What Makes an eCommerce Business Click? | eCommerce Marketing Strategy 2018 | Simplilearn

What Makes an eCommerce Business Click? | eCommerce Marketing Strategy 2018 | Simplilearn

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Hello. And welcome everyone to, today's webinar on, what, makes an e-commerce, business click if, you manage an e-commerce business digital, marketing is your bread and butter and while the basics of marketing may never, seem to change your, market, and the digital economy are always evolving as other. Ways the consumers, behave online what, makes them tick and what makes. Them click today's webinar, we're, going to be joining that one but two e-commerce, digital, marketing powerhouses, Jeff Ferguson, the CEO and founder of Fang digital, marketing and Peter, leaver CEO of prime view they're going to be sharing the latest research and recommendations, on the current ecommerce market, how, online, businesses, are doing and what's working and what's, not they'll also learn the role that digital, marketing, plays and how. You can use that in any of your e-commerce business objectives, so our guest today is Jeff, Ferguson, we have two guests Jeff as the first one is a CEO and the founder of bang marketing. Specializing. In search engine, display social, mobile, marketing, and more with over 20 years of online marketing experience Jeff, has led the online marketing efforts for companies. Such as Hilton, Hotels Kimberly, Clark Interactive, Corp Experian, and Napster. We. Also are honored to have theater, Leafers a CEO, and the founder of prime view an, award-winning, web design agency and that's, considered as a leading authority on online, marketing and business solutions, across the state of Arizona with, Peter the helm prime view has provided. Startups, and fortune 500, companies alike with online solutions, to meet their business needs over, 20 years of experience in the web industry he. Advocates for the implementation of data-driven. Strategies to. Reduce tangel. Results, and you. Get to hear those. Recommendations. For free today, so, welcome. Again Jeff, and welcome, to you too Peter two-hour webinar, thanks. A bunch and always, really, a pleasure to work with you guys and everybody over it over. I'm view over. At assembly rather and we looking, forward, to this presentation, today, I've. Had the pleasure of knowing Peter Fleur oh well over a decade at this point on Peter. And I actually met when, I was speaking at a conference in London and. Quite. Famously stood up after the Michelle, and it. Was kind of like heckling me from the back, about. Some specific, questions and I they, only thing out for a beer afterwards and I'd answer everything you wanted to do and then, we became best, friends since. Then. I'm. Going to let Peter. Kind of take most of the wheel today and you'll you'll hear me kinda come in on some specific, promotional. Type. Information and, kind. Of add some color to some of the things because we obviously, worked in e-commerce for over. 20 years at this point and. Also want to mention that you'll, see in the beginning of slide Peter, has assembled some just fantastic. Statistics, about e-commerce, and, its growth and things like that and. We. Put those in there for a really specific reasons, not necessarily. To kind of sell you on the concept, of e-commerce but. Because we feel it actually comes, in handy when you, were trying to sell ecommerce, maybe, up the channel, that or why you you, know you need to get budget away from another project or you, know why these become more important, II um they're great little tidbits of information that. You basically say this is the reason why we have to get, tackle stuff right now if, they don't know that already so with. That in mind I'm going to go ahead in this over to Peter and we'll. Get started makes. Much JEP I appreciate that so uh lots.

Of Information to discuss today so I'll, try, to be brief. And again and maybe we can ask questions as we go again. Presentation. So, obviously. It's growing we, started, our company in the 1990s. W is like 40 million users now. 287. Million users, that's in the u.s. I actually, don't think the only people that don't have you come to the internet access are going to be you know my five-year-old son and, a, few other people who are 80, plus even though my grandmother I'm still ad so, that's, obviously growing, and it's becoming more ubiquitous in our daily, lives so, but, having seen that kind, of get us a viewpoint of housing, moving, along and nowadays. Like you. Know the growth of e-commerce is, with 18,000, percent, when. We started with, 2.4. Billion dollars and, as of this year it's a four to forty billion dollars of transacted, online that's in the US China, is something like 600. Day so. This is obviously a huge and growing area. Then you can address the, next slide up to the points, that existed, a Segway Jeff, you know how the richest man in the world in, the country is right now, no. Peter Drummey Jeff, Bezos the, owner of a Nevada ironic. So as an e-commerce guy I'm very excited that another on this guy is, kind. Of written the top so it's just fascinating to watch that so when, you're looking at trends, clearly, you know Bill Gates was the guy from for a long time to get you you know a software, empire now ecommerce, that's incoming is ribs in that capacity so. You. Can see that there's skews it's kind of the way things are on this. Slide is an interesting fact, so 13%. Ball a, retail. That retail. Like which is that all of the physical. Transactions, and goods are actually done online so, that's about it's, about a three trillion dollar marketplace, in terms of retail and the. E-commerce. Is only at 13% so there's a huge growth opportunity we. See that growing to 17%. The future which, looks, which adds another eighty, billion dollars in, terms of growth, of how people are going to start using, their phones and stuff like that so again, ecommerce, as a capacity. As a. Service, is growing, dramatically. On, media, and here's a huge example, so that business is flowing, from companies, to like Amazon's, of the world of Walmart, is trying to get back and game disagree, but I mean like like my first job was with RadioShack, talk about a company that's no longer you, know that kind of missed the whole boat of completely. Got washed out by them by that thing and that you've seen like Sears. And. This is a good UX kind of conversation, but I mean they're no longer they used to be a strong, brand but they're just in, terms of their mobile experience, and their whether they look like that they just missed. The game a company, has had a strong comeback and X passing, the destinations. And a lot more engagement. On, with, products and customer ISM as posting, some stronger results, JC. Penney's we'll see how that goes but these are you know these. Are companies, that are announcing. Store closures, and trying, to reduce the size that they can stay irrelevant more online it, will be anywhere kind of them right yeah and it didn't like, to that point like one of the things I respond. That's really interesting here is if you think about it if you think about like the history of like retail especially, in the United States both.

