YouTube channel more views and subscribe

Be Motivated yes, but yo channel says you can’t do it.

Marilyn Moore Godbless

Amen!! 100%


The biggest enemy is yourself. Everyone says they see so much potential in me. Every person I had a relationship with failed because I failed to be better because I didn’t see myself being better and that I was and will be a nobody. But I am changing that and I am now making a better future for myself

Thank you for the creator of this video. It helps me to believe in myself more,that i can do it,I can achieve it

I’m a soccer player this helped me push through the struggles I’m not gonna say that I’m gonna be the next Ronaldo or Messi I’m gonna be the first Josiah marble

My goal is to inspire as many people as I can. Don't know how but it feels good so I have. If you care to follow me I'm at @ricobloom_ on Instagram.

Someone who cares more about money than others well being

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Replace the habits that make you unhappy with more positive practices, and you will learn to enjoy life, be happier, and healthier everyday. Walk, falter, get back up again, repeat. Getting up again makes all the difference. http://somedaytoday.in/why-so-many-of-us-are-unhappy-and-what-we-can-do-about-it/

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High standard & ritual are very powerful. I just wrote down 15 rituals I want to develop. Thank you for the video.

Powerfull vid, thank you!

When people left you because you were poor, they are the first to stand in line when you become rich!

Who unliked this that’s just sad..;(

If you dream without goals , that dream is not a dream, it's just dream that will come faster and it's gonna go faster "***"

One of the best video I've listened to.. even I feel down I like watching these videos to bust me up.. I believe in myself

Why 204 dislikes??

ihhh so need this right now! In year 3 of a psychology degree but failed a simple timed aptitude test at work. Working 50+ hours at work + studying...yup with the help of these videos I'm climbing toward my goal for a better future no matter how hard it is.

Hello @Law of Attraction Coaching, I wanted to let you know that I used this video clip in a blog post called "My Top Five Favorite Motivational YouTube Videos" on my site autumnbecomes.me . I hope this is okay. I expect that it will probably drive some people to your YouTube channel. It will be published on April 17th. Please let me know if this is not okay with you and I'll remove the clip. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

I listen to this 27-minute motivational speech That is all I need to start my day I will not accept limitations live for you, not for others raising your standards is A must J/S http://www.facebook.com/Levi.Baker.52329 for more motivation that reflects on you

+Neoklis Ioannou Please type in English


This helped me get goin..!!


18:55 - "I now command my subconscious mind, to direct me in helping as many people as possible today, by giving me strength and emotion, and the humor, and the brevity, whatever it takes to show this person and help this person change their life now."

well, rip Nikola Tesla I guess

You can’t run without legs you can’t grab without hands and you can’t do when you don’t have self esteem

I will get my CDL I have faith and I will conquer

I really needed this

A couple of years ago (I was 14 y.o.) boy I realised that I want to become famous, successful, be the support of my family. My family supported me and my thoughts. In 2018 I learned English (it is my second language) and came to Australia to get the best education to archive my goals and dreams. I just created a YouTube channel, where I am showing that if we believe and work hard, we can achieve amazing results! Please, have a look.

I think this video saved me from myself, thank you

I can do it

You must find away you cannot give to your haters start shirting and start believing that there is powers outside of you working for your good or your bad you attract how you talk, how you act, how you talk you attract who you are for more inspiration follow me here http://www.facebook.com/levi.baker.562329

Lol this man made a motivational movie of almost 30 min and you dont want him to make some money of it ?

Thank you

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up and the most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time, no matter how dark and impossible the path ahead may seem, just keep on pushing harder because that dark path will lead to an awesome and great destination.

Do it again. Rising infinitely. Everything is an oppurtunity. And if you win, you succeed. Missing your chance is your fate, Stay with your dream, until the date.

To everyone that said "no"

Definitely not.


2019 by

+Pedro Games good luck

I will always keep that in mind

Can I somehow download this speech like audio? I want to listen it sometime.

Keepthat fluke ass conor-aldo ko out of motivational videos

Ok I get it

Needed this as work long hours and am trying to obtain a Bachelors degree on top!!!! So hard sometimes to continue backing yourself!!

I am a capable student,but my father has a considerably lower income than my peers,my peers are going out in gud colleges to study and my father though sometimes almost has the same capacity in money as them,ain't sending me anywhere,he is afraid of investing in me,he does not considers me bez he is demotivated person himself,he everyday demotivates me,to a gr8 extent,says i just gotta be living,eating and dying here,when i ask him why he does that,he tells me he loves me and he doesn't wants me to go somewhere else else i would go corrupt and not luk after him,and that i am a spoilt child already for him to consider me.i am totally under him fianancially and can't do anything,he demotivates me everyday abt not studying ,we gotta small home so i can't even escape.though he could make me get into the best skl with the same money he didn't he put me in a dummy skl to let me not do anything.i feel so oblivious sometimes.all my peers live around me and ask me ques but i just stay silent when they say about the colleges and skls they are getting enrolled in guided so well by their parents and family and brthrs and elder successful sisters and when i tell them all they tell me is they ain't got money though they have equal salary and tell me to be happy and be with them and be a gud daughter.it sucks coz i am gud at studies and feel so helpless to do anything in real life,though i criticise but they just tell me to have a gud character and that i would not do anything bez i am a spoilt child. WHAT SHALL I DO

The designer of this video is my true inspiration :)

Phonie motivation .

