What is the Left Hand Path?

What is the Left Hand Path?

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Hello. Friends how are you my. Name is Ari farrier and today I'm going to talk about the, left-hand path, what, exactly, he said the. Reason why I'm doing this, is mostly. Because of Icelandic. Magical, steps because. Occasionally some. Of you ask me why, some of the magical steps have to be carried. On the left side of the body or why. In some, rituals. Associated with, some, magical steps you, need to draw, blood from, a body part on the left side etc and, also, I have noticed some, of my patrons, have been interested. In knowing about to, suffer which is a neo-pagan. Left-hand. Path spirituality. Based on old or Smith's, so. There is a clear idea what exactly, is the left-hand path so. I wanted to speak, a bit about it so, people might have some notions. Because. There. Are some misconceptions and. Things. Are not exactly. How the majority. Of people think they are the. Left-hand, path begins. As a classical. Way of dividing. Everything, in two sides for practical, reasons in urban, planning and then. Along the centuries it, gained, other, connotations. And remained, something, very. Much part of superstition. But. I shall develop that further, ahead. The. Point is, the. Left-hand, path is seen. As something. Evil, and quite, negative but. That's. Because people, have the tendency, to see everything. In a dualistic, perspective. Of good, and evil. Left-hand. Path and right-hand, path is a dualistic, conception. But, none of which needs to necessarily. Be entirely, evil, or good. Keep. An open mind throughout this video and I hope, you enjoy it let's. Get started. There. Is this tendency, to, see the right-hand, path as a true, spiritual. Path thwart enlightenment. Which. Isn't true left. Or right the objective, is the same to, reach greater, wisdom, higher. Consciousness, and, subsequently, illumination. Only. The way you choose, to reach, such, enlightenment. Is different. Left-hand. Paths and, right-hand. Paths are two phrases to, describe. Alternative. Religious. Movements. And spiritualities. Dealing. With the occult and the study of magic. As means. Of reaching a higher spiritual. State of existence. In. A few words the. Right-hand. Path is much more concerned, with, symbols. That represent. Perspectives. Of goodness. Concerned. With the community, the, well-being, of the group group. Meditation, or, individual. Meditation. Focused, on spiritual. Reasons often related, to, submission. To, a religious, authority, or to reach a spiritual, state equal, to a religious, figure with. The objective, to follow, the footsteps of, a, particular, spiritual, role model, as such, it's, much more concerned. With the, spiritual, sphere rather. Than the physical and the materialistic. Reality, it's. The abandonment, of our reality, in pursuit, of a spiritual. One so, it's a world denying. Perspective. Whilst. The left-hand, path is much, more individualistic. Concerned. With self, development. Self. Analysis, and self, empowerment. The. Focus, is on individualism. And free. Thought, the. Development, of one's, own, abilities. Rejecting, religious, authority and social, taboos a path, much more concerned, with the material the. Physical. Experiencing. The world and reach, a higher state of consciousness, through. The. Of. Appreciating. The pleasures, of the world so. It's a path focused. On the elevation, and centrality of the self it's, a path with a world accepting, view. The. Right-hand path and the left-hand path are labels. For two schools of magic white. Magic and black magic, respectively. But. As, I have said before I. Personally. Do not believe in, white, or black, magic. To. Me there is only power with harness through sorcery, through, our own skills and through our hard work and by focusing our mind into, the subject. We. Are the ones to give a purpose to power be, that good or bad. However. Theoretically. Speaking, we must label, white gray, and black, in order to construct boundaries, and categories, to help distinguishing. One, thing from the other but. One cannot, exist without, the other, I've, given this example before. How, can, you heal, a disease, if you don't understand, the disease itself if. You don't know how to curse all do you know how to heal, it, white. Magic is the basis of sorcery, or the. Black Arts, it's. Quite simple really if you think. In these terms every. Shadow, is derived, from brightness. Every.