JCPenney. And Sears got their start off as like a catalog, company you. Know it's just a classic no. Mail it to your house and do whatever it is I mean dated they were really kind of like the early foundations. Of that type of business, before. They actually had the brick-and-mortar kind. Of stores so, it's almost like they forgot, to go back to the roots when, that type of business, took back over and they, should, have been able to pivot a lot faster, but they just didn't move quickly. Enough right. Yeah, that's, what we have the Chinese till bankruptcies in 2017. That's you know something. Like eighty billion, dollars of, market, share revenues, they had is gone it switched over to e-commerce and Amazon, and their competitors so. Trends. For 2018. These are things you should be aware of as you're designing your website as, you're doing things about marketing and stuff like that so the, first thing is like more than three-quarters, of online shoppers would like how to order ship the same day so if you live in a major city right now Amazon. Does aqua see three shipping and we're seeing vendor two starting off that but certainly, having your products, close to your customers where they can interact with it it's going to be a is, a driving of consideration, for how. How. Fast or how much the woman's engage with so, you. Know logistics. Is really coming in critical it can make critical component, about how these things work the, almost. Two-thirds of customers would like to receive you know if they can get it within the hours and I think Amazon Prime, is offering the like a couple, hour delivery, definitely. Have it where you're at but they're storing, the role that announced Olympians, domain. You, know maybe, so much more engaging subset where that's good, yeah, out here know Los Angeles we've got that on that, type of level and we're. Even see they started to see some really interesting experiments. Not just with Amazon but even with. Some of the other big players in the area like, Walmart of those dimensions is trying to get back and do it they're doing a pretty good job and. One of the ways that they're trying to like sift themself apart a little bit is is like how that delivery, happens to. The point to where you can, even get really specific directions, as far as like actually like letting, them into your house so that groceries, get delivered in a really specific way or, nice. Change, out to make a difference either keep something this evolution from the evolution, kind of thing to where it's moving beyond just like how quick you can get it but, and like how customized, that can be you. Know one day they've, been talked about the idea that you know not only will they come in the house but you know it's like if it's food it's right in refrigerator, it's just very ready, for you when you get home not quite ready to have some small marble and house it but. For. Kids or that is the latest when they have it some. Of the car companies will and I can have access to your trunk or something like that yeah no. I don't need some hacker to be able to get yeah but, anyway that's, definitely the time to go wrong once to the noble ever do it again right. But it's China no which is obviously, a higher, distribution place, to these these you know the logistics that we're developing in the US are have already been done is they, have such high density, populations. So people, are linked before, they come home they're mobile, device and they'll have groceries, delivered like, that neck without the, exciting stuff okay so making a trend so uh to. Them but this is an interesting stat so mobile running, commerce study by so consumers, depend on mobile phones your research products more loud than ever to, make purchases and get even more vital investments, so the, bottom line for this is. People. Typically have by here like an exam was Jeff, post some he posted something about his cool uh. Refrigerator. The cooler that had wheels and, stereo and all kinds of other stuff and I went of course to look online to see what the device was where I get it um you, know all that kind of stuff so what's, going on is people, are hearing about things either through, their social, social, areas through magazines. To, print or even walking through stories and using, their mobile devices to go find out research more about products, so the mobile footprint, that you have is influencing. People's. Purchasing whether. It's print whether it's a physical. Product in a visible store your. Desktop, experience, or even. Even the you know your mobile e-commerce site but that is having coupons. And we see that to grow even more in the next couple years so you.

Know This is a 2016. That we think it's going to be at least one point five trillion, dollars. In. The next year. It not to trend. In 2018. So local, it is kind of an interesting one it's, a little more it's not quite here yet but. You. Know local, commerce delivery, versus drones, this. An explication I don't think it's going to be accurate but they said 16,000, commercial drones in use by 2018. I think we're still on the cutting edge you're trying to forget it out most, people are concerned about you know having a drone drop in the full current. Under our, roof or whatever so we're not quite there yet but there. Is a significant. Cost savings, like a 60 percent cost savings if, they can figure out how to use the drones the last mile so you can imagine that the big companies are looking at saving you know hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars but using drones they're, going to be trying, to figure that out any. Way they can and I wouldn't be surprised if we see that in action at least next clears voice. Voice command shopping I'm sure you guys have heard about all the stories of the you. Know the kid that actually ordered their favorite doll house and had a $60. $60. Dial he'll show up at their front desk because their parents been disabled. Online, purchasing, that, is a big, deal companies, are spending lots of money to be able to integrate with my residents stuff recently, but integrate with you. Know with the Amazon. The series, stuff. Like that I mean our house we've got series, Amazon. And Google. Voice Google's. Google application, also you know adds a voice, tool and comes. To trying to figure out how you can integrate with those, tools is to go say bye-bye. Tell, me some more clips I mean more of this but we see that growing, significantly. The. Next couple years animation, community, e-commerce like you want to be looking, at that tool and figuring, out how to how. You can use it how to impact, your business these, from a competitive perspective yeah actually think this is I think that's going to be one of the next big battle, grounds, that you're going to see on, how that all comes together biz you've, got companies like Amazon, and Google that. Have done this this great groundwork, but making sure that, got out and and widely, dispersed and they're cheap and people. Love them and they're, doing a lot of like fun tricks with them like listening to music or you know having to tell jokes and a few other things and you know as you mentioned there there are you know some, things where you can order things when they've gotten people in a certain habit where they can kind of yell and say hey you know ordered me paper towels and do whatever it is but, one of the really interesting things is is that. When. You've got a marketplace, that we are start asking for generic, products like that we're asking for paper towels or toilet paper or whatever it is you'll. Notice it would end especially that they. Will default, to sending you like the Amazon basics kind. Of brand in. That instance, because those are the ones that are right there and, I think when you're you'll see as far as like the next, big like not necessarily fight but one of the ways that Amazon will probably help themselves make money is, the idea of instead. Of doing it from like a strict, you know CPC. Kind of battle like you did with Adwords what it is is you'll, have brands, that are vying for who. Gets to show up as the default setting, in. That time when there's not the default setting being and I think that's something like yet another way that Amazon, make money on in, the kind of in the voice search type, of space and. I think Google will, get to that next as well and it like right now you know you can you can kind of experiment with. Like. Voice commands and things which is up in voice search results, or whatever it is but there's no specific way to get there um, and I think you'll that's, that's next it's just a matter of like how, can they actually like monetize, that network never take money to make it all work absolutely, so that is definitely next big thing on the scene, one, of the other areas that we think is really, big at not, so much it next thing but really a powerful, thing in 2018, is basically, chat box right chat, box is a little box to dump them onto, the screen and your visit website you'll see them usually on, the bottom part I almost have to consumers list live chat is the third way to connect, right and about the same number saying that they would they, would buy each other so what, that does I mean you. Know from the consumers perspective they, don't have to call sales guy they don't have to go dig through it FAQ, they, don't have to do you, know send an email and hope it gets answered they can get their information right, there and so, we're, seeing that stretch. Into not only business hours but 20, 24/7.

