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What You Don't Know About Me

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So this video is gonna be a lot different than most of my video this channel has grown so, fast so quickly in the last year I just wanted to kind of stop and say thank, you so in this video I'm gonna share a little bit more about myself answer, some of the questions that, you use the ass in the comments section just kind of like share my life how I got to Japan how, the YouTube channel started all the questions that you guys wanted, to know that I never really answered, in my previous videos this video may be a little bit boring because it's all about me I generally, focus on topics about Japan, but I guess this is for the people that are like generally, interested, in and want to know more about me so I'm making it for you guys this is kind of my way of saying thank you so much for being a part of this channel I kind of wanted to do this video outside I. Don't really like doing videos inside, plus I feel like it's a it's a better way to show you Tokyo. And show you Japan, when I'm outside as opposed to be inside yeah so this video is gonna be done all outside, but I do apologize, for the sound if it's just terrible and I apologize and I'm sweating because it still is really really hot in Tokyo, I'm actually in the yoga park it's actually one of my favorite parts in Tokyo, some of you might already know I live in Shibuya so it's just right, next door so why not do the video here. So. Let's start with this, so as of earlier this year I'm completely, full-time. On YouTube, meaning, that I quit my consulting, job I also closed down my other, company, which was kind of like an app business so, basically I'm, full-time creating, content on YouTube now it's been quite, the transition. But, I don't regret any of it at all in fact I don't do this channel all by myself some of you already know that my Co my wife almost, who does this channel with me most of the times you don't see here because she's behind the camera but she's very much part of this channel but it is a bit kind of scary that now this, channel is, our how, to say our main source. Of revenue our, main source of income and we kinda just need to figure out how we can produce content, for you guys as, well. As kind of like earn a living, and the thing is that Michael and I really. Love, making, videos we, love going to different places trying, out new food, and it's just kind of one of the passions that we've kind. Of grown into over the last few years basically, we just need to find a way to make, it so that we can continue doing, what we love and who knows you might be starting a family down, the road so it's, kind of a bit overwhelming, but also exciting, at the same time so one of the things we're thinking was, to introduce memberships. If you guys aren't familiar with, memberships it's kind of something new on YouTube, the reason this idea came about is, actually, from you guys a lot of you just want more access so one, of the things that we were thinking of doing is providing, those, people who sign up and support the channel with memberships, access, to behind-the-scenes footage, additional.

Information, On some of my secret spots and Tokyo live chats and just in general more access, that you wouldn't get normally, in my videos probably before this video releases or shortly after this video releases we'll have memberships, set up so for those of you who want to help support the channel then those are kind of the ways to do it but I should also say for those of you oh gosh, anyway. It's getting a little bit too windy here let's try to find a place that's less, windy and for those of you who aren't able to support the channel no, worries the channel still stay the same I released the same content, every, week it's just with those of you who want to help support the channel now, the option is available and. Look. There's a festival going on at the park today. So. This is a little bit better than, the park there's less, wind less, birds of squawking, and yeah feel a little bit more comfortable for some reason oh. There's. The wind I guess. We couldn't get rid of the wind and another thing I wanted to talk about the, channel of direction, since the channel is getting larger there's, more of you guys watching, these videos I kind of wanted to stay. A little bit more focused so probably moving forward you'll see a lot more Japan. Focused. Videos, for, you used to see techies. To see let's, go into Vietnam, the Philippines Thailand. I know this channel started off as, a Japan, vlog but it wasn't that popular. Unfortunately. And the. Construction, started to shoot I guess. We got to move on to the next spot I really. Like I really like this spot too. Anyways. So I've, actually sat, at this spot before does anyone know which video I was sitting in this exact spot so just continue where we left off, one of the ideas I've. Had is, I, kind, of want to start a second, channel, to be able to share with you guys kind, of the stuff that Michael, and I are doing, on a regular basis, maybe some of the trips we go on kind of outside, of Japan less, edited, less, curated, more, real more raw, just, kind of like us living, our daily lives and having kind of our regular. Adventures as opposed to kind of a curated. Very focused, topics, on this channel I think we're gonna kind of share, them over our lives and kind of like what we're doing and who knows maybe in the future when you have a little run around they'll, also be on the channel I don't really know the name of it it could be something like Tokyo, zebra or D, Guzman's from Tokyo. I don't. Really know maybe you guys can let me know what you guys think also I don't even know if there's actually. A real, interest, in people, wanting, to see that, channel so what I'll do is I'll leave a link in the description as well as the link to that channel in a pin comment so you guys can see it and if you do get enough subscribers then. We'll start another channel if not then maybe we won't create the channel it's just a really up to you guys if you want to see it let me know so one of the questions that, I often, get.