Shadow, Possesses. The energy, of the light. The. Objective. Is the same, to. Reach enlightenment. But. The path you choose to do so is quite, different, some. Prefer, to follow a brighter and lighter guidance. While. Others, prefer to concentrate. On the self make. Their own path solely, trusting, in their abilities, and developing. Such abilities, through. Self-sacrifice. Free. From this admission of. Religious. Authority. But. What are the origins of the concept, of the left hand path. Let's. Find out many. Religions, and spiritualities nowadays, and the magical practices, of each are divided. Into right, and left white, and black, many. Religions, have a dualistic world view but the concept, of right and left being, good and evil, respectively, is European. Even, though for instance. Buddhism. Is considered. A right hand path. In. Many religions, there, has always been this perspective of the duality of everything, one, side being bad, and the, other being good, but. The phrases, right hand and left hand is a classical. Model brought. In, to other religions. Buddhists. Don't see themselves as being on, the right hand path and certainly. Witches, of the old world didn't. See themselves as, or. On the left hand path these. Are concepts, of the Western world because we. Europeans, have the, tendency, to label everything because. We need a certain, organized, mind structure, to, know which, is which so, we don't get. Confused and avoid mistakes. Let. Me give you an example the. Indigenous people, of New Zealand see, the right side related. To life and the, left side to death the, right side to the divine and the, left side to demons, but, this doesn't mean the, right is good and the left is bad, they, are just opposites, that complement, themselves, just, like the Chinese, philosophical. Concept. Of yin, and yang or. Pre-christian. Norse perspectives. Of order. And chaos. The. Concept, of the, right side being good and the left side being bed is. Thanks, to Europeans. Mainly. The, Romans who. Already had, a true skin', influences. And later on adopted, Christianity and, turned. Their own pagan. Perspectives. Of two sides that complement, themselves. Into. The duality, of good and, evil. Broke, my religious. Beliefs of the Middle, East. Let. Me explain the. Etruscans, were not, indigenous, groups. Of the, Italian peninsula their. Origins, remain a mystery, but, most likely they, came somewhere. From, Asia, Minor or the, Arabian, Peninsula even. Or further, east because. In their culture and religion, there, is a lot of Central. Asian, concepts. And motifs, judging. By their gods represented. By animals, and ferocious beasts, their. Religion, was. A, permanent. Conflict between, the. Forces of good and evil. So. It's not something, common from. Praise toric, Europe. The. Etruscans. Migrated. To, the Italian peninsula later. On received, Atlantic. Influences. The interpreter, anthropomorphize, Asian of their. Gods etc. The. Indigenous, peoples. Of the Italian peninsula. Adopted. The Etruscan. Culture and, religion. In, many, ways. These. Indigenous. Groups, of the, Italian peninsula who, would, later. On make, Confederation. And be. Known as Romans, adopted, this. Eastern. Perspective, of good and evil. So everything. Became. A dualistic. Perception. Of good, and evil. The. Agreement, sorry or gramatica were, the people, who projected, the. Parceling, of the territory, when. It came to divide a certain, region into, two sides the. One to build the city or whatever, urban, center and the. Outside, the. Religious, perspective, of the Etruscans, was applied, the right. Side was linked to good and the, left side was linked to evil. I've. Made a draft which I, would very much like to show you to explain. This. While, facing north the, agreement, sorry or the grommet, Ichi would divide, the territory, into two sites, the. Parse destra, or the, right side and the parse in astre, the left side, this. Was a highly, religious, act using, a plow to, delimit the city limits this. Line opened. Up with the plow was called volume. The. Space within, the limits was, called the poem area, the.