Mike, Cases, and it does as the, percentage, increased conversions, or standards, recommendation, customers you know if you can have a chap on your website you should definitely do that and nowadays you, see, the easier to automate, those things or to build a list of the same FAQ. Or whatever they have so again, the. Cell reclamation, recommendation, everybody is if you have a site add a chatbot, box. Have, some internal staff or external, staff support. People do it but, it does make, a big difference in sales, on our sales conversion, yeah it's kind of remarkable to see how that's grown, like a or out and how quickly as then as far as technology goes because I remember when you first started to see that it was it was a real pain in the neck to implement, and now, it's, you know you throw a few lines of code up in your site like, you do like so many other things with with web and locations and it's, got an easy and, now I've even seen, there's. A couple companies throughout they're competing in this space that are kind, of reaching into the the other kind, of like the messaging, space to. Where you can get those box integrated, as well like with Facebook, Messenger and a few others where they release. You set up and. It's. Really remarkable, if you think about it just how quickly, it's, made it so, you. Know drag, and drop you know a lot of the box kind of solutions, that do were something, before we used edit you know had to bring in six programmers, to implement, it now it's just yeah Kolani, code in a $19, application. Imagine, a little joke it's. Pretty inexpensive, okay. Tweet three. Key building, blocks of a successful, e-commerce site so these are three kind of you know critical, components and we'll go over some suggested, you know something like the top like, suggestions, we have was but let's, go with the first one but, music, experience, so sweetie steam companies spend tons of money on advertising to, get people to website, and then that website sucks, okay the user experience is horrible, uh you. Know somebody. Can't get around with it the content, on the website is not engaging stuff, like that so if, you are in the business to make money to baby to commerce then you want to have quality content and you actually configure them in the moment in short, an, e-commerce site you've got it you know have it engaging for, them that's going to help us you know then. Basically you want to make sure they experience, is pleasing. For the customers there's a site load, quickly I find, the, navigation when. I'm looking for via navigation. Is a checkout process cumbersome. Or Kinetoscope. Clicks through really quickly but one, of the things that I mean way. To have a, applique. Like, to be able to assume, in a website that had that enabled and we actually enabled, it for some other customers, where, literally you go through you click on the item you don't have to type in your name mission, use ad your thumbs the bottom of the phone and going, to transact that may be a little bit too easy for my wife I think but for, for. Their overall end. Users perspective I'm not trying to on a small screen type in my name and my phone number in my credit cards up like that so it really needs elements. With that with paypal and on all these things are making it much easier to search to buy. New. Things in mobile and say you know to to, make it make, that experience even smooth. Jeff. In terms of e-commerce or content need any, kind of input you monster well, this was you know just like ten minutes it's a been addition comp Dayton, eight and eight. The. People they can can keep it marking up it didn't revolve.

Is It I think it just cause more confusion that, it, really helps anybody, because. In reality like it you know anything this is really content when it comes to your website it could be blogs you could do product descriptions, it could be a fake use it could be whatever and. I think, you. Know one of the big, discussions, we've had with so many of our clients lately, when we comes, to talking about content that lives on their website is. Like what it could actually be and. Over. And over all day to keep defaulting, this idea that it's you know do we have to start a blog do we have to have this thing and we actually, talked more people out. Of blogging than we do into it these days because. There's so many different. Kinds of different that like industry. Types and things that we deal with where, you go like look nobody wants to read a blog about like, what you guys do it's not something where you you know you've got that kind of cadence it's, not a regular recurring thing where people are going to check into it on a regular basis, however, um you, know when you think about it in the grand scheme of things and you know and why you're presenting that content and you know and what it serves as you know as, far as like actually describing your products or describing. Your company or your service or or how these things actually help things it all comes down to this this kind of calm that almost ties back into search every. Time and. You're not necessarily doing it for search you're doing it for your customers, and for your potential customers but, like search loves it which is you know another planet-- bonus to it but it becomes a matter of like really creating, content with the idea of like answering questions about. What you can do to actually solve these things and and so that's what was in like a you know epic, use felt a lot of frequently. Asked questions. For. Google there but, actually big they're big, embolisms. Wonder they're just great pop their victims for informations, that. Answer. These questions that helps people decisions. Of you or product and service but. Like I said search also boards it's, one things we're back, from the standpoint of like when you're looking in Google for. Releases, of a query about like your industry in general or your product in general and if you're the one that's actually has got a page that's dedicated to, answering that specific, query then. You're in the money pit already, found to thing goes with you know with the we, talked about full research and a few other things that are coming through that's how these things finally like come together and you could you know if you think of it at that standpoint and kind of get out of your head with the idea of like hey look I've got to have a blog and kind of go out there and pontificate, about you know like my theories forever where the industry is going just, skip, it the people, get investors from these days go, more for things that were you actually like helping sell your product in an indirect, kind of standpoint. Be on, be. A guide for potential. Customers and they'll, remember you and they'll come back and it's you know again it helps with search it helps with you know a variety of the things that you can use you, can end up using this in you. Know social media campaigns, where you're using storytelling, there's, so many great things you can do but think it all the way through and again think of it from the standpoint of like how you can actually introduce your business how you can provide answers all these things come in a variety of topics even you know isn't specifically, about you maybe it's about the industries.