Is How. Did you get to Japan I actually came here as, an, exchange student I was going to school in LA, at. A school, called Pepperdine, University, and my, third year of university. I decided, to apply for the Japan, exchange, program, I just kind of had a fascination. Of, Japan, the culture and especially the technology, before coming to Japan I did a semester in Florence, and I kind of got this travel, bug and I decided that it was kind of a little bit too late because usually go overseas, your. Sophomore. Year or, your junior, year you can spend your senior year and graduate in the class I didn't actually do that I was kind of late decided to go and it was already my senior year so, I ended up not being able to walk with my class but, I did decide to apply for the exchange program and I was expected, expected, I was accepted. One thing that I remember though is right, before maybe, a couple months before I was supposed. To fly to Japan I was offered an internship for a, software. Company in, Santa. Monica which is which is in LA and at, that point I was kind of torn whether or not hey I should take this job and perhaps. Kind of develop, a career out of it or should kind of I risk it and go to Japan but I thought about it for some time and I just realized that I may never get a chance to seize Japan and if I did get to see Japan maybe later on in my career after. Maybe having a house a family and all of that it, just wouldn't be the same I wanted to experience a pan when I was young kind of have that full, experience. Of Japan, so I packed my bags and I headed to Japan man when I first arrived. In Japan I was, so, excited. Everything was so interesting, everything, was so new my whole world was kind of blown, away and I just fell in love with this place but at the same time I was pretty lost but that's kind of like the magic of everything is discovering, a whole new world here and when I make my videos today I try to remember me, back in that time how, confused, I was all the things that I wanted, to know all the things that I had questions about and so when I make those videos I'm kind of talking to myself, back, in the day hopefully I can help that guy out because he wasn't so so lost so luckily my university had, change program and their sister school was actually Sofia, University but. Just here in Tokyo which was really, really convenient, I even had a homestay, family, for the first year so it, made everything really really easy I didn't have to worry about rent, I didn't have to worry about board, it was kind of all included, all I had to like really worry about was. Just my, like, living expenses, I only had about two, to three thousand dollars if I remember correctly in my bank and that, was, kind of enough I didn't really have to worry about all the different costs I was going to school and that, was enough, for, me to be able to get by initially. Though I was able to find, an English, teaching, job. Just. Like a part-time job for a couple hours a week I would teach the kids of some family friends I think at the time I was making about. $30. An hour and so then someone asked me to teach a group of kids English after school I think was about to enough hours for one session once. A week they paid me like a hundred and twenty dollars then I picked up another job teaching, English I was working a few hours a week and I was making, $300. In pocket change and that was just kind of like enough for me to get by plus by 2 to 3 thousand dollars I had saved up for the first few months in Japan I didn't really worry about cash too much as far as language goes I. Kind. Of studied a little bit right before I came to Japan but, I mean I just like kind of news I'm here to Ghana maybe, handful. Of words but it wasn't until after I went to university, I started, learning a lot more and then using it here in Japan with the homestay, family, as well as friends and well, you'll learn with the second language is you just never stop learning so in general life, was pretty good hanging, out with friends discovering. New places making. Okay money for a college student at the time obviously I was on a student, visa I initially, got a 1-year visa but, as I, like started to like, Japan. More and more I decided that you know I'm gonna figure out a way to, kind of stay out here I think it, was a good idea for me to come here as a student first to kind of figure out whether or not I liked it and I started trying to figure out a more permanent way to stay, here in Tokyo, I started, by just looking, for. Jobs I think I looked in some magazines, at the time to see if there was any jobs available and if I could recall correctly, I interviewed, with two, jobs, the first job was a miserable fail the second job I actually ended, up getting first job was for, I think a magazine for, one like an Account Manager and I, went, in there and my new I was still in college hidden, so has never had like a real professional, job before, and in high school I work for Safeway bagging, groceries but, I never had a professional, career, I remember going in to.

