What To Do When You've Had A Business Setback with Rick Warren

What To Do When You've Had A Business Setback with Rick Warren

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Hi, everybody I want, to welcome you this week in the Saddleback, Church no, matter which of our 20 campuses, you're. Watching from now, I'm sitting here by this Lake because this weekend I'm gonna ask you to use your imagination and. Visualize. A fishing. Scene on a lake only, it's a lake in Israel, that happened about 2,000, years ago we're. Going to look at a story from the book of Luke chapter, 5. In just a minute first let me tell you about the new series that we're starting today that I call how, God turns setbacks. Into. Comebacks, you. Know because we live on a broken planet everybody has problems, trials. Difficulties. Losses, failures, mistakes and setbacks, and. There, all kinds of setbacks you may be experiencing, a setback right now it, may be a financial, setback or a, health, setback, or a career setback, or relational, setback, you've got a setback in your marriage or with, your boyfriend, or you've. Had a setback in your plans or your dreams we have setback, after setback in, life, and during this series, we're. Gonna look at how God helped, people in the Bible overcome. Each one of these kind of common setbacks, that we experience in life now. Today we're, gonna start with looking at what to do. When. You've had a business setback. Maybe. Even a bankruptcy, now, you say well I don't own a business I'm not in a business well you're gonna draw some. Principles, for. Your life out of this story where, some professional. Fishermen were, failing miserably, in, their fishing business, until. They turned to Jesus now. I know you're not a fisherman, but, these lessons, will definitely. Apply, to your life you know my dad's favorite, recreation was fishing a day, without fishing, was a wasted, day to my dad and it was the way he relaxes, so growing up in rural Northern, California I spent many many, many hours, fishing. With my dad in fact, on the property, of the home that I grew up in in a little town of Redwood Valley California. We actually had a little but, beautiful, lake, it's about a one acre lake in our, back yard it was about 60, feet from my bedroom which, had a door to the outside so I could literally walk out bedroom and in 50 60 feet be, in that Lake so. Growing up for me was like a hut hut Phoenix existence. Where I had. A couple of rafts that I'd built that. Were always on that Lake we had all kinds of fun growing up fishing and swimming and floating on that Lake if, you've ever been around a fisherman you know that, they have fisherman stories, and the. More they tell those stories the. Bigger the fish get, I can, tell you some great ones about growing up and fishing trips that, I was on like catching, sharks, I'm. Not exaggerating on this one almost, as long as little tiny boat that. We were in with my dad and my brother out, under the Golden Gate Bridge we'd gold out under the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, Bay and catch, sharks, and I. Won't go into that but today we're gonna look at a story that, is one of the greatest fishing stories, of all, times and, while. We're in this series, on. Turning. Setbacks, into comebacks, we're, gonna look at the principles, lessons, that we can learn if you've ever felt discouraged. By. Your work by your job by your career by your business if you ever felt like you're not getting anything accomplished. If you've ever felt fatigued.