As Well in general or whatever this but there's there's plenty of ways to go without actually being like a specific blog god get. Them wrap them back into the user, experience aspect. Of it so the content, reinforces. And shouldn't direct all the visual experience that, content. Of innovation, and all that process, of it so it's really a part, and parcel a little bit really, important aspect of like how do you make those visuals, pop now they say so. And then one things you'd last me get remember are the user experience that's it's not desktop I mean nowadays like, sixty seventy percent of our traffic is mobile so you've, got to make sure that they music experience from the you, know iPhone six the Android you know eight, or whatever were you looking at and the desktop are all consistent, and we need to work with them if you spend time making, those things work, right then you're going to generate you'll retain more customers, you will convert more customers you'll, do your. Create a buzz button yeah and those of you that came to my last presentation that was on like the the coming kind of mobile first index which section it's not coming it's here already but the thing, you, know those that concept that was now looking at your your mobile versions, of your site as. It's from form of index so just you know start. With you know mobile start with mobile in mind because that's just where everybody. Is really doing and then just not you should ignore desktop, but. Keep that you know people in mind don't make it something where you just come to it later and said oh we probably should do this I mean start there yet. Will pick it out and and you'll be with. Accident. Its, next one okay. Building. Trust this is one of the most critical, parts of the website so how many people I see amazing. Designs, of websites, look beautiful and stuff like that but then they, skip, this one part which is how do I know you're legit how many interesting, so so. They're losing business because they're not kind of keeping the dumbest one so I was well because six different points, of one, is company's mission like how do I know, how old of the company you have like an email address and, your phone numbers look like that so that I tip I'm concerned, about it can get back to you so, the company information is important, kind of a telling the story about what the vision, is those things help terms, of building, to a return, policy again, one the reason the amazons kind of outdone a lot of you know the Walmart supply that is really, easy. To send stuff back so you, know the other day I have bought some large, product, videos, again with, humidifier. Or whatever it was it didn't work right it was a pain and I was able to put it back in a box and drop them off and lose population money, so. The. Easier, that people understand the return policy is more, clear it is the more human, friendly it is the, better you're going to convert, a privacy.

Policy This, is like even more Quentin Center with the European. GDP, are which is their policy, mission, really. Have to tell people like how you're collecting, information, you. Know what are you going to do with it are you selling it to 13 other you know friends and cohorts, or can I trust that you're not Facebook if you're not selling video and, their system but customer. Reviews you will talk about this this is probably one of the biggest one of the second biggest items online eighty-eight percent of customers trust online reviews as, much as a personal, recommendation, so again, if you're doing shopping one of the things we'll look at is the route number reviews and, this is one of the things I tend to look at for the site if a site has the, product has it is similar the same they look good anchor you can't tell difference one has more positive reviews or the other one unlikely, to buy the one that has more positive reviews so on, your website, and your e-commerce systems, need. To actively, solicit, their customers to get reviews um they, have it on other other website see if you can borrow it or use, those other content, content but soliciting, and requesting customer reviews is a great, way to drive closure it's calling you to more impactful, Venice um trust, icon, these are seals badges, logos you, know how long has it been in business are. You insured, under, XYZ, you, take know Europe, your, license. With go to Arabic using Amazon, or Google or, whatever the more you can establish some kind, of trust icons will see quickly in the presentation. Process but more likely or the customers, will work with you and feel comfortable enough to actually you. Know give business lastly SSL, this is kind of a given this is a little security certificate, on the website if, you don't have one nowadays, just. A requirement, I'm not going to touch into it do too much with that an, SSL is required to us also the really have any intelligent let the get it okay marketing promotion this, is an area obviously you might, affect Jeff wanted to leave, mark work with these things you know at the most absolutely. So yeah so when it comes to this one as you can't you, can't skip this level right so it's, there's. So many companies we run into on, a regular basis where, they've. Done, so much great effort into a show like just creating. These these gorgeous looking websites on you, know maybe they followed all the great advice with Peter share so so, far as far as like building sites with trust and always great things to it on and, then they just think that the fact that they put, the store up is. Going to make all the difference in the world right under they just think that you know it's. Like hey it's fantastic, people will just find it it's, a good way to do it and, all these other kind of things I'm oh but talking about just become like, secondary, weird kind of actions where there you go we need to do those kind of things and and, companies. Have been like, you know made. Or lost based, on on not exit eight participating these types of activities so, you. Know start with branding on a identity, you actually like you need it you actually need to spend this type of effort into it and, this is one of those things where it's, so much easier these, days to. Actually like have somebody create, these things do it you, know obviously bad great companies like like. Peters that it can kind of help you down this direction when, it comes to how these things get together with the overall website design but even if you want to take a step back and really, look at it from like an overall. Decision. Like what your things are going to be it's, so much more than metal logo it so it's a look it's a feel it's it's, a brand voice it's a bunch of other things that you actually need to put together and they've, got really great, companies that can do these things for you to, make it really easy we're. A big fan of actually, using 99designs. Believe it or not as a company, they've got these these great kind of identity packages, that they can put together for you where. It will not just be the logo but they'll actually take all these other steps did design everything from like you, know if you need to stationery or your business cards.

