What Race Do Leeds Girls Prefer? - Leeds

What Race Do Leeds Girls Prefer? - Leeds

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What. About black girls their poem they're paying Fund reports online. Hopefully. In shit I. Said. Bastard. Black girls boom looks like hankies Jackie what the fuck I don't get people who'd be saying oh agency. Curry busy, curry curry, is a staple dish, in every single culture yo, what is up my people I'm out here in lads, Leeds whatever you want to call it hi get into the can you know who this will do what it did hanging up a quick sketch hi Wow here I want original, as usual. You know whoa, my English is crab and chili with Jessie too much welcome back to Jeju, anyhow, though we're doing another race video because, we're. In Leeds I'm allowed to get away with this we can call it different. It's. Record. Me. I. Used to kick it with she. Can. Stand me oh, come. On okay. So. My brothers what. Race would you not do. This. Guy's. You. Don't be taking pools in this video now come back come back come on hang up hang up hang up don't. Hang up no Beach all. Right is that still. Would. You know Deborah I'm, sorry I'm, sorry that my colleague, hair is it interesting, enough for you sorry, Dave you got more important, things to sort out like what color Lego blocks you should play with Maliki you're like five years old and, you're out here taking important, business, calls trains. Rao's, quick why because. They have that dingo injera that, they eat that it's super sour. Bussiness. Dad these, two guys are talking about I don't even know listening, boring, and this. Guy's this, guy's over here on the phone talking about Lego blocks and you're cranky can we not get some like good-looking goes on here or something like some cuties or something what race would you prefer to, date I've always gone for like black guys in it but okay. I'm starting to like the right let. Me tell you let. Me tell you why black. Guys here at their trash they'll tell you what you wanna hear yeah they, use you and when they don't they'll leave you behind for then I can, go and start my girl it's okay no. Boom. I'm, gonna pick up my Krait back up black guys are fantastic no, homo I don't, mean some. Black. Guys a good man I'm a good black guy. No. Yeah but I'm a virgin, oh you're. Saying that, you say that you're, saying I'm, lucky $25, so being a virgin is difficult you know how difficult that used to be all these girls who my YouTube car throwing, themselves at me and I'm just. The. Race the actor, is white a bit. Of gun in as well because. National. Easter, is. That dead demon, Swapna, Hodgins, also nationally. And I'm Nigerian at night guys. You, guys are actually something else so, why do you guys prefer the white chocolate or. The, black chocolate hey boys. These. Guys are from no, fan oh you guys white. I was born in London East Side and let me out born in North London yeah my, dad's I'm from North London and now North London rejects you anyway. Fifty, bump, no I'm sixteen, in airport. Where. Are you guys from, leaflets, were, you from. Betray. Co-feature I go big Hanko our in this clip anyhow, ocean it Marlo, because get, you outside here, what's your name. Nobody. Gives off a div, to him I'm gonna do it to you but that's not the point that's not what we're here today what. Race. Of girls do you like to date, well. You already know I don't know I don't know you I just met black girls room okay now I know yeah. Hi what about you what up why. Right, they just burn it, they, just unblocked myself so I go for black girls okay. How. Are they better though they. Just got. Bigger but they've just got everything is that all it's about not, even not even, college. It's. 2017. Now and, unite it's, 2019. Now and you niggas are still interested, bottoms. The, place that girls shit out of that's. Nasty man that's quite nasty what about you I like black girls cuz what big boxes or. They're. Real quick at you just Soulja Boy what about white girls oh. Yeah. I love a problem with them yet but personally, money I wouldn't. Go for them what'd, you say I won't go for what goes so, you do live in Leeds and like, hey hands up I usually be ready for something but like I'm.