Worn. Out after putting it your heart and soul into something maybe. You've even lost your job after. You you, had. Given it your all well you picked a good weekend to come to church because. This miracle is. Actually. Giving. Us the lessons, of what, to do when you've had a setback, in. Your business now none of the fishing miracles, that you've heard in, your lifetime, connects, this one in Luke, chapter 5 it's the second, miracle of Jesus so, it's very on early. On in his ministry, he's only actually done one other miracle, before this which is turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana and we're. Going to look at this one that happened by. The lake, of Galilee, or the Sea of Galilee and, it's. The miracle where he actually calls his first four disciples to follow him and let me give you a little background. Peter, and Andrew were, brothers and James. And John were brothers, and these, four guys had, a fishing, business together in, northern. Israel around the beautiful lake, of Galilee now it's called the lake of Galilee the Sea of Galilee it's, called Lake Knesset, it's called the sea of Tiberias got. Three different names for the same beautiful Lake it's like a Lake Tahoe in northern, Israel and, at this point we, catch the story where, Peter James, John and Andrew, they're, not disciples, of Jesus yet they're. Just professional. Businessman, and they're let make a living catching fish and they've been out all night fishing. On the Sea of Galilee and, they, plot nothing not a zip, zero and, the. Lake is in recession, nobody's. Biting, right now they're, going through tough times in there John they're catching nothing they're making no profit they've, worked hard and now, they've come ashore in, the morning and. After. Ten hours of fishing they're. Cleaning their nets with nothing to show for it they're tired they're, discouraged, and they, got empty buckets, some of you can relate to that today. Now. Jesus, comes along and he's, talking to a crowd there's a crowd of people on the shore and, he. Asks these guys can I use one of your boats as a. Platform, to speak from and, we pick up the story in Luke, 5 if you'll get out your message notes, and look. At the top is where the Bible set starts, it says one day as. Jesus was standing by the lake of Gennesaret that's. The, Sea of Galilee with, the people around it crowded around him and listening to the Word of God he, saw at the water's edge two, boats left. There by fishermen, who were washing their nets now. He gets, in to one of the boats the, one belonging to Simon, that Simon Peter and he asked him to put out a little from shore then. He sat down and he, taught the, people from. The boat sitting in the boat now I want you to notice that Jesus sits down in the boat to teach Jesus, always sat down to teach it's, more biblical, it's more christ-like, to sit down, laney teach most, people Stanley teach notice I'm sitting, down so, I'm more like Jesus, as we teach now why did Jesus ask to borrow the boat well, there are a number of different reasons in the first place water, amplifies, your voice if, you've ever been in a boat you, know that you can speech much further. Across. The lake they you can on ground because ground absorbs sound, waves so, it's just smart communication, he, could speak to hundreds of people maybe thousands, of people on the shore who are listening to Jesus as the water amplifies, this voice, but.

They're Actually a couple more important reasons Jesus. Is about to choose these four guys as his. First disciples, he's gonna ask them to leave their business, and follow, him, so. He's gonna plan to do a miracle, in their work a miracle they're gonna understand. Their fisherman a miracle. Of fish to a bunch of fishermen now, in verse 4 it says this, when. Jesus, had finished speaking he said to Simon now. Launch out into the, deep water and let. Down the nets for a catch. Now. Remember they just fished all night these guys are pro fishermen, Simon, Says master. We've worked hard all night and. We. Haven't caught anything. We. Haven't made a sale we. Haven't closed the deal we, haven't, sold a house, we, haven't stepped up our game we haven't signed the contract, in fact, I'm out, of work right now we've worked all night fished, all night and caught nothing you, can hear the discouragement. In his, voice. Now. Sometimes, this happens in life sometimes. You give it your best shot and you, still come up ten feet short sometimes. You work hard and you work diligently and, you work long and you got nothing to show for it we've. Worked all night and, we've caught nothing. Sometimes. You. Even do what you think is the right thing to do in your job and your career you make a right decision and, you, may even believe, God is leading you to do it and it just doesn't, pan, out you've. Had a setback. That's, what this series is all about and you go start, this business and it falls apart, and it, doesn't make a profit and you go deep in debt and all those things that you think that, God was leading you, in, it. Just, doesn't. Happen. You. Know sometimes, you hang in there with your marriage and you struggle, and maybe you get counseled and you read books. On marriage and you really try to make this thing work but, you just don't see any improvement, at all just, isn't getting, any better the. Fact is this, miracle, has a lot to teach us about. Setbacks. Because, everybody's, fishing, for something, sometimes. We're, fishing for approval, and, we're just looking for somebody. To love us and sometimes, we're. Looking we're, fishing for security. And sometimes. We're fishing for significance. And sometimes. You say I want, my life to count well there's nothing wrong with that it's maybe you're fishing for a wife or a, husband, or maybe you're fishing, for who knows what. What. Are you fishing for today I said. Well I'm fishing for a job I I need work I need, a new source of income well, there's nothing wrong with that everybody's. Fishing for something when these fishermen, these four guys did what Jesus tells them to do in this. Miracle they. Not only receive a miracle but. They're blessed more than they can handle themselves they, actually have to share their blessing, with other people wouldn't that be great to happen in your life and their, lives are changed, forever, so, Jesus, uses, Simon Peters boat as a platform to preach the good news and the. Bible tells us the restless' story it says this after. Jesus finished speaking he said to Simon now, launch out into the deep water to. Let down your nets for catch and, the Bible says that when they had done so they, caught such a large, number of fish that their. Nets began. To break that's, a lot of fish, so. They signals, their partners that's James and John in the other boat to come over and help them and they, came and filled both boats so. Full, with fish. At. The began to sink now that's a fish, story. Friends. You're not gonna top that one and, I'm not gonna top that and that's a flat-out, miracle, now here's the point. They. Caught more in ten minutes, then. They had caught in ten hours, when. They did it the way Jesus said to do it this. Is how you turn a setback in, to, come back this, is called the miracle of, acceleration.