That Interview. And I think one of the first questions they asked me is how, do I manage my schedule I, pretty, much told him I don't. Really have a schedule, to manage, I just go to classes, and I, hang, out with my friends, I think, they were probably expecting, me to like show them like the calendar system I use or something like that but. Obviously, I didn't have that those skills at the time so that, interview didn't goes so well but, the second, interview, I went into was, for an IT firm I was a computer science and business major, and so when I went into the interview I was able to answer basic. Questions about computers. How things work say just say I got the job with IT firm they hired me on as an, associate, engineer, it was more on the systems and infrastructure, side of IT, but. I I really really, liked it has a student, in, Japan you can work I believe, I, believe 20. Hours, a week so once I got this job then I quit all the English teaching job which actually worked out really well because after. My second, year of university. ID, firm just hired, me on full-time they, sponsored. My working visa here in Japan and I, worked for them for several years I started off as an associate, engineer went to engineer and then eventually became, a project, manager and during those several years I learned a lot about, Japanese. Business, culture, it wasn't uncommon, for me to work 10 to 12 hours a day I, worked a lot of weekends, but luckily, the company I was working for had kind of more of Western culture so I did get paid the, overtime for my work which was nice there's a lot of projects, going on at the time overall it was a great experience I busted, my ass. Learned a crapload. Then, after, several, years working as a project manager, ended, up leaving that company. And then I was hired on by a software, development company in the finance industry and I, did that job for a couple years I'm also making, more, friends picked, up snowboarding.

As Young I was in my 20s I had money, and a. Snow burning it became a huge part of my life I was doing it every. Weekend. Until I, had just. A major major. Snowboarding. Accident which, kind, of changed the whole direction of, my life here in Japan but let me tell you more about that, story I'm, defining a new spot because my. Butt's getting kind of sore. So. Where was I oh yeah. Major. Major, a snowboard. Injury, basically, I ended up at the Nagano, emergency. Room I broken-down, rig I broke my hip I had an aneurysm. I crushed my long and, just like a whole. Slew, of. Injuries. I spent about a month at Nagano ICU, yeah, so pretty much I almost died just, a lot of stuff that happened I ended up having to get open-heart, surgery, which. Then led. To me losing my voice for a year so I was in and out of the hospital for I would say. Over. A year it was a pretty, intense. Experience I, just I remember. When. I first got, into the, ICU, waking. Up and I was intubated they had like tubes inside of my lungs I couldn't speak to nurses, that were above me and I, really, just wanted, to talk. And, I couldn't at the time I was like still kind of shook, and. I wanted to write down, what. I wanted to say but I couldn't read any kanji, on like a board to tell them what I wanted to say but I think I just cried and, I think I passed out but like in hindsight, I, could have probably, just, written in English because I couldn't think of anything other time so it was just a very like frustrating, and intense. To say the least the fortunate, thing was, was, that all of that hospital, care was, covered, under my health care in Japan, so I was actually quite, lucky I didn't have to end up paying a lot in fact, I did an entire video on that it's called how much I paid for Japanese, health care link is in the description, as always I think overall, the experience was, kind, of a wake-up call for me kind of realize that life. Is I could, just be over just like that and somewhere. Between staying. At the hospital, and all. The long hours that I ever worked in Japan I think it was just time for me to, do. Something on my own and the. Snowboard accident just kind of like kind of forced, me out of that routine. I ended up quitting my job I started it on my own thing and I tried a few different businesses. I had some money saved. Up from all of the work that I had done for the last several years so I was like I was okay not having a job right away I was. Sitting. In the park in fact the park that we were at earlier I was, sitting in the park with a friend and we were just talking about her previous jobs and I told him how I liked when I first came to spend I taught English it'd be cool like kay we're kind of free right now how cool would that be if we could be in the park and someone. Was able to just find, us and have a lesson meet us in the park have a lesson for an hour and then we'd be on our way we don't have to like call them or organize it or like have it like a set schedule gotten, the ball rolling, and I was thinking hey that there might be an, idea, there I thought about it a little longer and I think that day I went home and I started actually, working, on, a way to solve that problem the, most important thing for me at the time was just to. Start and when I came up with was, basically, a gps-based. Matching. Platforms, for English teachers and students. Here, in Japan you can kind of say the app as a hybrid of Airbnb. And, uber, meets, English. Teachers and students, in Japan within, I, would say a, couple weeks. To, maybe within like a few weeks I had like the, plan all fleshed, out I was interviewing, developers. And I like devoted, all of my time to, trying to build this app because I thought you know how cool would that be again to just be at the park and someone to, contact you have a lesson and then be on your way he just messes them all, through your mobile device you can turn it on you can turn it off you can have it here and Tokyo then maybe if you went to Osaka, you can do lessons there so long story short I I did, I built an app it was called a chi whanau a Kiowa meaning, English, conversation. Here in Japan now being, like now you can have a lesson so a kimono. Made, sense at the time had, a small team in Tokyo, I was. Funding it all myself, and it, was just a crazy. Learning, experience all the stuff I had. Never, done before granted, I was in software development I was doing IT infrastructure. Project, management which is nothing, like building, your own software.