Guessing This is like a predominantly, white area cuz I see, how the white goes around so what's the life for you guys trying to find a girl he's. No one cares about. I'm. Here with two, black, screen, brothers. Obviously. I'm likes Queen as well let's get going. Anyway. What race. Would. You prefer today my, life screen brother. Yeah. Stuff. That's. Easy keep. Everything in the family I. Feel. Like life can gallop but the carpet prestige in it cook like okay, you need some humble, asses up Oh see I got humble, lighting guy at home she's in my back pocket. There's. A white ass kids you're. Thinking it right what, black goes. Why. Not. Not, too, much platform. That pain from the pool all right hopefully. In shit. Faster. Dragon food looks back hankies Jackie what the. Fucking. Shit. Y'all. Think it's gay alright. Worries, of guys you guys like today not. Bothered. Particular what, about you. Toilet. Mixture right. I'm. Still. Trying to walk around a ponytail. Oh shit. Shit, ding up a ding what. Race of girls do you guys like to date. Yes. What. Race of girls you like to race oh I'm. Gonna go for this or you know me I like everything you fool me I'm, not really. Buzzing. Windham Brooke I'm. Not from London yeah I know that but you like your videos. And you're always gonna, click the right go to the ending yet with. Someone else the one thing needs I just don't know. If. I'm, just too skinny. So. What girls are you into them every. Of the everything. Except for my cooties. What. Does that even mean. I don't, know money even after so meaning. Because. Imagine, you do do, them day in it or just come in. Your face. So. My nice. Until. You piss her off. A. Real, nigga gets beat up I'll tell you why because ones go what when your girl pumps you in your eye okay cuz you you you did, something if. You pump it back you're a bitch nigga you ain't a nigga you ain't no nigger anymore why, do you have to take that tub and you have to be online fuck my life you gotta hold our hands and say baby calm down. But. If you if you throw a punch back you're a bitch nigga fuck all that shit she, punches you how you gotta take it you walk outside you boys say well ah PGI you say you all fell down the stairs. What's. Your name Norman. Cares about Daniel ain't gonna give a fuck about that though. I respect you I respect your, voice there's no I respect your name because, it's in the Bible but, if it wasn't. None. Of your business. Nice. And simple, you're at Europe you're a guy right are you a guy as well cool so so stunning, this I stand aside please I call. Ship ship ship right back it up a little bit we gotta fix the same face I wish your name somebody, kiss oh no your names in the Bible is like woah I. So nice and simple doll, yeah. We're Easter girls you guys I we raise the girl you guys into, Karl. At you if. You're paying us enough, okay. Okay what about you. Black. Big back big breasts be. Jamaican. Yes. This. Guy's not walking away from this, guy's. Talking. Time come here yup. I. Will beat you with his tripod it is that right now. -. It's a duplicate. To take. Whoa. Wait, do, put to death. Though, I Tennessee. You Jamaican. Jump. Back up in the video star. Heiko we're back with back coming in that side i cool. Anyhow where we're at wherever yeah so you're talking about pressing, back here why, didn't it goes keep bringing up asses as I said in the last scene that's where a girl. What. If, this year flat go will you move to it let's. Say what. Is watching you listen I don't do I don't talk to girls man I am. Version. Point and I don't do anything I don't get sexual urges I'm a business. Okay, lower the seat I can't. Look. Like no let, me try to get this right looks trying fucking dad, chucked you exactly looks attractive but a personality keeps a nigga don't know not. It's insect but. But but mad mad mad but is there any race that you guys wouldn't date though what. Okay. Okay we've got problem here we have got a problem here. Okay let me tell you where you're wrong you come back here you come back here mister mister man alright listen first of all why. Why not why goes wrong where I goes. I. Know. You did, not just. Do, that. Income. Rune store. And. I want to make an arrow and hi please bitch from Hey. Bitch. Push. It none day because what's your name your. Name is Nando's. Cool. That's. How you do right I see him doing on the TV like that little boy shaking their shoulders like it's gonna break in the, lean gunner so what race of boys you guys like to a mixed. Race all that skin what about you, rich why why why why no I. Said. Why, they. Said why I said why and what's.