When God speeds, things up they catch more in 10 minutes than they had in the previous 10 hours now. When you understand the principle this miracle of acceleration, you're not going to about timing you might go a month or two months or a year or two years without work but, it doesn't matter because God, can turn on the faucet as quickly, as the other one got turned off he can do more in 10 minutes than you can do in 10 years if you. Do it the way he tells you to do. Now. The first thing you need to do is what. Peter and Andrew and James and John did is this write this down I need, to give Jesus complete. Access, to my boat or to, my job or to my business I give, Jesus complete, access, to my business, and and, if I want to go from emptiness, to overflowing notice it says there in verse 3. Chapter 5, of Luke Jesus got. Into one of the boats that's. The one that belongs to Simon, they asked him to pull a little bit out from shore sits, down teaches, people on the boat here's, the starting points pretty simple, you. Got to get Jesus in your, boat, that's. The starting point if you want God's blessing on your, career on your, job on your business if you want to move from emptiness, to fullest you got to get Jesus in the boat, notice. What's the difference here it's the same lake it's the same boat it's, the same nets it's, the same fisherman, it's the same part of shoot it's the same fish. The. Only thing is different between, nothing and overflowing. Abundance, is. Jesus, is in the boat I think. That makes it effort oh yeah. Jesus. Is in, the book this is a game-changer you've got to get Jesus, in your book you've got to give him access, to. Your business now. God is with them they're not fishing, by themselves anymore now that they're. Not in the career by themselves, anywhere they've got Jesus in their job. Their. Business, has got the master, in controlling, now let me apply this, to. The setback in your life and your business. First. What's, your boat, what's. Your boat well, your boat is how you make the living it's. How you make a living. It's, your means of support Simon, was a fisherman, so his boat is obviously, his business. He gives his, job, to, Jesus the boat represents, your career your. Vocation. Your profession, your job it represents, how. You make, your livelihood what's, your boat, well. Maybe your salary your commission or your royalties or whatever what, does it mean to have Jesus in your boat okay. Listen closely, it. Means you dedicate, your career, your. Business your job your work to. God, your. Job goes to God and. We're not talking about salvation here, you, could have Jesus, in your life but not in your boat you. Could have Jesus, in your life but not in your job you've, trusted him for salvation and you come to church on weekends, and you praise the Lord but then on Monday morning you go back to work and you leave Jesus at church or you, put him on the shelf at home. He's. Jesus. Is certainly not using, your boat your, job as a platform. For. Ministry, and for mission. To. Give Jesus your boat and get him in your boat means you say I dedicate. My career to you for your use now when Peter did this when. He gave his job to Jesus, for, God to use he, gets blessed with incredible results, now. We normally, think that God makes me really great and. Successful in, business, so. That then I'll serve God with my success wrong. It's, the exact opposite, God. Often uses my job or lack, of it now and then. So. That then success, can come there. Is no comeback. Without. A set back first this setback is part of the plan are you listening the setback, is part of the plan. Peter. Has fished all night and caught nothing and so. How is he gonna go from nothing to abundance, first, Peter, let's Jesus, use his job or, platform, Jesus, gets to use his work, his job, his source of income. To. Speak to other people that's the order, it's, not God you make me a success and then I'll serve you it's, the exact opposite, God I'm failing, in my job in my career in my business, but I'm gonna give whatever I've got to you as a platform.