Symbolic, Border of a Roman urban, center, the. Interior, was considered, the place of the gods, hence, the, constructions. Of the temples. Of the most prominent. Gods, within. The city limits, it was, the civilized, space, the. Exterior. Was, considered, profane, the. Place of mysteries. The, unknown the, wild, the, uncivilized. Hands, the construction, of the necropolis, outside, the, city limits for. Practical, reasons and to avoid health issues. But. Religious. Purposes, as well the. Place of the dead and the underworld, the, dwelling, places of the ancestors, this. Is the exact, same, Norse, concept, I've talked about on the, video of the earth cult, which. I will leave a link down, below in. The description, as. You can see the English word sinister. Comes, from the Latin word for the left sinistra. The, Romans the left side wasn't necessarily, evil, this. Projection, of a territory, had a very rational, explanation. Each structure. Had its own rightful, place. For. Instance you, wouldn't mix the death with, the living to. Avoid health issues. But. The religious, Etruscan, past remained. And the Romans. Were very superstitious. So. The, continued, notations. Of the left side being evil remained. Superstition. Led the Romans to give a continuation, to. Religious. Traditions. Not, because they will, in them but. Because, they. Were superstitious, and, might. As well continue to do things, as they. Have been done for centuries, by. Their ancestors. The. Latin word, sinistra. Was, related, to the left side and also. To evil, a very, old Roman, superstition. This. Relation, with left and the, reversal, of the natural, order of things, remained. In the occult and we. Deemed the studies of magic, the. Left side was, the place of mysteries, and the unknown. The. Place of the, underworld gods and the, gods of nature, and the wilds, the left, side was chaos, in contrast. With the right side the. Side of the city and the, civilized, space the. Place of the gods of order, justice, Civil Affairs etc. The. Latin word of specie 'm for. The person related to that, aspects. Was, someone who was capable of divination. Through. The observance. Of the flight of birds the. Way they flew was. The Manistee manifestation. Of the divine if they flew right it was a good home and if they, flew left it. Was, a bad omen this, was just an example this. Dualistic. Etruscan. Perspective. Was, kept in the classic.

World, In the form of superstition. As the, Roman Empire spread, so. Did this superstition. An eternal. Fight of good and evil already, existed, in many religions. Zoroastrianism. For instance. One. Of the most ancient, monotheistic. Religions. Already. Had this, perception. Of an, eternal fight, between the. Forces of good and evil. The. Perspective. Of the existence, of the left side, and right side as, two opposites. That complement, themselves. Is, far older but. The junction, of these, two perceptions, creating. The right side of, and the left side of evil. We. Have to give thanks to the, Romans, this. Superstition. Was kept in occult. ISM and the, magical arts of the Western, world precisely. Because the. Great majority of modern. And contemporary. Magical. Practices, and the, occult is, greatly based on the magical. Practices, of the, classical, world. Even. The English word left, comes. From the anglo-saxon Lethe, which, designates, something, weak and useless. So. This perception, of the left side being something, evil. Remained. Very much rooted, in the European, consciousness, the. Right hand path has, been associated with all things good and pure, while. The left hand path is associated, with the unholy, and evil. Always giving. A sense of inferiority. Mediocracy. And weakness. Even. We deem neo-paganism. In weaker, for instance, which. Is considered, a right, hand path there. Is this permanent. Warning. Against, using dark magic claiming. That the person, who uses black magic have, their magic come, back to them threefold. This. Moral. Guidance is inexistent, in the left hand path. It's. Due, to, the classical, world that we get this negativity, of the left and path. Greatly. Spread, later on by Christianity. And such Middle, Eastern, religions. And religious. Concepts, based on the dualistic view of good and evil, in. Medieval, Europe the usage of the left hand was. Considered, witchcraft. Catholic. Schools used to punish those who dare use the left hand to write, even. My grandmother, and my aunt suffered. That stigma, in school, and were, beaten many, times until they learned how to use the right. Hand. Because, using the left was. Worshipping. Satan. The. Left-hand, path is as. Plausible, as the right hand path only. The, choices, are much different we. Did the left-hand path the self is, the center, of consciousness and, not a. Divine, entity or, entities, through. Whom we reach enlightenment. The. Right, hand paths, deny. Practices. Concerning the self in exchange, for associations. With a higher power, for the, benefit of the, community, which. Often, leads into the creation, of a, single. Perspective all, must follow to, achieve spiritual. Reward. The. Left-hand, paths are. Generally. For, the good of the, self reaching. A greater state of consciousness, and. Enlightenment. By. Educating. Our own ability, to think, for ourselves and. Choose. Not, to follow religious.