Building. Your own company, starting, your own company all this was a completely, brand new hiring, was new the finance, accounting marketing. Software. Development, all of it was new, to me but all the project management skills I had in the past I learned I was able to put it into this, new project I learned a lot I would make mistakes I learned from them and then I'd fix, it the next time around he just keep on making. Changes. Every. Time around and mind you this whole time I'm funding, all of this myself so, I was taking on 100%, of, the risk probably, not the smartest business, choice but again I wanted to do everything. On my own I didn't, want to have anyone owning, any part of my dream, tell the sauce how I saw and in order to for like fund this stuff I pretty, much cut, out a lot of the. Partying, hanging, out with friends expensive. Meals I pretty much, didn't. Spend any money and the only money that I spent was. To throw back into, this business because I mean it was that important, to me I wanted. More than anything for this to succeed and in order for me to do that I knew I had to sacrifice some. Of those things I love but I think one of the coolest, feelings in, the world was. Finally, getting it published shortly. After that was having someone. Actually use, it and book. A lesson and actually. Like a payment to go through that was kind of one of the most saddest. Moment some of the important things I learned from this whole software. Development. App, business, starting my own company, was. One software. Development, is endless, it just never stops - as, much money you spend on, building. The app you're gonna have to spend way, more in marketing I think three is more than anything you're, gonna need a lot of capital, to fund, this yeah so I needed more capital and in order to do that I needed to raise funds 100 percent on my own so I wanted to kind of raise the funds on my own I didn't want to get investors, at the time unfortunately, I got offered a private, consulting, job I paid quite well it was in the finance industry and, so, I took it now I was not only building my hub company, but I also was working in finance as a consultant.