Now. You can bless it. Question. What do you want God to bless in your life whatever. You want God to bless you put him first in well God to bless your time give. Him the first part of every day in a quiet, time you. Want to God bless your week you, give him the first day of every week you. Know on a weekend service you you want a god to bless your money you give him the first part of your money that's called the tithe, so. You get Jesus in your work you say I want you to use my business Lord as your, platform to, spread the good news and. Then. We let God take care and, control, of everything is he really, you say I'm a marketplace. Missionary. What. Do you do well. You say I'm. A missionary, disguised, as a realtor, I'm, a missionary, disguised, as a nanny I'm a missionary, disguised, as of the count I'm a missionary, disguised, as a truck driver I'm a missionary, disguised, as a nurse or CEO or teacher or housecleaner whatever, it is first, and foremost I'm using my career as a platform for, Jesus. Then. He. Blesses me in return. Some. Of you are going through tough times right now and. You're trying to change everything. Let. Me tell you something these guys who had fished all night in condos they didn't need to change their nets they. Didn't need to change their boat they, didn't need to change their business partners they didn't need to change their location they, didn't need to change their marriage they just needed to get Jesus in charge of the boat get, him in the boat and let, him take charge and follow. Him that's. What was needed some. You're trying to change everything else maybe I need to move out of Orange County I need to move to whatever. Well. That may be that's not necessarily wrong but maybe you just need to get Jesus in charge of your job, you. Get him in the boat now here's the second step, that. They did and you do it too I admit. That. My efforts, aren't, working, if. I want to move from setback to comeback I admit, that my efforts, aren't working verse four and five, of Luke chapter 5 when Jesus had finished speaking said, to Simon, put out into the deep water and let, down your nets and Simon. Peter answers, there's this confession master. We've. Worked hard all night and we. Haven't caught anything. Do. You read nice how hard this was for Peter to say this Peter, is a pro he's. Good at what he does he's a professional, fisherman, he's done it all his life these guys are not amateurs they're not novices, they're not weekend, fishermen they make a living, at this, they. Know how to do this but. You know what sometimes. Even, when you're a pro, you fish. All night and you. Catch nothing. Even. When you're experienced. At your career. Your job you fish all night and you catch nothing, now, it's humbling, to say this it's. Hard to say this these guys make their living, their identity, is tied to their work Peter. For. Peter not catching, fish that's. Like LeBron, James, playing an entire game and never making a basket. It's. Unheard of but, friends. Sometimes. Our best just isn't good enough this. Is not good enough and sometimes. Their situations, are out of control and you can't control the economy and you can't control the weather and you can't control a lot of things that will affect your job your business your life your profits, and everything else other. People, and you. Can't you can't control other people you can't control diseases, you can't control the aging process. Most, of the major things in your life you can't control so what do you need to do well. You need to do these first two things to. Go from setback to comeback you get Jesus in your boat and you admit that your way isn't. Working. We. Fished all night and caught nothing now, why don't we want to admit this why. Don't I want to admit it why, don't we want to admit well there's really three reasons bride. Stubbornness. And fear. You. Know fear keeps us from admitting I fished. All night and caught nothing, I'm, afraid people think less of me in fact I'm afraid to, get Jesus in my boat because he might steer it in a different direction I don't want to go and, if I put Jesus in my job he might make me a fanatic. He. Might turn me into something that I'm scared, to, death I might become I don't, want to give Jesus my job. Well. Regardless of whether it's pride or, it's stubbornness, or it's fear the, second, step is just admit. This isn't working. Okay. You. Your career your job it isn't working now here's the third step that the disciples, took if you want to see God turn emptiness, into fullness you want to turn a setback in to come back here, it is number three do.

Whatever. Jesus, tells me to do I get. Him in the boat I admit, my way hasn't worked and then. I do whatever he tells me to do I do what, he tells me to do in other words I've got to be willing to obey, Jesus Christ even if it doesn't make sense even it seems illogical, it, appears foolish, it might appear stupid to other people, but I obey, what God tells, me to do. Even. If it doesn't make sense financially, or. Emotionally or. Relationally. It's just illogical irrational, I'm confused, and I'm scared to death but I do it anyway master, we fished all night and caught nothing button. Because, you say so I obey, Jesus, even. When it doesn't make sense now look at verse five. Jesus. Tells them to launch out on the deep and Simon says master we worked hard all. Night we haven't caught anything, you know we're empty come. Up empty but, because, you say so underline, it Circle. It start, because, you say so that. Is the, third key to, a miracle trusting, the, word of God because. You say so not, because I think it's smart now, because it's popular now, because it's rational or reasonable not, because I can afford it, God I'm gonna do what you tell me to do because you. Say so, you. Say so now, not, only is Jesus in the boat he's now given the fishing instructions, and notice. What Peter does not do. First. He, doesn't argue with Jesus, when Jesus says, push. Back out throw your nets on the other side he, doesn't argue thee he says Jesus, Peter doesn't say excuse. Me Lord your, carpenter, I'm a fisherman you know would I know fish, this. They ain't biting, so. Who. Are you to tell me to go, out and do it this way when I fished all night cause I'm the pro at this I know my job better than you lord have, you ever arrogantly. Thought, that about your job about. Your plan about your dream. When. You do that you're in for so many, problems, but when you say because, you say so you're, in for. So many blessings Peter, doesn't argue he doesn't hesitate and, Jesus says launch out he, just does it that.