Authority, Or a. Specific, religious role model. We. Have to take in mind that the formulation. Of the powers, of evil as independent. Entities, of the divine is. Conducted. In a dualistic University. In which evil, and good are in, constant. Struggle. This. Perception. Is, mainly, adopted, by Western. Asian. Cultures, so. The Western ISM is one of the most. Hated monotheistic. Religions. Centered. In. Dualistic. Cosmology. Of good and evil so. Western, ISM as its roots in indo-iranian. Religious. Systems, and there, is a great chance, it influenced. Etruscans. Who, migrated, to, the Italian peninsula and, brought. This to, a list ik perspective. Of good and evil. Zoroastrianism. Certainly. Influenced. Judy's and. Subsequently. Christianity. And Islam which, are religions. With, a great impact, in the, Western culture. If. You are a pagan, there. Is no reason, to believe in this perception. Of good. And evil. As opposites. In an eternal, fight, with. This being said it makes no sense within, the pagan. Communities, to. Continue. To reinforce that the, left-hand, path is bad and the, right is good, paganism. Isn't. About worshipping. Many gods and, a. Fight of good versus. Evil, paganism. Is about world, accepting, views and perspectives. Of, opposites, that complemented. Themselves. Which. Is why many. Pagans. Increasingly. Choose the, left-hand, path it's. Not an evil path it's. Just another path that focuses. On the individual. And free, thinking, away, from, certain. General, ideas, that prevented, the mind from evolving. Because. Seeking. Out knowledge, by ourselves and. Developing. Our ability, to experience. The world around us it's, plausible and healthy. Why. Should we adopt a, simplified. View of the world such as this of. Good. And evil right and left like, in darkness white and black this. Is inaccurate. The. World isn't, as, simple, as this what. Can be good to some it's, bad for others, the. Good ends. When, it starts, to cause negativity. To others, outside, our own reality, and perceptions. Order. Isn't, good or evil, chaos, isn't, good or evil, they are realities. Necessary, for the continuation of existence. Fire. Destroys, but, Yash's, fertilize the ground rain. Gives water and life to the world, but too much creates, floods and kills, if. We continue, to absorb, this dualistic. Perception. Of good and evil we. Will never truly understand. The world and, ourselves. The. Good doesn't. Wash away the bad and the. Bad doesn't wash away the, good. There. Is nothing, in the world and in. The universe, that is purely evil, or purely good, left. And right they, are different, and complement, themselves, just, as order, needs chaos, and vice, versa. The. Darker, and, chaotic. Aspects, of life nature. And the universe must, be encountered. And accepted. Not. Evaded. And denied, by. Knowing, the dark side of wisdom, the, self is refined. Whatever. Path you choose, in. The end it. Doesn't matter you. Are not taking the side of good or the, side of evil you, are just taking, a side and trying, to. Understand. That everything as opposites. And they, aren't evil or good they, just are, there. Is a balance, in all things not an. Eternal fight. Whatever. Path you choose or. Whatever. Magical, arts you wish to get your hands on to announce your own abilities, and seek, a higher understanding on, an end illumination. Keep. In mind that, you already possess three, very, useful. Abilities. That. Will help you to evolve. In. Whatever paths, you walk through, life. Senses. Logic. And, communication. Develop. These abilities first, and keep. On developing, them and then. Proceed. Alright. My dear friends I hope you have enjoyed this video, thank. You so much for watching see, you on the next video and as, always not. Very long.

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"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler,long I stood And looked down as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;Then took the other,as just as fair,And having perhaps the better claim,Because it was grassy and wanted wear;Though as for that passing there Had worn them really about the same,And both that morning equally lay,In leaves no step had trodden black.Oh,I kept the first for another day!Yet knowing how way leads onto way,I doubted if ever I should come back.I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence:Two roads diverged in a wood,and I took the one less traveled ,And that has made all the difference.