Presentation. The whole thing where it's nice and concise package, that it gets it done that's. One quick easy way to kind of do these things where it's not too expensive, but, even then you've got you know some old-school organizations. That will step in and help you do these things like oh my god like like. Yeah like you guys likes. Office or write of things so there's there's so many sources that can take you down this road and we can really discuss it and try and get things a point the. Idea that you you know to have like a crappy, logo like anymore just doesn't there's no excuse for that take. The moment make you put your effort and it is make sure it really kind of tells you know who these things are it can, be done if. I can configure, that for you to running. And then and excitedly is why, it's important basically leave the logo get how, relevant, your site is to your customer how, books does have an impact of trust right so if you have something that's looking world, and current touring some of the current features and stuff like that people more likely to trust you as being somebody that can deliver their service and deliver the results that we want that you want you know you're, trying to provide and, ones that don't you know they have old-style stuff old you know the logos, and fonts or all the wrong type or not consistent, and stuff like that that impacts. Of credibility in that super so that's, an, important aspect of yeah we've got, so many customers, that we run into with a you know maybe they've you, know they've had it for a while and if they've existed for a while like there was a company. We deal with a bit dealt with education. For actors and things like that recently were they on they. You know they've got this great businesses, they built were you know people are actually are using the website and they're, you, know and they're coming to these seminars that they throw and all these kind of things and the website was just awful right him it was it was something, looked like it was just fresh out of the 90s and you. Know it was built on geo spaces, or something like that and it's. I've never like, I was raising and by the first thing out of my mouth was like look I don't want to be too insulting, but it's amazing, you guys are doing, so well yeah like how much better you could do if. You took the effort into it and had somebody really, like, go the extra mile lines things and oftentimes, they've you know well the reason speed and I suppose is we're easily will, like recommend, us as you should really go talk to these my friends over time for you first to actually give these things cleaned up and get it in the area and. Then you know meanwhile we can write sure your bigger plan for promoting, these things and everything so anyway, that that kind of brings us to the next step which is social, media this. Is one of the things we just you can't escape it anymore it's everywhere there's. A variety different platforms. You can you can start on here on you, know we always tell people make sure you look at those that are actually you. Know where your audience is it's. Still a form of media plan and the, great thing about media plan is the idea of like finding your target audience, and, where they kind of hang out first, or rather than just doing things because that's the approach, any things are going on right now so. You know if you're dealing with a slightly older audience or, were you, know so many different directions you, probably, don't need to be up on snapchat but. If you've got you, know different, business. Kind of running, type of things you know you can look into things like LinkedIn you can look into Twitter you. Can still look into Facebook because there's plenty of people that are that are up there being oh everybody's on these things so there's, ways to actually do these things and then, you know you, need to do it from like both sides of the equation just both from the organic side of it where you're just posting and interacting, and you, know making it kind of like a community for both. Your existing and potential customers and then you, also you know anymore you're going to have to pay for it a little bit there's going to have to be at least some form of advertising, and. You'll be thankful that you actually dig into it because the the targeting powers and what, you can actually do with these things and how it integrates with the rest of your content and everything that you're doing is, amazing, these days that they. Can do and how to actually introduce people with customers it's just a glorious way of working. Things and, yeah. It's, definitely it's, something you can't escape anymore. What. It comes to yeah doesn't. Say social media on that side things to you, know so I tell the customers like you know these platforms, spending you know it, was $19, on whatsapp so for the reason they're doing this noting that because they love everybody but because they if, they can build a organic, saga piece to certain volume then they start cutting back on the event the, organic, exposure that used to have your post now, becomes paid so before, we did one post to add like a social, media reach of like nineteen ninety, thousand, people in one day there's no way now yep, so you know a good you know you're, spending money to get that exposure on social media so if you're thinking of social media is organic, it's, good sorry but you've got to be paid absolutely.

Pay To put on that kind of brings us the spigot of organic that brings us search engine optimization, and the. This, is another one where something. You just, kind of have to think of like right out of the box that. Kind of concept a word kind of like hey let's get the website on we'll worry about the stuff later, it'll. It'll easily cost you more it'll be more effort later on it's something you have to think of like from the get-go but. The cool thing about it and in a any of you have ever heard me speak before an SEO or where you see mates conferences, or whatever it is you. Know SEO, in reality, is a collection, of, marketing. And site development best practices that. You should be doing anyway because, it's, you know it's 2018. And you own a website right, this it isn't something where you, to look at it as some type of guru or, some type of magic, or whatever it is it's, really just great, marketing, and it's great site development, you know and if you're working with over on the right partner when it comes actually building your website they'll, make sure that the technical side of things where they sometimes they call on-page, aspects. Of it will be right from the get-go they'll make sure you'll have those title tags your Meta Description tags, and we place all, those other kind of like schema type things that you really need to have in a place will be there from the get-go on if, they don't do those kind of things that they look at is something where they. Consider that out, of scope or if they try to to try to extra, or whatever it is get. A really leery of working with companies like that because it's something that just should be built from the right but it's just the right thing to do and. Then when it comes to the other aspects, of it when it comes to like content, and and, link building and whatever they're there again. This this gets sold with some kind of mystifying, thing but in reality the. Content, need developer your website if you've kind of followed my earlier advice about making sure that you're answering questions or they're really descriptive and that you're providing, great, information, about your products services most. Of the heavy lifting will get done for you when it comes to you, know the the, SEO side of things because you're actually like writing great content there's. You know extra little steps you can take to make sure that you're really speaking well to your target audience and, that's where doing things like keyword research will come in handy but. Any more like, Google and the rest of them have gotten so smart with it that if you're even just close they will take the extra mile and actually get you get you there, and. Then link building you know they're all all, the search engines have caught on to like the shady ways that people used to do link building right. Online the, best the best way to do things thing is really kind of look at it from if like a public relations standpoint and again it's just a good marketing practice that you're just out there getting coverage for your business and that, could be you know that you're you know the, classics, like making sure that you're in all the you, know the old yellow page type services, that are out there for. Different businesses but, if, you're a national, brand you still need to do those things and go the step further because, you still need to get reviews you need to you still need to get people to talk about you you still need to go as things that are doing that are class like public relations style things and. In these modern day and age those things create the best kind of links that'll help you so like these things all wrap together it's just part of it all marketing plan the, end up helping seo seo sides. Of things and you don't have to think about difference. And. Then with. Mobile you. Know i'm going to give this back to Peter but I do want to again just reiterate an earlier point on this one which is the idea that you. Know mobile, isn't a strategy, right it is something that where you look at is kind of like we say hey look what's our mobile strategy how we're going to do things Mobile is just a way of life now there's no way to escape it, majority.