Friends, Is a good idea, you. Know it. Wasn't like let's think about it for a minute it's not like let's have a committee and vote on it. In, fact he says we're tired we've. Been out all night we haven't caught anything we're. Dirty we're sweaty we're. Fatigued we want to go home and see our wives we want to take a bath well, sit down eat, dinner how. About if we go home and take a bath take a nap get up this afternoon come back this afternoon when, it's cooler and the fish are biting again and then give it another try, but. Peter doesn't hesitate he doesn't delay it's, instant, he, doesn't, listen he doesn't, listen to his feelings. I'm. Sure Peters dead tired. You. Know what's like stay up all night you. Know it's like to work through the night you're ready to go to bed he's. Been up all night he's caught nothing he's saying why even try why make the effort no, fish out there there are no jobs out there they aren't biting but. He doesn't, do any of those things instead. What. Does Peter do unquestioned. Obedience, because, you, say so Lord. Now. Remember he's not a disciple yet he's this is his first experience, with Jesus. God. Will bless your life if you will become because. You say so woman. God. Will bless your life if you will become it because you say so man. Lord. I don't understand, it all that makes sense but because you say so I'm, gonna trust you in faith question. What. Does God told you to do that you're not doing. Whenever. You do whatever God tells you to do you. Say because. You say so and you. Become a because. You say so person, and, when you do that God's gonna give you a vision for your career like you've never seen and I'm telling you it's gonna come in three phases because. When God gives you a vision it's never, total vision all at once he wants you to grow in faith it's, gonna involve, three things. Notice. Of calling of Peter involves three things wind. What and where. And when you get a vision from God it's gonna be involving, when what and where and you gotta wait for all three parts first Jesus. Says launch, out now, that's the wind by. The way launch out always means take a risk it's, risky to launch out and, God will always force you to take a risk why because, there's no faith, without a risk without. Faith that's impossible, he's God so, he says now then, he says what. I want, you to let down your nets and then, he says we're, launch, out into the deep water, I want, you to circle the phrase launch, out into.

Deep Water. He. Says I want you to go out and then, he why does God, tell Peter do that because that's where the big fish are. They're. In the deep water now let. Me just, have. A side. On this. Most. People live their lives in the shallows of life. They. Live what I call baby beach Christianity. Just. Enough Jesus, to bug them and not to bless them they, never get in over their heads they, live at a superficial level they. Don't launch out on the deep they, live on baby beach they, come to church they paddle around in the shallows life splash. Around maybe catch a few minutes being their, feet wet afraid. To get in over the head and you know what they miss God's best. Why. Is it you. Know as a pastor I've thought about this a lot why it is so many people, live. Shallow lives, why. Are they satisfied with. The shallows, instead of going, out into the deep. Cuz. It's safer, there, there. Are no wig big waves by the shoreline your. Boat isn't gonna get rocked around it's not very risky, to live a shallow, life. Yeah. That's what you think but. Actually it's the greatest risk of all cuz. You're gonna miss out on all the blessings, that God had planned for you here, on earth and all, of the rewards that got it planned for you and a return 'ti because, you were afraid to launch out into the deep so. We live in these shallow lives it's safe and we live this nice comfortable, zone where, we want God to bless our plans but we're not letting willing, to let him use our business, as, his. Platform. And. Let me tell you something a little secret one. Of the reasons, God. Is allowing this setback in your life right now is to, force you into deeper. Water. He. Loves you too much to let you stay in the shallows and he's. Forcing, you to launch. Out into the deep I'm. Gonna take a risk. Obeying. Jesus when it doesn't make sense may, feel like the scariest, riskiest, most dangerous, thing to do in life but it's actually, the safest thing and it's the most rewarding, way to live and it's the way that God blesses. Your life. Now. It, seems a lot you know I remember when. I started Saddleback, Church, almost. 40 years ago and. I'm living in Texas and God, says to me as a young. Seminarian. Going. To seminary I want. You to move to Southern California and. Start, a church in a place you've never seen with no money and no members no building and no salary and no support and you've never been a pastor, hmm. Sounds like a plan for failure. But. I'm so glad that I said, okay. Because. You say so Lord. How. Would history. Be different, if I had not said because, you say so Lord. I'm. Not a pro at this.