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I wish people would do away finally with the term black magic, because left hand path and black magic aren't related. Black magic became present during a time of racially driven targeting a race of people. This term wasn't commonly used, but after slavery in America became more popular. Magic is neutral and the practitioner was considered a dark worker or light worker. A good practitioner or bad practitioner. They both create balance, but some are driven in one direction more than the other.

My original understanding of Black/White magic was from Final Fantasy.

I agree with you, magic is indeed neutral, or at least the universal forces we often call magic, the essence of the cosmos and all creation. It's through our own hands that to such essence is given a purpose. Thank you very much for your feedback! I do believe that at a certain point in the future people will be more inclined to see the balances of life, rather than what divides it . . . if the world endures that long, of course.

In Islam, if you are born left handed, it is considered not good and you are taught to use your right hand to become right handed. You are only allowed to eat and write with your right hand. Not sure if it works. I am both left and right handed. And also have children where 2 are left handed and 2 are right handed and one works with both.

Glad you and your children aren't living in the Middle Ages :p . . . but it's sad to know that even in the XXI century there are still people with a very narrow early-medievalistic mind and still in some school left-handed children suffer religious stigmatization :/

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It is my experience of Tibetan Buddhism that it is more a mixture of the right hand path, reaching enlightement for the sake of all by focusing on beings of light (if you like), the Buddhas; who are actually just manifestations of your own nature of mind, and the left hand path, because how you can liberate others if you cannot even liberate your self? I think some of the tantric terms and symbols often refer to things that were found in margins of (Indian) society, like practicing at cremation grounds, skulls, death, etc, in such a way that some Hindu scholars ignored Tantra because it may have been considered scandalous and as such can be labeled left hand. Perhaps that is why Tibetan buddhists prefer to say they follow the middle way (madhyamaka). Anyways, there is some much to say on this subject, but what actually wanted to say: your videos give great insight in the old ways and it is so much richer than I have ever thought. Thanks

Okay then I am on the left hand path, yet I am not pagan, religious nor wiccan. Get confused and make mistakes?? Whaaaat ? What happened to intuition and instinct ??

+Arith Härger yes, awakening definately destroys belief . I am now questioning the awakening. So intuition would be based upon a belief set by teacher and knowledge the teacher choose to teach, instincts are all about survival, how does one get to know actual instincts ? Senses are hard to develop when material things are pushed as much as they are pushed in this time. I went through the awakening in 2013, not by choice, not by want, not by practise nor by seeking,,,,it happened before nearly losing the life of my daughter, had I not intuition and instinct or experience with spiritual , I would have lost her ( no I dont practise with spirits by my choice, its more like they work with me, I knew of energy, spirits and other things before the so called awakening, which is why I question it ) . I found an awakening will show the truth regardless of belief. I beganmlife right hand, went left hand after childhood experiences, it seems I am now in the process of centering which seems to be balance and I like it, regardless of all what is happening, you see its purpose, including thousands of so called purposes!!

Intuition comes with experience, and instinct must be awakened and developed, lest we confuse it with doubt and fear. Like I said in this video, first we must develop Senses, Logic and Communication before we get our hands on anything.

have always said I'm both Left and Right

Best Wishes from the Texas Gulf Coast, USA. Another well researched and presented set of information. I appreciate the effort you put into these videos and I appreciate the topics. Please do not get caught up in the Pagan Personalities (ref The Anarcho-Nerdist comment below). That is a black hole and I'd prefer that you invest your energies in more videos like this one.

According to Manly P. Hall, black magic is used for selfish purposes, and white magic is used for universal purposes.

Arith Härger I don’t disagree with that, but it still doesn’t contradict what I originally said

He also said, and I quote: "To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering around in a great library without touching the books". So why shouldn't we experience everything there is to be experienced when it's right there in front of us? We must develop the self first and understand the reality within ourselves, so we may understand the world and the universe around us. Each of us is a fragment of the cosmos. First we read the book, and then we understand reality outside it.