At The same time which was okay because at, this time I just needed the developers, to develop it so basically. I would just take the. Money that I was earning from, the consulting, position and I was just move, it to, that business actually, around, this time just, right after I took on the consulting, position I met Michael my wife now we hit it off right away I told. Her what I did, and one of the things was she was completely, supportive. From, the beginning I remember I had to hand out flyers, at. The park she went in and, help me hand out flyers I wasn't paying her but she came, in and helped, me so I was like wow this is actually, pretty. Cool why I guess and what do you do when someone's that supportive, I hired her full time before. That she was working in the fashion industry, as. VMD. She was working for a top international brand she liked it but I don't think she liked a manager, and I said hey why, don't you come work for me and obviously, there's just there's a lot of risk in that but I think she saw my dream how passionate. I was she became a full-time marketer. For, a chi, whanau is this for like about a year or so and then one day we. Were just talking, about YouTube, and I said hey, why not let's start and so if you ever see my. First, video. I'm riding my skateboard. Michael is behind the camera which at the time was my iPhone, we didn't really think too much of it and we just started going the, first software we used was free software, on the Mac but I movie so all of it we started with no, money at all we just decided. To start and from there started uploading content that, we like and we would read the comments, at the time there was barely any comments, but, we would read those comments and then we just kind of make changes along the way and then the channel became. What. It is now based on like your comments, all the feedback the most important thing again was just to start we just worked really, really well together and at the time I was really into Casey nice dad I think what was so attractive, with Casey for, me was. That his videos were, so. Simple, it made. It look like anyone. Could, do it but then he started trying to do it it completely failed, and we weren't doing it nearly. As well in fact we're doing horribly, but, again. You learn along the way and to be honest with you guys I'm not very much of a camera, person, in fact again, in my first video like a super shy in front of the camera hey, it's, Paulo check, out my vlog over. Time it gets better and you, learn so now we're, doing the YouTube channel, but I'm also doing the private consulting, and we're, also doing the, a car whanau business, just, super.

Super Busy and I, think this year the. Channel kind of turned a corner and just started. To really grow mainly, all because of you guys and all of your support so again, thank, you pretty much changed, our lives and I, was able to start, youtube full-time. Quit my consulting, business I shut. Down econ. One now and, now we're, just doing, YouTube, completely, if you guys have watched the channel you know that Michael and I also got married at the beginning a year what a lot of you might not know is that I. Actually, proposed. Her and recorded it on video, and uploaded it to YouTube I don't think a lot of people saw, that but it's actually an on send video it's called a private Japanese, hot spring hotel tub, you guys want to see Mirabeau some aegyo then check, out that video and what was clear to me then and what's I mean now is that this whole thing, would. Have never happened. If my Co didn't take a risk on me who would have never built this YouTube channel we needed to have that opportunity. To, work together and the fact that she saw something. In the. Dreams I, had, for a chi whanau at the time really, meant a lot and that's kind of like something that I. I. Don't. Wanna cry. Feeling. Kind of emotional, right now. Well. Anyways um let's, finish the rest of this video somewhere, else. All. Right I'm lucky to have Michael and I'm just kind of looking forward to, the, stuff we create, moving, forward for this channel for you guys and I'm, just happy she took a risk on me and decided to work and help me with my dreams and now we're creating our dreams, together which is pretty awesome and I think that pretty much answers most of the questions oh there, may be a few more questions for those of you who watch the earlier vlogs you already know that both of my parents are Filipino, I was born in the Philippines in Khe Sanh city but when I was 3 I moved to the States, first to San Francisco, and then later to the Seattle area in a little city called Redmond, maybe, not so little now growing up mostly in the, Seattle Redmond area and then I went to university in, LA and although I eat a lot of food in my videos I usually try to work out five to six times a day not. 5 5 to 6 9 that's a lot I try to work out five to six times a week it helps keep the fried chicken cut down and I guess that's pretty much it but, I think one thing I wanted. To share or I wanted to kind, of leave it all of you guys with is, what, I've learned at, least for myself the, last few years and living here in Japan if you're stuck in something that you're doing that you don't want to do you have a passion for.

Something Else, you, have a dream, that you actually. Want, to pursue I think the best thing to do is just start one of the questions. I often get. Asked, is how. Do I start this new job how do I start this new business or even how do I start a YouTube channel my, answer is to. Just start I don't worry so much about, whether or not I can or can't, do something I just start, doing it and I learn along. The way you just gotta like go and like see what happens and although hey Kyle WA now that business was never as successful. As I, wanted it to be her and I spent a lot. Of money into, it it's been a lot of time I was able to take all the stuff I learned from. That experience and, move it over to, YouTube so whatever you do even if you fail or even though it doesn't work out the, way you want it to work out just as long as you're able to learn something. Experience, it's always gonna be a positive so, with that all said thank, you so much for, joining, me on this journey so much more content, to come and if. You do have something that you're looking to do don't, worry about what's gonna happen just, art because you never know what's, gonna happen, catch, you guys in the next one.

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