I'm. Not the pastor type I'm not, a church planner type, not. But because, you say so Lord I'll do it. Now. Finally I want you to notice the fourth thing that has to do with a comeback, in your business when you've got a setback first, I give Jesus complete, access to my business my work my job I, get, him in the boat that's. Not salvation, you've given God your life but have you given him your job your career number. Two I admit, that my efforts aren't working not, working lord I plan, to be a lot, further along that I am by now and it's not working third I give, III, do. Whatever Jesus, tells me to do because, you say so Lord and. Where is that it's all right here in the Word of God you spend time in here this is the because you say so book, now. Finally, write this down here's fourth way, to turn a setback, in your business into a combat. Expect. Jesus. To turn things around. This. Is the faith factor expect. Jesus to turn things around now follow me on the logic of this if God, tells. You to go fishing, and, God. Comes along with, you in the boat and God. Points, out where to let down your nets do. You think, you're. Gonna come up empty I don't. Think so, really. I. Imagine. At this point Peter is quivering. With, anticipation he's, gonna oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy and all. Of the fear in the fatigue in the frustration, he's felt from the night before it's just passed away he's got this is gonna be good, I've. Got Jesus in the boat he's telling me where to fish he's saying let down he's not afraid of failing he's not afraid of launching in the deep he's not afraid of taking risk why he's, got God's presence, in his job in his boat in his livelihood, God's. Plan in his mind God's promised, in his heart there's no way he's not gonna succeed no, way. God. Told him to do it because, you say sir he's full of faith now. Follow, me on this, if God. Can control, the forces of nature obviously he can because he created, nature if God created all the fish in the world and he, created all the fish that were in that lake in the, Sea of Galilee he. Can command. Them to all come over here to one spot right, now and I, can, just imagine him said all you little fishies out there I want you to swim over to this spot alright guys let down your net I just told him all to come right here. He. Can get you what you need he. Can take care of you but you got to do it his. Way he. Can do it overnight he. Can do it in ten minutes after. All the delays the difficulties, and the dead ends you've been through he can do it quickly notice, the results Luke chapter 5 when, they had done so, when. They done what given, Jesus control, admitted. Their plans were working doing whatever Jesus told them to do expecting. Results when, they had done those, things, notice. You. Need a new, perspective, on your work, this. Is the starting point from. Turning a setback into combat you need to realize I don't work for the company I work. For Jesus, I'm. A missionary, first, and foremost I'm seeking, his kingdom Jesus. Is in my boat and I've. Given him permission to use my, job as a platform or, whatever he wants to say, then. They, caught such a large number of fish their nets began, to break they, couldn't handle the blessing they had to signal their partners to come over and help them and they, filled both boats so full they began to sink more blessing that could handle had. To share it in order to not go under you. Know I've seen this personally, in my own life. God. Is must be so much I've had to share it with so many many other people, God. Is looking for people to. Bless so, I'm like God doesn't want to bless people he's.