People Are using it it's just inner woman in anything if anybody, tries to give you like a plan or. They try and build a website whatever in mobile just isn't included and. There is just a stand de facto kind of like as standard for how these things work again, be really leery out the way they work because it's just the way people work these days look at your own usage. For everyday usage for how you use things would have just realized how much you're on your phone that's, the rest of the world so. Yeah Peters, probably got some more tips on that one oh yeah. On, the mobile side of things I'm getting so you know, obviously one of the biggest things that Google, is looking at and sort of our customers, is speed you know I'm. Sure because. Mobile, can be you. Know with a one bar or to Mars or whatever the case speed. Is one of those really important, inspector, this most important, aspects of site overall site design so we really work with customers to make sure that they're you. Know aside from the user, experience and all that other stuff but you know that it's optimized, or you, know crisper speed or engagement. People can use you know what fat thumbs can find stuff without having to go you know doing a hardcore searches on and stuff like that so optimization. That cool is key element and I'm, the kind of roll person getting, close on time but on reputation management again, that really going, to discuss. That that really kind of focuses, back to what people are saying about you with the brand experiences, the, reviews that you have you know all those things that are really important and also listening to the town or tonality of what in what your customers experiences of so you can intervene, when necessary and, also share with them about you. Know the benefits and aspects of working yeah. Again. This is one of those just classic, reputation, manages one of those classic, things where it's, integrated into something new for the like the Internet age but, it's customer service people, right, that's really where it comes down to it you're out there you needed keeps your that.

Everybody's Happy out there that nobody's like talking, swag about you on the open beyond, this is just the way that business is done these days you can't ignore it and. You know the more you start to promote yourself the, more people are going to see you and the more people are going to comment you have to get involved, you have to do things up and one last again, like free tidbit on this one when, it comes to the word reputation, management there are a ton of companies out there that are so on this is a service and. Again if they're big strategies, out there is actually just to create a bunch of like hokey content, just to push down the rest of that like, your bad reviews or whatever it is just run, screaming away that's actually not the way to do it there's better ways to do these things it's going to take a little bit more work but. In reality will serve you in the long run so these are some fun case studies, that we, put together just, getting quick stories about customers of mindset because. Enjoyment. With Ndoye had some success that might, be relevant for people so, cookies. From home is a 36, year old, client. Basically they basically obviously. There were some cookies, not from the house obviously but it's a small it's a small like, mini factory, of something when we first came to them they had no they, came to us and they had no mobile website at all they were you know hit, it they were complaining about the website winning clunky, it was just it was it. Was somebody I think put. It together and they, just didn't know what they did so subsequent, to that we've added the mobile, experience for, them we've added shipping. Options, in and out in ship nationwide, and shipping cookies, and not like shipping uh you. Know product license so heat, temperature, oil and stuff had an impact and freshness easily, so we, didn't time work. With them to create the experience for customers they could actually I get what they're looking for quickly they. Can do. Mobile you know they have Nero mobile dollars your. Mobile transaction, on to. Be on the phone and, now they've missed I think they're the forty to fifty percent in terms of, mobile.