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Thank you Arith. I think your videos on this topic (thursatru, left hand path) are the most interesting because usually undeveloped by other. I found few books talking about this type spirituality and are incredibly expensive !

Nice snake tattoo. is that a reference to odin? i have a few (34) tattoos. most of them are norse, some are not. but they tell a story of the journey that i am on.

Good approach. However about the etruschi/etruscan he is kind wrong: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etruscan_origins. Also not correct about only monotheistic have this division since Egyptian (therefore early civilization aka from always).

Thank you my dear friend! I haven't baptized my snake yet, I was thinking about "danger-noodle" or "nop-rope" hehe. I'm planning on making a video about my tattoos, I'll pick some of them. Not sure when that will come out, because I prefer to focus on other subjects and less on my person, but I understand people also want to know more about me. In the future I shall speak about the tattoos. The meaning behind this snake can be undertood in the video I've done about Náströnd, which you already know ^^

Hiram Crespo Buddhism is a middlepath my friend buddah taught only the reality of the here and now

Well said, thank you

Exactly, love that poem. Thanks Arith always learning is the key, watch out Loki.


For over 20 years I have studied the occult, anything old or new that was related to the spiritual, philosophical, the old customs and Magik. I have studied most all of the major religions and many of there branches in depth. I have never heard a better explanation or a more informative concept of the dualities explained and how they came to be. I am in total agreement there is no light and dark, there are need and relevancy.

Very well spoken....... totally agreed!

Very good video. To me it makes sense, again. Thank You. had a vision once a very long time ago. In the vision was looking at a book that had only black an white pages. But, the book told me everything. When the pages were quickly flipped quickly I understood the positive and negative or opposites of everything. At the same time seeing the dilemma of the two forces it reassured me that everything is as it's supposed to be.

love these subjects ;)

Rad shirt.

Here’s the rub, the left hand path is another term for satanism. Reference: Crowley and the Mark of the Beast. While New Angers claim they don’t believe in the devil, that’s ok with him. The end result of the left hand path has been witnessed by the likes of the Podests brother and other elites such as Hillary Clinton. This really were this stuff will lead the initiate to. After all, the Vikings practiced human sacrifice and it is only a matter of time before others begin the same. Why?Because those who follow the rabbit trail are listening to the doctrines of demons. I do not view the sagas of the old Norse Hero’s as myths . These stories are the heroic acts of the men of renown as so know as Raphaim children of the Nephilim.

I was born into the left-handed path, so to speak--I'm left handed--and I'm subversive by nature. It's important to understand that just because something is popular or traditional, that doesn't make it a good idea.

I live by alot of left hand path ways, I don't dabble really with black magick. I agree with you. Why can't their be a middle hand path? I agree more with left but one or 2 things with the right I agree with. It's difficult because I hate labels. I agree i don't believe in light or dark. It's the practioner. I guess I'm grey. I do follow a left hand path. I do believe in the universe.

I do not understand the need to label everything. The moment you label something you create limits for it.

I wish i could like this video more than just once. This man is not only informative but poetic.

This is the most comprehensive description I have ever heard. The catholic beatings for being left handed did not stop with you mother and sister they continued in the US through the 60s and 70s I know from experience. I could never accept the christian outlook on life even at 7 years old and denounced it at age 12 and lived a better life for it. (I am still left handed)

Thank you so much this is literately exactly what I needed right now !! CHEERS

Excellent video and presented in a fair format to not offend those who may have different views!

err @9:20 ish; I didn't want to double post but your points about Etruscans-- Pretty sure they were Phoenician or Asian Minor Steppes-Adjacent to modern Lebanon. Their worship of 4 legged animals, animal husbandry mastery, use of transcultural beliefs and symbols. I'd say they're practically Proto-Mongol but Scythians were so far reaching with horseback riding without stirrups that it would be like turning Russia into the size of Germany. I think Scythians or people like them are responsible for the Beezlebub legend (Baal Zebub in Phoenician sounds like Lord "man named Zebub"). Because horseback archers BCE would definitely feel like an angry demonic plague from hell if you were the enemy. Arrows flying around... just saying.