Looking For you and he'll bless your socks off if you'll, do these four things. Right. Now God's looking for people to show his power through, and. What he wants to do is show the world that He is God. That's, when God gets, all the glory now notice Peters reaction verse. 8 and 9, notice they're handling when. Simon Peter saw this the, miracle, of these fish he, fell at Jesus knees and said go away from me Lord I'm a sinful, man remember. He's not a disciple follow Christ yet he's a fisherman he's, a businessman, go, away from me Lord, uh-uh you're perfect, I don't I don't mean to need to be in your presence, in, other words your God there's, no way I deserve this, kind of blessing. For. He and all his companions they're astonished, at the catch of, fish that, they had taken and, so were James and John the sons of Zebedee that's, Simon's, business partners. Now. Now friends this, miracle, is the turning, point in the lives of these four men. Peter. James John and, Andrew. And. Jesus, here's, the real lesson, then, jesus, said to Simon don't, be afraid of, course Simon scared, to death because he's just seeing God do an amazing thing, right in front of him he says from now on you're. Gonna catch men, you're. Gonna be a Fisher of men what, in the well does that mean let me stop right here. This. Miracle is not. Really about money or possessions, or financial. Success or, success in your business it's about finding, God's purpose, for your life and, it's. Not about keeping a whole bunch of fish for yourself it's about the kingdom of God Jesus. Is getting ready to call these guys to follow him. 100%. But. He, does this miracle and he says he's gonna say I want you 400% and you can trust me that I'll take care of you I'm gonna teach you how to take charge in, the, world. I'm. Gonna teach you how to be used by God to change lives and, change, companies and, shames businesses. And change, homes and communities I'm gonna teach you to mobilize. How. To fish for men. What. Is Jesus, doing he's. Getting, ready to enlist these four guys in his. Peace plan. He's. Saying let. Me show, you what I can do if you'll put me first let me just show you I take. Care all your financial needs if. You just put me first and, don't be afraid from now on you're gonna catch man you're gonna fish from in and when Jesus, called his disciples I. Want you to notice that he didn't call teenagers. He. Didn't call children, he called grown, men and grown, women, professional. Business, people to, leave their, jobs and. Follow. Him I want. You to watch this. Story. This is from the, Bible miniseries. It's an interpretation. Of how, it happened watch this and then I'll come back and give the clothes. Hey. What. Are you doing. You. Thought just coming to my boat you're. Right. Give. Me a helping hand. What. Do you think you're doing. We're. Going fishing but no fish out there this time of day in. Fact there are no fish out here any time of day Peter. Just. Give me an hour. And, I will give you a whole new life. This is a 1:1. I'll tell you. There's. No fish out there. How. Did this happen. What. Did you do. I'm, giving you the chance to change your life. Come. With me. Give. Up catching fish, and I will make you. What we gonna do. Change, the world. Now. That film clip doesn't show it as it actually, happens, because the Bible says that after, this miraculous, catch which, they had to have two boats come over and they filled up both boats four, guys were involved, Jesus. Says the. Simon Peter and everybody else don't be afraid from now on you're gonna catch men and it says this they, pulled up their boats onto the shore and they. Left everything, circle. That and they, followed, Jesus. You. See what happens they, leave all those stinking fish right there in the boat did. You notice that they, didn't, even clean, them the Bible says they're. Not thinking Wow, good night we. Got enough fish here to set us up for the next several years this, incredible, catch we're. In the money now what, do they do they walk, away from. This miracle they. Leave the fish in the, boats and start, following Jesus now, this is the big point I want you to get when. You want to move from, a setback to. A comeback, they. Willing, to follow Jesus, and leave the blessing behind because, they were more interested in the blesser.