Wrong Why people though the. Glass small dicks. My. People. Hold. On hold on though how do you, change. What's. Going on here and I was brought in for you to come fifteen. Who. Busted your head top and. You'd like the black version a sideshow, bitch. What's. Your name Francis. You what's your name mine every kiss anyhow, where, were we I cool what race the girls you guys like today's I know you myself a needs man so give me the lead on what type of girls you guys like it. Girls. Too okay what about you girls. Oh why. Bring. A white girl homie I'm imaginable, kind of angry still why, is that what would you do she's just slap you in your head back twice yeah cuz the car cookstove II enjoyed chicken and why were you saying like you put the chicken on the table you say how do I make that to go I don't know what. The. Black, girls are always very so, we always go most of them like. But. Not the speaker. When they're dead from you get. It's. A weird situation like, life for me personally girls, are girls right don't, give a fuck you black white, if. You if you green you probably got like AIDS or something so I I care if you're green I get a fuck away from me but, obviously, now from where I came come, from night. I. Can't, even say too much I can't say too much, is there any race that you guys wouldn't. Be. Stinking. From. Indian. People not Asian people I can, assure you they don't stick where is this this rumor coming from man now, cuz when they walk passive is mine curry firm no. No, it's, time for me to put my foot down come, back on camera it's time for me to put my foot down on this bullshit I don't get people who be saying Oh agency. Curry in DC curry curry, is a staple dish, in every single culture black. People in curry why, people occurring as a people occurring trans people encourage everybody. I. Don't get the joke the joke don't makes an error by the ekari were you from Portugal. Okay. Yeah. A fucking, Mountain where you from Zim. Fuck. You like your, fucking life. Hey mr.. Boyk again, anyway. What, do you prefer, oh sorry what rates do you prefer black. Flag, goes. This. Guy a black. Guy who actually likes black sisters, as well so, what makes you chief black girls are the only other race that you could possibly have obviously. It's, better to have someone from your, race I think so sometimes. I've, dated a girl I didn't even understand, what you're saying but sometimes, you, say things behind your back and stuff, like that so like I'm gonna understand, it, maybe even speak African. Language you that prefer that. Zimbabwe. Sweet. One from Zimmer's walk to. You if you're watching I ain't got a name no names but, black, girls are black Queens and that's why I love my black honey's but, why, not white girls or any other type of race proper, white girls no disrespect, I think they, don't have manners ruff he can't even discipline. Them don't, tell you also you need to discipline, your girl. But. You know you can't. Really discipline. Them but at least a black girl it's, called respect, and she can do some stuff bro you, can do some stuff yeah. I've. Been around girls in one of five boys, and girls for no reason. Oh. My. God you can see yourself. Okay. What's your. Taking. Back what's. Your name I'm not saying I'm not sayin. Hey, what's your name. What's. Your name again language. We. Shit nobody cares. What. Raise the boys you guys like to take. Baskins. And my skin. Okay. What, about you was. Because do. You saw her finish chicken. There's. No any, load eating, more chicken what the hell's the point. You. Know me. F okay and Jessie and she went to are more since this morning they bought some chicken from the deli area.

And. Jessie made me eat it, I promise, you I can feel that she cooking in my stomach oh now I can hear more coming out my fucking belly done, that for my sake, you would've done it for money yeah I did, it for free and now I need to shit is. Crazy what, about you. And, what about me the Veda. Racist. What's your name my, relevant. It's a fun Beckenham, nobody. Cares anyhow. Anyway, we hold our wages why. Is you 15. Well, you're you in 10. Anyhow, Aiko nice and simple though I'll raise the boys you like to a date and. Stuff. Ok, ok go on to something here why. Okay. So how, would you want a guy to move to you though one of these Blix grace or black guys just, don't like you in the moist you, don't like just, like I like me to me to me naturally okay so any, of you let's take him. She. Just curved all y'all niggas at once, anyhow. Though is, there any race that you wouldn't think why, why. Attractive. White, cause. The night rapid death. Why. That. You said he never loved me I'm, making, oh so lovely I used to kick it with the girl Queenie she know she can't stand me my wallet fat and I talk about calories. Through. The cane -. Game. -. The game.

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And yall peng tho


+east africana and who claims to have arab descendants? you guys would die to be arab so according to you we are your superior

+east africana Its Ethiopian you retard. All somalians told me that it was copied from us. I also hope you realise that that this out of yemen migration is a myth

+Henok Hailu go back to yemen abeed alien

+Henok Hailu lmaoo sit down its somali. Somalis were first in africa lmao

Lets talk on Facebook

Babatundeh Oluwafemi Olajenti Small black dicks you mean that would be sbd


Esther tutu ive suscribed to your youtube chael now

Yo that’s my cousin on the left 14:44

How can darcell at 10:00 say that grey tings are dun out and violate them like he’s peng himself, fam you’re dun out ugly prestige boy

Ima lightskin, shout out to lightskins☝️☝️☝️personally I think white girls are dun out they smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol n shit. Black girls are too crazyyy and loud. Lightskins are the tings fam


19:55 - just a confirmation that the white race is soon to die out, I'm a white guy and I'm now considering myself as a precious and special person

Leeds gang 0113 ting

The first two girls aren’t gonna get any white boys

c4mss Then, they are not Lightskin but just Mixed race folks. Lightskin is a term used for a lightskin black person from a mixed background they can be mixed raise or just from a mixed background . You must be dumb because Barack Obama was classified as a black American president for years

EliMin no they’re mixed they arnt black they’re mixed I don’t think that counts as black

c4mss They still black tf

EliMin mixed

What is the hoodie

I'm told NOT to view you as being BLACK but you view ME as being white. That's INVERTED racism.


Need to verify for myself

A bit racist ngl

og smackz2 of course come on and verify it then

Thank u for the ghanaians



How many women told you to fuck off you weirdo?

That girl at 2:36 used to go to my primary and now goes to the same high school I am going to lol what is life

First guy in intro goes to my school

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