I like how Quakers can appear at an angle if you consider their individualistic perspective of truth and value through the self toward the great whole; a transformative good from the knowing of the individual. It's a nice trick and really does seem to grow lasting value within the community. Much more difficult to shake their constitutions as well. Ah well, I can see the thread of mycelium between Quakers, Greco-Roman Enlightenment and Far East's tenuous but ancient mixture with Stoicism. By that I truly mean Christianity as a whole but I won't digress into the 500 year timeline. The proof is in the pudding. Some of the finest educators on Earth, Quakers. If your children should thirst for knowledge (they should)... get in good with some Quakers now.

You just built a straw man even Bill Clinton would be envious of!

TornLegorf Well that’s less a right hand path and more a Christian thing. Right hand is community focused so you want to do good or else your whole community is fucked. Then again is god wills it nothing you could have done would have changed it.

I think I have been a pagan all my life.

Thank you for that educational understanding. I asked about this and other people didn't make sense that I could understand.

This is excellent Arith, it takes a long way to withdraw oneself from the manicheist prospective we are culturally flooded by. You made a very comprehensive video on a difficult subject to catch for many people. Only one thing I would question are the western only origins of the left hand path concept. I would advise anybody interested in this topic to read the Aghora trilogy by Svoboda, and specially the first time entitled "At the Left Hand of God" to get the mindset of the ancient vedic praticiens. What is commonly referred as Tantra and illustrates the spiritual practices of this very ancient and sinister path.

Or left now maybe?

Fantastic video!You never disappointed me.

I'm very happy you feel that way ^^

Super duper video man. New "student" willing to learn about the ol country stuff

Arith, what is the norse equivalent to karma ?

I like this guy. He is smart and handsome. Like the beard ;)

Awesome video. Balance in everything is what I take from this. Thanks

Good talk! Like your other videos I've seen so far, I think it would take a lot more time to address a place where I would make a disagreement. Something you were discussing in general, that people often forget, is that it is easy to lump all the dichotomies into a single "us vs them" issue, which is part of the horror of monotheism and city religions -- the masters of bloated parasitic bureaucracies that make their living from just rhetoric and taxes. In this way, many try to lump white, order, city, good, and life into one camp; and they put dark, chaos, evil, wilderness, and death into another. Then they tell the people to choose one side, their faction, which stands for all that is desirable; and to look down upon or persecute anyone outside their faction, who must necessarily then represent all that is bad and undesirable. I was pleased that you dealt with each of these issues in their separate spectra and balances, even though the properties of balance and spectrum are found in each issue. For the people to return themselves and their relationship with the world back to harmony, they are going to have to learn to make these distinctions. Even for many who are embracing a new paganism, and for whole emerging pagan systems, this is a difficult step. Also: It is easy for many to feel superior in their "pure right hand" with clean garb, orthodox arguments, gentile manners, and social imperatives so long as times are easy, danger is far, health flourishes, and food continues to flow without fail from the farmlands their city has dominated and taxed by force. However, let calamity come, and hunger abound, and the wolf or the bandit stalk their land, and everything changes. In that hour, suddenly they want the ones whom they have despised, the ones who learned the unclean truths by getting dirty hands. Suddenly, the hunter, the healer, the farmer and the common craftsman are acceptable company and much called-for, and our "unclean" practices of natural arts, sciences, communions and associations with the wild and the dangerous have new prestige in royal halls and high tables. The irony of that hypocrisy is not forgotten.

The self is part of the universe.

Wait this isn't entombed

Well spoken and very educated thank you for that clarification.

This has become my top favorite channels

@Arith Härger nice. Looking forward to it. The only information I found is Wikipedia and we all know how trustworthy that is!