The trust in yourself it count most and hardwork everyday

I'm to a player and in evrey match of begginig and It îs a big suportt when a listent thouse spech

And help people

I just want to be a football player

Ads in the middle of a motivational video really is the worst.

I finally got a job paying 14.45 an hour after bouncing around jobs my whole life.Its great pay for my area and I will see it through for the rest of my life.I BELIEVE I got this.

If you really want A different life if you want a different outcome when you do the same activeties Truly take A look at you on the inside mostly what makes up you . not what someone has told you what do you truly believe when you look at you in the mirror. How did you get to where are are what rituals got you to were you are and completely raise your stands not because. Some else did it, It is about you and what you want not other people. ~Levi Baker the ( Successdrivendad) follow me, like my post, or friend me see you there ..

Believe in yourself. Stay focused.. (L)

When you lose say nothing but yet when you win be the one to say less

But remeber to push your goals farther than your limit, be your own goal be the person you have dreamed of being. There is going to be a time in life when you say I can't go any farther or i dont think i can push out any more. That is being selfish to your own self knowing that you can push out a little more, you can go farther. Have the mental strength to keep going. Life will push you harder than any coach, any hard point in life. But it is your choice to dtand up to that hard point in life its your choice to being yourself to the point of saying you cant put a hold on my life you cant slow me down.

Thank you for sharing this video!

@Neoklis Ioannou Please type in English

@Pedro Games good luck

@Zannesu Do not give up on yourself. That is what the enemy wants! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are here with a purpose! Get away from anyone who is negative or from those who say negative things from you. You have more potential than you think. Remember, one step at a time towards your achievement. Every day take 15-30 minutes for you. This time use it to either pray, meditate, exercise, visualize on your success. Picture yourself successful! Create a cartoon movie in your head if that helps where you are winning! You have to believe in yourself!!!

@Alfe Corona can't express how much I appreciate that. I have been taking steps to better my situation and allow for change to settle in. You speak words of truth, they're just hard to follow when you feel so defeated and lack the soul energy to push through, but you're right.

@Unknown Error Yea !!

@Kay van den Berg YEA !!

I always listen to this every time before I work out, Before I train, before I play. BEFORE I GO ONE STEP CLOSER TO MY DREAM

I’ve been motivated to make my own YouTube channel, but I have been struggling lately and getting a lot of hate and I really want to grow I have quite YouTube for a long time. But recently I started to upload on my gaming channel and I have been going though a lot and I’m 14 and want to accomplish a dream of making a successful YouTube channel and I need your help to make it happen. Thank you guys for reading this, this video has really inspired me to make my channel recently I just hit 200 subscribers and I’m proud I’m striving to be a great content creator but I can’t really afford all the equipment to make my channel high quality. But I know out that there is some kids all around the world that can’t afford to even eat food. So I should be grateful that I even have a iPad to play games and make videos on YouTube. It will be awesome if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel I’m striving to be the best content creator I can. ✊

Amazing video!

Will no longer watch your videos cause you constantly have 5 minute purple adds. Extremely unnecessary

I have too enough money I have a foot I can run But I can not able to trust on me.

Tony Robbins is the best


If you're born poor it's not your fault But if you die poor it's your fault -Bill Gates

Money isn't everything!

Putting ads in your motivational video wow.

Dawgs Utah was here

I just came back from a Lineman they said I’m too small

My teacher say i am loser,i am liar and stupid.I get fall down and have broken.But i stand for myself.My success dont come from someone else either my teacher who yell at me or parents..My success come from myself.. 1 year after this,i will become a teacher.A teacher that will understand her student.Being a good teacher with respect from others. I am not a loser,its okay when my teacher doubt me say i m loser.Cause 1 day,she will regret it.I believe it.Maybe not today,tomorrow but one day it will become reality.I am waiting for that day

Fly,if you can't fly,run if you can't run,walk,if you can't walk,crawl,no matter what.make sure you keep on moving _Amos Muthemba

Yo random person reading this I believe in you prove em wrong all of them

(Dam) I just Want to(Know) (I) can(Do) anything I put my (Heart Mind Soul) to a (Great) life that’s it this (Fool) wasted my life on (B.S) ((No More)

If you copycat a billionaire you might not be a billionaire but you will be rich at the very least.

I too am an aspiring motivational speaker. I've been the motivator, the enforcer, the resource, the difference, the fighter for everyone. Now I fight for me.

I'll what others wont, to do what they cant.

The people who disliked are people who failed

@God Games good luck

Tom that’s not the point

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