Traffic You, know so that's the big shift from their revenue and it's made a big difference in customer experience, so they're, having a lot more just all our survey to get customers, are much more happier. Engage now, endurance. This is a really, cool high-end, fitness company, basically. They're their. Target market for that product is. A. Nutritional. Supplement or waitlist wait the three weight losses up like that so but, when they came to this they had a platform that really didn't work very well they had limited. Flexibility, we've, added to that Apple, pay we've tied to their. Warehouse. System. They. Have you, know affiliates, now before, they had no way to track with you know nobody. Can just, like Amazon nobody could actually, they. Wanted to buy something in refer friendly, they, have no way to actually figure out what the calculations. Are now they can do that website. So we've, really been able to help them change, the their, business, experience, so the website controls, all, the different aspects, of what, they're, doing for you. Know for the athletes. What they're doing for the affiliates, out of shipping products, out of color often coupons, we. Know that women too now and driven by Mac environment having, an impact in their their bottom line still. More like this is kind of a fun type if you're looking for any deals on bags or jewelry's, or whatever this company actually has a ton of those products available they. Have and they're offered at a discount which is you know I think there's secondhand in some cases the exterior also but, they're able to acquire products, but what's fun about it is they, have you know we've set it up so they can use affiliates. But they also have multiply channels, so in other words website. Is one channel but they also sell products in eBay there's. Some stuff with ft, or selling stuff and Amazon, so they. Have a variety of different we, call it omni-channel multi-channel. Environment where, their products are displayed and pushed it variety. Of different elements to get exposure in each one of those is jiff driving, in sales. To get the Hat illusion so it also impacts, the brand in the positive or grand a visible mixed, budget okay top ten actual tips to grow your business so these are ten, tips that would run through a nomination short since we'll kind of quote sometime these. Are top ones of mailing, lists when people actually have mailing lists that they don't mail to exactly, shocking policy, usually, this is a great way to de monetize, and get exposure for your business to actually reach out to customers because, it's much easier to self an existing, customer event, of you so, um. Sixty, percent of customers have, Rayland list a purchase, you know they get a email from Amazon or other companies, you know this applies think that, generates, in just that generates buzz so by, all means if, you have a mailing list you should. Monetize. It with at least a monthly. Poem. Different communal things you can do meals, like. That yeah and they just, do, and just to take this next step like, once you've got this email list, don't don't limit yourself, just the concept of using it just for emails right you've got those lists you can use them as in to make custom audiences and things like Facebook on Google AdWords. Again. So many other platforms so you can actually upload those lists into the source and actually, have these great matching, systems in place and we targeted another way I'm. A big fan of doing that because I will be the first one to tell everybody that email from great suck and we've all been convinced, that that, you know 20 to 3 percent is solid, when, in reality you. Know any other medium, where you only get that type of exposure, rate on something you would, kill it long ago it's. A good thing that email is cheap, otherwise. We probably would have stopped using a little time ago but you can actually use visit lists uploaded. Into these other platforms the, exposure rate is much higher um and you can expand, the reach of that that. List to way beyond what you're used to doing there's, all kinds of cool things you can do there that. We're actually working with implementing to do like another entire. Seminar on using this types of things so get, ready for that online. Free, shipping problems biggest reason people will abandon shopping, carts that they represented, with unexpected, results so I got a cool product I'm on a ship to my house I realized it's 44, dollars in shipping and, that's that. Um so, people so guys, this is one of the biggest ways to actually to. Kill, your businesses don't offer appreciate, the standard, nowadays but one of the things you can check is like hey, I'll get free shipping for anybody that's operating.

Quads Over $50, or some point that coupon. Is something like that that will help you move the numbers so example. Is if you have a sale for $35. But if they get free shipping at 50 people will often look for the tenant $15 different. So they can add that in and get the free shipping and now you've got instead of 100, sales of $50. You have thousand, sales assuming, when Taylor $35. You on, sales at $50. The. Price margin on that thing you can make a big difference between them so offer. Free shipping. Any different ways like that by, all means make sure it's part of the mix. Product. Reviews we talked about before I'm not going to get too deep into it and basically you, know you, want to basically a 60%, of all participants and all customers are more likely to purchase and recite the product, reviews so make, sure you have that on the side if you're offering it you have some. Available because that really is a big deal there's. A lots of great software tools to reach out to customers that have made purchases and ask them for feedback. And some things but this should be part of your mix it, will make a difference in sales promise. Techno, Niall satisfied satisfied customers. In the home base this is optional, depending on where, you're at but 90% of customers will review the community's reviews, previous. Reviews on this, statement. 80%. Of them trust online reviews of. When, considering a business so if you can add these testimonials. From different credibility, you'll see this you see a variety of look, at any website from, the service company more obviously, you, know president. CEO of X Y needs at this is great, that. Stuff adds credibility, and people when, they're more likely to believe that, with you no matter how great the website is applies. Time to find them in front of loyalty program we're. Going to award frequent, customers, encourages at one time buyers to return your store the, average conversion ratio is roughly, one to three percent when you hire one job up, but. And, a conversion role, conversion. Rate for a repeat customer is 60 to 70 percent so if you're going to sell the customer is it's better to tell the existing customer and than anyone for sure I think, it's some of the things you can do with these rewards, to get excited, again for shipping this would be things, people excited, about, points. They can exchange for, free products, so. You get you know you buy so many products. 50 points pre. This or discounts, discounts, are and exporters, early. Access to new product, lines so you've got something new coming out you. Can be the first one in, freebies. For penis a tank you, know paying a certain amount towards, you you can do over a thousand dollars in sales we're gonna give you X, Y or Z so a. Loyalty. Program is, a great, tool to incentivize. Your listing, customers, and have come back and. Have. A mic. Go. Social media social, media obviously had an impact and, all those all things lab. You. Know people. Use it as a reference what I think we covered this we throw this open but if, 75%, of people will buy something because they've seen on social media platforms so if, you're not on social media you're missing out a community. Aspect a bit a bit. Princeton. A, slide. Number seven. Make. You only unique selling, proposition, clear and prominent, so. It, makes I'm not going to find the company's unique position, in the marketplace so if you you know if you're, if. You do something we have a process, that's really your their. Company is older. Than most of your competitors you, have more experience. Expensive. Restaurant on USP, will articulate, your. Specific, benefit one of your kind of customers, don't have and want, to make you stand out so, this.

Is One of these you work with customers on to try to create it they don't have one already but this, makes a difference like why why, it's going use bang. Digital widely used to find you, these, are aspects, of like what, makes people. Want to work with you so we recommend, it as part of your own mix of the, overall definition to the front up. Some. Slide the latest one. Atom. Has it's great partners if you decide to. Partner with an advertiser asked for methods but for the sponsors, are open, rate reach CTR, other data I can't, tell you how many times we built, in, our opinion right great, looking websites, and companies choose. Markers. That they like but they have no experience they don't understand the marketplace they don't know, how. To move, the ball in the, archives. In some cases have lost money because their, marketing. Team, didn't. Have the capacity to work, with them who didn't understand their marketplace or, really. You. Know just didn't get this you, can get Japanese, more stories in that ones unless you it, means very similar, type times a minute member, olivierb present-day partners I kind of said it earlier which is that times these, these classic, considered. Businesses. May be you know they're not whistles. You know you should pay attention well. But, it gives the idea of you, gotta go where your audiences you, know fish where the fish are biting is that you could say you. Know the. Content of what you can't just. Follow things because that's the things that are doing you got to do the research you got to find out over that audience hangs out who, the people are going to interact if they were really going to you know engage with your with, your company in those environments and. Then they're really big things is is university, beast great both you know metrics. That Peter, you, know built into the slide here will I cooperate region, at CTR whatever but. No those are all what we call diagnostic metrics. In the business those are the things that actually like helps you answer bigger questions, like.