@Astaroth I would like yes, there's a lot to say about him and the cult of the nine maidens etc. One of these days ^^

@Arith Härger yes, awakening definately destroys belief . I am now questioning the awakening. So intuition would be based upon a belief set by teacher and knowledge the teacher choose to teach, instincts are all about survival, how does one get to know actual instincts ? Senses are hard to develop when material things are pushed as much as they are pushed in this time. I went through the awakening in 2013, not by choice, not by want, not by practise nor by seeking,,,,it happened before nearly losing the life of my daughter, had I not intuition and instinct or experience with spiritual , I would have lost her ( no I dont practise with spirits by my choice, its more like they work with me, I knew of energy, spirits and other things before the so called awakening, which is why I question it ) . I found an awakening will show the truth regardless of belief. I beganmlife right hand, went left hand after childhood experiences, it seems I am now in the process of centering which seems to be balance and I like it, regardless of all what is happening, you see its purpose, including thousands of so called purposes!!

@Dr Mahlek Some people don't like Iceland. Only a few, of course. I suspect they aren't quite right in the head :p Brought any special souvenir?

Thank you Arith. Your videos are so refreshing. Thank you for them.

Tapu and noa are Sacred and Profane - not divine and demonic. They aren't commonly associated with right and left either, at least in my knowledge. Where did you get that from?

You have an excellent channel ! I' m glad to have found you today !

love it!!

I love watching the progression of the beard growth, it keeps getting more awesome in each video. Also loving the tattoos :-)

Wow awesome point

the left path, is the right brain at work, i am extreme right brain , almost savant, the world is different to me than others ,much different...

That fucking ad. Playing on people's ignorance to scare and cow then into a position beneficial to capitalists. "Secret societies", "elite cults" and other delusional excuses for rational human behavior in given circumstances is a plague on human society. People act in accordance to their surroundings and cultural zeitgeist, not out of nefarious, hand-wringing evil for evils sake. "Evil" is almost always a banal adherence to authority and it's whims and logical conclusions, not individualistic actions meant to mindlessly undermine a specific moral code out of purposeless malice.

Is there a path in occultism that combines both left and right paths ? Not an either/or (dualistic separation of opposites ) but an AND path that unites the two poles ? A bridge between the right AND left paths ? Does it exist ? Does it have a name ? I was just wondering.

Basically, the right hand path is full of idiots.

platonism does not reject Nature or seperate humans from it, you're ignorant

You make the Left-Hand Path sound terribly dull.

If you think its all fun and games... I'm afraid you haven't quite understood what it's all about, yet.

Great explaination brotha. Very informative

Is there a gray path?

Left and right is personal centric, everything external is determined by directional orientation.

The quest for the mono pole.

Aika Papa Dualism is from ancient middle eastern occultism & now often ingrained in us, even subtly, from the abrahamic worldview. You may want to look to your own ancestral roots as a good place to start. Learn how to deeply experience the world view and the natural connection of your ancestors, if you haven't already, prior to the spread of abrahamic religions. And practice/live as they did. In indigenous European paganism, there isn't a separation. He explains that in the video at length. Many are trying to heal often subtle but ingrained abrahamic mindsets/concepts about life and embrace the reality of our existence more holistically.

is path of the left hand like ..............path of the unplugged fridge........ or path of incorrect bulb in 3 way switch........ maybe path of range breaker turned off......... yours truly LORDKINGPHAROAH ps if christians are after you unplug your fridge....... youll notice something about them.........

hey maybe its path of the ...... one arm in shirt sleeve........ one arm not..... watch for that in rap vids.........

@Luke Andre first , i feel and experience things different than others , empathic is the best word to enplane what i am talking about .i am very driven in life goals to extreme . i tell truth to my own detriment ,or others .in some area's smart but just average , other area's over the top intelligence . i have an i q 1 4 5 , even thou math skills are average. this is just a few things that stand out , the list goes on the more i think about it .

Could you give an example of how being extremely right brain manifests itself in your life?

Duality is cimented within the Temporal. Once you die, you either go down to the Depths, to the Abyss where those who REFUSED TO LOVE are, or towards on High, towards Eternal Love, since they CHOSE TO LOVE.

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