Than. The blessing. Are. You. Are. You more interested in God blessing, you or are, you more interested in following, the. Blesser, are, you just going around all the time praying god bless me bless me bless me bless me. You. Know what they were gonna forget that blessing, it, wasn't gonna last forever, because. But if they follow the guy who did it if. That guy can do this I'm following him because if I stay close to him there's plenty more where that came from I don't, need this one blessing, in my life if I'm, walking, next, to the. Blesser, I can, walk away from the biggest catch in my life the biggest a. Business. Deal in my life I can walk away from stock options, I can walk away from an enormous deal I can, walk away from an incredible, salary, I can, walk away from, benefits. Because. If I'm walking next, to the blesser, there's. Plenty more where that came from, too. Often were more interested in the blessing than a blessing but they knew following Christ. Was. The secret to everything else. Now. Let me just get real personal, I believe. That today right now those, of you are listening and watching God. Is calling some of you right, now. To. Leave your nets and. Follow. Jesus. You. May have been a Christian, for a long time or maybe you're just meeting, him today. Again. God called grown men and grown women to leave their jobs, and follow. Christ, full-time, in service, and God, is calling some of you to do that right now and, you're. Gonna walk away from a great salary and benefits and you're gonna walk away from generous, pension, and you're gonna walk away from enormous, stock options, and you're, gonna come work for a ministry. Or a church. For. A pittance of price, that you could have made somewhere else maybe here in your own church right here at Saddleback Church why, because. You say so Lord. You. Know on the staff of Saddleback, Church we've, got at least I don't know maybe a six. Seven, people. Who, were CEOs. Who. Left their nets and took. Great paid, cuts to, come and serve and they were all working for major companies, some billion, dollar-plus companies. And. They. Left their nets to follow Christ and. You. Think Peter, and, John and Andrew okay. And. His brother okay, James, do, you think that they ever regretted, that. Decision to. Leave their nets, stop, being fishermen, and to. Follow Christ. Know. They're never gonna regret that for all of eternity you think, God was smiling, when they made that decision I think so do. You think that that's what God may be calling you to do I don't, know, but. I'm telling you this there. Are more of you being called than you realize and it's. Calling some of you to leave your comfort zone and leave your nets just. Like I left my nets you know 38, years ago to. Launch out into the deep. Others. Of you God, is saying to you now I don't want you to leave your job but. I definitely want to start using it as a platform can, I use your boat. I'm. Gonna use your boat and no, longer does your job belong to you it's not your job of anymore, it's not your source of income, I am, your source of income God says I'm gonna use your board to preach the gospel to, use your job as a platform and I, want you to take these four steps so I can bless you and I want you to give me your job and give me your career, and. You're gonna be a missionary, in disguise as a teacher or carpenter, or whatever you do and. I. Want you to do whatever I tell you to do and just say, because you say so and then I want you to expect it because I'm in the boat and I'm telling you where to drop your nets as I promised, that, setback, is gonna. Become a, comeback. Would. You bow your heads with me in prayer right now, I want to pray with you and I want to pray for you first. I want you to pray this prayer in your heart Lord. I've. Fished all night and caught nothing and. You. Know it, I've. Had a setback or many. Setbacks or one after another but, I want to follow you I want. To leave my nets, and follow you completely so Lord I'm. Committing. My job my career. Might. Work my business to you it's, yours it's not mine anymore it's yours it's your career and I will be your missionary, in this area a marketplace, missionary, and I give you complete access to my life and. My job and marriage and friendships, and bank account it's all yours get, in the boat please can. You say that to Jesus right now, maybe. Say you know Lord sometimes I've been prideful. And sometimes, I've been stubborn and sometimes I've been fearful, but.

I Admit my way isn't working, but. What I need to do is trust you and, Lord. All the ways I've been trying to turn this setback in to come back haven't worked and. There. Are things that I thought were too expensive or I couldn't afford it wasn't popular, but. I'm gonna trust you and I'm. Gonna do what you tell me to do I don't expect you to turn things around I give, it all to you and I. Don't want to be concerned about the blessing, I just. Want to be close to, the. Blesser, so. I'm asking you to accept me into your family your, home in your life and I, want to follow you from this day forward. And your name I pray amen. You. Know if you prayed that prayer this is a starting point of a, comeback the. Great has come back in your life because. You're. Giving it all the Christ I don't. Want you to miss any in this series, but, this weekend if you've made any kind of decision, to open your life to Jesus, Christ to. Recommit, your life to Christ or maybe you've given your life to Christ but you've never given him your career your business, your job I want, you to pull out a card right now okay. A response. Card there was a feedback card, and and, check. The box I'm committing, my life to Christ or I'm recommitting, wife Christ or you can just right on there you. Know you. Know I'm coming. Back to Jesus I'm giving. Him my job that's a good thing to write down I'm committing, my job to, Jesus, and don't. Miss any in, this series drop this in the basket, as we all give our offerings, god. Bless you I love, you so much, thanks. For checking out this message on YouTube my name is J and I'm Saddleback's online campus pastor and I would love to invite you to join our online community, here are three ways you can take a next step first, learn, more about belonging, to our church family by completing, class 101 online second.

Don't Do life alone anymore by getting into an online-only small group that meets on platforms, like Skype or learn more about hosting, a group with your friends in your home third, join, our global Facebook, community to connect with others with the online community and be more engaged in the day-to-day to. Take any of those make steps visit Saddleback comm / online or email, online at Alaba com hope to hear from you soon. You.

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