Wire Sales down or wire sales up you. Know why is the cost change whatever it is it does the real KPIs, kpi's, actually have to do with things that are actually really driving your business and, all these other things that you're getting from these are the vectors they're actually not going, to be like, your real goals just they're going to be a things that actually just help you solve your goals but. Don't get caught up too much in the wrong metrics they're really for the overall efficient and, speaking that the next slide is appropriate I think connects, the same question yeah, um reduce, excessive actors measure, success with accuracy some ecommerce is seasonal, comparing that you compared each of each year against, another. You know Porter we may not give you the exact results so we're looking for is like looking, at like one that we have customers now is soon that are already preparing for the fourth quarter sipping for holiday season most companies are actually in the process now that they're, looking at what, kind of things I want to put, it on a runs open so you, don't want to be like, you know hey, it's July, 4th you, know tomorrow which thing I should we send out a newsletter you need to be thinking about these things well, in advance, designing. For them and taking advantage of you know the strategy of being able to reach out and create these campaigns and, looking. At your traffic flow to figure out what's what's engaging most not yeah and again just, to take that a step further you know that seasonality, that the Peter talks about you, know obviously year-over-year seasonality. Is. An, easy one right you know you know that is you know when holidays come you know, you know if this person is sock or nod you know all these things in it because that's this way it is but, you know go deeper, we've, got seasonality, things that we do it that are into a month that. We see on a regular basis, that really change out we've got one of our clients that is, works. In the healthcare business, as far as you know providing you, know supplies, for left home healthcare types. Of things in we've noticed after, having them for about three months now where, we can see like an intra much seasonality, that, is to, be tied to things like when people are getting their their checks for. Like Medicare, or for Social Security or things like that on a regular basis, because, they had to have to save up and make sure they've got the cash that you like make those purchases in those instances, it's. A completely, different ballgame so, don't you, know get to go on both a macro and a micro level, and really kind of pay attention these things and that, way you're not necessarily like freaking out when you've got like what you would, be received to be like a bad week you know that you know the last week of the month might always be a bad week there's, something the way it needs to go and then you can learn to play with things you know really good at. Agency, that's working with you will start to determine these things they'll know how to make those adjustable. So that you've got budgets, actually like it's the right types of things so and again like, again an omission is in slide eight again, make sure you're paying attention to the right metrics, here like you know if you're thinking about things like cost-per-click or just.

A Number of clicks of the number of impressions where it is you, know those, are all diagnostic. Metrics they're not really what you're going after for. Everything. That the true metrics that you should be worried about are the things that actually tie back to some, type of revenue in your company rather, than it be actually ecommerce, sales where there could be a lead it, could be anything along those lines but they're cut it's going to be something that makes you money right and, if impressions, don't actually make you money then it's not the most important thing right. It's, just, don't. Get caught up on metrics, or doing things just follow the money and you'll be way happy yep. Find. Him and bounce demanding, spot would over and under buying inventory try, to figure out how many sales you have each for and make necessary adjustments same. Thing we just talk to me basically I did one customer is a Segway not it. It is but I had one customer that he again, um was. Selling unique. Products and he, wanted. Best deal kept, wearing the best the opening so you have a pricey, blizik way out of line over everything else those, competitors that, he had all the seen majorities sitting there tied up in cash the. Type of cash tied up initially so finally was it we had, many, discussions he, was willing to bring, his print them and he was able to convert the inventory. Into cash and buy more stuff with generating, 11. So now. He's much happier because it's got a, much, smaller larger sale monthly sales versus, great. Super, high prices and stuff that they'll be fine you. Want and I want I want to point this out what problems dyslexic, everyone, just, I want to bring this one thing up where we're talking about this one so that, type of level of detail right, where you're talking about like that balancing, demand and supply dealing. With inventory things whatever those, are really like just business, decisions, right those are just just strong business, decisions, but in reality, you know like your. Advertising agency, and maybe your website design company or, whatever it is you're doing usually wouldn't get involved right, those are really things to do it but the, good ones will anyway right you know like I know Peter. And I are both been doing this forever and, we've, you know like I didn't love got my MBA Peters. Had been doing this for, long enough to where he knows. All these all the Pistons or how businesses, work all these things all work together and we're, usually more than happy to kind of give you that kind of free advice to. Really just you know help your business, run better not. Just your advertising campaigns, and not just your, e-commerce. I think users what bigger. Consults. Of things how to provide different like I say it's usually something that it is truly, above and beyond when, it comes to that type of relationship, yeah. You want to look. Inside you want to open up for any questions considering. Its close, to 60. On yeah. Well go ahead yeah we're going throw it back to Dan does I know we're we're you're almost better you're and and, we'll we'll, see what we got here but do you know like this, deck will be available, and there's some other things you're in that conclusion but for the most part we've, covered them all ready to go wonderful, yeah well thank you thank you too we, actually have a couple of questions coming in here one of which is, I'm. Just someone. Asked I'm just starting, out so. I'm. On a small shop what. Type of people do, I need to. Get this going who do I need to hire what skills are essential that. I can't do myself, job if you know I know I started, start, with this way, so. On, a small shop, so I think you want to look into you. Know it may not actually may not make sense to put all your inventory, online you're. Going to look to see what. Kind of immature you have that's relevant that's people are you know excited by what's possible. For you and then. Internet. Question you want to work with a company that has some experience in this stuff because you need to define your target market, like movies, likely to Bible and design, what. Is design your messages, or whatever it is to, put them together with that group right and, then once you have that group set up that's, where you put in, deep into tenant you can u

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